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The Darkness and the Light
The Darkness and the Light 2

Authors: [cyberhavok], [The Vampire Armand]


Elirian woke to what he thought was sunlight streaming through the carriage door and he panicked, bolting uprigth when he realized it was merely lanterns on a street. He pulled back the carriage curtain and he saw the most vast city he had ever seen in his life. People were out and about and buildings stood tall and lit. He shivered under the complete ecstasy of the view and then another thought hit them. He didn't understand a word these people were saying. But it seemed gentle enough..the bit he caught as he passed by randmo people. He sighed and leaned against his seat. Were they finaly there?

Noir slowly began to awaken, staring at Elirian. He peeked out the window, smiling. "Well, this must be Italy."

Elirian nodded slowly"Wow Noir..this is pretty."

Noir smiled, nodding in agreement. He took Elirian hand and opened the carriage door. "Are you ready to see all this city has to offer us?"

"So long as there isn't a group of morons ready to kil us.."Elirian said, grabbign onto Noir's hand and kissing him lightly.

"Yes, I know exactly what you mean." He kissed him back and helped him out of the carriage, staring around at the lights and architecture before him. It was lovely, no other words for it. And Noir could hardly wait to drink in all of it's distinguished culture...and the delicious blood of a few Italians, of course.

Elirian clung to Noir, a bit afraid of the city suddenly, not because he sensed danger but because of its grand-ness..."Nmm Noir I am hungry.."

"Do you want to hunt now? I think it would be best if we settle ourselves first."

Elirian nodded"Yes I suppose we should get a hotel you have a place in mind?"Elirian asked, pouting and a bit lost.

"It all depends on what you want. Do you want to stay here? I live," Noir said, blushing. He thought of him and Elirian spending their lives together and his heart fluttered gleefully.

"Yes! That would be lovely!"Elirian said, his eyes sparkling and wrapping his arms around Noir's neck.

Noir smiled, wrapping his arms around his waist. "Well, we'll have to find someplace to stay for the time being. We can't very well purchase a house to live in at this time of night."

Elirian nodded"Yes, that does sound like a good idea, I am exhausted...sitting in that damned carriage"He said, yawning and licking along Noir's neck.

Noir smiled, moving away from his lover. "Do you want to stay in an inn then?"

Elirian nodded, sad to have to pull away from Noir. He moaned slightly from it and his eyes were half-lidded with need of proper sleep and lust."Tomorrow we can find a house."

"Yes, I think that's a good idea. But for tonight, I suppose we'll be finding an inn."

Elirian nodded"We are sharing a room and everything...right?"He said, wanting simply to sleep by his lover.

"Of course! I would never let you sleep without me," he said incredulously.

Elirian smiled happily and bit his lover's bottom lip."Good neither would where to find a hotel.."

Noir licked his lover's lips, then moved away from him. He then started walking until he saw the lights of an inn. He led Elirian inside, paying for it with the money they had gotten from his lover's house. Then he took him upstairs to their room.

Elirian had brought a book to read and settled himself on one side of the bed, happily skimming over the pgaes, glad to finaly be able to rest again.

Noir layed down next to him quickly, closing his eyes tiredly. He stared at Elirian as he looked through the book.

Elirian sat the book down and layed down more fully, laying close to Noir."I love you."He whispered, laying his head on his chest.

"I love you too," he whispered, closing his eyes and absent-mindedly stroking his back.

Elirian nipped on Noir's chest, playfully suckling his skin." late is it exactly?"

Noir looked outside, seeing thatthe sun was slowly beginning to rise. "Around 6 in the morning I assume."

Elirian sighed and hugged on to his Noir, startng to drift off."I am so happy to be here with you."He said, meaning it completely

"I feel the same. But, why don't we go to sleep, hm?" He kissed his forehead. "I'm tired and I know you must be too."

Elirian nodded, already drifting off to sleep.

Noir closed his eyes and slowly followed him into slumber.

Elirian bolted out of his sleep, dreaming about fire and sunlight, a cold blood sweat was dripping down his every feature as he shook in fear, a bright candle making him recoil and fall off their bed, calling out to Noir
"Noir! The sun!"

Noir shot up, blinking confusedly. "W-what?!" He looked to the window. The sun still hadn't come up completely. "Um...what are you talking about?"

Elirian still had his eyes shut and he was still dreaming about it, tears running down his cheeks before he snapped his eyes open again" are you...I just saw you get...oh"He said, realization dawning upon him. He shyly whispered"Just a dream."

Noir pulled him close. "Don't worry. I'm here. But what happened in this dream, love that's got you so frightened?" He looked at him with deep concern.

We...were caught in the light..somone found out about us..and then we were in the light and our house was on fire..It..was so horible."Elirian said, burying his face into Noir's chest.

Noir held him even closer. "It's okay. Nothing's going to happen to us, dear. You have nothing to fear."

Elirian nodded, sobering up"So..can we go look for a house?"He said, happily all of a sudden.

"Well, the sun's coming up, so tomorrow evening, okay?" He smiled, kissing him lightly.

Elirian's sense of balance was thrown off."I=it is!? But we just..I thought..oh wel never mind."He said, climbing back into bed, curling up under the covers after kissing Noir.

"You were only asleep for a few minutes. Go back to sleep." Noir kissed him soothingly. "And don't worry. I'll be here for you, to make sure nothing bad happens."

Elirian nodded, feeling sleep tug at him again and snuggled back into Noir."I love you."

"I love you as well, dear," he whispered, kissing his forehead before drifting back into sleep as well.

The next night Elirian woke and grinned, Noir was beside him, he wasnt burnt to a crisp and the night seemed like fun as he heard the noises outside. He practicaly pounced on Noir."Noir! Wake up!House time!"He said, laughing and kissing him.

Noir jumped in surprise, looking around. He expected to see some intruder in the house from the way Elirian had yelled but he was merely excited. He wiped the remaining sleep from his eyes, yawning a bit and scratching his head. "Yes, you're right. Good evening, dear," he said groggily.

Elirian giggled, stradling Noir's hips."Hmm Noir dear..why are you so tired??You can sleep all you want when we get settled down."He said, half frowning, kissing Noir sweetly.

"I'm sorry. I just didn't sleep well for some reason." He yawned again, then kissed Elirian back. "Well, I can't go anywhere with you sitting on top of me," he said jokingly.

Elirian pouted playfully"But I like being on top of you.."He said, kissing him again but getting off and getting changed into presentable items for house searching.

Noir smirked and got out of bed, changing his clothes as well. Once he was ready, he turned to Elirian. "What kind of place would you like to live in?"

"A realy big one like those places we saw when we arrived last night..."Elirian said, his head tilted to the side in thought.

"I don't really know if we have enough money for that," he said sadly. He wanted to give Elirian everything, but since he wasn't financially able to it made him very sad.

Elirian chuckled"I have a bit of a know..everyone we feed on...they have moeny yes? They obviously wont be needing it anymore.."He started but was suddenly ashamed and stopped"Nevermind."

Noir thought quietly. "It's not a bad idea, except the fact that we're stooping to the level of common thieves. No, I will think of something else. I promise." He kissed Elirian's forehead.

Elirian nodded."Yes, good point."Elirian said, kissing Noir and pulling his hair back, yawning.

"Hm...." Noir thought quietly for a long while. "I have an idea. But first, do you want to feed?"

Elirian shook his head"For once I am actualy not hungry."He said, surprised at himself.

"Well, alright. To the bank then." He smiled and took Elirian's hand, leading him in the direction he hoped the bank was.

Elirian was confused."Do you know where the bank is then?"

Noir fell silent. " precisely." He chuckled sheepishly.

"Oh?What does that mean?"He asked, confused."You said lets go, like you know where we were."

"I'm sorry. But...I suppose we'll have to ask because I...don't know where I'm going."

"Okay!" Elirian said, almost hyperly, this would give him a chance to get to know the area better.

Noir noticed a woman and, walking over to her, asked her in fluent Italian where the bank was. They talked animatedly for a few minutes before Noir returned to Elirian. "She says it's just down the road, then you make a left." He smiled weakly. "She wouldn't leave me alone," he whispered. "She kept inviting me to some party."

Elirian was a bit amazed."Wow...I didn't know you could do that.."

Noir smiled. "Well, I like to read a lot. Since there were some stories in Italian that I really wanted to read, I just learned the language so I could read them." He shrugged as if it weren't a big deal.

Elirian grinned happily."Okay! So! Lets go to that bank."

Noir held his hand out for Elirian. "Yes. Let's."

Elirian grabbed on to it happily, kissed Noir and let him led the way, taking in the sight around him. Everything was paradise...why had they even thought about stopping in Paris when they could have come straight to here?

Noir walked as quickly as he could, arriving at the bank in no time. He went up to one of the teller's and began speaking in fluent Italian. The man went into the back to check something and brought back a large, black box. He seemingly asked Noir for his signature and, after doing so, they took their leave. Noir grinned. "This is the key to our fortune, my dear!"

"Errr whats in there and how is it a forturne?"Elirian asked confused and kissing his lover's cheek.

"It's a key to something that I know will get us some money," he said, leaving an air of mystery about the contents of the box.

Elirian raised an eyebrow" what?"

"Just wait and see." He smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

Elirian gave a small pout"That is soo not fair."He said looking fake hurt and wrapping an arm around Noir's waist.

"Trust me. It'll be worth the wait." Noir led him away from the lights of the city, down a very dark alleyway that was unseen by the eyes of the aristocratic. It was dark and damp, not a place that seemed to have buried treasure. Then again, you never could judge a book by its cover. Finally, Noir came to a large wall. Making sure no one was around, he unlocked the door and quickly beckoned Elirian to follow.

Elirian was a bit surprised at this"Errr are you sure your not leading me to my demise?"He asked a bit amazed and almost scared.

"No, of course not." Noir led him down a dark, damp hallway to another locked room. He unlocked it with the key and they entered a room that seemed to be painted with gold for all the jewels and other expensive trinkets that lay scattered all about. "This, my dear, is our buried treasure."

Elirian gawked at it all."Wait....then we didnt have to almost get killed by my dog!?"

Noir smiled weakly. "Would you be mad at me if I said that I just remembered that I had it?" He laughed sheepishly as he looked around at all of the fineries.

Elirian grinned."No I suppose not.."He said kissing Noir."So nwo what ? We need a house still...and more items like clothing and what not.."

"Well that's simple enough. We just sell all of this and get what we need." He smiled, wrapping his arm around Elirian's shoulder.

"Okay..Noir..where did you get this all from?"Elirian asked, still a bit incredulous.

Noir was quiet. "It's...from my family. It's all of their heirlooms..."

"Touchy subject? I hope I didnt just ruin your night with that.."

Noir shook his head. "I don't mind so much... It's just that... Nevermind."

Elirian felt as though Noir may have been hiding a small part of him..Elirian did want to help and felt a little bad that he wasnt..allowed to. So he just dismissed the subject for now he would bring it up another time." shall we go and get settled?"

"Yes. Right after we get what we need." Noir searched through the mounds of gold and retrieved two bags, handing one to Elirian and keeping one for himself. He began to fill his bag with all the treasures he could manage to carry, which was actually quite a bit.

Elirian took the bag and held it protectively to his chest."Mnn Noir...shall we?"He asked, kissing Noir's cheek.

Noir hoisted the now exceptionally heavy bag onto his shoulder and nodded. "Yes. Now we can leave." He smiled, kissing Elirian in return, and led him out of the room.

Elirian followed somewhat happily"Umm Noir how are we supposed to tell which houses are for sale?

"Asking around is always a good idea," Noir said as they reached the street again and he locked the door of the secret passageway.

"That it is....being sarcastic?"Elirian asked, having as always his communication problems.

Noir smirked. "I'm just playing with you, of course, love." He kissed Elirian's forehead.

Elirian smiled and kissed Noir on the lips, looking for any signs for houses that would be for they could obviously afford to buy one now.

Noir kissed him back but pulled away. "Well then, since money is no longer a problem, let's go look at some houses." He smiled kindly.

Elirian grinned happily and then looked down the road spotting a breath taking larger old villa."Oh my gods Noir... look."He said pointing at the house.

Noir looked at the house, surprised by its beauty. "My... It's lovely," he murmured, walking closer to it.

Elirian could not help but be excited and he practicly clung to Noir as he went over to the house.

Noir looked over at Elirian, smiling. "Is this the house you want, love?"

Elirian nodded still obsessively staring at the home. Oh dear was it ever huge...they were going to have to get a house keeper of some sort.

"Then this is the house we'll buy. Now, to the bank!" Noir said, laughing to himself. This was the beginning of a wonderful life for him and Elirian and he couldn't be happier.


 Elirian smiled setting up the rooms of their new home, it was far larger then he had thought from looking at it even on the outside, and that view alone was huge! He went about setting furniture while Noir was doing his own preperations...they were so going to need a house keeper for all of this.

Noir smiled as he looked at the bedroom. It was dark, very dark. But that was just how Noir liked things. Besides, the huge window would provide enough light, if they really needed it. He layed back on the bed, staring at their new home. Yes, their home...

Elirian finsished getting their home in order and he sighed, finding his lover in their room."Noir love.."He started, climbing on top of him on the bed"We need to feed...and then we are so going to have to hire a house keeper....this si going to be rediculous to try to keep this whole ting clean."he said with a smile.

"Hm...I suppose." Noir looked at their house. He hadn't really cared about the cleanliness of the house but if Elirian wanted it, he didn't really mind. "Alright." He sat up, running a hand through his long black hair. "Okay, let's go."

Elirian grinned happily"Alright let me get my shoes back on...."He said, kissing Noir sweetly before running out to their living room and doing just that.

Noir left the room, waiting patiently at the door for his lover.

Eliran kissed Noir before hooking arms with him"So...where do we go for this exactly?"He asked, locking their house up.

"Do you mean to feed or to find a housekeeper?" he said, clearly confused.

"Both."Elirian stated, looking all about him.

"Well, we should probably feed first and that shouldn't be too difficult, right?" he smiled.

Elirian nodded"Yes I should think so."He said smiling, kissing Noir's cheek."I want that one.."He said pointing to a wandering seemingly lost mortal boy, his stomache growled at him.

"Then take him. I will find someone else." Noir kissed his forehead and left to find his own victim.

Elirian nodded, not liking his being seperated from Noir in this place but he did as he was told luring the mortal into the alley, feeding from him carefully.

Noir easily lured a young woman down an alleyway and swiftly drank her dry.

Elirian disposed of the body and went back to the spot where he had left Noir, waiting for him there.

Noir finished off the woman and came back out, licking the remaining blood from his lips.

Elirian smiled softly"All full?"

"Yes, actually. Now, how're are we going to find this maid?" Noir pondered to himself.

"I was wondering the same they have any kind of new papers adds?"

"I would assume so but that would probably take some time," Noir said, still trying to think of something.

"Yeah it might..."Elirian said in agreement....what else were they supposed to do though?

"Hm..." Noir looked down at the ground, at a complete loss. "Well...we could-" He stopped, happening to see a boy carrying a large bag of cleaning supplies as he walked down the road. "Or we could ask him. Excuse me, young man!" Noir called, chasing after him.

The boy turned around, a small bit of his hair hanging in his eyes he looked at Noir and suddenly felt a small blush rise to his cheeks. This man was beautifull..'"Yes sir?"

Elirian followed after Noir and saw the blush in the boy's cheeks..he vaguely wondered why and hoped it didnt have anything to do with his lover.

"I was wondering um...I hope this doesn't sound too odd but are you a housekeeper?"

The boy nodded"Yes..why?"

Elirian wrapped an owning arm around Noir's waist.

"Well, we've been looking for a housekeeper. We're new here so we were hoping'd work for us. To clean, I mean. We'd pay you, obviously."

The boy nodded"Sure! I would be more then happy to!"He said ..this would be perfect...and oh how lovely that man looked...he couldn't be any luckier.

Elirian smiled softly at the boy's willing to work.

Noir grinned. "Good. Well, if you'd follow us please." He began to lead the young man to their home. "Oh, what's your name?"

"Telin."The dark haired boy said, grabbing his bag and following their lead, glaring at Elirian.

Elirian pouted,Why was the boy glaring at him?

Noir smiled. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Telin. My name is Noir and this is my lover, Elirian. You'll be working for us, obviously." He held his hand out for Telin to shake.

Telin nodded, and shook Noir's hand, holding it a little longer then perhaps he should have.

Elirian huffed. Had Noir not seen the way the boy had glared at him?He held out his hand anyways and the boy shook it, smiling sweetly, almost dispersing any of Elirian's jealous thoughts.

Noir led them down the road, completely oblivious to the animosity between the two men.

Elirian followed after, slipping a hand inside one of Noir's pockets, nipping his shoulder owning ly.

Telin saw this and not only blushed but glared at Elirian like he has just killed his best friend or somthing.

Noir surpressed a moan of pleasure at this. "What are you doing?" he whispered to him.

Elirian smiled innocently"Showing affection."

Telin followed alongside them, almost skipping happily because hewas going to work again..and for somone completely beautifull.

Noir smiled and kissed him lovingly. "How's that for affection?"

Elirian smiled happy"Can I get more later??"He asked, pouting and slipping his hand into Noir's pants.

Telin tried his best to ignore them , growing more angry by the second, but he hid his emotions well as always.

Noir stopped, groaning deep within his throat. "Um...dear, we're on a public street."

Elirian smirked"Yes, and they cant see that, your coat is covering can we play when we return??"

Noir nodded. "Most certainly." He kissed his lover's lips passioantely.

Elirian was now not so jealous and he smled, hanging on to Noir.

Telin growled at this and continued to follow after them, a tiny bit deternibed to steal Noir from Elirian

They finally reached the house and Noir unlocked the door, letting both men in before him.

Telin smiled at them both as he entered the house, it was beautifull...large too..this woul dbe interesting to keep.

Elirian smiled softly and handed Telin a list of things that would need to be done and whatnot before staring Noir down with a lusted look in his eyes.

"Um...should we give him a tour of the place first?" Noir whispered, seeing precisely what his lover wanted and, he had to admit, he wanted it too.

Elirian pouted lightly but nodded.

Teling smiled softly..he would not take him from him just yet....soon enough though... soon enough.

"Alright. me show you around." Noir smiled at the boy, leading him down the downstairs hallway.

Elirian decided to wait there, trying to think up ways that he was to lay with his lover, and show him just how much he loves him.

Telin smiled at Noir and followed him, a bit surprised that he was even left alone in his company"So..where did you guys move from?"

"France," he said quickly, thinking about the horrible coven of vampires that had run into during their short time in Paris.

Telin sensed the unease behind this"Oh...not a good time huh?"He asked, staring up at Noir, blushing a little as he took in his no must not think like that.

"No, not at all. I don't think I'll ever go back again..." he said, shuttering.

Teling wanted to hug Noir suddenly, felt his grief ...he was an empath and he felt the terribleness of the events that had appearantly taken place.

"But is the bedroom," he gestured to the first, very large, room they came to. "It's a bit of a mess since we just set it up so...yeah"

Telin blushed faintly at this..this was Noirs room...a sacred place and he was being shown lovely..but...that is where he slept and made love to bittersweet..
Telinsmiled"Its pretty..soo how long have you and Elirian been together?"Unable to hide the tone of stress that hit his voice at Elirian's name.

"Hm...I would probably say about...3 months."

Telin nodded. That was it?Three?He may have a better chance then he originaly thought.."Well you two seem happy.."

"We are. Very happy. I love him more than anything in this world..."

Tekin growled at this , but lowly, hoping to not be heard."Oh wel that is good then I suppose..have you veer heard of sunlight?"He asked, noting Noir's pale skin.

Noir stopped, looking at him quizically. "What makes you ask that?"

Telin decided to turn on his fliriting skills and traced Noir's cheek with his forfinger."Your skin..its so pale..practicly defines the color white...and its cold. And those eyes of bright..and unusual in color..your hair shines so bright.."He said, grabbing a strand of it and twirling it around his finger.

Noir was utterly confused by the boy's sudden lasciviousness, but not completely turned off either. "Well...I was just born this way. There's no explaining it..."

Telin continued, noting Noir was not exactly pulling away."And everytime you speak, your eyeteeth...they ....are they quite normaly sized??"He asked, still twirling the strand of Noir's hair around his finger.

"Of course they are," Noir said, becoming uncomfortably with his questions.

"You know what I think..."Telin paused and pressed up against Noir before whispering in his ear"I ...think your a vampire."

Noir shuddered, finally finding it within himself to push the boy away. "Of course I'm not! That's absurd!"

Teling smirked and shruggs"Alright Mr. Bat....but those teeth of yours dont just lengthen on their own..."He said, pointing at Noir's mouth.

Noir scowled. "I'll beg of you, as our employee, do not ask me personal questions as such please."

Telin nodded"That is fine....but it would nto btoher me...and I woudl keep it a secret.."Telin said with a shrug"Anyways, should we not tour the rest so that you may get to your lover?

Noir ran a hand through his hair. "I suppose...we should finish up so you can get to work tomorrow and there won't be any questions."

Telin nodded."Yes.."He said in reply..staring off into his thoughts, thinking of exactly how nice Noir's skin had felt when he had touched soft his hair was...

Noir led him down the hallway. "Um...there are three bathrooms. This is one of them," he opened the door. For some reason he was feeling very anxious.

Telin nodded and smiled as Elirian came around the corner"Good gods, what is taking you two so long."He said with a roll of his eyes and a hungry look in Noir's direction.

"Oh...just conversing a bit. Why, did you miss me?" Noir said, walking past Telin to wrap his arms around his lover.

"You knoe I did."Elirian said with a pout, capturing his lover's lips with his own.

Teling cleared his throat"Ahem..uhnnnn I can show myself around if you two...need alone-time."

"Yes, go right ahead," Noir said, not really wanting to pay attention to the other boy at this point.

Telin nodded and left the two , exploring the house.

Elirian ground lightly against Noir"Mnnn waited too long..please....bedroom.."He whimpered, biting his lover's neck.

"Do you really want him to come in and find us in a compromising position?" He smiled evilly.

"Who cares, you already showed him the bedroom he should have noi reason too."Elirian said with a hungry growl, nibbling along his lover's jaw.


The next day, Noir awoke the sound of knocking at their door. He sighed, figuring it was Telin. The boy was quite prompt, maybe even a bit too prompt. He shook Elirian. "Wake up, dear."

Telin smiled as he heard 'HIS' Noir awaken and went form the door.

Elirian smiled as he woke ,satisfied from the other night's activities.."Awe Noir...cant we sleep justa little longer?"

"No. Telin is here and we can't just leave him," he said as he got dressed.

Telin went about the house doing his chores as there was not too much to do.

"Well ....Do I have to? You can get up if you want but we realy dont have tooo much to do..I am still exhausted and I need sleep. Crave it."

"Well, alright. I'll just go down there and you can stay here and rest." Noir smiled and gave him a peck on the forehead.

Elirian smiled back and pulled him down for a kiss before turning over and falling back to sleep."Alright sweety, I will see you when I get up again."

Telin was in the middle of stocking up wood near the fire place.

"Alright. Have a good sleep, love." And with that, Noir left the room to find Telin already at work. "Wow, you're right on time," he commented.

Telin smiled happily as he was greeted by Noir"Of course Master Elirian not coming down?"Telin asked, secretly hoping not so he could work on his seduction of Noir.

"No. He's a bit tired." Noir went to sit down on a nearby couch. "So, how are you this evening?"

"I am quite alright actualy."He said, his eyes raking over Noir, drinking in every detail of him....gods he wondered just how good this man had to of been in bed.....

"So, are you getting along alright? No problems, I hope?" Noir asked, not missing the piercing looks the man was giving him.

"Oh yes, I am getting along just fine. I love your choice in housing by the way..very unique." Telin said, sighing softly, hoping he wasnt about to start drooling.

"Hm. Well, that's good. I'm going to go into the library then and let you continue with your work." Noir rose from the couch and began to head out of the room. He no longer wanted to be watched by the man's lustful eyes.

Telin nodded,"If you need anything then call."He said suddenly sorrowfull and a bit sad. He went about his way, making sure the alredy spotless house was indeed extra spotless.

Noir walked down the hallway, realizing that he wasn't even sure himself where the library was. He sighed sadly. 'Could I be an even bigger idiot?' he thought. He went back into their bedroom, staring boredly at his sleeping lover. This brought a smile to his lips though, seeing him so completely peaceful.

Elirian was indeed completely peacefull and yawned in his sleep, turning over and smiling softly at a pleasant dream.

Telin fought back tears of frustration as he took a small break, sitting out on the steps leading up to the large house.

Noir sat next to him, running a hand through his brown hair. He sighed happily, leaning down to kiss his cheek. When he pulled away, he imagined Telin's sleeping face in place of Elirian's. He jumped back, scaring himself. 'W-what was that... And why...why did I get... Oh, Gods!'

Elirian stirred and looked up at the frightened Noir"Are you alright love?"He asked, concernedly looking up at his lover.

"Huh? Um...y-yes..." he said, trying to regain his composure.

"Are you sure? You..look frightened." Elirian asked with concern.

"Really...I'm okay. Trust me..." he said weakly, closing his eyes and taking at deep breath.

Elirian nodded and began to rub his lover's shoulders to try and help relieve the stress that he could see form"Alright love."

Noir stared into his eyes. "Um...did you have a good rest?" he questioned, trying to change the subject.

Elirian nodded"That I did."He said, carressing now his lover's lower back.

Noir smiled at the touch and kissed his neck. "Do you want to go out and feed tonight?"

"Oh I think I would like that I am quite famished."He said with a yawn, kissing Noir and then sitting up and getting his out clothes on lazily."I dont know why I am so tired...probably from all of our traveling still catching up to me.."

Noir nodded understandingly, kissing his lover's forehead. "Well, once you get dressed we can go out."

Elirian got up and dressed quickly, giving Noir a long passionate kiss before standing at the bedroom door, ready"Alright then love, shall we?"

Noir smiled, taking his hand and leading him to the room where Telin was cleaning. "Um...we'll be heading out for a while."

Telin looked up and nodded, sighing" Of course sir, be carefull out there, the roads are slippery, the stone catches at your feet." He said, giving a soft glare to Elirian and smiling lovingly at Noir.

Elirian raised an eyebrow and pulled Noir outside."I dont think he likes me much love."

"What makes you say that?" Noir asked, completely oblivious.

Elirian shrugged..if Noir hadn't noticed maybe he was just imagining it"Oh I don't know...just..not used to this."

Noir shrugged. "Oh well. Anyway, let's get something to eat. I'm starving."

Elirian nodded, kissing Noir on the cheek before going after a rather tasty looking woman and sinking his fangs into her.

Noir let his lover feast on the woman as he went off and devoured a young man.

Elirian was only full after about two more and then he smiled and yawned in satisfaction"Nnnn lovely maker, where are you?"He asked with a playfull tone in his voice.

Finishing his meal, Noir returned to his lover, wrapping arms arolund him. "I'm right here, my love."

Nnn my Maker..."He said, turning around in his grasp and kissing him.

Noir kissed him back passionately, wrapping his arms around his waist. "My perfect creation..."

Elirian smiled and nibbled on Noir's neck"My perfect lover."He said in a low growl, catching Noir's ear lobe in between his teeth.

Noir moaned softly, breathing against his pale skin. "My only love..."

"Hnn Noir...I want you again, I dont know why but I am realy attracted to you lately."Elirian said with a chuckle and kissed him.

Noir blushed, suddenly thinking of Telin. "Well, I'm always attracted to you, love."

Elirian smiled"Awe, your blushing!!!!You rarely blush Noir!!"Elirian said, smiling and kissing him again, leading him somewhere out of site and pressing kisses to his neck.

Noir smiled and arched into his touches.

Elirian continued his kisses downwards, nipping his chest and suckling on the skin here and there as he moved fabrics out of the way.

Noir moaned, wrapping his arms around the boy so he could feel his body closer to him.

Elirian kissed further down him, untieing the laces at his pants and tugging them open, kissing down still, falling to his knees.

Noir's breath hitched as he held on tightly to his lover, awaiting the pleasure that was about to come.

Elirian took Noir into his mouth and sucked at him lovingly, wanting to hear his lover's moans that caused by him.

Elirian easily got his wish as Noir closed his eyes, moaning his lover's name out passionately.

Elirian continued to pleasure him, working him hard.

Noir leaned his head back against the wall, finding it increasingly harder to breath.

Elirian kept on , working different techniques he had discovered his lover had likes the last time they 'played'

Noir moaned out his lover's name... "Gods... You have an incredibly talented mouth, love..."

Elirian managed a wink at his lover, continuing to work at him.

Noir ran his hands through the other's hair, groaning. "I'm close, love..."

Elirian pulled away for only a second"Then come for me"He said, his voice growling as he took his lover back into his mouth.

Noir gasped loudly at his lover's demanding words and closed his eyes tightly as he felt himself release.

Elirian savored the taste of his lover, kissing a trail up to him after taking care of his lover's seed and kissed him"I love you Noir."

Noir kissed him back, smiling widely. "I love you too..."

"Nnn should we go home now my love??"Elirian asked, kissing him again.

Noir nodded, not trusting his voice.

Elirian smiled at Noir and lead him back to their house after kissing him again and sat in his favorite chair.

Noir sat next to his lover, resting his head on his lover's shoulder.

Elirian ran his fingers through Noir's hair.

Telin came out and glared at Elirian a second before sighing"Can I get you two anything?"He asked, smiling at Noir and Noir alone.

" Anything for you, love?" He looked at Elirian.

Elirian tilted his head"No no I am fine." He said , glaring the other man down.

"Very well."Telin said through tight lips as he left the room, trying to not let his jealousy get the better of him.

"What's with the scowl, love?" Noir questioned as he looked at his lover.

Elirian smiled."Nothing love..just had a weird thought.."

Noir frowned. "But you seem to be acting more irritable lately."

Elirian smiled."Nn sweety....I am fine, just...overloving of late."

Noir sighed. "If you're upset, you would tell me, right?"

"i would love I would."

Noir shook his head. "Shall we go out and get something to eat?"

"Yes, I think that would be fine..but I am not so hungry my love"

"Then we could just take a stroll together?" He smiled.

Elirian smiled about that." Hnn that sounds like fun.."He said, grabbing his hand and kissing him.

Noir kissed him back and led him out of the house, down the mostly abandoned streets. It felt as if this was their playground, a place for them to do whatever they wished, though still being watched by the eyes of mortals. He sighed, his breath appearing in the cool, night air.

" a bit romantic.."Elirian said happily"Whatever has gotten into you..I like it."

Noir shrugged. "Hm... I didn't know that I had changed."

"I think we have both changed, so much. And for the better."Elirian said, smiling and clinging closer to his lover.

Noir hugged him in return, but frowned somewhat. He most certainly had changed, but he wasn't sure if it was a good thing...

Elirian kissed Noir's cheek and saw his frown"What harms your thoughts, love?"

Noir looked up at him, shaking his head. "Nothing, my dear."

"Noir...there is obviously somthing, pelase tell me what it is."Elirian asked, his eyes softening as he leaned closer to kiss his lover's cheek.

Noir closed his eyes, shaking his head once more. "It's nothing I can't deal with. Please, don't worry about me. Everything will be fine."

"Only if your certain.." Elirian replied, sitting down on the ground.

Noir looked down at him sadly. "I haven't upset you, have I?"

"No, I am just...sad if you are."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you sad, my love." He sat next to him and wrapped his arms around his waist.

Elirian smiled" I am not, I just want you happy. I love you Noir."

"And I love you too, sweetheart." He kissed him softly on the cheek.

Elirian smiled and kissed him hard."Good, never not love me, you are the world to me and more." He said, hugging him tightly and standing."Where shall we walk to?"

"The park?" Noir said, staring into his green eyes. How could he ever think of leaving Elirian? What a fool he was to think he would find someone who loved him more than this...

Elirian grinne"Sure, I love you."

Noir smiled. "I love you too, sweetie." He kissed him passionately and led him towards the park.

Elirian walked with him to the park, feeling a torent of emotions he couldn't place. He felt loved and content and also worried and knowing at the same time. He felt as though his lover was no longer changing for the good and opening up to him but instead felt as though he was shutting his mind off to him and becoming more distant, even the passion in his kiss was different and he wondered so badly what was going on. But why worry? He had him to himself for now. And he grabbed Noir's hand in a tight and loving squeez as he was lead away to the park" I love you so much...tell me, are we going to be the usual romance story? Together forever? I would love that." He asked himself more then his lover as he ran through his thoughts.

Noir did not reply at first. Would he and Elirian be like that? Could he really be with Elirian for the rest of his immortal life? He had once thought he could before but now...he wasn't so sure. But, just to make him happy, he said, "Of course, my darling. Who else would I rather be with than you?"

Elirian was a bit uneasy with this reply and narrowed his eyes"You almost thats not the truth."He said, pouting softly and kissing his lover's cheek"But I hope we are.."

Noir sighed. "I'm surprised at you. Why would I lie about something like this? Of course I love you! I love you more than anything!"

"I am not accusing you of being a liar, merely of ...well...I just think..that maybe there could be another in your thoughts."

Noir shook his head fiercely. "No, never! I love you. You're the only one I ever dream of, Elirian. Don't be silly."

Elirian accepted this, his suspicion laid aside"Alright.."He said cupping Noir's face."I love you."

"I love you too, honey." He kissed his lips softly.

Elirian giggled suddenly." I remember how..hateul I was to you when we first met..and now look at us..we're inseperable..Noir..why did you turn me?"

Noir shrugged. "I...honestly don't know. It surprised me honestly..."

"But you are glad you did it?" Elirian asked, smiling to himself softly.

Noir smiled and nodded. "Yes. I'm very happy."

Elirian grinned and kissed him."Good..are you ready to return home yet?"

Noir nodded. "Yeah, I think that'd be wise. It's starting to become light."

Elirian hooked arms with his lover and lead him back towards their home.

Noir followed along, wondering just how much longer their happiness would last...

"When we get home, are you wanting to go straight to bed?"Elirian asked, yawning as they neared their house.

"Well, you seem pretty tired so I may as well."

Elirian nodded, reaching their door and walking in to see Telin right there waiting.

"Anything I can do for either of you before I head home?"He asked, smiling softly at Noir.

" Anything you can think of?" Noir looked at his lover.

Elirian narrowed his eyes a second"Nope, I'm all good..we were just headed off to bed."

"Well then goodnight sirs"Telin said, bowing to them both.

Noir smiled. "Goodnight to you, Telin. See you tomorrow evening."

Telin bowed to them and left.

Elirian lead Noir to bed, hastily falling to sleep.

Noir layed down next to him and, with nothing better to do, followed his lover into slumber.
The next evening Elirian woke happily, stroking the hair of his lover that slept next to him"Hnn honey, lets wake up and go feed."

Noir groaned, turning over and looking at Elirian. "Mmm... Do you know if Telin's here yet?"

Speaking of the man he happened to knock on the door at that time."That would be him."Elirian said yawning.

"Masters, Anything I can get you?"He asked from the other side of the door.

"Um...we'll be stepping out for a bit, Telin. I would appreciate it if you would clean our bedroom before we got back," he said.

Telin nodded"Alright sirs!"He said happily.

" can go now," Noir said.

Teling did as he was told.

Elirian raised an eyebrow"Are you feeling alright sweety?"

"Hm? Yes, I'm fine. Do I seem as if something is wrong?"

"To be frank..yes, your being kind of an ass."

Noir frowned. "I am?"

"Well you have certainly never flat-out dimissed him like that before."Elirian said with a shurg.

"Oh..." Noir looked down shamefully. "I guess... I don't know. I haven't been feeling myself lately."

Elirian kissed his lover"That is obvious..shall we go for food now?"

Noir nodded. "Yes, please. Maybe the night air will calm me down a bit..."

Elirian smiled."Maybe."He said, kissing Noir and leading him outside.

Noir smiled and kissed his lover passionately. "I love you. You know that, right?"

Elirian smiled" I know." He said, kissing Noir."So...what exactly do you think of our house keeper?"

"He seems...nice. And he's very efficient," Noir said, not wanting it to seem like he was interested in the boy.

Elirian nodded" Just checking..I saw him...eye you a time or two."

"Did he?" Noir said, trying to play it off as best as he could.

"You mean you couldn't tell? He hangs off your every word...when he asks what he is to do he stares directly into your eyes..."Elirian said with a scoff.

"Oh... I suppose I really didn't notice..." he mumbled.

"Are you sure your okay noir?" Elirian asked with a raised eyebrow"Well anyways..what do you want to do?"

"I thought we were going to go out for a walk?"

"Well...we have been walking love.."Elirian said, wuite tired for some reason, kissing Noir's cheek.

"Oh..." Noir was quiet as he kissed his lover back.

"Come on, let me get you back home and you can rest, I want to go to the store to get some things dont seem to be in a shopping mood.."Elirian said, realy worried for his love now.

"Oh, I'm up for shopping. I'm fine, really!" he said.

Elirian gave his lover a stern look. "Noir! Your bearly even up for talking! You realy think your up for shopping!?"

"Yes, I'm fine! Really!"

Elirian smiled"Alright , let's go then."He said, kissing him and leading him to the market.

Noir followed him. "What are we getting exactly?"

"Not sure yet.."Elirian said with a shrug.

"Oh, so you're just looking around?"

"Yes..why do you still want to go?"

"Of course! I want to spend as much time with you as I can." 'And as much time as I can away from Telin...' he thought.

Elirian nodded, smiling" Okay.." He said, entering the market and buying random things here and there.

Noir followed along behind him, but not really paying attention to anything around him. He couldn't stop thinking about Telin. No matter how hard he tried, his cute face haunted him like a ghost.

Elirian smiled, happy with his purchases and decided it was time to go back. "Okay love.,.home time." He said, practicly skipping towards their house's direction.

Noir nodded and followed behind him anxiously.

Elirian entered their house and sat down, yawning."Telin!!! Would you come and help Noir put these things away!?"He asked, sighing" I need a bath.."He said to himself, looking stressed.

Telin came down then, smiling softly at Noir, looking deep into his purple eyes "of course, Sir." He said, grabbing a few parcels and starting on putting them up as Elirian went up for a bath after kissing Noir.

Noir sighed tiredly as he helped Telin put the things away. He was the last person he wanted to be alone with...

Telin smiled at Noir and came up behind Noir, resting his hands on Noir's shoulders." You seem tense sir. Have you been sleeping well?" He asked, massaging them gently, feeling his own heart beat faster at finaly being able to touch the man he had been watching for some time now.

Upstairs, Elirian had gone up to the bath, drawing a nice tub of warm water.

Noir gasped, feeling the other's hands on him. "I...I... Yes, I've been fine," he said, nudging him away slightly. He didn't want him to stop but...Elirian was just upstairs...

"Are you sure?" Telin asked, ignoring Noir's nudge and continuing.

Noir nodded. "Yes, I'm quite sure... Please...stop..."

"Ah, but sir, are you so sure you would have me stop? You"Telin said, squeezing Noir's shoulders in the massage, letting his hands travel further down his back, making their way to the front as they got around his waist.

Noir accidentally let a moan slip past his lips. He prayed Teling hadn't heard it and bit his lip to keep another from escaping.

Telin had indeed heard the moan, shivering and pressing his lips to Noir's neck"Mnn I ..have abit of a tiny confession..I..want you."

Noir blushed, shaking his head. "I...I can't... Elirian..."

"i wont tell if you wont.." Teling said, nibbling lightly on Noir's neck.

"N-no..." Noir sighed, his will weakening. "Elirian is...j-just upstairs... He'll...he'll hear... B-besides...I l-love him..."

"Not if you keep quiet.."Teling said, sliding a hand in his pants" And I have seen you two obviously can't love him that much if you are so affected by this.."

Noir shook his head. "I...I do..." he said desperately trying to break free of the trance Telin had him in.

"Then break away." Telin said, sliding his hand in further , stroking Noir softly.

Noir panted softly, feeling horrible as he finally said the words, "I...I can't..."

"I didn't think so...." He said, encircling his hand around his legnth.

Noir moaned softly, closing his eyes tightly and trying to find support for himself.

Telin smiled, stroking him harder, pressing up against his back" feel so good in my grasp."

Noir panted, finally leaning against Telin's body. He licked his neck, biting it playfully.

Teling moaned out softly" Mnn shall I take you? Or should you take me?" He asked, Kissing along Noir's jaw line.

Noir shook his head. "Please...just finish what you were doing..." he said softly, fearing that Elirian would hear them doing this.

"Alright..." Telin said, stroking him harder

He bit his lower lips, closing his eyes tightly. He knew he would come soon...

It was at this time that Elirian silently came down the stairs and looked over at them. He silently gasped and watched them in shock, unable to say anything.

Telin stroked Noir faster, hoping to bring him to climax.

Noir bit his lip before finally reaching his climax, trying to surpress his moan of pleasure.

Teling smiled and kissed Noir's neck.

Elirian finaly gained the compsure to speak, tears in his eyes." Care to explain???"

Noir looked up, fear in his eyes. "E-Elirian? I-I..." he stuttered out.

Telin looked at the floor guiltily.

Elirian growled" Noir....I....never thought you this.." He said, tears streaming own his cheeks. He seemingly calmly walked over to Noir and smacked him hard across the face before grabbing his coat and heading towards te door." I hope you two are happy together.." He said, giving them both a saddend glare before walking out of the the park, trying to think about what he was going to do as his heart broke in tiny pieces and more tears slipped down his cheeks.

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