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~* Welcome To Undead Zoo!! *~

Momentarily on pause. We shall resume soon.

Owner: [Kbird]

Co-owner: [~Crimson Angel~]

Co-Plotter [ancienteye]

At some point towards the end of World War six America was transporting a new weapon it's testing wasn't complete yet, but they had no choice it had to be moved. Unfortunately, while transporting this new weapon they where attacked which destroyed the weapon's container. The weapon turned out to be a deadly gas which caused many different changes in the area & the people.

The people that where affected by the gas showed different changes some had a lust for blood and their teeth and nails grew sharp, while another may have no control over himself or herself and tear the person next to them apart with there sharp teeth which resembles a wolf's teeth, and long claws, and then there where some that were believed to be dead but came back to life hours after their death.

Sadly this "virus" affected most of America, and when you're a human it is nearly impossible to fight these new races so the government "hired" the people who could control themselves to fight for them.

It's 132 years after the war and the fight isn't nearly over, however more people are able to control themselves.


Choose from a Vampire,a Vampire S (the type that sucks out souls), a werewolf,Werecat (pretty much any were creature, just ask owner first), Demon (Ask first), Angel (ask first) an Alien, a Zombie,a Ghost & a Human!

Don't worry humans will be fun to play as too!

Please read all of the rules before creating a character and rping.

~* RULES *~

1. No god-modding! "Player A swung at player B" This is ok because it gives player B the choice to get hit or not, you can't automatically kill/hurt someone without giving them the chance to dodge/protect themselves.
2. Please be fair, all characters are important!
3. Please keep in mind what you type is what you say and/or do!
4. No killing another persons character without asking.
6. Please don't join and then just ditch/stop writing.
7. Please ask me before making a cross breed!
8. Keep this PG 13, and please no bleep this bleep that talk!
9. Don't throw another person's character into your own character's event without asking & No playing another persons character without asking either!(It will most likely lead to you being kicked off.)
10. Have fun!!!

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AHHH DONT TOUCH YET!!Undead Zoo! Second generation~ DO NOT TOUCHY!! IT'S FOR LATER!!!


UNDEAD ZOO'S THEME SONG IS............Radioactive by imagine dragons! And no imagine dragons dont know this.

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2017-11-07 [Kbird]: He would.

I think Mark would be too mixed between wanting to kill him and wanting to hug to even consider speaking to him as an option.

2017-11-08 [ancienteye]: ...Might be best if Koby speaks first so Mark gets an idea of which he wants to do. XD

2017-11-08 [Kbird]: Most likely. Thank god the idea is to have Graham there with them.

2017-11-08 [ancienteye]: That should help. :P

2017-11-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: boo

2017-11-11 [ancienteye]: Boooooooooooooo~

2017-11-13 [Kbird]: I ain't afraid of no ghost.


2017-11-16 [~Crimson Angel~]: <img:stuff/aj/88645/1510813920.jpg>

2017-11-17 [Kbird]: Get 'im!! ut don't cross the beams! XD

2017-11-17 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol Have you seen the new one with Melissa Mcarthy?

2017-11-18 [Kbird]: Not yet. I've heard mixed reviews from friends and family but I still want too.

2017-11-20 [~Crimson Angel~]: I thought it was funny, remakes are always a bit tricky, some prefer the original, some prefer the new one, then there's people like me that think both are equally as good.

2017-11-20 [Kbird]: I think a lot of peoples main complaint was that it was all female and that it was like a the originally never happened. more people wanted it to be a like they were the new generation of ghost busters...then the guys were complaining about women trying to make everything about gender by changing all good male roles to females! XP

2017-11-21 [ancienteye]: That's the social-justice-tumblr people's complaints. Some reviews I see say that the jokes are...sort of stunted? I remember one guy mentioning that it's like every funny joke is immediately followed by an unfunny one that kills off any humor? I dunno. I haven't seen it, yet.

2017-11-21 [~Crimson Angel~]: They reversed it by making the Ghost Busters female and the secretary a guy instead of a woman, and he's a complete moron, but really handsome which is the only reason he's hired. Kind of like the stigma where guys only hire women if they're pretty even if they don't know how to do the job they're hired for.

I kind of was hoping that they were the daughters of the original guys all grown up, but they weren't.

2017-11-21 [Kbird]: That's what I thought it'd be too.

I'm still willing to watch it though~

2017-11-22 [~Crimson Angel~]: I liked it, so did my mom, but I can't tell you if you would since everyone's taste in movies, TV shows, books, and music is different.

2017-11-23 [Kbird]: true.

I've had a lot of people tell me "A cure for wellness" is the best horror movie they've seen in a while yet I just watched it felt it was okay, but rather predictable...and could've been way better. 

2017-11-24 [~Crimson Angel~]: Haven't even heard of that.

2017-11-25 [Kbird]: It came out earlier this year.

2017-11-25 [~Crimson Angel~]: Ah

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