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The usual place every night, the usual book store on the corner of the main street in the heart of his hometown. He came here to unwind, to be who he really was. 'He' was Sattienne Miroledi, quite the powerful looking man. One suspected him to be either clubbing and harming someone behind an alley, not skimming through new releases by an author of a shounen-ai manga. Of course, he didn't have to worry about it much here in Tokyo. This sort of thing was welcomed at times. He still didn't want anyone seeing him, he hid the book inside another and proceeded tothe couch, wondering if the person who wrote the book was a man or a woman. He twirled a strand of his long hair in his fingers, the red gold and white blending together harmoniously for a moment as he did so. Teal blue eyes skimmed the delicate artwork as long fingers held the pages neatly. He admired the artist greatly. Thin but supple looking lips curled into a smile as the characters he had been following were yet again having an argument. He crossed his legs, hoping no one would bother him as he emersed himself in the story.

Keisuke "Kei" Amiyama was browsing through the manga section in a bookstore he had begun frequenting recently, thumbing through the pages of volumes by other artists, and occassionally his own. "Hmmm..." he hummed very quietly, deciding to read through a work of his own that he hadn't seen in quite a while, the first volume of a shounen-ai series he had decided to title Dark Embrace. It was a somewhat gothic series. He grabbed the paperback book and walked toward the nearest couch, carefully and courteously avoiding the...rather unavoidable person that already sat at one end of the couch. The man that sat there was quite beautiful, and unusual scenery for Tokyo, with his long white hair, streaked with color (though the color was not so uncommon with the Tokyo nightlife), and his teal eyes. He caught himself staring and forced his own eyes downward toward his book.

Sattienne huffed at the fact there was another at his couch and he got up, not wanting them to possibly see what he was reading, shooting them a bit of a glare. "And here I thought I could get some privacy.." He decided he would play with the other, acting as though he was trying to read over his shoulder to scare him away. "So, what'chya readin?" He asked, inwardly grinning. His own book lay folded up in his lap for no one to see. Ever. It was his fetish to keep it hidden, his fetish and no one else could have it.

Kei marked his place in the book with his finger, smirking as he looked up at the seemingly indignant man. Even writing these books under an assumed name, he saw no reason the pretend he didn't like his own books. "Dark Embrace," he answered calmly, smiling a little wider as the words left his mouth. He decided that it was alright to as the same question of the other man, since he had started the conversation. He wondered, though, whether or not it would be a good idea to reveal who he was just yet. Kei didn't do that often, but it almost seemed like fun. "And what are you reading?" He also wanted to ask this clearly foreign man what brought him to Tokyo, but decided that one question was enough for now.

Sattienne blinked. "A new book by my favorite artist." He narrowed his eyes and grabbed the other's book to be sure that is what it really was. "The newest from that series actually." He grinned and showed him. "See?" He sounded almost like a little kid showing his best friend or mother something. He had the most stupid grin on his face, perhaps over exagerated it, wondering if that would be enough to scare the other away.

It was at that moment that Kei decided it would be fun to introduce himself. "Your favorite artist, huh? That's pretty cool. That one's cover was my favorite to watercolour." He held out his hand. "My name's Amiyama Keisuke, Kei for short. And what might you be called, fan of my works?" There was always the possibility that the man wouldn't believe him, and if he didn't, Kei wasn't out anything. He'd just be a little annoyed and start printing his picture in the backs of his books.

Sattienne eyed the other curiously. "Your work, huh?" He eyed the other and decided he wasn't lying. He had a knack for telling whether or not one was committing said bad deed. "Ohh well I am Sattienne Miroledi. You, however, only have to call me Sattienne, oh beautiful angel." He said, practically fawning over the other. "I am very much the fan."

Kei was a little surprised. "Well, thank you very much. It's nice to meet you, Sattienne. Your name is beautiful. It's French, isn't it? What brings you to Tokyo?" He'd never left the couch, and sort of indicated subtlely that Sattienne should sit down again so they could have a conversation. It wasn't often that he got to meet someone so...stunning.

Sattienne nodded and purposely sat extra close to the other. "yes it is French, and I came here to..well search for you. I want to know what you were thinking about when you wrote these books. They captivated me." He said praisingly, taking the other's hands and kissing them. "Such beautiful work has drifted from this thin little fingers!" He exclaimed.

Again, Kei was a little surprised. He had live in Japan for seven years, and so he had missed such European gestures and closeness. The Japanese tended not to touch each other very much, even when they dated, really. He smiled at Sattienne. "I'm flattered. So...did you have anything in mind for what you would do after you found out why I wrote these books?"

"Had I known before hand just how damned adorable you were I would have thought of many things, however, I say we go to a dinner together and your not allowed to refuse." He said, closing his eyes as he said this. "Then we will go back to my house where I will woe you away from you world and you will become mine and then.." He paused to stand and began pacing with one hand behind his back and the other making gestures. "I will further make you mine and we will be married and then we will have dinner again just becuase we can and ultimately you will become my writer/sevrant.. sounds good to me, what do you think?" He asked, stopping as he stood directly in front of the other, opening only one eye in question.

The Japanese man's mouth dropped open slightly, then his somewhat pouty lips spread into a smile and he began to laugh. "Kimi ga kichigai're crazy. But I like that idea. I won't refuse dinner with you. Would you like to go now?" Kei stood up and unmarked his page in the book, returning it to the shelf. "While we are at dinner, I can tell you why I wrote Dark Embrace, if you'd like."

Sattienne grinned. "My treat, and you will tell me. You will tell me all about everything you have written." He said, smiling insanely, He grabbed the other's hand in his own and practically dragged him out. "I hope you don't mind me taking you in my car, if you drove here I will take you to yours later.." He hushed himself and opened the passenger door for the other. "Get in." He said firmly.

"I walked to the book store, so this is convenient," Kei answered. "I can start telling you about my books now, if you want. If I don't start now, I might not finish by the time dinner is over. There's alot to tell, even though I haven't written alot." Sattienne's car was nice. Truth be told, Kei didn't own a car, even though he lived in Tokyo. He owned a bicycle, which was convenient enough, but he lived in such a meager apartment with so little money coming from his books that he couldn't afford a car or the gas that went into it. Books weren't a great source of income, but they were what he always wanted to do.

Sattienne desperately wanted to hear, but when he heard he wanted to give the other his full attention. "Not just yet lovely angel. You can continue telling me after dinner, who says I am taking you home right away?" He said, keeping his eyes firmly on the road. "Now, where in particular sounds good for food?"

Kei nodded, then thought for a minute. "Well...there are more than enough places to eat in Tokyo. And I refuse to exploit you for whatever money you might be willing to spend on me. Which sounds better, a sushi bar in Shinjuku shopping district, or McDonald's?" He had yet to mention that he actually lived in Shinjuku-ni-chome, which was a district that was almost notorious for it's gay residents. He liked where he lived though. It was (somewhat) quiet, and usually peaceful.

"You will exploit me and I will like it." Sattienne replied, racing around. "Hmmm I think sushi sounds nice about now, even if it isn't the Asian delicacy I have a craving for just now. It will have to do." He said, smirking evily. He pulled into a sushi resturant and came to the other side of the car, opening the door. "Come along, sweet writer." He said, offering his arm to the other.

"Oh, okay..." Kei answered quietly, blushing lightly at Sattienne's innuendo. He willingly took the arm offered to him, and walked inside with him. Oh so many heads turned as they walked in. Not many people were used to seeing someone who looked so foreign as his companion...or, he supposed, he was the companion since he was being led around. It was a good thing this restaurant wasn't sporting a "No Gaijin" sign, like some less-friendly establishments liked to have to keep foreigners out.

Sattienne sat them at a table, daring anyone to say anything with a simple commanding glare. "Assholes.." He mumbled, setting his 'angel' down in a chair before pulling out the menues. "You know what, your going to eat, and I don't mean just little things like girls would do. Find something you actually like." He said, scanning over his own menu.

"Eh...well...okay. But I eat like a girl anyway. I have a small stomach. But I'll make sure to order something that I like." Kei's eyes searched the menu, quickly settling on tempura bento. It looked like alot of food, so it would look less like he was eating lightly. It was something he liked to eat, though. When the waitress came to the side of the table, he relayed his order quickly in Japanese. Then he turned to Sattienne. "There." He smiled.

Sattienne grinned and did his best to order what looked kind of like the fish form of eggrolls, completely confident in his Japanese. When the waitress moved away he smiled. "So, begin telling.."

"Ah, alright." Kei tucked a strand of loose hair behind his ear and folded his hands on the surface of the table. "Let's see...we'll start with my shoujo series'. I guess...the reason I started writing for girls was because most of my friends growing up were girls. So, I sort of fell into things that girls did, instead of things that boys did. I was never really very interested in the things that boys did when I was little. But once I was a teenager...that all changed. I was suddenly very interested in boys and the things that they did. And I suppose...that was when I decided I need to make Dark Embrace. It sort of all runs together. The stories really started when I was younger, anyway. I liked to write short stories for my friends when I was little, but I started drawing much more when I was a teen. So many more things inspired me. But...most of my drawings had to be hidden from my parents. They weren't exactly things they wanted to see their little boy drawing, you know? Most parents don't look too kindly on their 14-year-old boy drawing boys with other boys in suggestive circumstances. But through that, I made even more female friends, and a few male friends that were more than interested." He paused to let Sattienne comment, and to take a drink of the complimentary water the waitress had set on the table.

Sattienne smiled and took the other's hand in his not caring who saw. "So I see. You are a truly good writer then, and I assume most of your work comes from life experiences?" He asked, trying to get a hold on the other's experience.. not that he was going to defile him, but it was in their future as far as he was concerned. "And I hope you know we will be getting married in about a year.." He said, only half teasing. He eyed the other carefully, taking in his beauty. "Your very beautiful.." He said softly, caressing the other's hand.

"So are you," Kei answered honestly. "You're a very welcoming and exotic sight, after living in Japan for seven years. I was used to more diversity when I lived in England. It was a real culture shock, moving here." He thought about the question Sattienne posed, then blushed a bit. "And shounen-ai works...I-I've never really done any of that. Except for kissing. I have kissed a boy before..." He mumbled, embarrassed that he had little basis for his stories. Subconsciously, one of his hands made its way to his mouth, curling his index finger and resting it against his lower lip, casting his eyes down toward the table. It was a look that he often liked to draw on his characters, but very seldom noticed when he did it himself. Of course, it was a uniquely uke expression, and it was adorable.

Sattienne smiled. He looked the other over hungrily. "All the more reason you belong to me. So, you have an advanced mine for one so inexperienced." he said softly, not bothering to break his hold on the other's hand as their food arrived. "How long did you live in England?" He asked, poking at his food until he got it at the angle he felt like eating it from. He took a tiny bite and continued to watch the other.

Kei blushed once again at the way Sattienne spoke, almost stuttering the next time he spoke. "Uhhh...I was...born in England. And I lived there until I was thirteen." He took a piece of food from his bento box and chewed it slowly, looking down at his hand clutched in the other man's. It was incredibly distracting, especially since he wasn't used to it, though it wasn't unwelcome. "So you have a place of residence here in Tokyo, or are you staying in a hotel?"

"I have a small little house." He said, smiling. "What about you?" He asked, kissing the other's hand again. "I think you should move in with me." He said, grinning.

"Considering where I live now, the word 'house' is very appealing all on its own. I live in an apartment. Have you ever been in a Japanese apartment? Compared to European accomodations, they're closets. I miss bigger spaces. Would you like to see my apartment after dinner?" Kei ate a piece of pickled ginger and then made a face. "Ugh, how could I forget I don't like that stuff...?" he commented to himself.

"Yeah I have been in them, they are okay. I would love to accompany you at your house, you need to gather your things anyhow." He said, seriously, staring at the other.

Kei looked at Sattienne blankly for a moment, tongue-tied. "You''re serious. You really want me to move in with you tonight?" He was astonished. It was happening very suddenly. He chewed on the thumbnail of the hand that had been at his mouth before, deliberating. Looking down at the table again and tucking the same strand of hair behind his ear again, he came to his decision. "Okay, Sattienne. I'll move in with you."

Sattienne grinned. "I hope it isn't too forward, I just want you to. I will marry you one day, and I will worpship the very ground you walk upon sweet angel." He said, looking up at the other heatedly, almost insanely.

Kei was almost overwhelmed by all of the complimenting and worshipping. "Sattienne Miroledi, you are an amazing and surprising man. I'm a little confused. It's just...why do you like me so much? Is it just because of my books?" He looked perplexed.

Sattienne smiled. "Not just for that. Your beautifull and your soul tastes like sweet candies. I worship your very mind and your talent, and I crave to see what else there is to cover, what more those hands can do, and what else that sweet voice of yours can make me feel." He said passionately.

At first, Kei was absolutely speechless, and his eyes widened. "I...Sattienne...your words are poetry. That was the most amazing thing that anyone has ever said to me. I feel like I want you kiss me..." He finished his sentence quietly. It felt odd, the way he was speaking. It sort of sounded like he was reading from one of his own books. He blushed as he realized what he had just said.

Sattienne paused in his chewing and swallowed his food. He eyed the other curiously before leaning a little closer, having to sit up a little more to do so, placing his hands on both sides of the other's face. "Who am I to deny you, beautiful angel?" He asked, moving closer and kissing the other once on the lips.

Kei's eyelashes fluttered girlishly as he closed his eyes, and when Sattienne pulled away from the kiss, he opened his eyes halfway and touched his fingertips to his lips. Truthfully, he hadn't been kissed since highschool, and there was none of the energy he felt in this kiss. He suddenly had a whole new interest in this beautiful exotic man, aside from his looks. He was now very distracted from his food, and no longer felt hungry. "Eh, sumimasen..." he began, catching the attention of a waitress. He asked if he could have a take-out box for his food. He'd rather not waste it.

Sattienne smiled. "Ready to go?" He asked, standing as their boxes were brought. He stood beside the other, offering him his hand to take. He couldn't wait to get the other moved in and happy, safe where he could watch him always, this beautiful artist, his lovely writer.

"Yes," he answered and smiled. Sattienne was making Kei feel like a god. He felt...weightless, and beautiful, and important. He willingly took his hand, registering for the first time the smoothness of his skin, and walked with him to the car that was waiting outside. Once in the car again, he commented on the move. "It shouldn't take too long for me to pack my things. I don't have much more than the basics. My bed is...well, a traditional mat. And it's in my living room, which is used in the most literal sense of its name in my apartment."

Sattienne eyed the other. "You will be sharing my bed. We are to be married in a years time, you should get used to it while you can." He said, kissing the other's hand again as he led him to the car, opening his door again for him. When the other was seated he got into the driver's seat. "Directions?" He asked, smiling at the other.

"Sharing a bed? Alright, but I can't lose my virginity until after we're married. I wanted to wear white." Kei laughed. "I'm just kidding. Uh, directions to my house would be: go straight on this street for three blocks, then take a left. I'll tell you as we go, okay?"

Sattienne laughed. "I wouldn't do anything you didin't want." He realized that maybe he sounded absurd considering he had practically kidnapped the other, though you couldn't technically kidnap the willing. He laughed to himself and waited for more direction.

"Alright, keep going down this road for two more blocks, then take a right..." Kei continued giving directions to the building in which he lived. Eventually, they reached the stone edifice, and he announced that they were there. "Are you coming up to get the grand tour?" He grinned and turned to look at Sattienne.

"Of course, angel." He said, getting out with him and walking him to where he was led. "Your first my darling." He said, getsuring the other enter first as a sign of respect and courtesy.

Kei walked to the front of the building with Sattienne in tow, pressing a few buttons on a keypad on the front of the building, which was required for entry. A device like that would normally allude to the luxury of a particular building, but this time was just a facade and protection measure implemented by the greedy landlord. The door unlocked for them both and they had to walk up the several flights of stairs to the small apartment. "This is it. Prepare yourself for the immensity of my abode." He laughed, unlocking the door and letting it swing open.

Sattienne couldn't wait to see inside. "Oh but darling, you shouldn't be so critical." He said, placing his hand on the lower of his loved one's back as he followed him in. He didn't bother following through with the Japanese's shoe removing ritual and he hoped the other wouldn't be angry with him for it.

Kei didn't take his own shoes off. He'd never really gotten used to the tradition, he had to remind himself of it constantly when he went to other homes, and he wasn't going to be in that place for very long. "Well...this is the living room. My desk, my bed, my box of CDs and things..." He pointed out each of the things in the room in turn. "There's nothing special about the bathroom. It just looks like a bathroom. I'm going to go look for a box for the things in my desk. I'll be right back. Make yourself comfortable."

Sattienne did so. "Would you mind if I started packing for you? I just want to get you home where you can be safe and you can cuddle up in a nice warm bed.." He said, marvelling at the other's living space. For as small as it was it was tidy and he didn't mind that at all. He smiled and began examining random thigns.

"Sure, I guess I don't care if you pack for me. And uhh...are you sure it would cuddling?" Kei laughed. He was only twently, still young, and so he thought of beds in a very narrow sense. He walked down the compact hallway to his bathroom to collect his toiletries, which took very little time, and walked back into the living room to help Sattienne with anything he might need. Of course, there was really very little in the kitchen that needed packing. Actually, he could probably just leave all of those things in there. He'd just have to clean out the refrigerator.

Sattienne began to help the other, laughing. "Yes I am sure it would be cuddling. Do not worry I wont deflower you so early in your life. not yet. Not until marriage as you said. Which I admit is going to be difficult because you make me crave you. However. I promise to be as good as I can." He said, speedily making work in the livingroom.

Kei blushed a little, but laughed. "I said I was kidding when I said that. Please, don't hold back on account of a white wedding. If you crave me...then satisfy the craving..." He looked at Sattienne a little suggestively as he continued packing things into boxes, then smirked and disappeared into the kitchen. Quickly, he packed his rice cooker into its original box, then shoved his bento box, a pair of chopsticks, and a soup bowl into a bag. Those were really his only kitchen essentials. Then he returned to the living room to finish packing there.

Sattienne could only blink at the other, unsure what to say. "Well then..Let us see just how much energy we have when we get home hm?" He said, packing more random things. "Well I believe we are about done, did you get your bedroom items?"

Kei smiled, but blushed as he realized what his comment truly meant. And that he really had no idea what he would be getting into, though he had a vague idea of what it might be like, simply from his most famous work of literature. "Uhhh...yes, I have everything from my bedroom. Everything from my desk is packed too. I doubt all of this stuff is going to fit in your car in one trip, right?"

"Yes, there isn't much of it." He said, hugging the other suddenly. "And if there is still things that we forget you can come and get them another time." He said, grabbing the other's hand.

Kei looked down at his hand clasped in the other man's. Something about it fascinated him, Sattienne's fingers curled around his own. He was no stranger to scenes like this, having drawn them so many times, but it was so much different to actually experience it. He smiled. "Should we start carrying stuff downstairs then?"

Sattienne nodded, pulling away from the other man and carrying his things downstairs to the car, he only had to go back about four times before he was finished. "Alright then, I believe everything else that could possibly be gotten we can get another time." He said, ushering the other out of the house and to the car in which he opened the door for him.

Kei smiled again - he was afraid his face might crack soon, he'd never smiled so much in so little time - and sat in the passenger seat. "Alright, sometime I have to call my landlord and tell him I have moved out. I don't want to keep paying for my apartment if I'm not living in it, of course. But that can wait. I'm so excited." He giggled. He felt like a child going to a carnival.

Sattienne grinned. "I am sure you didn't expect to be kidnapped from your home."

"I don't think it could really be considered kidnapping, since I did agree to go. Would you have kidnapped me if I hadn't agreed to go?" He was only asking the question playfully, and he half expected Sattienne to say yes.

Sattienne looked at the other seriously. "Honestly, yes i probably would have.You wouldn't have been able to resist me."

"That's probably true, as far as the physical aspect of resistance goes. But I seem to be having trouble resisting you now. Not that I'm trying, or anything." Kei gave him a goofy grin.

Sattienne grinned. "Saying such things will have you under me in three seconds, silence, silly god of mine." He said, starting the car.

Kei laughed, and felt a blush heat his face. He'd never been in a situation where someone spoke to him in this way. It was almost giving him inspiration for new manga. Hey, maybe he really would make a story about this. He thought about it as they drove to Sattienne's house, concentrating on being quiet so that he wouldn't stop the car and molest him.

Sattienne finally arrived at his home. It was modest, but still larger than the other's apartment and would certainly be enough room for just the two of them. It was a four bedroom place, Sattienne had accquire one so large in case he ever had guests from his family or friends that needed to stay. The place also had two bathrooms which would work out perfectly with the new arrangement. He smiled as they pulled into the driveway, kissing the other on the cheek. "Let us worry about you getting this stuff until tomorrow." He said as they pulled into a garage of sorts, shutting the gate behind them and locking it. "Come, let you sleep and whatever you need to do." He said, getting out and opening the other's door for him.

Yet another smile lit Kei's face. "I'm not tired at all. I've talked about myself the whole evening. I want to hear a little about you, if that's alright. After all, I can't be moving into a stranger's house, can I?" He meant the last part jokingly. He probably would have moved in with him anyway. He wasn't used to being someone's god. It was almost overwhelming.

Sattienne smiled and motioned the other to sit besides him as he turned a little on his side on the couch. "Well so far my life hasn't been too much. I am who I am. I don't like to tell of my past. My father was a scientist, killed by one of his own experiments, and my mother died when I was twelve.. I have done many jobs, moainly part time things that will merely get me by, going as far as working in resturaunts. I found I didn't need it really, when father died and mother soon followed they left me some inheritance..."He trailed off a moment smiling. "I have enough to support three people comfortably for the duration of life, and then when I die my children etc. I don't have children, but I do plan to adopt one day I think. Maybe. But here I am today, I got interested in your books ni England, gave me a bit of flavor in life. Let me realize just how attracted to the same sex I was. I had to find you. I have dated boys before hand, they just weren't what I was looking for, mere momentary things. Women? Well I tried that too. Obviously it didn't work. I become rather enamooured by you then and traveled here to find you, and I promised myself I would take you away from the cruel world and make you smile and worship you." H stopped in his rant, wishing the other to fill in the rest. "By the way, are you thirsty or anything?" He asked.

Kei stared at Sattienne as he sat next to him, his whole attention focused on the story. He suddenly felt very fortunate that all of his immediate family was still alive. So when he was actually asked a question, he forgot how to answer for a second. "I- Oh! No, thank you." He felt a very slight blush color his cheeks. It must have seemed like he wasn't paying attention. "'ve really been interested in me for that long. That's...amazing. I never knew I could have such devoted fans. You've boosted my self-esteem forever, I think. Anyway...are we just going to sit on the couch and talk all night, or did you have something planned for us to do?" He didn't mean to make it sound as though he was implying anything, though he realized that it did sound like that.

"Well we could watch tv, ummm... I don't know, why don't you tell me your next story idea?" Sattienne said, shrugging. "Whatever it is you want to do." He completely missed the perverted possibilities the other had implied without implying.

"I suppose I could tell you about my next story idea. I do have one, actually. This...this whole thing...meeting you, moving in, and whatever else may happen, I would like to turn it into my next manga. Do you have any opposition to that?" Of course, Kei would not use Sattienne as a character in a story without his consent. "Want to watch TV now?"

Sattienne grasped the other around the middle, pulling him against him and kissing his lips. "I think it would be your best story yet." He whispered, grabbing the remote from the arm of the couch and turning it on. "Yes, we can watch tv now."

Kei blushed once again, the second kiss of the evening leaving him slightly disinterested in television. Either Sattienne was a very good kisser, or he was just very inexperienced at being kissed. He snuggled a little closer to the taller man. "Can I stay right here while we watch TV?"

Sattienne gave a richi but small laugh. "Of course dear." He said, running his fingers through the other's hair. "You just flip through the channels and see what you like."

Kei closed his eyes for a moment. It felt good to have the other's fingers in his hair. He began flipping through the channels, wondering if there were any good movies on for the evening. Soon, though, the search began to appear fruitless, and he turned to face Sattienne. "Will you kiss me again?"

Sattienne was happily surprised with the other's question and nodded. He leant forward a little and pressed his lips gently to the other's, nibbling the bottom lip lightly in slight question.

Kei closed his eyes and parted his lips, giving Sattienne any access he might have wanted. It almost seemed pathetic that this was a first for him as well. He sighed contentedly and and put his arms around the taller man's waist.

Sattienne slipped his tongue inside the other's mouth, exploring every which where he could, groaning. He brought his hands to rest along his back.

Tentatively, Kei began moving his tongue against the other's, not battling for dominance, merely getting used to the strange yet welcome intrusion. The groan that issued from Sattienne incited him to make his own noise, a soft and feminine moan that was almost completely muffled by their kiss.

Sattienne slipped his hands into the other's hair, kissing him a little harder as he heard the moan. He was terribly aroused and hoped to not frighten the other were he to notice.

Kei was very caught up in their heated kiss, but when he broke the kiss to catch his breath, he did notice that Sattienne was aroused, and he blushed darkly. "S-Sattienne..."

"I am sorry, I can not contain this.." he said in reference to his arousal. "Do forgive me."

Kei's eyes widened. "Oh! No, don't apologize. I was just a little surprised, that's all." He paused, looking off to the side, still blushing. "Would to do something about it...?"

"I do not wish to deflower you.." He said inhaling deeply. "On the other hand, you are quite tempting to me as of now...what do you suggest I do?"

The smaller man thought for a second. "Well, I did sort of just offer it to you. And I'm twenty years old. It's about time I lost my virginity." He grinned crookedly, his blush fading for a moment.

Sattienne grinned as well, running his finger along the jaw of the other. "Then let us go to somewhere more comofortable.." He said, kissing the other's lips.

Kei kissed him back, shivering in anticipation and at Sattienne's touch. He was a little nervous, but not scared. He knew what to expect, or at least had an idea.

Sattienne got up and lead the other to his room in where he shut the door behind them. "We will of course take this slowly, my lovely god." He said, removing his shirt. "Strip with me."

"Oh, um...okay." Kei blushed and unbuttoned his shirt, dropping it on the floor next to him. He couldn't help but stare at Sattienne as he removed clothing, admiring his body. He liked the way his long hair fell against his skin.

Sattienne smiled kindly at his young soon to be lover. His eyes narrowed hungrily as he stared at the other's thin form. "Beautiful." He muttered, moving his hair so that it hung behind him, removing it from his hair tye, letting it frame his face as he slowly removed his pants.

Kei unceremoniously slipped off his shoes and kicked them toward his shirt, his socks soon following. He didn't really know how to do this slowly and make it look sexy. Sattienne sure as hell did. He was extremely distracting. Without taking his eyes off of the taller man, Kei removed his pants, left in only his boxers.

Sattienne smiled at the other in what he hoped was a comforting manner. He slipped his boxers off and walked over to his younger lover, kissing his lips. "Don't be so shy." He whispered, brushing the other's hair from his face. "Lay down." He said after helping him remove the last of his clothing.

"I can't help being shy. I don't know what I'm doing..." Kei commented quietly, blushing as he moved to the bed and sat in the middle of it. He didn't want to lay down because he thought he would look kind of tense and unnatural if he did.

Sattienne smiled and sat on the bed, grabbing the other, pulling him down and laying on top of him. "You have nothing to fear.. and shyness.. it is to be expected." He said, kissing him.

Kei shivered and took a deep breath as Sattienne laid on top of him, closing his eyes and leaning into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around the taller man's shoulders, pulling him closer.

Sattienne let his hands trail down the other, placing one strategically at his length, stroking it gently. "Just relax and give in to me." He said, kissing his lover's neck.

Kei nearly jumped, but relaxed, and felt an ever-so-quiet moan escape from his throat. He would not have to be told twice to give in to Sattienne. He was already content to follow his lead.

Sattienne groaned at the other's submissive state and kissed his lips to capture the moans. He reached absentmindedly into his dresser, withdrawing from it lubricant so that his lover could feel more pleasure than pain on this first night for him. He kissed him deeper as he felt around the tube, opening it and placing some of the gel onto his fingers, easing one inside the other while his other hand stroked him.

This time, Kei really did jump a little, but relaxed as quickly as he could, realizing his surprise had made him slightly tense and he felt pain. As soon as he relaxed, he felt better, letting Sattienne's kiss lull him again. Instinctively, he spread his legs a little farther.

Sattienne kissed him a little mroe gentle as he added another finger and shortly after that a third, moving them inside the other.

Kei was not surprised when he started to enjoy the foreign sensation. After all, he had written and imagined this sort of thing many times, but it was different to actually experience it. A small sort of groan was emitted, but it wasn't loud enough to leave the space between his and Sattienne's mouth.

Sattienne loved the noises the other made. He kissed him ever more heatedly is possible, removing his fingers and coating his length with lube, even as he would have rather not used any because it would have been more pure, a virgin would not have enjoyed it, and he would refuse to give his god pain. He placed his length at the other's entrance, pushing in just bearly, only the head in before pushing a little more, waiting for the other to adjust.

The younger man winced, and his breathing increased pace by a fraction. He concentrated on keeping the tension in his upper body, since the tension insisted on remaining. Slowly, he relaxed again, and looked purposefully at Sattienne, nodding just enough to get his message across.

Sattienne kissed the other's neck as he pushed in completely, pulling out just a little before pushing all the way back in, groaning and setting a slow rhythm. He was very much pleased with the tightness of the other, pleased that he was the one to posses his god, his dream. The man he had wanted since so long ago it seemed.

Kei swallowed a cry of slight pain, not quite ready for the pressure that came with taking it all. The pain did not last long, but there was still an odd sensation, which he quickly translated into pleasure. The Japanese man let a quiet but throaty moan escape, threading his fingers into a few strands of Sattienne's hair.

Sattienne moaned hotly, shivering as he thrust a little harder inside the other. He kissed him desperately, slipping his fingers around the other's shaft in hopes to bring him a little more pleasure.

Kei shivered in response to the noise that came from Sattienne. It was indescribably erotic, and he couldn't help but make a sound similar to it. He gasped, even in their kiss, as he felt his touch, bucking against it slightly.

Sattienne caressed the other in time with his thrusts, moving harder and faster as he groaned, wrapping his free arm tight about the other, kissing his neck, nibbling said area.

Kei responded as he thought appropriate, arching his body against Sattienne's, sharing in his heat, letting any impulsive noise out of his mouth. "Nnnn...S-Sattienne..." He turned his head, shivering as he felt his now-lover's teeth against his skin.

Sattienne smiled and kissed the other. He held him tighter if possible as he found that little spot inside of him and thrust directly into it.

Kei's eyes opened wide and then his eyelashes fluttered as he arched off of the bed, moaning louder than he had thus far. "Oh god...more..." He couldn't manage to make anything else coherent.

Sattienne quickened his hardened pace, thrusting in the other with love and passion, not forgetting to stroke him in time. He moaned as well as the other pleaded with him, the sound bringing him closer to climax.

Kei's shallow breathing came a little faster, and his moans more breathy and quick. He felt muscles tightening, and simply through carnal knowledge, not experience, he thought it would be a good idea to warn Sattienne. "Sa...ttienne...ahhh...nnn...I'm...I'm coming!"

Sattienne groaned at the delicious moans of the other. "Then do so, but come for me.." He whispered hotly just before releasing his own seed into the other. "Kei!"

The smaller Japanese man relaxed against the bed, closing his eyes and breathing deeply. For a moment, he said nothing, then whispered, "Oh, Sattienne..." He smiled.

Sattienne's heart skipped as the other whispered his name. For so long he had admired the other, for so long he wanted the other and now he had his god. With him. In bed. He smiled softly. "Thank you Kei."He said gently, kissing him on the forehead.

Kei opened his eyes and smiled. "Thank you, too. Thank you for being my first and making it wonderful." He blushed slightly, simply from happiness, then pulled Sattienne down to hug him.

"You are welcome, my love, my god." He whispered lovingly, kissing the other's cheeks and lips. "Anything for you."

"The only thing I want right now is to sleep beside you." Kei smiled, but then yawned. "You know, I think I love you, Sattienne." He smiled again.

"I love you as well, Kei." He said, running his fingers through the other's hair. "Won't it be interesting to see what tomorrow brings?"

"Mmhm..." Kei curled up and against Sattiene. He was very sleepy, and he didn't even care that he was going to end up sleeping naked. He'd never really done that.

Sattienne kissed the other's forehead, reaching over to turn off the lamp, hugging him close and closing his eyes before drifting off to sleep.

Content against Sattienne's warmth, Kei fell asleep as well, sleeping peacefully and without dreams.

Sattiene woke the next morning before the other, he brushed his hair and then dressed, smiling softly to himself as he looked down at his partner. He went out and put the other's things away, this taking him almost an hour before he came back in and began making the other breakfast, hoping the smell would waken him and he could have one of those perfect mornings he always dreamed of having with the other.

As expected, the smell of cooking did wake Kei. He sat up slowly and stretched his arms above his head. He looked around and frowned when he did not see Sattienne, but then comprehended that he was cooking, and that was what had awakened him. Quietly, he slipped on his pants from the night before and walked out into the kitchen, yawning. "Good morning, koibito." He smiled.

"Good morning." He said, smiling and turning around. "I have a slightly american breakfast for you.. eggs and toast and whatnot." He said, placing it on the table, getting the other a glass of milk.

"It's been quite some time since I've had something like this. Homemade, anyway. Thank you very much." Kei put his hands together and mumbled, "Itadakimasu," before beginning to eat. " you like to cook, Sattienne?" He asked between bites.

Sattienne nodded. "yes, cooking is very relaxing to me, you may find yourself overwhelmed with little chocolates as I make those as well."

"Oh, I hope I won't be overwhelmed. I think I like chocolate too much for that to happen. Do you have a business with these things, or have you ever thought about it? Your breakfast is very good. I'm sure you could sell chocolates." Kei smiled. He liked to dream up little ideas like that.

"Perhaps some day.. I don't know you will have to taste my chocolate's first." He said, smiling and sitting next to him. "I am glad you enjoyed it."

"Oh yes, thank you very much for cooking for me. You really are making me feel like a god, Sattienne. But you don't have to be my servant, really." Kei chuckled. His parents had always taught him to be independant, and they had never had the money for things like servants, though they weren't poor.

"Too late." Sattienne said, smiling and wiping his face on a napkin.

Kei smiled in reply, then laughed a little. "I hope that doesn't mean you're going to do everything for me while I sit around and get fat. I would hate to be fat." He laughed some more.

Sattienne grinned. "Believe me, I won't let you get fat." He said, his grin turning to a smirk. "You will be physically treated as well."

"Oh really? That sounds...interesting. I'm glad you won't let me get fat. I don't think I could be naked around you anymore if I was. I'd be too embarrassed." Kei smiled. "So...if you don't mind me asking, where are my work things? I was thinking of starting the manuscript for a new manga today."

Sattienne smiled. "Come, I have set up a study for you." He said, standing to lead the other down the hall and to the right where a study room was set up, all of Kei's writing things neatly on a large table.

Kei's eyes widened and his mouth opened in silent surprise. "You...set up a study for me? This is...this is wonderful!" He giggled and turned to hug Sattienne, throwing his arms around his neck and kissing him on the cheek. "I've never had a study. This is so..." He couldn't think of a word and so he just made a noise of joy. He moved quickly around the room, looking at his things on the table, then at the walls and the floor.

Sattienne was filled with happiness at the other. "I am very glad you enjoy it. Shall I leave you to work?" He asked, wrapping his arms around the other.

"Well, actually, I kind of need to take a shower. And put on clean clothes..." Kei made a noise of frustration. "Which we didn't bring..." How could he have forgotten his own clothes? "Okay, I guess I'm going to take a shower anyway, and maybe put my dirty clothes back on."

Sattienne smiled. "I think not. I think you will borrow mine and I will go fetch your old ones." He said, kissing the other's forehead.

"Alright, I guess I can't argue with that logic. Don't laugh when you come back. I'm sure your clothes are a couple sizes bigger than mine and I'll be drowning in them." Kei smiled in reply and went to explore the house, in search of the bathroom.

Sattienne thought about it and came upon the decision that the other was going to look beautiful in his clothing. He grinned.

After walking down a hallway, doubling back, and choosing a different hallway, Kei finally found a bathroom with a shower. "Yatta!" he exclaimed in victory. He walked forward and started to run the hot water, stripping out of his pants that he had worn the night before.

Sattienne was highly tempted to follow the other after hearing the cute exclamation of victory. He sighed and sat on his couch, waiting for the other to be finished.

Kei took a shower as quickly as he could, but still allowing for soothing steam to build up in the bathroom, fogging over the mirrors and making the air thick. He sighed contentedly as he stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist. He navigated his way back to Sattienne's room. It felt funny to be rummaging through a closet that wasn't his, especially with the intent of wearing the clothes inside. "Sattienne..." he called from his room.

Sattienne went to his lover's call. "Yes darling?" He asked, eyes feasting on the other.

Kei pouted a little. "I don't know what to put on...They're your clothes. What do you think I should put on?"

Sattienne laughed. "Well.." He handed him one of his more comfortable button up shirts and a pair of his slacks. "How is this?"

Kei nodded. "Alright, that looks fine. Do you have a belt? Something makes me think your pants won't stay on me without help..." He took the clothes from Sattienne and slipped them on quickly as he dropped his towel on the floor. He sort of felt like a child wearing his parent's clothes.

Sattienne nodded, grabbing one of his few leather belts. "Here you are." He said, hoping the belt would fit the smaller male.

Kei smiled looped the belt through the pants, buckling it securely in the front. It wasn't on the smallest hole - Kei wasn't that small. "Okay. I think I'm ready to go now. How about you?"

Sattienne nodded. "Of course."

Kei walked cheerily out of the room, assuming Sattienne would follow close behind him. He walked straight out of the house and to Sattienne's car, opening his own door, inadvertently preventing him from serving him.

Sattienne pouted at this. "I was going to get that." He said in a mumble as he got into his own side.

"I'm capable of opening doors, also, though. I don't mind if you want to serve me, but would it be alright with you if I did some things for myself once in a while too?" Kei offerred a small smile.

Sattienne nodded, feeling like a puppy that had been yelled at. He pouted. "Okay but I like doing all those things.."

Kei felt bad suddenly. "Aww...please don't pout..." He frowned and furrowed his brows. He leaned over and kissed Sattienne on the cheek. "I'll stop opening doors, then."

Sattienne smiled and kissed him. "No, if you want to open your own door that is fine." He said, not wanting to make the other feel as though he never had a say in anything.

He looked up at his lover. "Alright. I'll open my door sometimes, and you can open the door other times. We'll compromise." Kei smiled. "Let's go get my clothes."

Sattienne nodded and pondered on whether or not to open the door for the other.

"Sattienne...would you like to open the door this time, or should I?" Kei smiled a little half-smile and looked at him. He assumed there was no other way to break his pondering.

Sattienne grinned. "I would like to but if you wish..."

Kei smiled wider. "Oh no, by all means, if you would really like to open the door, go ahead." He giggled.

Sattienne smiled and went to the other's door, opening it for him. "After you my lord."

"Thank you, my wonderful lover," Kei answered, kissing Sattienne on the cheek as he walked past him.

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2008-03-04 [The Vampire Armand]: What should we do next? As well for final fantasy?

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