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2007-11-10 09:37:00
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I had trouble choosing =3

Welcome to my little humble housie in the beautiful city of Elftown!
[Please make yourself at home and take off your shoes, I just cleaned it!]
Well, actually, [Teufelsweib] helped me an itsy pitsy bit, but you’ll barely notice.
Silly girl that she is ^^ *giggles*


but first of all, some thingsies about me!

<img:>I play in a band, we're called... well, hell do I know. but we have a wikiii!!!! ^_^ *dances* Prelude to Crazyness
<img:>I like all things fluff.
<img:>I like pinks
<img:>I like the chippendales
<img:>I like writing poetry
<img:>at night I cry myself to sleep =D
<img:>I want to dye my hair, paint my nails and get a pony
<img:>I'm not gay

but above all I aaaaammm....


and after all the likesies, I also have a darker side...


[Teufelsweib] editing my house

nothing! I'm one big ball of intense fluffness and brightybrightbright with love radiating!

I'm like a fucking love microwave!!!!

cancer not included.

tihi ^_^


during my free time I have this crappy job =)
no one really understands what the fuck I am doing there
but it sure is awesome!<3<3


I also write poetry!
that's so [cool<3]! ^^ so many people do that
so me too of course, I shall provide you sweethearts with a example ^^

[pink fluff gashing through what is left of my brain
if I still had any left, I could not stand the pain
for all the years of telivized shit
I came to the point that I had to admit it
it doesn't mind if I dress as a punk or a whore
so one day I stepped out of my door
and the birds were signing and the sun shined hard
I smiled and danced and felt like a retard
the rest of the world was there with me
other naive braindead and stoned hippies you'll see
for only people as stupid as I am
will commit to a lifestyle like mine (spam)



and to make one thing clear...

so to all you sexy girls out there that got a wrong impression *winkwink*


<purple>chewy chew chew the train
was the one that ate my brain
you could read that in the previous poem
up there in this goddamn screwed up ET home
and I guess this hunger shall last no longer
for the hopes and prettiness was down the drain yonder
a parrot on a stick makes a good trick
less painful in the end than a smash with a brick
as long as bricks have no feelings I guess it's good
I once confused one of them with food
while chewing I suddenly noticed "fuck!"
this ain't my pasta, this is a rock!</purple>

bye bye and come again! ^^


Reactions to this house

[ally]: I wanna play with your house too -_-
I love your house now :)
It should stay like that, it makes me happy.

[Mirime]: I'm so glad to learn that you aren't gay... since we're married and all ;)
It's very pink and fluffy. A little bit *too* happy, though. She should've changed your picture too ;)

....*gets ideas*

[iippo]: I'm sorry, I don't usually do this, but: I told you so.

[pixish]: It's beautiful :p And soooo you x)

[Sunny Silverunicorn]: OMG, your house looks so cute now! XD <3

[Easterling]: Awww, it's adorable, at last it's a place perfect for dancing around on pink clouds and batting eyelashes...! ¨(Good thing that you wrote you didn't do boys, though, it could easily be mistaking for a gay-house otherwise... Which remains me of a story of my life by the way...)

[Isilando]: Holy monkeys, your house, dude!!!

[Linderel]: ofmg soooo baaaaaaad xD Poor Punky

[Triola]: I have just been on PUNK's house, and you, my dear, are a genius! I laughed until my stomach hurt XD

Anonymous People

From: [Sweet Edith.]
To: [All_Most PUNK] (Another ad-hoc hypothesis)

Welome DollFace.
That's pretty amazing.

From: [scars of winter rain] ([.:/my thinking cap... is a pirate hat!\:.])
To: [All_Most PUNK] (Another ad-hoc hypothesis)

i love your profile, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

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2008-08-27 [Triola]: I have the day before Sander, and one of the girls I live with has the same day as you xD

2008-08-27 [Teufelsweib]: no way, that's so cool!! xD

this was our birthday cake btw :3 (we decorated it ourselves with smarties and whipped cream) (yes, there's actual cake underneath the whipped cream :P)

2008-08-27 [Linderel]: All my sisters are born in May :D Laura's birthday is on the 12th.
And then there's the boys *nudges Vork* xD

2008-08-27 [Teufelsweib]: yeah xD two of Lami's exes and my ex (and kinda best friend) all have their birthdays on the 14th of may :P

2008-08-27 [All_Most PUNK]: You are infesting our November birthdays wiki with your presence -_-

And my sister's birthday is the 21 of May.

2008-08-27 [Jitter]: I'm all alone in March :P

2008-08-27 [Linderel]: 14th of March. My first boyfriend. <_< :P

2008-08-27 [Jitter]: bwehehe

2008-08-27 [Triola]: 1st of March, my best friend :3

2008-08-27 [Linderel]: Seriously, that number. That number! It's haunting me or something. :P

2008-08-27 [Triola]: Clearly you will end up having 14 babies, or something *nodnod*

2008-08-27 [Linderel]: o_____O
I seriously hope not xD

Hmm. Seriously. Siriusly.
Sirius <3<3

Yes, I am tired. :P

2008-08-27 [All_Most PUNK]: It's like that movie... the one with Jim Carrey... What was its name?... err...

The Mask!

2010-09-14 [Nioniel]: This house is terrifying. Oh my.

2010-09-14 [All_Most PUNK]: Ah, my Jim Carrey joke (took me like 1 minute to understand it now that I've re-read it after a couple years) isn't the last comment anymore!

Don't you think it's beautiful?

2010-09-14 [Nioniel]: If you didn't have the "I'm not gay" disclaimer there, I wouldn't believe it.

And yes, beautiful in the way that unicorns that have been choked to death with cotton candy and bunnies is beautiful. :P

2010-09-14 [All_Most PUNK]: Of course, because a disclaimer could never be a lie.

Exactly! Beautiful!

2010-09-14 [Nioniel]: Exactly. Nevar, evar.

2010-11-03 [sweet.tx.tea]: So. Much. Pink.

2010-11-03 [Nioniel]: Right!?

2010-11-03 [All_Most PUNK]: You think it's a little too much pink?

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