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<img:>Those in Command<img:>

Leader: [ClaytonRayG]
Second of command: [crowfeather]
Other officers will be added once this wiki progresses a little more...


<img:>Within the relm of mortals somewhere between the wastelands and wolf army lies a place where warriors dwell, some test their strength and others share their knowledge. Those who find this place have a strong sense of wonder and a questioning nature.

<img:>If you wish to become a member add your character profile(s) at The Wilderness Members
<img:>The banners for The Wilderness are located at The Wilderness Banners
<img:>For those who just want to chat/talk gather around The Wilderness Campfire
<img:>For those battles that become intense The Wilderness Battlegrounds
<img:>For those who have more on their mind The Wilderness Chatroom

Associated wikis:
            <img:>the wastelands
            <img:>wolf army

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[ClaytonRayG]: cool

[*~Sora~*]: brain hurts! *holds head* ((wow...I just read the comment about me stealing Rei's cheese...that was a funny night. We had a midnight snack of velvetta stuff and I stole the box and ran away...*frowns* she got it back...))

[weasel2]: the box or the cheese

[*~Sora~*]: the box with the cheese in it

[crowfeather]: cheeeessseee

[weasel2]: uwwwwwwwww crow thats just not right

[ClaytonRayG]: Marshmallows FTW

[crowfeather]: lol what on earth did I do wrong this time?

[ClaytonRayG]: Stared at the cheese too long?

[crowfeather]: eh who knows ^^

[ClaytonRayG]: Who knows what?

[crowfeather]: Happy Birthday to Weasel!

[ClaytonRayG]: Ditto!

[crowfeather]: Happy early birthday Cross

[ClaytonRayG]: HAHA! yup 21! and legal for all sorts of stuff :)

[weasel2]: thank you all and you went left crow

[*~Sora~*]: oh...that's not a disaster waiting to happen....*rolls eyes* oh well, it won't be too much longer until I am 21.....and all better watch out hahaha

[weasel2]: for hugs and kisses

[*~Sora~*]: oh well. Why can't I ever walk on the wild side? I never break the rules! Grrrrr

[ClaytonRayG]: Well I have a bottle of whiskey if ya want to visit Texas Sora :P

[weasel2]: grabs sora and runs over a ant

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