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Just an ongoing list of things I love, hence the title :)

1. When you've been concentrating on something for a long time and suddenly realize you're thirsty, and you look around and find your drink that you had made an hour ago not only half-full, but still relatively cold.

2. The smell the air gets just before it rains

3. Being on my dad's pontoon on the lake with a cooler full of iced down beer and nothing else to do with the day.

4. Calm moments where I feel nothing but contentment

5. The first stirrings of fall when it starts to cool off enough in the evening to wear a light jacket. Living in Arkansas the summers are so humid, it's great when there is relief just in time for you to truly appreciate it.

7. Getting a new magazine and enjoying it in a hot bath

8. The energy everyone gets around Christmas time, particularly children.

9. Doing unexpected things to make people laugh.

10. Sitting in the forest and trying to pinpoint all of the things I'm hearing.

11. Driving late at night with the windows down and seeing the city lights dance across the river while listening to Enigma.

12. The moment I realized that no one but yourself can complete you. That realization can be a marriage saver.

13. When I hear a song that reminds me of a certain time in my life and I close my eyes and break out in goosebumps and it's almost like I'm there again.

14. Finding a new thing I love about my husband.

15. The look of incomparable love that my dog gives me. To know that this animal is willing to spend his very short life just loving me and wanting to be near me. It's such a humbling thing, no human deserves to be loved so much.

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