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The Mutant Chronicles 2008 review

So you mix The Quest for the Holy Grail with Indiana Jones, zombie movies and role-playing teams a la Lord of the Rings. You set it in a post apocalyptic world that is poststeampunk 1930ish and some Stargate feeling. So far so good...

The characters are interesting and the dialogs get to you. But then then damn fighting! It quite boring, hard to follow and as interesting and long as the Indian championships in cricket. And there are too many characters so you'll get no feelings for them.

At least it made me a little pissed off. "Of course you believe, otherwise you wouldn't be here!" Yes, when someone helps the fundamentalist over the street, they must believe in invisible beings or what-ever that nut-case is into. Kind of shows how deeply this great misconception about "Treat others as you want to be treated!" has gone when there's no consideration about that people do and believe for totally different reasons. Next thing they might tell people to drink their blood and eat your flesh...

Anyhow: It's a different and therefore somewhat interesting movie. Might be good with some company, loads of beer or snacks. But then Kill all the Supermodels might be more fun, but that's a really bad movie, but it isn't trying to hide it so it's funny.
/ [Hedda]

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