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I used my mind's magic
Absently, it blew up in my face
I thought but did not act
The application of the self

"The First Insident"
It hangs over me like a raincloud
First one then two memories; then more
They flood the thirteenth avenue changing Life and Death
I watch them from the altar of a goddess
Desire floods over me, an old compact overturned
The specter of "what was" haunts me
His standard renews fear in my cold heart
Amidst my cries of confusion and shame
A bright clarion calls from Mother's Altar
The Lantern bearers calm our desire
And sing to our hearts

"Funeral Pyre"
Cold hearts never flow
The End brings spring to winter's deeps
Grizzlys take their noble pride to their homeland
The Man leaves a Golden Ring for his love
On the other side of the flame, she waits
The Broken Promise endures, she waits
Inside the furnace, The Fire lights the way to new life
Sparks of the furnace harold the End, of beginning

"Winding Way"
In the Forests silent embrace
The Lone Wolf's voice echos
Mountian's part before a lonely path
High peaks cast the darkest shadows
North winds call him home
Push on the scent of the past
Fires rage in solitary dispair
And heat the lone one's home

"The Way of Blood"
There is more than one way to love
There is a way to Lust and away to care
A time to ignore and a time to coddle
Reasons for listening, causes of regret
The Situations for kissing
and those for hugging
The ways of protecting, The means to teach
The path to independence
Occation for touchiing "soft"
Anniversaries of pleading knees
High school sweets so cold
Many years of Heart and Home

"3 Months"
The knowledge eater
The dark Illusionist
The time lost
The fire consumed
The personality turned primeval
The home clensed
The family reordered
The plans renewed
The future uncertian

"The Tempo"
Some tales never told
Reason to sail
All minds hold
Fears to fail

Somethings mind
Somethings blind

"Radio Static"
These things deeply trouble me
My mind taunts thee
What have I done, nothing
Just thought of someone else
A Tea pot unchecked
The beaten path Left behind
They seem to be here
Hidden behind Winter's veil
To accomplishthis goal
One so much more than desire

It only hurts forever
Turn Cold, Turn Coat
We're Wolf
Wensday, Thursday

Paper Memories
Living Dead Girl
Lace Bond, Soft Evil
Morbid, Goth

"Faulty Engagement"
Cut out all of my heart parts
Dark blue and silver lining
The Grey Witch that haunts
Ferments madness within
Loaded lungs pressure death

"A Dark Vision Fades"
And the day fell
Darkness covered the land
Smoke and mirrors,all the "I" could see
the Heros were farces and evil ruled
thy will was hidden
thy plot foiled


"Cold Clear Waters"
By day’s light I would cast my shadow
By Moon vision I would be your window
My Dream’s haunt you, your Ideas tear at my mind
Freaky things and club swings
And still what I do and what was said
Keep running rings round my head

Mothers’- a poem
Our mothers let loose
And hold tight
And shower every day
They cry like nightly rains
Her body would support us
And there, cold heart leave us
But these things change on the season’s whim

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