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A/N:To read the beginning of our tale, please visit The Darkness and the Light. Now on with the show!

Owners: [cyberhavok], [The Vampire Armand]

Elirian woke the next night, oddly rested feeling ...almost. His stomache felt like it was eating itself alive. He growled in unison with his stomache and decided to waken Noir."Noir..errr I think I am hungry."He said, shaking Noir gently, nipping at his earlobe.

Noir woke up, disgruntled. He swatted Elirian away like a pesky fly. He sighed, getting up off the ground. "Good evening to you too..." he said, yawning loudly. "Fine, let's find you a human to drink from because you're not drinking from me tonight. If you do, I'll be nothing but a skeleton. An ugly skeleton, I might add..."

Elirian gave a pouting look."Oh come on, but your so damn good tasting, and besides, you..could never be ugly Noir. "Elirian said, being completely lazy and laying on Noir.

"Don't try to tempt me with compliments. Just forget it. Come on, get dressed." Noir stood up, rising from their spot on the ground. He went and retrieved his clothes, pulling his pants on.

Elirian grumbled and glared at Noir, getting dressed."I think I wil be alright on my own thank you much."He said, glaring and striding out of the cave, towards the villiage.

Noir rolled his eyes, annoyed. 'What the hell is his problem now?' He followed behind Elirian, catching up to him. "What's the matter with you?"

"Well you seemed to be in a pissy mood, figured I could be in one too."Elirian said, stopping in his steps to glare at Noir.

Noir rolled his eyes. "I am not in a bad mood. I just didn't want you to feed off me, okay?"

Elirian nodded."That is fine. I shouldn't have jumped to comclusions."

Noir continued to walk alongside Elirian. "So, where do you want to go...since we obviously can't stay here."

"Hmmmm...good question...well ....maybe...England? Hell you think of somewhere."Elirian said, grabbing on to Noir's hand lightly.

Noir squeezed his hand, looking up at the night sky. "Hm... Italy. I've always wanted to go to Italy." He smiled.

"Sounds good to me."Elirian said, walking a bit closer to Noir, smiling softly."So..when do we leave?"

"We could leave tonight...after we get you something to eat, that is." Noir smirked.

Elirian nodded, not noticing Noir's smirk."Mkay, so....where to go first, this little town is small."

"We should probably avoid your house... I did tell your mother you were dead."

"Yes, good point there...hnnnn alright lets go to the taverns then."

"I think that's a good idea." Noir wasn't completely sure where the tavern was, so he followed behind Elirian.

Elirian lead him almost happily to the tavern, immediately intoxicated by the atmosphere as they entered, his eyes glazing over in a form of lust he had never felt until being turned as he looked at all the people conversing and sharing thoughts and drinks and even bodies off in one corner.

Noir saw the look of lust in Elirian's eyes. He leaned over and began to whisper in his ears. "You can have anyone you want, my love... They're all yours for the taking. Just be sure not to draw attention to yourself, alright?" He licked his earlobe sensuously and headed over to a young man he found appealing, leaving Elirian to feed himself.

Unsure why Elirian did feed, however what made him unsure of his actions was that he began to grow jealous as Noir went after the mortal boy. He found himself very angry, more so then he should have bee. He growled at himself. He shouldn't be thinking on it so much, the boy was just food right?

Noir led the unsuspecting boy into a dark corner of inn. He easily pierced his throat and drank from him deeply, groaning at the taste of his blood on his tongue. He pulled away, leaning his body against the wall and returning to Elirian who seemed to still be in the same place. He walked over to him, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Are you alright?"

Elirian forced in a smile and nodded."Oh yes, I am fine, was it good?"

Noir gave an evil grin and nodded. "Yes. It was delicious. But now it's your turn, my love. Go ahead. You can have anyone you want."

"I already have."Elirian said, smiling, kissing Noir on the cheek, finding it hard to be angry with him.

"Alright. Shall we leave then?" Noir extended his arm to his lover, waiting for him to take it so they could start their journey together.

Elirian smiled and nodded."Alright..."He said, happy again, taking Noir's arm, smiling at nothing in general.

Noir led him out of the inn and into the cold, dark night. "So, where do you want to go first? Anyplace you want to go we will see."

"Hnnn no where in particular...just wherever you go."Elirian said, kissing Noir's lips soft."So...when are we leaving?The atmosphere here is driving me a bit insane."Elirian said, meaning in more ways then one.

"We can leave now. It just requires a lot of walking, I'm afraid. I don't...really have any money." Noir looked down at the ground, ashamed.

"Well I knwo where we could get some,....but it would mean going into my old room."Elirian said, trailing off.

Noir looked at him catiously. "Your old room?" He thought quietly. Though he really didn't want to risk Elirian being seen by his mother, they couldn't really continue on this trip without any money. Reluctantly, he said, "Okay."

Elirian frowned, this was going to be interesting, his mother would more then likely be up and may spot them if they were not careful, hell she might even be staying in his room."Alright, sahll we then?" Elirian said, not waitng for an awnser but stepping onto the street and heading towards the direction of the house.

Noir followed behind him nervously. If the woman discovered Elirian...what would she do? He tried not to think about it as he came closer to Elirian's former home.

Elirian crept around to the back of the house where his room was located and crefully peered inside. His mother was there, asleep on his bed.He motioned for Noir to look.

Noir looked inside, seeing the sleeping woman. "Well, now what? We can't go in there with her laying on your bed."

Elirian grimaced."Hell if I know..the moeny is in a big tin box under my bed.."Elirian said, frowning, looking in at his sleeping mother.

Noir sighed. "Well, I guess we're just going to have to abandon this plan. Don't worry. We'll get some money a different way...once I think of it."

Elirian raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes."Your a coward."He said, climbing stealthily through his window

Noir watched helplessly as his lover disappeared in the window. He sighed, refusing to go inside and get caught, so he watched from outside.

Elirian tensed as his mother turned over in her sleep. She didnt wake, but he didnt move for a second then finaly knelt on the floor and reached under the bed, grabbing the tin box and heard a low growl, looking in the corner he saw his dog, Raschel."Oh no.."He said to himself.

Noir heard the dog. Still being a coward, he hid underneath the window so he couldn't be seen. He wasn't going to be chased out of another town. He would leave on his own accord, instead of being attacked by a crazed mob.

Elirian did the only thing he could think of, he jumped out the window, the glass shattering and his dog jumped out with him."RUN NOIR!"He said, laughing a little as he ran as fast as he could back up to the woodline, hopnig the dog would give up , the tin with the money safely in his arms.

Noir ran as fast as his legs could carry him, hot on the trail of Elirian. "HOW THE HELL IS THIS FUNNY?!" Noir yelled as he tried to escape the dog who still seemed to be following them but he couldn't be sure.

The dog seemed to not follow them anymore, and Elirian stopped, catching his breath."Well we are supposed to be all scary vampirey and everything and we are worrying about a dog!" Elirian said, laughing hard.

The man glared, pushing back his long, black hair in a rather girlish fashion. "Well, how much money do you have?" Noir asked after catching his breath.

"I wont tell unless you give me a kiss."Elirian said, making a pouting face at Noir.

Noir glared at him, but his expression softened. "Fine," he sighed, as if it were some type of burden and leaned forward, kissing him softly, then pulling away. "Now tell me!"

"Oh hell no. No you can kiss better then that!" Elirian said, matching Noir's glare.

"Alright, fine, you spoiled brat!" He put his arms around Elirian and pulled him into a passionate kiss, sliding his tongue into his mouth.

Elirian made an appreciateive noise in the back of his troat and wrapped his arms about Noir, kissing him back, sucking on his tounge a little.

Noir knew exactly what Elirian was trying to do, and he refused to fall for it. He pulled away. "There. I think that was enough of a kiss for you. Now tell me how much money you have. We need to get going before sunrise."

Elirian pouted a little and handed the tin to him"A little over three-thousand."He said, plopping on a nearby log, glaring at the ground.

Noir looked through the can. "Not bad for just a few savings." He looked over at Elirian, sighing exasperatedly. "What's wrong with you now?"

"Why are you so sweet to me one minute and cold to me the next?"Elirian questioned, smiling softly and confusedly up at Noir.

Noir stared confusedly. "I am not. I love you it's just I don't think now is the time to try and make out. I don't want either of us getting burnt up in the sun."

"Well hell you could say that you know so I didnt think you were just being an ass! And we just woke up you damn liar! There is no way that while we kiss the sun is going to come up!" He said, laying on the ground.

Noir shook his head, walking over to Elirian. "Don't you think that traveling might take a while? Do you want to still be in that carriage when the sun comes up. I'm... I'm sorry if I upset you, okay?"

Elirian nodded slowly, sitting up and smiling a little."Shall we then?"He asked, kissing Noir quick and stretchign as he stood.

Noir nodded back, relieved that he wasn't angry anymore. He stood up, kissing Elirian playfully on the neck. "Yes, I think we should get going. Especially since now we have some money."

"Okay!" Elirian said, almost hyperly, standing and stretching and ready to go."Sooo how far do you think we will get within this one night?"

"Not very. Especially not on foot but...we can try. Hopefully we'll atleast make it to somewhere safe to stay." Noir looked up at the sky. "Well...not to worry! We'll get there in time. Just as along as we're together, nothing matters." He took Elirian's hand, smiling.

Elirian clung happily to Noir, squeezing his hand gently."So...I thought we were taking a cariage?" He asked, his expression a confused one.

"Hm... But that requires going back to town..." Noir said, thinking out loud. "Maybe we should just walk for now. When we get to another town, then we can get a carriage, okay?"

Elirian nodded."Alright then. Yes let the walking begin!"He said, walking at a slow but not too slow pace, smiling at Noir.

Noir pulled Elirian close, wrapping his arm around him. "I love you, Elirian..." he said quietly.

Elirian blushed a little bit and nodded."Yes, I love you too Noir."He said, kissing Noir's neck quick.

Noir continued to walk on, smiling to himself, but not talking.

The next couple of nights passed by quickly for them it seemed, they rarely stopped, wanting to get to Paris as quick as they could. When they got there Elirian was stunned by the beauty of the streets and architecture of the said place and founfd himself wanting to weep at it. He smiled brightly but that smile was not a long one, along with happiness and sucess at reaching their destination, he had a bad sense that somthing was not as it appeared, that maybe this city wasnt as welcoming as it seemed.

" you feel anything..odd here?" He asked.

Elirian never saw the dark profile in the shaddows. The one with short balck hair and icy blue eyes, the one that practicaly spelledout trouble with every word it spoke and every step it stepped and every thought that surfaced in his thoughts. In the shaddows was somone that did not like others in his territory and that is what this was and he was going to defend it or his name wasn't Ciprien di Ranet.

"I sense it too..."

Noir turned around, staring into the darkness. A human would not have been able to see the form, but with his vampiric senses, it was easy for him to see this black-haired, blue-eyed young man.

"Come out. We know you're there. What do you want?" he hissed scathingly, angry that he had interrupted them when they were having such a nice time.

Ciprien came out and stared at them, a cold gaze sweeping them over, Elirian immediately stepped back by Noir.
"You have entered my little city you see...I do not like others in my territory/"He said, glaring at them.

As if on cue, two others stepped out,one with blonde hair and light brown eyes and the other with brown hair and blue-green eyes.

Elirian raised an eyebrow"Is this city not big enough for us all?"

"No it isnt." Cirprien replied casualy, glaring at Noir and Elirian.

Two others emerged. One who resembled the leader and another with silver hair and green eyes. He would have been very handsome if it were not for the glare he was giving Noir.

"We want you to leave," the brother of Ciprien, Valcourt, said scathingly.

"If you don't, we will be forced to take action," the other, named Rasel, added with malice.

Noir rolled his eyes. He wasn't scared of them at all. He could easily take care of himself and Elirian against them. They seemed so weak, after all. "Hm. Well, you'll just have to take action then, won't you."

Noir took Elirian's hand and drug him in the opposite direction.

Cirprien sighed"Must you newcomers always do things the hard way?" Valcourt dear little brother, would you do me a favor and help me bind them?They obviously will not hear our rules and therefor are a bti of a threat."Ciprien said, following after Noie and Elirian.

Lael and Rei looked concernedly at their leader" What if they are just passing through Ciprien?"

Cirprien shrugged"Doesn't matter, they are a threat just ebing here."

Rasel frowned, looking to Valcourt to see what he had to say. He thought of him as more of a leader than Ciprien anyway.

"...Fine, brother. If that's what needs to be done."

Valcourt followed after them. He was exceptionally skilled and was near undetectable, even by vampires, when he was at his fastest. Deciding he would be easier to take down, Valcourt tackled Elirian to the ground and made quick work of the rope which he tied around his ankles and arms.

Noir, who was about to react, was also taken down in a flash. The next thing he knew, he was tied up next to Elirian.

"Now what do we do with them?" Valcourt asked, staring down at the two as if they were dirt.

"Hnn we could take them home..."Cirprien said, glancing down at Noir."Or..I dont know..just drop them off somewhere else..what do you say Val?" Cirprien asked, asking his little brother for help.

Elirian glared"Oh my gods this is real good, you guys are so childish.."He said, hoping Noir had a plan of some sort.

Lael laughed a little "Oooo arent they cute come on Cip..they dont look like they can cause much damage."

Rei interrupted there."Its the ones that dont look it that cause the worse damage possible."

Valcourt looked at his brother, wondering what he was planning. "What would we do to them if we take them home? They're immortal, just like us. It'd be far too much trouble to kill them."

Noir glared at them, trying to think of a way out of this but it seemed pretty hopeless at this point. He struggled to break his ropes but it wasn't working. 'Great...' he thought. 'Now I just have to hope they're not gonna do anything to us...'

"Not sure...mmmmm maybe...we could keep them like pets?Noo thats too bad even for me..unnnn well..Hell we could adopt them into our coven..but they would still cause trouble I think..any suggestions?" Ciprien said, looking at everyone hopefully.

Lael thoguth a moment."No.."

Rei spoke up softly"Ummm...maybe they can help us go no raids?We coudl train them up a bit and then they coudl go with us."

"Hm. That's not a bad idea," Valcourt spoke. "What do you think, Cip?"

Ciprien nodded"Alright, lets bring them back with us if we let you two up are you going to try and get away?" He asked, looking down at the two.

Elirian didnt say anything, just hoped he wouldnt be seperated from Noir no matter what.

Noir didn't say anything either.

"Ciprien asked you a question!" Valcourt hissed, kicking Elirian in the stomach merely out of frustration, not to hurt him really.

"Elirian!" Noir yelled, trying to get to him but was unable to due to the ropes. "Fucking bastards! Don't you touch him!"

"Even though it would be a hassle, we won't mind killing you!" Valcourt said angrily.

Elirian coughed a little but regained composure."No..just let us go we will go somewhere else."Elirian said, getting angrier by the second.

Rei pouted"Awe did you have to kick him!?"

Lael looked incredulously at Rei"Rei be quiet.."

"I'm sorry. I just think we're wasting our time with these two." Valcourt sighed, clearly annoyed.

Rasel sighed sadly, staring at Elirian. "Really. You didn't have to kick him..." He looked at Cirprien. "Why don't we just let them go? I mean, you two promised that you wouldn't come back, right?"

Noir nodded, not wishing to incriminate himself anymore.

"Yes we will go as far away from here as possible.."Elirian said, trying to not cry.

Rei sighed.
Lael went into a hysterical bout of laughter"You know..every other time we hae had new people come into the guys have either killed them or recruited them, and now you are thinking of possibly letting these two go...your becoming soft inyour thinking my friends"

Ciprien shrugged"I am letting Val decide."He said simply, plopping casualy on the ground.

"But...why me?!" Valcourt exclaimed, crossing his arms. He was used to Ciprien choosing for him.

"Because I said so, now quit acting liek a child and decide." Ciprien said, glaring at his younger brother.

Valcourt stared at the two, not knowing what to do. His brother had never intrusted him with such a decision. He sighed, running a hand through his black hair. "I don't know... What would we do with them if they were our slaves?"

Cirprien titles his head in thought"Whatever you wanted to do with them."

Rei chuckled"Oooo that would be a bit degrading though wouldnt it?"

Lael nodded in agreement with Rei"Yes Rei it would, but they are tresspassing."

Noir stared up at them fearfully. He didn't want anyone to put a hand on HIS Elirian. "We're sorry... Just let us go..." Noir looked down at the ground, feeling completely degraded.

"Rei, what do you think? If you want to keep them as slaves, I have no problem with it," Valcourt said.

Rei thought a moment."Umm I think we should just let them go realy..but then I kind of want them to stay with us..could we just add them to our coven!?"

Ciprien stepped in now."What!? You mean up here with our status!? We dont even know them they could be the type to betray us all!"

Lael never said anything just went and stood over by Rasel.

"If that's what you want, Rei... I left it up to you..." Valcourt said with a careless shrug.

Cirprien growled but didnt say anything, glaring slightly at his little brother.

Rei smiled"Okay..guys..I cant say I am going to let you go..sooo your going to have to come with us."Rei said, lifitng Elirian to his feet first.

Noir stared. "But I..." He struggled to hold back his words, knowing that it could get them into more trouble.

"I think you should just keep your mouth shut," Valmort said, bringing Noir to his feet as well.

Elirian pouted. He did not want this to be happening at all, he would rather be back in the cave!

Rei smiled"Okay everyone . lets get back home shall we!?"He asked, starting to lead them back.

Lael got up, having a sigh and followed. Ciprien stayed behind, keeping a very close eye on everyone.

"What's the matter, Lael?" Valcourt questioned, pushing Noir along.

Lael glanced at Elirian , then Noir and then Valcourt."I think that sometimes you take things a bit far to please that brother of yours."He said, walking ahead of everyone.

Ciprien ignored the comment though he would have flipped out..normaly..he was letting Valcourt take care of everything for now.

Valcourt rolled his eyes. "Oh well. If you have a problem with it, just go," he said. He didn't want anyone reading into his relationship with Ciprien. And he certainly didn't want anyone thinking it was more-than-brotherly love they had for one another...

Lael glared at Valcourt"I never realy said I had too much of a problem with it! I am just saying that just maybe you shouldnt do everything he says!"

"Well, I agree with everything he says then there should be no problem, right?" He gave Lael an evil glare. "Besides, it's not like a care what happens to these two anyway." He gestured to Noir and Elirian.

Lael had it. He marched over to Valcourt and smacked him hard across the face."You are letting that brother of yours cloud your every thought! Lighten up!" Lael said, storming off.

Rei squeaked and hid behind Rasel.

Cirprien was a bit shocked and about ready to chase him down and kill the man.

Valcourt glowered evilly at Lael. "Don't you ever put your hands on me again or I swear you will live to regret it!" he hissed.

Rasel took Rei's hand. "It's okay... Don't worry."

Noir rolled his eyes. These were some of the worst criminals he had ever seen. Not to mention if they couldn't get along, they most certainly couldn't kill anyone without getting into an argument. Noir stifled a laugh the morbid thought of them yelling, "No! We should push him into the sun!" "No! That's stupid! We should drive a stake through his heart!"

Lael made a rude gesture at Valcourt and walked off further, leaving the little group behind.

Rei clung tighter to Rasel and burrying his face into Rasel's chest, a bit scared.

Elirian was staring at them all in awe."What the what a bunch of idiots" He thought to himself, amlost aloud.

Cirprien sighed heavily"COULD WE GET A DAMN MOVE ON!?" He shouted in question, a bit irritated.

"Fine," Valcourt muttered, daring to pounce on Lael just out of malice.


When they arrived at Ciprien and Valcourt's home, Valcourt stared back at his brother. "So where should we put them?"

Ciprien just came in and sat in his favorite chair.

Elirian sighed sadly and Rei looked about ready to cry.

"Why do we have to keep them here like this!?" Rei asked in frustration. He plopped on a couch and flashed an appologetic look to Noir and Elirian.

Noir smiled at him in return. Perhaps he could persuade this boy to let them go...

"Because we don't feel like killing them, that's why. And we just can't let them go..." Valcourt said, opening the door to his room.

Rei now had even more tears in his eyes and he hugged Rasel tight."IF you loked at it logiclay they werent doing anything wrong, just passing through."

Cirprien glared at Rei"They were tresspassing."

A thin tear slid down Rei's cheek. He hugged both Noir and Elriian and looked at them both"I am sorry..I cant reason witht hem." He said quietly before running upstairs and everyone heard his door slam.

Rasel sighed, running a hand through his silver hair in frustration. "I guess I'll go talk to him...since I know none of you will." He ran up the stairs after Rei. He knocked on his door. "Rei... It's Rasel. Can I come in?"

Noir sighed. Without him there, there was no chance of escape. "I'm sorry, Elirian..." he said quietly.

Elirian nodded, smiling up at Noir, moving over to kiss his cheek before sighing heavily.

Rei opened his door and let Rasel in, immediately clinging tight to him."Rasel..I want to leave here."

"W-what? Leave? But...why?" Rasel asked, though he was sure he knew the answer.

" I do not know how much more of Val's and Cip's ...reign, they arent fair at all, and they shouldnt have people just killed or captured because they walked into their city!" It is inhuman!" Rasel said, sighing.

Rasel nodded in agreement. "But...I think we should help those two men. They didn't do anything wrong. So, how about it? As our last act of defiance against Ciprien and his little slave of a brother." He smiled warmly at his friend.

Rei brightened a bit"Good thinking! Hnnn soo how to do this?" Rei said thinking.."Exactly how strong are you Rasel?" He asked, kissing his friend on the cheek and hugging on to him tightly.

"No stronger than you, I would suppose," he said with a shrug, not wanting to sound as if he was boasting. "But I don't think we'll have too much to worry about. Ciprien and Valcourt will probably be going to their room now to do...God knows what, but I don't think Lael will disagree or tell on us," Rasel spoke, plotting.

Just as they were plotting a voice spoke from the doorway"Sooo plotting against Val and Cip? I will join you I think..."Lael said, smilnig evily.

Rei grinned and hugged his friend."Yay! Do you think they are away form the others yet?"

"I'm pretty sure that they just left them there. Did you see what they did with them, Lael?" Rasel questioned.

Lael nodded."Yeah they are currently fucking eachother right now.."He said, growling and glaring towards the brother's room."The captives are tied up."

Rei grinned and practicly ran downstairs, but silently so."Okay guys come on!" He whisperes, motioning the others follow.

Rasel followed behind Rei quietly, hoping that they would soon reach the captives and set them free.

Rei found them, smiling he went up to Noir, grinned and made a signal for them to not make any noise at all."Shhh we are going to get you two out of here, do nto make any noise at all okay?" Rei said sternly.

Noir wanted to ask, but nodded. He didn't want to jeopardize his only chance of escape.

After untieing Noir Rei went over to Elirian and untied him too."Okay guys....lets at least get to Rasel's and my little hiding place, they dont know about it...then we will help you out of here more okay?"

Noir nodded as he stood up, rubbing his sore wrists which hurt from being tied for so long.

"Quickly," Rasel said urgently, fearing that they'd come any minute now.

Rei lead them out of the house and then motioned they follow him, hoping they could keep up.

Lael followed as well, a faint smile on his lips.

Noir and Rasel followed as quickly as they could, not saying anything to they reached Rasel and Rei's safe place.

Rei hugged them both tightly, almost crying."I am sooo sorry! I..I mean ..I dont know why we were with them in the first place! We never wanted this to happen! Honest! I mean at first maybe, but...we just cant do that! Please forgive us!?"He said, on his knees and his hands linked together.

Noir looked at Elirian. "'s okay..." he said unsurely. 'Emotional little thing, isn't he?' he thought.

Rei grinned and went over to hugs Rasel , smothering his friend with kisses"Yay! We helped them! We save him from the evil brothers!"

Lael smiled at Rei and walked over to Noir and Elirian, extending his hand first to Noir to shake" Name's Lael."Then to Elirian.

Noir smiled at them all. "Thank you for helping us. I really mean that."

Rasel smiled, hugging back Rei. "It's no problem. We were tired of those two trying to control us and hurting people for no reason."

Rei grinned more."Of course! It was our pleasure!"

Lael nodded"Yes and I thought I was an controll freak. So what are you two going to do from now on?"H easked Elirian and Noir.

Elirian tilted his head in thought."I..well we were coming here to live..but not anymore..umm not sure yet."

"Well, we did say we wanted to go to Italy," Noir said thoughtfully. "And England too. We could go to either one of those places, if you like."

Rei hugged tight onto Rasel still"Okay, well we can help you out of the city and then we will go our seperate ways ..i just hope al and cip arent going to throw too much of a fit."

Elirian nodded, wrapping his arms about Noir's waist.

"I doubt they'll miss us. They're probably just happy to have their house back to themselves..." Rasel muttered.

"So, are we going to leave now?" Noir said, ready to get out of the city.

Rei nodded."Yes! Let us go!" He said cheerily, standing at full attentions and leading the way out of the hiding place.

Lael stayed there, laying on his back in the grass.

Elirian held tight to Noir's hand"I love you" He whispered softly in Noir's ear.

"I love you too," Noir whispered back, smiling at him sweetly.

Rei looked up and down the city streets and did not see Val or Cip so he nodded to the others and practically skipped down the street hailing a carriage."Here guys.."He said, keeping watch.

Elirian got into the carriage without hesitation, waiting for Noir.

Noir climbed in as well, looking at the three vampires who had helped them.

"Have a good time where you guys do go alright?"Rei said smiling, shutting the carriage door and tipping the driver to start off. After they were on their way he turned to Rasel and smiled softly"Well fianly we did somthing good for a change."

Elirian looked out the window, sighing heavily."This has been one of the weirdest things in my life."

"You can say that again..." Noir muttered as he leaned back in the carriage. "But atleast they were nice and helped us get free...."

Rasel smiled, nodding. "Well...where do we go from here, you guys? We're definitely not going back to Val and Ciprien, are we?"

Elirian layed his head in Noir's lap"Yes they were, I am glad to be out of here."

Rei shook his head"I dont know but deffinitely not back to them."

Noir nodded in agreement. "Now where shall we head to, my love since Paris is out of the question." The dark-haired vampire chuckled to himself. "Heh. I got chased out of my hometown... Ironic."

Rasel looked to his two friends. "Well, where do you guys wanna go?"

"Very ironic...hmmm well we could...go to another city here?"Elirian asked, kissing Noir's chest.

Rei tilted his head."Lets gooo tooo ohhh! Scottland!"

Lael twitched"You only want to go there so you can wear a skirt."

Rei blushed"So! Not like you wouldnt enjoy the sight!"

Rasel laughed at his friends' behavior. "Rei, you'd look cute in a skirt." He smiled.

"I suppose..." Noir trailed off, staring up at the ceiling.

Rei blushed more and burried his face ino Rasel's chest."I would not!"

Elirian got a bright idea to please his Noir..and his hand slowly crept up Noir's thigh.

Rasel grinned even more. "Of course you would!"

Noir noticed what Elirian was doing, but said nothing.

Rei kept his face hidden, biting on Rasel's chest teasingly."I would not"He mumbled, licking his friend's nipple playfully.

Elirian decided to stradle noir and started kissing on his neck lovingly.

Rasel bit his lip, containing a moan. " it is?" he said.

Noir smiled happily, running his hands through Elirian's brown hair. "Mmmm..."

Lael nodded not facing the other too.

Rei made a noise of approval, his mouth still attacking Rasel's chest with kisses, finding himself not wanting and unbale to stop.

Elirian pressed his lips to Noirs."Noir..make love to me?"He asked shyly.

"Rei, stop," Rasel whispered. "Come on, we have to go."

Noir smiled, nodding. "Of course." He leaned Elirian back on the seat and began to lift up his shirt. Once his chest was exposed, he kissed it gently.

Rei whimpered a little bit"Do I have to Rasel?"He asked, pulling away a little to stare into Rasel's eyes.

Elirian ran his fingers through Noir's hair, almost losing his every thought under Noir's kisses.

Rasel's stomach twisted. He was so adorable he couldn't bear to tell him no but... "Yeah, I'm afraid we do. Sorry." He kissed his forehead softly.

Noir trailed his tongue down Elirian's stomach, savoring the taste of his skin.

Rei nodded sadly."Okay..come on then ! Scotland it is! I get to wear a skirt!"Rei said, giggling madly.

Lael shook his head and ignored them"You two have lost your minds."

Elirian moaned under Elirian's licks and arched his back."Noir.."

"No. We just know how to have a good time, unlike you." Rasel grinned evilly.

Noir continued to kiss him all the way down until he reached his cock. "Hm. What do you want me to do to you, love? Should I just take you now, or play with you for a little while longer?"

"I know perfectly well how to have a god time, you and your little skirt-boy there are the ones who never have a good time."Lael said , huffing and turnign to the two.

Rei blushed and gave a pouting face, stomping over to Lael, and tapped him on the nose like a bad puppy."Oh realy!? I think you like my skir-wearing techniques! And your the one who is always so damn lonely and uptight!"

Lael just stared at Rei before laughing a little"Your werid."He said, ruffling Rei's hair.

Elirian shivered under Noir"I-I dont care which one Noir, just dont stop toching me!"

"Well, if that's what you want," Noir purred as he pushed into Elirian's body.

Rasel just laughed, amused by his friends.

Rei pouted."Rasel am I weird?"He asked, hugging on to his best friend, burying his face in the crook of Rasel's neck.

Lael shook his head and stretched, inoring the two.

Elirian shivered and closed his eyes tight, his mouth opened slightly"N-Noir!"He called out, holding on to Noir tightly.

"Well, let's put it this way. If you're weird, than I'm weird. And Lael is weird in his own angstful way, so if you're weird atleast you're not alone." Rasel smiled.

Noir pushed into him faster, moaning lowly which sounded much like a growl.

"Sounds good to me Ras."Rei said, nibbling on Rasel's neck, lightly suckling on it.

Lael laughed a little"Ha ha ha, I am not amused. Actualy maybe a little bit but you did sum it up didnt you? Now lets get going."Lael said, leading them off towards Val and Cirprien.

Elirian moaned out as well, almost being afraid of Noir's low moan, thinking for a second he might have been killed but that thought left as soon as it had surfaced and he began to relax more, allowing Noir to go deep inside him.

"I thought you didn't want to go back to them," Rasel said catiously.

Noir entered him deeply, throwing his head back and calling out his lover's name.

Rei continued to lick and nibble on Rasel's neck"He isn't we have to go in that direction to go to Scotland."Rei informed him, now scraping his fangs along his neck.

Lael nodded"Yes, itis that way, but I dont know odf any other way to get you?"He asked with a shrug, halting his steps.

Elirian rapidly neared his climax, glad that he was felling and causing so much pleasure."Mm..NOIR!"

"Oh... Sorry." Rasel smiled weakly and followed Lael.

Noir took his lover's hardness into his hand and stroked him.

Rei smiled and skipped up by Lael"Soooo when we get to Scotland, you know you ahve to wear a skirt too!"

Lael grimaced"It is not a skirt they call it a least until little brats like you wear them..then it is a skirt."

Elirian came quickly when Noir stroked him, crying out and clinging to him tightly.

Rasel laughed, putting an arm around Lael. "To make you feel better, I'll where a "kilt" too." He grinned.

Noir kissed Elirian lips as he came as well, moaning into his lover's mouth.

Lael snorted."Yeah you had better.."Was all he could say, trying to imagine himself in one.

Rei grinned and clung to them both.

Elirian held tight to Noir and kissed his cheek."I love you."

Rasel chuckled. "Well, my friends. It looks like this is the beginning of a fabulous journey."

"I love you too..." he whispered in his ear, kissing his cheek in return.

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