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A Tribe of Wraeththu, or hara, by [awallflower] for the
Wraeththu Online RPG at




The Tura tribe was formed by a har named Mitexi Tura (Mitexi har Tura). The Tura tribe origins are simple enough. During the uprising of the Wraeththu a group of hara discovered the plan to bomb Tacoma and followed Mitexi to the city. The plan was to help those hara who couldn't get out in time.

Most all of these hara were of the medical profession before they were incepted. Mitexi had been a military medic, familiar with battle injuries. He brought together the hara who helped with the sick and injured and looked after them, forming a small group that latter became the Tura tribe after Mitexi was killed by a solider.


Most that are incepted into the Tura tribe will have a healing ability that spans from basic healing of cuts and scrapes to the more complex healing of the soul. The latter ability has not been fully realized by most hara.

Those Tura who were not incepted before the bomb do not automatically have this skill, with the exception of those incepted by Blithe or Mitexi (these two both having and innate ability to heal, part of the reason they were drawn to one another).

Currently Blithe seeks out those humans who are not only willing to become Wraeththu, but who have experience dealing with mental and physical injuries (therapists and doctors). However there are many Tura who simply came to the tribe because they were the less chaotic and wild than the other tribes, or because they were in the right time at the right place.

The Tura do not have a set way of healing. They apply everything from human technology to using their own powers. More often than not the har who were in the medical profession before becoming incepted turn to the human technology. However the use of this technology has proved fatal as the Wraeththu body is very different from a human body.

Policy’s and Laws

As previously mentioned the Tura har only incept those who are willing. It is one of their first and foremost rules; however they accept anyone who comes asking to become Tura. This results in a smaller tribe than normal but Blithe refuses to incept a human who does not give his consent, there are severe punishments for those who break this law. 

The Tura will help anyone, even humans who come to them. This however is not known by many outside of the tribe. There are many within the tribe who believe that humans and har can coexist, in fact there are a few women who sought shelter under the roof of the Tura har and received it, although this is highly uncommon.

Fighting Abilities

While the Tura seem peaceful when pressed they can be a formidable enemy. It is a part of their training that they learn basic fighting skills, those who chose to learn more are encouraged. The Tura who chose to take more training in fighting arts almost always become guards. They have what guns they can secure and also knives and daggers. Those who can use their abilities; a healing power, when turned against a being can tear them apart from the inside out. While often this has little effect on the beings physical state it has been known to drive humans mad. The Tura are not encouraged to show their fighting skills unless forced into using them. Blithe uses the appearance that the Tura are weak in their favor. Enemies tend to under estimate them and are unprepared when the Tura do strike. 

Relations with other Tribes

While Tura is not a reclusive tribe relations with other tribes are tense. The Tura way of life conflicts deeply with both the Rodrae and Agh'mahaiil. 

Tura have healed far too many victims of the Rodrae and the Rodrae themselves to feel much beyond loathing for the tribe. However the intensity of this feeling goes far deeper than it seems. In an attempt at healing some of the Tura took aruna with the Rodrae.  ‘Aruna was mind shatteringly agonizing and yet, at the same time, so intensely pleasurable it often left those not of the Tura dazed for hours after. As a result, the Tura decided not to take aruna with these for risk of losing one of their own to the seductive thrall of the strange hara. (Modified slightly from the Rodrae profile.)

Where as the Tura detest the Rodrae, they pity the Agh’mahaiil.  The Tura feel the Agh’mahaiil have some deep seated metal injury that needs to be healed, and that they ignore this pain by using drugs. 

They have little time for the Vistari, believing that they spend too much time with their noses buried in lore and legend and care little for the outside world. However they will work with them if needed. 

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2006-01-13 [xido]: It's a nice description, helpful to see where they have come from, and where their purpose lies. How would their work affect other tribes? How would they react to the activities of the Rodrae and the Fragmented? Surely they would find issues and opposition, and perhaps even rudeness and intolerance of a seemingly weak tribe. Where does their need and resources for physcial training come from? Are they allied with the Rodrae? Are they for or against the causes of the Vistari? Do they look down upon the Frag? Do they have any problem in recruiting members if only willing humans are incepted?

2006-01-13 [awallflower]: Updated the page. Answered most of the questions Xido posed.

2006-01-20 [awallflower]: Edited 'Relations with Other Tribes'

2006-01-20 [xido]: Very very very nice.  Can't wait to think of what the first council of the tribes will finally be like.... after the reformation, of course... that nuke did do SOME damage to certain individuals and groups... just not like it did to humans...

2006-02-23 [awallflower]: Updated to fit in better with the game opening. And obviously can not update a page without messing things up.

2006-02-26 [xido]: I should most likely edit the Agh'mahaiil tribe page to be somewhat similar... do we have a list of suggested tribe characteristics that we'de like to see displayed, or should I just copy what you have here for an outline? ;)

2006-02-26 [awallflower]: Herm...good question. Same formating I suppose. 

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