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The Moon Garden #2

Here you will find Moon Poems by Moonly Poets

      Nightwalk: Winter Solsice

     My familiar figure, neither demon
     nor divine, knots a soft vine and
     slides it over my head – a pleasant
     noose whose lacey leaves adorn
     my neck like hemp. So dressed,
     I gather plumes and seed-heads
     with their crisp December stalks.
     Arms curve to cradle my harvest;
     press the stiff bouquet to breast.
     If the slightest breeze should rise,
     the dormant seed would scatter.
     But air lies still at this hour.
     Only the Night Mother moves.
     Her slow journey, silent and full
     as an unspoken word, powders
     the land with moondust. Black
     circles spread beneath the pines,
     puddles of shadow. Things below
     the shadowline dissolve, ocean-
     dark. Things above do not shine;
     they simply go white. When I pass
     through my own shade, it is as if
     I, too, am Moon, the wakeful daughter.
     In the fullness of a mystery reclaimed,
     I walk this winter night as if on water.

          ~ Queen Qaab

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