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This page, as well as all those noted so, are under construction

NOTICE: The new page for this section of WFR is WFR_Library. That is where all work and edits will be made from now on.


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2007-11-06 [Kim_Lundin]: How about letting them add links to other works by them? That's one way for us to take a look on their experience. However, we should keep it open for newcomers as well, no?
I personally don't think we should use the author's personal adresses as ways of contact, e-mail is much faster and easier (not to mention cheaper), and and then we have the possible problems it may cause for the author's personal life. I know I'm probably paranoid about this, but I've heard enough stories about what can happen when personal information becomes available on the internet that I don't want it to happen to anyone who wants to join the WFR.

2007-11-06 [Kim_Lundin]: I took a quick look on the links, the RPG Library is a collection of informative pages, like the Creature_List, the RP Library is an empty page. I'll take a look on the-roleplay-initiative and see if I can find anything there.


2007-11-12 [Kim_Lundin]: I did some thinking on how to sort the stories and came up with two ideas, but now I can't chose which one to use.
The first option is to make two pages, one for fantasy stories and one for sci-fi stories. Those pages would be where author's stories would be posted.
The other is to use a similar set-up as the one we have with the WFR Guild Members, where each author have a personal page where all their stories, fantasy or sci-fi, are posted.
The first option would make it easier to find specific stories, but the second would make it easier to find specific authors.
Any thoughts on those two methods? Other ways to do it?

2007-11-25 [Kim_Lundin]: Perhaps we can combine the two methods and use both, it would be a little more work (having to add new stories both to the fantasy/sci-fi archive and to the author's list of stories) but it would make it possible to chose which page to search depending on if one want to find a story fitting a specific genre or a certain author.

2007-12-05 [Kim_Lundin]: Did some rough work on the WFR Fantasy Stories, WFR Sci-fi Stories and WFR Authors

2007-12-13 [Kim_Lundin]: Finished WFR Fantasy Stories and WFR Sci-fi Stories. Pointers and suggestions for changes are welcome, but until I hear any of that I will not do any more changes to them.

2007-12-14 [xido]: I would add the following genres: Horror, Adventure, Modern (for Historical Fiction, Modern Fiction, Contemporary Literature, Drama, Adventure). I will re-visit here and consider this in that time. Comment again, so I return.

2007-12-15 [Kim_Lundin]: Added Horror, Adventure and Modern.

2007-12-28 [xido]: Maybe adding 'What is a Story?' and we can put some info up about stories, campaigns, plotlines, LARPs, and other alternative fiction projects that the Guild would like to support...

2007-12-28 [xido]: Also:

WFR Guild Members (Characters/ET Users/Chapter Members)
WFR Guild Authors (and GMs)
WFR Genres (all Fiction Genres - Fan, SF, Horror, Adventure, Drama, Poetry, Historical, Creative Writing, Other)
WFR Guild Archivists - who record, archive, organize, etc.
WFR Guild Moderators (page runners/editors)
WFR Guild Artists (and Designers) this page will need an artist moderator
WFR Guild Protectors (Knights, Guards, and Officers)
WFR Guild Mystics (Scholar and Spellcaster)
WFR-Pages (Guild pages, Games/Quests, Worlds/Realms)
WFR Guild Media (Audio, Visual, Library - Authors, Active Anachromism/LARP)
WFR Guild Ranks (Guest, Apprentice, Journeyer, Master)
WFR Other (Info and 'RP for Dummies'-style pages)

All of these can be directly used as proper links.

2008-01-03 [Kim_Lundin]: Added a link to the future WFR Informative Pages and decided to put all the genres onto one page (this page began to be a little too clustered).

2008-01-05 [Kim_Lundin]: The Becoming an Author page is finished and should be ready for applicants once the Library opens for those. If anyone is interested in helping out with moderating that page (or any page in the WFR Library) don't be shy.

2008-01-07 [Kim_Lundin]: I need some input on what to write about WFR Adventure Stories on WFR Library Stories.

2008-01-07 [Kim_Lundin]: Finished WFR Authors

2008-01-07 [Kim_Lundin]: For anyone interested, here's a status report:
WFR Authors - Finished
How to add Stories - Basic outline done, actual information still to be added.
Becoming an Author - Finished
WFR Informative Pages - Started. Current task: Adding all the pages.
WFR Library Stories – Mostly finished, still need input on one thing (Information about Adventure Stories)
     WFR Fantasy Stories
     WFR Sci-fi Stories
     WFR Horror Stories
     WFR Adventure Stories
     WFR Modern Stories - All of these are ready to post stories on, may need some small touches to make them look better, but they are fully functional.

2008-01-14 [xido]: All moderators need to be aware of the comments made by me on xidoraven studios. Please reply to me by email. If you don't know my email, please ask me for it by message.


2008-02-01 [Kim_Lundin]: I've begun adding links to pages on the WFR Informative Pages. I know a bunch of pages are missing, if anyone know a page I should add, please tell me.

2008-03-08 [xido]: Since we re-directed focus to the new page, and would hate to have people duplicate input, I deleted content, which is now available on the other page. The comments here are still valid for input. ;)

2008-03-09 [Kim_Lundin]: Thanks, I should've done that the same moment I made the new page.

2008-03-14 [xido]: Not an issue. It just shows you, so when we start tossing pages out the door for new ones, we can post that re-direct. Wikipedia has an auto-redirect function. I will see if Elftown has one by asking a Council Member.

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