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To Catch a Drake

To Catch a Drake: Part 1

To Catch a Drake: Part 2


Vlashlil decided to be patient, waiting for her to undo the belt, before ripping her pants off in one go. The undergarments didn't last long there either, only long enough for him to tease her a little before adding them to the discard pile. He drew his hand along her thigh, up to the curls of hair, then to the other thigh, playing a bit. The feral side of him could almost taste her in the air, how ready for the taking she was. The lump in his pants throbbed at the thought.

Krysantha trembled beneath his touch, her mind thinking briefly if his fingers inside of her would hurt because of how large they were. She was a small woman, and now that she was human beneath him he was nearly a foot taller then her. Her muscles were tense as she prepared for the pain, both mentally and physically. Her breasts were perked and her core soaked. Vlashlil... She managed to say, I... please be gentle with me.

He paused, then looked reassuringly at her. Ah would nevah hurt you mah dear, nevah! He thought for a moment, then moved his hand away from her wet spot. Before she could react he brought his mouth to it, careful how he angled his tusks, and began torturing her with his tongue. He loosened up her core before sticking in a finger while still suckling on her nub, causing unending amounts of pleasure. He stretched her until he was sure that a second finger would fit, then added that in the mix.

Her eyes opened wide and she pulsed around him, a gasp escaping her throat. Her legs splayed open as far as she could go, her hips angling slightly upwards. Krysantha mentally couldn't speak anymore, but she moaned and prompted him that she would not last much longer. She wanted to see him, she needed to see him bare before her as she was before him.

He complied, using his free hand to strip off his pants and underclothes, revealing just how ready he was to take her. He finished stretching her with his fingers, then lined himself up. But before entering, he stopped himself, just barely, and looked at her. You be ready mah love? It will sting a tad I hear.

Krysantha bit her lip, but nodded. Slowly. She managed to say. Her arms slid up from his ass to his shoulders, then kissed him.

Vlashlil nodded to her, then slowly pushed himself in, letting her adjust to the size. He judged by the looks on her face when it was okay for him to slowly start thrusting, though on the inside his feral self wanted to take her with force. But, he didn't wish to harm her, so he held himself back. He began to pick up speed, looming over her, nipping at her neck. He wasn't going to last much longer at this rate.

Moaning, her core pulsed around him again as she wrapped her legs around his hips. She clutched at him, pulling his ass so that he thrusted harder, now urging him on. Mewling, Krysantha panted for breath over his shoulder and moved a hand down between her legs, above where he penetrated her.

He groaned at how tight she was, and started suckling on one of her nipples again. He was panting hard, thrusting harder, feeling the climax coming on strong. His hands went to both sides of her, clenching the grass in them, and he moved up to bite her neck as he came. His whole body shuddered with the impact of his climax, he moaned her name loudly for the whole world to hear. He tried very hard not to let all his weight drop on her as he stayed there, shaking every few seconds.

She grunted at the force of which he was railing her into the sand, then began to shriek as her own orgasm overcame her. Her body went limp beneath him, breathing in short gasps. "It is alright my love," Krysantha lifted her hand to his cheek, allowing his arms reprieve as she gently eased his weight on top of her with him still inside. They both caught their breath. She was reluctant to move with her arms wrapped affectionately around his back.

He let some of his weight ease onto her, then held her to him, occasionally nuzzling her over the bite mark he had left. "You be mine now, ah have marked ye so. Ah kill anyone who try to touch ya." He purred, then pulled himself out of her, rolling them over so she was laying on his chest. All mine...

The bite stung, but she ignored the pain and smiled. She didn't understand why he needed to mark her so, but she didn't care. All she wanted was his happiness. Krysantha sighed and hugged his chest, relaxing in his arms. Glancing to the water, she grinned, "Lets take a bath!"

He laughed at her, finding her so energetic, much to his liking. "A bath et is den!" And, still holding her in his grasp, he lunged into the water, taking her with him. The water was cool, warmed from the constant sunlight coming through the trees above. He stood up in the water, bringing her with him, and smiled down at her.

She gasped when they entered the water then looked up at him, pouting as her wet hair draped across her forehead. Reaching over to her pants, she pulled out a bar of soap and attacked her hair and body with it, humming a light tune at the same time.

Vlashlil watched her, amusement written all over his face. This small female in front of him had managed to capture his heart and endlessly amuse him, yet here she was scrubbing her skin pink in a random stream, humming a peaceful tune. He grinned at her, standing naked in all his splendid troll-ness, and asked. "So, do I be gettin some scrubbin too?"

Smirking, Krysantha chuckled, folding her arms beneath her breasts and put a finger to her cheek. "Well I don't know..." She started coyly, "Depends on... where." She giggled, then started soaping his chest and shoulders.

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2011-07-22 [Aeolynn]: I like it :3 though I imagined his hair more blood colored... and also he won't need a loincloth XD I already have in mind where Krys is :)

2011-07-22 [Eyonic]: i cant draw male parts >.< can hardly draw humanoids. and his hair...well, he was out too much in the sunlight, bleached his hair a little :P

2011-07-22 [Aeolynn]: just leave that area blank ;)

2011-07-22 [Eyonic]: mk. I will send you the photoshop copy of it. is the size okay for ya?

2011-07-22 [Eyonic]: -_- I read way too many fanfics... such a pervy person, ironically i can do this better on a male character than a female >.>

2011-07-22 [Aeolynn]: is that the size of the canvas or the scaled down jpeg? I work with really... large canvasses

2011-07-22 [Aeolynn]: shoot, no time to post, boy-toy wants some attentions, will post tomorrow!

2011-07-22 [Eyonic]: that is the size, i can make it bigger tho. sleepy time about for me too :P

2011-07-22 [Aeolynn]: I always work big then scale down, night night!

2011-07-22 [Eyonic]: I'll send email then pass out :3 night

2011-07-23 [Eyonic]: omg is that.... a one sentence-er????

2011-07-23 [Aeolynn]: >.>..... maaaaaybe. lol

2011-07-23 [Eyonic]: hehe all well. afkd while in edit mode >.> oops

2011-07-23 [Eyonic]: and unlike most rps, guys do not take very long to get their business done! It does not take hours >.>

2011-07-23 [Aeolynn]: hahaha. No it really doesn't lol.

2011-07-23 [Eyonic]: :P

2011-07-23 [Eyonic]: it's an animal thing :3

2011-07-23 [Aeolynn]: we should probably push forward to a new scene soon, and figure out what we doing next?

2011-07-23 [Eyonic]: oh probably hehe, cant think of anything right now unfortunately :/ but i left it off so it can be changed :)

2011-07-23 [Eyonic]: hrmm sleepy time. i will post tomorrow unless you have any ideas as to where to take this now?

2013-05-07 [Eyonic]: <img200*0:stuff/aj/92267/1367964907.png> his hair changed recently :)

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