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The Seminary Gang Saga

Created and Written by
Jon Tree Top, McKenzi Olson, Brian Donahue, Jade Neeman, Kimberly Neyhart, and Richard Daw

Wiki Created by
[An Eversor and Ender], [DarkAngel3], [Delta Operator], and [shadowfire09]

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A note to visiting readers out there: apparently the illusive Cody Goggin has been trying to claim this story saga as his own, and has even made some profit off of it. The real authors would like to make known our disdain towards his futile efforts.

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[Book 1]
The Seminary Gang: Five youth...One door...An infinity of possibilities... Follow five teenagers as they journey through time, visit ancient landscapes, fight for their lives, and try to get back to the twenty first century.

[Book 2]
The Seminary Gang II: A Fallen World: The Seminary Gang has collapsed. Friends turn traitor, and new allies join the battlefield. It's all or nothing when the world is swiftly conquered. The Gang is the only hope of victory, but this may be a struggle even they cannot survive.

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Links to the actual novels
The Seminary Gang:
The Seminary Gang II_A Fallen World:
The Seminary Gang III_Final Destiny:
The Seminary Gang IV_Journey's End:

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[Source Material]
What Is The Seminary Gang?
History of the Gang
TSG Character Bios
TSG Fictional Time Line
About the Authors
TSG Fan Forums

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2007-09-25 [Delta Operator]: [UPDATE...AGAIN]: See Richard's Temp Overview for a brief summary (near the top) of major events listed chronologically. Note, this is the only part my overview that is listed chronologically.

2007-10-05 [Delta Operator]: [SERIOUSLY MAJOR UPDATE YOU GUYS CAN'T FRIGGIN' MISS]: See TSG3 Plot Overview for the now complete plot line of The Seminary Gang III.

2007-10-06 [DarkAngel3]: Wow...

2007-10-06 [shadowfire09]: i read it...and love it! i'm totally amped now..and richard, did you get my message?

2007-10-06 [Delta Operator]: Sure did! EXCELLENT!

But what I really need to see is those Letters from Jade. How goes work there too?

2007-10-06 [shadowfire09]: hmmm...i'm trying...but you have no idea how tedious it is to type something from MY handwriting..and not printing..cursive.'s hard work..and i'm losing intrest...

2007-10-06 [Delta Operator]: You've gotta be kidding me.

You wrote them out, but you can't read your own friggin' hand writing, so you're just plain loosing interest???

AGH! Well if they're written, at least get them typed up! Then be bored with it.

2007-10-07 [DarkAngel3]: If you used your laptop, you can transfer the written text to typed...

2007-10-07 [shadowfire09]: i used a notebook

2007-10-07 [DarkAngel3]: Ah...well..that's slightly more difficult then...

2007-10-07 [shadowfire09]: only a bit =}

2007-10-07 [DarkAngel3]: ^-^ *huggles*

2007-10-07 [Delta Operator]: Here, scan them, send them to Kimmi and I, and we'll attempt to decrypt them.

2007-10-07 [shadowfire09]: okay. spet for the part that i don't have a scanner

2007-10-07 [Delta Operator]: *slams forehead against computer screen multiple times*

Okay...fine...YOU decrypt those letters. We're getting them one way or another!

They're an integral part of the ARG.

2007-10-08 [shadowfire09]: *sigh* fine. i've almost got week one typed up. i never ealized i wrote SOO much...6 weeks...three pages each. *sigh*

2007-10-08 [Delta Operator]: Wow, I'm impressed. I can't wait to see them.

2007-10-08 [DarkAngel3]: Whoa...that's a lot of words...

2007-10-08 [shadowfire09]: you have no idea.

2007-10-09 [DarkAngel3]: I'll help you type if you want...

2007-10-12 [Delta Operator]: How goes the work, Jade?

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