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 Cornelius was a shy boy from Brooklyn. He was only sixteen when tragedy struck his home, a quiet young teen he would lay on his living room floor and listen to his father Robby play guitar. Dark brown eye's and a contagious smile, He had the whole world at his feet.

 One cold day Cornelius and his father where driving down an icy road. As Cornelius leaned down to turn up the radio, Robby's hand slipped off the wheel. The tires turned and the car slid across the dark black road. Cornelius vision blurred and he could hardly hear. As the ambulance pulled Cornelius out of the flaming car Robby's screams came to an end. Suddenly the sky was a blaze and Cornelius was in tears.

 Six months after Robby's death Cornelius was released from the hospital. As Cornelius and his mother walked down the crowed streets it all finialy hit him. He couldn't hear the car's rush by him, he couldn't hear his mother cry, he couldn't even hear his own words. He was depth, he would never hear his mother speak again, most of all the one thing Robby left behind, the music, he would never hear the music again.

 Late that night Cornelius laid in his bed staring at the shadows on the wall in dead silence. It was the first night being home without his father there, the first night music didn't fill the house. All he could think was Depth, why not blind? Why did god take his father and his music that fateful day? He felt as if his heart was ripped out at the very same moment the music died.

 Suddenly Cornelius was sitting on the living room floor listening to his father play guitar. Robby's finger's moved through the frets with a graceful speed. Sadly his dream came to an end and he was back in his room staring at the lonely guitar in the corner. Cornelius stood up and picked up the guitar. He began to strum his father's song. As his mother listened she began to cry. It was almost as if Robby was alive again. He lived on in the song. Her Depth son played her late husbands guitar that day and never put it down, All because the day the music died.

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