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Valentine Poetry Competition


Winners: Valentine Poetry Competition, 2007

"Zombie Love"

by [Anvikit]

"Octopus Love"

by [Killopkie]

”The Fat Man With Wings”

by [light.]

”A Gift”

by [thoughtfox]

"My Zombie Valentine"

by [Cliché]


Thank you to all that contributed!


This Contest is Closed!


1. [Saqism] - "The Love of a Zombie"
I'm a zombie, that I be
I come from the grave because I thought you loved me
I bring you flowers,I've brought you chocolates!
Oh, why can't you see?
If only I could but talk, you'd know it was me
You make what's left of my heart
Fly higher than a kite
Even if I make you scream with fright
I only want to eat your brain
I don't see what is so wrong
I promise you won't feel a thing
And after that you will be with me
Where you belong, again

2. [Silver Moon] - The Dream of pink

Let me make it pink my love,let me make it pink,
Let me pick you a flower my love and let it be pink,
Let me bring you chocolates and let them be pink,
Let me fly your kite my love and let it be pink,for when I am
with you my love I always dream of pink.
Let me hold you love for we could make it pink.

3. [silent_voice] - For my love.

As her pink kite flies high in the sky
I buy her flowers, Pink of course for St Valentine
The zombies may rot for today is Valentines
The gnomes celebrate in pink hats, remembering times
While myoctopus eats chocolate eclairs on my pink and purple stairs
Dont forget me my Valentine
For i am yours, and you are mine.

4. [MissiMaLy] - Memories

My mind is full of these haunting ghosts
Remembering the way we used to be,
it’s easy to see,
why zombie’s never go willingly.
The chocolate kisses that were shared,
that feeling of falling up the stairs,
that flutter in your heart,
always at the start.
That time of firsts,
where everything is new and feels,
oh so good,
just picking up the phone makes you smile,
saying ‘I’ll see you in a little while’
never seems to come soon enough.
So why has winter frozen our souls?
The days drag on, but when your gone
everything feels so right again.
Playing pretend,
won’t get us anywhere,
but maybe just today,
This Valentine’s Day,
we can go back.
Back to Memories

5. -Valentine's Day
We had plans,
but instead I’m laying here just watching you sleep.
What could you be dreaming about so deep?
I envision magic carpets, or flying kites,
the octopus’s are consorting with the gnomes again,
though I myself never thought gnomes could swim,
but this is your dream, not mine, so I’ll let it go.
Am I close? Am I right?
You open your eyes and don’t remember,
so I just laugh and cuddle closer,
T’is the season
why let the winter in?
When we could stay under the covers,
be like lovers, again
I do love it when you smile,
it doses me like an addiction,
though the depiction, may not sound so sweet,
nothing can beat, how you look when your looking at me.
No place I’d rather be, then staying wrapped up in covers with you,
after all it only takes two.

Written by [MissiMaLy]

6. [Amarantha] - Quest, A Sonnet
Here I am, my love, a tangled kite
You gave me flowers just as if I saw
Though now I can, they were so much dry straw.
Zombie life just began – leave the aconite.
Hold the string between your hands – I fly
Far and far, and like a wandered gnome
My love kept death away, I will come home.
One day I will no longer be the sky
Untouchable. I will become
Not the octopus, the silent scare
But chocolate and trees; you will not run.
Then when I come up the dustless stair,
We’ll walk in sun and fountains make with sieves
Someday soon this halfway death will leave.

7. - Removed for not following the theme.

8. [windgirl]
Valentines Day
The pink, the red, the hearts and flowers
The kissing the hugging, all the affection
All I can do is stare blankly at my dead reflection.

How I hate this day of hearts and commercialism and pink
All it does is make me want to cry, scream
becaue never has this been a pleasant day for me.

Every year it is the same,
and every year I feel so ashamed.
Never having anyone to spend this day with
Lonelinesss plaguing me on this day
It puts me in much dismay.

The holdiday is ruined to by the Hallmark Industry
St Valentines message lost in all this false philantropy.
Originally a broken man telling a woman his love for her
From behind prison bars, now is ruined by a company
Trying to make money off of a now cheap holiday.

On this day I don't smile, I don't scream, I don't cry, not During the day. I just try not to be put in utter dismay.
I go numb and stop healing, quite contradicting to the Normal St Valentines feeling.
Like a zombie I only coexist, I no longer live, until the Clock strikes 12am and it's no longer this putrid day.
And once more I put out of my misery. 

9. [Heather Thomason]- My Love

sitting on the stairs
looking into your eyes
i know you love me
and your all mine

i never felt in love on valentines day like this
but right when you handed me flowers
i knew the moment couldn't get better than this
because i seen the love in your eyes
and it made me all warm inside

i pulled out the box of chocolate
with pink little hearts
and then i said i love you
and im glad your all mine

10. [Daemon SaDiablo] - "Sealed with a kiss"

Its very early morning, a knock at the door
Curious you shuffle over, still far from awake
Sleep not yet relinquishing its hold
You open the door and peer about, then look down
A perfect rectangle, a box of chocolates
With a note tucked into the twine
That clearly reads, 'My heart, My soul.'
You smile, heart already climbing the sky
Tugging lightly on your heartstrings
Like a kite caught in a stiff breeze
Still smiling you walk inside, close the door
You thought he'd forget, but you were wrong
A few minutes go by, another knock
This time, its a dozen roses
Your flower of choice, as crimson as can be
More than just pleasantly pleased, you smile
At the retreating figure, as it races down the stairs
Sitting back down, mug of coffee in hand
You wait with chocolates untouched
And roses in a vase, till finally you hear it
The keys turning in the door, your loves face peering in
He strides over to you, smiling all the while
He simply says, 'I love you,'
And seals it with a kiss.

11. [Ambaron] - a gnome's love

Many years I watched people
Human children, flying a kite
O how I always envied it
Being above, in such height

But then I met you, my loved ones
And you made me feel like never before
Once I used you -
Once I have raised from the floor.

A gnome like me is used to be looked from above
So I knew when we met that I found my true love
Coz to you all tall people this may sound very odd
But from the top of my stairs, I feel like a god

12.[Tranquil Insanity] - Stairway to love

Silently the door opens, and he stands there
My lover in front of the stairs
Leading to his room, where we cuddle in bed
And dream wild fantasies in our heads
A sigh and a kiss, slow building bliss
Relaxing and whispering of nothings
That are more important than so many something’s
Slowly we dance in a shower of love
Water slowly falling from above
Softly he sings a song so true
That makes my heart turn red, from it’s cold blue
No flowers are needed, no roses of red
I know that he loves me, for it’s what he said
No need for carnations that sit and wilt
For this love is solid, and well built
Spending time together, is all I desire
For he is the fuel for this inner fire
He doesn’t need to be anything more
Than who he is, the man I adore
No chocolates or teddy bears dance through my head
For when I am alone, I see him instead

13. [Anime Addiction]- Heaven and Hell

Every time I gaze into you chocolate brown eyes
It’s like my heart has been attached to a flying kite
My heart soars high above on the wind of pure happiness
The wind leads us to a field of beautiful, colorful flowers
Among the vibrant flora is a set of stairs that rise up to heaven
The would otherwise be a hell without your eyes and touch
Without the feeling of your arms around me as we sit quietly alone
Not a whisper of the breath that escapes your lips as you speak softly to me
Nor the vibrations of your melodic voice as you soothe me with calming words
My house is no longer a home, for you have shown me what love is
I have now tasted the sweet feeling of having someone truly care for me
Hell will only evade when you are not near, or if we were to be no more
One shall come soon no matter how hard I try, but we shall forever remain close
All because our love grows stronger with each passing day we spend together
And will only grow stronger as the future before us becomes the present
And as we continue to be as true to one another as we are now.

14. Removed for not following the theme.

15. [otakubeth]The Essence of Love

The essence of love is such that occurs between two people,
Ones that care deeply for each other,
Much like the way a flower is nurtured by mother earth.
The essence of love is such that makes the two one,
It lifts them into the sky,
Like a kite in the gusts.
The essence of love is gentle and caring,
Loving and sweet.
Sweet like round chocolates in a heart shaped box,
And tasteful as one tells their lover how much they need them.
So as these lovers become whole,
And the night grows old,
The passion between them will grow on.
The endless emotion will consume their hearts,
Entangle their senses,
And give them the title of the Essence of Love.

16. [Flisky] - "Pink Blooms"

You climb the stairs,
That lead to my room,
Pink flowers in one hand,
Barely in bloom.
The rose hued curtains,
Flutter in the breeze,
Yet you move past,
Like a mindless zombie.
You see only your goal
As I dance on by,
Like a kite in the wind,
Blown free in the sky.
My pink dress will float,
Like an octopus in the sea,
And I know you will think
Only of me.
Your lips make me poems
Like a gnome makes a name,
Long and sweet,
The words softly came.
And as you kiss me.
And run your hands to my hips,
Love blooms like those flowers,
Those fragile and pink tulips.

17. [EmeraldGrizzly] - "Pink Again"

I walk through the halls, always watching for my love,
walking and looking for Pink I go.
I sigh as I see, the children as they be,
walking in pink again.
I view Goths and Jocks, with pink shorts and pink socks,
walking down the shinning stairs they go.
I see them drone on like zombies, pink, pink, pink,
walking in pink again.
I cannot find her, on all these most important of days,
walking through the mall of pink.
I await in the food court, decked out in pink hearts and pink bows,
walking in place for her moans.
I hold pink chocolates and a pink rose, I see her coming,
walking towards me... I groan.
I see her, pink from head to toe, I can't help but smile and say...
"Pink again my love? Happy Valentine's day."

18. [Artsieladie] - "My Beautiful Mother! My Beautiful Valentine!"

My Mother's strife is over now. She is blessed with Holy peace.
The Lord has called her home with Him thus ending all her hardships, cease.
My blessed Mother, I love and I miss you so.
Your light within my lonely heart will forever glow.
Your life here will be honored, remembered and praised
By so many more than just the young you raised.
You always thought of others first, while you were left with none.
So many took for granted all that you have so gladly done.
Your sorrows are all washed away now. Mom, you will no longer need to weep.
God's love cradles you with gentleness. No more mountains face you steep.
I'll try to walk along your path. My focus will always be
To enter in the House of God, 'til your face I again shall see.
This world is cruel and heartless, Mom. It is filled with the greedy and unkind,
Including some you loved so dear. Oh, Mom, it's hard to stay so far behind.
Your love I always felt and it always saw me through,
Each and every painful moment, I've been subjected to.
I'm standing on this stairway, which I'll do my best to climb,
Because I know what waits for me 'til the end of time.
If I could fly a kite, that would bring me up to you,
I'd be sure to bring you flowers of all colors, especially pink and blue.
On this Valentine's Day, I will think of you,
For this day is all about those we truly love
And you're the prettiest, brightest flower
In the grandest of all gardens high with God above!

19.[Panophobia] - Will You Love Me

I see pink and red flowers everywhere,
Even though there is, in reality, none.
I think of you, the one to me, who is oh so fair.
In my heart I can feel it growing again,
The signs are all apparent to me.
I am falling in love and there is nothing I can do again.

Once again I felt the lightness of love,
It was oh so tight around my heart, just like a glove
For you I would buy the perfect pink flowers.
By you, I could not but help to be bewitched by your powers.
There is only one doubt that comes to mind and thee,
It’s a question I absolutely must know, my love will you love me?

Those same flowers I bought you on my coffin…Buried and dead now,
All my sorrows finally at an end, but with out you…
Can this be so, all I can ask is how?
What if I came back deader than a zombie,
But alive with my love for your burning in my chest.
Will you still love me?

20. [Deleted1906721] - Love Is Universal

Valentine's Day was drawing near and the department
store shelves began to clear. The chocolates, flowers,
cards and bears had very quickly disappeared!

Vampires and zombies appeared left and right,
followed by trolls and gnomes flying in on their
magic kites to purchase special gifts all
through the night.

The employees restocking were fearful at first and
began to hide, but then realized love is universal
and understood worldwide.

21. [Priscilla Primkin] - In the Pink

What would I give to climb your stairs,
to dare to do what no man dares
(the bravest hero runs and cowers),
armed with fine chocolates and flowers,

So that I might join with you, my heart,
before your hands tear me apart,
your lifeless skin suffused with a blush
that shames the chameleon-like octopus?

My zombie lover, you have no peer
’though you’re not the same as you were last year:
your lovely flesh is peeling away
and exposes more muscle every day.

But though your health is not in the pink,
I will take my chances when we link
for you have other compelling charms
that drive me to your waiting arms.

When you and I have joined at last--
you my goddess, I your repast--
then a rosie glow will suffuse our home,
of the sated zombie, devoured gnome.

22. Sierra Fleury aka [sierra_and_chris] - Be Mine

Oh my dearest valentine
won't you please oh please be mine?
oh won't you be the kind of guy
who is sweet and charming but kind of shy
would you come to my door with flowers
covering your face like rose covered towers
will you bring me candy and chocolate
would you joke with me a little bit
would you hold my hand all day
and would you say things i would want you to say
oh valentine please tell me right here
would you be mine? please make your answer very clear.
cuz if u say no, then ur missin out
but if you say yes i might scream and shout
i hope you say yes cuz i can clearly see
that in the future its just you and me
and in the future we were flying a kite
then you an me made love all night

~i love you steve~

23. [Aldalome] Hold me tight

I see a world in your eyes
where I could never have dreamt of,
for I didn’t knew such a world existed.
You sketch a world with words,
in which there is no winter, only spring.
where purple and pink kites are flown
by children who are running through fields of flowers
covered in butterflies.

You talk about eternities, about forevers and a day…
but for me forever seems so far away
today is still darkened by the shadows of yesterday
what tomorrow will bring I can not say.
I just know what tonight will bring,
wish all those nightmares would go away.

The memories keep haunting me,
like zombies in the night.
Isn’t there anyone who’ll hold me tight?

I wake up, with you close to me,
look outside and see
cotton candy clouds on an ice blue sky.
The beginning of a new day.

Forever seems to come a little closer each day

(it could be that I still change certain things about it untill the deadline)


25.[Anvikit] "Zombie Love"

Hey Listen up!
Now hear me true!
It's time for love,
And kissies too!

Dust off your shirts,
And bestest suits.
Now comb that hair,
And knock your boots!

Stand straight and tall,
And don't ye slouch.
Stop that moaning,
Don't be a grouch!

Grab some flowers,
They're all around.
It's Time to leave,
The graveyard grounds.

For this of days,
Go find a date.
Now up the stairs,
And out that gate!!

Zombie boys go,
Search high and low.
For that perfect girl,
And make it so.

You'll know it's her,
When what you find,
She gives you her love,
And a peice of her mind.

26. [lraina] -- The unexpected smile

Sitting here lonely on this Valentines Day
Couldn't at least one person say...
"Will you be my Valentine?"
I look up at the unexpected smile
Will this be worth my while?
He hands me pink flowers
And I feel like I could look into his eyes for hours
He takes my hand
And helps me to stand
The zombie of my Soul
Is no longer black as coal
He hands me chocolate and helps me down the stairs
As I throw away my worries and my cares

27. Removed for not following the theme.

28. [~*Darkness Covers My Heart*~] "Dearest Valentine"

Dearest Valentine,

My love for you is like a pink flower each pedal represents the moments we have shared...

The chocolates you brought for me were ever so sweet like the gleam in your eye...

The kite we are flying at this moment as we hold hands shows the bond that we have...

We walk along the field flying our kite just to talk about nothing at all...

Our eyes meet for only a second as we close them for a kiss...

A kiss that was as sweet as the chocolates we shared...

We stop for a sit in the grass to express our love for each other...

For On this day my Valentine our love can not be broken for you are my Dearest Valentine...

29. [Killopkie] "Octopus Love"

Oh darling, my darling, my eight-legged love
Hold me in your embrace, of an eight legged hug

Kiss me sweet, my squishy queen,
With your beautiful beak, that rips and tears at my fleshy physique

Flowers, chocolate and candy aren’t your cup of tea,
A plate of crab cakes will do nicely

I admire your beauty for as long as I can,
But you tend to disappear into the sand

I climb and I climb the stairs to your heart,
but it seems you have three and it gives me a start.

So be my Valentine and show me your ways,
Of love and kindness under the waves

30. [Thunder Cid] "The Pink Flower"

I saw the pink flower
I bought the pink flower
I took home the pink flower
I gave my sweetheart the pink flower
I watched her admire the pink flower
I pulled out another pink flower
I tickled her with the pink flower
We played with the pink flowers
We ate chocolate while holding the pink flowers
We flew kites while holding the pink flowers
We loved the pink flowers

31. [loam]    “Loves Contest”

The challenge is made, Zombie must battle gnome.
To win the hand of the Pretty Pink Princess,
Winner takes all.

The contest, design and fly a kite the highest.
The zombie’s design is a stair pattern,
The kite flies high above the ramparts.

The zombie climbs the stairs to profess his love.
The Pretty Pink Princess waits.

The gnome’s design is a rainbow colored octopus.
His kite begins to climb,
It rises above the high tower of the keep.

The gnome has won.
He ascends the stairs to his love.
His tokens of flowers and chocolates in hand.

He bows before her in awe.
The Princess starts to split from head to toe.
Out steps a bleeding pink zombie.

What has he won???
She bends over and bites off his head.
She spits it out at her true loves feet.

He has won the contest.
He presented her favorite, the head of a gnome.
She pleasantly knocked off her feet.

They lived ghoulishly everafter

32. Removed for not following the theme.

33. [Art squall]- The Love In My Heart
*with all that love
I fell so airy
Into the sky
I fly
over kites and clouds.
*With your loving gifts
I feel so merry
Having pink flowers
and chocolates
set apond the stairs of my house.
*with all the love you gave me
I felt it must be
as real as
gnomes and fairies
But now I see
*you're as loyal to me
as an Hatian zombie
and that is why
you are
The love in my heart.

34. [GoneGone] - A Valentine's Poem

One day I decided
to follow the stairs to your heart
Because I wanted to see if
I were there.
I saw ivory featherbeds garnished in yellow flowers
flecked with blue
Because the colour red reminded you
of broken love.
I wasn't snuggled into your fibreglass veins, waiting
to comfort brow-beaten tears
And I wondered if you had given the flowers
my scent instead.
I saw boxes of half-eaten
chocolates sprouting like button mushrooms
from the floor of your left ventricle.
I wanted to ask you how they tasted under
your tongue,
what flavours made your toes curl in pleasure
and why
you didn't ask me to help you finish them.
And I couldn't find myself
that may be more because
I lost me years ago.
I had hoped
you would harbour me safe in your lower aorta
Until I felt I could come looking without my fear
of loss killing our future.
I will only imagine your
white blood cells destroyed me in
ill-blamed sorrow rather than discover
your heart never opened up to me in
the first place.

35. [BinaryPhoenix] ~ A Zombie's Dream...

I may be dead,
I may be green,
I may be a brainless
zombie thing.

I may hate flowers,
I may hate gnomes,
I even hate chocolate
with all of my bones.

But with this poem,
I give to you,
remains of my heart
and a lost kite too.

I dare to ask,
I dare to dream,
that you look past my mask
and together we'll have a valentine scream!

36. [Muerta] ~ Valentine Dream

Pink zombies with chocolates and flowers galore
Go gambol like kites throughout wild moors
And gnomes write pink poems for the loved here and far
Then seal them and send them by budgerigar
While octopi kissing and carrying on,
Will swell up the oceans with jubilant song
For even corpses and midgets and weird squishy things
Can feel all the joy that love often brings

I woke from this dream on Saint Valentine’s Day
And fashioned keys out of heart strings to put you away
Locking memories in chests, for the romance is through
With hearts and red ribbons and photos of you
I put all our valentine dreams ‘neath the stairs
In a box marked “All of my previous cares.”
I wish you should be lucky in your one little life
To love without hardship, nor sorrow, nor strife
I was not the one, but I left with good cheer
My heart wishes yours happiness in the following year.

37. [Rice] ~ Pink my dear.

Pink my dear, yes that’s it.
Pink, the colour of the rose flower before it blooms,
Before its natural beauty is tainted by red.
Pink my dear, the colour of cherry blossom,
That can even fall in elegance.
The colour of hearts that need not beat,
To show their splendour.
Pink my dear, is the colour of life,
The colour I hear when you sing,
The colour I see when you smile.

Pink, is always the colour,
Of the nicest sweets.
In that case, you were always a pink sweet to me.

Pink, is the shade of kite we fly together,
When we wish to connect with the sky.
Pinks the colour of that Gnome you brought,
That’s only pretty because you own it.

My dear, if I had to pick a single word to describe you,
I’d choose pink.
Because pink, pink is love and pink is hope.
But without you, there would be no love or hope,
Without you, my dear, there would be no pink.

38. [tindomerel] ~ That Dreaded Day

It’s coming closer, that dreaded day,
To turn my life upside down,
For the duration of its stay.
Every year it’s always the same
The same old things attached to its name:
She expects me to be romantic,
Give her flowers and chocolates galore,
While I’d be happier if left alone
To play my videogames of zombies and clones.
A candlelit dinner is what she says she needs
Why does she always forget though:
Takeout food is more my speed.
She expects me to get her an expensive gift or two
But when money’s kinda short, what’s a guy to do?
She spends the whole day with a smile on her face
But even one little omission can make me fall from grace.
But in the end it’s useless to complain,
The day is still going to come as always to drive me insane
So I’d better start remembering all she’s said she’s wanted in the past 
Because Valentines coming darlin, better be ready and fast.

39. [light.] - "The fat man with wings."

There's a man I dread, and try hard to avoid.
His wings and arrows left me with a void.
He goes by Cupid, says "This love thing is my game"
I toss his chocolate back and tell him he's quite lame.

This year he got me, an arrow to my heart.
I'm seeing stars, and pink rainbows off the chart!
My mind, high like a kite, is in a bit of a mess,
The flowers and candies are causing me some stress.

I curse the man with the fluffy wings,
Sitting on his fat tush, he laughs and sings.
Watching as I struggle up the stairs of love,
Holding back his giggles, as he stares from above.

A lust filled zombie, I wait for nightfall.
Under a curse, a pink love felt doll.
I know he means well, and I shouldn't complain.
But goodness that Cupid causes me pain!

40. [Once upon a dream] - "His But Alone"

I saw it in your face that day
When you saw me you shyed away
It hurt, but I saw it in your eyes
And held back the tears; I couldn't cry
So all morning I held you tight
I would not let you out of my sight
And I grasped your hands as much as I could
Knowing this would be the last time I would
And I kissed your lips with loving glee
Hoping you would not let go of me
But knowing that soon you'd relinquish your grip
I knew in my heart that this was it
And so, foreshadowing pain, I took you aside
And gave you my heart to stop it to chide
You did so and then you said what I feared
But I knew, at least, your conscience was cleared
And so I kissed your lips that one last time
Tears were streaming from my eyes
And then you let go of my hand
And asked me if I understand
Of course I can; you did it for me
I said, as tears streamed down my cheeks
And I won't stop loving you not now, not today
And I fear, as time passes, that I never may.
So as I walked down those stairs
Flowers and dewdrops spun a prayer
I faced you love, outside the door
If you could see it in my eyes, in my heart
You're the only one I will ever adore
Later that night, I saw you there in my dream
In a place I could never reach
Where all the life is drained
Where the kites can touch one thing
You were a life given by angels
In a bird where the birds sing
One angel, my love
So I remain
...His but alone

41.[Just Never]- "My Valentine"

I'm antisocial
and always alone
like a zombie
that hides beneath the stairs
I usually hate the wolrd
but today is different
she who wears pink speaks
and offers not a flower
but a rose

42. [ilovevans.] "I think the worst time for a heart-attack is during a game of charades."

These winding stairs to your apartment
Get fewer now that I ignore how many I have already climbed.
You could live on Everest… I would see you everyday.

This day. The fourteenth… have you forgotten it?
It’s impossible! You were born 19 years ago tomorrow!
But the daisies on the landing, the flowers in bloom, smile brightly outside your door.
No note? None needed, thank you.

I breathe. Slowly in, slowly out. Just as nature intended.
I pull my heart-rate down like a kite on a string.
You have left the door unlocked again.

It creaks. I smile. The sound never wakes you up anyways.
Deep sleep is holding you there so wonderfully on your bed.
I remember that first Saturday night. 4:30 A.M. waking up beside you.
It's memories like those that make it all worthwhile.

I start to laugh before I can start to run.
You wake up in the nick of time as I jump for the pillows beside you.
My place is cold. It will only stay that way a moment, I promise.
You laugh. Then fall back asleep as I start trying to remember that French song Audrey Hepburn sang.
Good morning. Good night. Plans on Valentine’s Day are always overrated.

43.[peace4all_monkey] Infinite Bliss

A valley of flowers at the soles of our feet,
a sweet sensation of exotic senses.
Watching children soar their kites high in the sky,
where clouds form beautiful images.
Gazing into the trees,
as we eat our sensuous chocolates.
Charming doves fly by and we gaze for but a moment,
at the twinkle in each others eye.
This moment that seems to last forever,
entwines with the rest of the world.
Endless hopeful outcomes escape my eyes,
and I am not able to control my laughter as the images unroll.
We brush shoulders ,
and lay back into the cool grass.
A moment of pure bliss to be shared,
for what seems a lifetime.

44. [little flag] Singles' Awareness Day

The chocolate in the store was enticing
wrapped in its pretty pink bows, and probably sweet.
But I felt bitter, and only pink with shame.

The flowers on the side of the highway seemed
to share my sorrow, drooping, as though with heavy rain
despite the bright pinks and golds of the morning light.

But the gnomes on those neatly manicured lawns
of the happy couples’ homes
seemed to glare and jeer as I drove by.
Laughing at my misfortune in their
stone and clay way, with sightless eyes. Sightless as I was, once.

A lost kite flew by overhead as I
rested my head on my arm on the open window edge,
paused at a red light - pink, just for today, just for me.
I heard the kite’s child scream; wild primal wail of loss
and rejection of anguish, and, internally, I sympathized.

That ridiculous inflatable octopus on the
front entrance of the car wash
seemed especially sickeningly ridiculous this morning,
decked out, as it was, in bright pink sickeningly ridiculous hearts.

I am the Valentine's Zombie, I muse, as I
pull into work, parking in my space. I am picketing with my
Down With Singles Awareness Day sign, I imagine,
parading around with my broken heart on my sleeve, for all to see.

Next Year, I promise myself. Next Year.
Next Year I will teach those ooh and aahing lovers over there
a thing or two about
pink and hearts, and how the former oozes from the latter
when sweet intoxicating love
turns sour, and makes you sick.

But for today, it's time to hide, in my
dark cubicle, and turn up the music, to block out
the pink and beating, still-living hearts. Next Year. Next Year.
I'll do better next year.

45. [Anvikit]- "A poem for the brokenhearted"

I love you, you love me too,
It's all a bunch O'junk!
When I A'see two lovebirds lovin'
It gets me in this funk.

Lovey dovey holiday,
I hope you sure pass quick.
Go fly a kite, and get ye gone!!
You really make me sick!

No one ever bought me flowers,
So why should I for you?
Ain't no reason to sit and pout,
Or cry needless boo hoo's.

Love find someone else to bother,
Just let me be in peace.
I can do quite well here on my own,
Yer grip on me release!

Go and eat your chocolates,
And choke on candy hearts.
I don't need no stinkin' Val-en-tine,
My heart's been tore a'part.

46. [thoughtfox] - A Gift

What gift am I to send to an everlasting beloved?
Flowers are nice, but for what they do to her nose;
and the taste of chocolate she has long rejected;
but a garden gnome! She’s always wanted one of those.

Strange as my gift should be
She takes it from me lovingly,
More than the girls with gifts normal
Who wear their smiles for reasons formal.

47. [deRevenant] - Patience

beneath the lonely stairs
i wait for her descending there
with flowers coupled in one's hand
and nothing more that i demand
may it be tonight
that i reside in love's delight
slacken like the zombie gaze
attempt to clear away the haze
her beauty took away those days
for me to gain this chance
i'd fight for her with kite and lance
my heart begotten at a glance
her voice so mellow as she sings
the loveliest of many things
heaven's gift for me alone
alighted by the moon and stone
reflected in her softened face
when she descends i stand in place
and greet her with that warm embrace

48. [Fizban] - Cupid's Err

I walk alone, on this day of love,
Watching exchanges of chocolates and flowers;
While a couple flies a kite, white as a dove,
As cupid rains down arrows like showers.

As a zombie I stare blindly ahead,
While cupid is taking his aim on some unsuspecting girl,
He gets hit by the kite, smack dab on the head,
Hitting me with the arrow instead.

I stumble, and mumble, confused as I bumble,
But suddenly, this day looks different here,
One certain person is making things so unclear.
I watch him out of the corner of my eye,
Confused as he made my heart sigh.

I backed away, further and further,
Ran up the stairs, with great fervor.
Yet escape him, I couldn't do,
My heart was stuck in a way like so few.

Cupid his err he did detect, tried so hard to repair,
Permanent was the problem, irrelevant of right or fair.
From my toes, up to my hair, this was my lot in life, my share.
My nature I could not change, chosen by me, like an animal chooses to be caged.

49. [SilhouetteGirl] - "Alone on Valentines Day"

Valentines Day is here again,
Tis another year without the flowers
No-one ever seems to realise the pain
You go through while being alone
On Valentines Day

Tentatively he climbs the stairs,
Totally unaware you're waiting for him,
Standing behind the door there
Praying so hard he'll turn up
To change your Valentines Day.

His hand hovers over the bell
As he summons the courage to end
Your Valentines Day hell.
Slowly his hand moves
Closer and closer and closer...

At the last moment he turns, leaves.
You realise you'll be alone again,
As you sigh your bright pink heart heaves,
And fades slowly due to the pain of being alone
On Valentines Day.

One day he'll realise
That you can make him happy,
Make him feel as high as a pink kite...
Give you the glowing pink back into your heart
When he's in love with you
On Valentines Day.

50. [Aurora Of Moonblade] "Days of Choice"

These invisible steps lead up to a sky of dreams,
Memories of all the loved and found of them.
Twisting illusion of love with realities of pain,
This is how all of them live.

Day after day with fields of flowers in hand,
smiling as if not a care in the world.
Believing in love is how they survive,
Shadows of darkness repelled by spirits of love.

Talismans of love and hope are always there,
Demons run from the likes of them.
Spells of love and charms of joy,
These things keep the demons of hate at bay.

On one day of every year they are kept away,
The feelings of love and hope the way.
Smiling and laughter floats all around like cherry blossoms,
Like the new blooms floating on a summer day.

Passion and desire, love and hope,
Joy and peace, and all of heart.
These make talismans of protection and warmth,
always found on days of choice.

51. [Misty Lady] - What Shall I Give Her?

A gnome sat pondering by a stream
His mind so lost as in a dream
His heart so full of love sublime
For his so precious Valentine.

“What shall I give her?” he thought hard
“It must be more than just a card”.
“I must find special gifts you see”
“For one who means the world to me.”

So, to the town the gnome did go
To find a gift for his true beau
He seemed to walk for hours and hours
Until he saw some pretty flowers.

Within the shop were lots of poses
Of lilies white and pinkest roses.
He chose a bunch with cheery smile
And paused to take their scent awhile.

And then he saw with great delight
A candy stall not far in sight
With heart shaped chocolate covered sweets
A truly tempting box of treats.

He bought some full of added glee
His face aglow for all to see.
The task now done he danced with pride
He loved to please his future bride.

So with the gifts and happy hearted
From the town he then departed
He knew his choice had been just right
He headed home, high as a kite.

52. [Morningstar Rising] SHARING LOVE

Chocolate flowers growing in a garden
Tended by a love crazed gnome
Red candy hearts, pink roses bloom
For the zombie dressed in blue
Skies of rose, eight legged purple octupus
Delievering flowers to your door
Chocolate kisses for your honey
Cupids arrow makes love glow anew
Fly a Kite, way up high
Candy kisses just for you
Valentine's the day for lovers
Share your heart with someone true

53. [Reonowyn] A lovely Valentine's Day

The red, pink, purple, and the white.
When you enter with a dozen roses it makes my heart fly like a kite.
The flower's smell beautiful.
You bring me chocolates,they taste great.
These gifts from your heart are wonderful.
You bring a smile to my face that lights up the room.
This is a lovely Valentines Day, and it's quit a sight.
For I thought you would forget, mabey not even care.
But you proved you loved me, we are quit the pair.
Sharing this day with you, someone so special, I hope you love me, as much I as I do you.
A tear forms at the corner of my eye, you kiss my forehead and take my hands.
You tell me you love me and I return the phrase.
My mind is racing through it's maze.
My cheeks turn pink, I didn't forget you so don't you think such.
It isn't much, I give you a card and it sings I love you so much.
Your smile makes me feel much better, I hoped you would like it.
You tell me that spending you life with me is all you ever needed and wanted.

54. [Danse Macabre] Hazy Pink Dreamscape

My heartbeat rise up and up,
Like a kite flying in a hazy pink dreamscape.
My mind emancipated by your touch,
I am your Valentine's zombie, for you, and only you to shape.

My love for you engulfs,
Consumes me and fills me with its sweet taste.
Like Belgian chocolate or soft violets.
Indeed those exquisite flowers remind me most of our tender hours,
How our love devours us, yet still we ascend.
Those hazy pink stairs of love, whilst still the hairs,
upon my neck must stand on end-electrified by your beauty so fair.

And still in this hazy pink dream called true love.
So many faceted like the many tentacles of an octopus,
I am trapped like a gnome in the mystic ether that shines above.
Knowing from you my love, I cannot hide, or run, or rush.
Instead I must accept what destiny has ordained for us,
That we be together forever,
or at least at this moment, whatever.
For from valentines love there is no escape,
And no forgetting that hazy pink dreamscape.

55. [Cliché] "My Zombie Valentine"

The pink flowers that I bought for her,
Wilt to touch her hand.
The chocolates that I brought for her,
Taste like graveyard sand.

I tried to cook her dinner,
But I’d make a better meal.
I tried to read her poetry,
But she doesn’t really feel.

Her pink dress doesn’t fit her right,
Ever since her arm fell off,
And though I bought her sweet perfume,
Her stench still makes me cough.

Our first date was at a graveyard,
Our first kiss, less than divine,
But no living girl could ever match,
My zombie valentine.

56.[toothrod] "Empty Space for Valentine's"

I love you with joy.
I love you with care.
I love you with open arms.
I love you with soul.

I want to bring you flowers,
I want to bring you chocolate,
But I come to find out that
Your allergic to both.

So now I must think
Of what to get you,
But all that comes to mind
is a kite.

"A kite!?" I said as I stumble in confusion.
Maybe my head is empty with other ideas.
Empty enough to have wind blow 20 kites in there.
Its funny because its all I see now.

But with the space in my head
and wind in my ears.
I see a beautiful sunset
With you and me flying "I love you!" in the air.


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