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2006-09-16 03:15:54
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The most popular wiki-pages

This is a list of the wiki-page that are most visited by not logged in people 2006-09-14. As there are thousands of pages, not even the most popular pages have a big precentage of the total amount of visiters.

What's your sign? and subpages ~ 1000 different people in a week. This page and its subpages are the most popular pages.

Anthro Pirate Gallery and subpages ~ 100/week

Perverted Jokes 57 Sexist Jokes 32
Medieval Ranks 51
Harry Potter 7 Contest 46
Inuyasha FanArt Contest 34
Simple Lips Tutorial 32
GreekGoddess Contest 26
Zardras characters 26
Pick Up Lines 20
eye tutorial 19
Paranormal Photos, page 1 19
To Draw a Fantasy Creature 18
Pirate Pickup Lines 16
Pirate songs 14
So You Wanna Make an Emo House? 14
Art Contests 14 (public index page)
One Part Silicone Molds 14
Gimp Coloring 13
Talk Like A Pirate Day 13
Trochaic Poetry Contest 13
Elftown Tutorials 13
artistic nudity 13

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2006-09-14 [iippo]: Why does art contests say "official page"? It's not council-official as far as I can tell...

2006-09-14 [Hedda]: Maybe it's more like "public", not "offical". Anyhow: It's a page made for and from everyone, not just made from one person or group.

2006-09-15 [SilverFire]: "eye turoial 19" is that really supposed to read as such?

2006-09-16 [Hedda]: No, it's a typo. It's Eye Tutorial

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