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The Nightmare

The Caspian Sea

Kimiko took her arm gently. "You broke it...Yes...You knew this correct?" She looked up at her. She then looked back down at her arm. I need to put it back in place before I can wrap it...But it may be extremely painful."

Ailis bit her lip. she hated doctors..and now she was going to cause pain. "oh god...." Ailis groaned

Kimiko put the bone back in place, being as gentle as she could. She then began to wrap it.

Ailis gave a scream as she did, before finaly calming herself, "holy shit"

Viktorya looked down when she heard screaming. She then looked back up to the sea. "Hmm.. It should take... about 2 days to get there from this point. Hopeing that things go well." She looked up, thinking slightly. Then nodded.

Kimiko wrapped it. She laughed slightly. "Nice language." She smiled at Ailis and then tied off hte bandage. "There. Don't move your hand much. Try to use your other one. It will heal after a couple of months."

Chastity smiled. "I'll be seein' ya after yer arm be better," she said, patting Ailis's knee before standing. "Kimiko," she said as a good bye and walked back out on deck. She looked around at her fellow shipmates.

Kimiko walked Chastity walk out. She bit her lower lip slightly before shaking her head. Impossibly... She thought to herself and began to put everything back in its appropriate containers.

Borris found himself on deck. And in a drunken stuper, started peeing off the side of the deck whistling the tune of 'A pirates life for me' and swaying back and forth not noticing the people behind him.

Noticing the drunken shipmate, Chastity sighed. "Borris!" she barked. "Why do you get to drink all that rum?" she asked, not caring what he was doing as she snatched the bottle from him, looking at him like he was enigmatic. Almost out of habit the rim of the bottle touched her lips and she took a swig. She looked down at the less-than-half full bottle. "I'll finish this off," she said, turning on her heel and walking back towards Ailis.

Borris quickly finished his buisiness and started stumbling after Chastity, Mumbling curses. "Hey! Y-you can't do th-that you know girly... Its against some code of some sort!" He said rambling as he stepped in front of her.

"Yer drunk," she said, taking a teasing drink of rum. "Who's gonna win if we be fightin'?" Chastity side-stepped him, continuing on her way, smiling as she looked over her shoulder at Borris. She stopped, again, taking a small swig.

"Can't we share lassy?" He said licking his lips looking at the bottle of rum.

Chastity turned, walking sweetly towards him, playing on his drunkeness and his appeal for women. "I'm sorry," she began, allowing her accent to show for the first time in a long time. "You're just, too drunk, to finish this with me." She was now face to face with the man, about a foot away from his face.

"I'm no drunk!" He said combing his hair back with his hand, trying to be suave.

Viktorya was humming some of her favorite songs while she steared. She looked down at everyone. She looked down at herself then back up with a thinking face "..Where's my knife go.." She looked around her then remebered it was thrust into the side of the ship, she placed a hand on her head 'Ill need to get that later'

Ailis just held her arm, beads of sweat on her forehead, "god...that hurt" she groaned

Rhaz eyed Chastity and Borris with amusement, tying off a line and gathering a coil of rope. She shook her head, giving a laugh. "Aye, might want teh watch out for dat one, Borris!" She nodded her head to Chastity. "She'd bound teh steal ya blind at tat rate, eh?"

Chastity smiled sweetly and looked up at Rhaz. "Ya may jus' 'ave a point, there," she said. Taking a glance back at Borris, she bit her lip at his 'suave' look and held back a laugh. "Yer always drunk, Borris." With that, she turned on her heel and walked up the stairs to Viktorya and leaned against the railing, bottle in hand and smiling. She offered her captain a drink with out actually saying anything.

Viktorya looked to her. She took a quick drink then handed it back. She smirked "Head us here, she pointed to a map that had been laid out next to her." She held the wheel with a hand to keep it steady. Waiting for her to take her potition back. "After we get more supplies. We shall go here" She smirked, pointing to a diffrent part of the map that most other ships did not dare travel. "We cant become lazy now."

Chastity smiled, gladly accepting the bottle back and standing up. She moved behind the wheel and placed her free hand on the wheel, not grabbing a peg, but rather the outer wooden circle that held the pegs in place.

"Argh, the myths are true. It is bad luck to have a lass on a boat." He mumbled to himself before stumbling off to find rum.

Chastity laughed loudly. "Aye, mate, but 'tis only true when most o'the crew's lads," she retorted.

Sparhawk sat in his quarters, rubbing his arms slowly as he flexed them, testing there strength. Saving Borris had been hard, but he did it and suffered the consiquences of lugging the fat man back on the ship.

Viktorya walked down the stairs and into the rooming quarters. She walked over and looked at Sparhawk "How are you arms, mate?" She stood a few feet away from him. Her hands in her pockets.

Sparhawk looked at her and flexed them slowly again "There good Cap'n. Ill be right." he stood up and felt the pain in them but ignored it.

Almost just as suddenly as the Imperial ship coming with the storm, the current had slowed immensly. Instead of pushing the ship, making it unnecessary for sails, the current slowed enough to send the ship into a sort of stand-still. Chastity left the wheel and looked out over the edge of the stern and saw barely any moving water. She moved back to the wheel, but passed it and placed both hands on the railing. "Ailis!" she screamed out, her voice reverbrating off the wooden planks of The Nightmare.

Felix looked up at Chastity from where he was sitting on deck. "Whats going on?" he called.

"The current changed!" Chastity yelled, somehow angry at everything. She took three deep breaths and closed her eyes, gripping the side of the railing to keep herself steady, more out of habit. She opened her eyes once again. "Where's Ailis? She should know of these things and let the people steering this ship know when currents change!"

Felix stood and looked out over the side of the ship. "Why do I get the feeling that something very messy is about to happen that i'm going to have to clean up." he muttered.

Viktorya walked back on deck and looked around "Why has the ship stopped moving?" She demanded, walking to the side and hoping onto the railing, looking down. She held onto the ropes, then looked to the sky.

Hearing Viktorya's question, Chastity sighed. "The current be changing, Viktorya," she said, quieter than she's spoken while on deck. The roar of the sea had been rather loud, which made her regular speaking mannerism louder than before. "Ailis be needing to tell her shipmates when currents be changin'," she grumbled to herself, moving back to the wheel. "We best be gettin' off this current if we not be movin'. Shall we lower the sails?"

"Sorry to intrude my ladies, but does any of you twos smell a storm a brewin'?" Borris Cummings said smelling the air like a dog.

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