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The Trialing Life of Samantha

Chapter One

A girl about seventeen years of age was lying on her bed, it was night time and her light was off, she liked to sit alone in the dark and just think not only that, but if her mom thought she was asleep she normally wouldn't bother her. The girl was deep in thought and unaware of the world around her, she couldn't believe that it was summer already and that next year she would be graduating from high school, and she couldn't believe how much she had changed in the last two years of high school.

When she was in ninth grade she was girly, she did girly things like spend hours on her makeup and go shopping for new clothes every time she thought she needed more, she also had worn Minni skirts and short dresses, but when she was in the tenth grade she was only somewhat girly, she had spent less time picking out an outfit for school and appling make up. Now however, she was totally ungirly, she wore little makeup if any, and she had stopped wearing skirts and dresses altogether, and it only took her five minutes to get ready for school.

The reason for her dramatic change in looks, it was her mom, she kept calling her a slut even though she had wore much slutier outfits when she was her age, the only reason she knew this was because of her mom's old yearbooks, but that was only half of it, she had also been wearing girly clothes and such to fit in at high school, so she wouldn't be an outcast, she hated wearing girly clothes. Her dad had always told her she should be herself, and not to be someone else just to fit in. Her parents got a divorce because they 'grew apart' but she knew the real reason because after only three days her mom remarried the most cruel man alive, Carl Reed.

The girl's mom brought her out of her thoughts, as her false sweet voice was carried up the stairs.

"Samantha dear, will you please come down stairs?" Samantha knew that her mother must want something for she never used the voice for any other reason.

I wonder what she wants at this time of night? Samantha wondered to herself. Samantha was a beautiful teenage girl, she had straight black hair down to the middle of her back that had a blonde streak in her bangs and red tips, she had sky blue eyes, fair skin, she was 5'11" in height, and she had a slender frame, she wore baggy black pants, lose fitting shirt, and black leather fingerless gloves, she wore different colored clothes, but the only color she would never wear was pink.

Samantha went downstairs to see her mom and step dad standing there, her real dad lived in Massachusetts, he had black hair just like her, tan skin, the same sky blue eyes as Samantha,and he was 6'3" in height. Samantha looked at her mom, she had once been very beautiful, she still had blonde wavy hair down to her butt, green eyes, fair skin, and she was still 5'4" in height, and she still had a little brown mole on her right cheek, but she now had huge black bags under her eyes from lack of sleep, and she was 100 pounds overweight. Samantha was glad that the only thing she had inherited from her mother was her light skin color.

Samantha's acting skills were great she could always pretend to be polite and everyone and anyone would buy it, including her mother.

"Yes mother, what is it you want?" Whether her mom knew it was actual politeness or that it was fake her mom still sneered at her before answering like she always did.

"Your father called from Massachusetts today, he wants custody of you, why he'd want such a brat like you is beyond me, but he says he has proof that I don't take care of you properly." Samantha looked at her mother skeptical as she began to figure out what she wanted from her, she still asked the question which she knew she already had the answer to.

"So, what is it that you want from me?" Her mother glared at her seethingly thinking that Samantha would already know the answer she forgot her false sweet voice that was replaced with one of annoyance and harshness.

"What do I want?! What I want is for you to tell the judge that I'm a good mom that I take care of and provide for you, and that you have a good step dad who loves and cares for you." Samantha turned to look at the man that was called her step dad, he had brown curly hair, chocolate brown eyes, tanish skin, and he was 5'3" in height, how her mom could say he loved her was beyond her, he didn't like Samantha at all and he never did, he mostly ignored her, unless he needed something when her mom wasn't there which was more than half the time. Therefore Samantha scoffed before turning back to her mother to retort her voice coated in sarcasm.

"Oh Yeah, you're a great mom, because all mothers stand by and let their husbands spend half of their family's money on alcohol, and spend the rest on food so they don't starve, and all step dads spend all of their time at bars getting intoxicated instead of with their family, and all parents ignore their children unless they need something from them, and all husbands use their wives and children as punching bags, so yeah you are wonderful parents... Not! You are horrible parents that don't give a damn about anyone but yourselves!" Samantha screamed turning to go back to her room, but her mom grabbed her arm and pulled her back towards her.

"YOU WILL APOLOGIZE TO BOTH CARL AND ME RIGHT THIS MINUTE YOU LITTLE BRAT!" Her mom screamed her face beet red with anger. Samantha turned back around her face just as red and her blood boiling.

"Why should I Debbie?! I only spoke the truth, and they always say that the truth hurts!" Samantha's mom squeezed her arm rather tightly in rage and glared daggers at her daughter.

"DON'T CALL ME DEBBIE! I'M YOUR MOTHER DAMNIT! The trial is tomorrow and you better not say any of that in court, or so help me I will beat you within an inch of your life!" Samantha pulled her arm out of her mother's grip and scoffed.

"Like it'll matter any! You both do that already, and I hope dad does win the trial, because if he wins I'll finally be free of this hell hole I have to live in!" In a fit of rage Samantha's step dad grabbed her arm even tighter than her mom had.

"I DON'T WANT TO EVER HEAR YOU CALL THAT BUM, BILL YOUR FATHER AGAIN, I'M YOUR FATHER NOW!" Samantha kicked Carl hard in the shin and pulled her arm away from him.

"MY DAD IS NOT A BUM, HE'S A LAWYER AND IS RICHER THAN YOU'LL EVER BE! AND THE DAY I CALL YOU DAD, IS THE DAY PIGS FLY!" Samantha screamed as she stormed up the stairs, slaming her door shut, and locking it before either her mom or step dad had time to react.


"That girl is so rude, I can't stand her at all!" Carl said angrily holding an ice pack on his shin as his wife walked over to him with two glasses of whiskey in her hand.

"Yeah, I know, maybe I should lose this trial so we can be rid of her." Samantha's mom said while glaring at the ceiling, forgetting about the pain in his shin Carl jumped up rather fast for his husky size of three hundred pounds.

"No, you can't do that! Don't you see that's exactly what she wants, and we can't let her win, she'll just gloat about it! ARG! I'm going to Charlie's bar, I'll be back at five, don't wait up." Carl said grabbing his keys and heading towards the door.

"Wait, I'm coming too." Debbie said grabbing her purse and leaving with Carl. Samantha was sitting on her bed when she heard the door slam, and the car start up as usual, she sighed heavily as she got up and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth, she then changed into her pajamas, set her alarm clock, and turned off the light before going to sleep with the door locked, as she had always had, ever since the night she woke up to find Carl asleep on her bed with his arm wrapped around her.

Debbie was deep in thought and was completely oblivious to the would around her and the people in it.

Maybe I was a little too hard on Samantha, I mean she hasn't been the same since her dad left, and her grades have started to slip because of that, she's been rude to Carl but that's only because he's rude to her because she looks more like her father than me, and he also hates kids, I shouldn't be like this just because Carl threatens me, I should protect her. Debbie was brought out of her mental debate as Carl fell to the floor laughing drunkenly.

"Come on Carl, it's time to go home I think you've had enough, plus this is our favorite bar you don't want us to get kicked out and banned would you?" Carl looked at Debbie with a stupid drunken grin.

"N-No, I-I wouldn't." He laughed again before he passed out, a man offered to help Debbie carry him to their car and she gladly accepted, she drove home going the speed limit and she was so dazed she didn't even realize she was half way there.

No, I shouldn't be good to Samantha, that little brat has been nothing but trouble and heartache for me and Carl, she's the reason Bill left me, she made him go not me, she was just a mistake the little brat! No, it was me, I had a drinking problem before she was born, and I cheated on Bill, I'll let him win, Samantha deserves to be in a good home, something I can't provide. She had her mind made up, and when she got home she grabbed Carl and pulled him out of the car, she was stronger than she appeared but she still had some trouble taking Carl up the stairs, after she put him to bed she went to Samantha's door and knocked, but there was no answer so she turned the knob but it was locked as always, she had hoped she would have forgotten so she could sneak in and give her a kiss, but instead, she went back to her room changed into her night gown and went to sleep.

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