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2006-01-30 22:38:16
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The License Plate Game

It's a game! Come one, come all who are bored and need some cheap entertainment.

News:~ New game in Game room 1!

I'm leaving Elftown! I just don't have time for it right now! If anyone would like to take control here please do! It can also be a team effort. One or more persons creating the games and another making the polls or such and such.

<img:>License Plate Game Rules

<img:>Members for LPG

<img:>Game 1

<img:>Game 2

<img:>LPG Hall of Fame---Bow before the masters!


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2005-01-21 [cheesecake]: Yah! It's up and running!

2005-04-13 [cheesecake]: Voteing is now up and running! Go ahead and advertise it! But if I catch anyone saying "vote for me!" I will be angry and knock your entry off.

2005-05-11 [cheesecake]: [Lady_Elowyn] has joined the team!

2005-06-17 [Lady_Elowyn]: can you vote if you entered something?

2005-06-18 [cheesecake]: yes you may.

2005-07-17 [iippo]: Does this continue somewhere and where? Oh, and *stalks ally*

2005-07-18 [cheesecake]: ? @_@ I'm not sure i understand the question

2005-07-18 [cheesecake]: Who ever entered frases #3 and #4 in The Game 2 Room please put you name/names by them.

2005-09-18 [arafel]: Drat! I didn't realize game two is over....please disregard my entry

2006-01-15 [Cina]: how do I join? Do I just add my name to the members or is there some sort of rigorous pre-member purification process?

2006-01-28 [cheesecake]: I'm leaving everyone! If someone would like to take over the game please do so!

2006-01-28 [Janouk]: Aww...why? :-( If you really go though, we LPG fans could look after the wiki together?

2006-01-30 [cheesecake]: Sure, sounds great. I really do have to go. It's my senior year of school and I'm working two jobs and also acting in my school's play. Until I graduate there is little chance that I'll be on. But, since I can't delete myself from the site I'll probably be back some day. You all have fun ok?

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