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2004-11-10 03:38:16
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Welcome to the Club for the Vain and Egotystical Beauties of Elftown! Do you take a million pictures in the mirror daily? Do you spend more on your hair, make-up and clothes than our Governments spend on military? Do you spend most of your time looking in the mirror? If so, join us, and revell in your own beauty!

To see pictures of our Gorgeous Club Members, visit The Vanity Club Member Pictures

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Vain Bitches:
[Little Red Riding Hoodrat]
[Miss Brightside]
[lusci0uz X playmate]
[scum buckett]
[Sica~The Obsessionist]
[Mikhul, the Bard]
[H.R. PuffNStuff]
[Chynadoll] i love you sean! ^_^
[hella nervous]

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2004-11-18 [Flor]: the one and only Foca/Chris! you knwo him,i sent ya a million pix babe!!! you knwo what deus means right;)?

2004-11-18 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Not sure what that means...

2004-11-19 [Flor]: it's a brazilian expression for men really hott! it means a greek god;)

2004-11-20 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: ahh.... Then Jon Jon is a deus...

2004-11-20 [Flor]: hheheeh deus grego;)

2004-11-22 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Okay, Jon Jon is deus grego...

2004-12-01 [Miss Brightside]: Hey...who's fat and likes to hang out with midgets and children???? NOT SANTA!!!!!

2004-12-01 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: Mr. Curly?

2004-12-02 [urbanfairy]: People. Can i join. I don't think i'm vain but everyone sais i'm an egocentric.eek)

2004-12-03 [Flor]: a great movei is "devils advocate"and the most beautiful line is the one where al the mighty says:"vanity.well,definetely my favorite sin!" i love it!

2004-12-05 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: sure urbanfaery,. just add yourself.

2004-12-05 [urbanfairy]: Thankums.

2004-12-06 [urbanfairy]: Are you the one with the curly hair or the one with the straight hair? :D

2005-03-29 [Spanakopida]: Can we be vain without being beautiful?

2005-03-30 [Flor]: beauty comes from inside ya...if you think you're can the others believe it!?being vain has to do with your inside you...sure you can add yourself dear:)

2005-03-31 [Spanakopida]: Vanity does not equal beauty, though.

2005-03-31 [Flor]: sure...but if i for exemple i'm really ugly but i do think i'm so damn pretty and i'm quite matters what i think of me to be vain i think...

2005-03-31 [urbanfairy]: yeah. I think that being vain means liking the way you look and enjoying seeing yourself and spending time on yourself, not necissarily having other people like the way you look. Its more about yourself than others really...

2005-04-01 [Spanakopida]: I thought that being vain meant that you cared about the way you look to yourself and others.

2005-04-01 [Flor]: nah not that i think vanity is when WE think we rock,we are beautiful,intelligent blah blah....and we strongly believe it even if the others may not share the same beliefs:)

2005-04-05 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: i think it's all about self glorification. we're all divas, rock stars, models, celebrities, classic beauties. we just have to take the time to maintain certain degrees of vanity and mirror time to truly bring it out. it's all about confidence. and there's also a difference between beign vain and beign conceited. however fine the line is...

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