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       ~~~The Unnamed Feeling~~~

Alexi stared at the huge wooden ship. He was checking off an inventory list. The ship was very new, one of the English fleet. His employer bought it, and started a supply and demand shipping company. He walked back into a small building, and set the paper down on the table. He sat on his desk and thought about his day. The building was very hot, and he started to sweat. He stepped out side and lit up a cigarrette. He stood on the side walk and smoked his cigarrette, watching the sun go down.

Adrian rose for the night, feeling tired yet and hungry, hoping his ships had come in. He made his way upstairs to the more public of the house and reviewed over his mail, sitting at his study's desk. He grimaced to learn his cousin might be visitng, not quite too happy about that considering they didn't know of his condition...which consisted tolerance for sunlight and an insatiable need to drink the blood of others. He looked about and started to write a return letter explaining a false reasoning that he simply had not enough room and that his cousin couldn't come to visit. Which was a big lie. Satisfied, he folded the letter up and sealed it, taking it to Alexi to have him have it mailed off.

Alexi went back in to the room, and, seeing Adrian, smiled. "Good Evening" he said. He smiled and patted him on the back. As he took the letter from Adrian's hands, he read the address. "Your Cousin... well, too bad. I liked him". He started to walk up the stairs, but turned, "I'll take it in the morning, for now, I'm going to bed. Bring me back something for breakfast." He walked down the hallway, and entered his room. He fell flat on his back, and fell to sleep right away.

Adrian stood there for a second, a bit flustered.
"No chatting tonight eh? How mean you have become."Adrian said, a bit of a frown on his features, going back to his study.

Alexi slept soundly for about three hours, but at around two, he woke up. He suffered from frequent insomnia, but, it didn't bother him all that much. He picked up a book, and started to read. He read until almost dawn, when he heard Adrian come into the house. Alexi walked down to the study, but Adrian had already gone to his room. He walked into the kitchen and got something out of the cabinet. He ate the piece of food, and stood there. He just staired out the window for hours. Finally, around eight, he went up stairs to put on his fringes and surcoat.

Adrian pondered his thoughts while he had walked about that evening and came home, wondering whether or not the letter to his ocusin should instead be destroyed. He went downstairs to his basment and began to slumber, actualy waking up once or twice before the sun ahd fully set, wondering why.

Alexi was very tired that day. He made sure that the cargo ship had been unloaded, everything brought to its proper owner, and then reload before the sun set. He was very tired and didn't want to go back out, when he remembered the letter. He started to walk out of the door, when he doubled back to get his key. As he walked through the door, he heard Adrian in the room. "Good Evening" he said, turning his head slightly, "sleep well?

"Does it look like it?" Adrian asked, yawning and his eyes looking red.

Alexi pondered the question, "No, not really" he laughed, "Can I do anything for you while I'm out? Im going to the post office to deliver your letter."

"Mmmm, not realy now Lex...perhaps...oh, just enjoy yourself." Adrian said, sitting at his desk, rubbing at his head as though he had a headache, he wasn't sure why he was so stressed, he just was.

"Well, now that I have your permission!" he said, mockingly, and took a very deep, exagerated bow. He looked at Adrian, a smile creeping across both of their faces. Alexi walked towards him, and took his hand,"Come with me, lets have some fun, like we used to." And, before Adrian could stop him, Alexi pulled him out into the street and summoned a carriage.

Adrian was a bit surprised to find himself in a carriage and growled.
"I am going to get you back for this."He said with a half-hearted glare.

Alexi just looked at him, and suddenly burst out, laughing. He started rolling in his seat, and smacked Adrian on the back. "You know you wanted to come out with me, I saw it in your eyes. Just because of your condition, doesn't mean I cant read you. We have been best friends for almost as long as I have been alive, after all." For the remainder of the ride, he just chuckled and chatted with Adrian. Eventually they arrived at the post office, and as Alexi walked in, he questioned his friend, "Your sure you dont want to let him come? I could entertain him durring the day, and by the date that he said he was coming it would be winter, so, the days would be shorter."

Adrian sighed and tilted his head in thought.
"I will let you make that desicion...he would make things interesting around here....but damned if he isnt annoying.And if you do bring him here, you keep him OUT of my room this time at all costs."

"Ok then, its settled", and as he said that he ripped up the letter,"Driver! Take us to the Buck and Leg tavern on Lincoln and 8th!". The took off down the road, Alexi almost falling out of the cart.

Adrian glared at Alexi.
"Hes already bloody here isnt he!?"He asked, wondering why else they would be going to the tavern and not back home.

"Well, yes. But he isn't staying for long, only three days. He just wants to scope out the area before he comes to visit for real. He plans on staying for two or three weeks in the winter. He is going to stay at a hotel for these few days." Alexi said, nervously.

Adrian rolled his eyes."I knew it...I knew it I knew it I knew it."He said over and over again, playfully ruffling up Alexi's hair"You deal with him though."

Alexi looked at him uneasily, "I already told him that you were coming..." He grimaced as he said the words.

Adrian gave a sideways glance at Alexi."Lex...dear...have me all figured out do you?"Adrian said, dripping with sarcasm and a hint of angr but also forgiveness and amusement.

"Well..."said Alexi as he patted Adrian's hand. Both me got off the carriage when it arived at the tavern and they were met by a small, frail you gentleman.

"Maste Walker is this way" said the man as he scurried off towards the back of the bar.

Adrian followed, sighing and amused that his friend had known him so well.

The two of them followed the man into a back room. When the entered, they both say Walker sitting on a couch with a glass of wine in hand. "Ahhh, Walker, Good to see you again" Alexi said, with slight enthusiasm in his voice.

Adrian gave an amused and somewhat annoyed smile at his cousin."Hello, cousin."Adrian said, sitting down next to him.

Alexi sat in a chair opposite the couch and asked the bar tender for a glass of wine. He then started to chat with Walker and Adrian. They talked for a few hours about random things, until finally Alexi brought up Walker future visit. "So, Walker, when do you plan to join us in the winter?" He asked.

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