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The Goonies
This a a wiki created by a fan of The Goonies and for the fans of The Goonies.You can chat here about the movie or what ever you want.Feel free to join.REMEMBER!DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE!

1-[murdered]owner&creator of page
2-[Figmant of your Imaginary Nation] ummm...what can i say! ^^ loov the goonies! ^^'
3-[will turner neko]
4-[BlankPage] my sissy signed i am tooo!!!
5-[GothicMoon] Goonies rock!
6-[colbert;] first time i watched the Goonies, i fell in love with them. ^_^
7-[Happy Camper] Goonies never say die!
8-[Wild Rose] I saw the goonies when i was little, can't remember really good, but i know it was great and i enjoyed it a lot.
9-[something wicked] - i am chunk..or alteast the female version (does the shuffle)
10-[Bunny of The Moon~] <<Is a goonie at heart.
11-[Hairyfoot] Awww...The Goonies. That was my favourite childhood film y'know!
12-[Forever Dreaming] I saw Nick ([murdered]) do the Truffle Shuffle the other day and figured I owed it to him to join =p
13-[Blood Angel] WHAAA SO AWSOME GOONIES ^.^
14-[not on here anymore] YAY!!! a wiki for the Goonies...I'm so hapeh!! some1 got a tissue?? any1?? *sniffle*
15-[Irishpixie] I love the goonies!! Goonies never say die!
16-[Dwarf Ronin] I only seen the goonies once. Tuffle Shuffle!!!!!!!
17-[Leelo] Yeah I'm with [Dwarf Ronin] I only saw The Goonies once.
18-[Itsme2] YAY!!! Me like Goonies!!!!
19- [Dark Sekret Love] One of my fave movies! Im wearing my goonies shirt right now!! wow.
20-[:Alkor:] The Goonies: This Is The Best MOVIE EVER..! Cannt Live Without Them..! Chunks Is The Best Character/Acter
21-[Dorian Gray]: yay! So glad theres a wiki for The Goonies!! Little Sean Astin, oh so sweet and adorable, but I love data, definetly my fave character!!
22-[the obvious child]: RABIES RABIES RABIES!!
23-[Peter Pan] The Goonies. Now there's something even better than the Lost Boys!
24-[Shadow of the Bat] man I love this movie, it's awesome
25-[crows the raven ricky] HEY YOU GUUUYYYS!! Lol, I love this movie!
26-[Nothing 2 Hide] What? Turn right?Kill us?
27- [Lillith Winchester] Mouth rox!!!!!
27-[Pink_Pixie]1-eyed Willie(haha)I love this movie it's a classic
29. [Trashy.P O P O.] wooo i <3 the goonies!! This is a kick butt movie!!
30.[sexii_leslie] that movie is awsome!! i culd watch it all day!! actually i just watched it yesterday!!! lol
31.[non-existant] that one asian dude is so fucking hott!!!


calm down i am trying to get the new one up as soon as possible

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2004-07-14 [Irishpixie]: oh so are the original actors gonna be in it?

2004-07-15 [murdered]: yeah

2004-07-15 [Irishpixie]: thats cool!!

2004-07-27 [murdered]: ... ...

2004-07-29 [murdered]: how is everyone

2004-08-08 [Sweetcheekzz]: omg i love the goonies!! me n my friend noelle are obsessed

2004-08-15 [murdered]: cool join if you want

2004-10-17 [Dorian Gray]: aaaw minature Sean Astin... yay its such a fabby film!!

2004-10-20 [murdered]: yes it is

2004-11-11 [murdered]: so how is everyone one since no one comes in here anymore

2004-11-11 [Irishpixie]: i am good and you?

2004-11-13 [murdered]: fine just one really chats in here anymore so we need to get more active in here

2004-12-04 [crows the raven ricky]: well, we'll just have to wait for the banners, so we can put em on our house page! Ill try to be PATIENT...which im not very good at

2004-12-09 [murdered]: i don't really have time to make banners so people can volunteer

2004-12-10 [crows the raven ricky]: Sure wish I had photo shop.....darnit....oh well....

2004-12-13 [murdered]: save up some money and go buy it

2005-06-22 [sexii_leslie]: hey

2005-07-05 [Pink_Pixie]: I love The Goonies. This Movie Rocks!!!

2005-07-07 [murdered]: hello all

2005-07-07 [sexii_leslie]: hey....

2005-07-07 [murdered]: hi

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