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Created by [NOOOPE]
Moderated by [Aeolynn]

Message from [NOOOPE]

Hello boys and girls. How ya doing? That's just great. Hey, do you know what troubles me? Spending all night laboring over some new artwork, only to post it online and get nothing but silence. What is with that, huh? Aggravating, ain't it? I know it's made me want to destroy the world on more than one occasion.

So I got to thinking, I bet there's some comment exchange wiki out there on elftown. Then I realized it's probably dead. Then I realized how long I'd have to wait for my laundry to finish, so I decided to make one of my own.

- - -

To Join:

Make a wiki called "Voila Their Name" (example Voila Aeolynn). On said wiki they place their newest artwork. In other words, there will be only one image on the wiki at a time. Everyone who joins this page must comment on everyone else's art. We will do this on the honor system, since some people might not have anything to say. If I see someone not commenting repetitively I will message you, and after a warning I will remove your page from this list.

Everyone should be watching everyone else's page. When they stick up a new picture, comment. End of story.


What if I'm gone from ET for a while and am unable to comment?
TELL ME! Me as in [Aeolynn]. Or, you know, comment on this wiki. I'll keep track of how many artworks you've missed while you're out and I'll just count them as being commented on.

Can anyone join?
YES. Well, you have to be an artist, otherwise it would be pointless. If you're not an artist and you just want to help comment... I love you. But you don't need to make a voila page if that's the case. Please feel free to comment though.

So if I don't comment enough, I'm booted off this page forever?
I will give you ONE chance to redeem yourself. Maybe this month is busy, but next month won't be. However, if you screw up for at most 2 months, you're out. You can still hang around, but you have to delete your voila page and people won't have to comment on you.

What type of comments should we give?
Anything from praise to constructive criticism. No being mean or I'll boot you. Since these works are potentially going to be finished or mostly finished, the stress isn't on criticism. Something like, "Wow! That's really cool!" is good enough, but only if you mean it. This wiki is meant to provide a reward for working hard on your art. It's not an art help wiki. Focus on giving praise unless you spy something off. If you see someone commenting "That's awesome!" try to come up with a comment that is not reiterating what the last person said!

What if I'm rarely updating art?
As long as you keep commenting the gaps between new submissions can be as long as need.

- - -

NOTE: Please, when you put up a new image, say "new image" or something in the comments so I can keep track of what comments relate to what image. Thaaaannk you!

Voila Members!






- - -

If you really like someone's art, always remember to Nominate a Picture

Username (or number or email):


2011-05-11 [Aeolynn]: I've been meaning to msg her, hers is Voilla Ravendust! I want her to fix it.

2011-05-11 [NOOOPE]: You can take me off the list. I have no time for art.

2011-05-11 [Aeolynn]: alrighty

2011-05-13 [Flisky]: I will join eventually. Once my art is up and running again. :)

2011-05-21 [Aeolynn]: Just want to announce to everyone this amazing contest! Design a colossus for Rift! Check it out :)

2011-05-21 [Chel.]: It's made for you, dear.

2011-06-04 [The Dizzy Raven]: I was going to do it but I don't have much time for it. :( My job takes up a majority of my time. Real life sucks, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. lol

2011-10-26 [pegasus1000]: Is there anybody out there?

2011-10-26 [Chel.]: I am~

2011-10-26 [Eyonic]: i am :3

2011-10-29 [The Dizzy Raven]: I am! <3

2011-11-02 [Aeolynn]: I am... every 2 weeks XD no Ill be here more now...

2011-11-08 [Eyonic]: i try to be here, am hoping for a better internet connection soon >.>

2011-11-14 [Ravendust]: same here

2011-11-14 [Eyonic]: wanted to get bresnan, or whatever they're called now, but i don't want to pay for cable to get internetz.

2012-10-19 [pegasus1000]: let's see if anyone is still watching this page. I have a new pic. Up. Has anyone else done anything new?

2012-10-19 [The Dizzy Raven]: I have done little art because of responsibilities. Between the job and pets and house hold duties and ACTUALLY spending time with friends and family for once. lol. Sometimes you get sick of being a hermit once in a while.

2012-10-19 [pegasus1000]: I know how it is. I haven't really had a lot of time for a lot of art. Fortunately I can latch hook and do other things at the same time.

2012-10-20 [The Dizzy Raven]: THere ya go :) That's something at least :3

2013-01-16 [Ravendust]: my voila was with 2 l's, who changed it? :-/

2013-01-16 [Eyonic]: dunno there

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