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2008-10-18 20:21:04
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Turtle Studio

Turtle Studio 1Raven for my Mom
Turtle Studio 2Tree person
Turtle Studio 3Grandma's roasting weinies on the beach
Turtle Studio 4Made of leather, wool and beads with a real Ash basket full of red willow and sage twigs.
Turtle Studio 5Thunderbird in the sky and Mishii Biishou in the water. Those guys fight and make some awesome storms on Lake Superior!
Turtle Studio 6Byzantine style- egg tempera - 24 karat gold halo- This is the second icon I wrote. 
Turtle Studio 7I learned this craft from my Grandma
Turtle Studio 9What you do when your dominate arm is hurt....string beads!
Turtle Studio 10glass and brass necklace

/ [Woodsy Anny]

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2008-09-12 [artemis's wolf child]: beautiful as always anny

2008-10-19 [Chaotix Palidien]: muwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha pie <<;

2009-04-20 [artemis's wolf child]: btw did i tell you how awesome that raven is?? It freakin ROCKS!!!

2010-03-25 [Madhalf Heatlump]: Icon Arch Angel Raphael is gorgeous!!! Very true to the style.

Hats off to you *bows, hat in hand*

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