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2005-12-29 20:02:19
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Transparent Gifs - with Gimp

Remember: You must have priv 99 to upload transparent .gifs to Elftown.
Ask the guards to get these privs, if you're not a trouble maker you will recieve them :)



Alright. The first think you have to do, it to open a new 'paper'.
Press File -> New. You'll get up a new window, chose image size threr as usual, then go to Advanced Alternatives (click the +). There should stand something like Fill with: choose Transparency.


Then you draw your image. :)
Everything that's marked as grey chess-squares will be transparent.
The other places will not ;)


Now, time to save. :D
Choose file -> Save as...


Now you have to click the + after chose file and then chose GIF-image    gif.


It will ask you to Export. Just agree and press Export.


And now; you can finally just press 'OK'! WH00T!!


Yes, here you have it! A perfectly transparent .gif!


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