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The House Monsters

A place where Elftown's house monsters can gather and make conspiracies to frighten the world!

Anyone want a house monster made? Send me [Amanda Bastian] what you want done and give it a name. :) After it's done you can even post it in your house to scare away unwanted guests. Or if you want a cute monster... that's fine, too.

Already have one? Post your username and the image of your monster below in numerical order. And be sure to mention the name of your evil buddy. :D

The Humans & Their Beasties:

1) [Amanda Bastian] & Blargee <img50*0:>

Username (or number or email):


2012-09-11 [Amanda Bastian]: Thanks, silver :)
Unfortunately, it died pretty quick because of my lack of availability for art. But I should be able to get to working on these little monsters soon :)

2013-02-09 [Kbird]: Umm Mukki does Bazits count as a monster? He is the little bat/cat on my home page.

2013-09-13 [JINKS MAN]: This is pretty neat indeed. I'll have to think up of a little monsters, oh what joy. ^_^

2013-09-18 [Umy]: Monsters huh? I want one that looks like the boogyman XD and carrys a bow and arrow... Maybe the name could be Midnight...

2013-10-29 [Amanda Bastian]: Sorry guys. Been away for a long time. Going to try to find some time to make you all some cute little house monsters :D

2013-10-29 [Kbird]: YAY!

2013-10-30 [Amanda Bastian]: ^_^
The free house monsters is an exclusive for Elftown members only <3

I am all over the webz lol

2013-10-30 [Kbird]: Your awesome! XD just about everyone else costs.... and I don't have money..

2013-10-30 [Amanda Bastian]: lol thank you. I've been a member of this webpage for a very long time. 8 years I think. It's home

2013-10-30 [Kbird]: ^-^ I've only been on here five year...and it's been off and on...but there are so many fun things and fantastic people, I can't stay away!

2013-10-30 [Amanda Bastian]: True that ^_^

2013-11-03 [synergtggtrrgf]: I'm highly confused as to waht this is

2013-11-03 [Amanda Bastian]: I plan on creating custom monsters (child friendly) for friends and fellow elftowners to decorate their houses (presentations) with. :)

2013-11-04 [synergtggtrrgf]: o lol well when is that gonna help

2013-11-04 [Kbird]: Help? well it helps spice up your house, and their generally so freakin adorable! I know some of the other creatures help cheer me up.
but Hopefully soon, she'll finish another one but art does take awhile... ^-^

2013-11-05 [Amanda Bastian]: it's not he art that takes awhile. I could get a house monster finished in an hour or less. It's just finding time that's the problem. I need to get all of my commissions finished first. I'm taking a break some of December and all of January from commissions. (I run an art business )

2013-11-05 [Kbird]: O.O wow cool.

2013-11-05 [Amanda Bastian]: Thanks ^_^

2013-11-06 [yamisango]: ur so talented

2013-11-06 [Amanda Bastian]: Thank you, girly :)

2013-11-06 [yamisango]: ur welcome

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