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The Floating Isle of


Royal Seat of the Jashnian Aquaeans
Ruled by the Royal Family Vxa, and its creator, Civalya De Sairafaen

Aquaean Clan

Of the Elemental Clans


This floating island, a grand flagship crafted from smooth, light pumacium and great wooden masts and oars, is the home of the Oryar (Aquaean for 'King' or 'Magistrate') to the Great Aquaeans, the Lords of the Elemental Realm of Water, AQUAEA.

Once a great Pumace cliffside off the northern coast of Tearra Réhm, near the great elven stronghold of Forythima, the Isle of Vxa was created in the midst of the great War of the Titans in Jashnia's ancient past, before the Ages of Humanity. In the violent and heated end moments of a definitive battle in the War, a great number of Forythiman Elves, Aquatic Elves (then known as the Sashelans), and a small handful of creatures of other races found themselves bound by oath and pact with the Elemental Lords of Aquaea in a last-minute resort, and the Djann that was sent to grant them their wish sent the colossal chunk of pumacium hurling down the cliffside, and into the Blue Ocean of Jashnia.

As a radical piece of floating debris, the Sashelans found that they had a wonderful oasis for their own stronghold to be built upon the massive floating rock. It was crafted by the finest Elven and Sashelan artisans to sail clumsily through the great seas, guided by Merfolk and Sashelan Elves to its accorded destinations. The aqautic people named the piece of 'land' Vxa, which in Aquaean means 'free' or 'runaway'. It was often pushed by workers to be mostly guided by the currents of the ocean, which, for its first few generations, seemed to be a great success. Then, after many trips around Qor, Tearra Réhm, Lune, and the portal to Faea'iir, one of their trips around Eastonia was not like their previous few coastal excursions. The great sailors and oceanographers of the now-civilized island culture had foreseen that the isle's course, now taken, could not be changed by Mer hands, and was on a crash-course for Eastonia's southern coastline, not an ideal place for landfall by anyone's assumption.

The Royal Family, now fully established, was in its first days of upheaval. One of the daughters of the Oryar, a rebellious youth named Civalya and dubbed the Royal princess or Tiahaara, in a fit of restlessness and duty to honour decried the king and his courtierres useless and irreverent of the situation, and decreed that she be put to the task of finding a workable solution for their proposed "controlled landfall". She proposed that the island be reconstructed by modern technologies to become a grand flagship of the Royal Aquaean House, a working sailing vessel, which only humanoids races had perfected the art of ship architecture. She demanded that they send her to land immediately, so that she could seek out such an architect of vessels.

Finally free of island duties and chores, she walked portions of Eastonia's lands for some time, searching out harbormasters and sailors that could attest to the work of any master ship craftsman. Finding very few ships had actually been made by cultured and tolerant peoples, the Tiahaara now felt the weight of her pressing matter.

In a strange and warped occasion, a small boat manned by two Ionnyan drow, Nelk Darkblade and Llanwar Darkblade came to her aid, mostly sympathetic toward the somewhat lost-looking Aquaean. Though mainly evil, their time was given to helping her seek out such a craftsman, perhaps to a larger reward.

They group sought out the help of a rebel pirate and ship craftsman of ill and great repute, the dwarven captain Jakall Arrbanjak. With this odd and uncultured helper, it was decided that the plan, though strange and a bit ad libitum, was possible and that his help (if rewarded) would be included.

The island was covered in a massive floating covering which housed the scaffolding structure used to craft and mount the sailing masts, oars were mounted from closeable portholes on every side. The main and center mast was fitted with a protected light canvas mast which displays the family crest, the Seal of the Oath of Aquaea.

The island, now free of the fateful current, sails in the open ocean greater than most any other free vessel.

Its people, a druidic clan of 'landwalkers' are a mixed race of High Elven and Sashelan, and blood-bonded to the Merfolk, Sashelans, Tritons, Sahuagin, and many other aqautic races. Though relations with some of these cultures can be guarded or even heated, the Pact of Oath made with true Aquaea is often kept sacred even among warring civilizations. The Royal House of Vxa is honoured, though perhaps not liked, by all aquatic races of Jashnia, and treated as the true messengers of the forces of the elemental realm.

Royal Family of Vxa members:
-Oryar Toran (deceased), brother : Myeere (missing)
-Oryaia Leelani
-Dea Civalya, Eonna, Belle, and Morgana
-Delaan Sythyn (rebel)

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2005-01-26 [xido]: a floating island nation of druidic elves that sail the seas of Jashnia. Ruled by the great Tiahaara Cvalyea.

2006-03-19 [Sairafaen]: Ruled by the great Civalya De of Vxa, actually.... ;P

2006-03-19 [xido]: When I figure out the thumbnail trick, I will hit this one up too. ;)

2006-03-27 [Sairafaen]: Danke!!!

2007-01-13 [Sairafaen]: Are you still going to thumbnail this? I think it is fine as is, and is isn't visited very frequently... so it isn't imperative...

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