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The Darkness and the Light 4

Authors: [The Vampire Armand], [cyberhavok]

A/N: This is the fourth chapter of me and [The Vampire Armand]'s story. To see the first part, please read The Darkness and the Light. Now, on to the story! -^-^-

Noir frowned, running out of the room to catch up with Elirian. He knew he never, NEVER should've let Telin do that to him. "ELIRIAN, PLEASE!!" he yelled after him, hoping that he would catch up to him but he could hardly see anything for the tears that were flowing from his eyes. He had never felt this horrible in his life. "I'M SO SORRY!" he cried out, knowing that his words meant nothing to Elirian now but he still hoped that...he would return to him.

Elirian purposely hid from Noir, his own tears sliding mercilessly down his cheeks. His heart was torn into shreds as the memory played back in his mind again and again.

"ELIRIAN?!!" he yelled, hoping to find him. He searched for him everywhere, but was unable to locate him. "PLEASE, COME OUT! I KNOW WHAT I DID WAS WRONG BUT...PLEASE...FORGIVE ME..." Noir burst into tears, falling to his hands and knees. How could he have been so stupid and heartless to do this to Elirian? He felt as if his life was over...

Elirian was surprised to hear Noir cry and so he came out from his hiding spot" can I forgive you!? You played with me! You told me you loved me, told me no other would be in my place, told me everything...WHY did you do what you did!? Why did you lie to me!?"

Noir looked up, surprised that Elirian had come out of nowhere. He did not answer any of his questions, but jumped up and ran over to him, hugging him tightly. "Oh, Elirian, I thought that you'd left me for good!!" he sobbed. "I'm...I'm so sorry that I did that to you... Please, I promise...if you come back I'll never do it again! W-we can even fire Telin if that would make you happy!"

Elirian broke down and started crying in Noir's arms" Why the hell did you do that to me?"

"I...I'm sorry... I don't know what came over me..." He held on tighter to Elirian, afraid that if he loosened his grip that he would slip away from him. "I was just...weak. Please, forgive me, my love!"

"How can I forgive you Noir!? You lied to me! Cheated on me...with our fucking house keeper no less." He said through clenched teeth, hitting at Noir's chest.

Noir frowned, knowing the pain that Elirian must have been going through. "Please...I'm begging you to forgive me... I mean... I understand that you're upset with me but I honestly can't live without you. You are everything to me. To explain what I did to was...nothing. It meant nothing to me... I would much rather have you than him, my love."

"Then why did you do it in the first place!? If I meant so much to you why did you do it!?" Elirian demanded, collapsing in a complete heap.

Noir stared down at him, feeling completely miserable. He rested his hand on Elirian's head. "I don't know why I did it... I'm begging you to forgive me...please..."

Elirian shook his head and forced himself up"No...I am afraid not..I cannot forgive you after that." And with that he left him, hoping to not see his face again.

"No!" Noir grabbed a hold of him, refusing to let him go. "I won't let you leave me! You'll be mine forever, whether you want to be or not!"

Elirian wrenched out of his hold and ran as fast as he could away from him.

Noir just stared, knowing that he was incapable of capturing him now. He stood there for what seemed like hours, just looking at the place where Elirian had once stood. His mind raced, thinking on how everything had changed in just a few hours... Tears ran down his face onto the ground. His heart felt as if it was being ripped out of his chest. All this for a maid? He shook his head. What a fool he was for this... Knowing that Elirian would never return to him, he turned his back, walking into the darkness....


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2006-12-20 [cyberhavok]: *sighs* I hope to photoshop my picture of Lyric tonight when my mom gets done.

2006-12-20 [The Vampire Armand]: ok

2006-12-20 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: hallo
i've missed you two....
it has seemed like ages since I've actually talked to you both

2006-12-21 [cyberhavok]: We miss teh Bacon-chan!

2006-12-21 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: -hugs-
then take me away from this place!!! T_T

2006-12-21 [The Vampire Armand]: I woiuld if I could

2006-12-21 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: yes, I know dear... I thank you...

2006-12-22 [cyberhavok]: I would too! But I have no place to hide you! *pouts*

2006-12-22 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: -sighs-
a closet would be fine

2006-12-22 [cyberhavok]: You can't live in my closet! It's too small! ><

2006-12-22 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: I could stand up when I sleep.. I've done it before +_+

2006-12-22 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: Only once though

2006-12-24 [cyberhavok]: You're still not living in my closet!

2006-12-24 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: ok.. it's fine...

2006-12-24 [cyberhavok]: *pats Bacon on head* It's okay.

2006-12-24 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: ....

this makes me feel worse somehow...

2006-12-24 [cyberhavok]: What? Why?! *feels bad*

2006-12-24 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: That's ok... I'm better! Don't worry about it!

2006-12-27 [cyberhavok]: *whimpers*

2006-12-27 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: I'm ok! -hugs-

2006-12-27 [cyberhavok]: Good. *huggles back*

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