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Tron Legacy review

Ah, a sequel to Tron. There's been a lot of buzz about this movie for at least two years and now it's finally in theatres. It's quite amazing to look at, though I liked the light patterns on the costumes of the original much better than the sequel. The action is entertaining, though not really suspenseful. The story was mundane, and at times was downright boring.

So, Kevin Flynn continued to work on creating a virtual world like the one he got zapped into in Tron. He is able to physically enter the world. There, he creates a new Codified Likeness Utility (Clu) to help him create the perfect world. Along with Tron, the security program written by his friend Alan, Flynn and Clu set out building in a supercomputer underneath Flynn's arcade. One day, something goes horribly wrong and Kevin Flynn can't get out of the computer.

Nearly 20 years later, Alan gets a page (yeah, a page!) from a phone number at the arcade. He tells Kevin's son, Sam, about it and Sam goes to the arcade to investigate. He finds the computer setup underneath the arcade and, of course, get's sucked in there as well. So, the rest of the story is about Sam running around in the Grid trying to find his dad and bring him home.

When Sam finally finds his dad, he learns what has gone wrong and why his dad got stuck inside. While inside the computer Kevin Flynn, Clu, and Tron encounter programs that Kevin calls Isomorphic Algorithms or Isos. Apparently, they appeared spontaneously and seem to exhibit true artificial intelligence. That doesn't fit with Clu's view of a perfect world so he takes over and destroys the Isos. He also attempted to seize the silly disk on Kevin's back. Kevin went into hiding and was unable to return to the entry portal which is only open for a limited time and can only be opened from the outside.

So, here's where the movie missed big time. The most interesting idea of the story - the Isos and Clu's decision to take over for Flynn - is nothing but a bit of backstory. It comes together a bit at the very end when Kevin Flynn confronts Clu and they (very briefly) discuss this. Instead, we get a rather silly but somewhat dull adventure featuring Kevin's son Sam. And also a program named Quorra who was pretty hot.

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