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This wiki is currently under construction, please comeback later. Or wander around and get hit in the head by a brick, I really don't care.

The Theories of Nebka

This is a wiki where I, [Nebka] will be putting up different theories of life, religion, and anything that catches my interests.

Theory #1: Reality.

I believe that each and every person has his/her own separate reality that as he/she chooses to believe the world is.

When I say separate I mean completely and utterly separate from anyone or anything else. Everyone has there own bubble of reality that doesn’t, mix, mesh, combine, or do anything else with anyone else. It is completely and totally yours, no one can ever take it away from you nor can anyone directly alter it in anyway. It is simply how you and you alone choose to see the world around you.

Now how you choose to see reality is a tricky thing to explain. The best thing I can come up with is an example, so here it goes:

When you where three years of age did you know about the existence of atoms? My guess is that like me you didn't have the slightest clue as to what atoms could possibly be, you were simply obsessed with transformers, Teenage mutant Ninja turtles, or some other thing for you're age group. Now if you didn't know what atoms were or whether or not they could exist, did they in fact exist in you're perspective? I'm going to assume that they did not, and therefore they didn't exist in you're reality. I hope this makes sense, if not I'll try one more example.

| 70\/3 y|_|0.
477 y|_|0'R3 |3453 4R3 |3370|\|G +0 |_|5.

Now, for some of you this is jiber-jaber but for others this is the Internet language known as Leet. Now my Leetage is a little rusty but the top one says "I Love you." while the bottom one says "All you're base are belong to us." So for those of you who don't understand Leet this means that in you're reality the words above mean nothing, while for everyone who could read that it means what it says. I hope that clears up the whole choosing thing.

Now lets switch back to the alone for a second. Just because you're reality isn't directly affected by anyone else doesn’t mean that it can't be indirectly affected by others. When I say directly affected by others I mean that they reach down into the core of you're brain and alter you're perspective on things. As far as I know, nothing short of the hand of GOD can and hallucinogens can do that. That doesn’t mean that people can't indirectly alter it by telling you stuff, such as that atoms existed or what Leet is. You still have to make the choice to believe in what there telling you, and therefore I call that method indirect. So only you can choose things that are real and not real in you're reality.

Okay, switching back to hallucinogens real quickly. Now that I think about it that's probably the best way to describe such this theory. When you take a hallucinogen what you see is real to you but not to the others around you. Therefore what you're seeing is real to you and is in you're reality.

All right, I think that covers everything.

So the quick quote for this theory is: Crazy people aren’t really crazy, they merely choose to see reality as they see fit

Theory inspired by: Neo Genesis Evangelion.

Theory #2 Religion.

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