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Vestähl's Home

The home of the missing sorceror, Vestähl, the father of Dtalk, his only son, who had just returned from his mentor, Dystanul's, forest plantation in order to seek out his father's fate.
Past events: VHpast1
Dtalk's Diary

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2003-12-26 [ShiftySkillet]: hehe potty mouth is such a fun term...wheeee potty mouth potty mouth

2003-12-26 [Opal]: *sulks because she is not a potty mouth*

2003-12-26 [ShiftySkillet]: *sulks because she is*...O.o

2003-12-26 [xido]: lol...too funny....We still love you Opal, I swear....don't sulk

2003-12-31 [Opal]: *preens*

2004-01-03 [xido]: lol!!!

2004-01-03 [ShiftySkillet]: haha

2004-01-03 [Silent Dream]: Magic, energy, concentration going on in the smithy- beware, inturruptions could have consequences.

2004-01-03 [ShiftySkillet]: *stays at least three yards away from smithy*

2004-01-04 [Opal]: *prances into smithy...*

2004-01-04 [ShiftySkillet]: *duck and cover*

2004-01-07 [Silent Dream]: KABOOOM! black feathers waft out and down to ground...

2004-01-07 [ShiftySkillet]: meep...

2004-01-09 [Opal]: clutches her singed feathers and whimpers

2004-01-11 [xido]: LMAO!!! Oh, poor birdy lady...... she go boom. x.op

2004-01-11 [ShiftySkillet]: lmfao!!....i ducked and covered...*is still all shiny and good as new*....

2004-01-12 [Silent Dream]: *sparrows comfort opal* *Lian heals her* good as new! *shiny glossy feathers*

2004-01-15 [Opal]: I'm back everyone! No more exams! (till summer anyway) *does the no more exams dance*

2004-01-17 [ShiftySkillet]: gah, exams suck, im just getting prepped for my wave of em

2004-01-18 [Silent Dream]: just finished out semester tests... bad, but probably nothing to yours. Hey, um could someone clean up this page?

2004-03-07 [ShiftySkillet]: hehe this is gonna be good

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