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The Hamilton House

Chapter 1:

   As they pulled up to the big white house, their eyes beheld an amazing sight. Sure, everyone in the town had warned them about the old house, but Emily and Sarah Rodgers just didn't listen. Sarah, as calm as that day was, felt uneasy about the house. It was so beautiful, but why was it all alone, and even worse, empty? The idea did not sit well with her.

   Emily, contrasting with her sister, was all smiles and joy. She sprung forth from the van and ran over to the iron gate, jumping over it nimbly. She ran up the old brick walkway and stopped at the giant oak doors. She gently placed her hand on the brass knob. “Our new home!” she exclaimed happily, quickly throwing the doors open and walking briskly inside.
   Sarah just calmly followed, not really listening to her sister’s blabbing. She stopped in the middle of the walkway, her eyes darting to a corner of the yard. She suddenly felt a spine breaking chill run down the length of her back. It felt as though something was watching her. No, something wasn’t watching her, they were looking deep, into her very soul. She shook her head vigorously. She thought to herself, “Its nothing...” she kept repeating inside her mind, though she knew she was wrong.

   That night, after searching and sneaking around the house, they both sat down to a well cooked and deserved dinner. There was a warm sensation around the table, until Emily said, “Sis, have you seen anything strange?”

   Sarah froze, fork in midair. She placed it down on the table and started playing with the napkin on her lap. “Why do you ask?”

   Emily shrugged. “Well, I’m getting the feeling that I’m constantly being watched, everywhere I go...” she said softly, “Its weird... do you think what those people said...” she stopped in mid sentence, thinking she saw something. Sarah saw it too, like a shadow moving against the eastern wall, stopping to look at them, and then to move on it’s way again. Sarah didn’t pay it any mind She remembered the walkway and said, “I have no idea what your blabbing about Emily. Your probably just seeing things again, like Mom or something.” she lied. She knew if she told her sister the truth, her sister would freak.

   Emily nodded. “Y-you're probably right.” she said, unsure of her own words. Their dinner continued in utter silence. What they didn’t know is that in their next few days in the lonely house would be the worst days of their lives.

Chapter 2:

     A few days after the awkward dinner and working on setting up the house, things started to happen to Sarah and Emily. Sarah awoke from her slumber to a small meowing noise, coming from the doorway. Sarah sat up and rubbed her eyes, looking in that direction. There sat a small kitten. Though it was completely dark in the room, the kitten was clearly visible. Sarah got out of bed in her smiley pajamas, and walked towards the kitten. The kitten meowed and ran into the hall. Sarah yawned and followed it. “Its okay kitty kitty, I won’t hurt you.” she cooed softly. The kitten ignored her and ran away again. The kitten looked back as to say, ‘Follow me.’ Sarah grumbled something inaudible as she followed the cat, wondering what it was doing.

   Meanwhile, Emily was out in the backyard when she heard something break within the house. She turned off the hose and walked to the back door. “Sarah?” she called out, walking in. She heard a noise again. Emily walked cautiously, her heart racing. “S-Sarah, is that you?” she asked aloud, walking into the kitchen. She walked in to see all the glass cups, bowls and plates broken on the floor and counters. She also saw a figure walk through the doorway, out into the dining room. Emily carefully stepped over the glass and walked into the large room. She saw a figure sitting at the table, but it was too dark to make out who it was. Emily sighed. “Sarah, it isn’t funny! Now go in there and clean up that glass before someone gets hurt.” The figure laughed, but it wasn’t warm and light like her sister’s, but was cold and heartless. “I’m not Sarah...” the voice said, clearly a boy’s.

   Sarah followed the cat she was following all the way into the livingroom, which was on the opposite side of the house to the dining room. She smiled softly. “Its alright, I’m not going to harm you.” she said, holding out her hand for the cat to sniff. The cat’s face, only for a flash of a second, turned into that of a horrible beast. Sarah jerked her hand away quickly as the cat disappeared into the fireplace. Sarah then heard a scream coming from the other side of the house and went to turn around, but she came face to face with a horrible, disassembled face. She let out a scream as it went straight through her body, taking away her very breath. The next thing Sarah Rodgers knew, she was surrounded by them... the ghosts.

Chapter 3:

   Emily herself was having trouble. She had been running from an array of things, from ghosts to evil little things that she couldn’t even describe. She ended up running into the bathroom, locking herself in. She recalled the conversation her and the figure, apparently named Xander Hamilton, had. He had said that they would die, just as he and his family did. She shivered at the very memory of the spiders that he had magically summoned. She had seen them, and felt them. She had seen Xander’s twisted face as he laughed coldly at her. She looked up from the sink and saw his face behind her. Screaming, she punched at the glass of the mirror wildly. She screamed out the words, “Just leave me alone!” as the glass embedded itself into her hand and knuckles. An acceptionally large piece fell to her feet. As she picked it up with her torn up hands, she suddenly thought of things she had never thought of before.

   She cried out in agony and pain, and sobbed, “Why?! Why me mother?! Why me and Sarah??? Have we not suffered enough with your passing? Please learn to forgive me for what I am about to do... mother.... Sarah. I’m useless. I failed as a sister and as a daughter.” she confessed quietly as she took the dangerously sharp glass into her hand. She held it tight enough to make her palm bleed. Before she quickly slit her own throat, she whimpered and muttered, “I’m such a coward...”

Chapter 4:

  Sarah’s own encounters were not as bad as Emily. She started looking for her sister as she threw things at the ghosts, hoping it would stop them. “These things just won’t die!” she yelled as she kept running. She walked into the doorway to the dining room, and just as suddenly that the ghosts appeared, they vanished. Sarah saw Xander and growled. “Where is my sister? I know you know where she is.” said she.

   Xander’s horrid laugh stopped Sarah’s heart and made her shudder. “Maybe I do,” he said, “And maybe I don’t. You should just follow the stench of blood.” Xander smirked.

   Sarah’s eyes widened. “Y-you killed my sister?!”

   Xander just smirked. “Oh no, I didn’t kill her... she took her own life.” he said, a cold smirk on his face. He started to have little thoughts of his own family and a flicker of sadness and disappointment crossed his face, if only for a moment.

   Sarah growled and grabbed a bottle close to her to chuck it at him, but she remembered about what happened in the hallway. She looked at the label on the bottle. It was holy water. “What is this going to do to help me now?” Sarah muttered to herself.

   Xander stood and laughed loudly. “Are you planning to use that against me?! HA! I bet that bottle in your possession as of now will not work!”

   Sarah decided to try it and she took off the cap, splashing the water from the bottle onto him. His eyes widened and he let out a scream so horrible, it broke the windows and the glass in Sarah’s hand.

  “Y-you wench! You... you will be sorry!! I will haunt you for the rest of your life! You cannot hide!” Xander cursed as he disappeared into a cloud of dust and smoke.

   “How can you do anything...? Your gone now.” Sarah said softly as she watched his dust and smoke float out of the window. She heard his voice in her head, saying “I’m not gone yet.”, but she ignored him completely. She was always used to blocking her thoughts, and this was just another thing to block. She went to the bathroom and kicked open the door to see her sister lying face first on the floor in a pool of her own blood. Sarah started to cry as she picked up her sister’s limp body. She walked out to the front door and without looking back, left. As soon as she stepped out of the old iron gates, Xander’s voice disappeared. Sarah sighed thankfully, though still sobbing over her sister’s death. As she walked to the neighbor’s house (which, in this town, was a good mile or two away) with her sister’s body, she realized that she was now all alone in the world, and that she would never return to the Hamilton House ever again.


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2009-03-11 [Piercedskull]: AWESOME!

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2010-10-25 [KnightAngel]: Hmmm, first saw it now XP

2010-10-25 [XxTsomexX]: I posted it on here last year lmao

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