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name: Trier
age: 27
height: Tall in height with a lean but somewhat muscled stature.
hair: Black and to his wasit, usually put back
eyes: gold.
personality: slightly arrogant and perhaps a bit on the posessive side, snide and sarcastic.
history: still thinking about that

Anwe: Fair skin, with a slightly over pale pallor (sick people never seem to have tans) Large dark brown eyes, so dark they could almost be black. They look at you with all the wisdom and weight of an old man, and yet all the naivete and innocence of a child. He's usually quiet...but he's great at imitating sounds. His lips are a kind of dusky color, and when he's happy a light blush flushes his cheeks, making him look less like a porcelain doll and more like a cherubim. His cheeks are narrow, though they haven't completely lost their babyfat yet. He has big hands, and slightly larger than normal feet, telling how tall he might grow if he only had the chance. His no is small and slightly pointed, like a wooden puppet's. His hair is a tangled wilderness of black streaked with a few strands of red that shine in the sun or under bright lights. He's kind of thin, underfed. His clothes are old hand me downs and would look like trash in not for the easy grace and confidence (he may be an orphan but he's always been beautiful) that he carries them off in.
Is that enough now?

It had been quite early but early was fine for Trier, he was just about to end work in a few minutes. And after that he would stop by the bank and then his favorite caffe and then sit at home and read. Such a peacfull life. It was amazing he was able to keep fit. He didn't seem to do so very much.

The night had been a long and unsuccessful one, and Anwe was glad to see its end. For a homeless kid like him, especially with his angelic looks, the shadowed alleys and dimly lit streets of the city were nothing but a danger, a threat to be taken warily but with necessities as he wandered his way through dumpster bins, looking for scraps and discarded items to sell. In his hand he carried a bag of cookies, a gift from an elderly gentleman who had made him an offer, and when rejected given the boy the cookies as a gift. Anwe would never dare to accept one of those offers, he'd heard stories about bodies being left in ditches and men who were abusive. Besides, he didn't need to, people often felt compelled to give him things. That's why selling trash and living on the streets hadn't been too hard for him and he'd never gained the desolate look of hopelessness that the other homeless people had. He walked into the business district of the city, humming an odd tune he'd made up to himself, stopping occasionally to see if he could find anything worthwhile in the trashbins between the buildings. Eventually the road he was on left the business district and split in two directions, east or west. Normally when he reached here he'd go west, following the setting moon, but tonight there had been no moon and so, for what seemed like the first time ever, he turned east in the direction of the rising sun and went towards the artsy part of the city.

Trier yawned and drank his coffee, looking about the streets from the caffe. He looked out the large window, scowling at a few fingerprints that had been left there from other visitors. He watched the visage of a beautiful boy come closer and then start to pass. Was he lost? He looked lost. But as he left the cafe to help said boy he noticed the dirt attire. Must be homeless. Maybe he could help him in some way. Such a pretty thing shouldn't have been out and about. So many dangerous things. He didn't look very old either. How easily someone could just pick him up and take off with him. Who knew what would happen. He sighed and caught up with him.

"Hey, kid, are you lost?" He asked concerned, standing a safe distance away to not scare him.

Anwe looked up at the sound of a voice behind him. A man, more beautiful than any other he had seen before, was standing some distance away, looking at him with a worried expression. He took in the man's clean clothes, slightly expensive looking though not outstanding, and decided the man wasn't too much of an immediate threat. He took a few step closer, looking into the man's eyes and noticing with surprise that they were a unique golden color, and shyly asked "Yes, can you help me?"

Trier smiled, adjusting the ponytail that held back his long black hair,looking the boy over. He noticed that the boy's hair seemed to be a tangled mass and that his clothing wasn't exactly more then rags. He wondered exactly where the boy came from.

"Where. is your home?" He asked, wanting to murder the parents that could possibly let their child run around like this. He slowly put out a hand to see if the boy's hair was truly in tangles or if it was just like that from a day of playing as children do. He didn't like what he felt.

Anwe flinched beneath the stranger's touch. Surprisingly, it hadn't felt at all unpleasant, just a little shocking... He wasn't used to people touching him, he usually managed to get what he wanted with a smile. When he looked up and saw the man's face filled with anger he quickly turned his eyes back to the ground. Why was he so mad? He hadn't done anything wrong...Anwe couldn't figure it out. He blinked slowly and looked back into the man's face, anxiously trying to read it for any sign of danger or any clue as to why he might be mad. "I don't have a home, sir. I'm an orphan."

Trier blinked suddenly. "That would explain a lot." He calmed immensely. "Are you hungry?" He asked, wanting to suddenly become a parental figure to this boy. He wanted to get him bathed and dressed and take care of him. Feed him right and tutor him. Be there for him whenever he needed. It isn't like Trier had anything better to do anyhow. Maybe it would make him feel more like a person then a zombie. He smiled kindly, hoping to encourage the boy to accept his hospitalities.

Anwe looked doubtful. He had learned a long time ago that there weren't many people who were willing to give you something for nothing. It didn't help that all the anger he had seen on the man's face had dissipated into thin air and been replaced by an almost hopeful longing.Then again, he's also learned never to turn down a meal. When your options were as limited as his, you had to take what you could get. He looked at the man with a tentative hope, feeling an unexpected gladness in his heart, and replied faintly "I could do with a bite, if you don't mind, sir."

Trier gave him a warm smile. "Come along then." He said, holding out his hand for the other to take if he wanted. He was going to take him right to the caffe where he had just left. They would have good food for him there. And he would be more then happy to pay for him. "So, you don't have a home? Well.. I have an extra room.." He dropped his sentence, not wanting to make himself sound obsessed, moreso then he was with the idea of having someone else in the house with him. Someone he could care for and fill his time with rather then go about his boring routiene.

Anwe took the man's hand, feeling a weird sense of relief, as though he had just crossed a precipice of some sort. Now that he'd decided to trust him, at least enough to go out and eat with him, he realized that the man's face was more kind than he had originally thought, and he immediately relaxed. He was pulled out of his reverie when the man stopped talking and realized he'd just asked something. No, made an offer. He rewound the conversation in his mind and then realized with a sharp intake of breath what the man was offering. A home? He was offering him a home?! Again, Anwe couldn't help but think Why?? Not even the kindly old grandmothers that looked at him the way they would a stray kitten offered to take him home. He didn't know what to make of it, so he shrugged helplessly and stammered out "M-maybe we should talk about it as we eat.", the meal the second thing on his mind, after this new and sudden proposition.

Trier smiled down at him and nodded, leading the boy into the caffe. He sat him down in a booth more secluded so the boy didn't feel pressured and handed him a menu. "You may order what you will." He said, smilnig gently. He picked up his own menu and decided a coffe and maybe a small piece of pie would be enough to take his mind to focous. He watched the boy carefully, wondering what he was going to chose, wondering if he would accept the offer he had made.

Anwe deliberately stalled making his order, he knew what he wanted, he just needed more time to think. He pretended to read the menu, skimming over beverages and desserts and and the lunch items til his eyes found the dish he wanted. When he looked up the stranger was still staring at him, looking pleased somehow and still rather hopeful. Anwe wasn't sure if he liked the hopeful look, what if the man was expecting something from him that he couldn't give? He turned his attention back to the moment and made his order to the waitress who had come by, asking timidly for bacon and toast (he hadn't had these things in SUCH a long time) and then turned back to the man. Before he knew it, he blurted out "But I don't even know your name!" He blushed as soon as he said it and ropped his gaze to the tabletop, waiting to see how the man would punish him for his rudeness.

Trier held back a laugh at this. "My name is Trier, and your right but now you do. So what is your name? And are you sure you don't want more then that to eat?" He asked, wondering if simply bacon and toast would be enough to feed the boy if he declined his offer of a place to stay. He himself had ordered his pie and he wondered if the boy would like a taste of it.

Anwe shook his head, still a little surprised with himself for his outburst. It was so unlike him, what on earth could have brought it on? "My name is Anwe," he murmered, and was flooded with the sudden memory of people practicing etiquette at the park "pleased to make your aqcuaintance." He said the last bit carefully,the words feeling foreign on his tongue. "Trier. Why are you being so kind, Trier? I don't understand."

Trier smiled. "Well, I am.. lonely to say the least. It would help me feel more whole. I will get you new clothing and you will have your own room and cooked meals. What do you say? You wont have to work or anything. I just need company." Trier was quiet again, scolding himself for sounding desperate. "If not I understand as well. I just want to do something good for once."

Anwe looked sadly at the beautiful angel sitting across from him. He wanted a cure for his loneliness. Anwe could understand that, he felt it too, but as much as he wanted to help the man he couldn't. He knew that his time left on Earth was limited, and he didn't want to hurt the man with his passing. It was so tempting though...maybe he wouldn't mind dyying so much if he had the support of somebody he loved? But he couldn't, how could he bring that sort of misery to this man? "I-I I can't do that for you. I'm sorry. I'd love to, I really would," and here Anwe's beautiful face twisted into a mask of anguish, "but I can't. I can't stay with you forever." Anwe's anguish became sadness as he lookedi n the man's eyes. "I truly am sorry.' he said again, begging Trier's eyes to understand, and to not be hurt.

Trier felt himself sadden. "Not forever...what if just for a little while?" He asked, hoping to heard a more positive answer. "Or I could at least give you my address and you can come and go wheneevr you want?"

While the waitress put down their food Anwe thought about this. He really didn't want to say no to this man, who was making such an effort to please him. If he went now there'd be some time that he'd be fine, and if he started feeling sick he could always leave. And he liked the idea of sleeping in the same home as this man, it made him feel secure... "Yes, ok then. I'll come live with you for a little while. Now...pass the butter please?*

Trier passed him the butter, smilng as he did so. He really liked him. The boy was beautifull to him. If he could only help him and be something to him. The boy seemed so damaged and he wanted to help him.

Anwe smiled at Trier. He liked seeing him smile, it made him seem radiant, like the sun only...less damaging. He took the plate of butter and in doing so grazed Trier's hand with his own. He blushed and hoped that Trier hadn't noticed how that one brief moment of contact had cause a rosy glow to spread across his cheeks....and a cautious smile to enter into his eyes.

Trier did notice it and it only made him smile more. "You have to at least let me get you some decent clothing and let you get a bath." He said, smiling and watching the other. He wanted to see what the boy would look like, dressed better and cleaned. He wanted to see his hair combed out and wondered if his eyes would light up in happiness and he would change his mind about staying.

Anwe smiled. He didn't really think he needed these things, but if it would make Trier happy he'd do anything. He nodded, and pushed his plate away, no longer hungry for the moment. "What kind of clothes did you have in mind?"

Trier shrugged at this. "Whatever you wish to wear, by the way, this pie is rather good, want a piece?" He asked, getting a bit on his fork and holding it to the boy as if to feed him. He would understand if he didn't but he wanted him to taste it, he doubted the boy had had such a thing in a while.

Anwe opened his mouth automatically, like a little child being fed by a parent. He felt the pie fall into his mouth and closed his lips around it. He blinked in suprise, it was delicious! It left a lovely feeling of light and sweetness and warmth in his mouth, and before he could even think about it Anwe opened his mouth for another piece.

Trier smiled and cut up his pie into little pieces, giving him another. "I take it you like it ?" He asked, willing to order him a piece all to his own if he would ask.

"Yes." Anwe replied, and that was an understatement. He'd forgotten how good sweet things could be. He was so happy he was blushing, opening his mouth each time to take another piece of the pie. When he found it was all gone he looked mournfully at the plate. He looked back up at Trier and asked, "Another, please?"

Trier nodded. "Of course dear. " He said, ordering another piece. He smiled and waited for the pie and thought. "Did you want anything to drink?"

Anwe thought about it for a moment. It'd been a long time since he'd had a soda, and he was thirty. But asking would be too much, wouldn't it? He blushed and looked down, and then looked back up. "A-A A Coke?" he asked, and then he turned away before his greediness could get the better of him and he ordered a bendy straw as well.

Trier smiled and ordered asoda for the other. "Don't be shy." He said, smiling encouragingly and wantnig to kiss his cheek suddenly but didn't. "So, where do you want to go after this? I was thinking about taking you to the store."

Anwe smiled and blushed again. "Alright...which store do you recommend? I've never bought clothes before..."

Trier shrugged. "Whchever one catches your fancy" He said, smilng. "Whenever your done we can."

Anwe glanced down at his now empty plate and his soda, which was mostly doe. "I think I'm ready. Are we just going to walk around then until I spot something I like? What if I don't find anything?"

"We will find something. "He promised, smilling. "Come along dear." He said, leaving the money for the food on the table, offering him his hand again.

Anwe slipped out of the booth after Trier and took his hand, surprised at how comfortable this felt. He realized that he was already very used to this and that he, in fact, liked it. A growing feeling of excitement welled up in his now satisfied belly as he looked forward to his shopping trip with Trier. He didn't even notice the two forlorn bags, one full of junk and the other some tasteless cookies, that he had left sitting out on the sidewalk as he and Trier walked in the opposite direction away from them.

Trier smiled and lead him to a nearby shopping strip. "I want you to get at least five different outfits for now." He said,ruffling his hair. "Do you know even what sizes you wear?" He asked, wishing to brush and comba nd wash the boy's hair.

Anwe looked down at his rags self consciously. He'd never thought about it before. "No, I don't," he admitted. As Trier pulled his fingers through his hair he became more aware of that as well and self consciously began fussing with, trying to rip out the tangles. "How are we goign to find out what size I am?" he asked. He hadn't thought that shopping was going to be so difficult.

Trier smiled. "Don't do that to your hair." He said, smoothing it out as well as he could. "We will figure it out easily. I will have them measure you." He said, entering a clothing outlet. "Here, let's see...."

Afriend of Trier's with shoulder length blond hair came over and he smiled. "Hey you! So good to see you, and who is this?"

"This is my friend Anwe. We need to get him sized and.. well.. put in something."

Riyan looked at the boy with a smile and nodded unjudgingly, pulling out a measuring tape and slipping it around his wasit. "Alright, what your going to need is mostly in the younger boy's section...I would say he is probably fourteen.. well you should find something, whatever suits you." Riyan said, grabbing random clothing items. "Here try these." He said, hoping they would fit him.

Trier wondered how they would fit as well, he knew his friend was good at finding things for people in the right style and sizes that were just perfect. "Well is there a changing room around here?" He asked his friend and was pointed in the right direction. He whispered his thanks and took Anwe near them. "Do you want me to come in with you or can you manage it on your own?"

Anwe blinked. Things were happening rather fast and he was still being constantly surprised that all this was real. He looked at the clothes that Trier was holding out to him. There were far more buttons and zippers and things to be tied than he was used to and he didn't think he could put them on by himself. Feeling suddenly very shy he nodded, "Yes, please. I think I'm going to need help with all," he gestured at the clothes, "with all that. If you don't mind, that is." He hastily added on, not wanting to seem too demanding.

Trier smiled. "Of course." He lead the boy to a changing room and instructed him to remain standing. He first grabbed a frilly bloud that looked suspiciously like womens clothing. "Here, why don't you pick a few items and tell me which ones you actually like before we fit you into them."

Anwe looked over some of the clothes he sawTrier holdig. He wasn't sure what exactly he was doing and so decided to choose the lothes that looked prettiest to him. "I really like that shirt you're holdinig..." he said, and then pointed at a pair of black slacks, "and those pants are nice, too." And then his eyes landed on the corset. It was a deep mmidnight blue with silery swirls of embroidery and black laces flecked ion gold. "What is THAT?" he asked, already deeply intrigued.

Trier felt a bit of blush rise in his cheeks. "Well.. it is a you.. wish to try it on?" He asked, holding it in his hands, untying it.

Anwe thought about it for a moment. "Um...yes, please!" He smiled and pulled off his raggedy shirt, revealing a thin and pale unmarked chest with delicate bones and a gentle collarbone. He raised his arms so that Trier could wrap the thing around it and waited for him to put it on.

Trier laughed slightly and put it on the boy, tying it in the right places. "I think you.. look nice in it." He said, blushign slightly as he turned the boy to look in the mirror.

Anwe looked into the mirror and smiled. He liked it, he really did. The colors looked so nice on him...but, "I think there's something missing. I think I should...probably wear a shirt under this?" He lifet up the white peasants blouse that Trier had been holding earlier. "Do you think that this would match?"

Trier nodded, undoing it and putting the peasants shirt on him first before the corset again. He blushed how it seemed to kind of pull the boy together. He found it intriguing and he hated himself for thinking that. "They match well." He said, trying to stop himself from blushing. He knew his face was going to be red. Was he wrong for thinking things like that about a mere child? He was taking the boy in to save him and give him a place to live, not taking him in to insure him a lover, right? Especially not when he was more then probably double the boy's age.

Anwe looked into the mirror and smiled, pleased. He looked wonderful in these clothes, and he felt better for some reason too. He looked over at Trier gratefully and without thinking about it gave him a hug in appreciation, pressing against him briefly before reaching over to pick up the slack. "Do you think this will do or do I need something...else?"

Trier smiled after hugging the boy back. "Let us try them on and see if they fit you first." He said, holding open the pants for the boy to step into them. He smiled and looked about at the other clothing as well as the tags on the things already worn before doing so. He at least knew what sizes to get him, he just needed Anwe to pick them out.

Anwe reached for the pants. "Um...could you...turn around? It's been a while since I've owned any underwear."

Trier blushed. "Well. umm... I should probably go get you some of those.." He left the changing compartment in search for underwear, finding them easily enough. They should fit the boy.

Anwe smiled and took the package of underwear from Trier. He broke them open and immediately put one on, slipping the slacks on over it. He fumbled with the zipper and button for a while and then finally managed to get them closed. "There," he announced, "you can turn around now. How do I look?"

Trier found himself grinning. "Beautifull." He murmmered before blinking. "Well I mean very well.." He said, smiling. "We will get these then, go through these and pick out what you want and then we can get home."

Anwe picked out a few more peasant tops and different colored corsets, choosing a dark maroon one and a green one to add to his blue one, and a few dark jeans as well. "I hope this won't cost you too much? What are we doing after this?"

"It wont." Trier assured him, rounding the items up. "After this we are going to take you home and get you a bath and get you settled into your room." He said, smilng and leading the boy to the counter. He haited seeing him in the rags again but he doubted they would have let him take them out of the store on.

Anwe smiled and reached for Trier's hand. "Is it a very long walk? A bath sounds nice...I haven't had one in a while. Do you have soap? What kind of smell does it have?" He babbled on and on, a little tiredly as his body registered that he had not slept all night and it was now getting very late in the morning. The sun shone down on him brightly, making him close his eyes a little as he walked. He nodded off a few times, startling awake again and again.

Trier smiled. "I have all sorts of soaps and shampoos and conditioners.. umm will you need any help in the bath? And we are taking my car." He said, holding the boy's hand gently as he carried the bags of clothing on the other hand and lead him to the car which was a small blue honda civic.

Anwe looked at the car with big eyes. He had seen cars all the time, of course, but he couldn't ever remember riding in one. He got into the passenger seat, marveling at how small it seemed inside even though it had looked so huge on the outside. He bounced a little on the seats, loving how comfortable they felt beneath him. He managed to tear his thoughts away from the steering wheel and daydreams of driving and answered Trier's question. "I might need some help...washing my hair and my's been a while since I've done either properly."

Trier blushed at the thought of possibly being so close with the boy next to him. "I will help you." He said quietly, finding himself liking the thought but not sure how to handle it.

Anwe smiled and took the man's hand an waited for the car ride to end. He was looking forward to his bath now that he knew Trier would be with him.

Trier caressed the other's hand gently, pulling into his driveway. "Here we are." He said, getting out and opening the door for the other. He grabbed the bags after the door was opened and went to his house, unlocking it, motioning the other to follow him.

Anwe looked around. The landscape was nice, he'd guess upper middle class. There was a lovely little yawn and the house seemed a comfortable two story. He went inside after Trier, looking around with amazement, taking everything in with awe. THIS was going to be his new home.

Trier smiled and setlled the boy's clothing in a dresser in the guest room next to his. "Here will be your room, mine is just another door down. "He said, going to the bathroom and running the bath water. "Let's get you in the bath and get you dressed and then we can have supper." He said, getting bubbles for the boy as well.

Anwe watched as Trier gathered the bath supplies and undressed with relief. He hadn't wanted to put his rags back on after those nice clothes, they had suddenly seemed filthy and he was glad to be rid of them. He tentatively stepped into the bath water, loving how hot it was. He shivered with delight and then settled in, watching the bubbles form a concealing layer of privacy on the surface of the water.

Trier smiled as the other was in the bath when he returned. He also had several rather soft towels that he felt the boy would enjoy. "Alright. We have berries and cream soap and bluberry shampoo and conditioner..will that be okay?" He asked, smiling kindly at the other.

Anwe smiled. He had always liked the smell of fruity shampoos. "It will be fine," he replied. He took the soap from Trier, sniffing it appreciatively. He handed the soap back and took the shampoo. "This smells delicious," he said, "can you eait it?" He smiled, embarassed when he realized that it was meant for your hair and asked "Do we wash my hair first?"

Trier nodded. "Yes, get your hair wet for me and I will wash it for you dear." He said, smiling, sitting on the edge of the tub.

Anwe held his breath and closed his eyes, dipping his head underwater. He swirled the water above his head to make sure he got all of it wet the resurfaced, breathing heavily and smiling. "That was fun!" he exclaimed. He looked around the room and blushed, he'd accidentally spilled water all over the sides of the tub.

Trier laughed and removed his shirt as it had gotten wet. He smiled. "silly thing." He said quietly, squeezing shampoo into his hands and putting it in the boy's hair. He massaged his scalp and worked it through his hair. "Okay, rinse." He said, opening the conditioner.

Anwe was surprisingly pleased to see Trier without his shirt on. He didn't know why but he was enjoying the site more than he thought he should. He grinned and playfully ducked back under the water, hoping to splash Trier some more to see if he'd splash back.

Trier smiled as the boy's hair was rinsed of all shampoo. "Well... how long are you planning to stay under there, huh?" He asked, amusement in his voice as he readied the conditioner.

Anwe resurfaced suddenly, getting water everywhere just like he'd intended. He grinned at Trier, and then let a small bubble of laugh escape him. His chest heaved with his heavy breathing and laughter, and his little shoulders shook in merriment.

Trier blushed a tthe sight finding it beautiful. "Brat." He mumbled playfully, stipping to his underwear. "There, now let me get this conditioner into that hair of yours." He said, resisting the urge to kiss the child or to tickle him. He grinned at the boy, working the conditioner into his hair.

Anwe watched him with wide eyes as he worked the conditioner into his hair. He had such a lovely body. Suddenly he felt that he wanted him closer and without thinking he reached out and took hold of Trier's arm, pulling him into the tub.

Trier laughed, pouting only a little as his hair slipped out of his ponytail and pooled around him in the water, some of it clinging to his chest and some of his bangs on his face. "Oh your a brat." He said,trying to rinse the boy's hair before soap got into his eyes.

Anwe smiled and laughed, delighted that Trier wasn't mad. He stayed perfectly still as Trier washed the soap out of his hair and began humming a song, making it up as he went along.

Trier loved having the boy with him. He made him smile and he was happy for once to have another with him. He grabbed the boddy wash and luffa sponge, soaping it up. "Here you are, let's get you washed up the rest of the way. I will get your back." He said, grabbing another sponge and beginning to wash the boy's back.

Anwe took the sponge and scrubbed fiercely at his skin, determined to get all the grime of the past 13 or 14 years off his body. He was Anwe, Trier's boy, no longer Anwe the street orphan, and he didn't wasn a single speck of dirt left on him to remind him of that time before he had met Trier. He scrubbed so skin turned bright pink, but at last he was satisfied that he had gotten all the filth off of him.

Trier smiled, rubbing the boy's back carefully, laughing as the boy scrubbed himself. "Don't harm your skin dear." He said, careing for the boy. All in all when clean the boy had the most beautifull skin.

Anwe stared at his hands in amusement. He held them up for Trier to see. "Look! White prunes!" He laughed quietly, still marvelling at the wrinkles his skin had taken on from being in the water for so long. "Does this always happen?" He was, indicating his wrinkly hands.

Trier smiled. "Yes, it does. Your skin absorbs water and it wrinkles up so that you can still hold things." He said, smiling. "Well all clean it would seem. Let's get you out and dried off and perhaps go watch a movie."

"A movie?" Anwe stood up and wrapped a towel around himself, carefully tucking it around his waist. "What kind of movie?"

"Just go pick one, I have to get changed again.." He said laughing. "And clean up the bathroom." He said, wiping the floor and then wrapping his towel around his wasit, heading to his room. "Get dressed and the movies are on the far wall in the livingroom." He said, dressing in a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Anwe looked at the floor and grinned. He threw a towel down on it, mopping up most of the mess, and then, not knowing where to put the towels, sort of left them there. He

"went into where Trier had said his room was and put on the outfit that they had first picked out, fumbling with the laces on the corset. Afterwards, he ran out into where Trier had indicated the movies were. He looked for one with the scariest cover he could find and selected that one. He'd always been intrigued as to why people would purposely pay money to be frightened. He sat on the couch and waited for Trier to finish dressing.

Trier came out of his room, putting the towels on the bathroom floor into the hamper. "There we go." He said, comming out. "Hey there is a clothing basket I want you to put anything dirty in laundry wise okay?" He asked, sitting next to the other. "What movie did you pick out?" He asked, pressing play on it.

Anwe shrugged. He couldn't read. "I think it's a horror film, I hope it's a horror film. It looked like the man on the cover was screaming." He watched the TV for a moment, confused when a bunch of naked people appeared on the screen. When they started having sex he blushed and looked away. "Is this how horror movies always are?" He asked.

Trier immediately got up and shut the movie off. "Uhhh thats.. not for children." He said, taking the movie out.. here.. watch some dracula." He said, taking the movie and putting it in his closet embarassedly.

Anwe settled back down on the couch next to Trier, watching curiously as the movie began. He enjoyed watching these people, they seemed to be telling a story about love and hatred and...he got so caught up watching he didn't even notice what he was doing as he lay down, his head in Trier's lap, tracing circles onto his knee.

Trier ran his fingers through the boy's hair, sighing as it was still tangled. "Let me get my comb." He said, getting up only to get the comb and then sit back down. When he came back he sat the other in his lap and worked carefully to untangle his hair and brush it out so that it was straight and silky.

Anwe winced as the comb passed through his severely knotted hair. He knew Trier was being gentle but he was still unused to the sensation. As his knots got smaller, and then diminished, he found the sensation very relaxing. Struggling to stay awake he nodded his head a few times, unable to keep his eyes open.

Trier cradled the boy in his arms, hoping he could make him comfortable for sleep. He smiled kindly down at him, continuing to run his fingers through the boy's hair. He sighed happily and started debating on what to get him for supper.

Anwe smiled and nuzzled his face in Trier's chest, sighing with pleasure at the smell of his shirt and the feel of his arms around him. He knew he was too big to be cradled like this, like a child, but he just could not help it. It felt right to him.

Trier smiled, letting the boy cuddle to him, closing his own eyes in exhaustion from the day's events. It felt nice having someone to hold and nuzzle to him. He was quite sure it was the best thing he had ever done.

When Anwe woke up he found himself still in Trier's arms, who had fallen asleep holding him. He savored the moment, watching the man's face relax into calmness and he drifted unconscious. What a beautiful man. Anwe didn't understand why he didn't already have someone in his life, and why he needed him so much, but he suddenly realized that he needed Trier too. He gently pulled Trier down so that he was lying beside him on the couch and positioned himself in his arms and fell asleep again.

Trier smiled at Anwe when he himself woke, happy to find himself laying with the other. He thought about supper, figuring the boy must have been hungry. He sighed, trying to not wake him as he moved to get off the couch.

Anwe awoke immediately, unaccustomed to having another body move beside him as he slept. "Where are you going?" he murmered, still a little sleepy. He rubbed his eyes and looked up at Trier, a worried expression on his face.

"Getting ready to make you some supper." He said, resisting the urge to kiss the boy's forehead. "Anything in particular you want?" He asked, blushing and standing completely as he realized he had been practically laying on the boy.

Anwe eyed him. "You're going to cook?" A strange look cam into his face.

"Well.. yes, why do you ask?" Trier wondered aloud, patting
the boy's head while going out to the kitchen.

Anwe followed him into the kitchen. "Do you think...I could"

Trier nodded, decideing he would make the boy chicken and macaroni and cheese and some mashed potatoes. He set to work on it, seasoning the chicken flour and rolling several pieces in it before he boiled water for the macaroni and as well tended to the rest of the cooking, smiling as he put on an apron as well. "I hope you like these things that I cook."

Anwe smiled. "I don't believe I've ever had them before. Usually, I eat fast foods or whatever people hand out...not home cooked meals." He watched what Trier was doing with an intensity that surprised himself. He couldn't help but be fascinated in the preparation of food. As it all began to cook and smells filled the kitchen Anwe could feel his mouth watering. When his belly rumbled he jumped, surprised by the noise, and let out a quiet laugh.

Trier smiled, holding back a laugh. "Alright, just give it some time to cook. In the mean time, why don't you tell me about yourself?" He asked, sitting next to the boy at the table.

"Well I..." Anwe blushed, not knowing where to begin. "I guess I had parents once, I vaguely remember them. I don't remember what happened to them, all I can recall is being in a terrible place, an orphanage, all of a sudden, and being treated badly. I was miserable. Nobody wanted me..." His voice faltered, trying to decide whether or not to tell Trier about his illness. He looked Trier in the eyes. "Nobody wanted me because I was sick, and my medical bills would have cost too much." he finally admitted.

Trier smiled and kissed his cheek. "Well.. I want you.. here with me and I will pay for anything you need." He said, smiling and hugging the boy, completely touched by his story before he removed the chicken from the oven.

"Are you sure?" Anwe asked, suddenly anxious. He was reminded of when the couples would come in at the orphanage and all the children would like up and they'd look at him, and his heart would fill with hope, before they shattered it and shook their heads. "My might be really expensive! Can you afford it?" Can you afford me? he thought.

Trier nodded. "I have a hidden bank account." He said matter of factly, getting plates ready for supper. "It wont be a problem, we will take you to the doctor tomorrow."

Anwe looked down at the table and blinked. He couldn't believe it. Just last, just this morning he had been so certain that he'd die, that he'd be alone, that all he has was himself out on the streets. And now, now he was sitting down to a home made meal, and there was a man who loved him, so much so that he was willing to spends thousands of dollars, and he wanted him to stay with him. Anwe felt his eyes well up with tears. He couldn't believe it. What had he done to deserve such good fortune? he thought, as tears slipped down his cheeks.

Trier set the plates on the table and started when he saw the tears on Anwe's face. "Why do you cry?" He asked, kneeling in front of him, wiping the tears away.

"" Anwe mumbled, "and...this!" he gestured, "and...and..." he started hiccuping and muttered more words that sounded like "love" and "home" and "never". Finally he stopped, calming down, and then just rushed into Trier's arms. "Thank you," he murmured. "Thanks."

Trier held him close, surprised at the boy's thankfullness. "Your very welcome." He said, hugging him tight.

Anwe pulled away slowly, reluctant to leave the comfort of Trier's arms behind but suddenly ravenous and smelling the food done cooking. "Can we eat now?"

Trier nodded. "Of course dear." He said, pulling away and sitting at the oposite end of the table.

Anwe ate slowly, enjoying the taste of food. He was comfortable with the silence but he really did want to get to know Trier better. "So...are you going to tell me more about yourself, my hero?"

Trier blushed lightly, but all in the same he smiled. "What do you want to know exactly?" He asked, unsure of what to tell the boy or what to share with him.

Anwe shrugged, he wasn't looking for anything in particular. "anything you feel I should know?"

Trier smiled and shook his head. "Not that I can think of."

A thought occured to Aanwe and he smiled. "Do you have any girlfriends?"

"No.. for one, I don't prefer women, and two.. I just have always been alone in my adult life." He said quickly sad that it was the truth.

Anwe's eyes softened when he heard that. He knew what loneliness was like, and he could see it in Trier's eyes. He reached across the table and took Trier's hand. "You're not alone anymore. I'll be here, I promise. For as long as you want me."

"Even if it is forever?" Trier asked, looking into the other's eyes for a straight answer and holding his hand tight.

Anwe nodded. "Especially for forever. I never want to leave you. I..." he looked away and then looked back. "I know this is sudden, and much too fast, but I love you. I'd do anything for you and I'd be so happy to stay with you forever." He smiled at Trier, hoping he wouldn't be upset by this sudden proclamation of love.

Trier blinked. "Love me how?" He asked, somewhat liking but also somewhat very much not used to the phrase "I love you".

Anwe faltered. Had he not made himself clear enough? He walked around the table over to Trier and delicately wrapped his arms around him, leaving him room to pull away if he wanted. "Love you, as in I don't want to be with anyone else, as in you are the one and only person in my heart, as in there is nothing for me but you now. You are my life now. I know I'm young...but can you ever be too young for love?"

"Hmm no you can't ever be too young for love. But how can you be so sure? From what I know it is somewhat difficult to fall in love with someone upon only one day of meeting them." He said, slipping his hands into the boy's still damp hair from the bath. He cupped his face. "This is how we will tell. I am going to kiss you. I want you to tell me what you feel when I do. Then you will know if you love me."

Anwe stopped breathing, holding perfectly still in anticipation. Millions of thoughts flew through his mind, he'd never been kissed before, what if he was a bad kisser, what was Trier expecting from him...all of them fading to the back in the face of one thought "I want this." He closed his eyes and blushed, waiting for the sweetness of Trier's lips on his.

Trier leaned forward and kissed him gently, pressing his lips to the others, holding his place to see if he would be kissed back.

At first, Anwe couldn't move. And then his fingers were curling in Trier's hair as he pressed himself closeWr. He moved his lips clumsily, breathing heavily into the other's mouth. He opened his eyes and stared directly into the eyes of the man he loved. His tongue instinctually traced Trier's lip, every part of him yearning to taste him. He thought to himself "If this never ended, I could die and go to heaven and not know the difference."

Trier smiled as he pulled away from the other. "What did you feel?" He asked, caressing the other's cheek wondering if it was a sin to kiss one so young even if the one in question was willing.

Anwe opened his mouth and then closed it again. How was he supposed to put into words what he had felt? "I I was glowing, like you had turned a light on in me, a warmth, and once our lips touched I was whole, and parts of me that were missing that I didn't even know about were whole again. I felt as though everything I am was suddenly being defined by this, by our kiss, and instantly I wanted nothing more and nothing less, nothing else but you. Tell me what you felt."

Trier blushed and ran his fingers through the boy's hair. "That and more." He said, hugging him. "Alright. We a couple.. probably not leagally. How old are you?" He asked, wanting the boy to be with him.

"I don't know," Anwe replied, "I haven't thought of that in old do I look?"

"A bit young." Trier said with a sigh. "Do you remember your birthdate?" He asked, hoping that the boy only looked young.

"That I remember. I'll never forget that my birthday is also Christmas, it's one of my few good memories. I think, but I'm not sure, that I'm 13 years old....when I do the math that's how much it comes out to...."

Trier felt himself pale. "Thirteen?" He asked, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. "You realize we can not... be together.. not out in public?"

Anwe frowned. "Why not?" He didn't know that there were laws...against love?

"Well, the government has a law against certain ages. If you were eighteen it wouldn't matter. Because I am twenty seven it stops us from being together in public."

"But why? I don't understand why they wouldn't want two people who love each be together..." he pouted, "After all these years Trier, I've finally found something good. Something worth living for. I refuse to give you up. And besides...I've probably experienced more than most grown ups have their entire life...inside, I FEEL like an adult. Inside, I AM an adult. Why should my body's age matter?"

Trier held the other. "Listen to me. We can still be lovers in public but we will have to play the role of father and son or perhaps brothers. I could be thrown in jail or prison for ebing with one so young." He said, kissing his cheek.

Anwe looked horrified. "No! I don't want you to go to prison..." he nuzzled into Trier's chest. "Alright, we can play father and son. Will we still be able to hold hands?"

Trier nodded. "Yes." He said, smiling. "Now, eat your food." He said, kissing the boy quick on the lips.

Anwe stuck his tongue out. "I'd rather eat you." he teased, before picking up his fork and digging into his slightly cold now macaroni and cheese. He paused for a moment, thoughtful. "Do you think...we could sleep in the same bed? I don't want to sleep alone anymore..."

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt. Although I have already set your things in the other room. " Trier said, giving the boy a nod.

Anwe smiled "That's fine, I'll move my stuff to your room myself." he smiled. "What do you want to do, after dinner, besides that?"

"Well I still need to get my shower for the night. You are welcome to do what you wish in that time." He said, yawning. "But after that I am wanting sleep."

Anwe nodded. "Alright, I'll move my things into your room while you shower. Then I suppose I'll...look around?"

Trier nodded. "Sounds like a plan." He said, rising and kissing his cheek and taking care of his plate. "Are you finished with your food?"

Anwe looked at his place. There was nothing left. "Yes, I think so," he said, a little wryly. "If I finish moving my things early do I get to watch you in the shower?" He winnked at Trier, only semi-teasing.

Trier laughed. "You may go blind."He warned playfully, taking the boy's plate and putting the dishes into the dishwasher as he headed up to his bathroom, casually stripping down to get into his shower. He placed his clothing in the dirty clothing bin and turned on the water, hoping that it would heat up as it always did. He stepped in and enjoyed the warm water hitting over his skin.

Anwe followed him, going in the same direction to get to his bedroom. "Then at least the last thing I see will be a good one" he retorted, before going into his room to grab as many of his things that he could hold and marching to Trier's room. "Where should I put these things?" he called out.

"Just put them in the closet" He said, working shampoo and conditioner through his hair.

Anwe put his clothes into the closet, hanging them carefully beside Trier's neat business suits. Despite the extreme contrast between the clothing, Anwe couldn't help but think it somehow looked right there. Deciding not to bother Trier in the shower he curled up on his bed instead, closing his eyes briefly and breathing in the smell of the sheets*

Trier finished his shower and sighed happily, wrapping himself in his robe and going to his room to look for a pair of sweatpants in which to sleep in and his boxers. He smiled at the sight of his lover on the bed. He pulled his clinging and still wet hair from his face with a yawn, taking his pants into the bathroom to change into them, comming back into the room to work a comb through his hair.

Anwe woke up at the sound of Trier entering the room. He turned over onto his back and mumbled "Hurry up and get into bed, I don't care if your hair is wet. Your sheets smell lovely by the way, kind of like you" he smiled.

Trier laughed and did as he was told. "I am glad they meet your needs." He said, holding the other close to himself.

Anwe curled up with Trier, leaning up to give him a kiss.

Trier gave him a chaste kiss, not wanting their closeness to affect either of them too much physically. He held his new found lover close and kissed his cheek as he closed his eyes.

Anwe smiled and cuddles into Trier's body. He njoyed the warmth he gave off, it was very pleasant.

Trier closed his eyes, drifitng to sleep.

Anwe watched Trier breathe for a while, his eyes slowly growing heavy. He reached up and brushed the hair off Triers face then closed his eyes as well. He loved him, there was nothing else to it.

Anwe was surprised, when he found that, when he closed his eyes an intense physical desire to touch Trier crept over him. His eyelids fluttered back open, and it faded, but lingered like the taste of Trier's lips on his own. When he closed his eyes again the desire only increased. He looked at Trier, breathing hard, yearning to touch him and be touched. Before he could stop himself he was pressing his lips to Trier's lips, pushing in with his tongue.

Trier woke with a groan , finding himself kissing the boy back in his sleep. He felt his eyes widen but couldn't find the words to ask the othe what he was up to as he kissed him back, not used to this heated feeling but not exactly foreign to it either.

Anwe was pleased when Trier kissed him back and the heat under his skin got hotter. His hands roamed over Trier's chest, sliding down, and he grabbed his shirt and tugged at it, lifting it up.

Trier pulled away from the kiss only to help him. "Do you know what your doing?" He asked huskily, sliding his hands along the boy's back.

Anwe blushed, pulling back a little. "Not's my first time..." He kept his hands on Trier's bare chest, rubbing circles and running a thumb over his nipple.

"You are doing well for your first time." He said breathlessly. He ran his fingers through the other's hair.

Anwe smiled, shyly tracing down Trier's chest, skimming over his stomach and going lower, finding the hem of his pajama bottoms. He rubbed his thumb there, then moved lower, feeling Trier through the fabric.

Trier shivered and moaned at the contact, finding himself completely content in letting the other boy be on the top. For now anyways. Would he give in and take the boy this night? It was a great possibility.

Anwe pushed Trier back, crawling on top of him and kissing and licking Trier's throat. He bit him, gently, as his hands pulled Trier's pants down. His mouth made a trail of kisses down Trier's chest, his hand resting lightly on Trier's thigh.

Trier rested his hands on the boy's back, sliding them along his silky skin, slipping them beneath the fabric of his pants, kissing the boy hard as he pressed a finger to his entrance, hoping to arouse and prepare the other.

Anwe gasped and squirmed, fiercely aroused by Trier's touch. his hand slid between Trier's legs and his mouth followed, his lips parting around Trier's flesh. His tongue reached out and tasted him first, tentatively, before his lips closed around him.

Trier growled out a moan, shivering and sliding his fingers through the other's hair. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" He panted out, his fingers gripping the other's hair lightly.

Anwe paused in his sucking for a second, his tongue lingering on Trier's skin. "I'm sure. If I didn't want to, or if you or I weren't enjoying it, I wouldn't do it." He turned his mouth back down, his lips tracing the tip and his fingers stroked the length of him, up and down, with a light touch.

Trier groaned and pulled the boy gently off of him. "However lovely that feels I must have you." He said, kissing him passionately. "This way you can feel my pleasure too." He said, turning the boy to lay him on his back, climbing atop of him.

Anwe gasped and closed his eyes, waiting in anticipation for what Trier was about to do.

Trier smiled and kissed him slowly, slipping his tongue into the boy's mouth in mocking on what he was abou to do. He puled the boy's pants down, kissing his stomach, slipping his tongue into his navel as he slipped two fingers down and pressed them into the entrance of the boy as he did earlier

Anwe moaned and pressed his hips against Trier's, his body coming to life beneath him. His arms wrapped around Trier's waist, his fingers stroking the flesh on Trier's backside.

Trier slid himself between Anwe's legs, gridning against the boy's length with his own, kissing and biting gently on his neck.

Anwe raised his hips, pressing himself tightly against Trier's body, enjoying the warmth flooding through him. His hand slipped between them and grasped Trier firmly, squeezing and pulling gently in his hands. His mouth moved to Trier's ear and he nibbled on the lobe, his tongue tracing the curve of it.

Trier shivered as the boy did this but he gently removed his length from the boy's grasp, placing it at his entrance, gently pushing into him. He hoped the boy wouldn't be hurt too much.

A soft sound, both of pain and pleasure, came from Anwe's throat. He felt himself being penetrated as Trier moved deeper into him and his nerves sang with both the agony and the ecstacy. It hurt, but it was so delicious. He felt his own length stiffen and press against Trier as his lips found Trier's collar bone.

Trier shivered at the tightness of the boy beneathe him. He called out unexpectantly, kissing his neck and beginning to thrust his hips slowly.

Anwe moaned deep in his throat, pressing his hips up against Trier's body and wrapping his arms around Trier's waist, pulling him closer. "Yes" he breathed, his voice husky. His eyes closed as he tilted his head back, flushed with heat.

Trier took advantage of the exposed neck, nibbling and biting here and there. He sucked the skin, thrusting into the boy with more force, stroking him in time with his thrusts.

Anwe's body responded to Trier's more forceful thrusting, tightening around him, squeezing him tighter deep inside of him. Anwe's fingers curled and dug into Trier's back, pulling him closer to himself. He kissed Trier's mouth, his mouth open but his tongue only tracing Trier's lips.

Trier moaned deep in his throat, slipping his tongue around the other's, pulling it inside his mouth to suck on it lightly as he found himself nearing climax.

Anwe closed his eyes as Trier's thrusts became more passionate. His length stiffened beneath Trier's rhythmic rocking and he reached down to touch himself, moaning when he found himself sweaty and hot and already very near orgasming.

Trier called out only twice more before comming inside the young boy beneath him. He shivered hotly and stroked the boy with a tighter hand as he did so. "Anwe!"

Anwe gasped. He moaned out Trier's name as he felt himself cum, spilling out messily between them, being rubbed into their skin as they moved against each other. He buried his face into Trier's neck, blushing brightly as he licked the man's sweaty neck.

Trier sighed in content, pulling out of the boy slowly, holding him into a tight hug. "I love you." He whispered, knowing the line was a bit cliche but he meant it and he couldn't think of anything he would rather say at the moment.

Anwe smiled, looking into Trier's eyes to see if he meant it. "I love you too, you know. Forever and ever." He traced lazy circles on Trier's chest with one hand, his other arm wrapped around the man.

Trier smiled softly. "I am so going to hell for this.. your so young and beautifull."

Anwe laughed and tilted his head. "Then so am I, because there is no heaven for me that doesn't have you in it. If god could find our love wrong then who'd want to hang out with him anyway?"

Trier laughed and kissed the boy on the cheek. "How right that is dear." He said, hugging him. "Well now.. not only have I gained a child of sorts but also a lover... thank you."

Anwe blinked. "For what? Trier, I should be the one thanking you. You gave me a home, clothes, food, love... A cure so that I don't have to die now...I love you, Trier, and if you hadn't given me anything that alone would be enough. Do you know how long it's been since I've loved or been loved back? You are my miracle." He kissed Trier's hand, looking the man in the eyes.

Trier smiled. "Just never leave me is all I ask."

Anwe asked, "Why would I? Where would I go? How could I possibly? I'd have to be crazy to leave you." He snuggled closer to Trier. "I'll be with you forever, or at least until you don't want me anymore..."

Trier kissed him. Something hurt inside when the boy said those last words. "I will never not want you." He said, hugging the boy close.

Anwe smiled softly. "Sure, if you say so. But people change...I understand that. And forever is a long time to put up with someone."

"I wont leave you." Trier said sternly.

"That's a big promise to make after only one day..." Anwe chuckled, trying to lighten the serious mood, "was I that good in bed?"

Trier nodded but looked into the other's eyes. "You do know I didn't just use you for sex I hope?"

Anwe smiled and his eyes softened. "I know. I could tell that you meant it when you said you loved me, and I love you too." He laughed again, "Though I don't think I'd mind so much, if you WERE just using me for sex. I enjoyed it too you know!" he blushed.

Anwe turned to Trier, his eys smiling. "I know we've kind of just met you want to get married?"

Trier laughed and shook his head, "Are you sure you want to get married so soon?"

Anwe laughed, smiling joyfully as he said "Of course I am. If I am going to stay with you forever I want your ring on my finger." He held up Trier's hand, kissing the spot where a wedding band might go.

"Alright then tomorrow we can go ring shopping.. " He said, laughing at the fact that he was.. going to be married.. to a boy not even near his age.

Anwe entwined his fingers in Trier's hair, looking straight into his eye. "You make me so happy. I don't know what I would do without you." He kissed him lightly, lingering a little before pulling away.

Trier smiled and held the young boy close to him. "I can say the same. Let us get some sleep and tomorrow we can go ring shopping."

Anwe snuggled closer to Trier, breathing deeply and sighing happily, closing his eyes. The idea of belonging to Trier forever filled him with such hope. Hope for an eternity of happiness together, no longer alone. It was a pleasant dream he'd never had before.

Trier slept peacefully next to the other, kissing his cheek as he did so. It had been so long since he had gotten apropriate sleep. It was about time.

In the morning when Anwe woke, Trier was still asleep. He brushed his lips softly agains the other man's cheek, trying not to wake him, and started off towards the shower. He turned the water on and adjusted the temperature to a pleasant warmness near scalding. He hummed and sang snippets of songs he'd over heard as he showered, using a large handful of shampoo to scrub his hair. It had taken on a new shine to it since Trier had taken him in, and he quite liked the smell of it now. He liked how everything smelled like Trier, even his own body now. He smiled to himself as he thought this, humming another string of tunes/

Trier smiled still from his sleep as he woke. He noticed the other wasn't near him but the sounds of singing and humming came from his bathroom and he calmed. He got up, slipping into a dark green robe before brushing out his hair and going out into the kitchen to make breakfast for him and his well now fiancee. Such a strange twist everything had become. His mind briefly wandered to the boy's sickness. He wanted to get that taken care of before they were married. He sighed and set about making eggs and bacon and setting fruit on the table.

Anwe wandered out of the shower with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair a dripping mess as he found a way to his new clothes. He picked out some things and then brought them into the kitchen where he could hear Trier going about cooking something. He smiled a little helplessly and held up the clothes. "I don't really know how to put them on." He explained, looking at Trier with a questioning look.

Trier raised an eyebrow as he saw his naked lover. "Oh my." He said. "Put on the shirt first.. just button it up." He said, flipping the bacon.

Anwe dropped the towel and slid the shirt on, fumbling with the buttons. He finally managed to get all of them buttoned, but then realized the shirt was inside out. He sighed and began unbuttoning them, frustrated when at how long it took and how difficult it was. The stupid buttons just didn't want to fit into their holes! He looked over at Trier balefully. "Help me?" he begged.

Trier laughed and halted his cooking, going over and helping his young lover. "Better?" He asked, stroking the boy's hair as he was very near completely dressed.

"Much, thank you." Anwe smiled, relieved now that the trial of dressing was over. He grapped a banana from the fruit on the table, chewing on it thoughtfully. "So what's the plan for today? Do you have Are we going to go shopping again?"

Trier smiled. "Well I want to take you to the doctor's office first and then we can go out for some ice cream or something, I am unsure of what I am going to do with you on days I have to work.. but I am sure we can think of something, I may have to pass you off as a nephew or something of the sort." He said, his smile faultering.

"Aw, no, don't worry about that. I can take care of myself here. I'll clean and...stuff. I'll be your stay at home wife!" Anwe smiled, attempting to bring Trier's smile back.

Trier laughed and kissed the other on the cheek. "If you want.. I don't like the idea of you being here alone though.." He said, looking off in thought.

"It's ok." Anwe said. "You forget, I'm used to being alone. Only now I won't really be alone, because at least now I'll know you love me" He smiled.

Trier blushed and nodded, getting up and writing his cell number on a paper on the refrigerator. "If you need anything or if anything happens I want you to call this number, that is my cell number.. which is another thing I need to get you is a phone."

Anwe laughed. "No, no, you're spending too much money on me. What do I need a phone for? If I need you I'll just wait until you come home."

"It wont cost hardly anything to add you to my phone plan, and you may never know what can happen. The house could catch fire from wiring or soemthing, I would feel so much better for you to have a phone." He said, setting at the table.

"Alright, if you insist. Though you'll have to teach me how to use it. Now, what did you say about a doctor?" Anwe crawled into Trier's lap, snuggling close to him.

Trier held the other close."We are going there first this morning." He said, kissing him on the lips.

Anwe kissed Trier back breathlessly, forgetting what they'd been talking about he traced his tongue along the older man's lips, sucking on his upper lip and breathing heavily.

Trier blinked. He seemed to have forgotten that teenagers had hormones like you wouldn't believe. He wondered though if the boy wasn't just being loving. He kissed him back, stroking the boy's hair as he did so.

Anwe smiled and kissed back a little more lightly, using just his lips now,pressing them more gently against Trier's.

Trier smiled. "Hmm ready to go?" He asked, kissing the other back just as gently.

anwe pulled away slowly. "Sure." He looked around the kitched, blinking in surprise. He's forgotten where they were. "You forgot the food" he pointed out.

Trier blinked and went to the stove, glad nothing had burnt or anything. "Alright let's eat.. then we can go." He said, setting plates onto the table.

Anwe smiled, sitting down to eat. He cchewed thoughtfully. "What do you think they'll have to do to cure me? do you think it'll hurt?"

"No I don't think it will..."He smiled. "They will probably just give you some pills to take." He said, smiling.

"That's a relief" Anwe smiled again "Though it could be fun to have you playing doctor." he chuckled.

Trier blushed and and cleared his throat. "That it would.. eat your breakfast."

Anwe giggled. "Alright alright. Just out of curiosity, what's your favorite color?"

Trier smiled. "Green. Why do you ask?" He asked, looking at his lover curiously.

Anwe smiled, "I just want to know more about you. And I think I'll dress in that color from now on."

Trier smiled. "But you look pretty in other colors too." he said, kissing his cheek.

"Ah but you see, if I wear your favorite color you'll like looking at me more." Anwe paused, laughing at how his logic seemed to revolve around Trier.

Trier looked over at him with a loving sheen. "Listen darling, you don't have to wear my favorite color for me to look at you." He said, smiling. "You could wear orange or something and I would still look at you just as much."

"...So you don't like orange?" Anwe laughed, pretending to write something down. 'Note to self...don't wear orange."

Trier laughed and kissed the other." Finish your food." He said, taking his own plate to the sink."I am going to call the doctor." He left to do said task, reserving an appointment.

Anwe hurriedly stuffed the rest of his food down, putting his plate in the sink and bouncing out to see where Trier went. "Tell me, have you been to a doctor before?"

Trier nodded as he hung up the phone. "Yes, now be ready, it is time to be going."He said, kissing the other's lips gently.

"I'm ready, I think. Am I ready? Is there anything else I'll need?" Anwe asked, twirling around to let Trier see what he was wearing and whether or not anything was missing. "Does going to the doctor hurt? What do they do there?"

Trier smiled, shaking his head. "Nope, you look fine, the doctors give you medicine so they can fix whatever it is you are sick with." He said, kissing the boy before taking him by the hand to the car.

Inside the car Anwe fiddled nervously with his seat belt. "So, umm....I'm kind of scared." He blushed. He looked away, not knowing what else to say.

Trier leaned over and kissed him soundly. "Don't be.. for me please do not be scared."

"Hold my hand, please? Then I won't feel so...frightened, I think."

Trier held the boy's hand as he drove, thankfull for once that his car was an automatic."Is your seat belt on?" He asked, wanting his lover to be extra safe.

"I think I have it on...I put the metal part into the buckle part and it clicked, so that means it's on right?"

Trier almost laughed but nodded. "Your cute." He said as they reached a red light.

Anwe pinched Trier's cheek. "You too, lover boy" he stuck his tongue out and smiles, laughing at himself.

Trier laughed at this and kissed the other. "Behave." He said, continuing their trip to the doctor's office. They arrived there in rather short time, Trier pulled into a place and went out to to open the door for Anwe. "Alright then dear.."

Anwe took Trier's hand and didn't let go, following him into the seemingly ominous building that smelled of sterilizing fumes and cleaning supplies.

Trier held the other's hand and lead him in. He was given papers from the front that he needed to fill out and directed his young lover to a waiting chair. "Anwe, what's your last name?"

"Last name? I don't think I have one, I'm just Anwe"

"Hmmm well I will put mine on there." He said, putting his own last name for the boy's. "Do you have anything like social security numbers or anything?"

Anwe laughed and shook his head. "Nope. Sorry...I know I'm difficult..."

"That is fine, we will just have to get all of that for you." He said, kissing his cheek.

"Will that be hard to do?"

"We may have to go to a court..."

"A court? What if they take me away from you?"

Trier winced at the possibility. "I.. don't think they will.. we will see if we even need all of this stuff..."

"Alright then...but what if they do?" Anwe sounded more scared by this than he had earlier about the doctors.

"We don't have to worry about them because we have the right to not give them that much information." Trier said, kissing him lightly on the forehead. "Now let me turn these in okay?" He said, handing the woman the papers they had just filled.

Anwe smiled. "I want to be with you forever."

"I know and I want you to be with me too." He said, smiling. "Don't talk about that here.' He said, giving him a wink.

Anwe blushed and smiled, looking around and noticing a few other people were looking at them. "Oh, oh, sorry..."

Trier smiled and laughed as it was their turn to go into the doctor's office. He grabbed the boy's hand and ushered him along.

Anwe followed Trier, thinking about what he'd do if they were separated. He was determined to stay with him. But what could he do if the government got in the way?

Trier was thinking along the same lines as his lover was hoisted up onto the hospital bed.

Anwe began feeling nervous again as the doctor looked him over.

"Hmm..." The doctor said. "So what seems to be the problem?"

Anwe blinked. "I don't know. I was told a long time ago that I was sick but we couldn't afford to cure it so..."

"We're going to need to run a lot of tests to find out what this sickness is." The doctor turned to Trier. "Is this your son?"

"Umm no, I am his uncle, his mother and father are dead." He said, running his fingers through Anwe's hair, hoping to get the boy to play along.

Anwe turned to Trier and smiled. "Yes, my parents are dead, but I'm really lucky to have Uncle Trier to take care of me."

Trier sighed, he had the worst feeling about everything suddenly, the doctor was glancing at them both suspiciously.

Anwe frowned when he hear Trier sigh, and then saw the look of suspicion on the doctor's face. A cold chill crept into his belly...he'd rather die than let anyone take him away from Trier.

The doctor coughed, sensing something wrong here. "I'm afraid I'm going to need some sort of proof. You don't seem to have any records whatsoever...Anwe. It is rather strange. How come he doesn't at leave have insurance?" he asked Trier.

Trier sighed. "There isn't any actual proof. His parents never actually had much and that was lost in a house fire." He said, becoming very fearful.

The doctor look at Trier skeptically. then turned to Anwe. "Are you sure this man is your uncle?"

Anwe, sensing the imminent danger tried his best to lie, turning pale with fear. "Y-yes. He's my uncle. Don't we look alike?"

The doctor sighed, he could almost see what their story was. An adult gay man fell in love with a young impressionable boy and convinced him he was in love too and probably convinced the boy to run away from his family as well. He couldn't let this go on much longer, he'd have to report it to the authorities. "I'll have to do blood tests...just to prove he is a blood relative, of course."

Trier paled. He couldn't very well refuse the other. So he simply nodded. "Of course."

Anwe realized he had to do something when he saw Trier become afraid. "No. I won't do it. This is...ridiculous. I have rights, don't I? I refuse to be tested for this. Come on, uncle Trier, let's go."

Trier sighed and held Anwe"You listen. You need to be healed, I do not want you to die." He said, hugging the other tight.

Anwe looked into Trier's eyes, whispering urgently. "But he's asking too many questions! There have GOT to be other doctors out there...who...who won't ask as many questions. Or, or we could wait til I'm legally old enough to speak for myself...whatever. I can't let them take me a way from you!"

He jumped, surprised at how loud his voice had gotten at the end. The doctor gave them both a dirty look and began writing something really quickly. He moved towards the phone.

Trier eyed the doctor and gathered Anwe in his arms, running out of the hospital as fast as he could, holdnig the other tight. "Get in the car now!" He shouted, setting him down when they had reached the car.

Anwe got into the car quickly, silently berating himself for how foolish he had been. It'd be all his fault if they were caught, if they were separated. He began crying.

Trier drove them home as fast as he could without getting into a car accident and he grabbed the other to him. "It's okay honey its okay. We're safe now okay? They can't get us."

"But now they know and i-it's my fault" Anwe hiccuped. He clung to Trier, pressing his face into the man's shirt. "I can't let them take me away from you, not when I've only just found you," he cried.

"I know honey I know. If they do we will meet again, will you promsie me that much?"Trier asked, not ever wanting to part with the other.

Anwe's chest heaved as he tried to regain control of his breathing, struggling to contain the hyperventilation that he was fast succumbing to. He looked away from Trier, unable to bear the pain from those words, unsure if he could make this promise.

"Promise me." Trier said again, hope pleading and need filling into his voice as he held the other tight.

Anwe's jaw tightened. "I could promise, easily, to be with you forever. But to survive without you? Impossible."

"Even if it is to survive without me until we are together again?"

"For...someone who has lived all their life without hope, it is believe that I at all, simply for the sake of hope." Anwe's eyes fell to the ground. "But you've given me so much hope, and already I feel like I'm losing it. What will I do?" He turned his eyes back up to look into Trier's, and they were filled with sadness. "Trier, I love you. I would die for you. But...I don't know if I could live for you. What if we find each other again, only to be separated, again? I love you, how could I live even one moment without you?"

Trier gave a soft sigh. "Listen, if they do take you from me, when we meet again, then at that time I will marry you so they can't how does that sound?"

Anwe closed his eyes. "Trier, do you want me to wait for you? Do you really believe we'll see each other again?" His voice became steadier as he calmed down, realizing his decision.

"Yes, please promise me." Trier said with hope.

"Alright. I'd give you anything you wanted if I could, I'll give you this. I promise to wait to meet you again." He reached up and kisses Trier on the lips gently.

Trier nodded. "This is of course only if they come to get you." He said, sighing and kissing the other back.

"How will we know if they are coming, though? And...can't I hide when they do?" Anwe sighed, nuzzling into Trier's neck.

"If you hide I could be imprisioned even more." Trier said, kissing the other's cheek. "Please don't hide if they come for you."

"But they can't arrest you if they can't prove I exist, can they?"

"Depends on your parents. Whoever and wherever they are."

"As far as I'm concerned, Trier, you are my only father, my mother, my lover. You are everything to me. My parents surrendered any claim to me when they put me in that orphanage. The only one in the world that has any claim on me is you. As far as I'm concerned, my parents don't exist, no one in the world exists but you."

Trier smiled, completely touched by this confession. "I love you as well. And you are my world, my very exitence. Do not worry everything should turn out in the end, now let us go in the house."

Anwe smiled, reaching up and grabbing Trier's hand. "Ok...want to take a bath with me once we're inside?"

Trier shook his head. "No darling I think I will just sit there and think a while." He said, smiling and kissing the hand that grabbed his own.

Anwe frowned. Had he done something wrong? "Alright...I think I'll just...go to sleep instead then. I'm suddenly tired." He made an apologetic face before turning to go into the bedroom.

Trier could tell that he had upset the other and grabbed his hand. "Will you please sit with me?" He asked, wanting the other besides him.

"Would you mind if I slept, though?" He really did feel a sudden urge to go to bed, an overwhelming tiredness.

"Oh.. of course not. You need your rest just as much as I need my thoughts." Trier said, smilnig as he hugged the other to him. "I merely enjoy your company."

Anwe cuddled up to Trier, closing his eyes and falling into a deep sleep, like a child with too much to think about.

Trier kissed the boy's cheek, not daring to think what it would be like were they seperated. He sighed, running his fingers through the other's hair. "I love you." He whispered.

Anwe sighed deeply in his sleep, smiling when he breathed in the scent of Trier's shirt.

Trier held the boy tight, not daring to think what it would be like if they were taken from one another. It scared him. All of his information was written on that doctors form. His address, number everything.

Anwe's dreams took a darker turn, and he started crying in his sleep. He didn't wake up, but his hands curled tightly into Trier's shirt.

Trier glanced down at his lover, holding him close. "Shhh.." He whispered, hoping to calm his lover.

Anwe's tears flowed harder. "I can''t..."

Trier shook his lover gently. "Honey wake up, what are you dreaming of?"

Slowly, Anwe woke up. He blinked his eyes in surprise when he discovered his face was wet. When he looked at Trier's face, his dreams fled but the dim feeling of sadness remained. "I don't know...was I crying?"

Trier nodded, kissing the boy on the lips. "Yes.. you were. What were you dreaming of?"

"I can't...really recall. All I remember is feeling very sad. Sometimes this happens, these dreams. Ah well, don't worry about my love, I'm sorry if I scared you." Anwe smiled up at Trier, returning the kiss.

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