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2011-11-16 10:33:53
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The Rules of the RPG or as stated:

Number 1. No Godmode will be tolerated or killing off players without permission. If I see even one ounce of it I will enforce the highest of penalties against you even if you're my friend. You will be kicked out as soon as I find it. Meaning if you god mode by chance you better fix it before I find it and I may not kick you out.

Number 2. Spelling and grammar are important, but we all make mistakes when fatigue sets in so I'm not going to be a grammar or spelling Nazi. What I do recommend is people who know how to spell a misspelled word or fix a grammar error to be nice and fix it for them so the RPG doesn't look like crap and people don't understand whats going on.

Number 3. No insulting, fighting, abuse, racism, violence, and etc will be tolerated in the comments. We will have friendly chats and updates for the RPG in the comments only. If you are caught or catch someone doing one of the above, and I'm not online please send me [Koho Ai] a message stating what the user has done along with the comments if you so desire. I will handle the situation as I see fit or message one of the Moderators and they will handle the situation as best they can or contact me for further details.

Number 4. This RPG will have no Rating to it, so if you can't stand Mature content please don't complain about it in the RP, but separate pages will be made by me for this content if only you ask for my permission. I will set to work on it as soon as I find out, and will have one or two set up before the RP begins though.

Number 5 You must hate my rules by now, but I think this is the last one for now. If you understand the rules that are above and think that you can obey them when in this RP environment and this RP environment only, meaning I don't care what you do on outside of this, then leave a comment with your Username with brackets below.

Not an actual rule but RP in moderation, so don't leave characters behind and way out of the loop. If you are going to be gone for an extended period do your best to find someone to take over your character and catch you up in the long run.

That is it for now.


Username (or number or email):


2010-07-14 [Koho Ai]: Please leave a comment that you understand all the rules and that you in the best of your ability will obey them here in the wiki. THANK YOU

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