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Errr yeah o.O *wasn't a part of the convo, just made the wiki* :P
You lazy sods.
Oh, and add whatever you like, but nothing horrible :P
What about slightly violent?
Well, that's okay I suppose >_> <_<

[sequeena_rae] woz yuh 2006
making a mess of this wiki

There once was a girl from Glamorgan who had a...
We won't continue with that xD
Oohh la laa!! [Corazie]
You know it babeh xD - t3h Squee


OMFGWTFBBQ?! We have a banner ^________^ Thankies [Zab], and [Elegy - gone] for her inspiration xD

House Zapper Random spam!
Don't tell Squee! O_O *hides*
:O *spanks Zab* Spamming!!
Sorry! ..oooh... again?
:O *whips* Naughty Zab!
*puts in box*
O__O Lemme out! I can't be in here!
*kicks box* Shusht!
You kicked the box?
Of course I kicked the box!
Yes she did! She's evil! Lemme out!
*kicks box again* I'll put in the cheese next time!!
Nooooooo!!! lemme ut i cnt b her tis skari!!11
*sings* ''I'm sitting here in a tiny box
so small and closed this little box
oh fucking craaaaap...''

..but...the song goes like that..*sniff*
Do I look like I care? *hard stare* Wait, you can't see me XD
*imagines*..yes you do. x)
Oh yeah?
*nods eagerly*
*kicks again* WRONG!
You couldn't see that!
I'm magical >:D
*eats my way out* yummie, tastes like chocolate!
:O! *sits on*
*bites butt* Yuk! x)
Owww I'm not to be bitten! ;-;
Is freee! Wheee! *huggles
You know, so much violence can't be good...
*ish huggled* whee ._. // ssht you!!! XD
*bum hurts*

*makes random member list* I may aswell know who is here :D
1. [sequeena_rae] - Whatever!!!
2. You can't be a member! You own the page! :O - [Zab]
3. [Corazie] - ZzzzzZZzzz
112. Ze Ele is stalking ziz page! Phear me! >D
5. [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] *confused*
6. [Acceber] Oo_O <--- My new mascot! The three eyed thingy!
7 3/19ths. help! i have gained no knowledge from this page whatsoever! i'm tired and have a slight feeling of deja-vu. and worse still, i fear i am developing an unhealthy obsession with 80s power ballads. oh. right... i'm [sky fox]
999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999. Everyone between 7 and the fraction after 3/19ths (i hate fractions..sue me) and my number mean nothing. except for 112 i guess. i'm random...and don't make much sense. I STALK YOU ALL....back up off my foons darn it...[shadowfire09]

I'm Cold.

Oh noes..
It's raining.
Poor you.
And misty.
Misty too?
And there's an evil "sea breeze"
Kick it.
It won't stay still T_T

P.S. The point of this wiki is err...Does anyone know what the point is? o.O
Of course. The point is that we shouldn't have a point and then we can discuss the point we don't have but really we can't do that either because we are can't-ies and can't do stuff.
Oh *blank stare* So there you have it! The point of the wiki, or the unpoint o.O
It's a sharp point.
I think the point smells >_>
It hurt my finger. Oww.

A stalker?!


*stalks the page*



Now the stalker is dead >:D

*Ish dead* X_x

*victorious* The stalker was [Elegy - gone]! :D

*Lives!* Bwahah! *plots revenge*

Revenge? o.0

I think...She wants to kill me...

No, just cage you and use you for sanitary purposes. (read: make you clean my room)

Whaaaaat? Noooooooo! ;-;

Oh, the horror!


*helps* :3

Hey! No interfering with my hostage taking! *pouts*

Helps too!

Bazzy! *whines*
The wiki's a bit big o.0


But large, vast, huge and gigantic on the other hand....

Now that's another thing.



It wasn't me, I swear >_> <_<

Talking to yourself again, Squee?

Well why not?

No reason. Makes good conversation, I suppose.

Makes me feel loved. o.O XD

*loves upon*

*purrs* Kitteh!

There once was a kitten named Paul
Who was fuzzy and cuddly and small
But one day half past two
He got smashed by a shoe
Now he's the ugly, red spot on your wall!

Poor thing ;-;

One second silence for Paul, everyone!


*sucks kitten up in vacuum cleaner*

A dyson hoover?

Yeah. why are blondes like dysons? No loss of suction. XD

Shouldn't that be peroxide blondes? XP

fine, peroxide blondes, I just couldn't be bothered to write that. *kitty dust*



Arrgh, it burns!

*sprays with bleach* ^___________^

My eyes! *tries to wash out with soap.* arrrgh!
*straps to chair, peels eyes wide open* Mwahahahaha.

no, not the fairy liquid! ARRGH!!!!!

Ph34r m3h biatches!
This is to make you happy [Elegy - gone] xP




*is very happy*...*and nervous*

Exam results soon?

Oui... Thursday O.O

Ah you'll be fine, I promise XP

I just need to get enough for a Level 2 Qualification... 4 more at above grade C...

Oh you'll be fine!

I'm still strapped to the chair here!

*kicks* Shush!

OW! No, not the salt, anything but the salt! ARRGH!

Tremble mortals! and despair! DOOM has come to this world!!!

**[sky fox] walks in**
ok.... what did i just miss?

*kicks all*
Ph34r m3h is the right one!

*Gets out of chair and jumps on squee*
OMG t3h rapeage o.o

lol. *kicks* Yeah, who's the kicker now then?

The one and only all knowing Squee!

*get's shot into a wall* ATACKASNACK!!!

*laughs insansely*

That ain't an evil laugh, this is an evil laugh.


*lightning crackles in the background* *ahem*


*Lighning strikes the llama*

*rolls around laughing*

*more than a bit peeved* GRR!

I mean, oh t3h shame of it all!

At least I've now got a cool hairdo.

Damn! i missed the kicking match! and i know all manner of kung-fu action **kicks the llama** taste the wrath of hapkido!

I don't know how I manage it... I spilt water on me... When the bottle had a sports cap...

you should try aiming for your mouth

Or maybe your ear, that helps too.

Hey, Why'd you kick me? *evil llama glare* <img300*0:>

well, i had to kick someone.... there was a kicking match earlier.

Yeah I suppose. *still does evil glare*

ooh you gettin' all crazey eyed on me? i quiver with fear!

You should!

I think someone is trying to take my title! :O
*spanks all involved*


My Dignity!

What dignity? XD

don't force me to...a whatever i wanna do it anyway.


that's right, taste vengeful justice. *lights cigar* i love it when a plan comes together.
*sneaks up behind, stabs* >:D

My soul!

What soul? XD

Déjà vu! :O

Squid Pro ro. Lol. (Anyone who's seen Goldmember should know!)

Sad sad people *shakes head*

*tuts sarcastically*
Honestly, some people... It's so sad...

*kicks all up the backside*
Play nicely minions >:D

Hey, I'm not a minion. OHH Cookies! *begs*
Well, seeing as you asked so nicely...

*Jumps up and grabs in teeth* Mmm. No, anything but a bath! *holds onto something*
Now there's an idea *grabs*
Damn you and your tags :P

GRR *snarls when plopped into bath.* Argh! Soap in my eyes!

OHH, bubbles!
o.O *gets brillo pad*

Arhah! Now that she's not looking, I'll get out of this bath. *jumps out of bath*
*throws metal sponge at*

*Get's knocked out*
*drags back to bath*
*dumps in*

*evil glare*
*pokes eyes, like that bloke does in the Mummy Returns

*Eyes water*
8puts scorpions in bath*

*eats scorpions*
I love it when they eat them, makes the poison act slower ^_^

*slowly dies*
*wonders whether I should give the the Anti-venom*

Is that a yes?

*head twitches in a yes*
Say please >:D

How can a dead llama speak? *Writes please in sand*
Have imagination! *sigh* Okkkay. *gives*

*IS ALIVE!!!!*

*sneezes brains out* *ish dead!*
*points* Eeeww... Brains... Icky xP

They're the size of a pea, what are you worrying about?
Squidgy... *pokes* Eeww...

*twitches* OW, that hurt. *shoves brains back through nose*

*sneezes again*

Let us all agree that men are bastards.
Men you must agree.
~ T3h Squee.

Amen to that.
Because they're pieces of shit who deserve to die ;-;
Why do I get the feeling you've recently had a less than pleasant encounter with a man?
Because I usually have a sweet, innocent nature? :3
Uhm, yeah, something like that... =P but what happened?
Oh nothing, except for the fact that he mentioned that his friend offered to bite him. Something he finds arousing, and oh, they both would have found it arousing so he said no. Thanks for saying no.
How much of an idiot can you be?

Uhm, about that much?
Agreed -_-

What? that's not fair what Sqee said. It's like saying all women are bitches. Just by saying that I'm gonna have tons of hate mail. wheres the justice in that?

This is so random. ^______________^ *lurves upon*

Yeah, but see all women have the potential to at times be bitches. So I'd agree with that statement...both of them!

Good answer. I aggree that we all have that potential!

Women are naturally bitches so fuxx0r on you :P
And it's Squee damnit!

Bows to squee!

*pets and lurves on* ^_______^

YAY *ish petted*

Now how about you go eat the person who spelt my name wrong? :P

lol, that was a typo I did myself, sorry squee. *eats myself*

You naughty Llama.
Say five hail Mary's and go in peace - Quothethed from 'Allo 'Allo XD

*does as told* Can I have a cookie now?

I am God. I don't give cookies.

Can I have a ring doghnut then. (holy doghnut. XD)

This is acceptable *gives* XD

YAY! Holy Doghnuts! *muches*

Remember, Christ is your friend :P


Never take the Lord's name in vain.
Or something like that.
*note: This is not meant to offend anyone so err, yeah. If it does, bugger off. That was meant to insult.*

I'm agnostic. I believe in most Buddah things like reincarnation, but not God

That wasn't aimed at you either :P

I know, just thought I would say

[Anyhoo, back to the randomness!
God I hate this colour.

*runs from colour*

It makes my eyes bleed ;-;

Why did you write in that colour then?

Aliens told me to.

*gets abducted*

OH MY GAAAAAAWD!!! *runs about like a headless chicken* OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAWD!!!!!!

Ohh noo, not probing! ARRGHHH!


*grabs probe and attacks aliens*

Eeeeeewwww >_o

*stumbles in with a flamethrower, looking wild* Okay, who do I shoot? o_O

Da aliens!!!!!!! *insane grin* They is bumming t3h llama!

*fumbles with all sorts of buttons and manages to spew a trail of fire at the alien-looking things* Did I hit 'em? Did I hit 'em?

...You hit the trees next to them...But it's close!!! *encouraging*

Those poor, poor trees... *holds memorial service*

Forget the trees! Get them aliens!!!

But, but, but... *wails* The trees were pretty! ;_; Mehmehmeh. *sniffles and tries again*

*runs away from all the scary alien-getting flame-shooting people*

You can do it when you B and Q it!!!

B? Q? BBQ? ... Barbeque? :O *shoots*

*jumps in ze place with a bid and fork* BBQ?!?!?!...i heard you say it...bring on the chicken!?!?!...*stabs monkey*...TASTY!!!!


*glomps*...that'll teach you...don't stare at my fork..for it is mine. can stare at the foon. yes..i said the foon, as there is no such thing as a spork. can't have the foon...GET YOUR OWN UNTENSILS!!! *savagly guards my untensils*...yea..that's right

Not BBQ you bums! *gives up on the world* B and Q!
Anyone British? XD

Not British, but I still know that B and Q is a retailer for home improvement supplies and such =P

Clever [Elegy - gone]! :D
And for the ten millionth time:

You will bow to me for I am fucking supreme.

Nyahahahah xD

Clever people seldom bow to others x)

I can accept your defiance. You remind me of a pygmy puff x)

:o Don't clever people bow to others to keep from getting defenestrated, and then plot something in the shadows? :o

Not this clever person xP and what do you mean pygmy puff? Am I a ball of fluff now? :O

Correction; a cute ball of fluff :P
No need to plot in the shadows, it's easier to plot in the light.

Aww, Squeenie thinks I'm cute <3 *does happy fluff ball dance*

*huggles* ^________________^ You know it :P

*nuzzles* Yeah, I do x) You simply cannot help loving me! I seem to remember having told you so on several occations *nod nod* good to see you're finally coming around :3

Eeesh, no doubt I shall be arguing with you over something very soon :P And I will not think you cute then xD

No doubt =P but then I'll make you see the light and you'll come over to my side and once again worship the ground I walk on x)

Who said anything about worshipping? I only called you cute :P

I'm still working on that part, but we'll get there, you'll see.

Mmmhmm, the day I do that is the day the Queen releases her first porn movie.

Well, with all the other things that family has been up to over the years, I wouldn't be surprised...

Very unlikely. The Queen is as much of a prude as the night is long.

Hey, that fuzz looks like it has come out of my belley button!

I hate it when that happens T_T
Looks like she's dissing you Elegy xD

wait...what was the pygmy puff doing in your belly button?

No one disses teh Ele! *glower*

*pets teh Ele*
Calmeth downeth, you is cute and that's all that matters x)

Pleeeeeease look at this wiki.
Memoirs of a nun.
T3h Squee and [starry_bellend] have made it with lots of love and...Laughter o.O

Zomg, plug. *runs away from scary big letters*

Muahahahahaha Big Letter sandwich! yooo are trapped! :P all suck majorly...just like that drunk porcupine in flordia...wait isn't it illegal to have sexual realationships with a porcupine in flordia? ( is..look it up)..crap...i'm a criminal *gets out teh handcuffs*...o_o...that coulda been taken wrong...heh...

*sigh* I hate it when people try to be random and just end up sounding silly. Honestly. Randomness is not about just changing the subject into something asinine. You cannot be random if you're trying to be. It is just not possible. And now I'm going to shut up before I start yelling at people, because I'm in a really bad mood today. Ignore me.

*is going to rape the bastard with his own porcupine for saying we suck.*
Damn bloody straight. Now excuse me while I go sharpen it's spikes.

*bounces in*

don't rape the me...well..actually...that is what you get when your friends hack your account. i havn't been on in three days...i'm doing damage control on all my wiki's...cuz they decided to make me sound like a complete idiot. they thought it was funny..i thought it was immature. please ignore my previous comments...THANKS!

*rapes with porcupine anyway*
Fear the wrath.

it's not rape, it's sex you didn't know you wanted

*le gasp* Someone has been stealing Zabbio's quotes :O :O :O

*GASP!* *attacks evil person stealing Zabs

hehehe...what can i say...i liked the quotes

Tut tut.

*evil llama-ey glare* (look up at the pic above ^ and you'll see wot I mean!)

my uncle has a llama farm. on a less random note *is throughly scared by the glare* don't kill me

Cool. Have you seen the llama song?

OMG that was so freaky that you mentioned that. i just saw it for the first time today two seconds ago...creepy man...*llama llama duck!*

Freaky *does scary noise*

.....ok..... **reads page** i have a question.... where do you people get your pot from?

We were born this way. *cackle*

Agrees with the above point.
Heroin anyone? XD

hmmmm, not too sure about that. a little hardcore for my liking. if you can't get an effect from it in it's naturally grown unsynthesised form, i steer clear.

You know, I can hardly remember which comments are mine lmao

i know the feeling. the force is clearly not strong with me. **cries**

It just shows that we're telepathic. *nod nod*
Or...something. You know, that saying, 'Great minds think alike'? It's telepathy. *humps Squee*

I am well acquainted with this saying.
It is usually followed by a boo yah.
*is humped* hoooooomg! *hump hump HUMP!*

Hmmmmm.... oh.... kay, i'll just leave you to it.... **runs for his life**

*slap in face with an icelandic cod!* muahahahahahahah!!!!!

*eats cod* chomp...such a great word! chomp chomp chomp!!!

Gah! how dare you! now it's time to unleash my secret weapon!

Ninja cows with rocket shoes trained in the deadly arts of spoon combat, feng shuei, and electric boogaloo!!!

*grabs cattle prod and zaps all.*

ZOMG!!!1!!1!1! now that they've been prodded with a prod of the cattle prodding variety, their electric boogaloo skills have increased tenfold! run for the hills!!!!!!

*runs* damn, where are the hills...all well. *jumps on back of one of the cows* RODEO!!!

And now for something completely different.


wow!!! hehe

sure, those old people are cool, but can they do this? baabadoweeb doodledoo.... scatterbob!!!!1!1!!!11!!

zomg!!!1! RANDOM ART PLUG!!1!11!!

pH33R MY MADNESS!!!1!1!!1111!!!! ALL U NOOBS SUXORRRRZ!!!!!

Riiiiight. Heheh, I have shrunk the pic. MUHAHAHA!!!!



*defenestrates everyone*

I actually think you're all gay.

heh, i wish.... if i liked guys, i sure as hell wouldn't be single.

Lies!!! >_____<

nah, seriously.... my ratio of people with crushes on me is about 4:1 in favour of guys..... much to my chagrin.

Bob's Diner is now open 24/7!

I see you looking at that 'edit' button down there...

That one... ↓ right there!

Username (or number or email):


2007-01-25 [Elegy - gone]: Hehe, it's ok, at times it can be very amusing =P

2007-01-25 [sequeena_rae]: Well I'm glad you see it that way xD

2010-10-28 [~Spirit Fox~]: ^.^ Well isn't this just an explosion of randomness. XD

2010-10-28 [sequeena_rae]: Haha can't believe you've found this

2010-10-28 [~Spirit Fox~]: It's a long story. XD Basically I was looking through houses, ended up going through a couple wiki's and landed on [sky fox]'s house. There was a link there. XD

2010-10-29 [Mortified Penguin]: Sounds fun. Now eat at Bob's Diner! (now serving napkins)

2010-10-29 [~Spirit Fox~]: I saw a turkey. XD

2011-01-05 [Nioniel]: Oh my god, I love stumbling on random old wikis. :D

2011-01-05 [sequeena_rae]: Keep looking [Nioniel], we made quite a lot of random wikis back in the day :D

2011-01-05 [Nioniel]: I'm lovin' it. :P

2011-01-06 [Nioniel]: OMG, awesome. <3

2011-01-06 [Triola]: This part reads almost like a poem xD

I'm Cold.

Oh noes..
It's raining.
Poor you.
And misty.
Misty too?
And there's an evil "sea breeze".
Kick it.
It won't stay still.

2011-01-06 [sequeena_rae]: hahahaha XD

2011-01-06 [Triola]: Someone should submit that to DP and see if it gets through :P

2011-01-06 [Linderel]: I wouldn't feature it, sorry. :P Maybe if it was developed a bit...

2011-01-07 [Triola]: Psschh, only because you knew it came from here :P

2011-01-07 [Linderel]: Actually, that's not the reason :D The reason is that I'm an elitist bitch with impossible standards. It'd only get featured on a day I was feeling especially whimsical.

2011-01-07 [Triola]: But it could happen, if you didn't know it was from here! :P

2011-01-08 [Linderel]: *shrug* Hypothetically, everything is possible :P

2011-01-08 [Triola]: 'Sactly :D

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