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WFR Artwork and Images

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Art and Media Headquarters

For WFR Guild Members and Guild Pages:
Characters, Settings, Wikis, Media or Stories related to the WFR


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

Member Art and Media:

By [Nightshadow]:

Guild Art:

Thank you to [Artsieladie] for her wonderful contribution of a transparent WFR Guild Logo!
Also, smaller:
<img90:!uQt!stuff/WFR_logo_test.png> :::

[xido]'s note about WFR art created by members:

I would like anyone who creates any WFR art to use layers, true-type font types that can be duplicated or uploaded from you personally, and flexibility in the way your image or graphic can be utilized. This is because the way I see your art as helpful may not be the way it was intended, and might work out better (or worse, never know).

Idea and Layer Pages for WFR Art Contributions (includes MS Word ClipArt and Copyright-free designs):
Celtic Graphics for Ideas
Clip Art for WFR Pages

[xido]'s contributions to the WFR Art:

[xido]'s attempt at some cool new WFR Media

Wiki Fantasy Roleplay Banner for pages, members, etc.


WFR Guild Members Banner and Badge


[xido]'s old WFR Logo contributions:
Wiki Fiction Roleplay Badge

For Houses:  <img90*0:stuff/WFR%20Logo%20-%20house.gif>

For Wikis:  <img90*0:stuff/WFR%20Logo%20-%20wiki.gif>


Androntel Academy's new Banner

Knight Chess Piece Icon for Guild Knights and Guards


WFR Guild Guards Banner

WFR Guild Knights Banner


WFR Guild Representatives Badge


Adventurer's Tavern Banner
A gift image for [Kim_Lundin]'s Adventurer's Tavern(including a digital photo-manipulation of his own re-creation of Excalibur)


We also love Elftown Graphics!!!





Wiki Fiction Roleplay
WFR Application Page
WFR Art and Contests


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