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The Realms of Existence

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The 'Real World'

The central material realm.
It is the reality that most any of us experience in our waking state of consciousness, but it also encompasses all fantasy worlds as well as our own.
The vast majority of WFR games are played inside the Selenar System consisting of many planets within a sun system:
Kanaal, Diagra (a large moon of Jashnia), Jashnia, Naidi, Dysphasia, Diilos, Nym, Defmina, Kall, Seetas, Myla, Terra, Sirus, Labora, Forena, Tynm, Technos.....
This one particular star system is a coalescence of many divinely influences, along with the wills of many influential mortals. It exits within an outer arm of the Jeriah Galaxy, which is the basis for most anything conjured up by our members in the Wiki Sci-fi Roleplay.
A detailed explanation of the worlds of the material realm are as follows:

  Kanaal -

hot planet, closest to sun, sim. to Frank Herbert's Dune, but rockier, with more mountainous regions and civilizations. Many connections and ties to Carcerion, the outer plane of eternal imprisonment.

  Diagra -

planetoid, considered a satellite of Jashnia (the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay world), and shares a similar orbit with Jashnia, but nearer to the sun. Diagra is highly volcanic, and does not change its distance or position from Jashnia's surface. Jashnia's west-east rotation (opposite of earth's) contrasts with Diagra's opposite rotation, and makes the satellite's position static.

Jashnia/the Lands of Jashnia -

Eastonia/Map/Eastonia, Map of Qor/Lands of Qor, Tearra Réhm, Lune, Vxa (featured as a portion of Eastonia's page), Horamont (the 'giant lands'), Zendelon

  "Athos"/ the world of Naidi

  Dysphasia -

High Elven planet. The alternative outcome of an elf's "death", as opposed to a land in the outer planes of existence. Horribly corrupt society, built upon slavery of 'lower' humanoids, particularly humans and half-elves.

Diilos -

The Plagued World. The land of the undead hordes. The Disease of the Children of Selen.
It is a land of undead. The Necrotic lands of Pestilence and fear. This world is highly connected to both the shadow realm and to other terrible planes of hellish existence, such as the Abyss and the Nine Hells of Baator.
The 'civilized' Diilosian people are led by a great Lich King, an undead immortal who awaits his moment to break forth from the Underworld to claim his place as true king of Selen's children, the many worlds. As of currently, the Lich King Necrotus lives in between the worlds, biding his time by influencing the mortals and undead of his world to find a way to the world of mortals, so that he may re-manifest into the worlds again.

Nym -

Also called Omarka, Faunar, Ravnarok, Tauria and the Beastlands.
Nym is a world of many beasts and beastmen that have found their way to a well-connected world. Because the world of Nym is connected to the other children of Selen by reincarnation cycles of animals, it is a world that exists both in the 'real world' and as an outer realm for animals.... An animal heaven.
Other peoples that make their homes on Nym are the Felynne, whose ruling members, the Faunarian, are the most adept shapeshifters in all of the worlds of Selen; the Omarka, a small tribe of human shamans that worship the Faunar for their protection of the weak humans; the Yuan-Ti, a cult of snake-worshipping half-blooded snake people; the Minotaurs, a great bonded race of bullmen; and the Tauric Race, whose war with the minotaurs goes back many centuries. The Tauric people are all creatures of two or more creatures, bonded at the hip, such as a man and a horse make a centaur, a Hobgoblin and Hippogriff is the most common foot soldier in their ranks.
Most other portions of Nym are uninhabited, except when small scouting parties from Celestia or Elysium come to gain information about the many quickly-flourishing communities.

Defmina -

  -Kall - ?

  -Seetas - ?

  -Myla - The Sea of Snakes

  -Terra - ?

  -Sirus - ?

  -Labora - ?

  -Forena - ?

  -Tynm - ?

The Transitive Planes,

are those that connect the inner planes to each other and to the outer planes, and further, depending on the realm's characteristics:

-The Umbra Realm -

Also called the Astral Plane, the Umbra, the front door to the universe, and it is the slippery substance that holds the planes within itself. It overlaps most every major plane of existence, and has its own particular ports of entry and exit for each. The astral plane is also home to some societies and other features, although uncommon in some parts.

-The Ether Realm -

known to wizards and scholars as the Ethereal Plane, it is the plane of ghosts and invisibility. It seems cloudy in detail, and misty in movement, and it overlaps the material world perfectly. It is like a trapdoor for the worlds that have one.
The following planets in the sun system that have an ethereal counterplane are:
Kanaal, Jashnia, Diagra, and Dysphasia. More? Movement between the planets' ethereal juxtapositions? No. Deep ethereal travel severs the silver cord of ethereal mortals.

-The Plane of Shadow -

the world that reflects light has a world behind it, cast in shadow. The darkness that pervades our world is only a wisp of where the shadow comes from. In that realm, the very fear that plagues conscious beings can have substance, and beings who have lost themselves at death can survive here, battling their own shadow and drawing from the wraithlike energy of the realm for their sustenance. It is a constantly, slowly-shifting plane that often resembles the material to at least a minor degree, although in an odd and erratic manner.
Contains the ShadowRealm, and has some mysterious portals to the outer realms, particularly the realms of immortal souls. The plane of shadow is the dumping ground for all excess fears, hatred, and other negative emotions laid to rest upon the death of a soul, whereupon it travels to its destined outer realm.

-The Depth -

an odd and difficult-to-find transitive plane that links to the material plane, the dreamtime, and to the astral plane, although few if any know of the gates' whereabouts. The depth is actually a demiplane that exists within the dream world, as a small blueish-black orb that floats from place to place as though it were an intelligent being of its own device. Certain beings known as a guild of softsteppers can locate and utilize the Depth and its host-entity to travel the planes rather efficiently. These beings are rare and closely-knit as a team. For this reason, the Depth is considered a transitive plane, but its actual location might make it an Outer Realm, instead of one of the Inner Realms. The dream world, known to shamans as the Dreamtime, is a world of consciousness, and not really an inner or outer realm, although the way in which it is connected to the material realm (through the astral plane) makes it appear as a mostly outer plane. If the Astral were a large pool, dreams would be either bubbles that connected with one another, or the outer layer of the astral, like the furthest layer of the astral plane's edge (ie, the tectonic plates of earth's crust).

The Elemental Planes:

-Fire - Ignas / Incindiar
-Water - Aquaea
-Air - Aeroaura
-Earth - Argerios
-Positive, Creation, Life, Light   The Cosmosaeid Light Realm
-Negative, Destruction, Death, Darkness   The Necromonic Dark Realm
If the material realm were the inside of a cube, each side of the cube would be the battery of the element attributed to it. They overlap the material realm, and provide the schematics for the makeup of the outer planes. The outside of the cube would be a mirror, reflecting the nature of its inside to the outside (outer planes, heavens, hells, etc)

The Hub of the Cosmos:

Outlands - the eternal clock of the material plane, the central feature of the hub of the cosmos wheel. The plane of law, and the home of the City of Union.
The Outlands overlap the Inner and Outer Realm; runs the material world's time scheme, portals to every outer realm, provides the laws for soul travel, but does not actually harbor dead souls.
Neutral ground for the Deities and Demigods of the Realms.

The Outer Planes

Sometimes known as the Heavens and Hells:

-Carcerion or Carceri - both a warring plane, and a hell, it is a realm of imprisonment and exile, like that of Pandemonium. Evil-aligned. Nerull, demons, devils, yugoloths, imprisoned, exiled, shunned, traitors, etc.
Beneath the surface of Carceri is:
-Pandemonium - the place of banisnment, underground caves. Chaos-aligned, loud, windswept passages. Goblins, humanoids, etc. Erythnul's ruined citadel.

-The Nine Hells of Baator- 9 layers of Hell, attached to Hades/Grey Waste, the entrance into the Hell of Devils. (The grey wastes of Hades is just a transitive plane to the nine hells).

-Arcadia and the clockwork of Mechanus - the lawful good planes. Home to clockwork constructs, inevitables, formians, and also lawful seraphim and mortal souls. Jehovah (St. Cuthbert) and the council of laws, union.

-Celestia, the seven mountain heavens -

-Elysium -

-Arborea - elves,

-Bytopia - The semi-material Outworld of the gnomes, it is a sort of ethereal veil over Nym, the beastlands.

-Ysgard - chaos, positive, humanoids, dwarves, giants, celestial, Kord, Loki (Olidammara)

-The Abyss - an inifintely-layered plane of chaos, demons, death and insanity.
Mildly chaotic and evil align. Gehenna is the top layer of the abyss, not another outer plane, and the layer of abyssal portals is the outer extremities of that top layer.

-Hades and Gehenna, the gateways to the Nine Hells of Baator, and battlefield of the Blood Wars. The Infernal Battlefield of Acheron is the upper portion of the grey waste. It is also where the non-elemental waste of Limbo is deposited after the elements return to their respective birthplaces.

Deep Realms:

Dreamtime - the dream world, which exists as a halo of thought-energies that surround the furthest reaches of the Astral plane, often called the Umbra.

Far Realm - a realm of insanity in and out of order. Not approachable by conscious minds, except the sick, twisted and obsessively curious, it is a place where chaos is the only order that can exist in its twisted version of reality.
Only ancient alien minds lurk here, and the remnants of an old elven expedition that took to researching this 'far realm', and never returned....though remnants actually do not exist, days....ish. Time does not work properly in this realm.

Limbo: The outer edge of material existence. Highly chaotic realm. The graveyard of the elements, the garbage basket of the cosmos. Home of Githzerai temples, council of peace, slaadi, anarchs.


Nelerosia and the Land of the Mists

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