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The Death competitions


The competitions

Death poetry competition

Death art competition

Death story competition

Death Photography competition

Death nude Photography competition


Who ever submits to all of the competitions will become the co - manager.
And remember to fan this page. :)

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Death competition staff

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2012-02-26 [Alexi Ice]: I know how the invite forum button works, thank you.

2012-02-26 [kians mummy]: [XxTsomexX] I will re-word it soon. :)

[Alexi Ice] so how do you expect people to stop send invites to you, it's you against other members that are on that forum, so sorry but if it happens again, then it's not my probem, as you are on that forum, I can not unmark you alone. :)

2012-02-26 [XxTsomexX]: Thank you :)

2012-03-01 [Forerunner Void]: umm forum? I'm not part of any forum yet I'm still getting invited to this wiki If I must I will address this to the admins because this is kinda getting out of hand with the spamming of invites

2012-03-02 [Alizebell]: [Forerunner Void] it seems as if they are trying to get more participation from the ET community.

2012-03-02 [kians mummy]: Thats what we try to do but the thing is, if your part of a forum or some wikis, then you automatically get an invite, it can't be stopped, the admin will tell you the same thing, it's the way Heddate sites run, without invite buttons, the place would be as dead as leg right now *ouch* so there is no point complaining over something thats probably been complained about 1.000 times before. use common sense, use e sure.......

2012-03-04 [Forerunner Void]: I think I know why I'm getting these invites if you are doing invites from bob's diner then I guess I'll remove myself from it SOMEHOW since I don't recall watching it at all.

2012-03-04 [kians mummy]: I think it will be that. :)

2012-03-05 [Avoral]: So death competitions sound like the Darwin Awards. Am I the first to make this observation?

2012-03-05 [kians mummy]: Yep, ours is newer and more in fashion with Elftown and a lot more options are heading this way. :)

2012-03-05 [Avoral]: Oh, neat.
I was talking about the actual Darwin Awards for the most amazing/retarded deaths, but I will admit I'm curious to see where these developments take the page.

2012-03-05 [kians mummy]: Same here lol, I will be putting some more up soon

2012-04-10 [Susie-Q]: death competition? so morbid. lols. jk. death is a natural and beautiful part of life. it should surely be represented by those of us who are till alive. the concept of what death is is very intriguing and has a definite overtone in how we live our lives. we should embrace this aspect of our lives.

2012-04-10 [kians mummy]: YEAH............. "what she said" lol

2012-04-11 [Avoral]: Yeah, I'd rather not embrace death too soon.

2012-04-11 [kians mummy]: lol, ok. :)

2013-04-08 [Easterling]: Oh, so it's a year old.. I've been from ET for too long.. :P

2013-04-09 [kians mummy]: I am thinking about updating this soon. :)

2013-04-09 [Easterling]: Good because I might have a story...:P x)

2013-04-10 [kians mummy]: That's good, I may be also starting this over on Elfpack sometime soon. Hopefully lol, I am on Elfpack more than here as I work on there, plus its less strict. :)

2013-09-18 [Umy]: o.o

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