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At the age of fifteen Elirian was sent away from his family to learn among the best professors his creators could afford. They were to educate him in the lessons of the world, for since he was the eldest, he was also the most responsible, none of this would ever have to befall his younger sibling. He was glad for that. The cheery disposition of the younger had kept his mind straight while he had been away, making him keep to his studies to provide a good example for the other. He smiled while thinking about his home, and how he missed the pillars of his house, the large draperies, his feathered bed, his room, his family. He wondered how they were all doing. He was now twenty years exact. That meant his little brother had aged five years, and he wondered what the difference was, for the boy was tweleve when he saw him last.

As his carriage came to a stop he hopped out, his luggage in hand as he made his way to the other side, waiting for his family to come along. It had been so long, he was now a learned man, and an accomplished one at that. He was going to have a job now, opening a small banking system that he would be paid weathily for. Things were grand. He could afford his own house, his own things, and he finally felt like he was on his own. He didn't want to admit that somewhere, a large piece of this beautiful dream was missing, he didn't know where it was, or what it was for that matter. He frowned at that and then smiled. They would be here soon. He could deal with missing pieces later.

"Elirian!" Running towards his older brother Alluvial spread his arms wide. He had to admit his brother had grown even more handsome now that he had begun to fill out. Elierian looked stronger when he hugged him Alluvial noticed that he himself had growen a little taller as well. Squeezing him tight the young boy looked up adoringly into his big brother's eyes.
"I missed you? Did you miss me? You look well and your hair... you have to tell me everything." His heart felt as if it was fluttering it was beating so fast he was just so excited.

Elirian smiled and looked at his seventeen year old brother with an look of aw. He had changed a lot, but not too much, he somehow still held that innocent sheen that he had adored so greatly. He wrapped his arms tight about the other, pressing an appropriate kiss to his cheek. "Ah of course I missed you, Alluvial! How couldn't I have? And yes, what of my hair? I let it grow out, it's more professional. I will tell you everything, if you decide to escort me home. " He said, grinning and finally releasing the other. His eyes that were much darker in green than his younger brother's scanned the lythe figure in front of him. He loved it. He loved everything about the way the other looked.

Still smiling the younger man threw his long blond hair back over his shoulder.
"Of course I will escort you home Elirian." He reached up to kiss his brother's cheek in return and could not resist touching the others hair. "It suits you." A slight blush darkened his cheeks as Alluvial let his hand drop. "Can I help you with your bags?" He asked but did not take his eyes off his older brother. It had been five long years and it was strange to see those same green eyes looking out of an older more refined face. Alluvial liked the changes and studied Elirian's face comparing it to the way he looked before he left. His mind wandered and he wondered if he would be as handsome as his brother in another three or four years.

The older of the two was entranced by the darkening blush of his younger sibling, the color bringing out his grey-green eyes. He bit his lower lip to keep from making a noise of appreciation of any kind. "Oh certain if you would like. You know, I am getting my own place soon. If you ever get tired of living at home." He added, wondering what the other would say to that, he thought though that these recently discovered feelings might be difficult to control in such an environment were they to be alone. He grabbed his one bag and carried it to the carriage he suspected was theirs and helped load the other bags before sitting down. "My, it was such a long ride by carriage. I may take a nap when we get back." He said, yawning and gesturing for the other to sit with him. "Have you been keeping your studies?"

Alluvial just nodded and pouted slightly for a moment. When his brother gave him an inquiering look the younger man spoke.
"You have only just come back and you are eager to leave me again...?" Before Elirian could say anything he continued. "I could help you settle in when you get your own place. You are bound to be busy with important matters and I could keep the house clean and make sure you eat..." The blush returned to his cheeks and Alluvial let his hair fall forward to cover his face as he waited for a reply. For some reason he was afraid his brother would reject him and he felt as if he could not bare that. "I have missed you so much..." He muttered more to himself than Elirian. Again his heart was racing as if he had run a long way and his stomach knotted. It seemed to take for ever for his brother to answer.

"Darling, it isn't that I am leaving you. I will only be a whole three houses away. Do you honestly think our elders would let me move too far? And you're more than welcome over to do what you wish. Yes, settle with me there, and I suppose you're wanting to do the duties of a housewife, it's not needed, but I wont complain." He said, odd images entering his mind of waking with breakfast or some other meal of the day waiting for him on the table, his little brother in an apron and greeting him with a morning kiss. The image made him smile. "Well... I wouldn't mind that at all." He said, reaching out to stroke through his brother's hair. "Your hair's gotten much longer as well." He said softly to give him an excuse to touch it.

Feeling his cheeks burn Alluvial nodded and looked down at his lap where he played with the hem of his tunic. While he did not have the courage to look at his brother, he did tilt his head slightly so Elirian's hand brushed against his chin.
"While you were gone I decided to learn how to cook... sitting at the lunch table by myself was very lonely. It would be wonderful if you could tell me what you think of my cooking." For an instant Alluvial felt as if his heart had stopped as he looked up into his older brother's green eyes. The blonde could not understand why things between him an Elirian seemed so different. They had always been close but now he wanted his brother's approval more than ever.

"I would be more than happy to sample your cooking. It's delightful that you have learned such a trade." He said, thinking again to the image of his little brother being that of a house-wife, cooking for him and things. Perhaps a dish of sweets would always be found in their home. He found the image made him think of other things too, more passionate thoughts if anything. He frowned. Where on Earth were these thoughts coming from? How would he be even civil around his brother were he to keep thinking perversions towards him? "So, any girlfriends?"

Alluvial shook his head.
"No... there is this one girl I kind of like but every time I go to ask her out I get too nerves. She is pretty and I only know her name." The boy shrugged. "I have seen her at the markets with her friends." Again he felt uncomfortable, his mind was racing. Thoughts like- She is not really that pretty, if I actually spoke to her I might find her shallow, I am not really that interested in her or I would have introduced myself already. Alluvial looked up at his brother with a worried look then his eyes went wide as another thought crossed his mind. She is not as beautiful as you Elirian. Although he had not said it out loud the boy looked aways afraid his brother would see it in his eyes. Why had he thought that? What has changed between them? Why was the strong jaw line and broad sholders hard to look away from?

Elirrian frowned at the sudden rage of jealousy that entered his mind at the mentioning of this girl. "Oh, well you won't ever know until you talk to her. I haven't exactly been looking. One thing about our family I have been thankful of is that we don't have to marry. Our status is our own. It's such a relief to not have to do anything. I have had many come onto me, but none that were even interesting. Though I admit, one girl, who looked a little like you piqued my interest for roughly an hour until I found out she was a prostitute.." He trailed off then, recalling the incident. He chuckled. Ah, life's grandeur or mistakes.

"Oh, so I guess neither of us are in love?" As soon as he had spoken Alluvial blushed again. He did not understand why but he was happy his brother had not found anyone. The boy smiled slightly as he remembered Elirrian speaking of the prostitute that looked a little like him. "So..." He blushed again not sure what to say, Alluvial was more focused on the fact his brother did not have a lover. "So for now I don't have to share you with any women?" He finally finished and blushed again.

Elirian looked into his brother's eyes and noticed the blush and the look of hope., "Well, certainly not." He said, smiling broadly. "Though, are you jealous, oh darling brother of mine?" He asked teasingly, covering his mouth as though in conspiracy, "Oh my, whatever would our family think?" He grinned behind his hand, looking at the other rapturously, taking in ever detail.

Several different emotions ran through the boy and each one crossed his face as well. At first Alluvial was happy and relieved, his eyes sparkled at the thought of haveing his brother all to himself. Then he was shocked and suddenly felt nerves that his brother could tell he was confused and attracted to him. Although Elirrian was teasing him he had put into words exactly what he himself felt. Then at the mention of how his family would react the boy suddenly began to worry. When it dawned on him his older brother was teasing him, the blonde began to pout and flicked his hair back over his shoulder. He looked away with his nose in the air.
"You are so cruel Elirrian, I have not seen you for five years and the first thing you do when you get back is tease me." Folding his arms in front of him, Alluvial let out a small snort but deep inside he was alarmed and embarrassed. He was not sure what was happening or why but for some reason he was looking at his brother in a completely different light and it was exciting, confusing and worrying all at once.

Eliriran couldn't stop the laughter from leaving him. "You poor tormented thing! Oh how dreadful of me to tease you. You know I only do it out of affection" He stressed the last word, sending his brother a heated look before the carriage stopped in front of their home. He smirked and grabbed as much of his things as he could, leading the way to his room to unpack. This was going to be an incredibly odd next few however long it took to admit to himself that he was sexual attracted to his brother and said brother might just be interested right back into him. The world was terribly cruel sometimes, this was one of those times.

Biting his bottom lip as he gathered the rest of his brother's things Alluvial tried not to think about his feelings. He told himself it was just because it had been so long since he had seen his brother and things would return to normal soon. For five long years he had been missing his brother, his fifteen year old brother and now a man had returned home. A handsome man with strong features and a wonderful smile. No you must not think things like that. He scoulded himself as he stepped out of the carriage and followed Eliriran inside. The boy did not realize that he was pouting again and he was so lost in thought he ran right into his brother's back as Eliriran stopped to open his bedroom door and dropped the bags he was carrying.
"Oh! Sorry brother." He muttered and scrambled to pick up the fallen cases.

With a look of surprise, Elirian had fallen backwards as the other ran into him,having struck his legs while going down, and having been off balance, he twisted to prevent from falling and landed with his hands on either side of his little brother's head, laying atop of him. "Are you okay?" He asked, trying to calm himself from the fall. He turned slightly red, for he was about to start having to calm himself from having fallen atop the other. There was something delightful about the other being under him in such a manner. He looked into the other's grey-green eyes and found that for a moment he couldn't look away and had actually begun to lean down as if to kiss him. He covered the action quickly as he realized he was doing it by giving the other a quick kiss on the cheek that could have been considered chaste and appropriate. He stood and pulled the other up with him. "Be careful, hmn? I wouldn't be happy if my little brother was hurt from such a silly thing." He smiled and began to pick up the fallen luggage, placing it around his bed. He would unpack later, for now he collapsed upon his bed, sighing heartfully that he was at home.

Incredably embarrassed Alluvial tried to ignore the fact that his heart was pounding so loudly the noise filled his ears. For an instant he thought his brother was going to kiss him, not just the caring kiss on the cheek he recieved but a real kiss. He had even closed his eye for an instant enjoying the closness of the other. What had really unsettled him was the feeling of loss he experienced when the expected kiss did not arrive. He had fallen pretty hard and in his mind he told himself it was just the bump on the head that had caused him to think such a thing. Sitting down on the bed beside Elirrian he smiled sweetly and flicked his long silvery hair over his shoulder.
"If you are tired I can come back in an hour or so with some refreshments?" Although he smiled Alluvial did not want to leave his brother's side just yet.

"A nap would be good, but the pitiful look on your face says you don't want me to sleep." He said, chuckling."Well, you may if you want, I may or may not fall asleep, it's up to you." He said, sprawled out completely, his eyes all ready closing. He wondered if the other would snuggle up to him as they used to when they were younger, those were the times that intimacy between them was innocent, he felt that if they were to cuddle then someone might be getting molested. And such troublesome feelings! He looked at his little brother, finding he much liked him on his bed.

"Would it be alright if I stayed here with you for a little while Elirrian?" Hoping that his brother would not deny him, the blonde leaned back and propping himself up on his elbow he lay on his side studying the older man's face. "You have changed so much in the last five years but it is a good change." His grey green eyes followed Elirrian's jaw line and the curve of his cheeks. He could not help smiling and had to resist the urge to reach out and trace his brothers eyebrows.

Elirian smiled. "I was going to ask if you wanted to. Sure, I miss our old days of cuddling together. They were missed in our long separation from eachother." He said, pulling his younger brother playfully against himself, using him as though he could have been his stuffed bear or an extra pillow. "This is how I remember it." He said, grinning as he thought the other might be peeved at being so tightly held.

Instead of being annoyed Alluvial sighed and snuggled into his brother.
"Mmm I missed the way you smell.... I had almost forgotten it." In the short time his brother had been home the blonde had been through so many emotions and the excitment had left him emotionally drained so it did not take him long to fall asleep. With the familure scent of Elirian and his big strong arms wrapped around him the boy felt safe and loved. He knew his family, his two Masters loved him as well but he had missed his brother's warmth and eating their meals together.

Elirian smiled as he could tell his brother had fallen asleep. He kissed his forehead and closed his own eyes, drifting peacefully, happy to have someone in his arms, and even more that the someone was his brother. He loved every second that the other was near. So long, and now so tormented he was.

And it wasn't long after they had fallen asleep when eyes of sky blue peered into the room. The owner of the eyes huffed in annoyance that his darling children didn't alet him that Elirian had been home. He didn't want to wake them though. An what an odd picture they had made. He had seen them fall on one another in the hallway, watched Alluvial and ELirian both blush all times through the time they had been home, and the only reason he himself didn't show his presence was out of wanting to watch the peculiar behavior of the others. They were definitely flirting, and he was bound to figure out if it was innocent or not. He sat at the kitchen table, wondering what meal to cook for the other two, twisting his shoulder length black hair in his thin fingers. "So confusing." He said, sighing dramatically as he lay his head on the table.

Straightening his tunic and smoothing his thick dark brown hair Auguste nodded at his reflection.
"One must always be presentable before greeting the household." He muttered to himself then left his private rooms. Seeing his brother and fellow Immortal with his head on the table he clicked his tongue.
"Why so dramatic? I take it Elirian is home, is he unpacking?" He could not help smiling at his brother, Sattienne looked so adorable when he behaved as if he were performing a Greek Tradgerdy. One must love one's brother with modestly. He heard his Master's voice in his head and sat down beside Sattienne but stopped himself form putting his arm around him. His Master and Sire of the Immortal gift had been a strict man, he had demanded obedience was unforgiving when he did not receive it. Turning his brother had angered the man no end but he could not just stand by and watch him die. Trying not to think about the past he smiled at his brother and waited for him to answer him.

Sattienne looked up and huffed. "Something odd is going about, why don't you go take a peek into Elirian's room. I can't tell if it's just because they missed one another or they have a fancy for eachother. You see, when they came in, I sort of watched them out of curisority, I do that a lot, but I was rather confused. When Elirian had begun to head up stairs with his things, Alluvial followed him, but ran into the back of him also, then fell back, when he fell into him, it caused Elirian to stumble back and then turn before falling oh it's hard to describe, I will have to demonstrate." He stood, pulled his brother out of his chair and lay atop him the exact way Elirian had on Alluvial. "And then I swear I thought they were going to kiss, Elirian's eyes were cloing like and Alluvial was certainly blushing. But Elirian kissed his cheek before getting up, and now their cuddling on their bed. I know they used to do that when they were younger, but would it be considered still appropriate?" He remained seated atop his brother's waist in an upright position. He looked down at him in curiosity of what his answer mnight be."You'd just have to of seen it for yourself. Now that I think about it, they've always flirted with eachother."

It took Auguste all his self control to keep his featured smooth and stop himself from pulling his brother down on top of him again. The closeness as well as the fact that Sattienne was sitting on him aroused him but there was no way he was going to show it. Frowning he gently removed his brother and sat up. There were still seated on the floor and Auguste tilted his head to the side.
"So you think they might be attracted to each other?" Sattienne's reaction to Alluvial and Elirian only confirmed that his feelings for his younger brother were not appropreate and he sould never act on them. "Well I guess we need to do something about it...maybe if there was another to lavish their affection on...?" Auguste's brow furrowed and he concidered match making. Elirian was strong willed but Alluvial was made of more supple stuff, he doubted that the younger sibling would refuse if he found him a good wife. Pushing those thoughts aside, he stood up, brushed his clothing off and offered Sattienne a hand up. "I guess I should go and see if there is anything to worry about first." It was more a statment then a question and he headed upstairs to peek through Elirian's door.

Sattienne smiled and followed after his brother, as he saw him peak through the door he placed a hand on his back and peered around also, pressed against the other. "See what I mean?", he whispered, "They're like.. sleeping as lovers would sleep. Just wait until they're awake. They flirt almost obnoxiously." He said, turning to look at his brother to gauge his expression, he blushed when he realized just how close he was and removed himself instantly, straightening his clothing. "I mean.. it's just...I don't know how to handle them if they do like one another. Do we keep them from it? I don't think our maker would approve. " He said, frowning and tilting his head in thought.

"Definatly not, our maker would be furious." Auguste did not realize he was scowling, he had liked Sattienne being so close and almost sighed in pain at the feeling of loss when he moved away. Their maker had impressed on him the fact that brothers are not lovers and seeing how happy Elirian and Alluvial looked wrapped in each others arms made him a little angry. Knowing the pain of denying his feelings the immortal was annoyed that his children should suffer the same fate. "And you say they were flirting before?" He continued then consiously calmed himself and softened the tone of his voice. Filled with way too many emotions to keep under control Auguste turned and headed back down the stairs so he did not have to look at his brother.

Shifting in his sleep Alluvial snuggled in closer so his head was actually resting on his brother's chest. He dreamed of strange but wonderful things where he and Elirian ran hand in hand or rode a horse where his brother held him tightly from behind keeping him safe.

Sattienne nodded. "Yes, I think they were anyhow, you'll see for yourself whenever they awaken again and interact with us." He said, sitting on the long couch in their sitting room. "Of course, I mean, I wouldn't even mind, they'd make a cute couple, but our maker, I don't think he would appreciate it much. I wouldn't want them to get hurt. And they're brothers, but I guess, considering they're both going to be as we are one day, that relation doesn't matter in the end. "

Elirian smiled softly and woke suddenly. His nap was just the boost he needed. He gently shook his brother. "Hey, do you want to get up now?" He asked, stroking his hair. "I'm getting hungry, maybe you should cook something? Show me those cooking skills so that I may taste what I will be recieving later."

A surge of emotion threatened to shatter Auguste's mask of control. He looked into his brother's blue eyes trying to figure out if he felt the same way. What had Sattienne meant by it did not matter in the end because Elirian and Alluvial would one day be immortal as well? Did his beloved brother know he had feelings for him? More than anything he wished he knew what the other was thinking but his line of thought was disturbed when Alluvial came down the stairs.

Alluvial smiled happily and stretched a little before he nodded and sat up. He took a moment to wake properly then became excited at the thought of cooking for Elirian.
"I know just the thing to make for you....I promise you will love it." He almost skipped he was so elated as he left the room to go down stairs.The young blonde smiled brightly and went to greet his family. Streatching up on tiptoes he kissed Auguste on the cheek then went to kiss Sattienne as well.
"Did you sleep well?" He asked remembering to be polite then excitedly informed them of Elirian's return.

Sattienne smiled at Alluvial, returning his kiss to the cheek. "Mn, good morn, Alluvial. I am hoping your nap was well?" He quested softly, giving him a once-overing look. He smiled at Elirian and embraced him tightly. "How you've grown!" He said, kissing his cheeks and smiling brightly. He let go of him to be praised by Auguste.

Elirian grinned before he returned Sattienne's embraces and then he went to Auguste, hugging him tight and kissing his cheeks. "I've missed you both! It's so good to be home again."

The young blonde went bounding into the kitchen humming slightly as he lit the fire and tied an apron round his waist so his clothes did not get dirty. Alluvial could still feel his brother's warmth on his skin and he absent mindedly pressed his hand to his cheek smiling. Elirian had warmed that cheek and it was almost as good as having his brother close by.

"Your manners have improved." Auguste said a little more harshly then he intended so he embraced his child to make up for it. "You have grown, tall and strong." He kissed Elirian's cheek. "It is good to see Alluvial so happy he has really missed you."

Elirian smiled and nodded. "Well, the teachers woldn't exactly let me be unmannered." He looked after Alluvial's retreating form, smiling just at the sight of it. "Yes, he's certainly a cheery thing. I missed him. He's going to be beautiful when he gets older. I mean, he's all ready beautiful now, but I can't wait to see him in a couple of years. " He said, grinning as he thought of the image his brother might look like when he was older. "Mn, anyhow."

Sattienne didn't know whether to laugh or frown slightly when the other mentioned all of these admiring things about his brother. "Well, why don't you go see if your brother wants help cooking." He said, and at Elirian's nod and retreat to said kitchen he turned to Auguste. "See?"

Elirian walked to the kitchen and hugged his brother from behind. "Anything I can help you with?" He asked, pressing a kiss to his cheek before releasing him, standing close by.

A soft moan of contentment had escaped the blonde when Elirian wrapped his arms around him and the loss of contact when his brother stepped away seemed to physically hurt. Trying to cover his reaction Alluvial shook his head.
"Nah ah, all you have to do is sit there and hopefully enjoy it when I am done." He did not dare turn and look at his older brother, afraid his true feelings would show he focused on his cooking.

There was absolutely no doubt in Auguste's mind, his children were in love. Years of burying his feelings and being careful what to say and do around his own brother had left the Immortal a little bitter. He hid in the comfort of the ridged rules and strict manners their maker had instilled in him. For an instant Auguste felt like throwing caution to the wind and incouraging the young men to be honest with themselves and each other but reason won out. Their maker was known for his rages and Auguste feared he might harm his children in such a state. With a heavy heart he looked at Sattienne.
"We must do something about this." The frown he wore made his words sound cold.

Elirian smiled and nodded. "I am sure I will. You're your own special flavor as well." He said, referring to the other bring bright and a good flavor in that sense. "You always know how to put a smile on my face." He traced his brother's cheek teasingly before hugging him again and then taking a seat at the kitchen table.

Sattienne gave his brother a scruitinizing stare. "I know. It seems cruel though." He sighed and frowned at his next thoughts. "I mean, I know they're brothers, but look how obvious they are. Wouldn't they be a pure thing? They're both seemingly devoted to one another, and I doubt that they would do anything to hurt eachother. I mean, one day they'll both live forever.." He trailed off before continuing. "Should we really stop them?"

Blushing again Alluvial just nodded, he was afraid his voice would falter if he said anything. His cheeks were not the only thing that was burning and the young blonde had to focus on his cooking really hard to ignore the blood rushing to his crotch. He was at that age where his urgers were strong and often at the most inapproate times.

"Yes!" The word seemed to fill the entire room and Auguste was shocked by his own emotion. "I'm sorry, I did not mean to be so harsh." He reached out and lifted Sattiene's chin. If it had not been for their maker he would have taked his younger brother as a lover years ago. Everything about Sattiene pleased him but he had pushed all his feelings aside, wrapping himself in a world of rules and protocol. "They are brothers and even if they will live forever society would not accept them." Biting his tongue to stop from adding Our maker will not allow it, just as he forbade me from telling you how much I want you. Auguste sighed. "We should introduce them to others, sutible partners.... who knows they may find happiness with another." Deep down inside he was praying to any deity that would listen that this attraction was a phase and would pass.

Elirian smiled while he watched his little brother cook. It was a rare sight, sure the younger had tried to cook when he was younger, but now he seemed to have more adapt fingers and know what he was doing. He was a special sight to Elirian, one that he wouldn't forget, especially not when he had a moment of alone time. He wished he could share such a time with this lovely fantasy of his, but he thought that just maybe it wouldn't be the best thing. They would surely be separated on impulse.

Sattienne had been taken aback, and for a moment he leaned into the other's touch. "It's going to hurt them Auguste. Why is our maker so strict? I mean, society wont even know." He sighed. "I am sorry. I know it's wrong. Technically speaking, but I just don't see the problem. I want to go to talk to our maker to just be sure. Maybe he's changed in the last ten years he's been absent from us?" He sighed and stood, embracing Auguste. "I think that's where I will be going. You may come too if you wish."

Cutting and dicing with hard earned shill the blonde continued to hum. He had pulled his long hair back and tied it with a black velvet ribbon so it did not get dirty but there was a stubborn strand that had worked its way free and he kept blowing it out of his eyes.
"I hope you are hungry Elirian, I have soft cheese and olives for you as well." It seemed as if his blood was a raging bonfire it felt so hot and every time he realized his brother was watching him he felt another blush on his cheeks. Alluvial's heart beat so loudly his humming picked up speed in time with it. "So did you meet anyone while you were away? A girl or perhaps even a good looking man?" In his mind the young man prayed that the answer was no, he did not want to share his brother. The strength of that desire overwhelmed him a little and he blew the strand of silvery hair out if his face again to cover the frown at the thought of Elirian with a lover.

His breath caught in his throat. Sattienne, his Sattiene that he had loved since first he could remember did not see the problem with brothers being lovers. Hope began to rise in Auguste and that was a dangerous thing. His maker had made it all too clear that he was not to act on his feelings. There were times when he was feeling particualy bitter that he put it down to jealousy. That his maker wanted him all to himself and did not wish to share him with Sattienne but said maker had been absent for a decade. He had grown weary of Auguste and departed, or at least that is the way the immortal saw it.
"Please little brother, I don't want you to go by yourself but I don't want to leave our children here alone either.." Although he said please he was not really asking Sattienne to stay, it was more of an order. Auguste had no idea how their maker would react to such a request and he did not want to see the only person he had ever truely loved get hurt.

"We've been through this before, allivial. I met no woman, and definitely no man. It seems the Gods have saved me for your scrawny self." He grinned and felt his stomach gurgle. "Ugh, hurry up will you, slow person." He said, teasing his younger sibling, trying to not admit that he was forever wanting his little brother. He wanted him in this obnoxious way to. He wanted to just claim his love and take him right there on the kitchen table, but he knew their makers wouldn't exactly appove of that. He suddenly realized his eyes were firmly affixed to the other's rear.

Sattienne frowned at his brother. "Just be careful." He stood and kissed his cheek. "It would pain me should master kill you for asking him a small question." He embraced his elder and sighed. "Wel, what should I do while you're gone? Let them at it or try to separate them?" He asked, laying back on the couch until the other would answer him, mentally exhaustd.

Pouting at being called slow Alluvial turned to look at his brother.
"I know what you said before but you were gone for five whole years, shorely in all that time you were with someone?" He hoped the answer was still no because living with the memory of a past lover was a hard thing to do. He could not explain why but a streak of jealously had come to the surface as he imagined his brother's hands on him again.

More than anything he wanted to say let them follow their hearts but he was confident their maker would say no. Sighing deeply Auguste sat down beside his brother and wrapped an arm around him.
"I will be fine Sattienne but while I am gone you should probably try to keep them apart. Nothing too obvious in case it is nothing. Just interupt them if they get too close by asking if they would like to go out to a dance or somthing." Having his brother against him made Auguste want to push him down on the couch and pull down his tights engulfing Sattiene's manhood and making his cry out with pleasure.

Elirian chuckled. "There was no one, little brother." He said, standing and walking to him from behind, hugging him again. He had the sudden urge to kiss on the other's neck after kissing his cheek. He had almost started to but did his best to pass it off as innocent, his lips touching once. He was close to giving into his odd feelings. So very close to ravishing this beautiful pale neck of his brother with kisses and slight nibbles.

Sattienne sighed and nodded, sitting up and looking his brother in the eyes while pressing their foreheads together. "Just be careful." He said, placing a hand on the side of his brother's face. "I can't bare to lose you." He added soft enough to where the sentence being said was questionable. He tilted his head up just a little and pressed a kiss to the side of the other's mouth before resting his head on his chest. 

The blonde had stopped what he was doing and realized he was leaning into the embrace. He had even tilted his head slightly allowing Elirian better access to the curve or his neck. A sharp intake of breath had also been audable but doubt suddenly gripped him. Alluvial felt very foolish for wanting more of his brother. Elirian was his brother and he would do well to remember that he told himself. Covering his reaction with a loud sigh and moving slightly to the side the blonde pouted.
"If you keep harassing me you will never get your meal." Al noticed his hands were shaking and his mouth tasted bitter. Pulling aways form Elirian hurt, it hurt his heart and his soul and his neck seemed to burn where his brother's lips had been. He knew feeling those soft lips on his skin again would please him greatly but he also knew that he would give himself over completly to Elirian.

This is torture Auguste told himself. Such tenderness from his brother and to have him right there in his arms and not be able to claim him as he own was unbearable. Don't think about it... don't think about him. Retreating to the comfort of his rules and ridged guidelines Auguste sighed then gently pushed Sattienne away.
"Come on, lets go and see what our children are up to. The most wonderful smell is comming from the kitchen." He stood up without waiting for a reply and smoothed his clothing before he walked off. On the outside Auguste was his usual calm, in control self while inside he was weeping.

Elirian frowned and grabbed his brother's hands, turning him into his grasp and moved to kiss him on a whim but at seeing their maker he blushed and pretended as though he was just playing with the other innocently, pushing him back out into a spin. "Hello, Auguste! We have a wonderful little cook here!" He said, laughing nervously.

Sattienne sighed when his brother had pulled away, feeling unwanted of all things, of course his brother didn't love him the sam way, what was he thinking, it was obvious that he didn't, or else he wouldn't have been so harsh about Alluvial and Elirian. He went and followed Auguste to the kitchen. "Yes, he is a wonderfcul cook.." He said, eyebrow raised at the actions of them. "Obviously you broke into dance over his dish?"

A little shocked Alluvial reached out and steadied himself against the wall. Elirian had spun him so fast he felt a little dizzy and for an instant he thought his brother was going to kiss him again. Auguste was frowning slightly and fear that his master was angry with them made him bit his lip. Sattienne's praise soothed his wounded ego a little and when the elder immortal smiled, the blonde smiled back relieved.

He had interupted them, that much Auguste knew for sure. It was obvious they both cared for each other,no, it was more than that. It was love, just as Sattienne said. Feeling as if a dagger had been plunged into his chest, he forced a smile. If his maker did not allow him to show his true feelings for his brother what chances did his children stand of being able to live in each others embrace? For the first time in his long life Auguste thought of defying his maker, of turning his children before Alluvial was full grown and hiding them away, somewhere safe.
"I have to go and see our maker, I should not be gone too long but while I am gone I ask that you abide Sattienne as you would me." Because of his own feelings and thoughts his voice came out cold and much harsher then he intended but Auguste was in too much pain to repair the damage it had done.
We should all run away, somewhere we can be together with the ones we love. Our maker has abandoned us, how long should we blindly follow his orders? Bending to formally kiss his children and his beloved Sattienne, Auguste left the room afraid if he stayed any longer he would give in to his rebelious impulses.

Elirian frowned. "Of course, Auguste." He returned the formal kiss and stepped from Alluvial so he could do the same. He pondered on the events, what was so urgent. Were they in danger? Was Auguste in trouble for something or another? Why were things being so strange lately? He looked to Sattienne in question, hoping to get some form of answer.

Sattienne sighed when he recieved only a formal kiss. He caught Elirian's eye and gave him a reassuring wink before offering his arm to his brother. "Please, let me at least escort you to the door and to your horse." He whispered, softly so, looking up at him with a small frown in his eyes. He looked at the younger two for a brief moment before looking back up to Auguste, pleading in his eyes to let him at least walk him out.

When their Masters had left the room Alluvial reached out and wrapped his arms around Elirian's left arm the way he used to when they were younger and he was afraid of the dark.
"Something is wrong." He looked up at his big brother with his grey/green eyes wide and begging for his brother to reassure him everything would be fine.

Allowing Sattienne to walk him to the door, Auguste wanted to tell his brother everything. He wanted to tell him his feeling, how he had always loved him and how it would make him so happy to allow their children to be together as lovers but he could not. He opened his mouth then closed it again and then hugged Sattienne tightly.
"Everything will be fine and I will be back soon."

Elirian gave his brother a kind smile. "I think Auguste is just being dramatic as always, what could ossibly be the matter?" He asked, giving the hoped for reassurance in look, pressing a kiss to his brother's forehead. "Besides, they would tell us if something was going on." He hoped they would at least. He wrapped his arms about his brother, holding him close.

"Please come back to me safe.. I can't help also but to wonder what you're hiding.. you seem out of sorts. Are you all right?" He asked quickly,looking up at his brother with the need to hear what the matter was. He didn't want the other to be sad or hurt or in any kind of turmoil, but he could tell he was. He wanted terribly to stand upon tip toe and kiss the other, but didn't think that would be too good of an idea. "Please be safe, and.. if he approves, there's something I would like to talk to you about." He said, blushing lightly.

Leaning into the hug Alluvial wrapped his arms around his brother.
"I guess you are right but Master Auguste was fine yesterday." The blonde closed his eyes and snuggled in to Elirian's chest. He listened to his brother's heart pounding and wondered why it was so fast. His own heart was racing as he took a deep breath in. That familure scent of his brother was now a little more musky but that was a good thing, at least he thought so. Lost in his own thoughts Alluvial began to smile and sighed happily.

Looking into Sattienne's eyes he searched for a hint of whatever it was his brother wanted to talk about. Auguste hoped that is was about feelings for him, if their maker changed his mind he would waste no time in making his feelings for his blue eyed beauty known. He hugged his brother again and this time it was so hard to let go. Auguste was begining to think twice about going to see their maker, he did not think he could stand it if he had to inform Elirian he could never be with the love of his life and he would be spending an eturnity with his brother dying of a broken heart.

Elirian nodded. "Perhaps he's just stressed?" He offered, running his fingers through the other's hair. "I am sure whatever it is will pass. Hopefully anyhow." He added, unable to resist the kiss to the other's cheek, yet again finding himself kissing his neck. "I want to talk to you as soon as we get a moment alone." He whispered against the skin, shuddering as he wanted to bite at it and lick at it and suckle it. His hands were rested on his little brother's hips now, and subconsciously he pulled him closer.

Sattienne lightly blushed when the other looked into his eyes. He wondered if the other could tell that he had such feelings for him. Sattienne returned his brother's next hug, sighing heavily. "I love you, brother." He said, confessing everything in that statement, but knowing it would only be passed as small affection, the kind their master and seemingly everyone else felt was appropriate, but that he was finding terribly difficult to adhere to. He wanted to kiss his brother, wanted to be claimed by him.

Breath catching in his throat Alluvial felt a shiver run down his spine, it was the nice kind of shiver that hightens your senses. His brother's breath tickled his neck and he felt himself go limp, yealding to Elirian. The blonde wanted more and with a sudden rush of embarrassment he realized his manhood was hardening and pressed against his brother. His grey/green eyes spoke what he could not, he wanted to be closer to Elirian, to be everything his brother wanted or needed.

Pulling away Auguste buried his feeling behind his usual mask of control and detachment.
"I love you too." With that he turned and headed for the stable. Every step away from his Sattienne was harder then that last and by the time he had finished saddeling his horse he was shedding red tinged tears that rolled down his smooth white skin. Auguste asked himself if he was strong enough to protect his loved ones, if he could defend them against his maker if the need arose. Pushing his horse into a gallop he allowed the wind to dry his tears and focused on the flexing and streatching of his ride's muscles beneath him.

Elirian pressed a small kiss to his neck and lightly suckled the skin, trying to keep form shivering with delight. "We should go out tonight. Perhaps go dance or something, what do you think?" He asked, wanting to spend time alone with the other. He did feel the other's hardened length, but he was more intrigued by it than apalled. He was pleased. To have that reaction out of the younger made him realize he wasn't the only one out of the two of them that was experiencing such strange feelings for the other.

Sattienne sighed sadly as he watched his brother ride away. He blew a kiss after him, and merely stared. He wished he'd been the one to go instead, their maker was a fickle person, an evil person, and an straight up vile person, but sometimes he could see reason, and he hoped great that this was one of those times. He didn't want to go in yet. His heart was aching too much and he knew the pain would be visible on his face. So instead he opted to just wait a moment, and wait for the pain to stop, though he doubted that it would ever.

All Alluvial could do was nod, he was afraid if the opened his mouth the words I love you would come tumbling out and then Elirian would know he wanted to be more than just his brother. A strong surge of shame threatened to drown him for a moment. Elirian was his brother, his blood brother. They shared the same mother and father and physical love between blood relatives was forbidden. How could he be so stupid as to think Elirian might return his thoughts and feelings. Taking in a deep breath and giving himself a minuet to gather his whits the blonde blushed and looked away as he finally said something.
"You should eat before it gets cold." That was as far as his self control went, Alluvial could neither pull away or or look his brother in the eye.

A thousand thoughts ran through Auguste's mind and the more he thought about it the more he wanted to run. The chances of his maker changing his mind on the topic of brotherly love were slim and disobeying him was one sure way to earn his wrath. Auguste had experienced first hand the cruel temper of his maker and if he were not already an immortal at the time he would have been dead a thousand times over. The further he got form his beloved Sattienne the stronger the urge to turn his steed around and return to confess his feelings. They could go, they could just walk out and never return. They would find somewhere safe where they could all be free to love each other. Shaking his head and trying to rid himself of such thoughts Auguste began to think of the best way to phrase his question.

Elirian nodded. "All right. But only if you sit next to me, dear." He said soft. "It wouldn't be polite to have you not witness me taste your food." He said, kissing him once on the lips before moving away to sit at the table. Once sitting he grabbed a fork and tasted the lovely dish presented to him and moaned in delight. "Oh my, it's absolutely delicious, who taught you to cook?" He asked, quickly spooning yet another forkful into his mouth of the delightful dish.

Sattienne sighed and returned to the house finally, the pain present but not too noticeable. He smiled while sitting across from the two brothers, enjoyng their closeness and their sincerity with one another. He wished they could be together, what was honestly wrong about it? It's not like they would reproduce. It's not like society had to know. It's not like anything had to happen. Why couldn't they be happy?

Smiling and excited by the fact his brother was enjoying the meal Alluvial looked acraoss at Sattienne.
"Master Sattienne convinced Master Auguste to hire a cook to teach me. As usual Master Auguste took it very seriously and hired the best man money could buy. The man used to work in the palace kitchen... I think he went back to working there but he comes back once every few months to teach me a new dish."

Sattienne chuckled and nodded. "Yes, he's quite fond of you as his student." he said, thinking back to how the older teacher had enjoyed visiting practically every day. "You'd think he wanted you to be a woman and cook for some man." He looked pointedly at Elirian while he said this.

Elirian blushed and almost choked on his food. "Well, Alluvial said he wanted to come over and cook, clean and stuff for me while I am moved out, I want to move down about three houses, besides it would give you and Auguste your peace for once, putting up with Alluvial and I for so many years and all." He said, grinning.

Once again the blonde's heart was pounding loudly in his ears. After the way Elirian had spoken to him eirler and held him close Alluvial had visions of them kissing a lot and him placing a feast in front of his brother after a day of business meetings. They would share the same bed so every morning he could greet Elirian with a bright smile. He became lost in those thoughts and did not realize he was sitting there smiling like an idiot and humming softly to himself. For his brother, Alluvial would be every inch a woman, or at least take on all a woman's duties including satasfying Elirian sexually. That thought in particular made him blush.

Sattienne smiled. "Why don't you two go out and do something then hmn? I think I might go out as well." He rose from his seat and went to his room. Upon reaching said place he sighed, laying back on the bed that was his. "I miss you brother." He whispered, sighing hurtfully. It was so hard to maintain a not saddened face. He doubted he would ever be able to be truly happy again unless his brother was with him. He just hoped their maker had no means to hurt him.

Ellirian finished off his food. "Come, help me pick what to wear." He said while grabbing his little brother's hand and dragging him to his room, removing his tunic as he went, humming while he searched through his trunks, standing in only his leggings. "The green or blue?" He asked, holding each up to his form.

The sight of his older brother shirtless hit Alluvial like a slap in the face. He could not take his eyes off Elirian and he stood there as if he had been knocked senseless. Now he was so hard his clothing was uncomfortable and too tight and he had absolutly no idea what his brother had asked him. Swallowing he shook his head trying to clear it of inapproperate thoughts and realized Elirian was holding up two tunics.
"Err.. the green one." His voice sounded thin and he had to clear his throat to continue. "It brings out you eyes." Heat once again bloomed across his cheeks as Alluvial blushed but he still could not look away.

Elirian smirked when he nodded in agreement. "Something the matter, Alluvial, you seem flush." He asked seductively, walking to and putting his hand on the other's forehead. "You seem to be a bit warm." He knew it was because of his state of undress. "What, not used to seeing a naked person?" And with that he closed the door and then removed his leggings, removing another pair of a darker shade of green from his suitcase to match his tunic, standing now fully nude. "And what are you wearing?"

All the blonde could do was shake his head, the ability to speak had been stripped away with Elirian's leggings. The room suddenly felt way too hot and his breathing was fast and shallow. He had seen nudes before, Elirian when they were younger and statues and paintings of nude Gods but somehow this was very different. Nothing had ever prevoked such a reaction from him, now not only was his clothing too tight but he was beginning to hurt. Alluvial felt as if he would burst and he backed up against the door muttering.
"Do not know... better... dressed... my room..." He bit his lip to stop himself from crying out to Elirian for help. He needed release, he wanted it but Elirian was his brother.

Slowing his horse to a walk Auguste continued down the allyway that lead to the stables of his makers house. He was still waging a war with himself about weather or not he should be asking permission to allow Elirian and Alluvial to be together. If he did not ask his maker could not say no and he was not be disobeying when he allowed them to follow their hearts in the way he was forbidden too.

Elirian chuckled. "Oh come now, have a seat, what's got you all bothered?" He quested as though he wasn't standing there nakd, his length slightly hard. "I mean, we've seen eachother naked before, there's no reason to be embarrassed.. Am I ugly or something?" He asked, a false frown on his face. He knew he wasn't repulsive. He wasn't even mildly ugly. He was very atheletic, and fit. He knew the other's problem, but he didn't want to scare him away either.

Axele all ready knew his son was approaching. He rose, long honey brown hair slipping about his waist and his light brown eyes opened in curiosity. He could sense inner turmoil with the other and rose, opening the door to allow the other in before he could even get to the house. "What brings you here, Auguste?" He asked, his voice toneless and cold.

"No!" Alluvial scared himself a little, he had not expected his voice to have so much conviction in it and he quickly covered his mouth with his hand. Blinking a few times he took in a deep breath.
"No, Elirian you are not ugly. Not at all." He blushed again and wondered if his heart would jump right out of his chest, it was certenly beating fast enough. Still he could not look away and silently cursed himself for reacting in such a fashion. Alluvial honestly thought he had offended his brother and his grey/green eyes begged Elirian to forgive him.

A jolt of sheer fear surged through Auguste at the sound of his maker's voice. As he had been taught he bowed in greeting then approached Axele to kiss his cheek.
"Hello Master." Auguste tried to sound calm. I have come to speak with you on a matter concerning my children." Suddenly a thousand worries filled his mind. Were his clothes neat? Were they dusty, had he used a polite tone? Even thoughts like were his nails clean and neatly trimmed set his mind racing. They were all lessons he had learned the hard way and did not want to repeat them or give his maker any excuse to be angry with him.

Elirian felt rotten for having made his younger brother so distraught. He pulled on his leggings and moved to him, kissing his chek. "I am teasing you." He hugged him and then smiled. "You're cute when you get all flustered, by the way." He gave him a sly wink. "You know, you're getting quite beautiful, Alluvial. I am wondering how jealous I will get of the men and women that will be hoarding over you wherever we go? How about we go for some small cookies at the inn down the main street? They shouldn't bother us too much there."

Axele frowned. "Speak." He ordere, allowing the other inside his home, wondering jst what his disagreeable child had in mind. "Surely they're not in trouble?"For as strict and mean as Axele could be, he wanted always to protect hi children, he'd be damned should anything happen to them, he'd kill the person who hurt them. Even if the offense was minor.

Out of everything his brother had said Alluvial focused on only a few words. According to Elirian he was cute when he was flustered, he was quite beautiful and Elirian might be jealous of others paying him attention. The blonde could not help smiling despite the fact he was still rock hard and horny. Those words seemed to touch something deep inside and he felt as if his entire body was tingeling with warmth and praise.
"If that is where you want to go Elirian." Alluvial sat there smiling at his brother, his eyes sparkling, he was enjoying this feeling way too much to leave or announce he needed to get dressed.

"Well no Master they are not. Not really... it is... I think they are in love. Elirian has just returned from his studies and..." Auguste looked at his maker's cold expression, and deciding he may as well just come out with it he continued. "They are in love with one another that way I have always loved Sattienne."

Elirian grinned. "Go dress." He said, givng the other a light pat on the rear. "I will be joining you in just a moment." He said, pulling his tunic on and then brushing out his hair, pullng it back just lightly with a stray ribbon. He smiled at thinking of his brother, he really liked him, loved him, wanted him. And he could tell it was the same on both sides, he just wondered when to confess and how to hide it from their makers.

Axele immediately tensed. "Absolutely not. It's impure. You know better than to come to me with this sort of thing. Didn't I beat you enough the first time? Out of my sight before I rid the world of your dissapointing self." He hissed angrily, rising and point towards the door, "And don't you ever come back here again for something so stupid as that, to which you all ready knew the answer."

As he stripped off his leggings Alluvial noticed they were damp. He blushed deeply at the fact he was leaking and went to the wash basin to try and clean the up a little. I was just so embarrassing and he was still hard. The slightest thought of Elirian and he his manhood twitched and leaked even more. This would not do, he had to deal with his lust before he dressed. Taking the pisspot he sat on the end of his bed and thinking of his brother he began to pump his hand up and down his length. The blonde bit his lip to try and stay quiet but he moaned softly and whispered Elirian and brother and he neared climax.

Axele's words made him flinch and all his fears were realized. Feeling as if his heart were breaking again just as it had when he first told his maker how he felt about Sattienne, Auguste bowed slightly.
"I am sorry Master, forgive me." Straightening up he headed for the door. How was he going to tell his children they were not to act on their feelings? Could he really run from Axele? Was it possible to take Sattienne and the others and disaprear? Before he even got to the door Auguste knew that he could not bare to see his children suffer as he did. Over the years he had seemed to become hard and cold, more like his maker with each passing year but he could not condem his children to such a fate. As soon as he got home he would order the others to pack, they would leave tonight. He had no idea where but he imagined them getting a room at an inn for the day and using the blankets to cover the windows for him and Sattienne. He would also confess everything to his brother and pray to the Gods Sattienne felt something for him in return.

Apparently the younger of the two forgot just how sounds travel, and Elirian almost resorted to the same self treatment as he heard his brother's pleasured cries. That was all the proof he need and he grinned while thinking about kissing the other and making him his lover. "Alluvial darling, come now, wouldn't want to be late." He said, chuckling outside his door. He knew the acivity taking place, he knew his words were still seductive in tone and that 'come now' might just very well trigger the release he wanted to hear. Yes, ELirian was a bit of a pervert at the moment, but there wasn't anything he could do about that, he wanted to hear the sounds.

Axele sighed while his child left. He didn't know why he was so cold to him. Maybe he wanted them to feel miserable as he was. If he didn't have love, why should they? It's not like anyone had turned an intimate hand towards him in perhaps a thousand years. What was he to do? He knew he shouldn't deny the others their right to one another, but why should they get to?

Sattienne sighed and waited out on the porch for his brother, looking anxiously down the driveway, worried and wondering when he was going to return home. "Be swift my love." He whispered quickly to himself, frowning.

Hearing his brother voice Alluvial felt another jolt of lust and his body began to shake. Hearing the words "Come now." In his brother's deep smooth voice made his think of being dominated by the other. As if the words were an order he cried out, loudly at first until he regained enough of his self control to bite his lip as he moved his hand a few more times squeezing every last drop of his seed into the pisspot. With a sigh of relief he cleaned himself up and quickly found a soft blue tunic with darker blue leggings. It was made out of velvet and the fabric felt so good to the touch. Blushing again at how devious he was wearing something he hoped would make Elirian touch him and completly unaware he had been overheard, Alluvial bounded out of the room. He wrapped his arms around his brother's arm and looked up at him and the wayward strand of silver hair slid back off his cheek. He had been in such a rush he compeatly forgot to brush it.

The entire way home August let his tears fall freely. He was terrorfied his maker would come after him but he could not continue living a lie. There was no way he could damn his children to his own fate and if the Gods were mercyful he would no longer have to hide his feelings either.
"I'm coming Sattienne, my beautiful Sattienne, I am coming back to you so we can be together.

Elirian was incredibly turned on by his brother's dishelved appearance but tried to not show it too much. He kissed his cheek. "Are you sure you're all right? You seem flush still, even worse than before, and look at this lovely hair of yours." He smiled a little, for he knew exactly why the other looked as he did. He stepped inside his brother's room, grabbed a brush and pulled him close, gently brushing out the tangles. "All right now dear, let us go make some trouble." He said playfully, walking the other from the house. Upon seeing Sattienne on the landing of their house he smiled. "Sattienne, we'll be back later, we're going to go dancing."

Sattienne nodded. "Be careful you two." He said, smiling up at them. He did as well as he could to hide the hurt in his emotions as he said this. "And try to not stay out too late, we don't want you being attacked on the road." He shooed them away, happy that they were going out to spend time with one another. And that way when Auguste came home they could talk about things in private rather than risk being heard by their two beautiful children.

Letting himself be led down the street, Alluvial blushed and smiled as he looked at his hand encased in his brother's hand. The way Elirian had brushed his hair had made him harden again but the blonde no longer cared, he was enjoying every touch way too much. Grinning like a fool, he skipped along beside his brother and began to hum again.

Reigning his horse in Auguste jumped down off it and tethered it to the landing where his brother was sitting. Without explaining anything he walked up to Sattienne, lifted him to a standing position and kissed him demandingly. August still had tears on his cheeks and was anything but his usual calm, almost cold self. Pulling back slightly he placed his hand on either side of his brother's face and pressed his forhead to Sattienne's.
"I love you, I always have and not just as a brother... If you don't return my feelings I understand but I can't lie to you anymore... I can't lie to myself anymore." Auguste kissed him again but this time more gently then he pushed his brother out to arms length so he could look into those brilliant blue eyes.

Elirian grinned and led his little brother to the stables. "Let's share a horse." He said, smiling. He was definitely taking the other dancing, but he didn't say where and it didn't necessarily mean there was going to be other people. He lifted his younger brother onto the horse and then smiled, while jumping on behind him, taking the reigns into hand and galloping off the trail to make it seem like they were going somewhere public. After a short while of riding he veered off the trail and chuckled, going at a slow trot. "Now, I know you're confused, but I also know you might or might not remember where I am taking us. You remember the river we used to play by when we were young?" He asked, pressing a kiss to the other's cheek.

Sattienne was blushing brightly and was far from appalled to the kiss in fact he felt his eyes close and then he leaned back into the other, slipping his arms tight about him. "I love you too. In the same manner." He whispered, sighing in relief as he lay his head on his brother's.. no loved one's chest. "I always have. But why do you cry?" He asked, looking up to him. "Your cheeks are positively red with stained sorrow, and I wonder why. What has master said to you?" He asked, placing a hand on the side of his cheek.

He did remember the river, Alluvial had gone there when he was feeling particularly lonley. That did not change the fact he was still pretty confused so he just nodded and enjoyed Elirian's body pressed against his back.
"Brother..." He whispered softly, sure his brother would see the redness on his cheeks even in the dim moonlight if he looked at him. "What are we doing?" He was asking about more than just their trip to the river, the blonde wanted to know why he was so attracted to Elirian but was too afraid to ask.

August was silent for a long time, he could not believe his beloved Sattienne loved him back. This was more than he had ever hoped for and Axele's words hurt him even more. Finally he sighed but pulled his brother closer before he answered in a thin, anguished voice.
"Our maker cast me out... I asked if Elirian and Alluvial could be together and he flew into a rage. He has known my feelings for you since the beginning and he forbid me from ever confessing them but... I can't do that to our children... I can not sentence them to an etrunity of sorrow and regret." He held his beautiful Sattienne to him as if the other's life depended on maintaining physical contact.

"You'll see." Elirian said cryptically, finally reaching their destination. He slowed the horse to a trot and then finally brought their horse to a stop, hopping down he held his hand out to his brother, helping him down and upon doing so he too a blanket from the horses' saddle and let the horse go to graze, while laying the blanket down on the ground. He ignored it a moment while stepping in front of his little borhter, the moon light making his beautiful silvery golden hair shine brightly. "May I dance with you beautiful lord?" He asked, holding his hand out for the other to take.

"What will we do, Auguste? Surely we can't just run away? Master will find us." He said, frowning. He looked up at his brother. "Come, let us at least discuss this inside." He said, kissing his lips. "I am so happy that we feel the same. I find it contagious that our children have fallen in our path, but it's sweet." He smiled and kissed the other again, setting himself on the couch.

Blushing and being a little shy Alluvial reached out and placed his hand in his brother's hand. There was something incredably inermate about that simple action and suddenly his heart was racing again. letting out a nerves giggle the blonde stepped closer and looked up into Elirian's darker green eyes.
"I will let you lead." His voice was small and breathy. Everything was so beautiful, the water sparkled and the noise of his rushing by was soothing. Alluvial found himself thinking this moment was almost perfect, the only thing missing was a kiss from his brother, a kiss like that of a lover. Blushing again he smiled up at Elirian.

"It don't know Sattienne. I thought about it the entire way there and back. I knew what he would say but still it hurt. He will never allow this and I doubt we can hide it from him..." Auguste's throat tightened and more tears silently spilled down his cheeks. Running seemed like their only option and that would be almost impossible. Axele was much older and more powerful then both of them together. He had abilities they could only dream off and Auguste was sure their maker could find them no matter where they went. "Maybe running is our only option. If we kept moving..." He shook his head and pulled Sattienne closer fearing they could be pulled apart at any moment.

Elirian nodded and lead the other into a slow but skilled waltz, one they had both been taught since birth. He smiled while he gazed down into his brother's eyes. "Well, obviously this isn't the appropriate thing for brothers to be doing. Even ones that haven't seen one another for five years. But I can't stop." He said, letting his hands slide to the other's hips. "I have a confession Alluvial. I find that I want you, I want you to want me too. My love for you is greater than any other, and nothing anyone can do or say can change it. Surely I am not alone in these feelings? You've been batting your lashes at me since I arrived in the city. And I want to return your affections, if you'll let me." He said, comming to a slow stop in their dance. "Do you return them, Alluvial?"

Sattienne frowned and pressed a healing kiss to his brother's lips, hoping to sooth him a little. "Stop thinking about him moment, Auguste. Stop and let me take your mind to where only I can." He whispered, confidant of their love. "Make me yours, that way we will at least have known one another if anything happens. I will not leave you either from this state, from this earth or anywhere until we have enjoyed one another to every possible extent. I love you. And no one, nothing, not any circumstance will ever change that. I've had dream after dream about us. I have fantasized everything about us from the simplest kiss to the most passionate of embraces. I wont let him break us apart. I wont." He said, truth and fierceness shining bright in his eyes.

And off in the shaddows was a cloaked presence, hiding expertly while watching the two below him from the roof. "My my, it seems that my children don't listen." He said to himself in a whisper they wouldn't hear. He sighed while looking at them and was infuriated while they began to kiss and even more so at the younger's confession. He hissed with anger, removing himself from the spot in which he hid to go find the other two, to see if they two were as they were. And his sight's beholding seemed innocent enough, a dance, nothing more. But oh how wrong it may just prove to be, the elder's words were more than true. If this was happening here also he would have to break it apart. Why should any of them find love when he can not? Why should any of them love one another, their own flesh and blood? He would not allow this. Such disobedience to his words.

Poor Alluvial felt as if he would burst, too many emotions and such joy coursed through him he was rendered speechless again. His body shivered and it took every ounce of his strength to anser.
"Yes... Elirian... a thousand times yes..." He swallowed and continued in a hushed voice. "I return you feelings, I want you too. I want to be yours utterly and completly." He reached up wrapping his arms around his brother's neck and kissed him on the lips. It was a shy kiss but tender and full of affection. "Take me...right here... I can not wait any longer... Elirian." Although they were no more than a heated whisper their meaning was clear, Alluvial was giving himself over to his brother without a moment's hesitation or doubt.

Such conviction broke any self control Auguste had left, he stood up and scooped his brother up into his arms carrying him inside. He continued to his bedroom and gently lay Sattienne down on the soft bedding. Auguste kissed him and began to kiss and bite his way down the younger immortal's neck.
"Sattienne... my sattienne..." His voice full of passion and possession he gently grazed the firm white skin with his teeth as his hands slid down to his brother's crotch. Auguste drew a little blood then licked it up, savouring the taste of the other. Sattienne's leggings and tunic were in the way so he tore them, not caring about the rich fabric or cost of replacing them. All that matter was him and Sattienne and that they were finally together the way he had wanted for so long.

Elirian captured his loving brother's lips in a searing kiss, kissing him more passionately than he had ever kissed anyone, not that that meant much. He shivered and drew the other closer leading him to the blanket he had laid out. "Yes, my love, my brother. I will make you mine." He said, laying him down, pushing his tunic up without hesitation while he kissed him. He couldn't believe that these things were happening, that he was in so much lust and love and that the other was returning such desired feeling. He groaned while laying atop of the other, grinding their hips together while he couldn't remove his lips from the others.

Sattienne was in pure ecstasy, leaning back and clutching his fingers in the other's hair while his neck was bitten and his length was carressed. He shivered and practically whimpered while the other mollested him in a most pleasureful way. "Take me, brother. I need you." He pleaded, rolling his hips against the others hands.

Excited and aroused beyond his wildest imagination Alluvial moaned into his brother's mouth as they kissed. The feeling of another touching in such a way was new and he was a little embarrassed that he did not know exactly what to do. All the blonde knew was that he wanted more and he lifted his hips slightly trying to get closer to Elirian. More friction felt good but somehow it was not enough. His hands seemed to claw at his brother's back pulling him closer.
"More..." He muttered in between passionate kisses form Elirian. "Closer... please..." The begging tone of his voice surprised him but all Alluvial cared about then was becoming one with his brother, his love, his soul mate.

Using the glistening precum to lubricate his brother's enterance Auguste slid a finger inside him and she continued to suckel at Sattienne's neck. As he incerted a second finger he offered his own neck to his brother moaning and how inviting the other's body felt as muscles contracted around his didgets. So many years of holding back and burying his feeling began to unwind within him and Auguste had to use every bit of strength to stop himself from impailing his new lover there and then. This was supposed to be perfect, he was going to make Sattienne feel every pleasure he could and he did not want to hurt him. The animalistic urges within him were overpowering and he had to keep reminding himself to slow down. They would have the rest of eturnity together, a thousand life times to explore the depths of one another.

Elirian smiled while kissing the other, tugging down his brother's leggings. "I know, I will give you what you need, be patient love." He said, finding himself thrown away from the other suddenly, looking up to see his brothers in the arms of a man he had only met once. "Axele... this.. what are you doing? Release him!"

Axele smirked vile-ly and glared. "Not a chance. You know, perhaps taking him away might clear things up a bit. You can thank your Auguste for this change. You'll be lucky if you ever see your brother again, or if he comes back to you in one piece should you find him. He is a pretty little thing, perhaps I will assign him to the brothel." He said, visciously glaring at Elirian before jumping away.

Elirian gasped and cried out "NO! ALLUVIAL!" He cursed under his breath, adjusted himself and began to run home, his horse was no where to be found.

Sattienne shivered and grasped onto the other's back while merely a finger was inserted into him. "Please, make me yours." He cried out, wishing the torment of pleasure to come to an end, instead hoping for something a million times more pleasureful. "I want to feel you. I've waited for this union, please." He said breathlessly, pressing his hips up against the other.

Everything happened so quickly Alluvial had no time to react. The hands holding him were too tight bruising his fair skin and he listened in horror as Elirian pleaded for his release. Axele, he knew that name and he also knew the fear in Auguste's eyes when he had left to speak with his maker. What had gone wrong? Was his beloved Master still alive and what of Sattienne? The air rushed past him so fast it stung his bare skin and fear began to seep into every inch of him.
"No!" The blonde cried out but his voice was lost in the howling wind. "Elirian! Elirian!" It seemed strange that given his situation and the threat of being raped by strangers in a brothel, his main concern was for his brother and if he would ever see him again. Alluvial could not even strugel against his captor he was gripped so tightly.

His brother's pleading stripped away Auguste's patience and knowing that Sattienne would heal if he was too rough, he positioned himself at his enterence. Auguste was kissing him again, their tongues sliding along each other and exploring the moist cavens of their mouthes. Gently he nipped at his brother's bottom lip as he whispered.
"Oh Sattienne, my Sattienne... you have no idea how long I have wanted this... I have been your slave for longer than I can remember. Than you for giving me shuch a wonderful gift." With that he began to press in, waiting a moment for his brother to ajust then pushing in further.

Elirian ran as hard and fast as he could, which sadly for him it wasn't so fast as he was mortal. He desperately called for the horse, wondering where the creature could have gone. Had it returned home? Had it run off? He was sorely reminded to keep the said animal chained the next time he and his brother decided to be romantic, if there was a next time. He winced at the thought, running faster at the idea as he could, tears in his eyes.

Sattienne gasped and his breathing hitched in pain, but it adjusted to quickly be filled with pleasure, his legs slipping about his brother's waist to better get a grip and hoist himself up for Auguste to push in more and to relax just slightly. "Yes, and I am yours, brother.Always." He whispered, unable to voice much more without fear of screaming in absolute longing and pleasure which overwhelmed him as his brother pressed in.

So much had led to this moment and as Sattienne wrapped his legs our his waist Auguste groaned in pleasure. Hearing his brother's declorations of being his soothed his moment of panic. The small cry of pain he hurt him as much as Sattienne, it was a sound he never wanted to here again and he would do everything in his power to insure it never did. As his length diapeared into his brother August gritted his teeth to stop himself from crying out in pleasure as well. This was better than anything he had imagined and he bent down to kiss Sattienne once he was fully inside him.

Back in the home of Axele, Alluvial was forced into a room which Axele as well was in. "You will stay here. If they are stupid enough to come for you, I may just kill you. And such a waste, you're a beautiful thing. It's a shame your lovely Auguste can't protect you. He's too busy fucking his brother as you were about to do. Don't you darlings know how improper that is? How silly? How unacceptable? How utterly destructive?" He asked, tracing the cheek of the boy. "And look at you. Such a fair skinned beauty, pure of heart, pure of everything, except your greatest sin of loving one of your same roots. Now why would such a beautiful angel do something so drastically damning? Surely it can't be love? You're at the age, it's sex. Pure lust, provocation. Permiscuity. I could bed you right here and now if I wanted." He paused, feeling slightly bad for being so cruel to this small boy in front of him. "And yet, the four of you, all finding love within this sin. I should rid the world of the lot of you." He suddenly slapped the other, not too hard, but hard enough to enflict a small measure of pain and tinge his cheeks. "And look how wonderfully your skin reddens, must have been one of the factors that turned your brother on to you hmn? So tell me, why your own flesh and blood?"

Elirian wasn't even half way home, but he kept on, hoping his brother was at least safe. He was afraid he wouldn't be though, considering just who had taken him. All he could hope for was that he wasn't being forced to do anything and that he would get him back alive and together.

Sattienne panted with pleasure, his hands romaning everwhere amongst Auguste's body. "Oh, please." He said over and over, wishing desperately the other would begin to move inside him. Nothing he had ever done with another had felt this good. Yes, he's had lovers, and no he wasn't a virgin by any means, but he certainly felt like one while his brother pushed into him.

Opening his eyes Alluvial looked around wondering where he was. At some point in time he must have passed out or something because the last thing he remembered was being with Elirian. Suddenly his memories came flooding back and he cried out for his brother.

Auguste began to move inside Sattienne, event he slightest movement sent shivers up his spine and his need to be closer to his brother took over. Picking up pace he thrust faster as his eyes went wide with pleasure.
"Ah! Sattienne..." He continued to kiss and bite his lover as much as he could while he moved faster and faster within him. August's speach became in audable as instinct too over. Faster and faster he thrust until he felt the familure sensation of climax building in his stomach.

Axele frowned at the boy. "Do silence yourself from those cries and answer my question, why you're own brother!?"

Elirian finally made it to the house, growling as he saw the horse in the stabled again. He burst in the door, shouting. "Sattienne! Auguste! Where are you guys? Come quick!" He said frantically, stopping at the door to catch his breath. "Axele, has taken Alluvial." He said between gasps. He began to look about the house for them.

Sattienne was oh so close when the other beagn to move faster and faster and after minutes of pleasure he finally felt that building in his lower stomach, and then the knot untied, making him scream out in pleasure. "Uhn! Auguste!" He said, gasping for breath while he finished, seed on their chests. He did his best to bring his loved one with him, trying to as he heard his young child's shouts. He frowned at the last sentence, gasping. "What? "

His grey/green eyes widening Alluvial pulled his knees up to his chest trying to make himself as small as possible. Axele scared him and the tone of the immortal's voice chilled his blood.
"I don't know.." He whispered barely audable.

Sattienne's spasiming muscles sent Auguste over the edge and he came a moment after his brother. Before he could pull out and embrace his Sattienne for that is what his brother was now in every sense of the word, he heard Elirian's cries. Fear coursed through him rendering him frozen in place for a moment. Guilt filled him and he closed his eyes for a moment trying to picture his beautiful, innocent child alive and well. Withdrawing from Sattienne he stood and began to clean himself and dress.
"Where were you? Did Axele say anything that might tell you where he went?" Auguste seemed cold and emotionless as he spoke, afraid that any show of emotion would overwhelm him and he would not be strong enough to do what had to be done.

"You don't?" Axele questioned, glaring at him. He grabbed his arm, drawing him closer. "How can you not? You're the one in love with him, and the one I love loves his own brother. What is it? I who have no brother to share such affections with, what is the draw of family that the four of you have!?" He demanded again, sure the little one had to know something.

Elirian frowned. "He just said he was taking him away. He threatened him harm, I am worried, please, where would they have gone?" He asked, not taking in mind that they were both naked and cleaning themselves. But he did have the mind to shield his eyes.

Sattienne gasped at the news. "Oh no. He's probably taken him to his home. We need to be swift. Elirian, you may want to stay here, Master's powerful.. no.. your brother will want to see you." He sighed after cleaning himself up quickly and dressing. "Well, just stay close to us." He said, grasping his brother's hand. "Auguste, do you think he'd hurt him?" He asked in a soft whisper.

Tears welled in Alluvial's grey/ green eyes and he whimpered in pain at Axele's grip. His silvery/ gold hair was all disheveled hanging his his face making him look like a begger on the streets. He was almost paralized by fear but he was more afraid of what would happen if he did not answer.
"I...I don't know... I never used to lover him in that way... ever since he returned..." The tears bagan to spill down his cheeks and he had trouble stopping himself form sobbing. "I just... felt different... I don't know why... Please don't hurt me... or Elirian... please..." loosing his battle with emotion Alluvial began to weep openly.

Kissing his brother on the forhead Ausguste shook his head.
"Alluvial in an innocent, he won't harm him." Of course he did not believe a word he said but just then he wanted to comfort his lover and his child. "Everything will be alright, I promise." At least his promise was real, Auguste would do everything in his power to return his beloved Alluvial to them.

Axele's glare softened. "Well, we'll test their little notion of love. See if he comes for you. See if you're alive when he gets here. I kind of feel horrid if he does, I hate to ruin sweet things so pure as love, but this may just be in order to get you darlings to obey me again. Don't you understand? I should be the one to have love first, before the four of you. Sattienne and Auguste shouldn't be, I made Auguste, and therefore he should be mine and mine alone. " He said seething. He took Alluvial by the hand and drug him out into his reception room, sitting on a large throne-like chair while pulling the other boy into his lap. "Don't you see? If I destroy you, then they can't hurt me anymore. He can't hurt me anymore. The message will finally be clear."

Elirian sighed. "Hurry, hurry!" He exclaimed, running out to his horse who stood as though he was apologetic. "Stupid horse. I needed you like an hour ago." He mumbled, the horse gave him a small nip. "I thought horses had good hearing." He mounted the beast and held tight to the reigns, he would have allready headed off, but he knew better than to do so without knowing where to go.

Sattienne nodded. "Yes, let's bring back our child." He said, kissing the other before running out to get along his own horse. "Be patient Elirian, things will be fine." He said, giving a nod to him while he awaited Auguste to show them the way. He wasn't told of where their maker resided anyways, the man simply didn't like Sattienne so much and kept many things that he would probably need to know.

As scared as he was Alluvial actually felt a little sorry for Axele. He had not realized his Master's maker was in love, Alluvial thought about how much it would hurt him had Elirian not returned his feelings. The blonde had heard of men doing unspeakable things in the name of love, wars had been waged and lovers murdered in jealous rages. If here were not so afraid he would tried to comfort the immortal but instead he bit his lip and stayed as quiet and still as he could. The last thing he wanted to do was draw unwanted attention to himself lest Axele follow through on his threat of murder.

A second later Auguste appeared and mounted his horse which he had left tethered to landing. Pushing the animal into a gallop he headed for his maker's house. There was no time to waste, the longer he was with Axele the more danger his sweet innocent child was in. Knowing the others were behind him he went as fast as his horse could manage and when he reached his destination he pulled up on his reigns and leaped from the animal's back not even bothering to tie it.

Axele looked up as he heard the horse gallop into his courtyard. He hissed in aggravation, pulling the younger to him. "Forgive me young child, you're caught in this battle of heart and feelings, and you are sacrificed so selfishly. I wish your soul to heaven." He whispered, holding him in his arms vice-ly before letting his elongated incisors pierce through his supple neck, shivering at the taste of him which he drank from. He cried while he drained the boy, felt tears slip from his eyes at the frail body he held, the innocense of the darling he consumed. He was hurting an innocent over one he loved the most. He didn't kow if he could follow through.

Elirian burst in through the house with Auguste and Sattienne was close behind him. He gasped at the sight he saw. "NO! RELEASE MY BROTHER." He shouted, tears in his eyes at the sight.

Sattienne gasped. "Master, what do you do?" He asked, hands covering his mouth. "Surely you mean not harm to him!?"

Such feelings, such intamecy. Alluvial knew he was fading but all he could think about was Elirian. His Elirian who loved him. Sorry I am leaving you... this is not what I wanted... I love you... I love you.. Somehow he hoped his brother, his lover would know that he was not leaving him by choice and that he would have given anything to stay. There was no awarness of his own pain only concern for his brother and the desire for him to know he still loved him.

Unlike the others, the sight of his maker devouring his child caused something in Auguste to snap. He flew into a rage and lunged at Axele, trying to pry Alluvial free. There was pure hatred in his eyes as he yelled.
"I will never forgive you for this... never!" He already knew it was too late, the beautiful blonde had passed the point of no return and hung limp in the immortal's arms. Although he tried with all his strength, Auguste was no match for Axele and sacuming to grief he began to beg. "How could you do this? How could you do this to such an innocent? I am the one who disobeyed you! Me! All theses years I have never once told Sattienne I loved him, not until tonight! Every night I died inside as I buried my feelings for him but I could not do that to my children. I could not enforce such pain and heart ache on them... If you want to destroy someone Master... destroy me!" Cheeks stained red with tears Auguste finally stopped trying to free Alluvial and sunk to his knees in front of his maker. He looked up at his child, the frail arm that hung limp as his life faded. It hurt, more than denying his lover for Sattienne, more than the beatings he had received at Axele's hands. "Destroy me... give him back to them." His voice was swallowed up by the room, conviction dying leaving only regret, guilt and pain.

Elirian couldn't take the sight of his brother laying lifeless in the arms of the other. He seemed to mimick Auguste by falling to his knees only to lie on the floor in a ball and cry. He cried harder than he ever had, curled into fetal position. He could only whisper the word 'no' over and over again.

Axele stopped drinking from the beautiful boy in his arms. He looked to the form of his beloved Auguste, kneeled and saddened and hating him. It was more than he could take. His own tears fell faster. His eyes went from him to the boy in his arms. "Oh sweet child! What have I done!?" He demanded of himself before letting out an anguished cry of hate of himself. "Darling tool of my emotion." He whispered softly. "Give but an utterance of your life still." He sighed and stroked the boy's hair, his sobs seeming to worsen. "I took him. Because I wanted revenge. How long have I wanted you, Auguste? How long have I wanted you to love me as you do your beloved brother? How long have I been jealous of your love for him? I made you. I turned you to have you forever and then you fell in love with your own. How am I to forgive myself now? I who took this child from his life. I... I am sorry. I really am. I never meant to hurt you. I hardened myself to you with all I have. I tried to destroy my loving thoughts for you, tried to hurt you for not requitting me in my love to you. Please, forgive me that I have done this. This beautiful childe. How should I wake him? I believe he's so far gone?" At this he held Allvial's broken frame to him, crying hardly into the boy's chest, pressing kisses to him. "Poor child. Poor beautiful beautiful child!" He said over and over, wishing he would give some sign, some small inkling to him that he lived still.

Sattienne didn't know what to say, didn't know how to stop it all, didn't know anything to do. He watched the events as though they were a dream, something to unfold with strange obsucirty while he stood by and watched them. Was it true? All of these things happening? His child was dead? His maker was actually apologizing and confessing something so deep as love? He was capable of such? Elirian was curled on the floor suffering in immense emotional pain. How was he to stop it all?

Somewhere, somewhere far away Alluvial could here his lover in pain. The sound of Elirian's cries of pain and loss. It was as if he were floating in a sea of deepest black and it's velvety waves were gently washing over him. Elirian Was his brother. The thoughts came like a flicker of light. Elirian was his lover. Again a flash of light in the darness. Suddenly Alluvian did not want to sink beneath the waves, he wanted to follow the sound of his brother's voice. Focusing all his remaining energy on Elirian the blonde fought against the sea of darkness. Elirian I'm comming.

Staring up at his maker as if he was staring at a stranger Auguste's glare softened. He had never understood why his maker had turned him or why he had been so cruel and brutal when he tried to turn his dying brother. Axele had finished the job, he had made Sattienne one of them but from that moment on he seemed to delight in hurting him. Aguste never knew his maker as a loving, caring man but just as he had become ridged and formal and almost cold while burying his feelings it seemed Axele had done the same. The pain he felt deep inside had turned him to ice, a fact that was true for both of them. Never before had he realized how much alike he and his maker were, never before hand he actually pitied him.

Axele stiffened as he felt just the smallest response from the child he cried upon. He looked with hopefull eyes and listened for breath. There was but a trickle and his heart thudded once, twice and then almost faded again. "I must work fast." He said as his only warning, biting into his own wrist and pressing it to the child's mouth, having to pry it open after being shut to the grasp of death. He hoped it was having some kind of affect, not wanting to lose the boy. "Come on little one, drink and live for me. Live for your beloved." He pleaded with the unconscious one.

Elirian looked up, not daring to hope his brother was hanging onto life. "Please, Alluvial, come back to me." He whispered, his tears falling, but his sobs momentarily stopped in hope.

Sattienne knelt beside Elirian, stroking his hair. "It's okay." He said softly. "There's still a chance."

Again Alluvial saw the light, or more accuraetly felt it. He was still sourounded by darkness but slowly he was beginning to realize a direction. He felt clumsy and awkward as he struggled to move closer. There was no sense of up or down and for all he knew Alluvial could have been turning in circles but the important part was he fought. Somewhere he crossed from his sea of blackness to his body but he was not sure when. His arms would not move and he could not open his eyes but he knew he was no longer drowning. Voices tangled together and he could hear them but could not sort out what they were saying. There were others sensations as well, he felt something. The blonde felt as if he was in his own body but detached from it, like a fragile treasure wrapped in velvet. Elirian That was all that mattered and as long as he focused on that he knew everything would be alright.

Eyes widening as he realized what his maker was doing Auguste scrambled to his feet and ran back to where Elirian and Sattienne were. Taking his child by the hand he pulled him to his feet.
"Come, Alluvial needs you, he needs to hear your voice and feel your touch." He dragged Elirian towards his maker and although he was still weary of Axele he approached him.
"Please, let him help..." Even with his maker's confession Auguste was still terrorfied he would lash out at any moment and send him or Elirian flying across the room.

Axele nodded in encouragement, letting his blood continue to flow into Alluvial's mouth while he was still off in his mind. "Come, I promise no more harm." He whispered, feeling a stab of regret while his beloved Auguste looked at him with such cautiousness in his approach.

Elirian quickly rose and went to his brother's figure, looking up at Axele with a hint of fear before he acknowledged the promise and began smoothing out his brother's hair. "Alluvial, come back to me, it's Elirian. Fight this death love. Come back and we can be together." He said softly into his ear, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "Come back so we can kiss and embrace one another in not only intimacy but our love we share. Please, don't leave me here without you."

Sattienne was moved by the picture presented and stood near Auguste. He slipped his fingers with Auguste's, entwining them tightly. "He'll pull through, right?" He asked quietly, looking up to him for hope.

Slowly things became clear as if a fog was lifting and he could once again see the buildings and streets. Alluvial knew Elirian was speaking to him and stroking him. He knew something was sliding down the back of his throat and with each swallow he became more himself. Words were making sense to him now and slowly he opened his eye a fraction. The light seemed to bright at first, quickly becoming less harsh and with great relief he looked up at the loving face of his brother.

Squeezing Sattienne's hand Auguste nodded, he was sure everything would be alright now that Elirian was where. Although he was a little worried a show of affection between him and his brother would anger his maker again it felt good to have him close by and he kissed Sattienne's long black hair.
"Yes my love, he will be alright."

Axele smiled just barely while he continued to feed the other, "I need you to focous, drink as much as you can." He whispered to Alluvial, bending down to kiss his forehead. "You must grow strong. Worry not, your love is there for you." He looked to Sattienne and Auguste and sighed, it still hurt to see them so sweet but at the same time he felt sane about it. He offered a smile, the best one he could anyhow, though it was strained it was an attempt before looking back down at the boy he was feeding.

Elirian couldn't stop the joyful expression he bore. He was happy, his darling was living, was going to survive the attack that had so visciously been bestowed upon him. Had they been any later his brother would be gone from him forever, and now it was just the opposite. He would have him for such the time. He couldn't wait to be able to take his brother to his room and just hold him close.

Sattienne frowned. "It's painful. This whole image." He whispered. "But I am glad things turned out for the better. We were at least going to turn him one day, he's a few years early, but it's done." He said, eyeing Elirian. "One day we're going to have to turn that one too."

Alluvial did as he was told. He still felt weak and a little disorentated but he drank as much as he could and was happy in the knoledge that his brother was with him. Just then he did not understand all the implications of what had happened but he knew he was not going to die, that Elirian would not morn his passing and be alnone.

Seeing Axele's forced smile Auguste relaxed a little. Though it was obvious his maker was still uncomfortable with him and his brother as lovers at least the man was making an effort. Wondering if he could have ended up as bitter and twisted if he had never got the opertunity to confess his love to Sattienne, Auguste nodded at his maker.
"Thank you." He owed Axele so much and while he was still angry and hurt at least he was making an effort, it was the least he could do under the cricumstances. "Thank you Master." He gave his maker a slight smile and was shocked that is was not forced. Auguste really was thankful and there were no words to properly describe his relief and joy that things had not turned out for the worst.

Axele sighed as he gave all he could to the little one. "Take him quickly to a room, you may wish to strip him, the changes aren't exactly the pleasant part, when he starts convulsing you'll need to call for one of us." He saaid, bending slightly to kiss the boy on the forehead again. "I'm sorry, Alluvial." He whispered, rising then and letting his wrist heal. "If anyone needs me I will be on the steps." He said, feeling like the whole world was sittng on his shoulders. He felt like his soul was weighed down heavily with chains as thick as the world itself. He cradled his head in his hands and felt like a monster. "I can't believe I almost killed that innocent." He whispered to himself.

Elirian lifted his brother and took him to the closes low floor room, gingerly removing his clothing. "How are you feeling, my love?" He asked, sitting beside him. "I was worried sick."

Sattienne looked to Auguste and kissed him. "Perhaps you should talk to master?" He asked, for surely Axele needed comforting.

Feeling very ill Alluvial could not bring himself to enjoy the fact his brother was stripping him. He felt worse then he had ever felt before as if his insides were intent on escaping him. Only once before when he was younger and sick with fever had anything come close to what he felt now but he reminded himself that this would pass and when it was over he would be with Elirian. Putting on a brave face he smiled up at his lover.
"I did not want to leave you... I came back for you..."

Sighing loudly Auguste nodded, his maker did indeed need comforting and he was the only one who could do that. Although Auguste wanted Sattienne by his side he knew his lover would understand. Pulling his brother close he kissed him hard, it was a possessive kiss with promises of more to come. Finally he let Sattienne go and with one last gentle stroke of the other's cheek he headed outside to find Axele. Not knowing exactly where to start Auguste sat down beside his maker and tentativly put a comforting hand on the other's knee.
"Master... I want to thank you again for saving him... for saving Alluvial..." So many thoughts and emotions swirled inside him Auguste could not continue.

Elirian smiled. "I am glad you did. Now we can be happy, and that's all right, they wont stop us." He said, smiling. "Can you believe that? None of them have a problem with it. " He recalled having walked in on the naked Sattienne and Auguste. "In fact, did you know of Sattienne and Auguste being together? I walked in on them naked when I ran to get them to come here to save you." He laughed soft.

Axele nodded. "I.. it was the least I could do, after just about killing him and all." He said, frowning. I.. I don't know what came over me. I mean I do, but I don't think I intended for it to go so far, I would never kill an innocent. Or I thought I would never." He shuddered in self hate. "I understand if you hate me, or if after tonight you want nothing to do with me. I have always loved you Auguste. Something broke in me tonight to see the two of you. I saw more than you might think. I peered through your window. I grew so angry that I sought them out, separated them from their love making and took the boy with me." He sighed. "And then I questioned him, and after that I tried to kill him. Guilt made me stop before anything. I am so ashamed of myself right now. Not just for tonight, but for these past years. For the abuse I have given you and your brother."

Sattienne patiently waited on the steps the raised platform in the reception hall, humming to himself.

He had not known about Auguste and Sattienne and would never have guessed they were a couple. Auguste was always so strict and proper it was hard to imagine him being gentle or passionate with his brother. Had he not been feeling so ill he might have laughed as well or asked questions about the situation but he moaned instad.

"I did not know..." Auguste looked at his maker. "I had no idea you loved me that way. I thought you were beautiful the first time I saw you, I thought I might have even been attracted to you but when Sattienne got sick..." Feeling as if a lot of what happened had been his fault for not speaking up Auguste continued. "I could not watch him die and you were so angry. I thought you hated me, I thought I was a disappointment to you and that you lashed out at me because I did not try hard enough. I tried to be what I thought you wanted..." There were so many things he could have said but instead he just sat there studying his maker. Auguste was more than a little shocked to learn the other had affection for him and things made a lot more sense now.

Elirian frowned. "Are you all right?" He asked, running his fingers worriedly through his brother's hair.

Axele nodded. "You were always a good child, Auguste. I just... couldn't bear the separation. That you would love the other." He said. "But, I will do my best to accept. You don't see me that way, you'd think after so much time I would have grown up enogh to let you be on your own in the sense of a lover, and not try to dictate you."

Not wanting to complain or frighten his brother the blonde nodded but he continued to feel steadily worse. In the end Alluvial could not hide his discomfort any longer as his body began to convulse.
"Elirian!" He managed to call out before his body shook too hard for him to even speak.

Knowing something about hiding his true feelings and how such things could eat away at a person's sanity Auguste sighed.
"So many things have passed between us and I have only just now been honest with myself and Sattienne but I will try Master. I will try to be more understanding and I will try to be less frightened of you." He looked at his maker and for an instant he saw the impossibly beautiful man he had first met. The image made him smile, a real genuin smile. "Perhaps we can all start over fresh. If you can accept that Sattienne is a big part of my life then maybe I can make room for you too." It was a nice idea, to have his maker as a friend not a threat that hung over him if he stepped out of line but he could not promise anything just then other then the fact he would try.

Elirian panicked and ran out. "Axele! He's shaking!" He shouted, running to the elder.

Axele frowned before rising and following after, as he saw what was happening he nodded, ushered ELirian out and began to hold tight to the boy, lest he hurt himself. "Accept it, Alluvial, it could very well kill you now. Use that same fighting spirit to keep you with your brother." He whispered clamingly. The boy's convulsions were still bad but he held him tight so he wouldn't hurt himself. "Catch hold of your life." He demanded, noticing the other had almost slipped into death, but glad when he caught on at last. "Come back to the light. Come back for your brother." He instructed,knowing it was more than likely painful. When the little one came to again he smiled. "Well, that wasn't so bad, was it?" He brushed hair from Alluvial's cheeks and looked at his eyes to check brightness. "And there we have it. You're one of us." He said, smiling a little. "Let's get you into a bath." He carried Alluvial out of the room, smiling. "He's fine. Elirian, would you bathe him? If he gets hungry shout for me again." He said, handing the boy over.

Elirian blinked several times over and nodded. "Certainly sir. Is that all then, is he all right?" At Axele's nod he went abou to find the bathroom, wondering if he would find it, but didn't think to ask for directions. Eventually he was met with luck. He ran the bathwater to warm and sat on the edge of the tub with the other in his arms. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

Sattienne smiled. "Thank you sir, for saving him. He means the world to us."

Alluvial looked up at his brother and nodded, he was feeling much better but all he cared about was Elirian's arms around him.
"I am now that your here with me." He whispered. The blonde was a little embarrassed because he had soiled himself or at least that is what he thought had happened and the warm water was soothing and very welcome. "Could you come in with me?" He asked shyly. "And wash my hair?" Elirian had washed his hair when he was younger and he had always enjoyed the way it felt having the other massage his scalp.

Seeing his maker with Alluvial, the way he held the boy and offered him words of strength and comfort touched Auguste. It affected him more than he had thought possible. Never in his entire life had he seen his maker so gentle and caring and he pulled Sattienne closer as he studied silently Axele.

Axele sat exhausted on his throne like chair, giving out a huge sigh. "You are more than welcome to stay here for the comming day. I know it's readying to rise within a few hours. You may wish to." He said, looking at them tiredly.

Elirian smiled and sat behind his brother in the tub, washing all product that left his beloved's body during the turning. "Yes dear." He said, running clean water in the tub before hand, then grabbing the shampoo that was handily near by and began to gently massage the other's scalp. "If you get hungry let me know."

Sattienne smiled at his Master. "I think we could do that, thank you sir." He was openly surprised for the invitation.

Feeling much better and more himself Alluvial began to hum happily. He had lots of questions about Axele and he wanted to know more about Auguste and Sattienne being a couple but he was tired and enjoyed having his brother so close by.
"Will you hold me and keep me safe when I go to bed?" Things would change for him now, the day was no longer his friend but he wanted Elirian to stay with him. "At least until I fall asleep." He added in case his brother really wanted to venture into the sunshine.

"Thank you." Auguste repeated. "If you wish to talk at anytime..." He left the rest of his offer unsaid but he hoped his maker realized he was willing to try and work things out. "If we may I would like to check on Alluvial now." He had fallen back into the habit of asking permission for everything as if it were second nature around Axele and Auguste also realized he had straightened and let go of Sattienne. Telling himself it was alright now he consiously made himself relax and once again took his brother's hand.

Axele nodded. "Certainly." He said, holding out his hand as if to usher the way. "Ask if he's hungry. I might have to give him a lesson on feeding this eve." He said, contemplating the action.

Elirian smiled. "Absolutely." He said, rinsing his brother's hair. "I'll stay with you an hold you until my arms are fused together with holdingyou." He said, kissing his cheek. "You might be constricted though." He addded with a smal chuckle. He grabbed a scented wash for conditioning and spread it throughout the other's hair, again massaging it into his scalp before rinsing carefully.

Sattienne gave their maker a small bow and led the way to find their children. "I hope master will stay this way, you know.. he seems much more at peace."

Alluvial liked the sound of that, being fused together with his brother. It sounded romantic. He continued to hum the way he always did when he was happy and wished things could stay the way they were right then forever. Suddenly feeling corragious he turned and kissed Elirian on the lips then blushed and kissed him again.
"Your lips are so soft." He said giggling.

Nodding Auguste followed his brother and once he was sure they were out of his maker's sight he wrapped his arm around Sattienne.
"Yes things seem somehow lighter now. I am glad I got to tell you how I really feel and I guess he feels better now that he told me the truth too." He tilted his head to the side for a moment. "I don't want to get too excited about his change of character though... I don't think I could bare it if I am wrong." He kissed Sattienne's cheek then knocked before entering the bathroom.

Elirian grinned. "Are they? They are nothing compared to yours." He said, returning his kiss. "I think I couldn't live without yours." He added, giving him another kiss, one slow and full of his love for the other. He smiled gently at his little brother, running his fingers along his arm. He then grabed a sponge and used a scented soap-like liquid and rubbed it along his skin, starting from his shoulders and massaging down.

Axele stared after his children, thinking that the two really made a cute couple. But who would come along for him? Was he to be alone forever? Why were things this way? He sighed. Would he never feel the touch of another, would he never be again kissed, never be embraced sweetly? All of these thoughts presented them to him bitterly. He pursed his lips and closed his eyes as though trying to block out the world.

Sattienne nodded in agreement. "I understand, love. I think he's changed. But, as you said, it may not be for good. I just hope if he slips back that the children aren't on the recieving end yet again." He said, returning the other's kiss gently.

Sighing happily Alluvial enjoyed every second of his brother's attention, he could feel the love between them and it was marvelous. This was where he belonged, Elirian was his world, his joy, his life. Lost in happy thoughts the blonde was a little startled by the knock at the door but when he looked up and saw the smiling faces of his masters be became excited. They were holding hands and both seemed so happy, just like him and Elirian.

There was something incredably sweet about the sight of their children in the bath together. The relaxing scent of the bath oils added to the warm candlelight made the room feel cozy and private.
"Oh Sorry to interrupt my darlings but I just wanted to check that everything was alright." Subconsiously Auguste pulled Sattienne closer and smiled proudly. It was then that he realized how alone his maker must be feeling. He finally had everything he had ever wanted and just seeing how devoted his children were to each other filled his heart with joy because he knew how it felt. "I will leave you to it but if you get hungry Alluvial please come and find us." He bent to kiss each of them on the forehead.

Axele listened to the happiness that was his darling children. They sounded so brilliant. So in love, So everything he wanted in his own life. Why didn't he have it? He just couldn't seem to get his mind away from the topic, but at least he had such happiness around him. At least for tonight.

Elirian smiled up at his makers and nodded, returning their gentle kiss. "Believe me, I'll yell. Don't entirely want to be fed from, from an inexperienced little beast." He said, grinning and ruffling his hair. "Now if he was experienced with it maybe, but then that would be rude, you know, to do such things in someone else's house." He grinned.

Sattienne chuckled at Elirian's enhthusiasm. "I trust you'll yell." He said, tugging on Auguste's hand. "Come love, let's leave them alone to their perverted ways. They obviously feed off of one another's pervertism."

That made Alluvial blush and he looked at his brother with sparkling grey/ green eyes. For some reason he still wanted Elirian to claim him, to dominate him even though he was most likely the stronger of them now. At the mention of perverted ways his loins stirred and he remembered how they were on the blanked down by the river before Axele showed up. Still too shy to say what he wanted the blonde did the next best thing, he moved closer to his brother and kissed him again. Alluvial's embrace was full of need and desire and his lips spoke his feelings though no words passed them.

Eyes sparkling Auguste pulled Sattienne into his arms and kissed him demandingly.
"You have no idea how happy you have made me my love by returning my feelings." He wondered if his brother sensed the but that was comming. "There is something I must do before I join you in our room. I promise I won't be long." Pulling away form the other made him whimper slightly, leaving him even for a little while was painful. Always the one to worry about others and their comfort he wanted to speak with his maker one more time before he retreated to his beloved's arms.

Elirian felt a jolt of electricity seem to slither through him while he returned the other's kiss. He slipped his fingers into the wet strands of his beloved's hair, clutching it tightly and drawing him close. "Are you getting hungry or do you wish me to make love to you?" He asked, drawing his kiss to the other's neck, biting softly on the skin.

Sattienne nodded to his lover after having been taken aback by the kiss. He returned it almost greedily. "Yes, come back soon. I will go to our old room so you know where I will be." He kissed him once more and held him tight before heading off to the room where he laid down, removing his tunic.

His feelings were all so new he was not entirely sure what he wanted. Alluvial knew he wanted to finish what they had started earlier that night but the knots in his stomach could have been hunger as well. Looking up at his lover the blonde tilted his head to the side.
"I want you to make love to me Elirian but I think I might be hungry now." Being so close to his brother was confusing him just then. Elirian was so warm and smelt so good, he had also become very aware of the other's heartbeat.

It did not take Auguste long to find his maker and taking in a deep breath to calm himself he approached Axele.
"Master...?" He waited for the other to look at him. "In the spirit of starting over with a fresh page I would like to try something." He almost lost his nerve but frowned at himself and pushed on. "I would like to express my gratitude in more than just words." Feeling his maker was now prepared for his actions, Auguste stepped closer and wrapped his arms around him. He hugged Axele tight, something he had never done before, not with genuine affection. "Thank you again... thank you for everything... you have no idea how much this means to us." Pulling back he smiled at his maker then before Axele could react he ran off to find Sattienne. Having recently realized how good it felt to be kissed with affection not just politeness, Auguste had decided to share the warmth with his maker. He may not love the man as Axele wished to be loved but did not mean he hated him, in fact Auguste had never hated him. All his immortal life he had desired nothing more than his master praise. Auguste wanted just once to hear his maker say he was proud of him and show him the sligtest bit of warmth. Now he understood why Axele had been so cruel and that he had everything wrong.

Drying himself off and getting dressed Alluvial smiled at his brother.
"Elirian, will you come with me to find Axele?" He needed to tell the elder that he was hungry but was more than a little afraid to go by himself.

Elirian blushed at how forwards his brother was and kissed him. "Hmn, that's not good. Well, let's go find him." He followed suit with the other, dressing and leading the way. He found the elder just as Auguste moved away.

Axele was terribly surprised but awkwardly and affectionately returned the embrace, kissing him on the cheek with the lve he'd always wished to be able to express. "You're welcome. Though you should be cursing me rather than thanking me. You're a very good child. You've never done me wrong. I just haven't thanked you for that,and I guess it is I who am thanking you." He said softly to himself. He decided to talk to him tomorrow about it. He had to tell him of this though and walked to the room he figured they would be staying in. "Auguste, let me speak to you tomorrow?" He asked, entering the room to kiss Sattienne on the forehead and Auguste as well. He smiled softly at the two of them and left them alone, heading to his own chambers to retire, his own cold bed and empty room filled only with his loneliness.

Sattienne smiled after their maker. "See? He's changed. You can't fake that sweetness." He said, patting the bed for his brother to sit beside him. "Why don't you get out of those clothes and seep by me?" He wondered allowed, wishing to be held.

Knocking on the door Alluvial stood there shifting his weight from one foot to the other and looked at the floor until Axele opened the door. Reaching out to take Elirian's hand for support the blonde looked up at the elder.
" I did not mean to disturb you... Master Axele..." He peered inside the room and seeing it was empty he continued, having his brother with him gave him the confidence he needed. "Well... I think I am hungry..." He looked up at the man who had almost killed him with innocent grey/green eyes. His hair was still damp but had been brushed and for some reason he looked younger then he really was.

Auguste stripped off and after neatly folding his clothes and putting them on the chair beside the bed he climbed into the bed and propping himself up on his elbow. Wriggling closer to his brother the Immortal reached out and began to brush Sattienne's silky black hair out of his face. With a content smile he gazed lovingly into those brilliant blue eyes the had always fasinated him.
"You are so very beautiful my love." Feeling that nothing he said could properly convey how much he loved his brother Auguste sighed and laying down he pulled Sattienne closer and wrapped his arms around him. "I have wanted to hold you here in my arms for so long. To have you as a lover not just a brother." Kissing Sattienne's forehead he snuggled into him breathing in the sweet scent of his hair.

Elirian smiled and squeezed his brother's hand in support. "Yes, he gave me the evil eye back in the bathroom as though he would devour me." He said, laughing as he teased his brother.

Axele gave a small laugh which was something he hadn't done in so long and ushered the children in his room, setting himself on his bed. "All right, well, I am obviously going to have to take this one out to feed. It might be best if I do it with you myself, meaning, leave your brother here, but I know how much it helps you to have him around, you two decide whether you need to be near one another. For now, you're going to need to feed from me to sate you until we get outside." He said, drawing the boy to himself, offering him the more plentiful vein in his neck, opening it just a little to start. "Drink little one."

Sattienne smiled. "I know, it feels like a dream." He said, snuggling against his brother. "So long. I used to watch you all the time. I watched you bathe. Watched you eat. Sleep. Dance. Walk. I idolized you in every sense. And it wasn't so long that I found out I loved you. It's why I was so insistent on telling you of Alluvial and Elirian, I wanted to gauge your reaction to confess."

Doing as he was told Alluvial pressed his lips against the elder's neck and sipped at the wound. Closing his eyes and moaning softly at the pleasure of swallowing the life giving blood the blonde sucked a little harder. The rest of the world seemed to fade away and there was one him and Axele's blood as it slid down his throat and filled him.

Tightening his grip a little Auguste sighed.
"I was so upset when you told me about our children. Sattienne... for so long I have had to live knowing I could never have what my heart desired most. I confessed my feelings to our maker many years ago and he became so enraged. I honestly thought he was going to kill me and finally I promised him I would never tell you the truth or act on those feelings. I could not bare the thought of imposing such misery on them. More than anything I hoped you were wrong but when I saw them... If I have been cold to you... if ever I seemed distant it was only because I loved you and it was painful for me to be near you and not take you into my arms." Auguste felt tears of pure joy welling in his eyes, he would never have to hold back or hide his feelings again and that was the most wonderful feeling.

Axele felt warm and nourishing, he rubbed Alluvial's back while he drank, encouraging him to drink more and more until he found that he needed to stop unless he wished to drink past his limit, and then he would be weak. "All right sweet one, let's get you outside to get more. I need my blood now." He said, smiling and pressing a kiss to his child's cheek.

Elirian smiled. "Hunrgy little thing." He said, having took a seat while he stood. He didn't entirely know what to think or say to the other, but he felt a bit sad he couldn't help feed his brother, but he was also happy that this frightening scary man that was Axele was so comforting.

Sattienne smiled. "I know that now. I had often wondered. I would try to embrace you and you'd be so stiff in my arms. I am glad things are changed. It was much needed. Though earlier than perhaps needed for Alluvial, things are better with him now as well. That's one to not have to worry about. When do you want to turn Elirian?"

Pouting slightly at having to stop Alluvial licked his lips and nodded. He studied Axele for a moment, the elder was nothing like the man who had abducted him. The blonde had been so scared of him before, the grip on his arm had been far too tight, hurting him but now Axele's hands were comforting and gentle. Even the elder's eyes had softened, no longer containing that cold almost mad sheen to them. Finally he turned to face Elirian and smiled brightly.
"Don't worry my love, I will be back soon and in your arms where I belong."

Auguste frowned at that, although everything had worked out he was still worried something would happen and destroy this new found happiness of his.
"Well I had planned to turn him in four or five years but seeing as Alluvial is now one of us...." He sighed as he thought on all the things his little one would never experience. He wanted both to taste life fully before they were turned and now he saw no reason to delay the inevatable. "Soon, I thing it would be best if we turn Elirian soon. I worry that he is vunerable and if Alluvial were to loose him I fear he would never recover."

Elirian smiled. "All right darling, have fun." He bent down and kissed his brother on the lips. "I think I will get a nap while you're out." He smiled to Axele. "Take care of him?"

Axele nodded. "Of course." He slipped his travelling cloak on and placed a similar one on Alluvial. "Worry not, you may lay with your lover soon enough. I don't think you want to accidently drain him though." He ushered the boy out of the house and into the streets. "Now, when finding someone to feed from, you'll more than likely want to learn how to take a little from many rather than a lot from one. Saves suspicion and no deaths on our hands to be rid of. Any questions so far?"

Sattienne nodded. "Perhaps tomorrow? I guess we should really ask him, but I know Elirian will start feeling left out if his brother gets something he doesn't. And of course Alluvial wouldn't ever be the same again if someting happened to his brother, would you be the same if something happened to me? Or would I were something to happen to you? Of course not."

Shaking his head Alluvial looked up at Axele with wide eyes. He understood what the elder was saying but he was a little scared and unsure about actually feeding from people. At heart he was a sweet, gentle boy and the thought of harming others even a little disagreed with him. There was also the matter of how he was going to overpower anyone, as yet he was unaware of his own strength.

Not wanting to think about such morbid things Auguste kissed Sattienne's hair again.
"Well then I guess tomorrow we speak with him and if he agrees we turn him." Frowning he wondered if it would be better to have his maker do the honours, Axele was after all much older and stronger than him or Sattienne. It was strange being in his maker's house again, sleeping in their old room but in a way it felt like comming home.

Elirian smiled as he lay in bed, wishing his brother was next to him, but also knowing he would return soon enough. He yawned and closed his eyes, trying to go to sleep until the other would return. It didn't feel right to sleep without him.

Axele smiled and wapped an arm about his shoulders. "It's not so difficult when you get the hang of it, watch." He scanned the area and then pointed at a young woman. "See how she has no one accompanying her? You must do something, offer her an escort or something of the sort and then make some form of an excuse about needing to go somewhere else first. Ask her to join you. If she does then that should be simple enough, if not, then you will have to use a bit of the strengths our kind has. Not truly mind controll, but it will put the idea into their minds. Try calling her to us." He said, urging the little one on. "And worry not, you wont be harming her, if anything she'll feel pleasure."

Sattienne smiled."All right darling." He leaned up and kissed him. "I worry about our Alluvial and his innocense. Do you think he's going to be cut out for being of our life?" He asked, resting his head on his brother's chest.

The blonde was not exactly sure what he was supposed to do but he nodded and tried anyway. Thinking really hard he called to her to them. It was more or less a matter of making her notice them and come over to them. Alluvial hoped he was doing the right thing and when she did not change direction or even look in their direction he tried again. Axele's assurance that he would not be hurting her calmed his nerves a little and he smiled up at the elder when she stopped turned and began to walk towards them.

Auguste understood exactly what his brother was talking about, he had known many innocents in his time but Alluvial seemed to be particularly pure. He had this way about him that made Auguste want to protect him, in fact that was what first attracted the immortal to his children. Elirian was very protective of his brother and little Alluvial was placing bread crumbs on the ground for a small bird. The animal came right up to him and even ate out of the boy's hand. Not only was it strange to see such a bird out at night but the way the blonde's grey/green eyes lit up with excitment pulled at his heartstrings. Smiling at the memory Auguste stroked Sattienne's hair again.
"I believe he will be alright with Elirian at his side."

Axele smiled. "Good, good. Now, she doesn't ntirely know what's going on at the moment. So, you're at an advantage. When she gets here ask her to sit with you, be sure you're in a secluded area. And I will remind you that you only need to take as much until you first hear the heart slow. Understood?"

Sattienne smiled in agreement. "I agree. Elirian is his strength to all of his weaknesses. " He smiled and looked back up at him. "Just as you are to mine." He kissed him gently, running his fingers through his hair.

Giving the woman a sweet smile Alluvial sat down with her in a dimly lit area but found himself hesitating, the act of actually biting into her frightened him a little. He looked to Axele for help and when the elder nodded he began to kiss her neck. She giggled and sighed softly but all Alluvial could think of was holding himself back. Only till her heart begins to slow. He told himself as he nipped at her skin with his pointed teeth.

Hearing such sweet things from Sattienne's lips made Auguste so happy, he sighed as he realized his brother could bend him to his will as easily as a tree bends to the gale. No matter how he looked at is Auguste was a fool for Sattienne and he loved it.
"You are too sweet." He whispered and kissed his brother again. "I could just eat you up." At that moment Auguste felt completely happy and at home. He belonged here in his beloved's arms.

Axele chuckled quietly and decided to let the other on his own a minute, swiftly and with expert skill carefully feeding from his own, showing Alluvial how it was done so to speak, licking the wound healed before letting the person go with a flash into their memory.

Sattienne smiled "Maybe you should." He said, pulling the other on top of him. "I could use some of you inside of me." He said, almost begging with his voice, kissing his brother sweetly and passionately.

Although he was a quick learner Alluvial still felt a little uncomfortable with feeding. He licked the woman's neck just as Axele had showed him and tried to send a flash into her memory. When she walked away as if nothing had happened with a smile on her face the blonde felt much better. It was true, she had not been hurt but he was still hungry. Looking to the elder for guidance Alluvial went to pick out his next companion. He had desided companion was a better word then meal and blushed deeply and he repeated it in his head.

Auguste returned the kiss then moved along Sattienne's jaw and towards his neck licking and suclking as he went.
"Sattienne... my sweet Sattienne..." He muttered in a possessive whisper, enjoying the taste and scent of his brother. Gently he bit into the creamy white skin allowing his lover's blood to wash over his tongue.

Axele nodded in approval. He fed from two more before he was full enough. "Keep going until you are absolutely full, you'll need every bit that you can get." He said, standing near by to be of aid should aid be needed.

Sattienne shivered and moaned heatedly, arching into the other. "Oh, Auguste, I want you." He whispered seductively in pleasure. "Please, my love, my brother, take me." He pleaded, wrapping his legs about the other's waist and baring his neck even furhter to him. He wanted to be loved and made love to.

Although he was a little clumbsy, the blonde continued to feed only needing Axele once when he failed as eraceing one mans memory. The elder also had to remind him to stop once when his hunger got the better of him.

Biting harder Auguste reached down to stretch Sattienne a little before he entered him. In every way possible he possessed his brother and when he had drunk enough he offered his own neck as he thrust within his lover. i seemed at if he could not get close enough to Sattienne, the could have melted into each other and is still could not have been close enough for him.

Axele smiled and began to lead the other back to the house. "Allright dear. Now why don't you go sleep aside your brother hmn?" He said, removing the other's cloak to hang as well as his own and then lightly embracing the other. "I owe you an apology. And, you did well tonight. Sleep well, little one." With that he retreated to his own rooms, yawning after the long, drama-filled night.

Sattienne shuddered. The feelings, the pain but so sweet pleasure that stretched into him was beautiful. He moaned and lifted his hips up to feel the other deeper inside of him. He wished to show him also how willing and wanting he was of him. He moaned and groaned and whimpered, unable to voice much more than a ghost of a whisper containing his beloved's name.

As quickly as he could Alluvial returned to the room he had left his brother in. Stripping down he crawled under the covers and snuggled into Elirian. he was tired and just being in the same bed as his loved one made him feel safe and forget the horror of eairler in the night.

Thrusting faster Auguste practically clawed at his lover trying to press their bodies closer and reach deeper inside him. Never had he experience such emotion and pleasure, everything seemed to be so much more intense because he was with the one his heart desired. Crying out Auguste felt himself about to climax and he looked down into Sattienne's brilliant blue eyes.
"I love you Sattienne..." Just then there was just him and he lover, the rest of the world had melted away.

Elirian turned in his sleep, wrapping his arms around his brother, his grip was loving. "Goodnight love." He whispered unconsciously, kissing him in his sleep. Things were peaceful for them, everything felt safe.

Sattienne was almost to the point where he wanted to whimper, shivering and clinging tightly to the other's back and body. "Oh, so clos Auguste, love!" He said, trying his best to not shout and waken the household. Not that everyone was asleep.

Alluvial could not believe how right it felt to be there, wrapped in Elirian's arms and he drifted off to sleep thinking of dancing with his lover under the moonlight down by the river. In a way he was a little afraid he would wake the next morning to find it was all a dream.

Hearing his lover cry out his name in such a way tipped Auguste over the edge and he came with a shudder as his eyes were blinded my the heat of his passion. For an instant he imagined he was merging with Sattienne, as if their souls mixed together as their fluids did. It was the the most wonderful thing he had ever experienced.

Slowly, Elirian's eyes opened, the darker shade than his brother's gazed at Alluvial before a small smile slipped across his features. "How did it go my love?" He asked, planting a sweet kiss on his lips.

Feeling the other finish inside him was the undoing point for him. Sattienne felt his muscles tighten as he came just after the other, coating his chest with their seed. "Oh! Auguste.." He said while panting, trying to catch himself, his eyes closed in pure pleasure.

Too tired to answer properly Alluvial smiled and nodded.
"Well, it went well." He returned his brother's kiss and closed his eyes again sighing happily. As wonderful as it felt to feed he enjoyed this safe feeling of belonging even more. "Love you..." The blonde muttered and drifted off to sleep.

Smiling happily at Sattienne, Auguste kissed him then stroked his hair.
"Let me clean you." He whispered. His lover looked so beautiful laying there with a smile on his lips and breathing heavily. Never had he seen such a sight that make his heart sing. The pinkish tinge of sweat on his brow glistened in the candle light and Auguste found himself staring off into those brilliant blue eyes that had always captivated him. "My Sattienne, my love... my life." Bowing down he placed soft butterfly kisses on his brother's lids, forehead and cheeks.

Elirian chuckled at his brother and closed his eyes, falling off to sleep with him. His arms were wrapped tight but not too tight around his beloved and his whole self was at peace and calmed. "I love you, Alluvial." He said, just before falling asleep. He couldn't wait to waken with the other.

Sattienne blushed at his lover's request but nodded. "Yes, my darling, my sweet, my everything." He said, countering his lover in a playful way, joining in on the sweet names. "I love you, Auguste. So much." He ran his fingers along the side of his beloved's face.

Alluvial slept soundly comforted by Elirian's presence. He slept all night without waking, the kind of sleep that leaves you feeling fresh and revitalized.

Thinking his brother was teasing him a little Auguste pouted, he could not remember the last time he pouted and that made him laugh.
"How quickly I have become your slave brother, there is nothing I would not do to see you smile." His eyes sparkled as he looked down at his brother again. Auguste could not help marveling at the fact that for the first time in his life he had everything he had ever wanted. Not only did he finally have Sattienne in his arms as his lover but his children were happy and safe and even his maker had been kind to him. His entire immortal life he had been trying to please Axele, to receive a word of kindness and now he learned his maker actually had great affection for him. Although he could never love Axele as he did Sattienne, Auguste wondered what it would be like to be held in his maker's strong, marble white arms. He pictured himself and Axele as lovers and was pleasently supprised to find Sattienne with them in his mind.

Sattienne smiled up at his brother in curiosity. "What are you thinking about?" He asked, finding it fascinating the different emotions that flew across his beloveds face when he was in deep thought. He knew the thoughts weren't too horrid or anything, for there was a small smile he felt he could detect. He hoped there was anyhow. Things had certainly changed for the better. He just hoped they stay changed.

A little embarrassed by his thoughts of a threesome with his brother and maker, Auguste frowned slightly as he concidered his answer. Afraid Sattienne would be angry or disgusted with him, he decided not to tell him just yet.
"I was wondering what the future holds for all of us. Now our little one is like us and Elirian will be soon it changes things. Alluvial will need to stay near Axele for some time to receive his blood when needed so we will be seeing a lot more of our maker." Shrugging he smiled. "Somehow it makes us feel like a real family." Leaning forward he kissed Sattienne softly, then kissed him a second time enjoying the taste of his soft, full lips.

Sattienne smiled. "I am sure our future will be lovely." He said, kissing the other in turn, loving the feel of the other's lips against his own, soft, firm, and still delightful. I am surprised though at Axele. I mean, if he loved you so much to the point to tear us apart, why didn't he make you his lover?" He asked puzzled. "I mean, it is pracitcally natural anyways for a maker to be a lover to their created. Is it not?" He asked, looking up at Auguste curiously.

That was true, most immortals did take those they created as lovers. The more Auguste thought about it the more he understood Axele's point of view.
"I guess he was hoping I would love him back but when I told him I loved you..." Auguste looked down at his lover with a reassuring smile. "I can not and do not want to change that. You will always be my true love." He kissed Sattienne again.

Sattienne smiled. "As you are mine." He said gently, unable to look away from the eyes of his beloved. "No one else will ever mean as much to me as you, nor could they ever replace you in any way. " He added, sighing peacefuly. "Even if Master did take you as a lover, it wouldn't change us you know. It wouldn't bother me because of how close we are and how much we love eachother. Besides, it's not like it's out of the family so to speak. " He said, kissing him.

Wondering how his brother seemed to know exactly what was on his mind Auguste smiled.
"You really would not mind?" A great feeling of relief washed over him and once again the image of all three of them in their maker's large bed came to mind. He saw himself making love to Sattienne while Axele took him from behind, it would be a little like their maker was making love to both of them at once because he would no doubt set the rhythm. For now at least, every one of his sexual fantasies involved his beloved brother and if Axele was prepared to share him, then Auguste saw no reason to deny the immortal his affection or his body. "As long as you are alright with it Sattienne... and if you find it becomes too difficult then I promise I will tell our maker I can not be with him anymore." Smiling he ran his fingers through his lover's silky black hair. "I think Axele being loved might be better for all of us, not being able to be with your soul mate is a painful thing." Auguste bowed down to kiss Sattienne again, he just could not resist tasting him again.

Sattienne smiled. "Yes, it would make things even more peaceful than they all ready are." Sattienne returned his kiss, smiling into it. "It's not like I haven't thought of him before in a less than proper way. Or thought of the three of us. Wouldn't that be something? The three of us in a bed together. It's almost frightening to think about." He said, smiling. "Well, not really, more like arousing to think about. What have you ever thought about this coupling with our maker?"

Eyes widening Auguste sighed.
"It is as if you can read my very thoughts Sattienne. I confess I have thought about such a coupling, in fact it is all I have been thinking about the last hour or so." He wondered how he could be so lucky to have found such a beautiful, wonderful, understanding lover. "I tried to picture myself with Axele but every time I did you were there with us." Again Auguste stroked his brother's long black hair, tucking a wayward strand behind Sattienne's ear.

Sattiene smiled. "I would be a silly fool if I said I have never had an intimate thought about our maker, and of course I would only picture him with you as well. What do you think he would say to the three of us? I know he would accept you readily, but I am another story." He looked worriedly into his brother's eyes, feeling incredibly unwanted by the man that made them.

His brother had a point, Axele had never intended to turn Sattienne. The only reason he did was because Auguste had tried to turn him himself but could not complete the job. He had begged his maker to help him and as time went by Axele grew more and more violent. Most of his anger was aimed at Auguste but it was no secret the immortal did not like the younger of the two. Wanting to ease some of the pain he saw in his lover's eyes, he kissed Sattienne again.
"I am sure once he has the chance to get to know you properly he will love you too. Until now you were the one who stole the man he loved away, I hope now he will see you as part of his family. Where ever you go, I go... my Sattienne, my angel. If Axele wants to have me in his life he has us both or none of us." Auguste swore to himself that he would not let his maker harm Sattienne in any way and he hoped that he was telling the truth. He was afraid Axele would reject his lover or try to harm him or their children. Please love him too. Please Axele, love Sattienne do not hate him.

Sattienne smiled. "Well, let's talk to him about it tomorrow eve. For now, let us sleep in peace by one another." He said, kissing his brother before snuggling as close to him as he could and closing his eyes. "When we wake up tomorrow, it will be a whole new thing. We'll go and talk to Master while Alluvial and Elirian go out to play somewhere. What do you think?" He asked, closing his eyes while he waited the answer.

"I think with you at my side I can do anything." He pulled Sattienne closer and wrapped him in his arms, happy that he could finally hold him in such a way. "Sleep well my love." Auguste could not resist nuzzling into his brother's silky black hair and sighing happily at the smell of it. Just then everything felt wonderfully perfect.

It was with a smile and similar way that Sattienne finally fell asleep next to his beloved, happier than he had ever been and a little worired about the next day, but he knew to take it in stride, for things couldn't possible get worse, right?

Axele stared at his bedroom ceiling whilst the dawn set and the moon arose. He peered cautiously outside his heavily blocked window, pulling apart the shileds to peer at the city. It was rather quiet this evening. He sort of enjoyed the peace, but he wanted the household up and about at the same time to offer him some welcomed noise. How long had he sat in the house with only his own thoughts and own voice for comfort? He sighed and went out to the sitting room, yawning and taking a seat close to a window while he waited for the rest of the household to waken impatiently.

Elirian opened his eyes slowly. He felt so very exhausted though and closed them again quickly, trying to fall back into sleep which he craved. Hw grinned while he squeezed his brother lightly, remembering everything from the night before. He was more than happy that things had turned out right, and happier even then that the boy he held in his arms was the very one he loved with all of his heart.

Sattienne couldn't at all bring himself to waken, though he did feel as though he probably should. There were important things to do after all. "Are you awake, Auguste?" He asked, rolling to better face his brother.

Pouting a little Alluvial groaned.
"I am too tired to wake up now." With that he snuggled into his brother and drifted back off to sleep. He thought he might be hungry again but just then, being held in Elirian's arms felt so good he wanted to stay there as long as he could. For Alluvial, the world consisted of only him and his lover.

Smiling at Sattienne, Auguste whispered.
"Yes, my love I am awake. I have been lying here watching you sleep, you are so very beautiful and you look so peaceful when you are resting here in my arms." Although he knew that Axele would most likely be looking for him soon, Auguste did not want to let go yet.

Elirian laughed and kissed his younger brother. "All right sweety." He said. Who was he to argue? It just meant he got to hold his younger one closer. "It's not like I mind being your personal pillow." He offered, kissing the other on the lips. "I just don't want you to get hungry and feed on me."

Sattienne went into a full out blush, smiling nervously. "Oh darling, your words are intoxicating." He said, kissing him. Come, let's go bother our lovely house members." He didn't want to be let go either, buthe feared if he didn't remove himself he would make love to the other, or at least ask to be taken.

Pouting again Alluvial went to argue but he was a little hungry and Elirian had a good point. Sighing he rolled onto his back.
"Well I guess I should get up then, I don't want to feed on you either." Feeling suddenly childish for trowing a tantrum because he had to leave the safety of his lover's arms the blonde sat up and streatched, yawning as he did. "I wonder when they will make you an immortal too?" A sudden panic gripped him as he thought about the fact Elirian was still human and therefor  still at risk of dying. "If anything were to happen to you..." He looked at his brother and tried not to cry.

A little sad about having to rejoin the world Auguste sighed.
"Yes, we should go greet our maker and our children." He leaned over and kissed Sattienne again, then kissed him a second time. "It is just so hard to drag myself away from you my love." He said laughing lightly.

Elirian frowned and kissed his brother. "Don't worry darling, soon enough I would imagine. I'll be okay until then." He promised, holding his brother tight. He ran his fingers through his hair in hopes to sooth. "Don't cry sweety." He said, wondering how the other had gone from happy to sad in justa hardly second.

Sattienne grinned. "I know, if I could I would stay curled up in bed with you all day. However, that's not able to happen at the moment. Soon my darling very soon." He answred cryptically, kissing him back and holding him tight again before releasing him. "Mn, let's go bother everyone."

Smiling brightly again Alluvial kissed Elirian's lips.
"Until then I will protect you." He said happily, quickly kissed his brother then stood up. With everything that had happened recently the blonde felt a little unsettled emoationally, he had after all died. Everything was new and just a little scary but as long as he had Elirian by his side he was sure everything would be alright.

Getting dressed Auguste looked over at his brother.
"Do you think I should speak with Axele first or should we do it togher?" There were so many things he wanted to ask his maker, so many worries he wanted eased. Auguste could not help smiling as he looked Sattienne up and down, Those brilliant blue eyes that seemed to light up when his soft full lips curved upwards into a smile and that silky black hair he loved to touch. Sattienne was an addiction, the longer he spent with his brother the more he wanted him.

Elirian smiled and returned the other's kiss. "That's certainly a turn of events." He said, kissing him yet again. "Well come along, let's go get you some feeding, hmn?" He smiled and hugged him, running his fingers along his back as he held the other. "I would say to get dressed, but our main clothing is at the house, do you maybe want to go there to get something to wear?"

Sattienne thought about it a moment. "You go first. That way he can be at least calm. If he sees me he may get the wrong idea somehow. I will wait respectfully and you come to retrieve me when you need me. Master just.. can be scary if he's not in a talking mood." He said, wondering if maybe he should go with the other to show he wasn't afraid.

Liking the idea of having his brother to himself for a little longer Alluvial nodded.
"We should tell Master Auguste and Sattienne that we are going home to change though." Almost dancing with excitement the blonde linked his arm around Elirian's and smiled up at him. "We can ask if we can take the horse and ride together like we did last night." Memories of dancing in the moonlight came back to him and Alluvial began to hum a waltz.

Pulling Sattienne close and kissing his forehead he smiled.
"I will go first and see what mood our maker is in, if all is well I will call for you. I really wish to speak to him about starting our relationship over. I hope he is willing to do the same with both of us." Auguste felt a fluttering in his stomach as he began to think about Axele's possible reactions. They ranger form his most pleasant dreams to having to gather his family and run for their lives. Telling himself he was over reacting Auguste smoothed his rumpled clothing and kissed Sattienne once more before he went to find his maker.

Elirian laughed softly at his brother. "Yes, should we stop at the clearing as well?" He asked, teasing his brother with a slight slap to the behind. He lead him out to Axele who looked bored as can be. "Sir, I was wondering if Alluvial and I could go to our home for a little while to get some clothing, he's kind of.. out and I need a change."

Axele looked up at them from his window searching and smiled. "Yes, but if he gets hungry you need to keep an eye on him when he feeds. And don't stop to make merry along the way, if he's hungry and you add to this fuel of sexual power he could very well not know how to stop himself from making you his next victim." He said, standing and wraping his cloak around Alluvial who wasn't wearing as much as Elirian, more for comfort that any other reason. He kissed their cheeks. "Be careful dears."

Elirian smiled and nodded. "We will." He said after blushing about the comment of "making merry". He lead his brother out and to the horse, helping him up on it first before sliding in on behind him. "Ready?"

Sattienne waited patiently for his beloved to come back or call his name. He was nervous. And rightly so. Worried as well. But what could he truly do about it ? Nothing really accept sit and wait.

Loving the feeling of his brother's body pressed against his and Elirian's arms around him as he gripped the reighns Alluvial nodded.
"Yes I am ready my love." He smiled happily at being able to call his brother love and mean it in the most intermate of ways, he even leaned back a little to be closer to Elirian.

Taking in a deep breath Auguste entered the sitting room where his maker was.
"Master Axele...?" He almost lost his nerve but steeling himself against his panic he continued. "I... I want to talk to you about us. I know in the past things have not been exactly easy but I would like that to change. All I ever wanted was you praise, for you to be proud of me and while I can not change the way I feel about Sattienne, I am willing to open my heart to you as well... if you will have me? Us?" He corrected himself. "If you will have us? We are kind of a package deal, I can't be without him but if you like you can take us both as lovers? If that is what you want?" Auguste felt so uncomfortable and he was terrorfied that Axele would say no.

Elirian was feeling the same feelings as his brother, pure bliss and utter happiness. Things were nice for them at last. He was also glad that the ride to his home wasn't so long, maybe he could get a few hasty kisses with his brother before they returned. He wasn't givn a time to be back to Axeles. Of course, he didn't know they even had to go, but assumed they did for Alluvial to have more practice with feeding.

Axele blinked several times. "Come again? You.. wish me to take you and your brother on as my lovers?" He felt his own eyes light up practically with the thought of it. "I... is Sattienne aware of you proposing this to me? What made you decide on this? You don't even view me as a lover, do you?" He asked, feeling slightly overwhelmed with the delightful turn he collapsed in his chair.

As they rode Alluvial became more and more aware of the fact he was hungry and found himself noticing Elirian's heartbeat. While he really did not want to rush this presious time with his lover he did not like the idea of feeding off him either. With a heavy heart and a sigh he turned his head to glance back at his brother.
"Elirian, I am definatly hungry, we should make this a quick trip."

Still worried but thinking the sparkle in his maker's eyes was a good sign Auguste nodded.
"In fact it he was the one to suggest it Master." Seeing a light in Axele's eyes reminded the immortal of the impossibly beautiful man he had met as a mortal. A man he could have easily fallen in love with and had almost done so until he learned his brother was deathly ill. It had been such a long time since he had seen this maker that way and long dormant feelings began to surface. "You are so beautiful when you are happy..." A little shocked he had spoken aloud, Auguste consiously smoothed his features as he waited for Axele 's reply.

Elirian nodded, feeling worried about his brother. "Well, should we just stop to get you some nourishment before we get there?" He asked, looking around. "We're not out of the city yet. I don't want you to starve, you know?" He stroked his brother's hair as he slowed their horse, waiting his answer.

Axele blushed a little at being called beautiful. "Well thank you darling. Um may I ask Sattienne to speak of this? I know you said he suggested it, but you will forgive me should I need to hear it from his own mouth?"

Sattienne, listening in, came out andnodded. "Axele, he's right. I did suggest it. We love you. More than you might think, and I know I took him from you in a way, but I want to be a part of the two of you as well."

Axele frowned a moment before nodding slowly, the frown turning into a soft smile. "I don't believe I could decline. Certainly."

Brow furrowing slightly, Alluvial concidered the suggestion. He was hungry and he had done pretty well the night before but he was also a little concerned that without Axele or one of the others he might run into trouble. Looking back at Elirian whom he had always thought of as stronger and wiser he nodded.
"Alright but only if you promise it won't scare you or anything." He did not want his brother to be afraid of him and while it had not disturbed him, Elirian was still human and would not feel the hunger as he watched.

Feeling as if a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders Auguste knelt down in front of his maker and kissed his hands.
"Thank you, I promise I will dry my hardest to please you and keep you both happy." As he spoke he reached out to take Sattienne's hand as well.

Elirian nodded. "I'll have to do it one day anyways right?" He asked, smiling. "Come on, let's get you some food." He pulled his horse at a stop and stepped down, offering his hand to the other while he did. He smiled and decided he would watch how the feeding would take place, he was more curious than he'd ever been.

Axele felt a little flush as he saw his darling child at his knees and kissing his fingers. "You will do well." He said, tracing his cheek. He bent down and kissed his lips, more than delighted to do so and then motioned Sattienne forward, giving him the same treatment as well.

Sattienne smiled and kissed him back, gently. "Mn, I admit, it's different kissing you..."

Axele nodded in understanding. "I hope you'll learn comfort with that."

As he had been taught Alluvial looked around until he found an area with lots of people then sought out a secluded spot among the shadows. He explained this to his brother almost word for word as Axele had told him but was still feeling a little unsure and nerves about feeding on his own. The blonde was very thankful to have his brother near by and reached out to hold him hand while he searched the crowd for a suitable companion. He still had a lot of difficulty thinking of men and women as food.

Auguste had to admit he liked the kiss, he had not realized how despiratly he had wanted his maker's approval and affection until now. He had always told himself it was a survival thing, his need to please Axele, but now he doubted that. Although he had never dared to think of his maker as a lover there had definatly been feelings buried deep inside him. Seeing both Sattienne and Axele kiss stirred his loins and imagination.

Elirian smiled. "Hang in there hun." He said encouragingly. He gave him a small tap to the rear, pushing him in the direction of a person walking and blew his brother a kiss. "I'll be close be. Have your fill." He leaned casually against a wall, waiting to watch his brother.

Sattienne smiled and nodded at Axele. "I think I will grow to love it very much." He insisted, shivering before rising and standing aside his beloved.

Axele smiled gently. "And now I might ask, what's your plans for the night, the both of you?" He asked this out of curiosity, for it seemed interesting for them to come to merely confess their love to him.

Comforted by his brother's words of encouragement Alluvial willed one of the men towards him. The Elder's words echoed in his mind. "Take a little for a lot rather than a lot form one." He even remembered to pay attention to his companion's heart and stopped as it began to slow. That part was not so easy, the hunger was strong and Alluvial really did not want to stop but he made himself do it. Remembering to send a flash into the man's mind he searched for his next companion Sighing the blonde told himself he would have to stop calling them that but just now he was focused on controling his hunger.

Blinking Auguste looked at his maker, he had not really thought that far ahead. He had been so worried that Axele would reject Sattienne or turn violent towards him he had not thought what to do now.
"I... we..." Other than having Sattienne beneath him again and making sure his children were well Auguste shrugged. "Perhaps we might turn Elirian this evening? Was there anything you wished of us Master?" He asked.

Elirian smiled. His brother held a grace about him he'd never seen before. Not even in Sattienne and Auguste. He watched him carefully, taking note on how he fed from those that came to him by his bidding. He was mentally taking paragraphs in of information and admiration.

Axele blinked at this. "Turn Elirian? I suppose that would be the best, yes we can do that when they come back, if he agrees to it. I am not sure how attached to his life he is. And on the subject of you two, why don't we talk about this in a place more comfortable, meaning my chambers?" He asked, eyeing them predatorily. He wanted to put their delcaration to test.

Sattienne nodded. "Of course, Master." He said as a response to both statements. He surveyed his maker, wondering what was going on with him. Was he plotting or was he truly inviting them to his bed?

When he had drunk his fill Alluvial returned to his brother, kissing him tenderly then blushed slightly.
"I am ready to go home now Elirian." Now that he was not hungry any more the blonde wanted to be as close to his lover as he could be. He held his brother's hand tightly as they walked back towards the horse.

Auguste could not believe his maker was actually being so nice to him and it unnerved him a little. Everything was happening so fast and Sattienne was everything he had ever wanted.
"Of course Master." He said as well and taking his brother's hand he followed
Axele to his private rooms.

Elirian smiled. "You're so graceful." He said, voicing the comment that had come to his thoughts."Beautiful." He helped the other back onto the horse and jumped on behind him before setting off to another gallop, wanting to get his beloved home to get his clothing, besides, it was fun to ride fast.

Axele smiled at the heavens, looking up just slightly as though thanking whichever god talked them into being with him. And not just one of his children, the both of them. He lead them to his room where he sat on his bed. "Well, to be honest I am having a time believing, so I want the two of you to show me." He said, wondering how they would react.

Sattienne nodded. "Of course." He kissed his brother before approaching Axele with caution before he realized that caution would only make the other suspicious. He kissed him, abandoning all rational thought, letting out a tiny moan while the other pushed him back on the bed gentl and beckoned Auguste to join them.

Axele smiled, tugging Auguste near to him and kissed him passionately, gently moving him as well back onto the bed. "And just how are we to do this, hmn?" He asked, referring to who was getting top, which he was certain would be himself, he wasn't ready to be topped by anyone.

Giggling and enjoying the wind in his hair as they galloped along Alluvial leaned into his brother. He had been a little embarrassed by Elirian's loving description of him but savoured their closeness.
"This is fun." He called out. When they reached home Alluvial let his brother help him down again but this time he hugged his brother tight and reached up to kiss him on the lips before he blushed again and looked away. The blonde wanted to finish off what they had started the night before but did not know exactly what to say.

Axele's question made Auguste feel a little embarrassed and he answered in a soft voice.
"Well Master... I thought maybe... if it is alright with Sattienne that I could take him while you took me." Just thinking about it got him aroused.

Elirian smiled and kissed him back. "Why do you blush? Surely my kisses don't embarrass you any longer than they used to?" He asked, tracing his broter's cheek, looking into his eyes as he did so. He held him tight to his body, happy to be able to do so.

Axele felt himself blush. "My, that is certainly enticing. But let me make this clear. I want you two to initiate, and you need to start this. You need to come on to me. I don't want to start for fear of being accused of harming."

Sattienne was moved by his maker's words and took them to his heart. He knelt and kissed Axele. "Worry not, Master." He said, then turning to his brother and capturing him in a passionate kiss, dragging him over to their maker's bed.

Moaning softly, Alluvial looked up at his lover.
"I know Master Axele said not to make marry but I am not hungry anymore and..." He pressed his body against Elirian so his brother was aware of his hardening member. "I... I want you Elirian... we have time don't we?" The blonde could not believe he was being so forward but they were alone and really wanted his brother to make love to him.

Having Satienne in his arms was more than Auguste could bare and he pushed his brother down into the mattress kissing him as he began to strip him. His lust was almost animalistic and in his haste he tore his own leggings a little.
"Master..." Auguste moaned in between kissing his brother and pulled his hair away from his neck offering it to his maker.

Elirian nodded. "As you wish. If you get into a biting mode I'll just have to tie you down." He said, smirking. "Come, let's go to my room." He said, kissing him almost roughly. "I want you as well." He carried is brother bridal style up to his room, setting him gently on the bed before removing his own clothing and sitting next to his beloved, starting on removing his.

As Auguste bared his neck to their maker, Sattienne kissed his brother's lips and chest, and ground his hips up against him. He was overwhelmed with lust and need and love, and as their master slowly sat beside them and kissed Auguste he blushed at the sight. It was possibly the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

Axele was instantly aroused by the sight even more than he had been just moments before. He kisses Auguste and then turned his kisses to Sattienne, running his fingers along wherever he could reach on Auguste. Then he rose. "Let's undress."

Every touch from his brother sent Alluvial into shivers, he let Elirian strip him and moaned softly, grey/green eyes begging for more.
"Elirian..." He whimpered and reached up to pull his lover closer. "Take me like you did last night... please..." This time the blonde hoped that nothing would interrupt them. Although he was a little nerves and not sure exactly what to expect the one then Alluvial knew was he wanted his brother inside him.

The feeling of have his lover beneath him and Axele's hands on him was so arousing. It made him feel wonderful as if he was desirable and sexy, something he had never really felt before. The more attention his maker paid him the better Auguste felt. Not only was Axele being kind to him, something he had often dreamed of but he was being tender.

Elirian removed his darling's clothing from him, laying atop of him with gentleness." Of course my Alluvial." He whispered, kissing and nipping his lover's neck, his hands sliding down his legs to his buttocks where he gripped, firmly pulling the other up against him, grinding their hips slowly.

Sattienne was lost in pleasure. He groaned with need and arched into the both of their touches, shivering in delight. He'd never done anything like this, and all of th different sensations were alost overwhelming.

Axele smiled and looked down at the sight that was his children, flushing at how sweet they appeared together. He nibbled along Auguste's neck, letting his fingers toy with Sattienne's length, being sure to carress it and stroke it with all of the skill he knew he had.

"Ah.. Elirian..." His brother's weight and the friction of their hips rubbing together was driving Alluvial wild. He had never experenced anything so intense and he wanted more. Grabbing at his lover and moaning with pleasure, the blonde begged Elirian to kiss him harder. "I need you so much.."

Sattienne's cries of pleasure spurred Auguste on and he spat on his fingers the rubbed them gently around his borther's entrence. Licking and biting gently at his lover's neck, he tangled his other hand int Sattienne's long silky black hair.
"I love you..." He whispered and shifted lifting his ass offering it to Axele.

Elirian kissed him almost harshly, sliding his thin fingers into his blonde hair. He tugged gently. And then his kissed moved from his lips and back to his neck, biting gently while they ground together. "Alluvial." ELirian hissed out in pleasure, slipping a hand down to push his index finger into him.

Sattienne moaned and raised his hips for his brother, accepting the invading digit readily. "I love you too." He whispered, gasping and arching and writhing beneath him.

Axele smiled at the sight below him and his eyes glazed over while his Auguste bared himself to him. He slipped his hands along the area displayed to him and he leaned forward, biting into his child's shoulder, drinking small sips while he pressed a finger into him just a little.

Pushing back against Elirian the blonde whimpered and shivered.
"More...Elirian....please..." Alluvial was dizzy with pleasure and the only thing he knew for sure was that he wanted more. The feeling of his lover's finger inside him was different but good. The slight discomfort was fleeting and his body told him there was better things to come.

Soft lips parting slightly as he gasped in pleasure, Auguste arched his back and turned to look over his shoulder at his maker.
"Master Axele..." He moaned and pressed back against him then bowed to posessivly kiss Sattienne. It was as if his body could not handle the pleasure overload and it quivered, sending tingeling sensations throughout his limbs.

Elirian was a fool if he felt he should decline his lover's request, so, instead he removed his finger, deciding if he went slow enough his brother would adjust to his length well enough. He placed himself at his entrance and pressed in gently.

Sattienne kissed his lover back, pulling his hips to his own. "Please, Auguste." He whispered, licking his brother's neck while he sat up just a little to do so.

Axele placed smallish kisses to Auguste's back while he worked his finger in and out of him, adding another to loosen him just that much more. He was so desirable, he couldn't wait to fill the other up with himself.

Tears welled in his eyes at the pain but Alluvial forced himself to relax. The pain ebbed and slowly the feeling of Elirian inside him became overwhelming. It was an amazing feeling and when he was ready he asked his lover to move in furher.
"Slowly... Elirian... yes... a little more..."

Using a sisoring motion Auguste stretched his brother a little more before he positioned himself behind him. Sliding in he moaned loudly, enjoying the sensation of Sattienne's muscles clenching and ajusting to him.
"Master... I need you now... Please Axele..." Never had he felt such pleasure, either physically or emotionally. Such tenderness, passion and need, was addictive and Auguste it's willing slave.

Elirian nodded, using immense self control to move a little more insdie the other and pull out slowly to merely thrust back in again. "Mn, warn me if you feel pain my love." He whispered, kissing him and pulling back out and then pushing back in again so slow.

Sattienne inhaled with pleasure, back in an arch whilehe let his brother slide as deep into him as possible. "Yes, take me." He whined, shivering and crying out to his brother. It felt so nice and natural to have the other inside him.

Axele was much more rough than Auguste and thrust into him, not much warning given other than a stroke to his length which he made as delectable as he could. It was nice to have his two children here, both technically moaning beneath him. He hadn't felt such passion and pleasure in so long.

Nodding Alluvial let out a deep breath, relaxing as much as he could. He was feeling much better now and with each thrust more and more pleasure shook him.
"Elirian.." He cried out moaning softly. He began to move against his lover, meeting each thrust with a thrust of his own. "More... Elirian... Please..." Wrything and rocking the blonde felt his entire body flush and new and exciting feeling began to unfold in his stomach.

Axele's roughness turned Auguste on, the need and passion was overwhelming. Each deep thrust sent a shudder through his body and in turn he would thrust deeper into Sattienne.
"Oh Master...yes!" Auguste cried out. "Sattienne.. My beautiful Sattienne!" Caught between both men, he was nearing climax very quickly and arched his back to each thrust hit his sweet spot.

Elirian thrust harder and faster into his little brother, kissing him delicately, running his fingers along his brother's length. He moaned as well, his pleasured cried slightly harsh and rough while he felt the delicious tugging and suction of the inside that was his brother.

Sattienne gasped as his brother's thrusts into him were yet intensified as their maker was making love to Auguste. He felt everything, their enerygy, their pleasure, their need, their near explosive ending and he himself was clawing at his brother's back, his eyes shut tight.

Axele lost himself inside his young one. He thrust hard and fast and tried his best to make him know his lover and ache for him. Make him know that every thrust was yet more delicious than the one before, that the other was making him feel utterly exquisite.

"Elirian I am going to...." Squeezing his eyes shut Alluvial cried out and came, the intense pleasure was too much for him. His body shook, convolsing as his muscles clenched while he tried to process the sensations he was experiencing. "Elirian..." He cried out again pulling himself as close to his brother as he could.

The room around him seemed to spin as thrust after thrust bought waves of intense pleasure and sensation. Auguste was so close and the ability to speak faded as his sensors overloaded.
"Sattienne... Axele...Augh...Close... so close! Harder! Please!"

Elirian thrust once more, hard into him. "Oh yes, darling, Alluvial!" He said through a tight groan, body twitching while he filled the other with his seed, amazed at the pleasure he felt. He peppered his lovers face with many many kisses, shivering and keeping inside him.

Sattienne met his brothers thrusts hardly just longer before he as well had reached his completion with a small squeak while holding in his moan that was surely to be almost too loud. He clutched tightly to his brother, his nails scratching at his back while he did so.

Axele felt like he was high as he looked down at his darlings, both frozen in orgasm, the sight and feelings he was experiencing triggering his own. He gave a few more hard thrusts into his beloved before he finished, sanding rigid behind him and panting out his moans.

Letting out a breath he had not even realized he was holding the blonde snuggled into his brother's embrace.
"I love you... Elirian... thank you.... thank you..." Tears or joy filled Alluvial's eyes as he held close to his lover. He wished they could stay like that, breathing hard and entwinted in each other. No longer a virgin Alluvial slowly began to process what he had just experienced, he had never dreamed anything could feel so wonderful.

Gathering his younger brother to him, Auguste held Sattienne against his chest as if he were the most presious thing in the world. Sighing happily he then turned his head to look back at his maker, the look in Axele's eyes made him blush. All those years he had tried to draw just one smile form his maker, anything other than the angry glares and sting of Axele's hand against his skin and now those eyes were full of love and satisfaction.

Elirian smiled. "You're welcome love, and thank you." He wiped his lover's tears of joy from his face. "Never have I loved another or felt this close with another.." He kissed him and traced his fingers along his cheeks. "You're so beautiful."

Sattienne yawned and curled up to his beloved, happy to be held by him in the most blissful state of relaxation and enjoyment. "I love you. Both of you." He said, smiling.

Axele placed himself beside Auguste, curling around him and kissing his cheek. "And I love you both as well." He said gently, reaching over to smooth back Sattienne's hair. "You've both made me proud."

Hearing such sweet words form the lips of his lover Alluvial smiled as he searched his brother's eyes. There was no mocking or hint of false flattery in them and that made the blonde blush.
"You are the beautiful one Elirian." He reached up but hesitated, his hand hovering a fraction above his brother's cheek. "You are so strong and handsome." A shy smile curved the corners of his mouth as Alluvial lightly brushed his fingers along Elirian's jaw line.

Closing his eyes and letting Axele's words wash over him, Auguste tightened his grip on Sattienne. Everything he had ever wanted was right there on that bed with him. His brother in his arms as his lover and his maker not only happy but tender and gentle while being passionate at the same time. All that was missing were his children, if he knew for certin they were safe this moment would be perfect.

Elirian blushed this time, taking his brother's hand in his own and kissing the fingers gently. "But you are that of an angel, my love." He whispered, slipping his fingers through Alluvial's hair.

Sattienne smiled as he was held, leaning back against the strong chest of his brother. he closed his eyes and unknowingly drifted into a light sleep. He didn't dream, merely was at the most peace he had ever been in.

Axele smiled as he knew his darlings were at peace with him. He felt Sattienne's presence drift to sleep. "Auguste. I owe you an apology." He whispered, running his fingers through his child's hair. "I've been so cruel, so mean to you..."

letting his eyes close so he could enjoy his brother's touch all the more Alluvial was not sure how to answer Elriran. He liked being called an angel and the way his lover looked at him. Lying there with his brother's arms around him the blonde felt safe, this was were he belonged. Letting out a sleep sigh of happiness Alluvial moved a little closer to Elirian.

Hearing such an apology form his maker stripped Auguste of his usual self control and he shed tears of joy. Tilting his head so he Axele's hand brushed his cheek as well, he looked into his Master's eyes.
"So long I have waited for you to say that to me... so long I have wanted to feel love in your touch..." Emotion got the better of him and Auguste leaned back against Axele.

Elirian smiled. "Let's just rest a little, or should we go and see our makers?" He asked, wanting to simply fall asleep with the other in his arms. "I wonder if some kind of war has broken out while we've been gone."

Axele steeled his resolve, doing his finest to not let his tears fall, but even then a few escaped. "I know darling. And so long have I wanted you to look at me the same way you do your beloved. I never meant to cause so much harm and hate with you. I loved you every moment, every time I lay a blow on you it's like I was hurting myself a hundred fold. But I was always so angry..." He held him tight.

With a sigh Alluvial opened his eyes again.
"I guess we should be going, we did say we would be as quickly as possible." Although he wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in his brother's arms the blonde was a bit worried about their Masters.

Giving in to the emotions that fought to free themselves Auguste lay there in Axele's arms holding Sattienne tight. He let the tears fall freely as he kissed his brother's black hair. So much had changed in such a short time and it was all for the better.
"Master... I love you..." He whispered but was too embarrassed to look him in the eye, he felt foolish for being such a cry baby but he could not help it. Auguste had only dreamed of hearing such sweet words from his maker and now that his dream was reality to moved him greatly.

Elirian smiled. "Worry not, when we get there I am sure they will allow us all a nap." He said, rising and getting on fresh clothing, retrieving his brother's clothing as well.

Axele smiled. "It warms me greatly to hear that from you." He said softly, kissing his beloved on the cheek. "So many years of my torment. I am surprised you hadn't plotted my death."

After cleaning himself up and dressing, Alluvial pucked out a few extra clothes just in case they stayed a little longer at Axele's house. He clung to Elirian smiling up at him and humming to himself.
"You make me so happy my love." He said eyes sparkling.

That last staetment form his maker made him freeze mid breath. Worried that Axele would be angry but not willing to let them slip back into the habit of not telling each other how they felt Auguste looked up at his maker with pleading eyes.
"Please don't be angry Master... I would never plot your death unless you were to harm those I love but..." He felt guilty. "I thought of running form you... I was afraid you would try to kill us all..." There was that fear again in his eyes but it softened as he quickly added. "That will not be necessary now Master."

Elirian grinned at him. "And you make me even happier. Are you ready? We should go soon." He whispered. He held the other tight, leaning down to kiss his lips.

Axele felt a severe stitch of hurt as he had said this. " sorry that you would have wanted to go so far." He felt tears that he's never shed come to his eyes. 'I am sorry." He whispered again, kissing the other and crying quietly while he held him.

Alluvial took his clothes and put them in the saddle bag as neatly folded as he could, then he took Elirian's clothes and put them in the other side smiling happily as he did so. Doing simple domestic things for his brother felt good and he made a mental note of that.
"Well I guess we are ready to go my love?" The blonde was looking forward to being held in Elirian's arms again, feeling his body pressed against his own.

Knowing he had made his maker cry Auguste pulled Sattienne closer and leaned back pressing himself against Axele to offer what little comfort his presence could. There were so many things he wanted to say but could not. Although his maker was being kind and apologized for his behavior Auguste was still afraid that if he displeased him or angered him, Axele might lash out as he had done in the past. Sighing that his thoughts had turned to worry, Auguste let out a deep breath and focused on his maker pressed against him, holding him in his strong loving arms. Here and now that is what you must think of. He told himself.

Elirian smiled and rose himself on his horse, looking down at his brother while holding out his hand. "Come on darling, let's go home." He whispered, finding himself staring at his brother in awe. He'd not just then gotten a good look at his lovely pale feautres. He was certainly beautiful in a dedly innocent sort of way. He smiled. "Gods, the light of the moon makes you even more beautiful."

Axele sighed, his tears stopping. "I love you." He whispered, closing his eyes to savour the closeness of the lot of them. He was pleased to have his two children properly at his side.

Alluvial smiled.
"You have such a sweet tongue my love." He said softly as he allowed Elirian to help him into the saddle. He wished he could see himself the way his brother did, to see what it was that captivated his lover in such a way. To the blonde, Elirian was the perfect mix of beauty and strength, he imagined him as the subject of great artworks. A King, a Saint, a God, power tempered with mercy. Blushing slightly at the thought of having a portrait commissioned so he could start at it whenever they were parted he turned to look at Elirian. "Lets go."

Auguste had drifted off to sleep and as he opened his eyes he smiled. He felt so safe and happy having his maker and his brother curled up on either side of him. Gently he kissed Sattienne's black hair and sighed happily as he wondered where his children were.

Elirian chuckled and held tight to him, nudging the horse's flanks to get him moving. He decided to take some time with their journey, not going too fast nor too slow, just at an almost trotting space to keep his little one with him as long as he wanted. Al througout the way he couldn't stop himself from kissing on his brother's neck and chek out of pure adoration.

Axele lay awake aside the other. He would have fallen asleep but instead he watched this rare affection with interest. He was certainly pleased that things were finally falling into a suitable order. He sighed and waited for the children to come home as well. There was much to talk about.

Sighing when he saw Axele's house Alluvial savored his brother's kisses and could not help feeling sad that their time alone was over. As much as he loved his makers he had enjoyed being held in Elirian's and feeling as if they were the only two people in the world.
"I hope everything is alright with them." He said looking back at his brother, slightly worried about what they might find.

Now that he was awake again Auguste turned his head to look up at his maker. His eyes sparkled as he smiled contently.
"I wonder what is taking Elirian and Alluvial so long?" He had a pretty good idea that they had taken time out to enjoy each other, or at least he hoped that was the reason for their delay. Now that their little family was whole, Auguste wanted it to stay that way.

Elirian smiled. "I am sure it will be. It is oddly quiet in here though. Where do you think they might be?" He asked after they entered the house. He sighed and looked around. No broken furniture, no glass shatterd.. no signs of struggle. He frowned. I wonder if they're in their room?" He motioned his little brohter to stay still and walked to Sattienne and Auguste's room. Upon not seeing them there he managed to find Axele's widely opened room. Seeing them all sprawled naked together was quite the shock to his eyes. He blushed. "Oh! I didn't know,.. I.. umm we're home." He said, leaving quickly, supressing a giggle.

Axele let forth a throaty chuckle. "I would say they're home now." He grinned. "Polite little thing though. You've raised him well." He wondered how much laughter would be made at their expense. 

Alluvial waited anxiously for his brother to return. While he waited he began to look around at Axele's furnishings, he had not had time to do so the night before and the details of his surroundings were the last thing on his mind as the elder held him on his lap. Everything looked so normal, he was not sure what he had expected but Axele had frightened him so terrorbly that he felt as if here were in some kind of prison or dank basement. There was nothing to suggest the owner had the ability to rip a person limb form limb without the slightest hesatation. Although he knew Axele could be so very gentle and patient the elder frightened him a little. Preferring to think of the teacher who had taught him to feed rather then the monster who abducted him and almost killed him, Alluvial sat down in a large coushined chair, smiling up at his brother as Elirian approached giggling.
"I take it you found them and all is well?" He asked relieved.

Unable to hide his amusement Auguste nodded.
"Yes, I believe you are right Master. Shall we dress and wake Sattienne or let him sleep?" His brother looked so angelic and peaceful lying there, and Auguste really did not want to disturb him.

Elirian nodded. "Ohh yeah, they were all three laying there naked. Sattienne's asleep." He said, smirking. "Seems like they were playing. Why don't we go get settled down?"

Axele thought a moment. "Let the darling sleep. You and I shall greet your children." He kissed him. "He just.. looks too darling to waken with out nonsense." He said, chuckling. "Besides, I need to check on the youngest." He rose and donned his robe before walking out. "Little Alluvial, did you feed?"

Hearing Axele's voice and the smile in it, Alluvial relaxed completly, the elder was happy.
"Yes, Master Axele, I was too hungry to wait until I got back." He reached out again and wrapped himself around Elirian's arm as he smiled up at the man who had turned him. "That was alright was it not?" A brief frown of worry creased the blonde's forehead but vanished just as quickly as it came. He stood there holding his brother's arm with big sparkling grey/ green eyes.

The fact his maker had decided to let his beloved Sattienne sleep made Auguste smile. It showed Axele had strong affection for his brother as well and served to further calm Auguste's doubts about their maker's change. Kissing his beloved's cheek and pulling the blanket up over him, he quickly cleaned himself and dressed then followed Axele out of the room. Seeing his children safe and happy Auguste greeted them both with a kiss on the cheek.

Elirian smiled at his brother. "Godmorning, Auguste. How are you?" He asked, returning his makers kisses. He enjoyed them immensely. He enjoyed everything. Just being near the ones he loved in his family was all he needed to be all right in the world.

Axele nodded. "Yes, little one. I am glad that you did so. And I am furhter glad that there were no complications." He said, leaning down to give the boy an affectionate kiss on the lips, but nothing more than a chaste one. And then he did the same to Elirian. "Well, you darlings are free to roam about." He said, before pausing. "Actually, Alluvial I wouldn't mind talking to you elsewhere."

The blonde felt a little nerves, he had no idea what Axele wanted to talk to him about.
"Master Axele if we took too long I am sorry....?" Alluvial looked up at the elder with wide grey/green eyes. He wondered if the other had read his thought as was angry that he and his brother had taken time to make love while they were back at Auguste and Sattienne's home.

Tilting his head to the side Auguste wondered what his maker wanted with his child but reminded himself that Axele had changed and his little one was not in any danger. Still he would stay within ear shot and should anything happen he would immediatly rush to Alluvail's defence.
"So did you two have fun?" He asked Elirian. Auguste was pretty sure they had been enjoying each other just as he and Sattienne had been enjoying his maker.

Axele frowned and stepped forward, carressing the boy'd face and planting a small kiss on his forehead. "Worry not little one. The time is gone where I will harm you. I will not punish you for simply stopping to share intimacy with the one you love." He smiled. "Now though, I do need to talk to you. There are certain binding things and I wish to talk to you about feeding a little more. Worry not little one, I wont harm you. Elirian why don't you go and talk to Auguste, he needs to ask you about what year you wish your turning or rather factly if you want to now or later.

Elirian frowned and followed after Auguste. "What's going on, Auguste?" He asked, excluding formalities. He wondered what could possibly be going on. "Surely I wont have to become immortal yet? Well, not that it would matter, but I still had about another year or two left?"

He could not help looking back at Elirian as his brother left the room and when he turned back to Axele the blonde was frowning slightly. Speaking more on feeding did not bother Alluvial but the mention of binding things made him uneasy. There was truth in the elder's eyes as he assured the blonde he would not harm him and a gentle tone to his voice. Alluvial liked being called little one, it some how made him feel as if the other would care for him and protect him more passionately.
"Binding things Master Axele?" He asked in a small, slightly confused voice.

On hearing his child speak of having more time left, Auguste sighed. He had hoped to turn Elirian that very night but he would never turn him against his will. It was obvious the young man had plans for his life and wrapping him in his arms, Auguste kissed his forehead.
"Of course you have time Elirian, you have as much time as you need my child. I just wish you to know that if you change you mind and wish to become one of us sooner then do not hesitate to tell me." Gently pushing on Elirian's shoulders, Auguste held him at arms length with a slightly sad smile on his lips. "This has all happened so quickly, we had planned to turn you first and allow little Alluvial to reach full manhood before he joined us but fate it seems had different ideas. Why don't we sit and you can tell me what you have planned for the next few years? We will help you as much as we can to see your dreams forfilled."

Axele gave a frown but nodded. "Yes. Well, I didn't really expect you to be one of us so soon. And since you're technically underage in our society, either we have to turn your brother right at this instant or I get in trouble for turning you and you have to be betrothed." He stroked the little one's hair. "The only problem with Elirian is that he's probably not ready and it may not stop the betrothal anyhow."

Elirian thought a moment. Auguste had a valid point. "I.. " He paused a minute. Would he really lose so much? Obviously not. "All right then. I. I guess let's do this."He said, nervous but figuring his little brother would be a thousand times happier with the change.

"Betrothal?" Alluvial squeaked, then imediatly apologized for his little outburst. He could not believe what he was hearing and suddenly felt like he wanted to cry. "I thought that I would be allowed to stay with Elirian?" The blonde said in a small voice, his gray/ green eyes wide and filling with red tinged tears.

Brushing a strand of his child's hair out of his face Auguste gently kissed his forhead.
"Please Elirian, take some time to think about this. You will have eternity to be with you beloved Alluvial but you will only have this one chance to grow and live among your fellow men." He kissed Elirian again and hugged him. "There is no rush my child."

Axele held the younger one against hi. "You will. Whatever happens I wont let you be taken from your brother, all right?" He asked, tilting the boy's face up to look into his eyes.

Elirian smiled. "It's all right really. I think that it may be time. I mean, anything could happen and I know it would devestate Alluvial if I just died. So, yes, turn me." He said, hugging his maker.

Alluvial blinked away tears and took in a deep breath to calm himself. Something about the look in the elder's eyes told him that Axele was telling the truth.
"Do you promise Master Axele?" He knew that man meant what he said but still hearing it again would make him feel better. "I could not bare to be parted form Elirian, I would rather die than spend eternity with out him."

Hugging his child again Auguste nodded.
"You saw what happened to Alluvial, the change is not a pleasant one but we will be here for you.... We should go and find Axele now." Auguste was a little concerned that his child was rushing into this and it made him laugh to think he wanted this to happen as soon as possible and now he was the one having doubts.

Axele nodded and ran his fingers through the little one's hair. "I do promise. I wouldn't take that from you. Not now." He said, smiling just softly. "You're safe in that respect." He felt so fatherly with the little one in his arms. He enjoyed the comforting process, holding the delicate creature close to him.

Elirian nodded and hugged his maker. "I know. I am sure of this. It's only a couple of years." He said, smiling and kissing his maker's cheek. "Where is Sattienne, shouldn't we awaken him?"

The blonde could not help leaning into the embrace and letting out a soft sigh as he enjoyed the feeling of safety he got from Axele's strong arms wrapped around him. It seemed strange to him that he had been so afraid of the elder, the man holding him now was a compleatly different person. As his lover and Auguste entered the room Alluvial looked up and smiled at Elirian.

"Yes, you are right I should wake him." Auguste smiled happily. "I'll take you to Axele then I will go and rouse my beloved. He wanted Sattienne to himself, even if it was only for a minuet or two. Smiling at the sight that greeted him, August stood and watched his maker and his child for a moment. It filled him with joy to see Axele being so loving and gentle to his little one. This was a side of his maker he had never seen before but it was a side he greatly liked.

Axele looked up at Auguste and Elirian. "And have you made your decision, Elirian?" He asked, still holding Alluvial in his embrace. He wondered about the other, the only mortal left in their family.

Elirian smiled and nodded. "Yes. I will join you all, my family, and of course most of all my little love there." He said, sending a wink their way. "I look forward to learning what I can and loving my brother forever." He said, leaning against a wall. "My question, is who is going to turn me?"

Axele thought a moment. "Hmn, well, it would be proper for Sattienne or Auguste to turn you. You will ask them, but also I turned your brother, you may wish to have my blood instead. Auguste, what would you suggest?"

If Axele had not been holding him so tightly the blonde would have gone to embrace Elirian. He was excited to hear that his brother had decided to become one of them so soon, he imagined them learning everything together. Unable to take his eyes of his lover Alluvial smiled at him but felt a flutter of panic when he thought about the betrothal.
"Does this mean we no longer have to go ahead with what we were discussing? " He could not bring himself to say betrothed out loud, to Alluvial it would somehow make it all real.

"Well I would love to turn him and we will have to speak with Sattienne of course but there are advantages to having you turn him as well Master. For one you are the strongest among us and it will allow Sattienne and I to have a full connection to both our children." Auguste sighed. "If you will excuse me, I wish to wake my bleoved, he should be part of this?" He looked to Axele for permission to leave but this time there was none of the usual hurt and fear in his eyes as he did so.

Axele frowned at the young one. "Well, I can try to keep it from occouring, I am not giving any promises though. Normally you're supposed to be betrothed until your one hundredth birthday." He said, stroking his hair before giving him a little pat towards his brother. He turned to Augsute then and nodded. "Yes, that would be needed."

Elirian smiled and embraced his brother. "See, we'll be like eachother and live happily ever after.. litterally." He kissed his brother's soft lips and held him close. "I love you, Alluvial."

To the blonde 100 years was such a very long time. It was an eturnity to a mortal, an age most don't reach and enough time to produce three generations of a family.
"Can't Elirian and I be betrothed to each oher?" He asked clinging to his brother like a drowning man would cling to a piece of driftwood.

Auguste nodded then left to go and wake his lover. Sattienne was exactly the way he had left him and gently laying on the bed beside his brother, he leaned over and whispered in the other's ear.
"Sattienne... my darling... it is time to wake now my love."

Axele smiled. "I would allow that, but he's not at least three hundred in age." He frowned. "Worry not, whomever your with I will be sure they don't actually touch you. It's a status message and it's for protection."

Elirian held his brother close, listening intently. "Wow. I guess I have to be betrothed too." He frowned. "I don't know if I want to be." He smiled. "Not unless it's to Alluvial."

Sattienne gave a soft groan of acknowledgment before waking. He peered into his brother's eyes and a light smile slipped onto his lips. "Hello." He said, leaning up to kiss him. "Is something the matter?"

Alluvial though for a moment then tilting his head to the side he asked.
"Is is possible for us to be betrothed to Masters Auguste and Sattienne? I know they would understand our situation and would never hurt either of us." Large gray/ green eyes sparlking, he looked at Axele and waited for an answer.

"No my love, there is nothing wrong." Auguste smiled down at his brother, reveling in the sight of him. "Elirian had decided to be turned this night and we all thought you should be part of it." He kissed Sattienne on the lips and forehead again, moaning softly at how good it felt to be able to do such a thing to the man he loved.

Axele nodded for a moment then frowned. "Well, the problem with that is while normally that might be allowed, especially if I turn you, if one older than their years comes along with the request to keep you. I have no choice."

Elirian sighed. "Well, why can't you just betroth us to you then? Aren't you like a thousand or something?"

Axele nodded. "I am old as such. But, there are others older than me."

Sattienne smiled. "Oh! How sweet. Yes, let's do this for him. Should Master Axele turn him?" He asked, wondering how this would all turn out. He was very pleased in a sense that his son was going to chose now. "It takes away so much worry."

"Really?" Alluvial could not help being amazed by the fact that there were other Immortals older than Axele. To him a thousand years was an impossible length of time and the though of someone even older than that shook the very foundations of his mind. "How old is the oldest of your kind?" He asked without thinking first then quickly apologized again. "I seem to be saying sorry a lot lately, you will think I have no manners at all." The blonde said pouting slightly at the thought of how his behavior would reflect on his Masters.

Still lost in his brother's brilliant blue eyes, Auguste nodded.
"I think that would be best but we have yet to deside." It took all of his strength to allow Satiienne to sit up and not push him back into the blankets biting his neck and desiring to be once again inside him.

Axele chuckled. "Well, so far the eldest known is about six thousand. Obviously there had to be one before him. But there's a story of a spirit. That's a tale for another time." He said, smiling. "And worry not, you're supposed to ask questions."

Elirian listened as well to his master's words. "Hmn, well, let's hope that none older claim us before you." He said, frowning. "I wonder what's taking Sattienne and Auguste?"

Sattienne searched his brother's gaze. "You want me, don't you?" he asked, touching his brother's cheek. "I would agree to the thought, but I believe we are expected, perhaps afterwards?"

Blinking in disbelief the blonde concidered this new information. He just could not seem to imagine what it would be like to have lived for that long. So many questions popped into his mind but Axele was right, they were questions for another time, at least now that he new he was allowed to ask them Alluvial felt much better.
"So did you have someone in mind Master Axele?" He asked still clinging to Elirian's arm.

Laughing Auguste nodded.
"It is that obvious?" He kissed Sattienne tenderly. "If I had my way you would never leave this bed. I have so many years of love and affection to make up for." Forcing himself to stand up Auguste sighed and gathered his lover's clothing for him.

Axele smiled and shook his head. "No, dear. We'll get it settled though after your brother is turned." He said, taking a seat. He suveyed the two. Yes, he was going to have to try and be careful with the young one, try to keep him away from those around him.

Sattienne nodded. "It is. And I know, I have much lost that I would love to make up for as well. But there will be a time for that. You have me forever." He said, kissing his beloved.

Alluvial looked up at Elirian completely oblivious to the fact that Axele was studying him.
"I can not tell you how much I love you." He said so quietly it was almost a whisper. "I just can not believe this is really happening, to think I will be able to stay at your side for thousands of years." That sounded like paradise to the blonde, he knew his makers would live forever but he had not really put a number of years to that. It was like saying a boat load of gold then actually sitting down and counting it out, the total somehow seemed much more.

"Yes I have you for ever and you have to put up with me for eternity." Auguste laughed and kissed his brother again. "Well this is not getting us anywhere." He said with a mock pout. "I had best leave you to dress or Master Axele will be wondering where we are." Sighing Auguste tried not to think about what had happened eirler, just the thought of all three of them together made him begin to harden.

Axele smiled and watched them. He then turned to look out the window, wondering if he'd ever find someone to love so much. He sighed and thought about it. Sure, he loved Auguste. Auguste loved him back but belonged to another. How was he to find one who wanted him alone?

The grin on Elirian's face was infectious with beaty. He hugged his brother tight. "I can't wait either. Which is why they should hurry up. I want to be able to be as unharmable as the rest of you and to begin our new lives with one another." He said, kissing his brother.

Sattienne smiled. "All right." He said, kisisng his beloved before rising, his naked form stretching. He yawned and then changed into elaborate robes so he wouldn't have to bother with tights.

Alluvial giggled slightly enjoying the feel of Elirian's soft lips. He was just so happy to know that his brother would be by his side and they would have not only Auguste and Satttienne to protect them but Axele as well. The elder facinated him, as did everything about their kind. He wondered how many of them there were, how old they were and if they were all as beautiful as his makers. There was also the subject of women and if most lived in small family groups like Sattienne and his brother or if they lived alone like Axele had been doing. There was also the possibility of them living together in great numbers, perhaps they were mysterious priests that hid away in their monestarys. The blonde was desperate to ask all those things but first he wanted to make sure Elirian could never be taken from him again. The five years they had spent apart had been hard on him.

When Sattienne was dressed Auguste offered him his arm and headed back downstairs to Axele and their children.

Elirian smiled. When he saw Sattienne and Auguste he couldn't stop the smile from widening. "You two are cute." He said, smirking. He felt incredibly nervous suddenly but tried his best to reign the feelin in.

Axele smiled. "Well, Have you all decided?" He asked, worried as he felt the presence of one older than him some miles away. He knew what they were on their way for."Quickly loves."

Sattienne grinned. "You may, Master, if it's okay with Auguste. I would hate to not have connection with him." he said, grasping his lover's hand while he said this.

Making a mental note to ask about the lack of connection Sattienne mentioned after Alluvial looked towards Auguste as he instinctivly tightened his grip on his brother. He was becoming very excited and just a little worried that something would go wrong.

"It may be selfish of me but I feel the same way Sattienne does, if you are willing to turn him Master Axele I would appreciate it." Auguste smiled at his little family, just two days before he would never have imagined they could all be standing in his maker's house so happy and comfortable with each other.

Axele nodded solemnly. "Yes, all right, Come with me, Elirian." He said, bringing the boy with. "Umn, Auguste, a certain elder is on his way." He frowned. "I am sure as a boy you remember him. He was after you when you were first turned. Larus is on his way." He smiled bitterly. "Let the battle begin, no?"

It seemed as if on cue that the knock sounded at the door. Sattienne frowned and opened the door as Elirian and Axele walked away to turn ELirian in a more unwatched environment. The man that stood on the other side was powerful. He could feel that immediately. Hazel eyes peered out from under choppy bangs of peppered white and black. "You are Larus?" Sattienne asked, studying the frightening figure who's incredibly long waist length hair was decorated with ornaments that seemed to make him look more dangerous for a reason or another. It was easy to tell the man had once been a prince or an emperor. The long white cloak and robes he wore made him look even more ethereal.

It was an elegant nod he gave. "Yes, that is my name. Am I not welcome inside?" The man asked, his voice thick and yet soft like satin. "How convenient of Axele to be off as well as I arrive. Where is he?"

Sattienne blinked several times. "He's turning my eldest..."

Larus frowned. "Is he now? How delightful. Where is the young Alluvial?"

Back with Axele, Elirian was a little bit more than nervous. He was afraid of the other man.Of how it might feel. What if Axele lost controll? Anything could happen. He shuddered and cltched tight to the other when he strode over to him.

Appearing behind Sattienne and giving their guest a polite smile Auguste gripped Alluvial's hand posessivly.
"Please, come in Larus." He gave a slight bow and waved the elder into the sitting room. "It is nice of you to grace us with your presence Master Larus. You know my brother Sattienne and this is our youngest Alluvial." As he made the introductions Auguste did not loosen his grip on his child and while he was polite he watched the elder closely and with a fair amount of fear.

Sattienne frowned. "Sir, are you the one trying to betroth to him?" He asked, also placing his hands on the boy as though trying to keep him near.

Laurus' bright eyes scanned them curiously. "And if I am?" He asked, eyes on the boy with a good amount of study. "He's beautiful. Do you think I would harm him or not take care of him?"


Elirian shuddered as he clutched to his maker to be. The other held him close after having stripped him completely so as to not soil his clothing.

"Fear not. I will not bring you harm." Axele whispered, giving Elirian's cheeks and forehead a kiss before smoothing the other's hair back, waiting until he was relaxed before making his bite.

Elirian hissed in pain and then when he thought he was going to scream from it swooned and lay limp in the other's arms, shivering. The world seemed to darken before him, his head feeling light and dizzy the more the other took.

Alluvial had been staring at the elder the entire time. He could sense Auguste and Sattienne's fear and weariness as well and the overwhelming power Larus possessed. To say he was scared was an understatment, he was terrorfied, frozen in fear as he studied the elder with wide gray/green eyes. Usually he would have blushed or thanked someone for such a complement but hearing this man, no this creature say he was beautiful filled him with dread. No man could possibly give off such a powerful aura and the blonde felt more helpless than ever before in his presence.

"No it is not that Master Laurus, it is just that we have not had time to discuss betrothal options yet and Alluvial and Elirian are a couple." Although he was not sure if he should have mentioned that his children were lovers, Auguste did not want to anger the elder so he decided lying would not be wise.

Larus studied Auguste. "Are they now? That's fine, they'll both need one to watch over them. I don't believe I would split them, but my main focous was that one." He said, pointing to Alluvial. He frowned at the boy, moving to him and tilting his face up, looking into his eyes. "You tremble. Why?" He asked, his voice soft.

Sattienne bit his lower lip in worry. He looked to his brother for support. He wanted to just reach across and slap the man who dared to touch his child. But he also was no fool.

Axele listened carefully to Elirian's heartbeat. Once it just died he cut into his own wrist and pressed it to his young charge's mouth. He let it pour in generously and waited for him to respond.

Elirian gasped, trying to keep from sputtering on the moutful of blood he had in his hand. He had just about died and now he was slowly comming back to the world, the dizzying feeling was edging away and he felt stronger than ever. He drank and drank until his body felt tingly and Axele tried to pry his arm away. Then he fell back, tensing and trying to not cry out while his body died.

Glancing sideways to Auguste for help the blonde did not dare move his head. When he saw Auguste nod out of the corner of his eye he answered the elder.
"I am afraid of you Sir... I have never felt an Immortal as strong as you before..." His voice was small and he trembled even more than before. "I am also afraid you will take me form my family." He blinked his big gray/green eyes to clear the tears that began to blur his vision. The presence of his makers and the slight squeeze of encouragement Auguste gave him filled Alluvial with the strength to continue "We are... just now...all together at last."

"Elirian our oldest has been away studying for five years and only returned yesterday evening." Auguste offered as an explination. He was also afraid Larus would take his children from him and although he tried to comfort Sattienne with a smile, his stomach churned like it had when he thought Aexle ming kill them all.

Larus stared emotionless into his eyes. "Just because you will be betrothed to me doesn't necessarily mean I will take you from my family. And if I do I will be sure to take your brother with us." He let the boy go. Trembling before me makes me angry little one." He said, sighing irritably.

Sattienne held Alluvial as soon as he was released. "Do we not have a say? They're our children!"


Axele did his best to soth the seizuring Elirian. He knew Elirian would also be hungry as soon as he pulled through so he let him rest as he passed out in his arms. "I'll be back soon, Elirian." He promised to the sleeping newly turned. He first carried him to a bath to clean him and changed the sheets on his bed before setting him down. He then left through the back door to find him a mortal. It didn't take so long, he brought two. They were unsure of what they were doing, but they didn't care.

Elirian woke to the smell of the blood. He shuddered, practically drinking through scent. "Mn. Master, is that.."

Axele nodded as he looked into his son's eyes. "Yes, drink."

Elirian did so, seeming to know all ready how things were done. He drank slowly, the orgasmic feeling that shifted through him made him shiver in delight, the blood slipping through his veins and making him come alive while he filtered into the other's thoughts. And soon his maker was cautioning him so he could move onto the next and not kill anyone. And eventually after that things were calm again and the two mortals taken care of. He lay back and shivered. "Everything inside me is... alive and tingling."

Axele nodded. "Yes, it's a wonderful feeling. Do you feel powerful?"

Elirian nodded and stood slowly, letting Axele dress him. "May we go see my brother now?" He asked, feeling a rather intimate attachment to the other after having been turned.

Axele nodded. "Yes, come on."


Larus' words did nothing to calm Alluvial's nerves, if anything they scared him more.
"I am sorry..." He said, his voice barely above a whisper. It seemed the more he tried to stop himself form shaking the more violently he shivered. His gray/green eyes were still wide and in his mind he begged the elder not to take him away from Auguste, Sattienne and even Axele. "I love them..." The words just tumbled out and the blonde blinked in surprise when he realized he had said them aloud.

Stepping forward so he was slightly in front of his lover and child Auguste tried to appease the elder.
"Please Master Larus, forgive Alluvial. He is young and our ways are new to him. The circumstances of his turning were extreme and these last few days have been very traumatic for all of us." It was all the Immortal could do to stop himself from shaking as well. Auguste hoped if the elder lashed out in anger that it would be at him and not the others, not his beloved Sattienne and Alluvial. Axele had been violent towards him in the past and he had survived that, so he believed he had a good chance of surviving Larus' wrath if it came to that.

Axele came out with a grimace while surveiling the scene in front of him. "Oh my. What's going on here? Larus, good to see you." He said, bowing to him.

Larus nodded and gave Axele a rather unexpected kiss on the lips. "Hello, young one. It's been a while I would say. You never come to visit anymore."

Axele nodded, looking ashamed. "I know, there's been many things going on, master. Surely you don't believe I would avoid you?"

Larus shrugged. "I know nothing any longer dear." He smiled. "ow, what I cam here for tonight. You're young family is now complete. I want the youngest and his brother as betrothal."

Axele shook his head. "I've all ready claimed Elirian."

Larus growled. "Oh? Then I want Alluvial."

"You can't separate them, you wouldn't settle separating lovers, right?"

The glare that flitterd across Larus' eyes was murderous at best. He sighed. "Look. If you don't give me both, I will simply force my little way uopn your household."

Axele grinned. "Well, force all you will."

Sattienne was in awe of the conversation takng place, of their maker's bravery.

Elirian smiled at Alluvial, sweeping the younger into his arms. "Ah! Look! We are the same!" He said excitedly.

For a moment all Alluvial's fear disapated a he reveled in Elirian's embrace. Words could not describe the joy he felt as he looked up into his lover's eyes. The blonde was practically aglow with love and happiness.
"You are even more handsome now my love." He said as he gently traced along his brother's cheek bone and jaw line. "So beautiful and strong." While Alluvial's words were not loud everyone could hear them.

It seemed to Auguste that he was seeing his maker for the very first time, or at least this side of Axele. He could not help being impressed by his maker's courage as he stood his ground against Larus. While he still held Sattienne's hand, Auguste reached out with the other to take Axele's hand as a show of support. He would stand by his maker and protect his family no matter what. Auguste was not about to give up his children, his lover or his maker without a fight.
"Who would be so cruel as to seperate a love so pure as theirs?" He asked Larus as he indercated to his children wrapped in each others arms.

Larus raised an eyebrow. "I thought the young ones knew their place and didn't talk out of line, Axele."

Axele shrugged. "I let them keep their opinions, Master. If you promise to take care of the little ones, love them and not force them into things they don't want to do then you may have them both, but only if it's in this household."

Larus thought a moment. "All right. Show me to my room." He said, eyeing the two brothers.

Axele nodded. "You know where mine is. Yours will be two doors down on the left." He said, shooing his maker away.

Eirian kissed his brother."Mn, There's so much more we can do now. Travel, live, everything will be so much more different."

Sattienne frowned as Larus walked away. "Sir, are you sure this is wise?" At Axele's nod he stopped concerning himself as much.

Although he was still scared of Larus, Alluvial could not have been happier that they were all staying together. He kissed every inch of Elirian's face and squeezed him tight.
"Yes, yes my love, now we will be together and nothing can ever tare us apart. I am yours for ever..." He continued to kiss his brother giggling as his eyes sparkled, Alluvial had to stand on the tips of his toes to reach his lover's lips.

As soon as Larus was gone Auguste hugged Axele and kissed his cheek.
"Thank you, thank you so very much Master..." There were tears of joy in his eyes. "You are the bravest man I have ever met." He cupped his maker's face in his hands and kissed him once on the lips before releasing him and stepping back to wrap his arm around Sattienne. "I will never forget what you have done for us, for all of us."

Elirian laughed and returned his brother's kisses."Hey, why don't we go sit in the room together." He said, kissing him yet again. "I mean, that way our overly affectionate ways will be unnoticed." He said, feeling his brother was turning his desire very rapidly

Axele blushed. "Yes, why don't we all retire in some form or another?" He asked, yawning. "After earliar's episode I am quite exhausted." And with that he turned on his heel and went to his room, laying on his bed.

Sattienne stared after their maker. "Did he seem weird to you?" He asked in puzzlement.

Nodding Alluvial let his brother lead him into another room, he had eyes for Elirian and Elirian alone. While he was still terrorfied of Larus the blonde would worry about that later, now he wanted to be with the man he loved.

"Yes, he did seem a little weird." After everything that Axele had done for him and his children, Auguste got the feeling that he had somehow offended his maker. Even though he really wanted to drag his brother back up to their room and make love to him, Auguste was worried about Axele. "Do you think I should go and check on him?"

Axele was only a little surprised to return to his room and see Larus sitting on his bed. "Do you need something, Larus?"

Larus smiled a little. "Why don't you sit with me, hmn?" He said, dodging the question and patting the bed aside him.

Axele frowned but did so, looking up at him carefully. What truly surprised him is when his maker's hand rested on the side of his face and he was pulled close for a kiss. He shivered and returned the kiss. Maybe this was what he was looking for. That other person to be loved by. One he could have to himself. There was not doubt that he had always been attracted to Larus, it was how he came to him in the first place some thousand years ago. He melted in his maker's arms, moaning in approval of the kiss that was granted to him.

Elirian smiled at his brother when he brought him back to the room and lay on the bed. "Everything's so different through my eyes now. And you're more beautiful than eve. I don't think that keeping my hands away from you will ever be an option, and I apologize if I ever get too annoying with it." He said, drawing his brother down to lay beside him, looking into his eyes searchingly.

Sattienne nodded. "Yes, only to be sure he's all right. I mean, he didn't seem angry or anything, but just odd." He frowned and sat down. "Should I wait for you in our room?"

Alluvial could not help shivering slightly at his brother's touch. He loved hearing such sweet words from Elirian. To hear that his lover felt the same way was wonderful and the blonde's gray/green eyes sparlked.
"It is as if I had been seeing you in the dark and now that I am turned I can see you properly. Yesterday you were the blonde beautiful thing I had ever seen but now you look...." Words could not describe how Alluvial felt. Everything had become so much more detailed and even though the sun was denied him, this were brighter somehow. He knew exactly what his brother was talking about.

Nodding Auguste kissed Sattienne's hair.
"I will meet you in our room very soon my love." It suddenly became very hard to leave his brother, he would have given anything to take Sattienne in his arms and carry him upstairs to their bedroom. Auguste wanted to ravage him, he wanted to caress and kiss every part of his beautiful, pressious lover.

Larus continued to kiss the younger one behind him. His sired child was certainly willing in his actions. Opening to him more easily than he would had thought, normally he had to persuade him a little. He trailed his hands down to the hem of the other's tunics hidden under his robe and pushed it upward, climbing atop the other and making his kisses trail down his chest, stopping to suck on a nipple and then move lower, delighting that he was shivering and groaning beneath him.

Axele hadn't felt so much pleasure in a while. He had forgot just how nice this dominating form of sexual pleasure could be and he loved every bit of it. He writhed beneath his maker, unable to stop himself from the smallish moans that left his lips while he tried to keep somewhat under control of his body, he was of course failing at the task.

~*~ Elirian smiled and kissed his brother. "Your lips even feel different. Softer is possible, yet more pliant in a sense. I can't get enough of you." He said, surely could have been a romantic poet should he had wanted. He traced his little brother's cheeks and his neck and shoulders with his hands, amazed at how silky his pale skin felt.

Sattienne nodded and went to their room, undressing and stepping into his robes to await his brother's return.

As he approached his maker's door Auguste could hear soft moans and his eyes went wide as he realized that Axele and Larus were both in there. With a happy smile he turned on his heels and headed back to his own room. Just the thought of Sattienne waiting for him excited Auguste and his hand began to tingle at the memory of his brother's skin beneath them. Giving a small knock before entering and closing the door behind him he looked at his brother as if his eyes had been starved of Sattienne's image.
"He and Master Larus are becoming better aquainted." He offered as an explaination then stepped forward to gather his lover in his arms and kiss him demandingly.

Alluvial whimpered slightly, he wanted so much more from his brother and these soft caresses were torture.
"Elirian..." He whispered, quivering and arching his back so his hips pressed against his lover's. "Take me..." The blonde begged his wide eyes drinking in the impossibly handsome face before him.

Larus had heard one of Axele's children approach the door, but was rather pleased that they had turned to go the other way. He didn't want to be interrupted from the one who was begging for him. He dipped down furhter to take the length of Axele into his mouth, he had missed his child's silky length, the taste of it was certainly one that he craved.

Axele gasped and his hips raised on their own accord, his maker's hands holding him steady as they did so. "Oh.. Larus!" He shuddered in a pleasured whimper, burning in pleasure as his maker sucked him in a slow and almost lazy manner.

Sattienne blinked several times and kissed his brother back with even more passion if it was possible. "Mn, accquainted? You mean.. they're doing as we are?" He asked, molding himself to his lover's form.

Elirian blushed at the fervor of his little one's words. He kissed him hard, grinding with him and slipped his fingers into the fine long hair, tugging it just a little while he moved to cover his body with his own.

Unable to pull his lips away from Sattienne for more than a moment Auguste just nodded. He no longer cared what his maker was doing, he had his beloved before him. Continuing to kiss his brother, Auguste playfully let his teeth graze the curve of his lover's neck as he pushed the robe aside and slid his hands down towards Sattienne's ass cheeks. He closed his eyes letting his fingers see the smooth curves of his lover's buttocks as he breathed in the the scented oils of Sattienne's silky black hair.

Blushing slightly at how compleatly helpless he was, Alluvial moaned again. His body ached for Elirian's touch, his kisses, his length. The blonde wanted to loose himself in his brother's arms until he no longer knew where Elirian finished and he began.
" love..." Already words were beyond him and his head swam as his brother moved closer.

Larus smirked as the other called out to him. He shivered at the sound, giving the other's length a final little suck before he didn't bother to prepare him, just thrusted inside.

It took a moment for Axele to adjust and he had almost screamed out in pain that Larus had just pushed inside him, but he liked it, he loved it, he wanted more of it and he practicaly clawed the other with need. "Yes! Larus, please!"

Sattienne moaned and bared his neck to his brother. "Oh, I love you being so close to me." He whispered, threading his fingers through his lover's hair, hips raising in a slight desperate way. "I need you."

Elirian bit his lover's lower lip in a teasing manner before he slipped a hand down to prepare him, pressing a finger inside the place of his brother where they could be joined with the most pleasure. His other hand roamed over his skin, touching some spots more than others to draw out pleasure.

Unable to hold back any longer Auguste sunk his teeth into Sattienne's offered neck and gently suckled at his brother's blood. His hand gently cupped his lover's balls before he let it slide up Sattienne's shaft and slowly began to pump it up and down while grinding his own hips into his lover. His sensors were overloaded with pleasure and Auguste could not help moaning slightly at the extasey he was feeling.

Moaning and shivering Alluvial wished his brother would take him but he was incapable of forming sentences. The blonde was lost inside himself, a slave to his brother's whim, his body begging for what his words could not.
"Elirian..." Was all he could manage before he moaned and pressed himself as close to his lover as he could get.

Larus was ruthless inside his young one. But he knew he liked it that way so he kept on, thrusting hard and fast until he felt that he would finish too soon from the intensity so he slowed to barely a thrust, moving hard inside the other each slow time he forced himself in. "Beautiful Axele. You're so delightful." He said through a hiss.

Axele gasped at the change of speed. "Larus! Please! Faster." He begged in a panting whimper, shuddering and whining for more. "Please please please love!"

Sattienne gave a sharp cry as the other drank from him and he groaned loudly. "Oh gods! Auguste!" He moaned out in ecstasy, "Surely you mean to take me, please inside.." He asked politely as he could under so much pressure.

Elirian got the idea from his beloved's writhing form. "Mn, sorry darling, I didn't know you wanted me so soon." He said, his voice a seductive growl. He removed his fingers, kissing the others lips while he pushed in slowly, his fingers becomming occupied with the other's nipples and lower stomach.

Blushing slightly at how impatient he was Alluvial looked up at his brother, his gray/green eyes sparkling. When it came to Elirian he had no control at all and he wrapped his legs around his brother's waist so his lover could bury himself deep inside him. His nails scratched at Elirian's back as he moaned and bucked slightly wanting him closer. Wishing he could melt inside his lover the blond cried out for more.

Auguste had been wanting to draw this out, to have Sattienne for as long as possible but hearing his beloved beg to be taken stripped him of his self control. There was nothing he could ever deny his brother, his beautiful, perfect Sattienne.
"As you wish my love..." He growled in between licking his brother's neck. Not wanting to cause the other any harm he reached down and slipped a finger inside his beloved, to stretch and prepare him.

Larus was having too much fun as it was hearing the other moan and beg while still feeling the utmost pleasure, but he decided that he had taken it a bit much and deicded to grant his wish, his hair ornaments jingling, some slipping out while he thrust harder and then faster, losing controll withing his pliant beloved. "Axele.." He breathed out harsly, his eyes shutting in the waves of delight.

Axele's breathing began to match that of his maker's and he met with him over and over again in their meeting of bodies, he couldn't take it too much longer and as he felt his master's hand enclose about his length he gave in, unable any longer to take it, spasming just a little as he beagn to finish. "Larus!" He shouted.

Elirian set a slow and invting pace inside his little brother. He enjoyed him immensely, leaning to kiss his sweetly soft lips, to touch his silken gold-silver hair, to peer into the grey-green eyes.Everything about him was intoxicating. That perfect nose. The lythe but rather strong body, the legs wrapped about his waist, the little manicured hands and feet. He loved everything about him.

Sattienne moved with the finger that was placed inside him. "Oh Auguste. I want you so much." He said, iwshing the finger was his brother's length. "I want all of you. Your mind, your heart, your presence, your length..please.. "

Every slow thrust bought pleasure and torment for Alluvial. He wanted more but could hardly bare the intense feelings he was experiencing. He looked up at his brother when his eyes did not close with pleasure and traced every conture of his face and body with his gray green/eyes. To his his brother was an Adonis, he was impossibly handsome and strong. Being wrapped in Elirian's arms was the safest, most amazing feeling he could imagine. This was where he belonged, in his lover's strong arms, impaled on his length and crying out is name in pure bliss.
"Elirian! Elirian...!" He moaned feeling as if he were about to climax. It was too much for him, the pleasure too much for his slight body to contian. "I'm... I'm...!" His vision went white as his body seemed to convulse with every wave of pleasure, a voice that he realized was his own called out, the noise filling his head so only it and the presence of his brother's length remained.

Looking down at his beloved Auguste tried to keep control but it was impossible to deny such a sweet creature. Positioning himself at Sattienne's enterence he tangled his fingers in the silky black hair as he bend to kiss his brother.
"They are yours my beloved, always and forever..." He whispered then pushed into him. He held Sattienne to him, riding out the shudder of pleasure that threatened to undo him. "My mind, my heart, my presence... they have always been yours my love... My beautiful Sattienne."

Larus grinned a little as Axele finished. He spilled inside him while his darling came across their chests. He smield and kissed him. "Mn, relaxing." He added as he lay next to the other. "Very relaxing."

Axele panted while trying to regain his control on the world, head almost spinning with what had taken place. "Yes, I agree." He said, laying his head on the other's shoulder as they lay together.

Elirian was terribly pleased with the reaction he recieved from his brother and he moved a little faster inside him to further drive him to completion, he was rather surprised that his little one would finish so quickly, he felt he could go for a little longer.

"Auguste!" Sattienne breathed out desperately, moaning and writhing and meeting the other's thrusts, clenching tight around him as he did so, the pleasure intoxicating and crescendoing before finally making him spill out. "Uhn! Auguste!!!"

Trying to catch his breath Alluvial blushed.
"I'm sorry my love..." He panted. "I just... if felt too good..." He felt like a fool. It seemed his brother had barely touched him and he got too excited. There were tears in his eyes, tears of pure joy and he smiled shyly at Elirian. "Please forgive me... I promise next time I will last longer."

Hearing his name was the last straw, Auguste could not longer hold back and he spilled over, filling his lover. Sattienne's clenching muscles milked him of every last drop of seed and as he slowly pulled out, Auguste could not help sighing and the feeling of loss he experienced. He would have loved to stay inside his lover, to remain that close to his heart's desire. Instead he wrapped Sattienne in his arms and began to kiss him all over the face and neck.
"Mmm I can't get enough of you my love, you are my vice, my addiction."

Normally, Larus would have gotten up to clean himself and the other, but he was far too tired for such a thing, there was always time for a nap before the cleaning. He smiled and kissed the other. "Goodnight love." He said, holding him.

Axele nodded and followed the other into sleep, feeling more sated than he had in the longest time. He owed the other hugely for this pleasure and relaxation, he would tell him so when he woke up again.

Elirian smiled "It's okay love." He said, pulling out of the other. "I am rather ready to go still, but I wil survive. Many a night alone tought me to deal with these things." He said, kissing his brother.

Sattienne clung to the other after they began to calm down. "Mn, I lve you." He said, shivering as he lay there, staring up at the ceiling. "With all that I have." He curled up next to him.

Gray/green eyes sparkling Alluvial sat up.
"Maybe I could... if you will allow me?" He blushed and reached out to caress Elirian's cheek. "You could sit on the end of the bed and I could kneel before you and finish you if you like?" The blonde liked the idea of tending to his brother's need, he envisioned himself cleaning Elirian's length with love and care and then taking it into his mouth letting his lips slide down over it. He was not exactly well versed in such things but he was willing to learn. "What do you say my love?" He asked excitedly.

Pulling the blankets over them more for modesty sake than warmth, Auguste smiled as he looked into Sattienne's brilliant blue eyes.
"I love you too my beautiful angel." He began to run his fingers through his lover's hair, sleeply playing with the silky strands.

Elirian felt a dark blush spread across his cheeks. "You.. sound eager.. sure if you want to. I would be eternally greatful and enjoy it.." he said, length twitching with the image his mind produced. "Yes,,, please,Alluvial." He whispered, leaning to kiss the other.

Sattienne smiled. "Mn, I love that we can make love." He said, studying the ceiling. "It's so strange, I have always thought about us doing these things, and it's nice to be finally able to do them." He said, leaning against him.

As quickly as he could, the blonde grabbed a cloth and lovingly cleaned his brother before he knelt in front of him. Alluvial looked up at him, his gray/green eyes sparkling. A little unsure of what to do he started by licking from the base to the very tip of Elirian's length. He did it again then took the head into his mouth and suckled a little and let his hand slide up the inside of his brother's thigh. Alluvial could not help moaning happily as he began to let his lips slide down further. The head grazed the roof of his mouth and he straightened slightly so he could take in more of the length.

"It is heaven." Auguste said happily. Being this close to his beloved made him happy. "A dream come true." He whispered sleeply kissing Sattienne's cheek.

Elirian gasped and panted as he felt the hot wetness encase his length. He couldn't help but moan. This was something that previously he had been a virgin to, and now he found he may just be asking for it much more. He groaned and slid his fingers through his lover's hair. "Yes, gods Alluvial that feels wonderful." He whispered, unable to actually voice himself, for his voice would be shaky.

"Shall we sleep?" Sattienne asked, trailing his fingers along his brother's chest. He grinned to himself. The whole household had done something intimate this night. He did, their makers did, their children did. And now for the most part there was an encasing calm, though he could faintly hear their children still going at it.

Encouraged by his brother's moans, Alluvial suckled a little harder and bobbed his head so his lips slid up and down Elirian's length. He even began to press the flat of his tongue against his brother, encircling him more tightly. Although he was not really sure what he was doing the blonde listened to his lover and anything that coaxed a pleasureable sound for Elirian he did again. He began to get faster in his bobbing motion and he gently cupped his brother's balls lifting them a little. He was enjoying the fact he could make his lover so happy.

Nodding Auguste pulled Sattienne a little closer.
"Yes my darling, lest sleep. It seems all is well in this household tonight, and out little ones are being adventurious." He could not help the wicked grin the crossed his lips as he thought about his children. "Next time I will have to do that to you as well my love. I have a very skilled tongue." With a deep sigh Auguste closed his eyes.

Elirian was feeling too many things at once. His first time he wasn't going to exactly last that long, just a little longer. He shuddered, the minutes slowly ticking by while he came closer and closer to finishing. "Uhn!" He called out, hissing with pleasure while the pressure built. "ALLUVIAL!" He said with a harsh cry while he finally couldn't hold it in, no time to warn the other as he spilled inside his mouth.

Sattienne blushed darkly. "Do you now? I will have to show you my own skill as well. Certainly gives me something more to look forward to for tomorrow's play time." He said, closing his eyes, letting the thoughts and possibilities flitter in.

Taken by surprise the blonde's gray/greens eyes went wide and he half choaked on his brother's seed. Gaging a little he pulled back and once he caught his breath Alluvial went bright red.
"I am sorry my love.... Elirian I did not mean to..." While he was not entierly sure what had just happened Alluvial hoped that his lover enjoyed it. "Here let me clean you?" Telling himself that next time he would not freak out he swallowed again. "I was not expecting that so soon." He blushed, trying to explain why he had pulled away and gagged.

"Oh yes, tomorrow's play time will be lots of fun." Auguste said sleepily as he let his mind drift into sexual fantasies. It amazed him how pleasant his thought could be now when he thought of his brother, in the past they had been full of anguish and unforfilled desires. It was good to be able to act upon them now.

Elirian blushed darkly and stroked his brother's hair. "I'm sorry, that's never been done to me, I couldn't contain myself. I didn't know exactly what was happening. Are you okay? I didn't hurt you or anything did I?"He asked worriedly, checking him over.

And to sleep Sattienne fell, mind stirred beautifuly with thoughts of him and his brother and sometimes even with their maker, all entwined together, giving him the perfect lullaby.

Enjoying his brother fussing over him Alluvial shook his head.
"No my love, you did not hurt me. I guess we were both taken off guard." His eyes were sparkling as he flicked his silver streaked blond hair over his shoulder and kissed Elirian on the lips. His cheeks were slightly red as he moaned softly and kissed his lover again. Pulling back a little Alluvial yawned and giggled. "Sorry Elirian, I'm a little sleepy."

Peace settled on the house and Auguste drifted off to sleep cradeling his lover in his arms. This kind of sleep had been denied him for so long, the deep sleep of a satisfied man.

Elirian grinned and picked the other up, curling about him while laying him down. "I agree, i am terribly sleepy as well." He said, yawning. "Let us sleep my love." He said, closing his eyes."And let tomorrow be eventful in a god way.

Auguste stirred, he opened his eyes and finding Sattine sleeping beside him he smiled. He marveled at how beautiful his lover was, how peaceful and sariene he looked laying there. Somehow everything just felt right and he kissed his brother's forehead before he sat up and stretched. It felt good to sleep soundly for a change and he could not remember the last time he had woken up happy two evenings in a row.

Alluvial woke but did not want to open his eyes, he was still tired and he could hear Elirian's breathing beside him. It was comforting and he had been having the most wonderful dream. Trying to recapture the delightful image of his lover moaning above him as he thrust deep inside him the blonde sighed. He was aroused again, the thought of Elirian within him was enough to harden his manhood. Sighing he decided to open his eyes rolled to look at his brother.

Sattienne reluctantly woke as the other did. "Mn, where do you go darling?" He asked, bringing his feet that had chilled slightly under the bed spread, hoping to warm them a little, not that their kind could truly feel the adjust.

Elirian sat up and stretched, he looked down and grinned while he saw his brother. He hesitated before pouncing on him and tickling his sides. "OH! What is this!? My darling beloved is awake! I shall make you giggle for this!"

"I thought I might go and see if our children are hungry, but I can stay here a little longer if you like my sweet?" Auguste sat back down in the bed and kissed Sattienne gently. He took in a deep breath enjoying the scent of fresh sheets and soap. "You are so beautiful." He began to stroke his hands through Sattienne's silky black hair as he smiled down at his lover.

Laughing so hard he could hardly talk Alluvial begged for mercy and playfully tried to fend his brother off. The truth was he loved having his brother's hands on him.
"Elirian please don't..." The blonde had to bight his tongue not to beg his lover to stop tickling him and caress him instead. Alluvial did not want to appear to needs and was actually a little embarrassed at how much he wanted to be the center of Elirian's attention.

Sattienne blushed. "Of course we should check on them, but yes, I do want you to stay too. Such a dilema." He said, wrapping his arms about his brother's middle. "I love you.' He said just to say it, smiling at the knowing he could.

Elirian laughed and ceased his tickling of the younger. "Oh? And why should I cast mercy upon you?" He asked, enjoying the sight of his handiwork, meaning his brother's dishelved appearance, it was quite fitting of the other.

Hearing it made him feel wonderful so Auguste smiled and returned the favour.
"I love you so much.." He kissed his lover. "I just want to kiss every inch of you." With a slight chuckle he lavished kisses on Sattienne every where his lips could reach.

"Because you are meant to be nice to me." Alluvial grinned up at his brother then tried to attack him and tickle Elirian.

Sattienne blushed darkly. "Oh really now? I wouldn't mind returning the favor. " He said, kissing him. "If I ever have a chance to die, let it be by your sweet kisses."

Elirian laughed loudly, grabbing his brother's hands and pinning them above his head. "Well, yes, that would be a plus for you, however, you can't quite seem to beat me in the strength department. "

Laughing Auguste continued to kiss his lover.
"I die a little in your arms each time we make love my darling, and it is such a wonderful way to die." He let his hand wander over Sattienne's boys, enjoying the silky touch of his lover's skin. "I want to know your body so well I could carve a statue of you by memory alone." Auguste's kisses moved down Sattienne's neck and onto his chest. He was already becoming aroused again and when he got to his brother's nipples he licked at them and flicked the tip of his tongue around them lovingly.

Pouting Alluvial grumbled that it was not fair but his gray/green eyes sparlked as he arched his back a little pressing himself against his lover.

Sattienne blushed darkly. "Oh? It was by you I did die, and I also haven't been happier." He said, smirking. "You couldn't make a statue of me now? You've had me several times since our confessions to eachother. You're making me want you again." He breathed out hotly, arching all ready into the other's touch.

Elirin blushed. "Well, someone's aroused early this evening." He said, carressing his brother playfully. "I love it, you're such an endless passion, aren't you?"

That only encouraged Auguste, he loved the effect he had on his lover.
"Well I guess I could but I still want to caress every inch of you..." He let his hand slide down Sattienne's chest and stomach, lightly grazing his length, teasing him. "No matter how many times I have you it will never be enough..." He playfully bit his brother's nipple then let his teeth brush against his skin.

"I can not help it." The blonde pouted again. He could barely think straight when Elirian was this close to him. Alluvial's body had a mind of it's own and he felt embarassed he could not control it.

Sattienne blushed, biting back a moan. "Oh I know. I can't even look at you sometimes or else I am filled with evermost desire to have you!" He said, his voice heated with passion and thick with lust. "Can you blame me?"

Elirian frinned. "I know you can't, and worry not I am not too far off from what you feel." He sid, stroking his cheeks. "Don't be embarrassed!" He said, kissing him again. "Just let me please you."

With an evil smile Auguste very lightly brushed against his brother's manhood again. He kissed his way back up toward Sattienne's neck wanting to hear his lover's breathing quicken a little more. Looking down at his brother, Auguste could not believe such a beautiful creature would ever love him in return. With his silky black hair and brilliant blue eyes, Sattienne was the intoxicating.
"Is there anything you would ask of me my angel?"

Swallowing hard Alluvial shifted.
"Oh yes please... Elirian... pleasure me..." The blonde shivered with anticipation, aching for his lover's touch and blushing even darker at how completly at Elirian's mercy he was.

Sattienne shivered under the other's touch. "Just for you to make me know and belong to you even more." He said, "Map out that statue, no?" He said, blushing at his own words.

Elirian grinned and kissed his younger and moved down his body, moving aside garments as he did so, placing slow and lazy kisses to his chest. "Mn, of course." He said, tasting his brother's skin.

Unable to control himself much longer Auguste bit into his brother's neck a little, gently suckling at the blood that spilled form it. He pressed his hips into Sattienne's and lifted his brother's leg allowing him better access to his lover's enterance. Sliding a finger inside Sattienne he moaned as the muscles closed tight around his diget.

The blonde moaned and arched his back hungry for more. He tangled his fingers in Elirian's hair and blushed as his eyes widened in pleasure. To Alluvial his lover's breath was the most intermate of touches and he shook, crying out.
"Elirian... oh yes..."

Sattienne winced only a second before adjusting readily, willing to take the other's finger in furhter. "Oh love! I love having even just that much inside me of you! Please,don't make me wait so long."

Elirian smiled at the response he recieved from the other. He smiled and continued his kisses until he reached the very tip of the other's length where he licked lazily, making it known in his mind that he was about to pleasure the other very thouroughly.

As quickly as he could without hurting his beloved, Auguste began to stretch him, preparing him for his width. He licked at the wound he had made savoring how his brother tasted and he was already rock hard.
"You strip me of my own will Sattienne, my beautiful angelic love. I am unable to deny you anything.

Shivering and arching his back more, Alluvial cried out in pleasure. He was so overwhelmed by the sensation and he feared he would not last very long again.
"Elirian..." The blonde loved to say his lover's name, he loved the heat and passion he could hear in his own voice.

Sattienne moaned desperately. He was unable to comment back to his lover for his voice was lost in his passion. He raised his hips to meet the other. "Oh! Please!" He barely breathed out.

Elirian pulled away a moment, wonderin how to build his beloved's stamina, pressing a finger into him while he sucks on his length, moving slowly along him.

Growling slightly Auguste removed his fingers and positioned himself so he could enter his lover. He had never seen anything so beautiful as Sattienne desperate for him and flushed with pleasure. As he gently pushed inside he cried out in extacy and his eyesight went white for a moment.
"You feel so wonderful my darling..."

Eyes opening even wider Alluvial bucked slightly and moaned again.
"Oh yes!" He cired wanting more.

Sattienne shivered as the other entered him, moaning loudly at the contact that he was. "Oh! Auguste!" He hissed, eyes shut tight as the other was sheathed into him. He couldn't wait for the other to begin moving.

Elirian pressed another finger to join the first, both moving together to create a delightful sensation for his brother, the other hand moved up to caress his sac, massaging gently while he sucked and moved his fingers.

Hearing Sattienne call out his name like that drove Auguste wild. He slowly began to move within his lover enjoying the gripping sensation of the other's muscles. As he pushed in he ground his hips against his brother getting as close to Sattienne as he could. This was heaven, perfect bliss and each thrust bought him closer to climax as he watched his lover wrything beneath him.
"Oh Sattienne, my darling angel... my love... my life..." He bent down to kiss him again, his tongue sliding over that of his lover.

Arching his back and crying out in surprise and pleasure Alluvial looked down at Elirian. He still had his hand in his lover's hair and tightened his grip as he moaned. The sensations he was experiencing caused through his entire body in shudder after shudder of pure bliss.
"Elirian.... Oh Gods Yes!... Elirian... my love..."

Sattienne smiled and kissed his lover hard, practically screaming in his mouth with pleasure. He shuddered and clung to him, moaning loudly as he finished, his orgasm gripping him to the point where he, were he mortal, would have passed out.

Elirian continued to work his loved one, sucking tighter, thrusting his fingers into the other, wishing he was flexible enough to use his length on the other for such a thing. But alas that wasn't so, he settled for just pleasuring him as he was.

A second later Auguste spilled his seed as well. The clenching of his lover during climax brought him undone. Crying out his brother's name he thrust once more then remaining within Sattienne he gently lowered himself. Auguste kissed his lover breathlessly, light little kisses all over his forehead and lips.
"You are my world Sattienne...."

Alluvial began to thrash around wanting the intence feelings to both stop and continue. Over and over he said his brother's name, meeting each thrust with a thrust of his own. The blonde's vision was gone, his mind unable to deal with the overload, all that remained was his love and the bliss he felt. With one final scream, Alluvial came, his entire body shaking with the force of it.

Sattienne smiled hazedly. "And you are my life." He said, kissing him. "Mn, let's lay here together a moment longer. Then we should get a bath and then go to check on the children." he said, pulling the other down beside him.

Elirian licked his lover clean of his seed, bending back down afterwards to kiss him surely. "Mn, you look so beautiful when I make you moan." He said, stroking the other's cheek and hair gently.

After laying with Sattienne for a little while just enjoying their closeness Auguste kissed his cheek and sat up.
"Lets go and have a bath my love. I want to wash you hair for you." He wanted to draw their bath out as long as possible. Climing out of bed he wrapped himself in a robe and offered one to Sattienne.

Blushing as dark as he could Alluvial looked up at his brother. His gray/green eyes sparkled at those words, something about looking beautiful for his lover filled him with joy.

Sattienne smiled as he took the robe and followed the other. "Mn, yes a bath would be incredibly relaxing right about now wouldn't it?" He could practically feel the warm water lathering over him and his belved brother.

Elirian smiled. "You seem speechless?" He said, poking the other in the sides, trying to see if he could get a reaction out of him. "Surly you didn't get so lost in this pleasure that you've gone catatonic?"

Wrapping his arm around his brother Auguste headed off the to the bathroom. He could not remember a time in his immortal life when he had been so happy. It seemed to Auguste he had spent an eternity trying to deny his true feelings and please his maker and failing at both. From now on all Auguste could see was happiness and joy, the world once again was bright and wonderous. Sighing happily at that thought he kissed Sattienne's hair and whispered.
"I love you so much my darling angel."

Squirming and giggling the blonde tried to fend off his brother's playful attacks.
"Not quite Elirian..." He laughed so hard he could barely breath. "Mercy... please my love... that is not fair...." He curled up into a tight ball, still laughing and begging his brother to stop. Alluvial could not remember being happier.

Sattienne smiled. "I love you too." He grinned and stepped out of the robe,once they were in the bathroom. "Does Axele still keep that one scent that smells like all sorts of flowers? I think it would be much calming."

Elirian laughs and kissed him. "Mn, and what do you want to do tonight my little Alluvial?" He asked, stroking the boy's hair and kissing his forehead. It was such a joy to be basking in the afterglow of the their love.

It took Auguste a moment to realize what his lover had asked, he was lost in the sight of his naked Sattienne.
"Oh! I think so, let me see." He looked at the scented oils and purfumes and finding the one his brother wanted he smiled. "Here it is." Again Auguste became lost in his happiness and just the thought of Sattienne smelling of that particualar scent made him smile as he prepared the bath.

Gray/green eyes still sparkling the blonde smiled up at his lover.
"Well for one thing we will have to feed soon." He blushed a little. "After that I had thought maybe we can go and have a look at some of the prettier buildings around town and the fountains. I want to see what they look like through my new eyes."

Sattienne inhaled the aroma with delight. "Ohh it smells brilliant!" He said, slipping into the bath. "Come, enjoy this lovely fragrance with me!" He stretchd out, waiting the other to join him.

Elirian thought the idea was brilliant. "That sounds beautiful! We'll call it a date!" He said, smiling and laying beside the other. "And then we can look up at the stars and see how bright they are!"

Not needing to be told twice, Auguste slid into the warm bath with a content moan. It was as if his every fantasy had come true and he lazily reached out to caress his lover's shoulder.
"Ah... this feels almost as good as you." A slight sparkle of cheekiness illuminated his eyes for a moment as he spoke and pulled Sattienne a little closer.

That excited Alluvial.
"Yes, a date. A real romantic date." He kissed Elirian and began to absent mindedly twirl his brother's hair around his fingers. Suddenly he burst out laughing. "It is a little strange that we have made love before we had a single date." His gray/green eyes sparkled brightly as he looked at Elirian.

Sattienne smiled and snuggled aside the other, lazily taking a cloth filled with scented soap and rubed his lover's chest. "Mn, I find that hard to believe." He said, laughing.

Elirian shrugged. "I don't think so. We've been holding this love in for obviosuly a while now. It's all right. If you want we can hold off until we're completely dated a few times?"

~*~ Off in the house Larus woke to find his beloved Axele groaning in his sleep. He traced his cheeks, worried a moment that something was wrong, but as Axele moaned softly the name of Auguste he gre slightly irritated. "Hmph, how dare he think of that one while laying with me..." He trailed off and kissed his loved one before rising and dressing, fixing his hair and the ornaments in it, leaving the room. How to rid himself of this pest?

Enjoying the attention Auguste laughed.
"On my darling Sattienne, there is nothing better than being with you in such an intermate way. This may rank a close second but nothing can compare to you." Once again Auguste found himself looking at his younger brother, his silky black hair, much darker than his own and his brilliant blue eyes that seemed to burn with an intense light all of their own. Compared to his lover, Auguste felt plain and could not understand why their maker had chosen him over the other.

Alluvial did not even realize that he had pouted, the very thought of not having his lover with in him was too horrorable to even concider.
"No! You are right... this feels very natural." The blonde was a little afraid Elirian was serious and now he wished he had not said anything at all.

Sattienne grinned. "Ah. Your words always have a way of making me blush." He said, kissing his brother. "Mn, why do you look at me with such intensity?" He asked, blushing darker."It's like you would pick apart my very structure."

Elirian smiled. "My sweet one. " He said, stroking his cheek. "You're so paranoid. Don't be. You can't possibly hurt me because I love you enough for both of us forever." He said, kissing him.

Now it was Auguste's turn to blush.
"I am sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable. It is just... I can scarcely believe you are real. Sattienne you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and your heart and soul is just as magnificant. I feel unworthy of your love but at the same time I crave it." Gently stroking his lover's cheek Auguste leaned in and kissed Sattienne fully on the lips.

The blonde blushed kissed Elirian back. It was a heated kiss, one of passion and desire.
"I will never hurt you..." He whispered in between kisses. "For to do so would be to hurt myself... you are everything to me Elirian, my love." As he spoke, Alluvial could not help hearing how very poetic his words were but he needed to make his brother understand just how much he meant to him.

"I don't feel uncomfortable, but more comfortable than I have ever felt." He said, smiling. "You're worthy of every bit of me." He said, laying fully against him, sighing happily. "I hope that I am worthy of you."

Elirian smiled. "I love you." He said simply in response. " And you and I will be happy together forever." He kissed him and smiled. "Come, let us get dressed. And then we shall start our date."

"Oh you are my darling, you are worthy of anything your heart desires." It felt so relaxing to have his lover in his arms, to be surrounded by the warm water and delicate blend of floral scents. Auguste almost did not want to cut it short but he needed to see to his children so he gently lifted Sattienne off him.
"I'll scrub your back then wash your hair my love." He said kissing his brother softly on the cheek as he positioned himself behind him. "Our little ones will be wondering where we are."

Nodding excitedly Alluvial went to the clothes they had bought from their own house.
"What should I wear, oh and should be bathe first? Should I leave my hair out or wear it tied back? Which do you prefer?" The blonde was so excited he was practically bouncing up and down.

Sattienne smiled and obeyed, sitting up with his back to him. "Only if I can return the favors to you." He thought about their children as well and sighed. "My my. Yes they may be wondering, or they may be..playing about with one another."

Elirian grinned. "Wear that light blue outfit, I imagine it would be lovely on you. And leave your hair out, I like to run my fingers through it." He smiled before picking the other up and spinning him about.

Laughing as he lathered up Sattienne's hair Auguste nodded.
"Most likely both if I know Elirian at all." The fact his eldest loved Alluvial in such a way made Auguste feel closer to him. They were in the same situation and something about that comforted him.

Giggling Alluvil looked up at his lover with sparkling gray /green eyes.
"That was fun, do it agian... please?" He did his best impression of a cute kitten as he blinked at Elirian.

"He gets it from you." Sattienne said, smirking. "Mn, I love it when you wash my hair." He grinned and let the other pamper him, full wishes to return the pampering afterwards. He loved intimacy with his brother. Even when it wasn't sexual, it was delightful.

Elirian laughed and spun him around again, smiling brightly as his lover seemed to enjoy it. "I didn't think you would like that. When we were younger you'd always order me to put you down and you'd sound so angered!"

That made Auguste laugh again.
"Yes I suppose he does." As he began to rinse out Sattienne's hair, he hummed a song he used to sing to his brother when they were children. It was a happy song that he used to cheer the other up if he was feeling sad or if they were both in hight spirits they would sing just for fun.

Blushing slightly Alluvial shrugged.
"Well I guess I see you differently now and I don't mine being in your arms."  Heading over to the dresser he pulled on his tights and tunic, farsened his belt then began to brush out his long silvery/gold hair.

Sattienne smiled. "Ah, and here I thought you have forgotten our childhood." He said as he heard the song. He delighted in it, letting his brother's voice wash about him. "Mnn your turn." He said, moving behind the other to lather his hair.

Elirian dressed in red as he mirrored his brother's clothing, practically drooling at the sight his darling one made in the light blue. He trailed his fingers down his hair. "You're beautiful."

A moan of pleasure escaped Auguste and he was slightly embarassed by how much he enjoyed Sattienne's attention.
"That feels wonderful, you should be careful my love, I could get used to this treatment." He said and started to hum again. So many things he had forgotten came drifting back, happy things where he and Sattienne played in the sun.

"Awe now your making me blush again." Alluvial could not help looking at his brother and how handsome he looked in red. "That colour is very becoming on you my love." The red was strong and passionate just like Elirian, or at least that is what the blonde thought.

Sattienne smiled, rather sure what his beloved was thinking about. "We can still have those cute times, we just have to do so in the moonlight rather than the sun." He said, smiling and rinsing the other's hair. He then washed his back.

Elirian smiled. "I probably look as though I should be escorting you to Heaven." He said, smiling. "Well now! Let's go find our makers and let's go about the city and play amongst the stars!"

"You don't think we are to old for that sort of thing now?" Auguste had spent so many years trying to be perfect. He used perfect manners and never did anything that was not propper until now at least. He turned to look back at Sattienne his eyes sparkling a little. "I think I have forgotten how to be light hearted and childish, you will have to teach me my love."

Tilting his head to the side Alluvial frowned a little.
"Perhaps people will think we are both angles, you definatly look handsome enough to be one." He stood on his tip toes, kissed Elirian then took his hand and dragged him out of the room. "now where can our Masters be?" The blonde giggled because he had a pretty good idea what they were most likely doing.

Sattienne smiled. "I have eternity to teach you." He said, smiling more. He kissed the other while standing and grabbed a couple of drying cloths, wraping one around his lover. He paused as he heard their children. "Ah! They need us." He said, smiling while securing his cloth and opening the door.

Elirian grinned and kissed the other. "Judging by the smell of flowers I woudl say they're deflowering one another." He said, laughing. "Or taking a bath." He kept his brother's hand in his own while leading him to the bathroom.

Doing the same Auguste followed his lover and smiled brightly at their children. They both looked so beautiful all dressed up and he could not help feeling incredably proud of them.
"Well you two seem happy and hungry not doubt?" He asked feeling a little peckish himself.

Laughing at his brother's bad joke Alluvial skipped along beside him. When he saw Sattienne and Auguste in the doorway to the bathroom he waved in greeting, his gray/green eyes sparkling as he thought of the wonderful evening he and Elirian had planned.

Sattienne smiled. "And where are you two off to?" He asked, eyeing their beautiful attire. "You two look brilliant." He said, bending to kiss them both gently. "On a date?" He asked, catching it from Elirian's mind.

Elirian nodded. "Precisely. We thought we should go on a date. A few fountains and the stars will be our guides." He said, smiling brightly. "Doesn't it sound romantic?"

With a wide smile Auguste nodded.
"It does indeed." He kissed them both as well. "I am sure you will have lots of fun but remember when you feed to conceal yourselves well and take a little form a lot." He could not help slipping back into the prim and proper person he had been for so long. He forced a smile and added in a less lecturing tone. "Be back at least an hour before sunrise my darlings."

Alluvial could barely stand still long enough to listen to his Master, he was very excited and bounced around holding Elirian's arm tight.
"We will Master Auguste, I promise we will behave." His gray/green eyes sparkled. "Can we go now?" He asked eger to go.

Sattienne laughed. "Yes! Just be careful!" He gave them a little pat and ushered them away. "Go! Be free little ones!" He said, blowing kisses to the other. "Mn, they're growing up so fast!"

Elirian chuckled. 'Bye!" He said to his makers, grabbing Alluvial close and leading him out of the house, happy to be out and about. "Oh this is so wonderful!"

Axele woke as the youngest left the house. He stretched and put his coat on before meeting his maker, smirking that he smelled flowers. He smiled. 'Well, Larus, good evening." He said.

Larus looked up at him, nodding. "Good eveing." He said, sitting poised and proper. "I would like one of yours to accompany me back to my home so that I may move things to here."

Still smiling as he watched his children go Auguste turned to his lover.
"Yes, they are growing up fast. Don't they make the sweetest couple?" He let himself laugh again, it was good to laugh and smile and huge Sattienne and kiss him when ever he felt like it. Finding himself in an extrodenairly good mood Auguste let his towel drop as he scooped Sattienne up into his arms and headed for their room. It was incredably unlike him to be so bold and naked in public but just then he did not care.

Skipping along beside his lover and swinging his hand that held Elirian's hand Alluvial hummed happily.
"So where should we go first? Are you hungry my love?" His eyes sparkled as he looked up at the other.

"Auguste! You're naked!" Sattienne said, gasping at the boldness of his brother. He began to laugh sweetly, clinging to the other's form. "My my! Set me down you ravenous beast!" He teased, grinning while he peppered kisses along his lover's cheek.

Elirian smiled. "Yes, let us feed and then sit by that fountain just over there." He said, pointing. With that he kissed his brother and brought him with. "There's one." He said, pointing to a lone beggar.

Axele frowned. "Oh? Oh yes!" He remembered that he had requested that the elder stay. "Certainly. Which would you like to take?"

"The older one." Larus said, smiling gently. Oh if only he wasn't so good at hiding the danger that lurked in his eyes. "He seems to be stronger and I have a heavy chest or two made of gold that the younger couldn't lift probably."

"So I am." Auguste said and winked at his lover. When they entered their room he lay Sattienne on the bed and sat down beside him. It was hard to look at his brother and not want to devour him, Sattienne had a hold over him he could not explain. "So, should we follow the example set by our children and go on a romantic stroll through town?" There were other things on his mind but he told himself he was a civilized man not a beast.

"I want to watch you feed." Alluvial said with a bright smile. He wanted to see his brother take a victem, he wanted to see what he might look like in Elirian's strong embrace.

Sattienne smiled. "Yes, I think that would be lovely. What colors should we wear, hmn?" He asked, looking at his brother. "I am thinking green for myself." He said, looking at him.

Elirian smiled. "Don't become afraid of me or anything." He said, kissing the other before carefully aprehending his meal, gracefully feeding from him with a hungered moan. He hadn't realized just how hungry he was, but he found that after taking his fill it was easy to stop and let the other be on their way with a modified mind.

"We'll wait until they come back. I heard them. They're going for a walk." Larus said, smiling.

Axele nodded. "Certainly." He said, not catching on that something was amiss even a little bit.

Instead of being afraid of Elirian, Alluvial was facinated by him. The way his brother held those he fed from, the moan as he bit into them it was all somehow beautiful. While he would have liked to watch for longer the blonde was becoming very aware of his hunger and needed to feed himself.

"You look magnificant no mater what you wear my love." Auguste said as he leaned over to kiss his brother again. He went to the cupboard and began looking through his own clothes. He wanted to wear something that made him look good but did not clash with Sattienne's green.
"I guess we should go and greet our maker and Master Larus before we go..." Auguste said as he pulled out a dark blue tunic and a burnt orange one. "Which one? Or should I find something else?" Colours were not usually his thing, he had prefered to wear nuteral, earthy tones in lue of deep rich colours.

Elirian finished and smiled to himself, setting the victim on his own. He waited patiently for his little brother. He watched after him, finding he much liked being able to watch over him and protect him.

Sattienne thought a moment. "Mn, the blue one." He said, slipping into his dark green tunic. "It will look good on you." He said, smiling. "Yes, Master and master Larus would like to know where we go. At least ours would anyhow."

Walking over to his brother Alluvial smiled.
"Lets go and watch the fountin Elirian." He took his lover's hand again smiling. "I love being near you, you make me feel so safe my love...Ooo look how the water sparkles." The blonde let go of his Brohter and ran to the edge of the fountin.

Once he was dressed Auguste brushed out his hair and tied it back neatly before he nodded at Sattienne and offered his lover his hand. He went straight to his maker having sensed which room he was in.
"Master Axele, Master Larus..." He said nodding politly and smiling at them.

Elirian smiled and blushed at his brother's sweet words before joining him at the fountain, positively amazed at how it did sparkle. "Oh my, it's beautiful." He said, wishing he could capture the beautiful image of his lover next to such pure looking water. 

Sattienne followed after his brother, wondering why the house was so quiet even though Axele and Larus were up and about. They were silent creatures it seemed. He couldn't stand ver being so silent.

"Auguste, when you and Sattienne come back,from wherever you're about to go, would you accompany me to my home so that I may have some help loading things? I am to move into this house with Axele.." He said, looking him curiously.

Axele smiled gently as he watched the exchange.

Bending over the blonde put his hand in the water and splashed it around a little. It was so very beautiful the way the street the light danced in each tiny droplet. Alluvial cupped his hand and lifted it as high as he could letting the water trickle out of it. The sight held him mesmerized as he watched it with a childlike joy.

A little taken back by the request Auguste blinked a few times.
"Of course Master, I would be happy to help." He was a little disapointed that he did not have the entire evening to spend with Sattienne but there was no way he would have voiced it.

Elirian grinned as he watched the other and sat beside him, also playing with the water and rather enchanted by the crystals it seemed to have as it sparkled about. "It's as if we can see the things that make it." He said, being playful and sprinkling some in his brother's hair.

Sattienne smiled. "Ah, at least he's accepting you." He said as they were ushered out of the room to go out for a while. "I mean, he obviously likes something about your persona, you should be honored." He smiled and held hands with his brother.

With a bright smile Alluvial did the same, sprinkling some water droplets around the top of Elirian's head.
"There, it looks like you have diamonds in your hair." The blonde giggled and tilted his head to the side admiering his handy work. "I did not think it was possible for you to be better looking but this suits you my love.

"I guess so, perhaps he is like Master Axele and does not show how he really feels most of the time." Auguste was still a little afraid of Larus, enchanted but definatly afraid. Prefering not to think about the others just then Auguste bent to kiss Sattienne's forehead. "So where did you want to go first my darling?"

Elirian smiled. "Well we should be the stars themselves." He said,referring to their sparkling. "Now, let's go lay down somewhere and stare up at these lovely stars." He looked up at what appeared to be even more diamonds in the sky. He smiled and sighed happily. "I wish there was some way to capture your image like this."

Sattienne shrugged. "No where in particular. We could go spy on our children and test their reflexes?" He thought aloud, thinking it would be funny to play wrestle with them. "Of course though we don't want to frighten them or take time from them either."

Blushing Alluvial looked at his brother.
"Elirian... you say the sweetest things." That set the blonde's mind wondering as he imagined painting the sparkle of the water and the radience of his lover's skin. "If only I could paint." He sighed. "I would paint you like they paint saints." In one of his famous mood swings Alluvial bounced a little. "Lets go look at those stars... somewhere quiet and out of the way so we are not disturbed."

"I am curious to see what they are up too and I guess as long as we stay out of sight we can watch over them... protecting them." Auguste added the last feeling he was being a little childish wanting to watch the young lovers. "Do you remember how enchanting everything was when we were first turned?"

Elirian blushed. "But I am far un-saintly, don't you think?" He teased his brother. "After all, I am in love with my little brother, and I would paint you, but I would never do you justice for I would never be able to fully catch your beauty." He said, grinning.

Sattiene laughed. "Yes, I remember, let's see if they're going insane yet with the beauty of the world." He hooked arms with the other and lead him to their children which he sensed out and chuckled at the sight they made. "Awe, they're kind of like us..."

Not knowing what to say to such a complement Alluvial decided to ignore it and pout instead.
"And what does that make me for loving you if your feelings are wrong?" Of course he did not mean a word of what he said and before Elirian could answer he shifted a little closer. "They are so brilliant."

Auguste nodded.
"Yes they are. They are so adorable... I have the strongest urge to hug them and kiss them both all over. Do you think this is how Master Axele fees when he looks at us or do you think he hates seeing us together?" Auguste could not help himself the knoledge his maker actually loved him instead of hating him like he had always thought was a shock to say the least.

Elirian smiled. "It makes you my little savior." He said, kissing his cheek. He too looked up at the sky. "Yes, they are. It's amazing how much can be taken for granted through mortal eyes, and now we see them with such clarity.."

Sattienne shared the urge to hug their children. "Yes! I want to hug them also. And you know very well master wanted to hug us and kiss us to death, at first anyways, he was just a jealous but at first so he didn't exactly continue more than a month." He said, laughing. He kissed his lover. "I wonder what sweet things our little ones are saying to eachother. What I am worried about is that they haven't seemed to sense us."

Alluvial nodded.
"Everything is so very different now, I feel as if I am seeing everything for the first time. It takes my breath away..." Pressing himself closer to his brother the blonde blushed. "You take my breath away Elirian." He buried his face in his lover's tunic a little embarassed and gigled. "See you make me say the silliest things."

Auguste frowned.
"Mmm your right, we will have to teach them to be more carful." He pulled Sattienne closer enjoying the fact he could hold the other in such an intermate way. "I hope they can stay this happy forever." With a bright smile Auguste breathed in the scent that was his lover. The floral smell mixing with the soap used to wash his clothes and that which was Sattienne's alone. "If they are only half as happy with each other as I am with you they are blessed indeed." He began to pepper kisses all over his brother's hair and forhead.

Elirian blushed just as bright as the other. "That's well." He said, hugging him. "You take mine too. Do you.. get the feeling we're being watched?" He asked, the feeling, though frightening, he felt like he knew the source of it but he couldn't explain how. He looked in all directions unable to spot anything.

"As I hope can we. And I am sure they are, look at them! They as we are the very picture of love. Oh! Elirian's catching on to us being about!" He said, delighting that the other had finally started to notice they were being watched. It made him feel much better.

Looking around as well Alluvial nodded. He had been so caught up in how beautiful everything was and how good it was to be with Elirian he had been blind to everything else.
"Now that you mention it, yes. Someone is definatly watching us... our kind I think." The blonde began to panic a little wishing he knew who it was.

Auguste watched his children very closely and smiled at the fact they had not only noticed someone was watching them but they knew it was an immortal. The fact Alluvial was a little afraid was also a good thing, caution was a good habit when dealing with their kind.

Elirian looked about and then recognized the signature of power. "It's our makers." He said with a shrug. "They're spying on us." He laughed. "They must be bored."

Sattienne chuckled as he listened. "Oh how nice of them to name us bored." He said, hugging his brother. " Shall we go greet them." He asked, thinking it would be nice to tease his children and at the same time congradulate them on spotting their presence though slow about it.

That made Alluvial blush, he could not understand why but he felt embarrassed. The very thought of his makers watching him and Elirian made him feel as if he had been caught doing something naughty. That thought made his giggle again and he hugged his lover a little tighter.

"Yes I think a little visit is in order." Holding Sattienne's hand tight, Auguste watched his little one blush and giggle. Their children made such a cute couple he could not help smiling brightly and feeling happy for them. "Though I do understand how distracting the one you love can be when they are by your side." With a completely out of character wink, Auguste headed off to greet their young ones.

Elirian grinned. "They're comming to bother us." He said as he watched them approach. "Good evening!" He called out to them, laughter evident in his voice. "Bird watching?"

"Oh yes, over our two favorite birds." Sattienne said, smirking."We just thought we'd test you a little. Not too bad, a little slow though." He said, smiling while he watched them. "You're both so darling." He added, being completely honest, they were beautiful to him.

Bouncing around excitedly Alluvial kissed Sattienne and Auguste.
"You make a good couple yourselves." He said happily. "I can not believe how impossibly beautiful the stars are, everything shines and has so many colours."

"Yes my darling, they are very beautiful." Auguste smiled at his little one, there was something so innocent and pure about him. In a lot of ways Alluvial reminded him of Sattienne. Thinking of his lover, he reached out and slipped his arm around his brother's waist.

Elirian grinned at the happy jumping bundle that was his brother. He loved to see him so awestruck. It truly made his nights worth living. "Mn, yes but they are not near as beautiful as you." Elirian whispered in his brother's ear.

Sattienne grinned. "Oh dear, Auguste, our Elirian takes after you with his incredibly skilled words made to make one blush eternally!" He said, over dramatisizing the point.

That made the blonde blush bright red. It was true, Elirian did say the sweetest things to him. Sliding his fingers in between his brother's he began to swing their joined hands in a childlike manner.
"So what are you two doing for the rest of the evening?" He asked tilting his head to the side.

Auguste grinned.
"Ah, but you love my silky words." He ran his hand through Sattienne's long black hair and then pulled him close for a demanding kiss. He let his other hand slide down his brother's back and squeezed his buttocks, ignoring his child's question for the moment.

Elirian grinned as he watched their masters interract. "Mn, they're probably doing eachother as we no doubt will be doing later." He said, kissing his brother's cheeks.

Sattienne blushed darkly as he was groped and kissed in such a way. "I think Elirian's right." He said, feeling cheated that he had been turned on so easily. "Oh you own me!" He said, sighing and swooning in the other's arms. "How horrible of you."

Giggling Alluvial looked up at his lover.
"It seems I have the same problem as Master Sattienne, I am at your mercy every time you touch me." It was true, the blonde had no self control when it came to his brother.

An evil grin crossed Auguste's lips at his lover's words.
"Well in that case..." He kissed Sattienne demandingly and growled in a dominant fashion. "I am a wicked, horrid man and I like it." He kissed his brother again, moaning softly. "I guess we should let our little ones get back to their date my love." It was more of a statement than a question and again Auguste was annoyed he had to help the elder instead of being able to roll around with his brother again.

Elirian grinned. "Have a good night you two." he said, pressing kisses to his brohter's neck while he sat with him. He grinned at the sight their makers made, enjoying the thought that one day they would be even worse probably with one another, they being himself and Alluvial.

Sattienne blushed from his lover's affection, returning it wholey. "Yes, I ove your wicked self as well. Goodnight my darling children. Be safe." He said, leading his beloved off from them. "I hope they stay like that. Happy and all. They're beautiful together. And you, you're just this evil devil out to deflower me." He said teasingly. "Call me a sinned man though, I like it."

Once again Alluvial became emersed in the little world that only he and Elirian inhabited. Everything else even the beauty of the stars faded away when he looked in his lover's eyes. There was so much tenderness there, so much love that it overwhelmed him. Moaning softly the blonde bared his neck a little more, encouraging his brother to bite him harder.

When they were far enough away form their children Auguate leaned close and growled softly in his brother's ear.
"Yes I am the personification of evil and if I had my way I would chain you to our bed and ravage you constantly." He chuckled slightly at the thought and gently nipped his lover's earlobe. "My sweet seductive Sattienne, the truth is you are the evil one because you strip me of everything but my desire to hear you cry out in pleasure."

Elirian smiled and did as he was urged, wondering how it was he got the other to succumb to him so easily. It was nice to have the other trust and love him as much as he did. "You're my everything." He whispered while he pampered the other's neck with kisses and such.

Sattienne smiled. "I don't see how! Perhaps then we are of the same evil! Only, you're the only one admitting your half of that. You know I love it though." He said, stroking the other's cheek while leaning against him. "And don't growl so in my ear, it makes me shiver.

"And you mine." Alluvial wondered if this feeling would last or if over time, as they became more familure with each other, it would fade. Just now everything was new and exciting, both in their love and their new lives as immortals. "Elirian, my love." He whispered and smiled. The blonde decided not to worry about the future and just enjoy everything his new world had to offer.

Gently brushing a silky black strand behind his brother's ear Auguste sighed.
"Sorry my love, I did not mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I promise I will not growl at you again." He kissed Sattienne and smiled brightly as he made a mental note to control his urges a little better. Having his beloved in his arms was too exciting and he would have to calm himself especially when they were with company. Auguste kissed his brother and asked where he wanted to walk too next.

Elirian smiled. "Let's go for a swim." He said, smiling. He wanted to see what it was like to swim in the river not too far from their home. "I think it would be nice to swim. What do you say?"

Sattienne smiled. "I wasn't uncomfortable. " He grinned back at the other. "I think we should.. hmn, I don't know really. I think we've done all we could for being one of us. I mean, there's not much we can delight in. We can't consume food, nor drink, nor lots of things. Did you have anywhere in mind?"

Gray/green eyes lighting up Alluvial nodded.
"I think that is a wonderful idea." Grabbing his brother's hand the blonde pulled him along as he headed for the river. It was not just the idea of a swim that delighted him it was the idea of seeing his lover naked under the moonlight and covered in glittering droplets of sparkling water.

"Not really." Auguste sighed, he was trying to postpone returning to help Larus but as Sattienne said the could not exactly attend a feast or anything and enjoy the mirriad of flavors as mortals could. "We should probably return soon anyway." Wrapping Sattienne in his arms Auguste held him tight and closed his eyes so he could concerntrate on the wonderful sensations and smells of having the other close. "I love you." He whispered just because he could.

Elirian grinned and picked his lover right up from the side of the fountain and ran as fast as he could, surprised as soon as they were there in under a few minutes with which normally took a long while to walk. He grinned. "I like being as we are." He said, setting the other down and immediately stripping himself of his tunic, slippers and leggings as he found them a clear spot down by the river so the things wouldn't get wet. "Come on love! This should be nice!"

Sattienne smiled. "Yes, and after you help Larus we may lay together again if you would like." He siad, implyin of course, love making. He smiled brightly and kissed him. "Come love, let us get that over with."

For a moment the blonde was spellbound as he let his gray/green eyes wander over the form of his lover.
"Err, yes nice." Blushing he removed his own clothing and folded it neatly placing it with Elirian's bundle before striding into the water. It did feel nice and the way the light danced across the surface was mesmerizing. With a cheeky grin, Alluvial splashed water towards his brother wetting him and watching the way the droplets glittered.

On the way back to their maker's house Auguste held Sattienne's hand and set a slow pace so they could just enjoy each other's company.
"I hardly ever look at the stars anymore, I remember I would gaze at them night after night when I was first turned but I have not even thought about them for years. Seeing the expression of wonder on our children's face has reminded me how beautiful the simplest things can be. Like the way your blue eyes catch the moonlight and the smells that drift on the gentle breeze. I will have to take more time to stop and enjoy them more often." Of course Auguste was thinking of stopping and enjoying Sattienne when he finished helping Larus move.

Elirian smirked and began to splash his brother as well, careful to not be overwhelming about it. He grined. "Why! You look as though you have ornaments in your hair like Larus!" He said, grinning. "It suits you." He said in reference to the droplets.

Sattienne smiled. "Yes, most definitely. It's nice to have this spice back into life." As he approached the house he yawned. "I think while you two are gone I might get a bit of a nap." He kissed his lover while they walked up the steps, greeted by an impatient Larus.

"Come now children, hurry the faster we go, the faster we can get back." Larus said, oh if only they knew what he had planned, they would get back faster, yes, but not to this house.

Laughing Alluvial tried to hide the blush across his cheeks.
"Well then perhaps I should by some and weave them into my hair like him?" He could not stop marveling at how beautiful Elirian looked to him. When they were both mortal he had been breathless as how handsome and strong his brother looked on his return, now he was beautiful beyond words. Wondering if it was the same for his lover, the blonde splashed him again, sending another shower of droplets cascading around Elirian.

"Sorry Master Larus, it was such a beautiful night and we stopped to check on the children." Auguste kissed his lover on the cheek. "Sleep well my darling Sattienne I will at your side again when you wake." He believed what he was saying and smiled at his brother before turning to the elder.
"I am ready now, sorry again for making you wait Master Larus." Not knowing where the elder lived Auguste waited for instruction.

Elirian blinked. "Do I look the same?" He asked, he actually liked the thought of ornaments in his brother's hair, but he also didn't want to get them tangled should they make love, he wondered how Larus did so.

Sattienne smiled and kissed his beloved. "And I will miss you." He kissed him again, bowed to Larus and went off to his room. "Hurry back." He said, smiling.

Upon Sattienne's leave, Axele came out to where Auguste and larus stood. He embraced his child. "Thank you, Auguste. I would go, but I do have matters to attend with properties. I promise you'll be back soon." He kissed the young one on the lips and on Larus he only kissed his cheek after embracing them both. "Goodnight." He said, returning to the household.

Larus twitched when he was granted only a kiss to the cheek but hid the twitch as well as he could. He said his goodbyes and smirked as he got into the carriage that awaited them, it would lead them to the boat which would lead them to his continent and then deep into the wooded place to his splendid building that was his house, but one no one but himself truly knew of.

Nodding Alluvial suddenly aproached his brother and ever so gently he lifted his fingernail to catch a droplet of water form his lover's hair.
"See.." He said indicating the tiny sparkling droplet. "Diamonds, it looks as if you have diamonds in your hair." As he looked up into his beloved's eyes, the blonde blushed again. "But it is not as beautiful as you are Elirian, and you are so strong just like a diamond." Alluvial had enjoyed being carried by his lover, he felt very safe and wanting to feel those protective arms around him again he stretched up to kiss his brother softly on the lips then giggled."

Sitting across form Larus in the carriage Auguste felt a little uncomfortable. He did not know the elder very well and the sheer power he emitted was overwhelming.
"Is it far to your house?" He asked as politely as he could. Larus was actually very good looking and that at least made his smile slightly, he was happy that his maker and the elder had found comfort in one another the night before.

Elirian smiled and kissed the other in turn. "You're so beautiful." He whispered, admiring the other. He loved how his brother gave him so much affection. He ran his hands through his hair and traced them along his face. "I am blessed by all gods and goddesses to have you." And with that he kissed him again, gently so.

Larus gave him a calculating look. "Well, a little. We do have to cross the ocean, but worry not, you will be back later tonight." He said, though that was obviously not true. "And we have to go.. in the woods. Why don't you sit with me." He said, not wanting to reveal things further. "Actually it's not far at all. I was teasing." He wanted the other to sit with him so he could drain him unconscious when they were on the boat.But first he wanted to get him more comfortable around him.

Moaning softly at the kiss Alluvial felt his head spin. Being so close to Elirian seemed to rob him of his sensors as if his lover overwhelmed every single inch of him.
"I am the lucky one..." He whispered and kissed his brother agian. He loved hearing such sweet words.

Always one to be polite and accomadating Auguste stood up and moved to the seat beside the elder.
"It has been such a long time since we have seen each other Master Larus... I hope you have been well in that time?" Not knowing what to say but needing to break the silence Auguste smiled at his traveling companion.

"No you're not." Elirian argued, grining. "I am." He added, teasing the other with his kiss. He reached his fingers up for his favorite attack against his lover, tickling him almost mercilessly.

Larus nodded. "I have. And how have you and yours been?" He asked, not truly interested, but he appeared to be. "It's definitely been a while." He said. As he pulled to the dock he couldn't help but think just how much longer of a while it would be. Getting out of the carriage and offering his arm to the other he awaited to begin their descent onto the ship.

Alluvial thrashed and giggled, begging for mercy and attempted to tickle his brother back but failed miserably. It was fun to be so free and playful and the blonde squealed again practically jumping into the other's arms in his attempt to curl up in a tight ball.
"Elirian! Stop! It is not fair... you are too strong... Elirian!" He laughed so hard he could hardly breath and his demands of freedom became in audable grunts in between laughter.

Thinking the elder was in fact interested and would most likely hear it from his maker, Auguste sighed as he took the offered arm.
"Until recently things between Axele and I had been strained. He had forbid me form confessing my feelings for Sattienne and when I realized our little ones were in love with one another, I returned to him. I asked permission to allow them to be together but instead he stole my little Alluvial and almost killed him in front of us." Swallowing the sudden rise of emotion that threatened to make his voice quiver Auguste sighed. "Luckily he realized that Alluvial was innocent and had done him no harm so he turned him to save his life. I never realized he was so angry with me because he loved me... I have not exactly been the best child to him but I hope that can change now. Both Sattienne and I have found a new love for him." Smiling as he thought of how wonderful it had felt to have his maker's hands caress him instead of striking him, Auguste looked at the elder then hesitated as they boarded the ship. "I thought you were teasing me about the boat ride Master Larus?" He was worried that he had left it too late to return to the house and now he might get stuck at the elder's house for the day if it took too much longer to reach their destination.

Elirian grinned and released his brother. "Sorry darling, you were just so cute I couldn't resist." He said, kissing his lips. "Float with me." He said, laying on his back, inviting the other to lay with him.

Larus smiled. "It only goes across the bay." He said, pointing. "Not more than ten minutes, it's quicker than going all the way around town." He added, leading him to their cabin. Once there he sat and beckoned the other to sit next to him on the long couch-like piece of furniture. "Come, sit with me again. Tell me how you found out this new love for Axele even though from what I heard he wasn't the nicest."

It took Alluvial a few attempts to get it right but finally he lay on his back and floated on the surface of the water. The world quietened down a little, muffled by the liquid and for the first time the blonde realized how his hearing had improved as well. It was so peaceful and relaxing and the fact he held his brother's hand made it perfect.

Still feeling a little uneasy being so close to Larus, Auguste studied him for a moment.
"I did not realize at the time but Master Axele turned me because he loved me. I admit I was falling for him but then I heard that Sattienne was ill..." Again he stopped wondering if the elder was really interested in his story or if he was just being polite. "Well long story short, I tried to save him but could not and then I tried to turn him but I was not sure what I was doing... I begged my maker to help and he did but ever since then he had been angry and violent towards me when I failed to please him. It must have hurt him very much when I did not return his feelings... I tried to be a good child, I tried to always use my manners and ensure my clohting was neat and..." Auguste gave a nerves laugh. "I guess deep down I do love him, I tried so hard to be what I thought he wanted me to be.... but that is all in the past now, Sattienne and I have decided to start over and include him more..." Suddenly he smiled brightly. "I can not change the way I feel about Sattienne but at least Master Axele is understanding and it is nice when he is gentle." Auguste blushed bright red at that.

Larus hid the glare in his eyes at the other's fond words. He instead smiled and decided this was the time. He leaned in close to the other, cupping his cheek with one hand before kissing his lips. "I apologize." He said, politely and gentleman-like apologizing for what he was about to do. He bit into the other's neck, drinking hard and fast so as to knock him into unconsciousness.

Elirian grinned while he floated beside the other, grasping his hand tightly. He loved the view the world made while he looked up. Everything was so enchanting and lovely. How would anyone pass this gift of their up, especially when things were so clear?

At first Auguste was confused and was about to ask what Larus was sorry for but when the elder bit into him he began to panic. By the time the shock had passed he was already weak and even at full strength he doubted he would have been about to push Larus off. As the world around him faded into darkness, Auguste worried about his lover and felt deep regret that he would not be forfilling his promise to return to him. With his last conscience breath he whispered his brother's name.

Smiling and enjoying the gentle lapping of the water at his skin Alluvial started to hum again. His voice sounded strange inside his head as if it were impossibly loud and some how richer, like a full choir not just one man. That must have been why he always thought Auguste and Sattienne's voices were like velvet.

Larus pulled away to not kill the boy, sure he would sleep the whole journey. And by the time he reached their destination it was in another carriage he went, driven by himself so no one was suspicious of the unconscious body he held. And then some three hours later he was with him, in his home settling some of the room for him. He didn't wnat to know what would happen when the other woke, but he thought it would be interesting to find out.

Elirian enjoyed listening to his brother's voice, enhanced by the water. He closed his eyes to it, enjoying every second of the sweet sound that was, to him, proof his brother was having to be an angel, there was no other explanation.

Alluvial was not sure how long he had been floating in the water and sighing just about every song he knew but it was beginning to get late and he remembered his makers warning them to come home well before sunrise. With a sigh he let his hips and feet sink until only his head was out of the water.
"I guess we should be getting back so the others do not worry." He looked at Elirian and smiled again, as long as they were together the blonde did not mind having to leave.

At first Auguste was disorentated and had no idea where he was. Slowly his eyes began to search his new suroundings and when his memory of the carriage ride and boarding the ship came back he sat up. He was hungry and felt weak and a sinking feeling made his stomach knot.
"Sattienne..." His lover's name bought tears to his eyes and a fear he would never see him again. Mustering all his strength and courage, Auguste cried out.
"Larus.... Master Larus..." He wanted to know where he was and why the elder had done such a thing. A thousand things raced through his mind, used to abuse he immediatly began to wonder what he had done to upset the elder. He went over the last few days in his mind searching for what ever sin it was he had committed.

Larus frowned. "You weren't supposed to waken just yet. I brought you here in truth to take you from Axele." He said quietly, deciding he would and might as well speak the truth. "I want him for myself, yet he lusts after and loves after you. He's my child. Not yours. Not your lover, you have a lover and I will take you from him and your brother both." He said softly, his eyes emotionless. He sighed. "I didn't want to do this you see, but it's the only way to make him feel as horrible as I do."

Elirian gave a nod and rose up, feeling the water trickle from his ears. He yawned." Yes, and when we get there,let's take a nap hmn?" He grabbed his clothing and began to put it back on, watching his brother the whole time with a smile.

Swooning again and having to lay back down Auguste tried to process the elder's confession. His vision blurred as red tinged tears filled his eyes.
"Sattienne... my Sattienne..." Darkness once again engulfed him as he was too weak to exert himself further. All Auguste could think of was his lover and how he could not keep his promise to be there when his brother awoke. There was a small twinge of pity for Larus but it was overwhelmed by fear and sorrow.

Leaning over to the side the blonde squeezed his hair in attempt to rid it of excess water. His strength surprised Alluvial as he smiled impressed with how dry he had managed to get it.
"Would it be alright if you carry me as you did before Elirian?" He blushed remembering being held in his lover's strong arms as the world whipped by.

Elirian nodded with a grin. "I certainly can." And with that he scooped the other up and whisked him away to their home. "And oh how fast it was!" He said, grinning. "Speaking of which, you're not sick from the speed of it, are you?"

Larus smoothed back his hair. "Know this. I will not let your brother go unknown of your departure, but also know that you wont be seeing him any time soon if ever again."

Shaking his head the blonde smiled up at his lover.
"Not at all Elirian, I enjoyed it." He did feel a little dizzy but to Alluvial being held like that was amazing. "You are very fast. Strong, handsome, fast and a sweet tongue, what more could I possibly want?" Holding Elirian so he did not stumble, Alluvial kissed him and waited until the suroundings stopped moving.

Somewhere in the dark fog that filled his mind Auguste heard the elder's voice and whimpered. This was surely a nightmare he told himself. Yes, he had fallen asleep and this was just his worst fears playing out in a dream.
"Sattienne..." He muttered and finding Larus's hand he squeezed it believing it was his brother.

Larus felt horrible for a moment. "And who do you love, Brother, myself or our maker?" He asked, pretending to be Sattienne for a moment to see the reaction he would get. He kissed the hand.

Elirian smiled and steadied his brother before leading him into the house, He would have greeted the sleeping Auguste but knew better than to do so. He smiled and continued to lead his brother to the stairs, stopping by Sattienne's room but only seeing Sattienne. "Where's Auguste?"

Smiling in his sleepy state Auguste answered.
"You my love... it has always been you...." His brows furrowed for a moment. "If you had rejected me... I suppose I could have been content with him... There is much about our maker to love..." In his mind Auguste wondered why his brother asked, Sattienne had seemed more than happy to invite Axele to their bed at times.

Sticking his head through the door to search the room Alluvial frowned.
"We should ask Master Axele, if he and Master Larus are not busy that is." He laughed then tilted his head. When he had thought of Axele he realized he could sense him in another part of the house and he even sensed Sattienne and Elirian but he did not feel Auguste or the powerful elder. "I do not think he is here Elirian." That worried the blonde a little.

Larus twitched at that. "Yes, but it's odd knowng he loves you as much as you love me. I feel like I am intruding." He said, playing with the others hair as he spoke to him. "Is it more lust with him on your part?"

Elirian blinked and he didn't either feel their presence. "Well, obviously nothing bad should have happened, Sattienne would be frantic and Master would right up there with him. Maybe they just went out for a moment?"

Laurs' question distressed Auguste and he shifted in his sleep.
"No my love! No, you are not intruding. I love you..." A pained expression showed on his features as he battled with panic. "I owe Master Axele my life and yours Sattienne... all I have ever wanted was to please him..." He stirred and began to wake again crying out. "Sattienne... my Sattienne... I will return to you... I will..."

Nodding Alluvial calmed down.
"You are right, Master Sattienne would be worried if anything were wrong." He looked at the sky through the window and frowned, dawn was approaching. "I am sure they will both walk through the door any moment.

Elirian nodded. "Yes! Which is why we should go, so they don't reprimand us for being up so close to dawn!" He said, grinning and lifting the other bridal style, carrying him to their room.

Larus frowed. "Could you tell Axele that Larus wants him to himself? Could you give our maker up for him?" He asked, it would be his deciding choice to keep the boy with him or return him.

Smiling the blonde snuggled into his brother's chest. Alluvial liked being carried in such a way, he liked the feeling of protection it gave him to be held in his lover's strong arms.
"Could you sing me a lullaby my love?" He loved the sound of Elirian's voice and the thought of drifting off to sleep snuggled up to his brother and listening to that rich velvety voice was very comforting.

Hesatating a moment Auguste shifted slightly.
"I... I would do whatever our maker asks of me... If he wanted me to leave I would but..." He seemed to be drifting deeper into a non cohearant state. "...will not disappoint... not again...I love you Satt..." Auguste's grip on the elder's hand loosened and he fell silent not even finishing his lover's name.

Elirian would readily sing to his darling."Yes, which would you like to hear?" He asked, stroking through his brother's hair. He curled up next to him and kissed his forehead, happy to have him so near.

That was all it took for the deal to be closed. Larus wouldn't let the other go until he agreed to never touch Axele again, for Axele was his, and perhaps he should truly be talking to Axele and not Larus. He laughed softly, finding the whole mess to be humorous and lay next to him, giving him flase comfort. He kissed his cheek. "Perhaps if you're a quick learner.." He said, meaning if he learned to cast Axele away he could go back to being with his brother.

"It does not matter my love, anything is fine." Alluvial smiled and snuggled in tight against his brother. "As long as I can hear your voice." It was the most wonderful feeling being held in such strong arms and knowing there he was safe and loved. "Perhaps one we learned as children would be nice."

Dreams drifted in the blackness both good and bad. At times Auguste was making love to his beloved brother and at other times he was with his maker promising he would do better next time, his heart breaking because no matter what he did he could not get Axele to smile at him the way he used to. So afraid his maker would return to the violent, disappointed creature he had been Auguste lavished his with affection in his dreams. There was also a great feeling of loss as Sattienne's smile faded into nightmares where he never saw him again, lost for ever in darkness and sorrow.

Larus slept, and he dreamt of his lovely ones being so very angry with him for merely wanting to follow his heart. Even though that meant kidnapping and such. But why should they be? They all had lovers, why should he be left out? He cuddled the young one that lay beside him, finding him to be very comfortable to sleep besides, thinking that perhaps one day they could go back.

Elirian smiled and began to sing lightly of something he scarecely remembered, talking of an adventure to establish a new city and of the monsters that were fought upon making this city and as to how the city grew. He sang in a soft and rather quiet voice so his maker and Sattienne wouldn't hear his voice, he didn't want to be embarrassed.

Over time the nightmares got worse until Auguste was sobbing in his sleep and crying out for Sattienne.

For a little while the blonde hummed along with his brother until he became too sleepy and then just lay there, safe and happy. It was so wonderful to be part of a family, to belong to a household that loved him and would protect him forever.
"I love you Elirian..." Alluvial whispered as sleep claimed him.


Sattienne woke groggily the next night, he didn't have a very good night's sleep as it was and he was surprised to see his maker sitting beside him. "Axele? Where's Auguste and Larus, did they not come home?"

Axele frowned. "I was asking you the same. I haven't seen either of them.I am sure they are all right though. Perhaps my maker lives farther than I knew." He said, smoothing Sattienne's hair.

Elirian continued to sleep soundly next to his brother, wrapped thouroughly around him like a blanket.

Larus opened his eyes and looked to the boy at his side. "Mn, poor thing. At least he's not struggling for the moment." He said, deciding he might just have to restrain the other when he woke, therefore grabbing platinum shackles from under the bed.

The blonde stirred, he felt uneasy and he opened his eyes looking around. Elirian was beside him and he smiled but that joy was short lived, there was something very wrong.
"Elirian... brother? Master Sattienne and Master Axele, they are worried... Elirian?" Alluvial could sense it, he could almost feel it as if it were his own concern.

Stiring again Auguste remembered the night before, he remembered being with Sattienne, taking him brother and drinking his blood as they coupled. He remembered their walk and spying on their children. A smile crossed his lips at this, how happy he had been and so full of hope but then he remembered a carriage ride and boarding a ship with Larus. Once again the elder was on him, taking long, deep draughs of his blood. Larus was so strong, so strong he could not fend him off and with an agaized cry Auguste woke sitting up in the bed.
"Sattienne!" Seeing the elder beside him he attacked him, trying to push the other aside and escape so he could return to his lover.

Elirian frowned as he woke, seing how worried his brother was made him worried. "Are you okay sweety?" He asked, kissing his cheek and holding him. He could also feel the other's worry as well as the worry of their makers. "Oh my, what's going on and about?"

Axele frowned. "Elirian, Alluvial! Did you two see either Larus or Auguste wen you returned last eve?" He called out, knowing they could hear them now.

Sattienne listened intnetly for his sons' replies in hopes that the other would be able to tell them good news. He whimpered practically, clinging to Axele's arm.

Larus growled and grabbed Auguste's arms, pinning him down. He had no choice but to shackle him, sitting on his wasit to hold him down while he slipped his hands through the cuffs and instantly tightened them as well as attached the cuffs to a hook on the bedframe made of the same metal. "Calm yourself!"

"No." Alluvial replied weakly. "We did not." Tears blurred his vision as fear set in. He gripped Elirian tight for a moment then decided he had to face Sattienne and Axele, their emotions were so intense they almost hurt him. Scrambling off the bed he grabbed a robe and looked at his brother, gray/green eyes begging him to come along.
"Something is very wrong." The blonde told his brother a single red tinged tear spilling over to roll down his cheek.

"Calm myself?" Auguste hissed and thrashed about trying to break the chains. "You have taken me from my lover and my family." Rage fueled his actions and he spat in Larus' face. "What sin have I committed against you? Let me go this instant! Let me return to my Sattienne, now!" Auguste tried to buck the elder off and as he realized he could not fee himself he began to panic. "Let me go!"

Elirian's own worry increased and he followed after his brother,"All right, what's going on?"He asked, sitting on the edge of the bed with Axele and Sattienne.

Sattienne shuddered. "Auguste and Larus didn't come back yesternight. I don't know if something's happened or what." He replied, frowning bitterly. He was worried terribly about his lover.

Axele gave a heaving sigh. "They may have ran out of time and had to hide out for the day, if they're not here by the end of tonight we'll go looking for them, okay?"

Larus growled and used his power to hold the boy in place. "No! You have my Axele wrapped about your little finger, don't you know that? Don't you understand that much!? Could you promise me to never go to him again even if he begged you ? He's mine."

Alluvial thought of asking how far away the elder lived but he refrained, because he knew the others had already considered the distance.
"If I know Master Auguste he will turn up apologizing for making us worry." The blonde tried to smile brightly but was not sure he succeeded, deep down inside he knew something was wrong. Either that or it was Sattienne's feelings he was picking up on. Since being turned Alluvial had noticed his sensitivity to the pain and suffering of those around him had been amplified just like his hearing, strength and eyesight.

Looking up at the elder with wide eyes, Auguste considered Larus' request. He loved Sattienne with all his heart and if he had to he would give up anything to be with him but he was not sure he could abandon his maker. Like a child that craves his parent's affection, he needed Axele's praise, Auguste was not sure he could give up that which he had spent an etruanl life time seeking.
"I.." All his strength seemed to drain away. "All I ever wanted was to please him... a gentle touch a word of praise... I do not know... I do not love him the way he loves me but..." Auguste blinked away tears as he tried to sort things out in his mind. He had been willing to run from his maker to protect his children, how was this any different? Before he had thought his maker dispised him, this time he would be intentionally hurting Axele. Did he really have it in him to keep a promise to Larus and refuse his maker even if he begged him? "I do not know if I can promise that..." He said in defeat and looked away so he did not have to see the look in the elder's eyes.

Elirian sighed. "Yes, Alluvial, I hope you're right." He wasn't so sure, he too felt something was a bit off, that it wasn't right. "Larus wouldn't harm him or anything, right?"

Axele shrugged. " I don't honestly know. He's been viscious in the past, but I think he would be kind and not harm him. They are probably just stuck." He said, sighing sadly.

Larus smirked. "Well, that's just fine, but don't expect to be seeing your lovely little brother any time soon until you can for certain promise it." He kissed his forehead. "I will let you feed on me from time to time, I can't risk having you outside."

None of this was helping Alluvial feel any better and he was fighting the urge to cry.
"I think I am hungry." He said to no one in particular trying to think of something else. Now that he had mentioned it he realized he was hungry. "Perhaps if we feed they will be here when we return?" The blonde gave a half hearted smile trying to stay up beat but it vanished quickly and his gray/green eyes showed his true feelings.

Reality set in and Auguste paniced. The elder seemed to mean what he said and that chilled him.
"What happens if I break my promise or Master Axele does not want you?" His voice sounded small and weak and a few tears ran from the corner of his eyes towards his ears. Auguste had gone to his maker knowing his request would be rejected because he could not inflict such misery on his children, now he felt he could not inflict it on his maker. Wondering why he could not be selfish and care only for himself, he awaited Larus' answer. If the elder would honor his maker's feelings then perhaps he could promise such a thing and be returned to his beloved.

Elirian nodded. "Yes, come on love, let's go. Sattienne, Axele, would you come with?" He asked, wrapping an arm about his brother's shoulders. e kissed his cheek and his lips and awaited the others.

Axele shook his head. "I find myself to not be so hungry, the three of you should go though. And please keep safe."

Sattienne stood to follow his children. "Are you sure?" He asked his maker, after recieving a nod he sighed and went with the younger two, following quietly. "I'm afraid.."

Larus hissed in anger a moment before gaining himself. "Well, in that case I will simply steal him, and not you.However, if you break your promise I will steal you more than you want to be stolen. Even more than you are now." He frowned. "You're also about to be hungry soon, if I unchain you will you give me your word to not flee, for if you break that promise I will lkely kill you."

Once they had dressed and were leaving the house Alluvial tried to distract himself by looking intently at everything he saw, seeing every detail with his new eyes. The wonder and beauty of the previous night seemed to have vanished and the blonde found his thought returning to that of his maker's absence. Auguste had always been so kind to him even if he did seem distant and ridged most of the time. He missed his maker terrorably and Sattienne was definately upset. Reaching out he held the other's hand.
"Master Auguste loves you, he will return to you no matter what." Sad gray/green eyes reguarded Sattienne as Alluvial slid his other arm around Elirian's waist for comfort.

The elder's anger terrorfied him and Auguste could not help flinching. Doubting if he could get very far before Larus stopped him, he took in a deep breath.
"You would... you would take the one you say you love against his will?" A horrid thought came to him as he spoke, if he wanted Axele to himself, why did the elder take him alive? He believed Larus when he said he would kill him if he tried to escape and he had already kidnapped him so it proved the elder was willing to hurt others in order to get what he wanted. Feeling as if his situation were truly hopeless Auguste sighed. "If you unchain me I give you my word I will not run." More tears slid from his eyes as he thought of how worried his lover, maker and children must be.

Sattienne frowned and tears threatened to fall as he thought of his lover. Had something happened to them? Had Larus gone and killed him? Did they fall in love? Where were his long sought answers? "Thank you for your words, little one."

Elirian sighed. "We'll find them, don't worry about that." He whispered, somehow promising himself they would do as he declared.

Larus unchained him and cut a small part of his neck. "Feed here." He ordered, moving his hair out of the way so the other could get there. "And quickly before it stains my tunic."

This time Alluvial did manage a small smile, he was pleased he his words had comforted Sattienne, no matter how small that comfort was. Still holding on to the others he looked around for a good place to feed.
"How about over there Elirian?" He asked his brother pointing to a dark ally way off one of the main streets.

As scared of the Larus as he was, Auguste was still a child trying to please his maker and his body moved without him having to think. He drank gently despite his hunger and was careful not to dirty or wrinkle the elder's tunic. Thinking of his beloved Sattienne he made a silent vow to get back to him but he was also worried about his Axele. Could his conscience allow him to trade his place as Larus' prisoner for Axele. If his maker did not wish to be with the elder as his only lover then was he any better than a monster himself?

Sattienne only nodded in silent agreement to the task, he followed and searched for any sign of his beloved brother. He searched and searched, not with his eyes so much as his mind, and he found not even a trace of where they could have gone until a barely lingering scent slipped off the wind comming from the docks. "I think.. they've gone over the sea.." He said unbelieving.

Elirian blinked at Sattienne in a rather blank manner. "Why do you say that?" He asked while following his brother. "I mean it's possible I guess, but why would they?"

Larus shivered as the other fed from him. It was a delightful feeling of course, he wouldn't try to touch the other, but gods know he was tempted. He slipped his arms about him, only to urge on and comfort. "Drink until you're full."

Sensing the surge of panic form his maker Alluvial snuggled into Elirian. He needed to feel his lover in his arms, needed the tactile connection to reassure himself he would not lose him the way Sattienne lost Auguste.
"Do you think Master Larus took him?" The first fears he had when he met the powerful elder returned. "Would he hurt him?" Somewhere deep down inside the blonde began to feel a sense of guilt, it did not make sense but somehow he felt he sould have been the one the elder took, he was the one Larus had originally come for.

As he drank Auguste wondered if he could possibly drain the other enough to weaken him. This was his chance to escape and return to his family, he wanted to see Sattienne, needed to hold him in his arms but he had given his word he would not run. Not only that, escaping from a weakened elder was one thing but Larus would come after him. He would be putting everyone in danger, if the elder was angry enough he might kill Sattienne and the others not just himself. Deciding against doing anything rash, Auguste stopped when he was full and licked the wound, cleaning up every last drop of Larus' blood.

Sattienne sighed. "No, he loves Axele and killing my beloved off would hurt Axele so I don't think it that. I do think he may have took Auguste though.. something speaks about that." He sighed and thought about what may have possibly taken place.

Larus traced the other's cheek with delicacy before kissing his lips. "You;re lucky you're smart, for a moment there I thought you were going to be foolish enough to try and weaken me." He chuckled and pulled away. "You're free to roam about the house, I warn you, your first chance at trying to escape will get you killed."

"I do not understand, do you think Master Auguste did something to upset him?" Alluvial blinked his big gray/green eyes, he just could not imagine his maker doing something wrong. Auguste was always so well mannered, even if he was a little stern and distant at times. Since being allowed to be with Sattienne he had been a lot happier and much more approachable but still, it did not make sense that he would have done anything wrong.

Studying the elder closely Auguste nodded. He was sure beyond a doubt that Larus meant what he said. A sinking feeling threatened to overwhelm him, he wanted to return to his lover and children but the elder terrorfied him. The more he thought about it the more he was sure he could not sentence his maker to an eternity as Larus' captive. Gathering all his courage Auguste dared to speak.
"Master Larus? Have you asked my maker to be with you and you alone?" His voice shook slightly as he spoke. It seemed a forgone conclusion that the elder had asked and Axele had turned him down but Auguste wanted to be sure staying was the best choice. What if he could return to Sattienne and the others and Axele would gladly give himself to Larus? Hope began to swell inside him.

Sattienne shrugged. "I don't entirely know to be honest. I haven't truly met the man." He said, sighing. "Not but maybe once or twice and at those times he was much more relaxed and kind."

"No, but while he called your name out in his sleep amidst having a sexual dream, I was slightly infuriated as you can see. I don't think he would allow us to be together alone, not readily." Larus responded, an icy glaze was about his eyes.

Horrid thoughts swirled around inside the blonde's head, he felt a shiver run up his spine and frowned as he tried to push the intruding images aside.
"They would not have been attacked or anything would they? I mean, Larus is strong and he would not be esily subdued if a group of immortals attacked them would he?" It just did not make any sense and he was grasping at straws trying to figure out why his maker and the elder would have set sail.

Anger coursed through him at that and Auguste met the elder's gaze with an icy one of his own.
"You kidnapped me and took me from everything I care about because my maker said my name in his sleep?" Although he knew it was not the wisest thing to verbally attack his captor, rage made him bold and foolish. "You have not even asked him how he feels about being with you exclusivly? You tell me you love him yet you behave like a spoiled child and take away his favourite toy because you feel slighted? What kind of monster are you?"

Sattienne shrugged. "At the least they would have called out in distress, one of us would have gotten that signal no matter where out in the world they were. Unless it was a sudden death, but even then it wouldn't go undetected. They're out there and I have a feeling that perhaps my Auguste was kidnapped by mister Larus."

Lars had had enough of the insolent backtone the other was giving him and slapped him hard across the face. "Mind your tongue!" He shouted. "Don't you dare question me again. You're right, I didn't ask him, I didn't even think about it because when one is in love, one tends to do crazy things. You should know that." He was furious. He was very close to slapping the other again.

Alluvial did not what to think about that, he just wanted Auguste back, safe and well.
"He will come back, I know he will." The blonde said it to convince himself as mush as to convince Sattienne his lover would return to him. He snuggled into Elirian thankful his brother was there by his side.

Putting his hand to his cheek Auguste's eyes filled with tears, all his memories of his maker beating him and screaming at him came rushing back. In his mind he was once again before his beloved Axele begging for a sign he was not a complete disapointment.
"I am sorry Master, I will not do it again... I will try harder... I promise... I will make you proud..." Auguste looked up at Larus but it was not the elder he saw, that slap had shaken something in his mind loose. "I promise." He whispered, eyes still wide.

Sattienne sighed. "Oh I certainly hope so." He siad, sighing.

Elirian kissed his brother's lips. "Do any of you know where Larus lives?" He asked, wondering if they could possibly go by the elders house. It would certainly give them insight.

Sattiene shook his head. "I don't know my child. I've hardly met the man before today." He said with a frown. "I honestly don't know how you would find them."

Larus frowned. "Truly?" He stated, stroking the part of the other's cheek where he had slapped. He gave it a gentle kiss. "Forgive me for being harsh. You've got to learn one way or the other though." He pressed a kiss to the other's lips. "So tormented, aren't you? Well, one day, perhaps if you can denounce what I ask of you, then everything will be better again."

The hunger pains reminded the blonde he had not fed enough and although he was in a rush to return to Axele and see if his maker and the elder had returned, or at least if Axele knew where Larus lived, it would have to wait. Sighing Alluvial watched the people passing by to find his next meal.

Leaning into Larus' touch and giving a slight sigh of happiness Auguste whispered.
"Yes, everything will be better. There is nothing to forgive Master, it was my fault... mine alone.. I promise I will do better." There was such conviction in his voice and as he closed his eyes, bloody tears slid down his cheeks. "Next time I will not disappoint you."

Elirian found a suitable enough meal. He fed quickly, bored with the task. He wanted to go and look for Larus and Auguste. He didn't even know where to begin though something tugged him in the direction of the docks.

Sattienne dighed and decided he wasn't so hungry. He merely awaited his children to be done, also rather wanting to look for his maker's maker and children.

Larus frowned. "Then you will drop this silly love you have for Axele and never go to him again physically?" He quested, wondering if the other even knew who he was right at the moment.

Feeling sustained but generally unsatisfied Alluvial rejoined the others.
"Shall we continue our search?" He looked up at Elirian wondering why his lover was staring off in the direction of the docks. "Do you think Master Sattienne was right when he said he thought they went by boat?"

Auguste just looked at Larus with a blank stare, he was obviously confused. Finally realization dawned and he became aware of his surroundings again.
"I can't help you imprison him as you have me Master Larus. I could not live with myself knowing I did such a thing and eternity is a long time to live with betraying the ones you care for." He flinched slightly, expecting another slap for his boldness or worse.

Elirian nodded. "Something feels like them there. Like their presence is still ingering." He said, sighing. "Shall we go for a boat ride?"

Sattienne nodded. "Yes, but quickly, only to see if we still feel them. We can't leave Axele worried about us."

Tears came to Larus' eyes."I swear to it child, I would have you killed if I knew it wouldn't hut him. I betray no one! It's he that has betrayed me. I loved him. I turned him because I wanted him and he loved me eternally and alone. Until you came along. He wanted nothing to do with me. He left me. And I want him still."

As they approached the dock Alluvial felt something, everything was so new to him he was having trouble sorting it all bout but he was sure he could sense his maker. The odd thing was he did not sense anything odd like fear or anger.
"Do you feel him as well Elirian?" He asked his brother as he walked around trying to figure out where the feeling was strongest.

Suddenly all Auguste's anger faded, he actually felt sorry for the elder.
"I am sorry." He whispered and meant it. "I did not mean to take him from you." He would have reached out to comfort Larus if he were not so afraid of him. "Perhaps I deserve to be here?" Auguste sat with his keens pulled up to his chest and let his head drop forward. He had never been able to make Axele happy and now it seemed he was responcible for Larus' broken heart as well.

Elirian nodded. "Yes, he's this way..." He said, stepping onto the ship, strangely unquestioned. "I wonder where this goes..."

Sattienne frowned. "I'm not sure dear, but I will remember our way back if we need to." He said, climbing aboard with Elirian. "Let's just see what happens..."

Larus had had enough. "FINE! JUST GET OUT!" He shouted, his tears falling in streams down his cheeks. " TOO LONG! Too long I have waited, wanted my darling to love me back and you can't just do one damned thing for me to please me at least once in my life! You who took my darling away from me! You can't make it all go away! Well you can have your lovely little family. Obviously just the one isn't good enough as it is! Get out from my home this instant."

Alluvial hesitated for a moment before he too jumped aboard the ship and ran to Elirian's side. He was a little unsure about this, afraid that once the ship left the dock they would be lost or something. The only thing he knew for sure was he belonged with Elirian, no matter where their journey led them he would be with his lover. The blonde looked up at his brother and gave him a weak smile.

Looking up Auguste sutdied the elder. He was not sure if this was some kind of test or if the man really wanted him to go. Very slowly he stood up and wiped the red tinged tears from his cheeks. He edged his way around the elder, still afraid of him but held his gaze, watching for any sigh the elder would suddenly attack him. Auguste wanted to say thank you and that he was sorry but he was too scared, and he would not believe he was free until he was safely back with his maker, lover and children.

Elirian smiled and kissed him. "Don't worry darling, whatever happens, we'll be together. And I am most certani this is where we're supposed to go." He said, kissing him again.

Sattienne looked helplessly over the expanse of the ocean, sighing as they drifted further and further from their land. He just hoped to find his beloved brother.

Larus lay on his bed after the young one left, curled into a ball of sorrow. He was terribly sad and hurt that he didn't have anything over his lovely Axele now. All he had was his misery. His misery and his loneliness. He needed no one. But that little bastard, that Augate, still wasn't going to give his child up. He didn't care anymore. He decided that he'd just lay there,a nd hopefully pass into some form of unconsciousness.

The gentle rocking of the ship and the sea breeze did not excite Alluvial's sensors as it should have, he was too worried to enjoy the stars and the light that danced across the ungelating water. This was definatly the way Auguste had come, he could still sense his maker but there was an oddness to it.
"How long do you think this trip is?" He asked.

Reaching out to open the front door Auguste hesatated, he could sense the elder's hopelessness and it plagued at him that he was leaving Larus alone in such a state. Sighing and wondering if he had lost his mind, he turned around and headed back to the room he had been so eager to escape. Stopping in the doorway he knocked tentativly.
"Master Larus? I can no leave you like this..." Slowly Auguste approached the elder and sitting on the bed beside him he reached out. Taking in a deep breath to steel his resolve, he gently brushed a strand of braided hair back from Larus' face. "You should return with me... we can say we lost track of time and had to shelter here for the day." Beginning to lose his nerve Auguste pushed on before his courage disolved compeltly. "You should tell Master Axele how you feel... that you love him." His hand shook uncontrolably and he pulled it back away form the elder, afraid they may have been his last words.

Sattienne frowned. "I've only been over there once it takes about twenty minutes to an hour, depending on how high the sea gets." He said, sighing.

Elirian smiled and kissed Alluvial. "You're worrying, but something tells me that.. things aren't as bad as we may think." He wasn't sure why he thought that, but he knew something had to be better than they thought it was.

"And do you honestly think, that even if I told him my deepest and darkest feelings for him that he would chose me over you after so clearly leaving me a long time ago for you?" Larus asked, his anger visible but not completely threatening to spill over. He was just laying there, miserable. "I wont go to what I can't have."

That seemed to cheer him up a little and the breeze was nice on his face especaialy now he need not fear catching a cold. Leaning over the edge a little he was facinated by the churning white water at the boats side and the way the wake moved out at an angle away from them. When he was more settled and relaxed he would have to go on another boat ride he told himself.
"I hope you are right and we are worried for nothing.

Sighing Auguste stood up to leave then taking in another breath to muster his courage he spoke again.
"Three days ago I still believed my maker hated me, that I was an eternal disappointment to him and that he might kill Sattienne, our children and me. Now I know the truth. Sometimes when we take a chance or have the courage to say what we need to say we, find the world a much friendlier place. You can give Master Axele that which I can not, you can give him your complete love and that is always a pressious gift no matter who gives it." With that Auguste sighed again and turned his back on the elder as he headed for the door. He had no idea what he was going to tell Axele and the others, he was still scared senseless but at least now he had a clear conscience where Larus as concerned.

Sattienne nodded and sighed while looking out across the expanse of the sea. So much seemed to be at stake, so much seemed to be hanging on the breath of question, but he couldn't figure out what the answers were to anything.

Elirian sighed and thought that while they couldn't do much and they worried he could at least molest his little brother in the process. Not fully of course, but show him tenderness and caring. He slipped his fingers through the other's hair and kissed gently along the nape of his neck.

Larus glared after the other and sighed bitterly. Yes, he could give Axele what the other couldn't, but Axele would probably not stay with him alone. Perhaps Axele was the one he should have kidnapped. He frowned. "Don't you dare leave just yet. I still have to get my things." He shouted, rising and zombie-like and begining to pack.

Enjoying the kisses and moaning softly, Alluvial smiled. He felt a little guilty that he was enjoying himself when Sattienne was so worried but there was nothing he or Elirian could do until they reached their destination. Turning round to face his brother the blonde smiled and stretched up to kiss the other's lips.
"Mmm... I love you Eliriran."

Stopping dead in his tracks at the sound of Larus' voice, Auguste feared for a moment the elder had changed his mind about letting him go. After watching Larus for a while he cleared his throat and approached the elder.
"Here, let me help you Master Larus, that is what I came for after all." Although he was still ill at ease around the other, Auguste understood how he felt. It was hard to love someone and never be able to express it or have them love you back. Gathering as much courage as he could he smiled at the elder, hopeing to comfort him a little.

Elirian smiled and kissed him back. "I love you too, Alluvial." He whispered, stroking through the other's hair while he held him. "So much, you are my dearest treasure." He returned to kissing the other's neck, suckling on the skin, hoping to comfort him further.

Sattienne gave the two a small wink before turning his eyes onward to the ocean as they neared the docks. "We're almost there." He could feel the presence of his lover now, he knew he was somewhere within at least one hundred miles.

Larus sighed as he packed his things. He kept his eyes on Auguste, finding him to be quite attractive while loading his things into various trunks. He then stilled as he felt the others approaching. "Mn, it seems I wouldn't have been able to keep you long without a fight as it is." He whispered more to himself.

Sighing softly Alluvial tilted his head to the side encouraging his lover to continue biting his neck.
"Mmm that feels so good Elirian." Blushing slightly the blonde felt his manhood rising. It embarrassed him how easily he fell under his brother's spell.

Auguste noticed the elder pause and he felt the arrival of the others as well. It was his children and Sattienne was with them. Feeling a flutter of joy in his chest he smiled and looked at Larus.
"They are not in danger are they Master Larus? I mean you have agreed to talk with my maker, you won't take them prisoner or hurt them will you?" Auguste felt panic rising again, as much as he wanted to wrap Sattienne in his arms he wanted them all to be safe.

Elirian smiled but then stopped. "Aha! They're close!" He said, waiting anxiously for the boat to come to a stop. And when it did he raced after an allready disboarded Sattienne who ran towards the energy signatures, carrying his brother in his arms as he did so, seeming to find it easier to carry him even as the other was completely capable.

Larus rolled his eyes. "You're still alive, aren't you? I wont hurt them." He said, growling at the other. He frowned. "Hmn, so, we lost track of time." He said to Auguste, getting the story set.

Clinging to his brother, Alluvial closed his eyes to the world that rushed by him. He could have run like the others though he was not sure he could have kept up for long. It some how felt right that Elirian held him in his arms and he took comfort in their closeness. Like the others, Alluvial could sense the elder and his maker, they both seemed well even if things felt a little strained.

Nodding and giving Larus a small smile continued to pack the large chest in front of him.
"Yes, we had to spend the day light hours here though we did not mean to worry the others." He was still a little concerned about what the elder would do when he came face to face with Axele but he needed to embrace his brother, to hold him close and reassure himself he had not lost him forever.

Elirian finally reached where they were, in front of a rather large structure, probably Larus' house. "Where have you guys been?" He asked while setting his brother down.

Sattienne rushed to Auguste and jumped on him happily. "Oh I thought the worst things!" He said, crushing the other against him and placing thousands of kisses along him.

Larus shot them a very damning glare, to everyone. And then he went straight to the boat, sitting atop his things and hating that everyone but himself just seemed to be having the oh so greatest of time. And what was that worst being thought of?

Auguste felt the elder's pain but he was too happy to see his lover to tend to the other's wounded heart. Holding Sattienne tight he returned his kisses, afraid that if he let go of his lover for a moment he would loose him forever. Auguste would have told him of his fears but he felt he owed Larus something, the elder had after all, released him and did not kill him.
"I have missed you my love, my Sattienne." He whispered in between kisses. "I am sorry I could not be at your side when you woke as I promised but Master Laurs and I lost track of the time." He smiled at his lover, his eyes sparkling as he almost lost himself in those brilliant blue eyes.

Smiling Alluvial watched his makers, there was such an air of joy and relief about them he could not help feeling up lifted himself.
"They look so happy Elirian." He looked up at his brother, his gray/green eyes sparkling and kissed his brother's lips softly. The love seemed to be catching, at least that is the way the blonde felt until he saw the bitter look on the elder's face.
"Don't worry Master Larus you will be back with Master Axele soon, I am sure he has missed you too." Alluvial said thinking he was easing the elder's pain.

Sattienne sighed in relief and held tight to the other. "My gods! I had hoped it was something so simple! I was so worried and scared. Come! Let's go home!"

Larus grimaced. "Yes, perhaps if he hasn't missed every other person in the world as well." He stated harshly, moving quickly to the docks where he left his luggage in the cares of a servant before stepping on board away from them all, absently adjusting his hair ornaments while staring over the glittering night water.

Elirian bit his lower lip. "That wasn't very nice...." He said, huffing at how rude the elder had been to his beloved. "Wonder what's his problem?"

Alluvial nodded, he agreed with is lover.
"I am not sure but that was very mean. Poor Auguste, having to spend so much time alone with him." Squeezing Elirian's hand the blonde smiled up at him. "You should see the way the water churns and the wave the boat makes as it sails along." Now that they knew Auguste was safe Alluvial was determined to enjoy the boat ride.

At the elder's remark Auguste cringed slightly, he could not help feeling sorry for Larus, even if he was still afraid of him.
"I can't wait to get you back in our room Sattienne." He whispered so as not to rub in the fact he had the man he loved in his arms while the elder did not. "I want to hold you in my arms and never let you go." Kissing his way down his brother's neck, Auguste fought sudden tears of joy.

Larus heard Alluvial's comment and sent the most viscious glare at him. "I'd do well to silence your little tongue." He shouted over so the other would hear him.

Elirian smiled and kissed his lover. "I know I was looking at the very same things." He said, running his hands through the other's hair. He didn't much like Larus' remark either but knew better than to say anything about it.

Sattienne smiled at his lover. "Darling, are you all right?" He asked, stroking his brother's hair. "You act strange as though you thought you'd never see me again." he said, kissing his lips.

Looking like a wounded animal Alluvial turned to face the elder, he had not meant to hurt Larus' feelings and he genuinly felt bad about it. It seemed to the blonde that Larus was a very sad and bitter creature and he pitied him . Living an eturnity in such a way would be the worst thing Alluvial could possibly imagine. Deciding there was nothing he could do to make the elder feel better he went back to looking at the water and holding his brother's hand.
"It is beautiful Elirian, the water, the starlight shifting on the surface."

"I just..." Emotion almost got the better of him. "I am sorry I could not keep my promise to you Sattienne. I did not mean to make you worry my love." Auguste glanced over at the elder and gave him a weak smile. As long as Larus did not attempt to hurt any of his loved ones then he would keep the elder's secret.

Elirian smiled. "He's so... irritable." He siad, referring to the angry Larus "and yes, the water is... so strange like that." He said kissing the other. "I think so at least, and even more so with you beside it to compare."

Sattienne smiled. "It's all right darling, I just worried about you is all." He said, kissing the other firmly. "Mn, but you're here and you're safe and that's all that matters." He said truthfully.

As Auguste approached him and Elirian, the blonde smiled brightly then embraced his maker.
"Come and look at the water, the reflection of the moon and the stars dance across it's surface and it bubbles and churns near the boat. It looks so bearutiful."

Auguste kissed his child on the forehead and smiled brightly. Alluvial's joy was contagious and he could not help giving a little chuckle.
"Yes it is, I remember I spent many nights looking out over the ocean and the sparkling white lights reflected on the waves like a million diamonds." Deep down inside he was still frightened Larus would change his mind but he pushed aside those thoughts and smiled at the elder. It was meant to be an encouraging smile, to let Larus know everything would be alright and he would be there for him if needed. Auguste hoped that was what it looked like and he was improving the elder's mood not making it worse.

Sattienne took a seat, having been tired of standing the whole time and smiled at his family. They were the most united bunch he had ever been around, that was for certain.

Larus didn't bother to even catch the look. He knew he was being smiled at, but his stubborn mindset merely rolled his eyes and he abruptly turned away from them, looking into the oceans depth at the fish he could see active at night. He also went to be sure his hair was in place, realizing he looked a little ruffled from his attacks on the younger. He frowned and brushed out his hair with his fingers as well as he could and went to his trunk, retrieving his ornaments to put them in his hair. They weren't large gaudy things, just a light string of jewels that slipped in and out and hung down the length of his hair.

Leaning right over the edge Alluvial looked into the water and saw the flash of fish darting around beneath the surface. He pointed them out to his brother and then looked at the lights of the city burning on the sure. The blonde could hear conversations and bits of music drifting through the night air even though it was getting late. He could even see through the windows, catching a glimps of a young man and woman coupling and blushed dark red feeling as if he had intruded. What was worse was their heated breaths made him think of Elirian.

Sitting down beside his lover Auguste watched Larus, facinated by the jewels he was fixing in his hair.
"You know Mater Larus is very handsome." He had not really noticed that before and he smiled at Sattienne. I will have to get you some jewels for your hair, they would look beautiful in your silky black hair. They would sparkle almost as much as your eyes my love." leaning in, Auguste kissed his brother passionatly on the lips, letting his tongue enter the other's mouth slightly.

Elirian grinned. "See something embarrassing?" He asked, tucking his brohter's hair behind his ears. "You're beautiful when you blush." He said, smiling at how innocent his brother was, although the other tended to be incredibly not innocent sometimes.At least when coupling.

Sattienne smiled bashfully. "Oh yes yes, and then have him think I am copying him. Yes, and he is rather handsome, don't tell me you've developed a crsh on him too. I can understand our maker, but Larus is not so." He said, teasing his brother. He was all right with it really, but he didn't necessarily like the thought of his brother with the other.

Looking at his brother with a shocked expression, Alluvial nodded.
"Yes actually." Snuggling in to Elirian's side the blonde sighed happily. "I did not mean to pry though." Alluvial loved how strong his lover felt, how safe he felt in his arms. "I love you Elirian." He whispered.

"No I have not..." Auguste was a little shocked by the harshness of his tone. He had not meant to imply he had feelings for the elder, just that the man was good looking. He had spent so much time being afraid of Larus, he had not noticed the mand's beauty. "Sorry my love I did not mean to be so harsh. You have a point though, he might think you copying him. Still I think you would look magnificent, your face framed in jewels." Auguste nuzzled his lover's neck and whispered sweet nothings in his ear.

Elirian grinned. "I love you too, and I think it's going to be hard for us to mind our eyes when out in public if you know what I mean. Especially when they so nicely leave open windows." He looked out and saw they were approaching land. "We're almost home!"

Sattienne blinked at his lover. "Are you allright darling?" He asked, stroking his cheek. After the other picked up conversation again he was pleased and not suspicious. "Well, if you think so. Perhaps he'd let me wear some one time just to see what they would look like."

Larus was listening and then a rather cruel thought struck him. Maybe he'd romance little Sattienne away from Elirian. Jewels, they were a rather magnificent gift and if bestowed often enchanting. He may have just been onto there. "Sattienne, why don't you come here a moment, hmn?"

Sattienne blinked and went to the other confused. "Yes, sir?"

Larus extracted another set of jewels from his luggage and his brush, pulling Sattienne close. "Let's test your brother's theory, shall we?" He whispered into his ear. He slid the brush through the other's hair and watched with a smirk how calmed he became. He then turned the other so that Sattienne's back was facing his chest and he pulled him down practically in his lap while he sat on the edge of a bench. He leant close to him, pressing a small unseen kiss to the back of the younger's neck, working the jewels into his hair. "Mn, I think he was right." He whispered seductively, enjoying the brightness of the jewels on the other's hair. He pressed one last unseen kiss, delighted how the other blushed as he wanted him to.

Sattienne gasped just barely at the elder's kiss but hid the gasp as he could. He blushed that the other was taking such a sudden interest in him. "Oh... thank you." He said, looking to his brother for question as to how he looked. He was unsure what to think of the whole experience he had just had.

Still clinging to his brother, Alluvial became excited at the prospect of returning home and especially to their room where he and Elirian could be alone.
"Master Axele will be pleased to see us all return safely." He said while he looked up at his lover, gray/green eyes glittering in the moonlight. Hearing the elder call Sattienne to him, the blonde tilted his head to the side as he watched them, curious to see what his maker looked like and a little startled by Larus' sudden change in mood.

So many conflicting emotions coursed through Auguste he stood motionless for a moment. Fear stabbed at him because he did not full y trust the elder but as he gazed upon his bejeweled lover, words failed him. Sattienne was exquisite, he himself a rare jewel as fare as Auguste was concerned and the new look was very becoming.
"You are... enchanting my love." He managed with a smile but studied Larus for any hint of displeasure or cruelty. He had not suspected anything until the elder had bled him to unconsiousness and he could not help feeling this may just be another vishous game. Despite his doubts he refrained form saying anything, hoping Larus was warming to him and his family. To have such a powerful elder as a friend would be a good thing, to have him as an enemy... well Auguste did not want to even think about that.

Elirian seemed to take no noticed in the actions of the others, simply content with holding Alluvial close and imagining them as they arrived home. He grinned dubiously.

Sattienne blushed at his lover's look. "Well, that's nice to know." He said, smiling. "When would you like these back?" He asked Larus.

Larus traced a fingers along the edges of the other's lips, leaning down and pressing just the smallest and tenderest kiss, whispering his words while he lingered. "Keep them, it's a gift." He said, giving the other's lips a small lick before urging him back to Auguste. He smirked as he turned around.

Sattienne was the color of a cherry at that time, touching his lips confused. Why had the other done that? He was most shy and nervous suddenly. He went to his brother on weakened knees, glad they were approaching land. "Umn, well that was definitely nice..."

Almost as soon as the ship docked Alluvial ran towards the gangway, pulling his lover behind him. He was in a rush to be intermate with his brother and he bounced around impatiently as he waited for the others to disembark.
"When we get home we will have to make sure our shutters are closed tight my love." He said with a look you would most definatly not call innocent.

Pulling Sattienne close and kissing him possessivly, Auguste glanced at the elder's back as he walked away.
"I need you..." He whispered to his brother a little worried Sattienne would suddenly find him inadiquite as a lover. That was Auguste's greatest fear, that Sattienne would see him for the plain, ordenary person he was and fall for someone else. He felt unworthy of his brother's love and panic began to rise deep down inside him. "I love you Sattienne." He added needing to hear the other say he loved him too.

Elirian grinned and followed fastly after him. "Yes, wouldn't want any sunlight in there, now would we?" He asked, grinning in his response. He meant it perverted of course, but he decided to sound silly about it. He was rather passionate as his brother seemed so eager, and that look! Oh my!

Larus grinned. It would be kind of easy probably to convince Sattienne of his affections. Even if they weren't true entirely. He laughed and led the way to their home, letting a servant load a carriage with his luggage that went seperately.

Sattienne smiled and kissed his lover back, snapping out of the daze he had been in because of Larus. 'I love you too darling and I would think you would need me! All night without my attentions! How unthinkable!" He said, half way teasing. He kissed him again, sliding his arms about the other's neck. "Ah, but this isn't the place, let us wait until we get home hmn?"

Even thought he knew his brother was being silly Alluvial still pouted.
"That is not what I meant and you know it Elirian." Folding his arms in front of him he tried to look hurt but ended up smiling instead. He was just too happy and too horny it seemed.

Going along with his lover's game Auguste straightened his back and put on his best 'matter of fact' face.
"Yes it is unthinkable, we will have to remedy the situation as quickly as possible." He even managed to raise an eyebrow before he scooped Sattienne up into his arms and nuzzled his neck, kissing and biting at him. "By the Gods I have missed you my darling, my vision of loveliness." Another quick glance in Laurs' direction made Auguste hold him tighter, the more ht thought about it the more he realized how attractive Larus was. He did not really need any help at feeling inferior.

Elirian laughed and kissed his lover, lifting him. "Ah well, so it's not." Upon reaching the house he grinned and entered, his lover still in arms to where he found Axele, smiling.

Axele nodded at them in greeting. "They were found then?" He asked, an obvious queston for as soon as Larus entered, the question was answered. "You should really tell us if you're going to be late." He said, embracin the elder.

Larus grinned. "Oh, I know. We really lost track of time my love." He said, kissing the other on the lips.

When Sattienne and Auguste entered, Axele went and kissed them both, smiling. "All right, it's been an interesting night, no? Let's all go for sleeping?" He slipped his hand in Larus' hand, interlocking their fingers. He truly also wanted to go and join in with his two children again, but he knew it was best to just stick with his own maker for the night. He smiled up at Larus, kissing his lips.

Larus was empassioned and decided to simply take the other right then and there. He slipped his hands through Axele's hair and kissed him hard,a small moan emitting from his lips while he pushed the other to the wall and slipped his hands to his legs, lifting them to be sure they wrapped around his waist. He moaned as he continued to kiss him further, doing his best to be rid of his tunic. He looked up momentarily to disrobe himself before looking with a rather feigned surprised look at Auguste and Sattienne, smirking as Sattienne blushed. "Run along darlings, hm?" He said, giving Sattienne a small wink before returning his kisses to Axele, biting along his neck.

Sattienne's face colored immediately. "Oh! Apparently our elders know nothing about being discreet!" He said, kissing his brother. "Come along my dear." He tugged on the other to lead him upstairs, smiling and thinking about the night they would have. He found though that his thoughts strayed to Larus here and there, about how handsome the man was and how very controlling he was physically, he found he enjoyed that. And then he felt ashamed of himself for even thinking that way of him. Sattienne lay back on his bed, hoping his brother would just jump atop of him and claim him.

Giggling at the open display of intermacy, Alluvial began to bite Elirian and suckle at his neck.
"Well I guess we are going to have the rest of the evening for ourselves?" He said moaning softly and finding his length already hardening. The blonde felt the need to celebrate everyones safe home coming.

Auguste would not have been able to hold back even if he had wanted to, he needed Sattienne so badly that he pulled the door shut behind him and practically pounced on his brother. Pinning his lover to the bed he kissed him demandingly as he fumbled, single handedly with Sattienne's clothing.
"You are so very beautiful my love." He managed in between kisses as he stripped the other. Auguste wanted to say how frightened he had been that he would never see his beloved brother again but he had given Larus his word.

Elirian carried the other to their room, layig down with him while he undid their clothing. "Mn, yes celebrate the happy return!" He said, kisisng him gingerly. He enjoyed every second of this intimacy with his brother, kissing and touching him everywhere he could find a place for his hands.

Sattienne arched into his touch. "Darling, you tremble, are you all right?" He asked, wrapping his legs about the other's waist while his neck was kissed and nibbled on. He was worried about the other's fumbling hands.

Axele gave himself over to the strong hands of Larus, enjoying how he was carressed even though he was being taken against a wall. It was no time in which the elder wasted in entering him, making him shudder involuntarily. "Oh! Larus!" He called out, not caring if he was heard, the whole house was intimate at the moment.

Larus grinned as he reclaimed his lover's mouth, thrusting into him hard and fast while holding him against the wall. It was very exciting to him, and he loved being able to do this and he knew at the moment his lover's mind was on him alone.

There was something so very intimate about having his brother's hands caressing him and although he was already hard, Alluvial wanted to take things slow. Every touch made him shiver and gasp in pleasure.
"Elirian...oh Elirian my love.." Arching his back and pressing his hips against his lover, the blonde bared his neck as his own hand wandered all over the other's body towared his brother's length.

Realizing that he could not hide his true feelings from his brother Auguste gave him a sad smile.
"I had terrorable dreams while we were parted, I dreamed I would never see you again." It was not the entire truth but it was not a lie. Lowering himself he kissed his lover again. "How I have missed your scent, your brilliant blue eyes and your soft lips." Auguste kissed Sattienne again and and slid his tongue along the others, pressing gently. He grabbed a hand full of silky black hair and moaned into his lover's mouth. Lost in the taste and closeness of the other, Auguste gently rocked his hips rubbing thier erections together.

Elirian smiled and kissed his darling again, moaning at the feeling of his brother's hand on his length. "Hey, you want to try something just a little different?" He asked, kissing him. He wanted to see if perhaps his brother wanted to be taken on top of him or take him even.

Sattienne smiled and kissed his lover in turn. "Love! You worry too much!" He said. "What would bring such horrid thoughts?" He asked between seductive moans against the other's lips. He ground his hips up with the other, shivering and shuddering as he was pleasured in the way.

Axele whimpered in pleasure, hardly able to stand much more than a few moans and shaky voicings of words he didn't understand the meaning of. He just let his maker love him thouroughly and let himself be filled completely. He was approaching rather fast though.

Larus smiled just before biting into his lover, knowing it would drive them both to completion, he knew it was fast, he knew it was difficult, but he was more satisfied than he had been even the night before and he knew his beloved Axele was too. He gave out a harsh cry as he came.

"Something different?" Alluvial moaned and smiled at his brother, he had a sudden image of himself sitting on Elirian's lap, facing him and moving up and down upon his manhood. Not sure if it was his idea or his lover's the blonde smiled seductively and sat up beconing him lover to do the same. "Should I ride you my love?" He asked excited at the idea.

Shaking his head Auguste chose not to answer but to enjoy the experience of making love fully.
"It does not matter now... I am here, with you my love... my life... my Sattienne..." It was a phrase he had used often since confessing his true feelings and it was as close to explaining his feelings as words could get. Very gently he grazed his brother's neck, teasing him with his fangs, promising pleasure to come. "I love you.." Auguste took them both in his hand and pumped up and down creating more friction.

Elirian nodded. "Yes, if you want to that is." He said, kissing him. He hoped the other wasn't repulsed, and hoped it wasn't too forward of him to suggest sucha thing, he only wanted to give the other pleasure, but also in a different position.

Sattienne writhed beneath the other. "Augsute, please.. I need you." He asked heatedly, panting in pleasure, thrusting up into his lover's hand. "Please.." He asked again, arching into the other's touch and slipping fingers through his hair.

Larus stroked over Axele's skin that was cooling down from their passion. "Mn, I have a bit of a confession and a problem love." He said gently. "I'm in love with you. And no other can have you. I... we were late because I kidnapped your little one and.. well tried to persuade him away from you."

Axele was shocked to say in the least and yet he wasn't. "Larus, why?" He asked, looking up with wide eyes. "You know I love him..."

The blonde blushed and reached round to stretch himself a little before he climbed onto his brother's lap. He was a little nerves about setting the pace of their love making and he shook slightly as he lowered himself onto Elirian's manhood. It was a strange sensation but a wonderful one and Alluvial cried out in pleasure as he inch after inch of his brother slid inside him.
"Elirian!" He gasped and waited a moment for his body to adjust. He began to move, slowly at first but found he just wanted more and blushing dark red he rocked and lifted himself then once again lowered himself to sit on his lover's thighs. "Nah...Elirian... you feel so good inside me.."

"You want me?" Auguste said teasing his brother and using all his strength to hold himself back a little longer. He enjoyed hearing his lover beg and while he would have liked to hear more of it, Auguste was now leaking and in despirate need. Fingering Sattienne he prepared him and stroked deep inside him teasing him a little more before removing his didgets and gently pressing in at the same time he bit him. As he suckled on his brother's blood he slid in deeper but with aganizing slowness.

Elirian gasped at the feeling, it was the same and yet so terribly new. He kissed Alluvial passionately, moving his hips just a little inside him, trying to set a good pace with him. "This is.. incredibly." He said through harsh intakes of breath.. not that he could breath, but it was close to it.

Sattienne cried out in pleasure. "Yes! Oh gods yes! Please Auguste!" He pleaded, movig along his lover's fingers and trying to increase their deepness witin him.

Larus frowned. "Why? I told you I want you as my own and he didn't plan on giving up, I let him go though."

Axele sighed. "Love, why can't you understand that you're not the only one in my heart?"

The extra movements drove the blonde wild and he began to pick up pace moving up and down and tangled his hands in Elirian's hair. Although he felt as if he did not have the strength to continue, Alluvial moved faster and faster as he neared compleation. The thrusting became irregular and more like convoltions and waves of pleasure shot up his spine.
"Elirian.... Oh Elirian!... I am so close..."

Thrusting his length deep within his brother, Auguste cried out with joy and pleasure. It felt so good to be inside his lover, he felt like he was safe and home, both his body and soul in perfect harmony. He used one hand to steady himself and the other to lift Sattienne a little pulling him close so he could take deeper draughs of his blood.

Elirian struggled to keep his own thrusts measured and even, finding he was erratic as well while nearing, his brother's pleas only drew him farther to that finish. He shuddered and kissed his neck, biting gently and harshly somehow at the same time, growling in pleasure just as he came. "Alluvial!"

Sattienne gasped and clutched to him, feeling the plunge into his body had felt electrical and such a delightful feeling of pain and enjoyment he almost came as soon as he was entered, couplated with his brother's drinking of him and Sattienne was quite lost among the throes of pleasure.

Larus kissed Axele. "You will do well to ignore that." He said, smiling. "You're mine, Axele. The sooner you realize that, the better. And the less it re-asses back to your children."

Axele frowned. "How do you mean?"

"Well, Sattienne for instance, he's quite fetching. I will cause havoc in the heart of your lovely Auguste...."

"You can't do that! Their love is too strong anyhow!" Axele countered.

Larus chuckled darkly. "We'll see."

Alluvial's inner muscles clenched around Elirian as he came spilling his seed all over his chest and stomach, some even spilling onto his older brother. He shuddered at the force of it and leaning fowared he clung to his lover while the blinding sensations of climax slowly faded.
"My Love..." The blonde muttered softly as he felt another wave of convulsions claim him. He remained upon his brother until he felt he was strong enough to lift himself off, at which time he collapsed onto the bed. Brushing a strand of silver streaked blond hair out of his face, Alluvial smiled up at his lover.
"Mmm Elirian, that was..." He searched for the words to describe what he was feeling but could not find them and blushed instead.

Hearing his lover cry out like that almost bought Auguste undone.
"Sattienne!" He replied then returned to suckling at his brother's neck as he thrust deeper and harder. Auguste was so close, he had missed his lover so much his body shook and shuddered each time he plunged into him. Licking at the wound on the other's neck, Auguste tilted his head offering his own neck now.
"Sattienne my love... drink from me" He was sure the sensation would bring him to an end and he hoped his blood would do the same for his brother.

Elirian smiled peacefully. "I can't think of a word great enough darling, but it was fascinating.." He said, smiling. "I think I much like you being on top in this way." He said, kissing him. "You may take me one day as well you know." He said as he carressed his hair and skin tenderly.

Sattienne dis as he was asked, piercing the flesh of the other with a moan, his climaxe brought on by the rush of hot liquid entering his mouth. "Mn!" He muffled out, unable to take it any longer, clutching around the other while he came.

Axele lay in silent contemplation while Larus' fingers carded through his hair. He wondered what he would do. Why had the elder taken such an abrupt interest in him? Not that he was technically complainging, but it just seemed weird.He's ask questions tomorrow but for now he closed his eyes to sleep as he felt his maker all ready doing so.

Shocked by his brother's words Alluvial looked at him with his large gray/green eyes.
"Really? You would want me to... to take you?" He blushed at the thought and could not deny he wondered what it would feel like to be wrapped deep within his lover, but it seemed strange somehow. Reaching out he caressed Elirian's face and smiled. "I would do anything for you my love." He giggled at that and shifted a little closer.

In the very same moment Auguste came as well filling his brother with his seed. It was the most amazing feeling sharing pleasure with Sattienne in such a way. Gently pulling out he lay down beside the other.
"Your jewels are all tangled my love." He said happily and tried to smooth his brother's long black hair. "Still there beauty does not compare to you Sattienne." A stab of jealousy caused him to flinch a little as he thought of Larus holding his beloved brother in his strong arms.

Elirian smiled. "Well it's only fair, right?" He asked, kissing him. "I am sure you would enjoy the experience. I certainly do." He said, stroking his cheek while the other moved closer to him.

Sattienne smiled. "I'm glad you think so. Would you help me remove them for the night? I can't imagine they'd be comfortable to sleep on." He said, reaching up to untangle them, not catching the other's flash of jealousy.

Blushing again Alluvial nodded and yawned, he was very sleepy now and pleasant dreams drifted into his mind.
"I am glad you enjoy it so much Elirian..." He muttered as his eyes closed again but this time his eyelids were to heavy to open. "..cause.. I enjoy... you too..."

Burying his feeling again Auguste nodded and began to remove the jewels from Sattienne hair. He enjoyed being able to have his hands all over his brother again and after he freed Larus' expesive gift from the tangle of long black hair he grabbed a come and began to work the knots out. He nuzzled against Sattienne's neck and whispered words of love in his ears as he brushed.

It was with a smile that Elirian's eyes closed in tandem with his brother's, he stroked his hair fondly, pressing a kiss to his forehead and nodding in agreement. He was then drifting as his brother did, holding him close, covering them as much as he could before allowing unconsciousness to sweep him off.

Sattienne layed back against the other. "I love you, Auguste, never forget that darling." He said, looking up at the ceiling while the other's fingers carded through his hair. It was moments of peace such as this that he found himself living for.

Sensing his children were already asleep, Auguste decided it was time for him to close his eyes as well. Putting the comb away he settled down beconning his love to come closer as he held up the blanket.
"Sattienne my love, let us rest." He kissed his lover and wrapped his arms and the blanket around them both.

Sattienne nodded, laying against the other while nearly falling into an easy slumber. "Goodnight my love, my Auguste." He whispered, unable to keep his eyes opn any longer, he drifted.
~*~ The next night Sattienne stayed asleep though he was subconsciously aware that Elirian and Larus were up for the evening.

Larus woke next to Axele with a smug grin. "Just how things should be." He said, kissing the other's sleeping cheek and then rising out of bed to sit in the atrium.

Elirian merely lay next to his lover, watching the way he slept in rapt attentiveness, enjoying every second of it. "My gods, so beautiful you are." He whispered, toying with his brother's hair. "So terribly, terribly beautiful."

Axele was aware that his maker had risen, but he ignored this and continued to try and force himself back into sleep, yawning and turning over in his bed, the covers not enough for him suddenly.

Still half asleep Alluvial smiled.
"Mm I like it when you play with my hair brother." He leaned into Elirian's touch but his eyes remained closed.

As Auguste opened his eyes he took stock of who was awake and who was not. Smiling he kissed Sattienne.
"I'll get up now my love, you stay in bed a little longer if you need. He dressed and smoothed out the wrinkles in his tunic, frowning at them then went to see Larus. He wanted to ask the elder what his intensions were, he needed piece of mind to fully enjoy his reunion with his family. finding the elder in the atrium he greeted him politely.
"Master Larus, how are you this evening?"

Elirian smiled. "Mn, yes and I love giving you my touch." He responded, kissing the other. "You're beautiful." He said, grinning now. "Can you blame me for wanting to molest your hair?"

Larus looked up casually from his study of a book. "Well, and yourself? I trust you slept well?" He asked, his smile was smug as it had been not so long ago as he looked at the other.

Opening his gray/green eyes Alluvial put on his best pout.
"So it is only my hair you want to molest?" Seeing Elirian smiling down at him the blonde could not help smiling back. "So handsome and strong." He said as he reached out to run his fingers along his brother's jaw line. "I am so blessed to have you Elirian, my Elieian, my love." He let out a playful giggle. "I am beginning to sound like Master Auguste." Frowning he tried to do an impression of their maker, the stern, propper man then had known all their lives.

"Yes thank you..." Auguste swallowed a moment gathering his courage. "If I give you my word I will not ask to share Axele's bed will you give me your word my children are safe from your anger and jealousy?" He studied the elder with fear filled eyes. "I can not promise that I will reject my maker but I can promise that I will neither ask for or encourage his itermacy... you don't know how long I have begged for a kind word, a gentle touch from him. I can not give that up... not yet anyway."

Elirian smiled. "Oh, darling, you're too hard on yourself, and don't you get me started again!" He said, grinning. "I mean, it would be a nice morning thing... mnn" He kissed his lover. "Thre's nothing wrong with sounding like him, but..don't get all stern." He teased.

"Your children are safe from me." Larus said, a devilish smirk flitting to his lips. He decided to be a true thorn in his side. "How's your brother fairing?" He asked, studying him predatorily. "Did you and he sleep well?"

Giggling again Alluvial did another impression of his maker.
"One must always be neat and tidy." He said trying to look deadly serious but failing, his features were to fine to look so stern. "Somehow I don't think I could be stern no matter how hard I tried Elirian." He kissed his brother gently then again a little more passinatly. "I like waking up to your beautiful smile my love." He said.

Relieved to hear his children were safe, Auguste smiled but it vanished when Larus asked him about Sattienne.
"He is well Master Larus and we did sleep well thank you." There was venom in his polite words and fear burning in his eyes. Once again Auguste found himself trying to figure out how he could stop the elder without endangering everyone else. He was sure the elder knew what he was think just like the last time and in the end he dropped to his knees. "Please Master Larus do not take him from me... form us." He thought the elder would kidnap Sattienne and take him far away where he could never find him.

Elirian smiled. "No I can't picture you being so stern either. And I like waking up to you more." He said playfully. He grinned and kissed him. "So, what do you want to do tonight, my love?" He asked, closing his eyes.

Larus chuckled and kissed Auguste on the lips. 'Oh little one, you don't honestly think I would try to kidnap another? Though he might comply to me a little easier than you did. No I have much different plans for the young one." He said, his smirk was all ounces of mischief.

With a less than innocent smile, Alluvial looked at his brother as he absent mindedly drew patterns on Elirian's chest.
"Well you could always show me how much you love waking up beside me...lover." He batted his gray/green eyes at Elirian trying to look as molestable as possible.

Auguste was not sure how to reply to that, he was furious and scared senseless all at once. He would have asked why the elder was being such a fiend to him but he knew the answer. He could not promise what Larus was asking because he had to admit he needed his maker's attention. Auguste was nothing more than a child craving his parent's love and now that he finally had it he could not give it up, not even for him lover. Finally all he could do was beg the elder to be mercyfull.
"Please Master Larus do not take Sattienne form me."

Elirian blushed and ran a hand through his brother's hair, gripping a mess of it and pulling him for a kiss that posessed them both. "Mnnn perhaps I will." He said, trailing his hands down the other's side.

Larussmiled in a sickly sweet fashion. "But why shouldn't I when you take mine from me?" He asked, using obvious notions to prove his actions of the future would be valid and correct. "It's only fair."

AS his brother kissed him the room spun and Alluvial moaned into Elirian's mouth. He lifted his hips and tried to get as close to his lover as he could.
"I love you.." He managed to whisper in between kisses. Even the slightest touch form his brother sent shivers of pleasure through the blonde's entire body.

Biting back tears Auguste glared at the elder.
"It is not the same thing... Axele is my maker... the closest thing I have to a father. I am not trying to come between you both, I just want him to be proud of me." Although he doubted his words would change the elder's mind, Auguste had to say them to convince himself he was doing everything he could to keep Sattienne.

Elirian moaned intrigued. "You know, I am surprised you stayed single all these years, you're such a rabbit." He said, kissing down his brother's neck and his chest, making a line to his thrusting hips. He was glad they'd never gotten dressed from the night before it made his next move to take the other completely into his mouth easy.

"It is the same, for all I ever waned was for my child to love me the same way. He is proud of you and he does love you, isn't knowing that enough for you to let him be hmn? Let me put it this way, for I am stubborn, if you can't stop going after him and seeking the affect he's all ready granted you, then I wont stop from seducing your brother from right under your grasp."Larus said, casually.

Eyes opening wide Alluvial moaned in pleasure, as his brother's mouth closed around his lenght. It took his breath away and he lifted his hips whimpering slightly. Finally he managed to speak and answer his lover's question.
"Maybe... maybe the reason I am... a rabbit... is because I have... stayed single... all these years..." Reaching down he grabbed two handfuls of Elirian's hair. The energy running though his body was like lightening and he cried out again in pleasure.

Narrowing his eyes Auguste shook his head.
"Sattienne loves me." His voice was not as strong and confident as he would have liked and letting out a large sigh he nodded.
"Alright Master Larus, you win. I will refuse my maker's advances and you will not seduce my Sattienne." He hoped he could keep that promise. Auguste thought that because he had spent so many years denying his feelings for his brother he would be able to push his need to be excepted by Axele aside.

Elirian moaned his agreement around his lover's length, taking every inch of it in and sucking with skilled ease. He'd never really done this to anyone else, but he knew what his lover liked and which ways to do it.

Larus grinned ferally and rose, placing his hands on each side of Axele's face. "I knew you'd see it my way." He said, pulling him for a forced kiss. He bit the other's lip out of anger, makng it bleed only to lick it up. "Pray you don't lose sight of your little promise." He said, watching the other closely for his reaction.

Griping the sheets and moaning, Alluvial found himself thrusting his hips, his body begging for his brother's touch. He blushed bright red and whimpered, he was helpless and compleatly at his lover's mercy.
"Elirian!" It was the most delightful type of erotic torture and he felt the pressure building as he neared climax. It was so very embarrassing that how quickly his brother bought him to such an end.

Inside Auguste was falling apart, he was so scared and wanted to cry out all his pain but he pushed it all down so deep he hoped those feelings would never surface again. He could do this if he had Sattienne by his side, he could live without Axele's love and approval. He just nodded knowing if he tried to speak he would break down and cry.

Elirian smiled inwardly as he could feel his brother near his pleasureful end. He shuddered at the thought his little lover was so intuned to him. He gripped his hips to urge him to his finish, glad to have the reaction that he did.

Larus smirked. "Well, look who's up. Good morning, Axele." He said, the sleepy other rubbing his eyes was adorable to him.

Axele smiled and embraced them both. "Larus, Auguste." He kissed Larus on the cheek and his child on the lips."Mn good eve to you both!" He took his seat in the chair that Larus had abandoned. "Is something wrong?" He asked, taking in his child's very disturbed state. He was alarmed to say in the least. "Auguste.... are you all right love?"

Sattienne came out in much the same manner that his maker had, he was wearing a rather untied robe which he tied sleepily. He slipped an arm around his brother's waist, pressing a more than sleepy kiss. "Good morn brother." he said dreamily.

Larus looked the younger of their little group with an appreciative once over. The thighs that were partially uncovered when the boy walked were milky and strong. He bit his lip to ignore the groan of approval he wanted to give at how the other looked while his eyes traveled over the rest of him. Absolutely delicious. "Mn, Good morning to you too, Sattienne." He said a little more seductive than he had intended, his voice picked up on the husky thoughts he had though.

Sattienne ignored the elder and looked outside. "It's a lovely night out." He said, peering out the door.

Axele surveyed the scene in front of him with a frown. He also looked to his child. "Mn, Auguste, may I speak to you in private?"

Finally reaching climax Alluvial cried out, he did not care how loud he was as he screamed his brother's name.
"Elriain!" His back arched and he shuddered until he finally sunk back into bed exhausted and compleatly satasifed. Smiling he looked up at his brother. "I love you..."

There were so many things he wanted to tell Axele but could not so instead Auguste just nodded that he was alirght. The look Larus gave Sattienne was like a dagger in his heart, his insecurities were growing by the second. When his brother wrapped his arm around him, Auguste was so happy but he battled to keep control of his emotions. When his maker asked to speak with him in private, fear surged through him and he glanced at Larus hoping the elder did not think he would break his promise.

Elirian smiled and kissed the other. "Mn, and I love you too." He said, laying beside him. "It's good to be able to molest you as I want." He said, grinning. "I wonder what everyone's up to?"

Larus raised an eyebrow and gave Axele a warning look. He would know if something happened.

Axele pulled his lovely child aside in the next room. "You're acting very odd. Did Larus... do or say something to upset you?" He asked, kissing his lips. "I don't like seeing you like you're about to burst into tears."

Sattienne smiled at Larus in greeting. "Good day sir."

Larus smirked. "Yes, good day. And whee are your jewls?"

"Oh!They're in my room! Shall I get them? I don't know how to put them in on my own." Sattienne asked.

Larus nodded. "Yes if you would." Sattienne left and he couldn't help but watch the boy's rear as he retreated. He smiled to himself as Sattienne also returned, he pulled the boy into his lap with Sattienne's back against his chest and he began to brush out his hair and then weave the jewls into them. Once finished he slid his hands down Sattienne's chest and to his thighs. "Mn, and again you're gorgeous." He whispered into his ear, flicking his tongue out along the outer shell.

Sattienne blushed and gasped as hands slid further up his thigh. He didn't know what to do. Was the other hitting on him? Or testing him? Or was he just that kind of person to touch another so intimately? His suspicions were somewhat confirmed as the hands slipped even further up to his stomach and then slid into his robe. He rose abruptly. "Umn, thank you, Larus." He said, his cheeks a brilliant red. "I should um... retire to my room until Auguste gets back." He didn't want to admit he'd been aroused.

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2009-03-13 [The Vampire Armand]: -frowns- I have a small complaint, I understand you wish to progress Alluvial's feeding time, but try to not take over my characters actions please?

2009-03-13 [kiradraco]: Sorry.

2009-03-13 [The Vampire Armand]: It's not that big of a deal I was just confused that my character suddenly became very talented with doing things before he'd been created by me to do so. -smiles- I'm not angry or anything. Just posessive. -embraces you-

2009-03-31 [The Vampire Armand]: You call that a post? -laughs- Why don't you fix it later since I am about to leave and that way it will give you a small break while I am gone.

2009-03-31 [kiradraco]: Sorry I was trying to post and my guest kept talking to me so I could not concerntrate. That and it was time to pick the kids up so I had to go. I am very sorry, that last post was far from my best work >.<

2009-04-06 [kiradraco]: Sorry about the lack of a post, I had written it last night after I updated my diary and when ET crashed I lost both :(
While I had not saved my diary entry to a word document on my computer I did have the sense to save my post. When I hit submit it kicked me out and I could not get back in so I copied it to my comp. I have learnt in the past to always copy my last post in case ET plays up. LOL

2009-04-15 [The Vampire Armand]: I need to make another wiki, this one's too big now.

2009-04-15 [The Vampire Armand]: thoughts and actions 2 I put my last post so you may look.

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