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"Home is where I...", sleep,Dream
...mingle with other elftowners
...Hang my scimatars above the fire
...embrace my love in the deep hours life among friends reverance to my heros my art and legacy away with you Victoria
...wonder within perplexity
...share sake with good and evil
...look up and see the Sky,blue
...grow into a butterfly
...adventure and learn
...act in a play of hopes and fears

"The Woods South of Heaven"
And it was at that age... Nature appeared

Dancing, singing, flying

It was where humans and gods had once come together

I could hear nature beckoning for rhythm to its harmony

I know not how the sunrise found me
But there it was coming to burn my eyes
Eyes that held naught but darkness

I learned much in the company of the Gods
"Be warned" they commanded
"As the light brightens
So darker are the shadows."

"I am a Tool"

I am the right and left hand of my goddess
I am the sword and sewing hands
With the sword I will begin to bury humanity and concrete
With the seeds I will create a new world
A world grown on the ashes of businessmen and politicians
When my job is done a new reign of nature will begin
I am not a god, I am their tool

"Lost, Gone" (Haiku)

The last man lost, gone
His hopes and dreams destroied
Nothing left to steal

"I'm going on a trip today..."

I'm leaving on a trip today
I think fun is coming my way
Set the day off with quip
My, my I'm going on a trip!
Through forest green and fire hot
Walk another path I would not
Navigate around a rock
Respond to the scene with shock
A beautiful woman young and fair
Traveling along I lock her stare
In turning back I would be worng
So I'm still here singing my song

"My Juliet" (Hiku)
After a dark tide rises
A rose bud blossoms new
And fear is gone

"A Loss of Breath"
When everything dulls and turns to grey,
Childhood dreams of love wither,
When everything in the tower becomes known,
They turn into something ugly,
When bone and blood seem real,
Presonality and psyche vanish from sight,
When the bitterness of winter becomes friend,
Laughter and joy are meaningless,
When your body desires something the heart does not,
Everything you are becomes a loss of breath.

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