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The Final

The Final is a fictional band consisting of six members. These comics have little to nothing to do with the manga in progress. I own all rights to all characters in these comics excluding any and ever reference to bands such as X Japan, Dir En Grey, Alice Nine, Duel Jewel and Moi Dex Mois. I do not own any rights to any of the bands listed above nor am I associated with them in any way. These comic are meant in fun nothing more.

The Final menbers:
[Emeni]: Guitarist, band leader, and founder
Versailles: Bassist
Tsuki (Twin): Keyboardist
Jessie: Drummer
Casey: Rhythm guitarist
Jammie: Vocalist

The Comics

Academy gets in the way
Casey is for canvas
Death to Versailles
Bad Emeni part 1
Bad Emeni part 2

Comics drawn and copyright (c) [Emeni]

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