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2005-08-01 19:02:44
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Tindomiel's Fan Club


To those who are her friends, we support Tindomiel and all her artistic wonderfullness!


This wiki is our gratitude to our friend, the awesome writer, artist and a damn good photomanipulator, [Madame Black]. We are the friends of this awesome girl, and... well... YOU ROCK!!! GO [Madame Black]!!!!


Administrators/Organized by: [kerry555] and [LunaSoleil]

The Tinheads (Members) Add your name here and show your support!

Tindomiel's Art See what wonderful works of art Tin has created so far!

Tindomiel's Banners - The banners for the awesome Wiki!

Banners and that stuff will be uploaded soon! (Wiki is still under construction)


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2005-08-21 [Madame Black]: oooo... sparkley

2005-08-21 [LunaSoleil]: Lol, there's more. There are different dividers on all the pages

2005-09-02 [LunaSoleil]: Um...Where is everyone...?

2005-09-02 [Madame Black]: they all dieeed....

2005-09-02 [LunaSoleil]: *Gasp* Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! *Cries*

2005-09-11 [LunaSoleil]: *Looks around* ...I take it everyone's still dead...

2005-09-11 [kerry555]: yea... I'm gonna add some of tin's photomanips in the art section

2005-09-11 [LunaSoleil]: That'd be great!

2005-09-11 [Madame Black]: tee ^^

2005-09-11 [kerry555]: or, you could add some of the drawings she did, and I'll add the photomanips in a sec

2005-09-11 [LunaSoleil]: Ok, like I'll add Anora, Nadya, and Ileana?

2005-09-11 [kerry555]: sure, and I'll add Sythera, Cybele and... either Kahlen or Adaro

2005-09-11 [LunaSoleil]: Why not both?

2005-09-12 [kerry555]: ...good point...

2005-09-12 [LunaSoleil]: ok, I'll add the others later. I gotta go. Bye!

2005-09-12 [kerry555]: okay! I'll add mine now

2005-09-12 [LunaSoleil]: ok

2005-10-23 [Chel.]: Vampire talk I see?

2005-10-23 [Madame Black]: something like that ^^

2005-10-24 [Chel.]: I see....*makes evil plan*

2005-10-24 [LunaSoleil]: *Is confused* Huh?

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