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Nine months seemed like such a long time to Voldemort, too long but Larus' kiss was enough to distract him form his unpleasant thoughts. The boy always tasted so good and the Dark Lord found himself pulling his lover closer and kissing him forcefully. The slightest bit of affection from Larus and he became aroused.
"Mmm my love you are like a delisssiouss desssert.... one I can not get enough of." Voldemort whispered in between kisses.

Once again Lucious' eyes went wide before he managed to regain his composure.
"Have you... do you want children Severus? I only ask because it would be good to know where you stand on that matter. I have Draco, I have my heir to carry on the Malfoy name but... There are options we can explore if you did want children." As much as the blonde wanted to keep Snape to himself and he was having enough trouble being a father to one, Lucius could not deny his lover the opertunity to continue his bloodlin. Even if it was not a pure wizarding one.

Larus grinned to himself. "yayyy this is the upside of being pregannt, love. You'rll get randomly really lusted up." He said, granting his lover a kiss. He much enjoyed his lover's insatiable urges, they matched his own indefinitely. "Hmnnn, how do you want me, beloved?" He asked, biting his lord's lip seductively.

Severus frowned suddenly and thought for a moment before shruggin. "I am not sure, Lucius. I would need my own heir as it is. I suppose. But I am about as enjoying the thought of carrying a child as you are." He said, beginning to formulate a rather evil plan in his thoughts. Lucius was the more feminine of them. He'd be stronger... well perhaps he could attain an heir.

The bite on his lips almost sent Voldemort through the roof. He was so very horny and the invitation of how he wanted his lover was more than he could igmore. Pushing Larus down on the bed he began to kiss and nip the boy's jaw and neck as his hands explored every in of Larus.
"I want you here and now.... jussst like thisss." He spread his lover's legs by pushing his own appart and ripped the boy's shirt form him. Continuing to kiss Larus, the Dark Lord stopped to suckle the firm pink skin of the boy's nipples. It was as if his groin was on fire, Voldemort needed to bury it deep within his lover.

Feeling a little relieved the blonde thought fo a moment.
"Well take your time to think on it my love but if you wish to discuss the options avaliable to us just let me know." Not wanting to come off as uncareing, Lucius began to kiss Severus.
"Mmm.. I am looking forward to seeing our Lord as a father." Malfoy felt that he could learn form Voldemort, he admired and still loved their Lord and was confident the other would excell at parenthood as he excelled with all else.

Larus blushed darkly at how ravenous his lover was. He aided him by helping to remove their obnoxiously clinging clothing, getting his own pants off before unbuttoning his lover's shirt, and pushing down his lover's pants. "Mn, then make me yours, just like this." He groaned out.

Severus nodded, hiding the troublesome twinkle in his eyes. "Mn, I am as well. It will definitely be a strange thing to see him take care of a child. It's been one hell of a show seeing him fall so in love with Larus. It's amazing how much a person can change."

It was all Voldemort could do to quickly prepare his lover. It took so much self control not to just push into Larus with one brutal thrust but he loved the boy and did not want to hurt him so he managed to hold himself back a little. Kissing and biting at every inch of bare skin he could find the Dark Lord groaned and hissed as he removed his fingers and positioned himself to enter his lover.
"Larussssss my beautiful Larusssss...." Waiting barly long enough for the boy to adjust Voldemort began to move again, pushing all the way in then pulling right back out until only the tip remained in Larus. Each time he made sure he pushed the boy's prostate, pounding it mercylessly as his thrusts became faster. "My Love....."

Nodding Lucius though about how he had changed since that drunken night he sought comfort in Snape's room. He was happy, truely happy for the first time since Draco's birth. Even though he was never going to be with Voldemort in the way he had dreamed of for so long the blonde was content.
"Love is a powerful thing Severus."

Larus responded hotly to his lover's touches, meeting his thrusts and feeling almost over-pleasured as the other took him. He groaned out of his pleasure and his lust, shivering and practically clawing the other's back as he held tight, unable to quiet the moans that spilled forth from his parted lips. "Oh, my love!"

Severus grinned and embraced Lucius, thinking to himself ' Yes it is, Lucius, dear, it will be the thing that makes you forgive me for what I am very much about to do to you..'. He leant up to kiss the blonde. "Yes, my dear, love is an incredibly powerful force."

Thrusting harder and faster Voldemort hissed and groaned in pleasure. He could not believe how tight and warm his young lover felt and how close such things bought them.
"My Larussssss" He called out as he arched his back and thrust deeper. The slight pain of nails on his back was driving the Dark Lord wild. He loved it, the mix of pain and pleasure pushing him onto a higher level of delight.

Needing to be close to his love, Malfoy pulled Severus closer and kissed him demandingly. He wished that they could melt into each other and never be parted.
"I never thought I could feel this way about anyone other than our Lord." He whispered meaning it as a great complement.

Larus gave himself over completely to his lover. He shivered and clung to him, groaning as he was so very close to spilling. "My love!" He said over and over, his eyes shut as he was lost to the world, meeting his lover's thrusts with abandon.

Severus nodded. "I thought the same. However, Lucius, you're much more to me." He kissed th eblonde on the lips before holding him tight. "By the way, there's a potion I need tending to, if you would like to come with you may, but it needs to be worked on." Severus said, not minding if his lover went with because said blond probably wouldn't know what a fertility potion looked like.

The Dark Lord was also nearing his end. He felt connected to the boy beneath him in a much more profound way and while he put it down to the fact Larus' child was growing within him, Voldemort had to admit he enjoyed the closeness.
"My Love..... Larussss.... cum with me my darling..." He hissed as he thrust faster and groaned loudly.

Not having the patience for potions Lucius kissed his lover back but shook his head.
"There are a few things I need to attned to and I would like to have a word to Narcissa. I feel I owe my wife and my son an apology." Brow furrowed with concern that his family would not forgive him his harshness the blonde sighed. "I must also have a word to the gardener, he has not been keeping the law short enough. I will be back in about two hourse my love." He kissed Severus and after a moment he pulled his lover close for antoher passionate kiss and embrace. "I will miss you."

Larus could no longer take the suspense of pending pleasure as the other thrust into him. He growled in delight, his voice starting out lowly but ending almost high as he voiced his finishing pleasure,clutching even tighter to his lord if at all possible.

Severus laughed and kissed his lover. "I will miss you as well." He said, grinning at the thought of what would no doubt be made by thte time the blonde returned. "Hmn, just be careful dear, you know your wife and son have as much a temper as you do." He kissed Lucius on the lips and handed the blonde his coat and cane. "Return to me in one piece."

The clenching of his lover around his length bought Voldemort undone. The Dark Lord cried out as well as his seed filled Larus. As he came the thought that this is how their child was to be conceived crossed his mind. Although he had enjoyed pleasuring his young lover orally the passion and delight of the two of them becoming one had been missing. This was his celebration of the life they had created, this shared bliss.
"My Larussss how I love you..." He hissed breathlessly.

Raising one eyebrow Lucius looked down at his Snape.
"I will do my best my love but as you have pointed out they are both rather tempestuous." The blonde was not looking forward to speaking with Narcissa, he felt bad for hurting her but Draco was his main concern. He needed to let his son know he was proud of him and that the boy was loved. Kissing Severus he threw his coat over his arm and left, flicking his white blonde hair over his shoulder as he did.

Larus smiled and breathlessly held to his beloved. "I love you too." He said, stretching and holding to his lover. "So much!" He said afterwards, yawning a little and cuddling close to him. "Love, what should we name our child?"

"If you need me just let me know." Severus replied, a frown on his face at the thought of that woman or Draco in an outrage harming Lucius. He watched his lover leave, sighing in a state of adoration at how beautiful the blonde was. He frowned a mment. "Could he really impregnate Lucius? Would it be better to perhaps impregnate himself?" He frowned at the thought and wondered if their lord would better know. He smiled as he felt that would certainly be the best source to ask. He went to his lord's room, knocked on the door and awaitedn an answer.

Once again Larus had managed to completely shock Voldemort and the knock at the door was a welcome distraction. The Dark Lord was having trouble getting used to all this baby stuff he had not even begun to think about names. Gently pulling out of his young lover Voldemort covered the boy with the blanket and quickly grabbed a robe to wrap around himself then went to the door to open it. Seeing Snape there he frowned.
"Is there something wrong Severus?" He asked a little worried he had done something to endanger the child. That was another shock for the Dark Lord, he had not expected to be so protective of the life growing within him.

Lucius went to see his wife first, he wanted to smooth things over with her and let her know that he still had affection for her and was more than pleased with how she had handled herself through out the years of her marriage. This however only made her angry and she began to throw things at him, first a vase full of flowers and then a crystal ashtray. That was when he promptly left and went in search of Draco thinking it was wiser to let Narcissa calm down a little.

Severus smiled. "Well, you see I wanted to seek your advice. Since you and Larus are doing this whole child thing, I wanted to question who should carry my child. You see. As beautiful as Lucius is, he's got a temper, I don't think he would enjoy my pregnating him, but I was thinking that at least getting myself pregnant... my problem is, which should I chose and should I tell him of the plans. If I tell him he's more than likely to say no."

Draco was sitting inside a small pub, drinking a soda and thinking about how he felt betrayed by his obnoxious father. He was happy for his father and Severus, in a way. He was happy but at the same time his mother was hurt, his father had only JUST shown him affection.. it was a bit confusing for him.

Frowning the Dark Lord looked at his follower. For the longest time he remained silent until Voldemort finally sighed.
"I wasss not aware that you wanted to ssstart a family sssSeveruss. I tend to agree with you that Lucius would mossst likely sssay no but once it isss done..." Thinking on his own reaction to the situation the Dark Lord laughed. "I doubt that he will harm you or the child once it iss created." The love Voldemort felt for Larus also had a lot to do with his decision to carry the child full term instead of terminating it. If the stoic blonde loved Severus even half as much as he did Larus then he would also opt to become a father once more. "Asss to which of you isss to carry it..... well you are ssstill at Hogwartsss and sssome of the children might wonder what isss going on when you begin to ssshow. Sssstill the choice issss ultimatly yoursss and Luciusss'." There was part of him that would have paid good money to see Malfoy impregnated and his reaction to finding out he was but he wold not blame the blonde for being angry if he was tricked into it.

Approaching his son Malfoy cleared his throat and looked down at the boy.
"Draco... may we speak in private?" He asked deciding that was far better than ordering the boy to come with him as he would usually have done.

Severus grinned. "Why thank you my lord. If you happen to notice some.. mood swings with Lucius in the up comming while, it's just the side-effects of a certain potion and bestowment of life. Thank you for your guaidance." He then went off to his potions lab and whipped up the very same potion that had been made for the other couple, deciding to prepare a nice warm cup of coacoa for it to be disguised in, he also made extra in case Lucius somehow didn't drink the warm liquid.

Larus giggled after Severus left. "Poor Lucius.."

Draco nodded quietly although he was rather surprised to see his father. "I guess." He said, gesturing the blonde sit across from him.

Voldemort could not help laughing.
"Yesss poor Luciusss indeed." Somehow sharing his pregnancy with the blonde was a comfort to the Dark Lord, he felt more able to cope because there would be soemone else how understood exactly what he was going through.

Taking a seat the blonde sat there scowling slightly as he tried to figure out what to say.
"Draco...." He began then stopped. "It's just..... well Draco..." Begining to get angry with himself Lucus just said exactly what he was thinking. "It has become apparent to me that I am somewhat distant as a father figure. I never meant to be and from now on I will endever to change that." His cold grey eyes looked into those of his son as he waited for some kind of reply to his statment.

"Well at least you two can share drinks in the morning and talk about all that weird pregnant people stuff." Larus offered, blowing a kiss to his lover.

Draco stared as though his father had grown another head. "I will believe it when I see it father. I am sorry for my outburst earlier."He said, ashamed for his rude actions earlier.

Frowning a little the Dark Lord sighed.
"I read that while I am pregnant I ssshould not be drinking alcohol. Sso no more fire wissskey, or beer, or wine, or ssherry of any ssort." Voldemort had managed to flick through a book called 'What to expect when you are expecting.' While it dealt with ordenary female pregnancies he had found it elightening.

Attempting a comforting smile Lucius looked at his son.
"Apology accepted Draco and I hope you will see the fruits of my endevors soon." Uncomfortable did not even begin to describe how Malfoy felt and after a few moments he was sure his smile had turned to a snarl.

"Right, it could cause pregnancy complications and issues with the baby." Larus confirmed, going over to kiss his lover's tummy. "I can't wait though to hear you and Lucius complaining about things here and there like.. about how much the baby kicks and stuff." He said, allready grinning at the thought.

"Of course father." Draco said, sighing. "You shouldn't snarl so, it's unbecomming of you and people think you're looking down on them rather than talking to them." Draco knew his father was trying and knew the snarl didn't have any menacing tendancies to him alone. It was just his father's expression of things that were hard for him to express.

The fact that he would be one of the very few men to feel a fetus growing and moving inside had not really occured to Voldemort. At least not in the sense that he would be very priveledged anyway. Taking a little time to allow that fact to sink in, The Dark Lord smiled and nodded at his lover.
"Yesss, it sseemsss that there will be many pleassant thingsss ass well ass the draw backsss to being pregnant my love." Voldermort had been worrying the he might endanger the life within him because he was weaker or forced to fight.

Lucius' lip quivered for a moment as he tried to smile and not snarl. Finally managing something more pleasant in his expression the blonde thanked his son.
"Thank you Draco, that kind of information is.... helpful." It was difficult for him to accept such a statment but Lucius Malfoy really wanted his son to know how much he loved him.

Larus nodded. "Perhaps another time in life you can put me through it as well and I can feel your troubles." He said, kissing his love. "But at least our little one will be the strongest.. you are his father afterall."

"Father, I don't know what else to talk about...I do need to be getting back to my studies, school's still in session you know. They don't really know I am gone." Draco replied, grinning because it was practically admitting he was skipping class but at the same time not skipping class. He was on break, but they weren't supposed to be outside of the school grounds.

Finding himself feeling a little emotional at hearing his lover talking about how strong their child will be the Dark Lord took in a deep breath.
"They will be getting their ssstrength from you assss well my love." He hissed softly as he kissed Larus gently. "You are far ssstronger than you give yoursself credit for my beautiful Larusss."

Confused Lucius did not know weather to be angry with his son or let the fact the boy was disobeying school rules go. The blonde was trying to be more understanding and less distant.
"I have enjoyed this talk Draco but yes, you should be going now." He finally said.

"Am I my love?" Larus asked, not sure he would consider himself to be of any power. He smiled and kissed the other in turn. "Well then between the two of us... our little one will be a force to be reckoned with."

Draco gathered his cloak. "Of course father." He said, trying to not embrace the older man but found himself doing so. "Thank you for talking with me." He said in an almost shy manner. Anyone that would see them in such a way would be shocked. For even the public knew of Lucius' cold disposition.

Snuggling into his lover, Voldemort wondered at how affectionate he had become and how much he enjoyed having the other around. Suddenly emotion threatened to overwhelm him.
"If anything ssshould happen to me my love.... promisse that you and our child will dissappear, promisse me you will both live ssomewhere ssafe where our enemiesss can not find usss..." He held Larus's arm and looked deep into the boy's big eyes. "Pleasse promisse me!" He hissed in despiration.

Startled and surprised the blonde hesitated a moment before he put his arms stiffly around his son. Hugging was still an unusual and uncomfortable thing for him but he enjoyed it so much that tears of joy threatened to form is his cold grey eyes.
"Thanking you too Draco.... my son." Lucius said, his voice cold as usual but with an underlying emotional tone.

Larus blinked several times before he kissed his lover and held tight to him. "Of course, my love." He said, honest with the other. "But mark me, as soon as I am able I would seek revenge upon those whom harm you." He said, letting a hidden but dangerous part of himself out to play a moment.

Draco gave his father a small smile. "Goodbye father, tell professor Snape I said hi." He turned in a fashion very much like the older Malfoy and walked back towards the school, feeling he'd actually had a nice time with his father.

Catching a glimpse of that dangerous side of his lover Voldemort felt a great sense of excitment and pride, just as he had done when he and Larus were torturing his would be killers.
"Firssst though you mussst ensssure that our child isss sssafe and well looked after. I would not want it to grow up an orphen." This was something the Dark Lord felt very strongly about, being an orphen himself he wanted things to be different for his child. Voldermort wanted his heir to feel loved and protected.

Watching his son leave the blonde found himself actually smiling for real. Things with Draco had gone very well, at least he believed so and he suddenly could not wait to share his delight with Snape. Stepping outside he quickly returned to the Dark Lord's mansion. Finding his room empty, Lucius decided to make his way down to the dungeons where he knew his lover was mixing a potion.
"Severus." He called out as he entered the lab. "I feel in the mood to celebrate, my meeting with Narcissa was a complete disaster but I believe Draco and I made a real connection." He announced happily.

"Worry not my love. I will not leave him unless I know he is absolutely safe. Even if it means hiding him away underground somewhere." Larus said, pondering all the ways he could hide someone. "Believe me, between the two of us, nothing bad should ever happen to our little one. Or to us."

Severus nodded. "I am very happy for you, Lucius. Draco is a hard one to tame. Eventualy his mother will come about. I know it's cold out, would you like some coa-coa? I had just made some for myself." He said, holding out the potioned drink for is lover. He kept hisown in his hands. "It's still warm, I thought you would be home soon, so I kept a charm on it." He smiled a little as he extended the cup.

His lover's words were a great comfort to Voldemort and he pulled Larus closer for a hug.
"Thank you Larusss." The Dark Lord whispered and closed his red eyes. Somehow the knoledge that his lover and child would be safe if he was defeated made everything brighter. "I love you ssso mnuch my darling Larusss."

Lucius was a little shocked by the simple gesture, people usually did not go out of their way to do such thoughtful things for him. Most would cringe or hurry out of his way, afraid of his wrath.
"Why thank you Severus, you are a darling." Taking the cup the blonde smiled brightly. Today had been a good day for him, first his talk with Draco had gone well and now his lover was being so sweet. Malfoy up ended the cup and in one long drink he emptied it. "I needed that." He explained, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside from the hot drink.

"I love you so much more, my darling Voldy." Larus said, beaming with happiness. He thought back to how they used to be and grinned. "Do you realize how far we've come?" He asked, remembering his love's coldness when they had first met.

Severus felt bad for being called a darling after what that drink contained. "Well, I think we should.. celebrate such a delightful turn of events, don't you? Only this time, I should be on top much.." He said, tracing his lover's cheek.

Thinking of the past made the Dark Lord frown, he was a completely different person now and it was all because of Larus. The boy had melted his frozen heart and in such a short time.
"Yess my love, you have sshowen me ssso many new thingsss." He could not help planting gentle kisses all over his lover's face.

The day had been full of surprises but this one almost made the blonde choke on his drink.
"What?" He asked swallowing the hot drink too fast and burning his throat a little. Never had he allowed another to top him in anyway, other than their Lord of course. As he opened to mouth to say No!, Lucius remembered that he was trying to change. Hesitating he glared at the Potions Master for a moment before he sighed. "Well I guess today is a day for new things." He stated in a somewhat cold tone. "Depending on how well I like this, it may never happen again Severus." Although the blonde knew he sounded heartless he was doing his best not accomadate his lover's needs and desires.

Larus kissed his lover back, giggling at the soft feeling of his lips. "You're so sweet." He said, snuggling against him. "What should we do love? Are you tired? Do you want to go out somewhere?"

"Oh I know it, lucius.. I promise to at least make it enjoyable." Severus said, sliding over to his lover, stroking his cheeks before grasping his face gently, bringing his lips down. He'd never been the dominant of anyone, this was going to be new to him.

Marveling at how very wonderful and familure it felt to have his lover snuggled in against him in such a fashion the Dark Lord smiled.
"Ssshall we take a walk my Larussss? I am enjoying being clossse to you and I wisssh to get out of the houssse for a while." Voldemort wanted to get away from the other Deatheaters and be alone with his lover.

Looking a little constipated the blonde tried to relax and not get so stiff and defesive at being doiminated. This was going to be a challenge for him. Feeling the need to let go a little more so this would work, Lucius allowed himself to become lost in that kiss.
"I am sure it will be Severus..." He moaned softly.

Excited, Larus ran to his closet and dressed warmly, grabbing his lover's cloak for him. "I would love to. It would be nice to get out for a while." Larus replied, leaning up to kiss his darling. "I love doing that kind of stuff with you."

Severus gently lead his lover to their room with an ensaring kiss. "Lucius, you're positively tense. I wont harm you, it only has to be a one time thing even, but at least give me a chance.." And in the back of Severus' mind he thought 'a chance to impregnate you...' He felf only a little bad for guilting the other into letting him take top. "You may have control over it if you wish though, like sit atop of me while I take you." He said, trying to in a way to bring comfort into it for his lover.

It did feel good to be able to take a walk around the yards with his lover at his side.
"How ever did I manage without you my darling?" Voldermort asked. Larus had the ability to make him happy and take away all his stress, even the stress of carrying their child.

Lucius found himself shaking slightly as he allowed himself to be led over to the bed. The out of control feeling scared him a little and he began to wonder how Severus coped with being the submissive all the time.
"I love you..." He muttered, more to help calm himself down than anything else. Lucius did love Severus very much and as the other had asked he should at least give him a chance. Stripping himself the blonde lay back on the bed, he shifted a few times, opened his legs then closed them again as he waited for the Potions Master.

"I don't know." Larus said truthfully, knowing his lover was a much better person. Not that there was anything wrong with him persay, but his lover was kinder and civil, not to mention incredibly loving. He leaned up and kissed him as they walked around.

"I love you too, Lucius.." Severus replied, stripping himself of clothing as well as he climbed on top of the other, kissing him sweetly. He wasn't just going to ump into it, he wanted to be sure the blonde was well ready, and for beginners a good grinding of the hips would start them off well.

Breathing in the cool fresh air the Dark Lord smiled proudly. Even the bird songs did not irratate him as they once would have, the entire world seem brighter, warmer with Larus at his side. Finding a bench he sat down.
"I can almosst sssee our little one learning to crawl and playing upon a blanked sspread out on the lawn here." It was possibly one of the sappiest things Voldemort had ever said but he meant it and the mental image made him truely happy.

Kissing his lover back the blonde arched his back, lifting him hips into the grinding. He kept wanting to take hold of Severus and roll him onto his back but he resisted that urge. Lucius was sure the moment he was on top of his Potions Master he would want to be inside him.
"Severus..." He murmered in a strained voice, letting the dark haired man take the lead was harder then he had thought.

Larus grinned. "I know! Ohhh and buying little outfits and all the cute little things like teaching them how to walk and I can't wait!" Larus said happily.

Severus kissed a trail down Lucius, being sure to stop at his nipples a moment to suckle them. He knew the blonde was having an entire battle of witts with himself so he did his best to take his mind away, moving downward even further until he took the other into his mouth.

Smiling the Dark Lord pulled his young lover closer and ran his fingers through Larus' multi coloured hair. Seeing the boy so happy made his heart race in a good way. So many good things had happened to him since the young man came into his life and now Voldemort could not imagine life without him.
"Ssseeing you playing with out child will be ssso wonderful my darling Laruss." He whispered softly as he nuzzled him.

Groaning and feeling a lot more relaxed Lucius closed his eyes and focused on the wonderful sensation of Snape's mouth around him. The feeling of closeness and affection he so cherished was still there and although he was trying not to be so demanding, he reached out to grab a handful of his lover's hair several times. As soon as the blonde realized what he was doing he let go but the urge to pin the Potions Master to the bed and ravage him was growing.
"Severus...." He moaned shifting beneath the other.

"Playing with our child with you will be lovely." Larus said equally, kissing his beloved. He smiled and leaned into the other's touch. " I wish there was a way to speed it up you know? Nine months seems like such a long wait."

Severus could feel his lover's growing desire for dominance and he pressed a finger and then a second into him, hoping the blonde didn't mind so much. He wanted to please him and part of him wanted to tell Lucius about his plan, but if he did that...then it wouldn't work. Lucius would say no.

Red eyes widening Voldemort thought of how much better it would be if indeed they could speed things up. While part of him wanted the whole situation over and done with another part of him worried that doing such a thing might hurt the child or somehow damage it's development. Caught between excitment and worry the Dark Lord looked at his lover.
"Iss that posssible? Or even ssafe?" He asked softly.

The feeling of Snape's fingers sliding into him was unusual but not all together unpleasant. Lucius forced himself to relax a little more so that he could fully enjoy the experience and while he still wanted to switch and dominate his lover the blonde resisted. After everything Severus had done for him, after all the love and support the dark haired Professor had given him the least he could do was allow his lover this one oppertunity at being top. Groaning a little and moving his hips so he impaled himself a little more, Malfoy whispered.
"Ah... Severus.... this is quite good."

Larus shrugged. "I am sure it's possible, I mean we are wizards.." He said, frowning. "I am unsure about safe. I'll have to do some research." He said, humming. "It would be convenient.."

Severus smiled as his lover began to adjust and therefore he got his courage back, "It's supposed to be, dear." He informed the blonde, adding a third finger before pulling his fingers out and placing himself at his lover's entrance instead. "Now this.. might be awkward at first." He said, pushing in just a little.

Deciding he did not want to spend his time with his lover worrying about what might or might not be possible the Dark Lord wrapped Larus in his arms and kissed his hair.
"I love you ssso much my Larussss." There was nothing else that porpperly described how he felt. "I wisssh I could hold you like thisss forever."

Never having anything inside him in such a way before Lucius let out a startled yell and found the sensation more than a little uncomfortable. Clenching his teeth the blonde sucked in a deep breath and tried to relax. When he had been thrusting into Snape the dark haired man seemed to enjoy himself emencly so he decided to bare with it and slowly the pleasure became obvious. Finally ajusting he breathed.
"Move... Severus.... move deeper..." His voice was breathy but still demanding.

"Why can't you?" Larus asked, smiling. "As far as I am concerned, you have me forever and then some." He said, grinning and kissing the other.

The blonde's wishes were obeyed as Severus moved deeper within him. He pressed in harder as well, hoping the blonde wouldn' mind the slight shift of pressure.

"Becaussse I need to pee." Voldemort frowned, he really did need to go to the toilet and having to get up and let go of his young lover annoyed him a little.

Still feeling a little pain Malfoy let out a long breath as he once again made himself relax. The mix of pleasure and pain was new and exciting and he felt that being so vunerable in front of his lover was not such a bad thing. He might bake the Potions Master pleasure him in this way more often, as long as he was the one calling the shots.

Larus stared at his lover blankly for a moment before he began to giggle." There are plenty of trees..." He said, motioning. "I can stand behind you if that makes you feel better...."

Severus graoned at hte feeling of being inside Lucius. He began to lightly stroke the blonde, trying to add to his pleasured passion. "Direct me, my love." He instructed, beginning a slow but deep pace to start off with.

Realizing that Larus wanted to stay by his side just as much, the Dark Lord smiled.
"Good idea my love, I will ussse a tree." The fact that they could share something so personal reassured Voldemort that as long as he had his young lover he could do and handle anything. It seemed he was getting more used to the idea of carrying their child and excited about it by the minuet. Still holding the boy's hand the Dark Lord went over to the nearest tree. "I am actually looking forward to ssseeing Luciusss pregnant." An evil grin curled his thin lips as he soke. "I wonder how they are going?"

Shifting his hips, the blonde growled directions.
"Ah... deeper...yes... just there... Keep hitting that spot..." Already he was breathing heavily and his head was spinning. Having never experienced the pressure against his prostate before Lucius was unused to such pleasure and he gritted his teeth so he could last longer. "Harder....!" He cried out looking up at Severus through half closed eyes.

Larus grinned. "I dunno, we could go spy on them again if you want? It could be fun." He said, giggling. He thought it was funny to spy on the two although it seemed that when they did they could always find the couple embraced with one another.

Severus moved harder as Lucius requested and found himself dangerously close to finishing. "Lucius.. are you close love?" He asked, slipping his hand to his lover's abandoned length to stroke it for added pleasure.

Raising an eyebrow Voldemort looked down at his little lover.
"You are possitivly evil." He hissed in delight. "Letssss go." The Dark Lord became excited at the thought of spying on his followers, especially knowing that they would most likely be concieving a child at that very moment.

Lucius was so relieved to hear that Severus was close, he had been trying to hold back but was not at his limit.
"Oh yes.... cum Severus... I want to feel myself clench around you..." He moaned as he arched his back.

Larus grinned and ran with his lover back to their room to grab their concealing cloaks and then threw his on. "Yayyy!!!!" He said, securing his lover's cloak after he was sure his own was on happily. "Okay, let's go." He said, hiding in the shadows and leading the way.

It was all severus needed and he pressed in deep, filling his lover and feeling a sense of accomplishemnt, there was no way the blonde wasn't pregnant now. He smiled and stayed in, hoping to see his loved one finish before he removed himself.

A warm tingling feeling spread through the Dark Lord's body as he followed his young lover. Seeing Larus so happy effected him in such an unforseeable way, or at least it was unforseeable to Voldermort. This beautiful creature, full of life and love had changed him and he believed it was for the better.

Severus' release triggured his own and Larus cried out as he spilled his own seed on his stomach and chest. As his inner muscles clenched around his lover jolts of pleasure washed over him.
"Severus!" The blonde cried out gripping Snape so hard his nails dug into the Potions Master's skin. "Oh Severus..."

Larus giggled as they came to a stop and he heard Lucius call out to Severus. "Woooow. They're either really at it or Severus is on top."

Severus relished in the feeling of the other's tight grip. He groaned and clung to him as well at the added feeling of clenching around him. He waited for his lover to calm down a moment. "Mn, you're beautiful, Lucius." He said, imprinting the expression his darling had when he'd finished for his personal file in his mind.

Shocked that Snape had actually managed to convince Lucius to be bottom the Dark Lord smirked.
"I mussst remember not to underessstimate Sseverusss again." He hissed softly genuinely impressed.

Very sated the blonde's mind raced with images of Severus beneath him as he impaled himself and demanded his lover thrust his hips. Although it was not something he wanted every time, Lord Malfoy enjoyed having the other inside him. Catching his breath the blonde smiled.
"As are you Severus." He reached up and pulled the dark haired man down onto his chest. "Give me a moment to recover then I will have you this time." Lucius was in the mood for a second round, he needed to re-assert his authoritey.

"I know it.." Larus said, blushing. "They have amost as much sex as we do." He shook his head. "Poor Lucius is gunna be soo angry when he figured out he's pregnant though." He said, tilting his head. "I feel very weird spying on them suddenly.." He wondered if it was wrong to spy on people while they were having sex. It wasn't like he was being turned on, in fact it al just made him giggle.

"Certainly love." Severus said, kissing Lucius' shoulder. "By the way, if you feel ill within the next day or so, do let me know, there's a bug going around." He said, hoping and yet hoping not that his lover would catch on to what he meant by 'bug'.

Pressing his finger to Larus' lips Voldemort gave him an evil grin.
"Jussst a little longer my love." He wanted to hear what happened next, hoping that Lucius would realize what was happening.

Steely grey eyes narrowed for a moment as the blonde regarded his lover. There was something in the other's tone that seemed off. If he had not been so caught up in his need to dominate Severus, he might have questioned the Potions Master further but as it was he shrugged it off. Thinking that Snape was either reminding him of his ability to create any potion or being a careing partner he flipped the dark haired man on his back and began to bit his neck as he slowly pulled himself off his lover's length.

Larus tried to not giggle and kissed his lover's finger as an understanding to be shushed so they could listen more. He could practically feel the tense energy in the room they stood outside of, listening.

Severus shivered at the feeling and then the sbrupt coldness of the other easing off of his length. He blushed a little before he let the other take controll, tilting his neck for him to bite at. "Sweet Lucius." He mumbled, slipping his hands to tug into the blonde's hair.

Now that he was back on top the blonde smirked slightly before he bent to kiss Severus. It was a hard and demanding kiss, he forced his tongue inside his lover's mouth as he groped at the Potions Master's chest and thigh. Lucius pushed the other's legs apart so he could slip in between them as he lifted one of Severus' legs. Grinding his hardening crotch against Snape's the blonde continued to kiss him. He was more dominant and forceful that usual because he had a point to prove to himself and Severus.

Voldemort did not hear what he had hoped for. The Dark Lord wanted to whitness or at least hear what happened when the blonde found out he was going to be a mother. Sighing he took Larus' hand and began to walk back down the hall.
"I think they are going for a sssecond time." He whispered a little disapointed.

"Hmn, being this fired up Lucius I would think you've conceived already.." He mumbled to himself more than to Lucius before realizing he'd spoken about impregnating the blond aloud. He kissed the other back just as hard hoping he didn't hear the comment.

Larus shook his head. "Not yet. Severus just spilled the beans love" He said, pressing his ear to the wall with a mirthful glance to his darling. "Listen."

It took a while for Severus' words to sink in but when the did the blonde forze.
"What?" A cold edge crept into Lucius' voice and he pulled away from his lover. "What did you just say?"

Pressing his ear up to the wall as well Voldemort grinned.
"I bet Sseveruss isss going to regret sssaying that." He whispered so the other could not hear him. A flash of worry caused the Dark Lord as he concidered the fact Lucius Malfoy might just kill his lover but it faded just as quickly. He had enver seen the blonde so happy and Severus was more than capable of defending himself if it came to that.

Severus frowned a little and regained himself. "I think you heard me. I wanted to start a family.. I mean.. our lord is and well.. why should we be left out of such happiness?" He asked, looking his lover in those stormy eyes, hoping he wouldn't be too angry.

"Oh no.. Lucius sounds really angry.." He said, wishing he could see what was happening to judge if the blonde would possibly harm Severus. He didn't think so, but he didn't think the blonde was going to be pleased either.

Raising an eyebrow the Dark Lord listened closer, he knew better than anyone how Lucius felt. At lease he and Larus had discussed having a child first, the blonde was taken completely by surprise.
"I am sssure he will not hurt Sseveruss."

"Then you should have impregnated yourself!" There were so many thoughts and emotions swirling around inside Lucius he had no idea what to think. Now the Potions Master's desire to top made sense. "You have deliberatly decieved me! I have only just begun to connect with Draco and you do.... this! to me. What do you think he will do when he learns I am having anohter child? How do you think he will take the news I am carrying it myself when my only reason for marry his mother was to concieve him?" The blonde suddenly looked as if he were going to sob.

Hearing about Lucius' problems with draco, Voldemort felt bad for giving Severus advice.
"I fear thissss isss my fault Larusss." He hissed softly looking down at his lover.

"Mn, if I would have done so to myself then there would still be a child either way. I decided you should be the one Lucius, because you're stronger than I am with spells. I could poison a drink or two and defend myself, but you can do all of that plus protect yourself. Draco allready knows you were with Narcissa to conceive him and no other reason. Narcissa herself has informed him several times. And besides do you think if I would have asked you that you would have accepted?" He asked, sighing. "You can terminate it if you want, it's not even a day in. Hell it's not even an hour in." Severus was strong as he could be, and silent, but he knew if the blonde decided to terminate it that he would grow rather cold in the blink of an eye.

Larus frowned. "Sev has a good point though love. Draco knows..." He huffed and debated on whether or not to leave the two to their privacy. He hoped they would be all right.

Still furious at being tricked into such a thing the blonde practically spat as he addressed his lover.
"And what do I tell Draco when he asks why I will carry this child but I would not carry him?" Even as he spoke though Lucius realized he did not want to terminate the life growing within him. He could be cold and uncaring about many things but his own flesh and blood was another matter. Also being called strong and somewhat superior was a large stroke to his ego. "How do I explain using Draco's mother in such a way when it was not necessary? How do I tell Narcissa I am pregnant?" Stormy Grey eyes locked onto Severus as he searched for the answer in his lover's soul.

Worried about how angry his follower was the Dark Lord decided to stay.
"Jussst incasse we need to intervien on Ssseverusss' behalf." Voldermort explained. "I will not let Luciusss harm him." Larus must have been having a greater effect on him then he had first thought, the Dark Lord actually felt guilty about something and the problems his actions had caused someone other than his young lover.

Severus bristled. "Are you seriously asking me this, Lucius? Obviously because you were a man and she was a woman! You didn't need to carry and honestly this particular potion I slipped you was just invented but two years after his birth. These things are recent! You don't have to tell Narcissa a damned thing because she is no part of you anymore. It was necessary for you to use her." Severus sighed as he stared at his lover. "It wouldn't be any different if I carried the child, Lucius. I am sorry I tricked you, but I looked at our lord and Larus, they're so happy. I want that happiness. I have you and I am happy, but I want to start a family. I want my own heir as well you know."

"Awe, you're so sweet love." Larus complimented his lover, leaning up to kiss him. He listened in, frowning. "I don't think Luc will harm him.. but he's positively alight with anger."

Still angry beyond words Lucius hissed as he climbed off the bed and began to pace up and down at the foot of the bed.
"Narcissa is the mother of my son, she is part of my life weather you like it or not Severus. As for your heir....." Throwing his hands in the air the blonde growled then turned to face his lover. "I asked you if you wanted a child of your own, I wanted to talk about it and come to a decision together. Together! Severus, together!" He glared at Snape for a while before he sighed and plonked himself down on the bed with his back to the other. "I feel so betrayed Severus..." The anger was beginning to fade and Lucius was so very afraid because he had spoken his mind, he had admitted a weakness and felt vunerable.

Sensing that the mood had changed, voldemort sighed in relief.
"I think the worssst isss over my darling Larusss." Kissing his lover the Dark Lord kept hearing Severus' words, the Potions Master had wanted to be as happy as he and Larus. That simple statment made Voldemort realize exactly how lucky he was.

"Lucius, you, yourself said she was there to produce your heir. The child we have will be both of ours heir should something happen ever to Draco, and I hope dearly nothing does. She is no longer a part of us, Lucius. Perhaps a part of you, which I find incredibly strange, but not us. Don't tel me that if I would have come to you with this want for a family that you would have said yes. I know you, Lucius, you would have said no after giving me a viscious smirk." Severus sighed and hugged his knees to his chest. "Lucius... I'm sorry I have done this to you. Terminate it then, I will make up the counter-act to it in less than an hour if that's your wish." His words were angry and bitter.

"I do too." Larus said, kissing his lover and wrapping his arms around his neck. "Do you want to go back to our room now love?" He asked, snuggling against his love's chest as he was held.

"No..." It was little more than a whisper. "No Severus I don't want you to make something to coutner-act this... I am keeping it." Lucius felt as if he had been slapped, he was so confused. The blonde could not help feeling betrayed by the one person in the world he truely cared about and on top of all that he managed to hurt that person back. "I am sorry Severus... for being so angry."

Nodding, Voldemort kissed his young lover again.
"Yess my love, letsss go." He lifted Larus bridal style and headed back to their room. "I am ssure they are going to be alright now."

"I can't apologize for what I have done. I apologize yes for doing this wihout your permission. But I also do not apologize because we have a child growing now, Lucius. You had right to be angry, my irrational side believed you would of understood much better." He said, sighing heavily. He leant forward and hugged the blonde from behind. "Don't you want a loving family? Don't you want how we love one another without status or appearance getting in the way. How neither you or I is just being used for this act of creating a family? Draco would probably love having a sibling, Lucius. The poor child's been practically alone his whole life without you or Narcissa. While the two of you were there you were distant and Narcissa wasn't the most loving mother in the world." He siged and rested his head on the blonde's shoulder. "I love you, Lucius." He whispered.

"I can't wait util our baby is born." He said, waiting until they got to their room to jump from his lover's arms and press a small kiss to his stomach. "Oh yes I do need to check up on the speeding-up process. Were you ready for bed love? Or did you want me to look?" Larus quested, stroking his lover's tummy, wishing he could feel the baby kicking, but his darling wasn't near that far along.

There was so much guilt that Lucius felt at the mention of how distant he had been to his son. Narcissa's distance was also his fault, the woman resented Draco because he was all the blonde had cared about. She had wanted Lucius' affection and not receiving it had turned her cold and bitter. This was his chance to love a child, to be there physically and emotionally for his own flesh and blood. A child concieved in love. He would have to work doubly hard to make up for his seeming indifference to Draco, he just hoped it was not too late.
"I hope you are right Severus.... I hope you are right..." At first he flinched a little when the Potions Master hugged him but letting out a sigh, the blonde reached up to grab his lover's hand.
"I love you too Severus..."

Having to admit he liked Larus fussing over him in such a manner the Dark Lord smiled.
"I would like to know if it issss posssible to ssspeed up the processs." A sudden urge to see his young lover nursing their infent.

Pressing kisses to his love's neck, Severus sighed. "Oh Lucius how I love you." He whispered, never thinking he'd of said such a thing in his life. He slipped his free hand into the blonde's long hair and tugged to show he wanted to kiss him. "Forgive me, my love, please..."

Larus smiled. "Want to come with while I go and research?" He didn't want his lord out of his sight for a second. He wanted to protect him if needed.

Moving suddenly the blonde turned and caught Snape in a hard and demanding kiss. The truth was Lucius did not want to be alone and the more he thought about it the more he realized that the child he was carrying was part of Severus and that fact alone was enough to make him want it. Of course the thought of destroying part of himself was beyond imagining but it was for Severus that he decided to keep their child.
"How could I not forgive you?" He asked as he pulled back to catch his breath. Tangling his own hand in the Potions Master's dark hair, Lord Malfoy kissed him again.

Smiling a thin lipped smile that made him look very snake like Voldemort nodded.
"I will come with you my love." There was something about watching the boy that delighted him. Even if it was simple, everyday things, Larus had a grace about him that took the Dark Lord's breath away.

Surprise was nothing compared to what Severus felt at being kissed in such a manner. He'd expected his love to fight a little more over what he'd done to him. He leaned into the kiss, enjoying very much the way it felt. "Thank you." He whispered when he had a chance to before kissing the blonde of his own accord.

Larus grinned fully and grabbed his love by the hand and drug him to the room n which he'd created the potion. He grabbed mny books after pulling out the bottle they'd used however long ago to impregnante. He casted simple revealing charms over it and then began pouring over the books. "Each ingredient should have their own special thing to advance to a further stage." He said, humming. He read fastly through several pages before he snorted. "Oh." He read aloud then " 'Many couples do not like the impending wait and for males it is possible it would be dangerous to wait full term unless one is exceptionally powerful. To speed the process one simply needs to take a dose of the potion described at the bottom of this page. One drop for one month two drops for two and so on. Be carefull to not take too many drops and lose track for you could end up aging the fetus into a toddler or worse, that would be hard to extract and would most likely kill the carrier." Larus grinned. "Soo do you want nine months then?" He asked, looking at his lover curiously.

After kissing Snape again, the blonde pulled back so he could look at him properly.
"Just promise me no more tricks Severus. I love you but you really should have talked with me first. Why do you think I asked you if you wanted a family? I thought we could arrange something.... together." Lucius was still a little annoyed but the bottom line was he loved Severus and it seemed there was nothing he would not do to make him happy.

Raising an eyebrow the Dark Lord looked down at his lover. He was worried about the well being of their child, something that was new and a little unnerving to him.
"There must be a balance between safety and speed.... we could try to half the gestation time."

"I promise, love, no more tricks." Severus saidfeeling bad yet again for his lover to have been so upset with him. He leaned and kissed him, sighing. "I am sorry again, love." He said, stroking the blonde's hair "I hadn't thought about that you had asked. I must have forgot."

"Well, if we did it to nine months that's nine drops. The only way we're going to hurt either you or the child is if we do it further than that and then try to operate on you." Larus said as he simmed over the paged again to be sure.

Wrapping Snape in his arms the blonde let out a long sigh.
"You are forgiven Severus and I am sorry for being so angry..." Knowing that he was quick to anger, Lucius added. "There may be many times when I errupt in fury... I may say things or do things to hurt or upset you but.... I will calm down... please bare with me my love?" Now he was over his outburst the blonde was beginning to get excited about having a child with his lover.

"Operate?" That did not please Voldemort. "I feel we ssshould err on the ssside of caution, no harm ssshould come to out child. I will do what ever it takesss to keep it sssafe, give me asss many drops you deem necesssssary." The Dark Lord answered trusting that Larus would not do anything that could endanger their child.

:Of course, Lucius." I will do my best to decode you." Severus said while leaning into the blonde's hug, returning it tightly. "I can't wait though Lucius, to see a child created by us. I can't wait to see Draco interracting with a brother or sister."

Larus nodded." Al right then, let me get making the potion, it's fairly simple and I could have it done in an hour. Are you ready now?" He askd, searching through a cabinet to be sure they had the needed ingredients, when finding that they did he felt excitd. "Should I ask Severus to make it with me?"

Swallowing hard Malfoy suddenly found himself wanting to weep. The image of Draco holding his child with Severus touched him and in his joy he cried.
"Nor can I." The blonde whispered. Suddenly pulling back, Lucius blinked several times. "We will have to inform our Lord."

Voldemrot nodded.
"Yesss, perhapsss they will want to make sssome asss well." There was an evil grin on the Dark Lord's face as he thought of the tall, stoic blonde with a swolen belly. Aside form himself, Lucius was the last person Voldemort would have ever concidered a mother.

"Yes we will." Severus said, smiling. "When should we tell him? Lucius.. are you all right? You look like you're about to cry." He said, tracing the blonde's cheek. "Is that a good thing or bad?"

Larus kissed his lover on the lips. "Well, lets go bother them and then bring them back here. You and Lucius can talk about baby-things and Severus and I can make the potions to speed up the process." He said, grinning.

Pulling himself together the blonde took in a deep breath to steady his voice before he answered.
"It is a good things I would say.... though I am not likeing all this emotion." That much was true, Lord Malfoy did not like being ruled by his emotions and had worked very hard to surpress them. Severus however seemed to be able to unwravel his cold armor and make him weep like a baby with a single sentence. Becoming more and more stoic by the second, Lucius stood up.
"Lets dress and inform Our Lord now, I am sure he will want to congratulate us."

A warm feeling started in Voldemort's stomach and seemed to spread through out his entire body. The joy he felt at being able to share this wonderful mericle of life with Larus and his most loyal followers was a shock and a little overwhelming. The Dark Lord was truely happy, something he had though forever out of reach, but this beautiful young man and changed everything for the better.
"Yess my love, I think Luciussss will have calmed down by now." There was a small smirk in his think lips and his red eyes sparkled at the thought of the great Lord Malfoy being pregnant. This unfortunatly lead to the thought that there were no doubt many who would find his situation just as amusing and he frowned slightly.

With a nod Severus also rose and dressed with his lover. "I bet he all ready knows too." He said, noticing their lord seemed to know everything about their lives. He shook his head in amusement and kissed Lucius before leading the way to their lord's chambers, but he stopped and turned before getting there as he caught sight of the other couple in the potions lab. "My lords?"

Larus grinned. "Hi you two! We were just talking about you guys." He said, humming. He let his gaze linger on Lucius and his grin widened. "We found a .. potion to speed up the process so to speak and I was just going to steal you away Severus to help me make it. It's fairly simple but one wrong move and it could be a disaster. I mean.. it is our lord's and my loved one's child we're speaking about. As well as any other child that may need to undergo this in the future." He eyed them as though he didn't know but was suspicious. He handed Severus the text. "That's what it says."

Raising an eyebrow Lucius looked at Voldermort's young lover.
"Are you planning to have more children?" He asked wondering if the remark was directed at him and Severus or not.

"Oh yessss Luciusss but next time it will be my beautiful Larussss who will have the honor of carrying our child." Thin lips curling in an evil smirk the Dark Lord's red eyes glowed with excitment. "There wassss sssomething you wanted to tell usss." It was more a statement not a question, Voldemort was dieing to hear the good news.

Larus blushed. "Oh, I didn't know we were haing more children in the future." He grinned and kissed his lover. "Anyhow..."

Severus nodded. "Well um, see we were actually comming to find you to make an announcement. Lucius and I are also going to have a child. He's the carrier." He said, smiling as he noticed his lords all ready knew.

The blonde went to say something but then decided not too. The Dark Lord already knew but then he would not have expected anything less from the other.
"It seems My Lord you and I will have much to discuss." Malfoy tried to keep his voice even and calm, he did not want his Lords to know that only moments ago he had been furious with Snape and his pride would not let him say he was tricked into such a thing. At least now he was beginning to get genuinly excited about having another heir.

"Congratulationsss are in order for you both." Voldemort hissed happily and turned to his lover. "I thought you wanted to experience thisss mericle yourssself my darling?" Hoping he had not said something he should not have the Dark Lord pulled Larus closer and kissed his cheek.

Severus skimmed over the book that Larus had handed him and nodded."This is a safe potion."

" I just didn't think you were completely serious. I mean... I know it's put a lot on you just to have this one child, but to hear you wanting of another has made me incredibly happy." Larus said, wrapping his arms around his love's neck.

Severus gathered the ingredients needed. "Lucius, shall I make a bottle of tis for you as well?" He asked, wondering if his lover wouldn't want the process quickened as well.

Emotion once again tried to overwhelm the Dark Lord.
"And you make me ssso very happy asss well my beautiful Larusss." Wishing he could just snuggle the boy and hold him forever, Voldemrot kissed his cheek again then looked over to Malfoy.
"Larusss there isss sssome businessss you and I have to dissscusss regarding your ssson becoming of age sssoon." He wanted to make Draco a full Deatheater and had a very important task in mind for him. "I will leave you and Larussss to your potionsss Ssseverusss." Waving the blonde to him Voldemort headed for the door.

Thinking for a moment the blonde nodded.
"Yes Severus, I think that is a good idea. The longer I have to carry the child the more dangerous I feel it will be for us." Seeing the Dark Lord so excited about being a parent had reminded Malfoy how dearly he loved Draco and how much he would love a child with his lover. Lucius obeyed Voldemort's request and followed him to the door.
"Of course my lord."

Larus nodded but he didn't like to have his lover go off on his own, but Lucius was there at least so there was protection. Larus hummed and followed the instructions on what was to be chopped and diced and everything in between.

Severus nodded to Larus. "Yes you do all of that, I will get the necessary cauldron, it's a weird potion inthat it needs the solid gold one." He heaved said cauldron over and put it on a stand over and then lit a fire beneath it with his wand. "Okay add those three ingredients immediately." He then looked at the rest of the directions and they helped eachother create the perfectly made potion. "Now we just sit here for approximately twenty minutes or until it turns purple." He said, looking at Larus casually. "You're very good with potions, you know."

Once they were outside in the hall Voldemort cast a spell that ensured no one could overhear them.
"Luciusss, it hasss come to a point where Dumbledore isss too great a threat. I need his dead and I want Draco to be the one to do it. Your sson can get clossse to the headmassster without arousssing too much sssussspisssion. He isss of an age where he can become a full fledges Deatheater anyway. Thisss musst be done by the end of year and I will not accept failure. While Dumbledore livessss we are in too much danger, do you underssstand what it isss I am asssking of him and you?" Narrowing his red eyes the Dark Lord studied the blonde.

Swallowing hard, Malfoy nodded.
"Yes My Lord, I understand. It will be done." He was afraid for Draco, especially now that things between them finally seemed to be improving but what the Dark Lord requested of his son was a great honor. That fact was not lost on Lucius, and as afraid for his heir as he was, this would establish Draco as one of the Deatheater highrache.

"Very well, bring the boy to me tomorrow Luciusss." With that Voldemort removed the privacy spell and motioned the blonde towards the door. "Let ussss return to our loversss." He hissed relieved that Malfoy did not fight him on this.

Larus smield as their lover's returned. "Wlecome back!!" He said, pouring the potions into seperate bottles under Severus' supervision. It's up to you guys when you want to do the aging thing cause the potions are done perfectly."

"Yes they are, now to birth the children it's going to... have to come out you know where. That's going to be painful, but I have something that can take the pain away, not to mention heal you right back up as though nothing happened earlier.." Severs said, feeling bad that their loves had to suffer such a thing.

"Does it have to come out... there!?" Lucius looked more than horrorfied. "Can't you just cut it out like they do with some women or make me unconsious first?" The blonde was not looking forward to that part at all. He trusted the healing spells for cuts and wounds but was hesitant about being stretched so badly, down there.

Voldemort did not look well pleased either and he caught himself glaring at Severus as he waited for the Potions Master to answer the blonde.

Larus giggled, turning away to not be caught with his laughter. "Ahem."

"Love, don't worry after a few potions your ass will be even tighter than it is allready. No damage done by this will be permanent. If I knock you out first, the baby could become unconscious as well and then we wont know if it's a possible still birth. We want a healthy screaming child. "

Larus smiled and was finally able to turn back around. "Don't worry guys, it will be okay."

Scowling at Larus and Severus the blonde growled.
"I am sure the child will not be the only one screaming." If he had not been so in love with Snape and so excited about having a child with someone he actually cared for, Lucius would have ended the pregnancy right there and then. Although he was a devoted and skilled Deatheater the blonde was not fond of pian, at least not when he was the one experiencing it. "And don't blame me if I no longer clench you like I can now, afterwards."

If he had not been facing the same outcome, Voldemort would have laughed at the stoic blonde being such a baby about childbirth.
"You are sssure thisss isss the besst way to birth the child?" He asked Larus. The Dark Lord trusted his lover and unlike Malfoy he was not one to shy away from pain.

Severus blushed at his lover. "I promise you, everything will be back to normal! And you wont feel any pain I will produce a non-toxic potion for you dear to kill all pain." He shook his head in amusement. "Well, shall we?"

Larus nodded"Yes, if we cut it from you there are certain risks and we aren't surgeons."

Sticking his nose in the air and pretending he had not just freaked out the blonde snatched the potion Severus had made for him.
"I have the utmost faith in your potions Severus, and of course we will do what it best for our child." Realizing he might have come off a little harsh Malfoy sighed. "Thank you for doing this for me my love." It was going to be hard for Lucius to stop retreating to his cold, disapproving self every time he had difficulty dealing with his emotions. It was the fastest way to alienate his lover and the others he cared for.

Sliding his arm around the boy's waist, voldemort allowed his thin lips to curl in a smile. He found the entire thing amusing and had to admit he was proud of his stoic follower for making such an effort.
"You have not picked an eassssy persson to love Sseveruss." The Dark Lord hissed softly. "But I am sssure both your effortsss will be richly rewarded." It also did not escape Voldemort's notice that Larus was in a similar situation to the Potions Master. He himself was not an easy person to love either.

Severus snorted. "I know darling." He said, smiling. He nodded also to the dark lord. "Of course my Lord, since when have I ever liked anything easy? Let us get this done with shall we? Let's move to your quarters, my lord? They would be safest."

Larus was more than excited to get things underway. He wanted to involve his lover in a lip-lock but knew he should perhaps wait until they had things set up and figured out where they were going to go.

Still a little aprehensive about the entire ordeal Lucius cleared his throat.
"Well perhaps on the way there you can explain to me exactly what is going to happen now." Figuring that at least if he was informed he could deal with things better the blonde took Severus' hand and began to move towards their Lord's rooms.

Nodding Voldemort looked at Larus.
"Ssso what have you dessided my love? How long will I be carrying out child?" As he spoke the Dark Lord ran his fingers though his young lover's multi coloured hair. Excitment began to boil up inside him.

"Well, we're going to give you these drops and it will advance you to that part of the pregnancy where you will give birth. Now, the only thing that might freak you out is how big your tummy will get." Severus informed his darling. "And then you'll feel labor pains and then we'll get you two set up and then you'll be given your pain potions, you'll need them.. believe me. And then we'll aid you in the birthing."

"Jst for nine minutes love." Larus said with a huge grin. "You see, each drop takes a minute to progress and after the nine of them you;ll notice when it's time."

Everything was happening so fast the blonde felt like he was caught up in a whirlwind.
"So soon?" He gasped, feeling he was not ready for that yet. "Shouldn't we slow down a little...? Or at least stretch me first?" Lucius turned even more pale than usual. There was also the matter of his stomach skin stretching and it was all happening in a matter of minuets.

"That iss fassst." The Dark Lord said almost as shocked at Malfoy. "Well letsss do thissss" The thought of holding his child in his arms before the end of the day delighted him. "We will have to think of namessss ass well my Larusss." Red eyes sparkling, the Dark Lord pulled his lover closer and kissed his forehead.

Severus laughed at his lover. "No darling, I told you, you wont feel it, and then it will be back to normal. Don't you trust me?" He asked, kissing the other on the lips.

Larus hadn't thought about naming the little one. "That we do. Well, it depends if it's a boy or a girl.." He said, grinning and leading to their rooms, conjuring another bed for Lucius. "All right, lets get prepared, loved to your beds." He withdrew pain numbing and physical numbing potions and handed one of each to both significant others.

Taking the offered potions, Malfoy downed them both, he was not looking forward to the birth.
"We have not discussed names yet either." The blonde's voice as a little shaky. "And I do trust you Severus it is just... I am sure you would be a little apprehensive as well if you were the one having to push a baby through your ass."

Laughing Voldemort shook his head.
"Thisss isss sso very entertaining." The Dark Lord was pleased Lucius was so scared, it made him feel a little more relaxed about the situation. It was not the pain that he feared it, he wanted the child to be healthy and properly formed. Part of him feared that he would somehow contaminate the child's genes and it would take after him looking snake like. For the first time in his life, Voldemort feared failing someone else, he did not want to fail his beloved.

"As Larus told our lord, we can discuss them after we figure out the gender my love. This should take about nine minutes." He said, analyzing the rest of the birthing potin. "One minute equals one month." He dipped a dropper into the potion. "And yes my love I wll be on the receiving end one day if you would like." He said, kissing the other. "Now remove your robes and layas though you were a woman giving birth."Severus put up shelves for their loved to prop their feet with as womn would have done.

As though reading his thoughts Larus kissed his lover passioantely. "Don't you even think that way mister. Our child will be absolutely beautiful." He said, kissing him again. "Now lay back and let us take over." He said, motioning to Severus' progress with Lucius.

Feeling very undignified the blonde glared down his nose at Snape. Lying there spread legged made him feel very vunerable, a feeling he definatly did not like.
"Just how many children did you have in mind Severus?" His words came out a little harsher than he intended so he managed a weak smile for his lover.

Closing his eyes for a moment the Dark Lord held Larus close.
"You alwayssss know exactly how to make me feel better my Larussss." After he had lay down Voldemort knew exactly why Lucius felt so uncomfortable but he took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. "Well my love.... letsss sstart." Eager to meet the life he and Larus had created the Dark Lord nodded.

"At least one more so you could get your revenge." Severus drawled, kissing his lover on the lips. "Now, take this." He said, motioning the blonde open his lips for the potion that was in the dropper.

"This is excitin." Larus said, taking his own bottle of the potion and his own dropper and motioning his lover to open his mouth to accept it. He wanted to do so precisely perfect that way no complications arose in the least bit.

Nothing much seemed to happen, Lucius still did now show and aside from feeling a little ill, he felt the same.
"Are you sure this is working?" He asked his lover, some what relieved.

Voldemort knew that the first month was fairly un-eventful from what he had read on the subject.
"Another two or three dropssss and we ssshould sstart to sshow Luciusss. Then we will know for ssure if thisss isss working." The Dark Lord could not help smiling at his lover, he was sure the potion was working properly, he had absolute faith in Larus and Severus' abilities. "Though I doubt a Potionsss Massster and hisss ssstar pupil would have made a missstake." Red eyes glowing with pride Voldermort waved at his young lover encouraging him to administer the second drop.

Severus laughed. "Becalm Lucius." He said while administering another eight drops as Larus had done to their lord. "It will take about eight more minutes for it to be at that point of birth. Hang in there."

Larus smiled and kissed his darling on the lips after he'd given him the last drop. "I can't wait love." To say he was excited was an understatement.

Grey eyes widened as Lucius watched his stomach begin to grow. Finding it very unsetteling the blonde gasped and started to scratch madly at his skin. As it pulled tighter and tighter it iched and Lord Malfoy complained loudly about it.
"Brooms and couldrens! I am going to scratch myself raw." He groaned.

Voldemort could not help thinking that his stomach looked like the lumps he saw in his pet snake when she had eaten a rabit or something. It seemed to him to be impossibly round and he felt like the child was pushing on his lungs making it hard to breathe. Wondering how women could possibly endure months like this he hissed.
"Now I need to pee, I think our child issss usssing my bladder asss a pillow."

Severus frowned and kissed his lover, trying to distract him. "I know darling, hang in there." He said, sroking the blonde's hair, trying to hold his hands so he didn't scratch at himself anymore.

Larus didn't know how to relieve his lover of his aching bladder. "That is possible.. ummmmm.... let's turn you on your side and ill grab a bowl or something cause it's not safe to move you.. and I really shouldn't be putting you on your side even.."

Suddenly Lucius' eyes grew even wider and he grabbed his stomach groaning.
"By the stars!" He gasped through clenched teeth. "I thought your potion was meant to ease the pain?" Tiny sweat beads appeared on the blonde's forehead as he tried to breathe through pain. He had food poisoning once and thought then he was dieing but this was a thousand times worse. Malfoy suddenly had a deeper appreciation for his wife as well.

The large stomach made turning on his side very difficult and as soon as he had emptied his bladder Voldemort also felt the first signs of labour. Reaching round to rub his lower back. A low hissing noise issued from between his thin lips, then the Dark Lord rolled back to his position with his legs appart.
"In retrossspect it might have been wissser to do usss one at a time my Larussss." Hearing the blonde bellowing beside him was not helping his temper.

"Take this, love." Severus said, handing him a much stronger pain reliever. He hadn't gouged just what kind of pain might begone through. He handed one to Larus as well in case their lord needed one also. "Breath, Lucius.You're going to have to take slow deep breaths for me."

"I'm sorry my love." Larus said, holding his lover's hand. "It wont be too long. I don't think. Just breath as Severus tells Lucius and take this if you need it." He said, kissing him on the lips. "I know it must be eternally difficult. "Just hang in there my love."

Even with the pain numbed, Lucius was in a lot of discomfort and the contractions became stronger and closer together. The embrotic sack burst and a rush of fluid soaked the towels at the base of the bed. The urge to push became stronger and gritting his teeth together, the blonde pushed for all he was worth. It was an odd sensation, a little like going to the toilet but a lot more painful. He felt himself tare and another cry of pain escaped him but at that moment Lucius was too busy pushing to complain. Sitting up slightly, he groaned, the sweat had now drenched his hair and ran down his face stinging his eyes. The crown of the child's head appeared and with one final effort the head and shoulders emerged and suddenly there was a damp and bloodied baby.
"What is it Severus? Is it healthy?" Lucius asked, tears of joy in and pain in his eyes.

Taking his lover's hand Voldemort hissed and groaned. When his water broke he scowled in disgust, birthing was a messy business. The pain was overwhelming but the Dark Lord bore it well, refusing to shreik like his blonde counterpart.
"Do I pussssh now?" He hissed breathlessly, his red eyes wide. Voldermort's body told him it was indeed time to push and squeezing his eyes shut the Dark Lord pushed in time with the waves of pain in his abdomen. He seemed to be doing a lot of work and getting nowhere until he felt a widening sensation as the head appeared. Looking down at the sight between his legs the Dark Lord frowned.
"Isss it meant to be sssso blue?" He asked panic in his voice. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the child's neck and he would have to push the rest out quickly so it could be untangled, allowing the baby to breath.

Severus smiled. "Hold on love." He said, conujuring a strange bottle-like thing to retrieve mucus like substance from the child's throat. "It's a boy Lucius.And so far he's definitely going to have your eyes." He said, grinning with tears in his eyes. He'd helped make this. "Let me get him cleaned up love and you can hold him." He cut the cord and tied it off, going to his lord's sink to rinse the child off once it was bundled he handed the child to Lucius and kissed him. "Hold on my love, our lord's in need of my help." And he rushed to Larus and his lord's side, staring at the child. "Work quickly, Larus, hold the child and ill untangle this."

Larus was almost panicked at the color their child had come out as. "Sev, the cord.." Was all he said before Severus was unwrapping the cord and showing Larus where to cut. "Thank you." Larus said, hearing their child burst into what seemed the angriest of screams. "Ohh he's going to have such the little temper." He whispered, copying Severus' earlier actions to clean the baby and waken it. The color was returning to a normal after-birth color and he was more than happy. "Love.." He turned to his darling after the child had been sought after. "Love, this is what we've created.." The child had his father's eye color of ruby-red and it's eyes were as sharp as Voldemort's but the rest of him except the hair was seemingly Larus. He could tell the boy was going to be dark haired and knew that came from his lover he squealed with delight and placed the bundle in his lover's arm.

Both Severus and Larus cleaned the place, casting cleaning spells on the beds and on their lovers before administering them potions to get their bodies back in order. And then they went to their lovers to bond with their children. [LOL Yes I did see that coming XD]

The usual stern look faded from the blonde's grey eyes as he held his child to his chest.
"Oh Severus.... he is perfect." Looking away from the tiny bundle that was screwing up is face and opening an closing its mouth was the hardest thing Lucius had even had to do. He looked to Snape and smiled a smile of ture happiness. "Any ideas on what to call him?" Seeing as he already had an heir and was the one to name Draco, the blonde thought it was only fair that Severus got to name his first son.

The loud scream made Voldemort smile with pride.
"He issss ssstrong, that isss good." One long boney finger gently brushed the child's cheek and the infant turned its head slightly as if it were trying to suckle at the didget. "I think he needssss hisss firssst feed Larusssss, would you like to do the honorsss?" The Dark Lord could not have been happier and while he did not really want to hand his child over he wanted Larus to bond with their son as well. "What do you think of the name Marvolo Larussss for our little one?" He asked softly.

"Not yet I don't. How about Abraxas ater your father?"He asked, not sure what to name the boy. "He's beautiful Lucius." Severus said, in awe with the child they'd created.

Larus grinned and conjured formula since no one had breats in the room. "Well, I think it sounds beautiful for him." He stroked the child's chek and lay next to his lord so he could still hold the little one while he fed him. "Thank you, for giving us this little one."

All the pain and fear and melted away and Lucius was left with a warm fuzzy feeling. This child, his and Severus' child was a gift, the most precious and wonderful gift since he first held Draco in his arms.
"Abraxas...." The blonde whispered and the child made a happy gergeling noise. "It think he likes it Severus and yes he is beautiful."

Closing his eyes for a moment then opening them again and looking at Larus and their child the Dark Lord smiled. He had expected his loved ones to be gone when he opened his eyes again, afraid that it was too good to be true.
"Thisss isss really happening my darling Larusss, we really have a beautiful boy to dote on." Kissing Marvolo Larus gently on the forehead then pressing a soft kiss to his lover's lips, Voldemort reached out to brush a multi coloured strand of hair back behind Larus' ear. "I could not have done thissss without you my love, don't forget that."

"Now we just have to worry about Draco and Narcissa.. I personally think Draco would like a brother." He said, smiling. "He's been so alone and now he'll have something to look after and corrupt." Severus said with a smirk in his voice.

"Yes we do." Larus said before he kissed his lover back. "I will never forget it. I couldn't have done it without you either. Does a bath sound plausible?" He asked, wanting his lover to feel clean again and their child would probably like to have water as well.

That made the blonde laugh, he could just see Draco teaching Abraxas how to transform someone into a toad or giving someone pimples. Not that he had even known his first born to do such things but the idea delighted him.
"I hope you are right Severus. I hope Draco loves his little brother and does not resent him." He had heard many stories of how cruel siblings could be to one another.

A bath sounded wonderful to the Dark Lord and slowly he sat up then swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He was not in pain so to speak but he did feel a little uncomfortable. Testing his footing and surprised that he was strong enough to stand, Voldemort put his arms out for their child while Larus stood up as well.
"Here my Larusss I will take him while you get up." He could not help smiling down at his son as he quickly returned the teat of the bottle to the baby's mouth to settle him. "He likessss hisss bottle." The Dark Lord stated happily, relieved the child had a good appatite.

"I am sure he will be fine. When should we contact him?" He asked, qanting to see the expression on the smaller blonde's face. "If he's anything like you... which he is your copy, I am not sure whether to do it now or later." Severus said, teasing his lover.

Larus took hold of their child while his lover rose. "One more potion and you should feel all your parts back together, the only thing that will be strange is that you'll be rather tired." Larus said while he looked at their child with admiration.

Sighing the blonde swallowed the panic that threatened to overwhelm him.
"I think perhaps sooner is better than later with Draco, I don't want him to feel like that last person to know he has a sibling. I just hope he forgives me for not telling him before Abraxas' birth." The thought of telling Narcissa did not delight Lucius either, he knew such news would upset her fruther. Flashing around his joy at having Severus as a lover was like rubbing salt in fresh wounds.

Looking at his lover and child and feeling like the happiest man in the world, voldemrot concidered how different he life was now. Of all the things he thought he wanted and needed a gentle lover and an heir were not among them. How wrong he had been to think he could live without a true family.
"I love you Larussss." He hissed softly. "Come letsss have that bath."

"It was rather sudden.." Severus said in Lucius' defense. "Well, shall I summon the boy from his studies then? A quick trip to my office and the floo and I should be able to get him here within five minutes."

"I love you too." Larus said, handing his beloved their child while he ran the bath water. He made sure it wasn't too warm for the baby and then proceeded to grab towels for them all.

Lucius nodded.
"We should do it together, all three of us. I want Draco to be very involved with Abraxas, I am scared he will feel left out..." The blonde's eyes began to tear up as he spoke, it was so improtant to him that he make up for being a distant father with Draco. He wanted the boy to know he was still loved and every bit as important now that he and Severus has a child as he was before.

Stepping into the bath the Dark Lord held Marvolo Larus out on his forearms, supporting the infant's body and head. He submerged his son just enough to cover his body leaving the head and neck out.
"Can you get a cloth and wipe him while I hold him my love?" Voldemort hissed softly then smiled and made soothing noises as his child made a bit of a fuss . It felt strange to be holding something so very fragile and making comforting noises. Non of this came naturally to the Dark Lord and he worried he might actually be scaring the child instead of helping.

"Then let us get cleaned up and we can see him." Severus said, kissing the other on the lips. "Don't cry, Lucius, love. Nothing bad will happen, I promise you this."

Larus laughed with his lover and began to wipe their child down. "Oh love you're good at this being a mother/father thing." He said, smiling, wishing their child could smile, but knew he was too young just yet.

Smiling for his lover the blonde nodded.
"I just have a lot to make up for and this time I want to do the father thing right." Lucius embraced Severus, needing to borrow the other's strength.

Raising an eyebrow Voldemort looked at his lover.
"Father thing..." He corrected his lover then laughed. "I am sssorry my love, I could not ressisst." He felt that having a child had made him soft but as long as he did not effect his ability to lead that was not really a problem. The Dark Lord was held spellbound as he watched his son moving his little arms and legs and making cute little noises.

"I know darling." Severus casted a few spells to cleanse the blonde and their areas and he motioned Lucius follow him. "Come, my love, we must tell Draco of the news." He said, tugging the blonde forward.

"Oh I see, I am the mother." Larus said with a giggle, knowing his lover valued his masculinity. " I can't wait until he gets to go to school and learn everything like we have."

Pulling himself together, Lucius was his usual stiff self by the time they entered Severus' ofice.
"Let's do this my love." He said trying not to freak out about the possible disaster that he might have to face.

"You are getting a little ahead of yourssself arn't you my darling Larusss? I can't wait until he cand hold hisssss own head up." Voldemort was panicing a little, worried he would drop their child or hurt him. "He issss ssso tiny and sssoft." Now that Larus had mentioned it, the Dark Lord was not sure he wanted his child going to school with everyone else. Of course if his plan wroked then he would be absolute ruler and the most powerful wizard in the world and Marvolo Larus would be safe anywhere.

Severus nodded and activated a portkey, bringing him and his lover right into the Slytherin dormitories where Draco was reading from his text book. "Draco.."

Draco looked up in shock at having Snape, his father and an infant in his room. "Father, Severus, what's going on?" He asked, eyeing the bundle. "Did you two steal a child?"

Larus smiled at his darling. "Let's get him some formula made up and let's all three take a nap." He said, conjuring a bottle for their little one."I wonder how to conjure up formula?" He said aloud to himself.

"No." It came out a lot harsher than Lucius intended and he cringed a little. "No Draco.... we wanted you to be the first to know aside form our Lord. This is your little brother Abraxas." He hoped his smile was more pleasant then it felt as he let his lips crul up.

Not really sure how to do it either he summoned one of the house elfs.
"Bring ssssome formular for my sssson and insssstructionsss on how to prepare it." Voldmort said then yawned. "A good ssleep ssoundsss wonderful my darling Larusss."

"Little brother? Who'se the mother?" he asked, staring incredulously. He stood and peeked into the blanket and stared in awe. "Father, did you and Snape.. how did you conceive?" He asked, completely shocked by the presence of hte child.

A moment later and Larus was able to prepare the formula and he warmed it before putting it in a bottle and handing it to his lover, thinking the other would like to feed their child as they were to lay in bed.

Clearing his throat and looking down his nose at his son as he usually did the blonde tried to explain.
"Yes we did.... Severus made this potion.... It happened very quickly and I am sorry we did not in form you earlier..." He really wanted Draco and Abraxas to bond.

Curling around his child Voldemort looked across at Larus as he feed Marvolo.
"He hass a good appatite my Larusss, he isss sso very perfect and he looksss like you." There were no words to describe the pride and love he was feeling.

Draco frowned out of curiosity. He didn't know such a thing was possible. "Can I hold him?" Draco asked curiously, wanting to know what it was like to have a sibling in his grasp. He had never had such an experience.

Larus blushed and kissed his lover. "But don't forget whose eyes he has. He's going to be beautiful and threatening." He said, knowing their child would look terrifyingly beautiful when he grew older.

"Of course you can..." Malfoy bent down and gently placed Abraxas in Draco's arms, he ajusted the blanket the child was wrapped in then stepped back and looked at his two sons. A lump rose in the blonde's throat as pride and love welled up inside him.

Exhaustion was setting in and Voldemort smiled happily.
"Yesss but the resst of his takesss after you my Larusss." His eyelids began to feel heavy and the soft suckling noises Marvolo Larus made were lulling the Dark Lord to sleep.

Draco looked in awe. "He's cute.." He said, a small smile breaking his cold visage. He stroked the child's cheek and when the baby grabbed his finger he smiled wider. "What did you name him?"

Severus held a small smiled of his own at the interraction. "His name is Abraxas." He said, squeezing Lucius' hand.

Larus smiled. "Sleep, love." He said to his lord and loved one, taking over holding the bottle for their little one who was getting quite full and satisfied in his hunger to fall asleep as well.

Squeezing Severus' hand back the blonde sighed in relief, things seemed to be going well.
"You will be a wonderful big brother Draco, just as you have been a wonderful son." Lucius tried to smile again, the action was still a little forigen to him.

Smiling his usual thin lipped smile the Dark Lord closed his eyes.
"Thank you my love....." Before he could hiss another world Voldemort drifted off to sleep and dreamed sweet dreams of Larus and their son.

Draco smiled and hugged the bundle close. "I love him, father." He said, handing him back to Sevrus and then hugging them both. "I've always wanted a little brother." He whispered, truly happy.

Larus was off not long after his lover had gone to sleep. Goodnight my loves."

Lucius could not have been happier, with Severus' help he was slowly becoming the father and lover he had always wanted to be.
"I am pleased." He gave Draco a slightly stiff hug but that did not stop him from trying. He really loved seeing his sons together and happy.

It was such a bright moment for all of them, one Severus and Draco both cherished, that thresh-hold was crossed and a new world was begun for them.


Scurrying footsteps could be heard on the grass that was stained with the cries of battle. Whispered spells, final cries of pain and outrage. Larus had never seen such horrid messes that spells could make when used to harm others, but now he was afraid. He'd seen many of his side fall. He protected his child close to him while he dueled relentlessly with many of the 'light side" wizards and witches. And his little son was behind him, trying to stay close.

Severus was in a similar position to Larus, he was trying his best to counter attack the spells that whizzed by him, they hadn't had time to get the children to their safe place, war had broken on them like an avalanhce from an angry mountain and they had no means on how to stop it.

Snarling Voldemort used the killing spell to dispatch another of his enemies as he tried to move closer to Larus and Marvolo Larus. Being seperated from them, even thought he could see them from where he was nerve wracking especially concidering his lover's current state.

Lucius flicked his wrist deflecting another attack.
"This is quickly becoming infuriating, we have to get the children to safety Severus." Although he knew his lover was already aware of that fact the blonde felt it was important enough to point out anyway.

Larus was frantic trying to deflect the spells headed his way. He tried desperately to get Marvolo Larus and himself to his lover as well as protect his unborn child in the process. They hadn't used the potion this time around for their second child, and the pregnancy was quickly taking its toll on him. "WE NEED TO MAKE A PORTKEY FOR THE CHILDREN." He shouted over to Severus who wasn't too far from him.

Severus nodded and tried to kill a few more of the opposing side. "We don't have time, on of us will be hit if we take our eyes off the enemy. If someone could cover me I could portkey them away real quick, but Larus, youur state of pregnancy isn't exactly helping matters! If you get hit hard you'll lose your child"

Fear for his lover was quickly overwhelming the Dark Lord and he hissed as he deflected another spell.
"Larussss!" He called out as he just managed to kill and enemy who was about to attack his lover from behind. Even with all his strength, Voldemort could not keep this up for much longer.

Abraxas blinked as he clung to Lucius' robe, he looked over at Marvolo and shivered. Lately he had been having strange thoughts about the Dark Lord's son.

"I am doing my best love." Malfoy snarled as he attacked someone else. "My Lord!" Frowning he called out a warning to Voldemort who was too focused on Larus to notice the wizard materializing beside him.

Larus was quickly becomming frustrated. It seemed for every person he took down several others appeared in their place. He caught Lucius' warning to his lover and killed the wizard that had come up beside him. "THIS IS REDICULOUS!" He shouted, killing off a couple more. "How many more of these bastards can there be?" He looked at Marvolo whose eyes were darting around wherever they could, trying to help Larus spot all that came after them. "Marvolo, can I trust you to bring Abraxas here a moment?" He asked, desperate to get them out.

Marvolo nodded. "Yes, but he may be weak, I might not make it back because he's slower and weaker than I am."

Larus hissed at his child out of anger. "Now is NOT the time to be stuck up!"

Marvolo gave an apologetic frown and ran to Abraxas, ddging several angry red beams of light in the process. "Abraxas, weakling, my parent says you have to come over by him so we can portkey." He informed, gripping hte other's hand harder than was necessary to drag him back to Larus. He waited for the other to follow after him, nervous with all of the magic flying about.

Severus tripped momentarily but when he rose he saw a spell fly towards Lucius. "LUCIUS WATCH OUT!" He shouted in fear that he was too late to keep the blonde from getting hit.

The cry caught Voldemort's attention and he sent a spell after the attacker but even as he did so he knew it would not save the blonde. A knot and anger and frear began to unwravel within him, if Lucius was killed then he was sure Larus would be next along with his heir and unborn child. After his lover had a bad reaction to the potion that sped up the pregnancy he had worried about Larus having to carry their second child for nine months. Blinking tears from his red eyes the Dark Lord made one final attempt to breech the distance between his and his fanily.

Turning around just in time to face the spell head on, Lucius flicked his wand even though he knew he would be hit before he finished his shield spell. Faced with certin death all he could think of was Severus and his sons. He saw his lover scrambling to his feet as if it were in slow motion, he saw Draco batteling a little way away form him and he saw Abraxas, horror in his eyes as he called out. 'I love you.' Was all the blonde could think as he looked at each of them.

"Daddy!" Pulling against Marvolo, Abraxas reached out to Lucius just as the spell was about to hit him and threw up a barrier. It was a solid wall that absorbed the killing spell as if it were nothing at all. He felt the magic flow through him, felt it burn his very blood as it came pouring out of him with such force it blew his white and black streaked hair back.

The spell should have hit him, Lucius should have been dead but instead the green light exploded in front of him. Looking down at where it the shield came from he saw his and Severus' son.
"That's not possible..." He muttered to himself shocked by sheer force and strenght of his son's power.

Larus sighed in relief as Lucius was not hit and finally a moment happened and they were able to retreat just a little. "Very good, Abraxas." He said in compliment to the boy. "Now, we can congradulate you later, but we need you and Marvolo to get out of here before the next wave comes." He said, panting and placing a hand on his swollen belly in exhaustion.

Severus hugged his child tight and kissed Lucius. "I don't know how long we have until the next attack..." He whispered, depressed that their battle had to be so damned annoyingly untimely. He handed Larus an energy replenishment, but he knew it wouldn't work to its full potential due to the child and it was the last one. "I have no more after this, it might be best if you go with the children. You could protect them while you're gone."

"No. "Larus said at once."I want to stay and fight." He said, wishing that things were back to their peaceful lives like it was when he'd first fell in love. "I must fight."

Marvolo stared in awe at Abraxas and saw him in a strangely different new light. "How did you do that?" He asked the boy, matching crimson eyes of his father staring the boy down in demanding. "You shouldn't have been able to do that."

"I... I don't know... I just wanted to save daddy Lucius." The smaller of the two boys said as he fearlessly looked into those red eyes. He liked the way Marvolo had looked at him first, felt himself want to see that awe in them again. Anything but the usual distain that lurked in the fiery red eyes every other time. Abraxas also noted that he liked holding the other boy's hand.

Kissing the Potions Master in a demanding way Lucius held him tight for a moment not wanting to let go.
"I thought I was a goner Severus.... I love you." He muttered swallowing a lump in his throat. "I love you." He repeated needing to make sure his lover understood that he meant those words with all his heart. Finally he pulled back a little then dropped to his knees and embraced Abraxas.
"Thank you... you saved me." Over the years the blonde had become more accostomed to hugging and expressing his love for his family and he clutched the boy tightly as he kissed Abraxas' forehead.

Stalking over to the others Voldemort pressed a hand to Larus' stomach.
"Please my love, my Larusss go with the children. I can fight much better knowing you and our children are not in danger." He knew his lover wanted to stay by his side but the Dark Lord felt Larus was more of a distraction. At least that is what he told himself, all he knew for sure was he wanted Larus as far from danger as possible.

Marvolo recalled himself at the other's explanation and dropped his hand as though burned by his touch. "Tch, you got lucky is all." He said, walking away from Abraxas to stand by his father and 'mother'. "Ma, you have to keep my little brother or sister safe." Marvolo said demandingly, posessive over the bulge in Larus' stomach.

Severus smiled. "I know love." He kissed Lucius forcefully. "Oh when we're victorious, you and I need to have about a day or two to catch up on our non-ability to touch eachother of late." He said, shivering as he thought of getting done with that stupid war.

Larus sighed sadly. "But Love... I just want to be able to protect you. We need as many as we can get and I am so worried something will happen." He said, resting his head on his lover's chest. And at his child's words he frowned. "I know that they have to be safe sweety, but I really want to fight."

Wacthing Marvolo walk away Abraxas felt as if his chest was too tight and he suddenly wanted to cry. He looked down at his hand, his skin holding the memory of the other boy's touch. He wanted so badly to please Marvolo but things had gone right back to the way they had always been. Abraxas spet his life in Marvolo's shadow, always weaker, always trailing behind.
"One day things will change.'

"Three at least." Lucius said in his usual cold tone that meant there was not point arguing with him. As the others were discussing weather Larus would stay and fight or go with the children the blonde looked down at his youngest son. Abraxas has shocked him with his spell, the force of it was beyond anything a boy of his age should have been able to produce. He had battled with himself over his and Severus' child, tried so hard not to be disapointed that Abraxas seemed placid and ungifted magicly. He knew the boy could do magic but there had been nothing to suggest any greatness to him before.

Holding Larus to his and feeling their child kick inside his lover, the Dark Lord hissed softly.
"The children need protecting and if I lossse you.... I will return to you my Larusss, there isss nothing that could keep me from your ssside ssso there iss no need to worry." Voldemort hoped that his words were a comfort to his lover. They were running out of time, they had to send the children off imediatly and he did not have the strength for an agrument.

Marvolo looked back at Abraxas and sighed impatiently. "You need to get over here, we're about to portkey." He said, knowing his 'mother' would cave in and do as his father told him to.

Larus sighed sadly and kissed his lover with all of his strength. "All right. I will go with them." He said, sighing as he heard the sounds of more wizards approaching. He felt like he was going to cry but did his best not to, grabbing the two children and giving a small sob as he activated a tree root as a port key to lead them to safetey, saftey being a small little house way away from the war. In fact it was out in the deep woods where no one and nothing would find them or even know they were there. Only Larus,Voldemort, Severus, Lucius and hte children knew of it. "You guys just sit down. I'll start making lunch for you and then you can get a bath." He needed the distraction before he broke down.

Severus clapped a hand on his lord's shoulder. "Be strong." He whispered before turning to start the dueling again as the other team had gotten closer for the umpttenth time the evening.

"Yes Lord Larus." Abraxas said sitting down as he was told. He sat on the bench seat at the table and swung his little lets forward and backwards as he worried about his parents and big brother. There was also the fact that he was alone with Marvolo and Larus, which both excited and scared him. Abraxas' feeling for the young heir were confusing him and having the other so close was not helping him sort them out.

Voldemort nodded, greatful for his follower's support then held his wand at the ready. He was going to return to his lover and children, that he was sure of. Filled with determination he attacked the first of the wizards to appear before him.

Wishing he had more time to be proud of his youngest, Lucius goined the fro killing a witch then badly maiming a young wizard who tried to behead him with a spell.

"How does macaroni and cheese sound?" Larus asked, shivering with worry. He frowned. "And if not what would you boys like?" He asked, smiling at them as well as he could in his present state of worry.

Marvolo shruged. "Whatever you fix is best, mother." He said, looking at Abraxas. He was calculating in his fixed stare, wondering if he should try to goad the boy into more strong magic or if he should just ignore his presence all together. He decided he couldn't do the second option, his mother would be furious with him so he decided to goad him. "I bet you can't do that spell again.."

Severus was finding it much easier to focous without the children and the very pregnant Larus there to worry about. "We've finally got the upper hand." He said, killing swiftly several.

"Bet you I can..." Abraxas replied then bit his bottom lip to silence himself and looked away, his little feet still swinging just off the floor. Not only was Marvolo the Dark Lord's heir but the other boy would be his Lord when they were both grown. Making Marvolo angry was not wise, besides Abraxas was not even sure what he had done the first time and doubted he could do it again.

Cutting through his enemies like they were kindeling, Voldemort snarled and hisses as he sent witches and wizards to their deaths. Larus was waiting for him at the safehouse and the Dark Lord did not intend to keep him waiting.
"Come on! Ssshow me what you've got!" He yelled looking around for another to vanquish.

The attackers stopped coming and Lucius stood there looking down his nose at the bodies strewn across the lawn. He was breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath and aside for a cut on his left forearm he was exhausted but unharmed.
"I believe they have retreated My Lord. I am not sure if they will regroup or not." He added the last as an after thought but there was a finality in the air that made the blonde believe their enemies would not be back.

Marvolo felt his lips twitch as he looked at Abraxas. "You're faulting. Prove you can do it again." He demanded, resting his head on his hand lazily. He was actually fond of Abraxas but didn't want to show it. He felt if he showed an attachment to a weak person he'd be laughed at.

Laus listened in to their son's conversation and felt something arriving in the air. Oh no... I hope my little one isn't being rude..that's the wrong way to go about liking someone... he thought to himself, shaking his head with a ghost of a smile and making them macaroni and cheeses with little ham chunks in it.

Severus was also catching his breath, nose wrinkling in disgust. "Ugh! There's dead things everywhere. I want a bath." He said, walking amongst the bodies. When he surprisingly found not only dumble door but all of the order members he knew they'd won. "My lord, I do not see the Potter boy here anywhere." He said, even though they have many more bodies to look through.

Abraxas opened his mouth as if he were going to argue but then he closed it again. The boy had no idea how to repeat the spell then he got an idea.
"If you attack me I will show you." His blue/grey eyes were filled with determination.

Nodding Voldemrot looked around as well.
"I will get one of the othersss to account for all the dead. I want to know our lossess assss well asss our enemiesss dead." He waved over one of the other deatheaters and ordered him to the task. "Sssseverussss, Luciusssss, come I want to check on our loved onessss."

"Yes My Lord." The blonde bowed his head slightly relieved that Voldemort wanted to return to Larus and the others as much as he did. Slipping his arm around the Potion Master, Lucius kissed Severus, the look in his grey eyes telling Snape how happy he was they were all still alive.

Marvolo smirked and sent a small disarming spell at the boy with a flick of the wrist, not even sing his wand to do it, secretly hoping the boy would be able to pull it off. If he was to consider the other as a partner one day the other would have to be strong.

Larus was almost done making their lunch, sighing as his stomach bagen to gather pains. "Must be about to go into labor.." He said, frowning as they started getting worse and worse. "Ow.. ow... OW..." He said, trying to take deep breaths.

Severus nodded and conjured their own portkey," All right, grab on to the stick." He said, motioning to the twig he'd picked up for their travelling purposes.

While it was not really a life threatening situation Abraxas really wanted to protect himself, he found himself needing to gain the other boy's adoration and just before it hit him the spell was vanquished by an invisable barrier. Snape and Lucius' son sat there blinking his big eyes as he studied Marvolo for any sign of aproval. When Larus spoke however, he stood up and moved towards him.
"Is there anything I can do to help Lord Larus?"

Grabing hold of the twig with the others Voldemort snarled slightly at the rush of wind and once he appeared outside the small cottage he hurridly rushed to the door.
"Larusss my darling!" He called out pushing the door open. "Larussss, Marvolo...!" The Dark Lord was disperate to find his husband and child.

While Voldemort hurried off towards the cottage Lucius took a moment to pull Severus close and kiss him with fierce passion.
"I love you..." He muttered in between kisses. The battle had left him wanting to take Severus in the most intimate way. The thought of loosing the dark haired man had frightened him terrorably.

Marvolo nodded approvingly. "We'll have to see if you can do more than shielding." He said, frowning as he heard his loverly 'mother' say 'ow'. "Mother, are you all right?"

Larus was doubled over. "No.. I might be going into labor." When he heard his lover's voice he immediately caled to him. "Love! I'm in the kitchen, im going into labor.." He said, fighting off the pain of yet another cntraction.

Severus returned the other's kiss with just as much fire and passion. "Oh dear, Larus is in labor, we can do this later my darling, I need to give him some pain potions."

Wishing he could savor the other boy's approval a little longer Abraxas took hold of Larus' elbow to help steady him.

Rushing to the kitchen Voldemort frowned.
"Let me help you to the bedroom my love..... Ssseverusss!" He yelled frowning at the pained look on his husband's face. "Bear with it Larussss we will get you sssomething for the pain.....Ssseverussss!!" As it turned out the Dark Lord did not cope well when he was worried about Larus or their son. He was impatient and frantic.

Lucius was about to frown until he heard their Lord bellowing. He knew that although his tone was harsh, Voldemort was only yelling at Smape because it was Larus who was in pain. If ever there was a man who loved another more than the blonde loved Severus, it was their Lord. Sighing he let go of the Potions Master and followed him into the cottage.

Marvolo ran to find the potions master and ushered him inside, digging in the man's robe for the right one to administer it to Larus who was having issues staying coherent from the pain.

Larus went to the bedroom, mindless of everything around him except the searing pain. It was almost dull but somehow it was sharp at the same time. He lay back on the bed and whimpered whil his belly tried to get rid of the child. "OW SEVERUS HURRY THIS HURTS."

Pressing the bottle to his 'mother's lips, Marvolo made sure the bottle was empty.

Severus spells that a birthing bed was made and then he attended to Larus, checking vital signs and being sure everything was all right. "You should be fine if you just breath and let the potoin work."

All Abraxas could do was stay out of the way and let his mother tend to Larus. He was however a little curious about how exactly a baby was born and he watched from the doorway.

"Eaiser said then done Severus...." Lucius scoffed remembering how painful it was giving birth to Abraxas and moving around the other side of the bed to hold the younger man's other hand.

Kneeling beside the bed the Dark Lord held his lover's hand and gently placed a damp cloth on Larus' forehead.
"You are doing ssso welll Larussss.... try and breath my love....." His red eyes were narrowed with worry and he was so very tender as he tried to help his lover deal with the situation. "I am sssorry thisss hasss been ssso hard on you Larussss..." Voldemort whispered refering to the fact the younger man had to carry the child full term, he felt somehow that it was his fault for making Larus carry their second child.

Marvolo watched alongside Abraxas. "I refuse to ever be with child. The one I end up with will carry it.." He said lowly, shaking his head at the poor pain shivered mess that his 'mother' was.

Larus felt the pain slowly ebb away and he wished he could fall asleep. The painkiller severus had given him was effective but the side effects involved sleep issues. He fought the sleep off as well as he could, giving in to his body's urges to push the child out.

Severus monitored Larus closely, glad that the boy's vital signs were stable as he pushed the child out and out farther, he could barely see the head and he smiled al ittle. "Come on, you're more powerful than that Larus, give some good pushes."

"Oh..." Abraxas said feeling sorry for Larus but he could not help feeling that carrying a child was an important thing and that anyone who did so was strong and brave.

Frowning Voldemort battled with the helpless feelings he was having, pain was Larus' enemy and he could not vanquish it with a spell or a quick blade.
"You are doing ssso well Larusss my Love, the child is crowning..... come on my Larusss pusssh hard, you're almost there..." He kept looking at Sseveruss and Luciusss for help.

The blonde was helping as best he could and he readied a towel to wrap the new born in.
"Here comes the head.... alright, catch your breath before you push the shoulders out Lord Larus." Having been through this himself, Lucius understood just how hard pushing was.

Marvolo stared intently, wondering away at what his younger sibling would be. "It's going to be strange having a sibling."He said to himself. He knew he would always have his parent's love, but it would be strange to share it andprotect another.

Severus only placed a consoling hand on his lord's shoulder, sueezing gently. "He'll be all right in just a minute." He said in helping to the other. He knew the hopeless feeling.

Larus gave one more push, making it all he was worth and was very relieved when he felt the child slide out of him. "Ah finally!" He said with exasperation.

"Having a big brother is a little annoying at times but most of the time I am greatfull that I have Draco." Abraxas said softly then smiled. "I am sure you will be a great big brother Lord Marvolo." As soon as he spoke the boy blushed deeply and turned his attention back to the others.

Torn between wanting to hold his child and kiss Larus the Dark Lord smiled his thin liped smile.
"Oh Laruss.... ssso beautiful... you have done sso well..."

Using a damp cloth the blonde began to wipe the sweat off his young Lord's brow. Larus smiled at his lover pleased that the ordeal was over and that everything went well.
"So is it another boy or do our Lords have a daughter?" Lucius asked Snape excitedly.

"Of course I will be." Marvolo said out of a carful shrug. Upon seeing his baby sister a small grin slipped across his features. "She's beatiful." He said, wanting to hold her.

Larus waited impatiently for the answer, heairng the comforting cries of a new-born child.

Severus smirked. "It's a girl." He said, smiling and cleaning the child quickly and then wrapping it up and handing her to Larus."Here you are."

Abraxas found himself smiling too and there was something about he way Larus smiled as he held his daughter that made the young boy want to carry his own child. Marvolo might think it was unsavery and something only a weak man would want to do but not him, he admired Larus as he admired Lucius for carrying him.

Tears began to fill Voldemrot's red eyes as he reached out to trace his lover's cheek.
"Oh my Larusss, Ssshe isss beautiful. You have done well my love..." His voice became thick with emotion as he looked at mother and child. Although he had wanted another boy, seeing his daughter the Dark Lord decided that a girl was perfect.

Looking down his nose and raising an eyebrow, Lucius tried to hold back the tears of emotion that threatened to spill from his own grey eyes.
"Yes well there is no need to get all weepy...." He muttered but it was obvious to everyone that he was emotional as well. The blonde was remembering how he felt when Abraxas was born and he looked over at his son with pride and love.

To interrupt the room full of hapiness and delight was Draco. He came bursting in the door. "Father, my lord, we have over powered the light, but Potter and his two idiots have not yet been accounted for. We believe them still alive and they still pose a threat." He said, looking ten years older than he was with battle weary and tiredness.

Larus sighed at the news and looked up at his lover in question on what they should do about this information. He was afraid for his darling, the idiot potter boy may have been insignificant, but not when fighting his lover. For some reason the brat was a threat.

Marvolo hissed angrily much like his father would have. "Draco, trick the boy into trusting you and then kill him, how hard can it be? Are you not Slytherin?"

Severus scoffed at Marvolo. "Potter trusts no one anymore, Marvolo, if by some miracle Draco was able to get that close the brat is much too protected to be killed by him, our lord is the strongest of us here."

Snarling slightly the blonde looked down at his eldest son.
"You should take the time to sit down and have a propper meal while you are here Draco. You are no good to us if you collapse due to exhasution." Even thought his tone was stiff, Lucius' words were said out of worry and love. "I will return with you afterwards to try and discover the Potter boy's where abouts.... providing of course My Lord gives me leave to do so?" He raised an eyebrow in question to Voldemort.

"Draco isss right, I am the ssstrongesst out of all of uss... If I go Luciusss you and Sseverusss are to ssstay here and protect Larusss and my children..." The Dark Lord was worried about leaving his lover and newborn daughter and while he was very proud of Marvolo he did not think the boy was enough protection by himself. He was going to say more but Abraxas spoke up.

"What if I went? What if I lured Potter and his friends out into the open where you could attack them and finish them off?" He looked at his Lord and his fathers. "They will not think me a threat and if I pretend to be wounded...." He let his words trail off as shyness and lack of confidence took over. "It was just a thought...." Abraxas muttered appologeticaly.

Draco frowned at his younger brother. "While that might work there is a possibility that they are not going to think you no danger. You are my brother after all, the son also of our father who's very well known for his side of allegiance." He said, frowning. "However, it could work."

Marvolo didn't like this idea at all. "Perhaps smeone less vulnerable? I should go. What wouldn't they give for a chnce to kill the son of the dark lord?" He asked, mainly putting himself in the spotlight, not as an egotistical need to show off his power, but to protect Abraxas. Why protect him? He didn't want his only friend dead.

Severus raised an eyebrow at the way Marvolo dimissed his child. If he didn't know the boy he'd of thought him arrogant and rude for jumping in. But considering whose child it was and how the boy was nomrally he guessed that just maybe the two boys had crushes on eachother.

Larus sighed. "Whatever is decided do NOT be killed, please." He said to all of them, cradling the youngest in his arms.

Silvery grey eyes going wide Abraxas bit his tongue to stop himself from saying somthing stupid and revealing his true feelings for Marvolo. He hated the idea of the other risking himself and part of him was a little hurt at being called vulnerable. He did not understand that Marvolo liked him, he took to as just another decloration of how weak and worthless he was compared to the Dark Lord's son.

"I am not sssure I approve of that idea Marvolo." Voldmeort hissed as he narrowed his red eyes at his son. "You ssshould not underesstimate the Potter boy, he isss far more dangerouss then you know and it could be your demissse." The Dark Lord was truely worried about his son. There were only three things in this world that could utterly destroy him and they were Larus, Marvolo and his daughter. "Although I have to admit it isss out bessst chance.... what if you and Abraxasss were together?" He had seen the boy throw up a protective shield to protect Lucius and Voldemort hoped he would do the same for Marvolo if Potter got the jump on him.

Caught between pride in his son for comming up with such a plan and offering to be the bait and worry Lucius stood there stiff and looking down his nose with a slight snarl. This was the blonde's usual expression but the slight tightening around his grey eyes gave away his concern.
"Then we will use both the boys to draw our enemy out My Lord."

Marvolo huffed. "If he gets hurt I can not afford to save his weak self. I will not be bound down by him!" He said, trying to find some last thread to hang on so that the other would not be hurt.

Larus glared at his son. "You will do well to silence yourself, Marvolo. One day Abraxas may just be more powerful than you. Then where will your words be? He is your friend, not your enemy and you will do well to treat him as such."

Draco rolled his eyes at Marvolo and looked to his father to see if he was catching on to the boy's hidden but not so hidden love.

Severus nodded. "He's right, Marvolo. Besides, Abraxas is powerful when he needs to be. He will protect you, now, how aout w get this over with?"

Hearing Lord Larus stand up for him Abraxas blushed. His father Severus was right though he would protect Marvolo with everything he had if needed. There was no way he would let the other boy come to harm, he cared for him way to much and not just as his Lord.
"I promise you will not have to worry about me Lord Marvolo." He said rather confident.

Tilting his head to the side the Dark Lord narrowed his red eyes and a smile curled the corners of his thin lips. He was positive that little Abraxas was fond of his son and he had the feeling it was not entierly one sided though Marvolo reminded him of himself when it came to expressing his feelings. Bending down to kiss Larus and his daughter's forehead Voldemort whispered.
"I promissse you we will all return to you sssafe and ssound my Laruss... perhapsss while we are gone you can think of sssome girlsss namess? We will decide on one later." Turining to Lucius he issued his orders to the blonde. "You and Draco will sstay here and protect Larusss and my daughter, I will take Sseverussss and the boyss."

A little annoyed that he could not whitness the end of Potter Lucius frowned but then realized that his Lord was leaving his most prized possessions in his safe keeping. He and Draco were being honored with this task.
"Yes my Lord." He gave Voldemort his usual stiff bow as the dark Lord walked outside to use the portkey.

Draco sighed and rested his head on his hand. "I hope they know what they're doing." He said, looking to Larus. "Oh I apologize, Larus I have forgotten myself, I didn't even pay attention that your youngest has been born! She's lovely."

"Thank you, Draco." Larus said with a smile. "I don't know what to name her yet. Any ideas?"

Marvolo clung to his father's side momentarily as they travelled with the portkey to the battlefield that had been cleaned of bodies. "Give your orders, father." He said, straightening himself.

Severus went to scout the area. "This looks like a good place to plan, my lord. No presence is near by except that of animals and those are few."

Looking at Draco the blonde could not help feeling a little worry for his younger son. Even thought Voldemort and Severus were with Abraxas he worried and that made him realize that Larus must also be very worried about his loved ones. Sitting on the end of the bed Lucius decided he would try to comfort his young Lord.
"I am not very good with girls names." He stated thinking on Narcissa and her sister Bellatrix. "You could name her after your mother... or Our Lord's mother..." Trying not to glare down his nose as Larus he reached out with an unsteady hand and gently placed it on the younger man's shoulder. The blonde left it there only a moment before he pulled it away. "You have done well today Draco." Lucius said with as much pride as he could muster.

"Yessss." Voldemort nodded and motioned the others to gather round. "Ssseverusss and I will conceal ourselvessss, well will never be far away ssso there isss no need to fear." He looked down at the boys and promised himself no harm would come to either of them. "Thisss will have to look real ssso you will both need minor injuriesss. No one esscapesss a battle unmarked." Hesitating for a moment the Dark Lord looked to the Potions Master.
"Maybe they could wressstle, roll around in the dirt for a while, that sssshould give the desired effect."

Because this was his plan Abraxas gathered his courage and spoke up.
"One of you should strike me too...." As always his boldness left him by the end of his sentence but the boy continued when no one replied right away. "It will look more real if there is blood." A little voice inside his head added. 'And you are weak, it would make more sense for you to be hurt worse than Marvolo.... Marvolo who you like a little too much, Mavrolo who makes your knees turn to jelly every time he looks in your direction.' Blushing the boy looked at the ground, letting his black and white striped hair hang in his face so he could hide behind it.

Draco smiled a little as he looked at his father. "Thank you, father."

Larus smiled. "Well, I don't know what either of the two's names were... " He said, tilting his head as he tried to think. "I just don't have a clue. Oh and Lucius, I know it is normal in our society for pureblood wizards to have their spouses planned out for them, but do you have one planned for Abraxas all ready? I think i have someone in mind."

Severus frowned. "Wrestling between the two of you is the best idea. I don't think our lord or myself will be willing to strike you."

Marvolo didn't wait for a chance to figure out what everyone else was going to decide, he pounced on Abraxas, curling about him and rolling them both around, lukily they apparently rolled in some blood left from a dead wizard from the previous battle and they both looked thouroughly beaten. He huffed and glared down at Abraxas. "Funny, even with this dirt and stuff you still look like a weakling." He smirked evilly as he teased the other.

Thinking for a moment the blonde looked at Larus curiously.
"Well I have not finalized a partner for him yet, I am not even sure which gender he would prefer and..." The next part was hard for Lucius to admit. "Abraxas is not really a fullblood." This of course did not mean he loved his youngest any less, it was simply a fact. A fact that other families would be sure to take into account when deciding if he was worthy of being partnered with their own children. "How did you have in mind My Lord?" He asked knowing that if Lord Larus was the one to suggest Abraxas be married off into an influentual family that family would hardly say no.

A small smile curled the corners of Voldemort's thin lips as he looked down at the boys. Once again he found himself haveing to chastize his son.
"That isss enough Marvolo, you sshould not be ssso rude." His heart was not in his words though as the Dark Lord believed his son actually had strong feelings for Abraxas. "Come Ssseverusss we sshould fall back to thosse treess there. If you two call out to usss ass if you got sseperated from uss in the battle, that sshould catch Potter's attention." With that Voldemort motioned for the Potions Master to follow him.

"Well," Larus began, "Abraxas is a strong boy and... I don't know if you've payed attention, but Marvolo and he... seem to like eachother. My son doesn't want to admit it as freely as yours does, but I think they are having crushes."

Marvolo pouted up at his father. "I wasn't being mean.." He said, giving a huff and realized he was still laying atop the pretty Abraxas. He rolled off of him and brushed himself off. "Pest. You got me into trouble." He mumbled, nose in the air, looking for signs of the idiot potter boy.

Severus shook his head at the boys' behavior and followed after their lord. "How do we know when Potter takes the bait?"

This news pleased Lucius greatly.
"I had noticed but I did not dare presume that you and our Lord would allow such a union." There was so much pride in his voice. "It you like we can discuss things in depth when Our Lord and Severus return." Lucius would have bounced with excitment if he did such things as bounce.

"We sshould ssensse him." It was going to be tricky concealing him and Severs enough to fool Potter into thinking the boys were all alone and vulnerable but using his magic to sense when the other was near. Once again fear stabbed at him as he turned back to look as both boys again. If anything happened to Marvolo... no they would both be safe, he would ensure it.

Even under the dirt and drying blood Abraxas blushed.
"Sorry Lord Marvolo.." He whispered breathlessly as he scrambled to his feet.

"Why not? Lucius, our lord trusts you." Larus said, smiling. "You're very close to him, the only family he's ever had. He's never ha da brother and such you know what I mean?"

It didn't take long for potter to be lured out onto the field. He'd lost both of his best friends and was almost panicky when he saw the two bloodied boys sitting up, one holding the other. He pointed his want at them "State your names!"

Marvolo kept his eyes downcast. "I am Jonathan and this is Abraxas, we've been wounded.."

A rush of emotion welled up inside the stoic blonde and a single tear slid down his pale cheek before he pulled himself together and wiped it away.
"It is very kind of you to say such things Lord Larus." He put his arm around Draco in a rare show of affection so the young man did not feel left out.

Waving his hand in the air and signaling Snape to move around the other side so that Potter's attention and defences were devided the Dark Lord crept closer. He stayed low so as not to draw attention to himself until the las moment. His heart hammering in his chest and blood rushing in his ears Voldemort focused on Potter. All these years, all this heartache and loss and finally it would be over in a matter of moments. This boy was now a young man and with his demise the world would belong to the Dark Lord. Fear, escitement and joy all mingled within him as he raised his wand readying to strike.

Sniffling and managing to use his fear to make himself cry Abraxus looked up at his enemy. He looked so very weak, shaking and edging away from Potter a little. The other recognized him, he was sure of it and he watched the tip of Harry's wand ready to throw up his shield at a moments notice. Their plan was working so he tried to get Potter to relax a little more.
"P..please... don't... don't kill us..." He sobbed and tried to look even more pathetic so he would not be concidered a threat of any sort. The moment Potter dropped his guard he knew his father and his Lord would strike. "Please..."

"I only say the truth, Lucius." Larus said, smiling at the blonde. "You and Severus both have been his most loyal and you've always been there for him. He loves you both as siblings."

Marvolo knew if he had used his real name that Potter would have struck without warning. He cradled Abraxas closer to him and continued to look downwards so the other could not see his eyes.

Potter lowred his wand, the unwillingness to trust the others was obvious in his eyes, but he did so, walking closer to them. "Who has done this to you?"

"Thank you My Lord." The blonde inclined his head as he spoke again. "That means more than you could know." Even through all that pride, Lucius was still worried about his son, lover and Lord.

That was what Voldemort had been waiting for, he leaped from his hiding place, wand up and a killing spell already flying from the tip. He was confident that Severus would do the same from the other side of the clearing. He hissed with delight as he saw the green light hurtling towards his enemy.

Abraxas felt the spell moving towards them before he saw it or heard his Lord. It was a strong spell, stronger than anyone he had ever seen and if he failed to shield himself and Marvolo it would mean their end as well as Poetters. Pulling the other boy down onto him he used every ounce of his strength to cast his defensive spell. He had barely got it up in time and the Dark Lord's spell buffeted his, threatening to tear it appart and him along with it.
"Marvolo..." He whispered as he rolled himself onto the other boy to protect him better. Shuddering and crying out in pain, Abraxas faught to keep the shield up and keep his beloved Marvolo safe. The killing spell began to fade and when there was nothing left in him Abraxas collapsed, his exhausted body convulsing

"They'll be home soon, dear." Larus said to the worrying Lucius."I can sense victory." Larus looked down at the little girl in his arms. "Let's name her...well let's wait until our lord gets home to name her."

Sevrus was quick to cast his side of the spell as well, meeting directly with his lords and he smiled as Potter was struck abruptly with it. He was worried as he saw his child shiver with the force of the spells.

Marvolo gasped as hte spell washed over them, he began to panic as Abraxas was in seizures. "No, no no no, please! Waken! " He demanded of his younger friend, tears welling in his eyes as he looked down. "Abraxas! WAKE UP!" He said, protectively covering the boy with his body, patting at his cheeks to waken him,. "Please!You have to be mine one day!" He said, frustrated at the others despondance.

Potter knew nothing as the spells hit him but agonizing pain as his soul was ripped to shreds. He fell to the ground lifeless, losing the battle of the wizarding world.

When he was sure the Potter boy was history the Dark Lord broke off his spell and it was then he noticed his son's cries. In his enthusiasm he had over done it, he had used everything he had and forgotten that the boys were so close to his victem. The fact they were not killed as well was a mericle and he hurried to them dropping to his knees. He had no idea what to do, healing spells had never been his strong point and fear washed over him. If Abraxas died he would never forgive himself and he felt neither would Marvolo, Lucius and Severus. It was obvious his son loved the boy.
"Ssseverusss!" He looked up at the Potions Master, his red eyes emploring him to do something.

Relif filled the blonde as Larus said he sensed victory. Lucius had learnt a long time ago that his young Lord was never wrong in such things.
"That is wonderful news My Lord." He smiled and slapped Draco on the back excitedly. He was proud he could show such emotions now and touching his first born with affection was not such an effort.

As the spell dissapated Abraxas stopped convulsing but he remained motionless. His breathing had stopped and his heart beat was weak but he was still alive. Somewhere in the darkness that smothered him the boy heard Marvolo's voice. He heard the boy he loved calling to him, claiming him as he own. This gave him the strength he needed to fight the darkness, he would do anything to get back to Marvolo, his Marvolo.

Larus smiled and studied the ceiling of the room he was in, smiling at the simple yet larg place they had chosen to hide out in. He did wish to be back in his lover's manor though.

Severus rushed to Abraxas fearfully and muttered several incantatons to waken the boy as well as heal them, Abraxas would be sore from the aftereffects of the curse, in fact permanent damage was possible that he could forever have dull pains in the area of contact, cough up blood and a number of other random ailments. He would have to make a study of it.

Marvolo clutched to his father, sobbing into his chest. "Don't let him die, papa, he's the only friend I have."

"With Potter gone we should be free My Lord Larus, we can return to the manner..." Lucius smiled, they would have nothing to fear anymore and Voldemort would rule, he and Severus would be among those favoured by the Dark Lord and all their dreams would be forfilled.

Holding his son too him, Voldemort blinked his red eyes that filled with tears.
"I am sssorry..." He looked to Severus.
"Issss he... going to be alright?" He asked despiratly.

Following the other's voice back to his body the young boy's eyes fluttered open. He could not see yet, the face in front of his blurred but he reached for it. Lifting his hand was painful but Abraxas tried harder and managed a soft croak.
"Mar.. volo..." Closing his eyes again he slept, he was not unconsious just too exhausted to remain awake.

"You must have read my thoughts. I can not wait toreturn to the manor. I have missed it greatly. It's been a home to me. Not to mention our lord owns it." Larus said with a large grin on his features.

Marvolo looked down at the figure that reached out to him before it had fallen in his sleep. He held the fallen boy's hand in his own, looking up then eagerly at Severus to see what his answer was.

Severus nodded grimly. "Yes, but it's possibly he will be in pain for the rest of his life or cough blood or something of that nature. He's very lucky to be alive, you're a powerful wizard my lord. We should have taken better precaustions, but the job is done." He said, motioning to the dead form of Harry Potter.

Lucius smiled at Larus and their Lord's new daughter then frowned as he wondered what could possibly be keeping Voldemort, his lover and the boys.
"They should be reterning soon..." The blonde said out loud, more to himself than the others.

Looking at Severus then his follower's heir lying on the ground the Dark Lord frowned.
"We will get him the bessst care posssible Sseverusss, you and Luciusss will want for nothing... I will sssee to it." Voldemort's joy at his victory over his enemy was muted by the guilt he was feeling for hurting Abraxas. He had been foolish and the shy but apparently powerful boy had payed the price for it. If Abraxas had not been protecting Marvolo as well as himself he would not have had to exert so much energy and might not have been wounded in such a way. Reaching down he gently squeezed his son's shoulder. "We ssshould be getting back to Larusss and the othersss."

Larus frowned. " I am sure they will be here soon. I felt that victory." He said, lips tight in worry suddenly "Something eels off though..." He suddenly was filled with images that were unnecessary but vivid of his lover falling to his death in battle. He huffed and sat up a little.

Marvolo sighed and nodded up at his father. "Yes, sir." He said in response to his father's hold. "May I cary him?" He asked, referring to Abraxas.

"If you can carry him." Severus said, raising an eyebrow in slight amusement as Marvolo tried to lift the other but was unable. "You're too weak n your age to do such for this distance. When you're older."

Realizing he was probably making Larus worry the blonde cleared his troat.
"I am sure it is nothing, Our Lord is with them so there is no need to worry." Hoping he sounded more confident about that then he felt the blonde decided to change the subject. "Are you thirsty My Lord Larus? Was there anything you would like me to get for you?"

A soft smile curled the corners of Voldemort's lips as he watched his son. Marvolo had his strength and determination and it seemed Larus' ability to love. Pride filled his heart as he bent to help Marvolo lift Abraxas.
"Until you are ssstrong enough to carry him by yoursself I will help you Marvolo." Turning to to Snape he nodded. "We ssshould port back now Ssseveruss."

Muttering something about keeping Marvolo safe Abraxas stirred slightly but did not wake, he did however hold tight to the other boy's hand.

Larus smiled. "No, thank you Lucius. I am just where I need to be, although I am exhausted." He said, yawning. "Mn, our loves should be here any moment."

Marvolo blushed as Abraxas held his hand and he squeezed the other's hand back in response, not in a rude manner, but gently. Had Abraxas been awake he probably wouldn't have done so, being too embarrassed to think of doing such a thing.

Severus nodded, creating a portkey out of a twig. "All right, let us go." He said, taking his lord's arm as the portkey whisked them all back to their home.

Hearing his Lord and his lover's voices outside Lucius rushed to the door and opened it form them. On seeing his second son draped in the Dark Lord's arms he paled and looked to Severus. Rushing forward he was relieved to find Abraxas alive and it was then that he noticed how his son held on to Marvolo's hand.
"What happened? Will he be alright Severus? Are you hurt my Lord?" The usually stoic blonde did not know what to say or do, he was so worried and far from in control of his emotions. "And you Sev... are you injured?" He embraced the Potions Master so tight he practically crushed him. "Please tell me what has happened." He ordered with a shakey voice.

Voldemort watched his follower closely as Lucius fussed over Abraxas and Snape. He understood the blonde's worry but was still not comfortable enough with emotional displays to try and console him physically.
"Your ssson will live Luciussss, I am sssorry he wasss wounded. The ressst of usss are fine." It came out much harsher than the Dark Lord intended and he frowned slightly as the blonde pulled himself together and bowed his head.

"I am glad to hear that My Lord." Malfoy said in a stiff voice, eyeing his son as he inclined his head.

Marvolo sighed and ran inside to Larus who he clung to. "Mother.."

Larus frowned. "Are you quite allright, oh dear, what's happened to young Abraxas?"

Severus decided to explain. "He shielded Marvolo, my and our lord's spell was quite strong and would have killed him, but our little one's knack for shields saved them both, he's sleeping but he will recover if not with small complications."

Before he could catch himself Lucius gaslped and clapped his hand over his mouth.
"Abraxas..." He muttered and gently took his son from Voldemort's arms holding the boy to him. Jaw set in a determined clench he battled tears. "What kind of complications?" He demanded of his lover, deathly afraid for his child. "How could you be so careless Severus?!" Anger flared with in the blonde though he had not meant to be so harsh. Malfoy knew that Snape was not to blame but his worry for their offspring robbed him of his deplomacy.

Voldemort hissed, he actually felt very guilty for what had happened. Lucius was right, it had been careless to attack with such force while the boys were so close but he did not like having that fact pointed out. Batteling with his own anger issues the Dark Lord placed a firm hand on the blonde's shoulder.
"Ssseverussss isss not to blame, the fault issss mine Luciusss." That caught Malfoy off guard and he spun to look at Voldermort, horror upon his face.

"My Lord...?" Lucius shispered then bowed his head to sob into his son's blonde and black streaked hair. All his anger had disapated for he could not be furious with his Lord, his pride and loyalty would not allow it.

Severus's eyes filled with fury. "Lucius, I am going to try my hardest not to up and leave you for your curelty.How dare you blame me for our son's mishap! The spell had to be strong, he knew the risks. Don't you dare blame it on me." He didn't bother to explain their child's possible ailments, he stormed into the house and locked himself in the bathroom, sitting on the edgde of the tub, angry beyong his imaginings.

Larus rose from his bed and walked outside. "Hello." He said, noting the tense air.

Raising an eyebrow Voldemort watched the little drama unfold before him. He was slightly amused by it even though in reality there was nothing funny about it in the slightest.
"Hello my love." He said in asnswer to Laur's appearence and with his arm still around Marvolo he went to embrace his lover. "You are both looking well my Larusss.... have you named our daughter yet my love?" He asked not really sure he could do much to help his followers.

Lucius watched Severus go and could have slapped himself for lashing out at his lover. Fear and anger had made him say something unforgivable and totally untrue, he did not really blame the Potions Master for their son's injurys. The blonde blamed himself for not being there but he could not take back the things he said. Hoping his lover would forgive him for once again being a complete ass Malfoy excused himself form his Lords and went inside to lay Abraxas in one of the beds. Steeling himself for what ever punnishment his lover might bestow upon him he gently brushed his second son's hair back and went to knock on the bathroom door.
"Severus... I'm sorry my love... what I said... it was unforgivable and untrue... could you find it in your heart to forgive me anyway?... Please Severus?" Begging was not easy for him but over the yeard Lucius had plenty of practice at it.

"I wanted to wait until you returned." Larus said in return. "It seemed only fair."

Severus huffed. "Lucius Malfoy, you hear me this instant, you leave me alone a few minutes before I deal with your insufferable self!" He said loudly, though not in a shout, his lover's pleading eased his anger only a little bit.

Seeing Larus and their daughter cheered Voldemort up greatly and he gathered his lover in his arms.
"It isss over my love, Potter isss no more and we are free to live our livesss free of fear and danger. Our daughter will grow up ssafe." He kissed Larus passionatly.

Knowing that is was best to leave Severus and give him time to calm down Lucius returned to Abraxas and sat on the bed beside the sleeping boy.
"I promise I will not let anything bad happen to you ever again Abraxas, you and Draco are my life, you two boys and Severus that is." Finding it easer to talk to his son when the boy could not hear him the blonde whispered many things he wished he could say to him, Draco and Snape.

Larus grinned and kissed his lover with all he had in return. "Yay! Okay, sooo let's name her... umm I can't think of anything...." He said, pouting and looking to their child as though an answer awaited with her.

Draco sighed and decided to sleep in the room that had been made for him, finding the events of late tiring.

Marvolo sat at the kitchen table, mindlessly eating grapes, looking quite distressed with his lovely Abraxas passed out. He said nothing, jst placed grapes in his mouth, eating them one by one.

Severus came back out after a moment and looked his lover over evenly. "Now, as I said, don't you EVER treat me in that manner again." He said, sternly, but not shouting.

Thinking for a moment Voldemort went through all the girls names he could think of but most of them belonged to his emenies and he did not want to name his daughter after them.
"What about Chrissstiana? Or Gweneth? Sssarah, Ann or Breeanna?" Women's names were not really his strong point.

All the blonde could do was apologize, he was trying to change and not lash out at others when he was angry, scared or hurt but it was a habit that was proving hard to change.
"I am sorry Severus, I am a fool." He said feeling like the worst lover ever.

"I like Gweneth." Larus said, smiling. "It sounds pretty at least." He said, shrugging. He grinned as he held their child. "Here love, you've harldy been able to hold her." He said, holding their little one to his lover.

Severus sighed and kissed his blonde aristocrat. "It's all right now. But yes, our little one will suffer some issues perhaps. Then again he may heal sompletely. He may always have dull pain or he may simply cough up blood for the rest of his life."

Taking the newborn into his arms Voldemort suddenly felt very nerves as if she would slip through his grip and he would drop her.
"Ssshe isss ssso ssmall." He whispered in amazment. "Little Gwenneth.." As the Dark Lord said her name the child gurgled and her little fist closed around his long skinny finger. "I think ssshe likess it." A smile blossomed on his thin lips and Voldemort cradled her to him afraid she would drop. "Ssshe iss perfect Larusss."

"It was not your fault Severus, I should have been there, I should have protected him...." Realizing he was wallowing in self pitty the blonde shook his head. "He is much stronger than I thought and it seems I miss judged how strong his feelings for our young Lord are too." Through all his worry and guilt Lucius smiled proudly. "Lets hope he takes after you and not me when it comes to expressing his emotions. I seem to make a mess of everything every time I open my mouth." It was very rarly that Lord Malfoy actually joked about his social inadquicies.

Larus smiled and clung to his lover. "Look what we have created from where we came. I was once just a little thing for you to take yourpleasure on. And then we fell in love, and now we have two beautiful children to show for it." He said, softly.

Marvolo raised an eyebrow. He tried to ignore the fact that he could plainly hear them. In the end he found himslef laughing and walking past them, staring at them. "Your son.. feelings for me... AHAHAHAHA..." He let himself go to his room, not even sure what that meant or why.

Severus snorted. "He's in denial."

Thinking back on the way he used to go through young lovers Voldemort marveled at how Larus had charmed him. He was still the Dark Lord and at times he really enjoyed causing his enemies pain and anguish but his love had shown him that there was pleasure to be had in kindness as well. This bought him to another thought, if the war was over, could he really live a quiet life? He frowned at that thought, he was at heart a wild animal with violent urges and Larus was proof that changing one's nature was a slow and difficult endever.
"Have you ever been afraid I would halm you Larusss?" He asked suddenly.

The blonde nodded in agreement.
"Denial." With a sigh he looked down at Abraxas again. "Do you think he will wake soon or do we have time to celebrate the end of the war?" There was a predatory look in Lucius' eyes as he mentioned celebrating and he licked his lips. "Or perhaps I can make it up to you seeing as I have been so rude to you?"

"Hmn, when I was first with you, there was a time or two, yes." Larus said, smiling brightly. "But after I got to know you I knew better." He said, kissing his lover on the lips. "I knew you loved me and I knew I could give you everything you ever craved."

Severus grinned. "He'll be sleeping for a couple of more hours. Yes, we should celebrate." He said, slipping his arms about Lucius' neck.

All Voldemort could do was sigh, he had so many doubts and worries about his own nature and the future.
"I love you larussss." Those few words held so much meaning for the Dark Lord and he began to move inside. "I am afraid I will drop her." He confessed.

Sliding his arms around Snape's waist, the blonde pulled his lover closer.
"Severus, I need you... " Lucius moaned in between passionate kisses. "I always need you and not just in my bed." He added still feeling bad about his earlier outburst.

“I love you too.” Larus said with a smile. When his lover confessed to worrying about dropping their child he carefully took the little one from his lover and held her close. “You worried the same when Marvolo was little, worry not darling, you will not drop her.” He said, kissing him on the lips. “Ilove you.”

“I know you need me, Lucius and I need you just the same.” He said, kissing him with the greatest amount of love he could muster up to grant to the other. “So very very much you are mine.” He began to disrobe the other, wanting to let his eyes feast on his lover, not having seen his love’s strong body for so very long.

As they returned to the main bedroom the Dark Lord heard Severus and Lucius celebrating and he could not help laughing.
"It sseemsss our loyal followersss are making the mossst of the new found peace." If he had not been so tired he and Larus had not given birth earlier he would have suggested they do the same. Yawning he kissed his lover's forehead. "Ssshould we resst my darling?"

Although Lucius usually liked to take the lead he did enjoy the hungry look in his lvoer's eyes. Puffing out his chest a little like a peacock preening the blonde all but posed for Severus before he started to undress the Potions Master. The fact they were sweaty from battle only added to the musky scent that was Snape's natural oder.
"You are still as beautiful as you were the first night we made love." The blonde said in a rich, velvety voice.

“Yes, rest is in order, we can celebrate after we have rested and you and I have healed.” He said, kissing his lover a promising kiss of things to happen as they returned home. “I can’t wait to be back in the manor, I say we go back this evening after resting.”

Severus laughed delightedly at his lover’s posing for him. “You’re beautiful, Lucius.” He whispered, helping to rid himself of his clothing, latching onto his lover’s chest with his kisses and touches, shivering at the feeling of Lucius’ skin beneath his lips.

After agreeing with Larus the Dark Lord washed his hands and face then climbed into bed beside his lover and daughter.
"We sshould give ssome thought to Marvolo and Abraxasss asss a coupling too my love. The boy hass more than proven himssself worthy of our sson and they do sseem to be developing a love for one another." Yawning again, Voldemort snuggled in a little closer, smiling at the tiny bundle between them and conjering a bottle to feed Gweneth. The baby suckled happily and the Dark Lord found himself smiling again, he did that often around Larus and his children.

Letting his head roll back the blonde moaned softly as Severus kissed his chest. It had been so long since they had last been intimate and he had missed his lover's touch greatly. Caressing Snape's arms and shoulders he bowed down to gently kiss the other man's hair and forehead.
"I still marvel at how lucky I am to have you Severus, you have taught me much of love and passion." Lifting the dark haired man's chin with his finger , Lucius kissed him hard and deep on the lips, slipping his tongue in and moaning loudly.

Larus smiled. "Yes, they do like eachother much. I think they'll be a great couple, I hav already propositioned Lucius about it and he rather agrees and was very honored. I figured you wouldn't mind the coupling either." He said, smiling at his lover at the sight of him feeding Gweneth.

"And you have taught me the same." Severus said, eyes closed as he kissed the other back, brow furrowed in passion. "I love you, Lucius." Severus said falling back onto their bed, pulling Lucius atop of him. He wanted his lover to own him and lcaim him, to show him who he belonged to and was loved by.

The baby girl fell asleep feeding and after making the almost empty bottle disappear the Dark Lord caressed Larus' cheek.
"I love you..." He hissed softly then closed his eyes and fell into an exhausted sleep.

Kissing his way down Severus' neck and chest Lucius teased his lover's length before he began to prepare Snape's enterence. As always once he began to show the dark haired man affection he lost all self control and simply wanted to ravage the Potions Master.
"Mmm you are like a drug that I can't live without Severus." The blonde purred in his rich velvety voice as he inserted first one then a second finger into his lover. His free hand stroked Snape's manhood as Malfoy positioned himself at the other's enterence. "You belong to me as I belong to you Severus, don't ever forget that..."

Larus found his lover's inability to stay awake to be the sweetest thing he's witnessed his lover do. He found himself at peace while looking down at the little one between them and he too fell into sleep.

Severus shivered"Never will I forget that, it's a knowing I am much delighted by." He said, arching to accept his lover's fingers into him. "Make love to me." He begged, "Thouroughly." He added, wishing his lovers fingers were deeper inside him.

Marvolo rolled his eyes at the sound of Severus and Lucius going at one another. He didn't understand what was going on, but he knew he wasn't allowed to disturb them when he heard moans and such. He wanted to ask if he could comfort the sleeping Abraxas. He decided that since they weren't there he may as well watch over his friend. He sat beside him, pulling him into his arms as the other boy was passed out. It was hard to dobut he managed and he pet the other's hair, plans for the future forming in his mind.

Adding a third finger the blonde stretched Severus as quickly as he could, eager to have his lover's tight muscles chenched around his length.
"Forgive me if I am rough with you darling but I can't hold back any longer." Removing his fingers Lucius pushed into the dark haired man then waited for him to ajust. The warmth and tightness made the blonde moan out loud and he shivered slightly as he waited. "So good..." He groaned and worked his hand up and down Snape's shaft. All Lucius could think about was Severus and how much he needed his lover.

Abraxas stirred a little mumbled something incohearant and coughed. This made the boy frown in his sleep but the pain passed quickly and his brow smothed again. Blood tinged spittle in the corner of his mouth was the only reminder that the quiet, shy boy had been seriously hurt and fluttering eyelids meant he was dreaming.
"Protect.... Marvolo.... must...." This time his words were much clearer and he fell silent as he moved into a deeper sleep.

Severus took only a moemnt before he was as wanting as his lover. He accepted the almost painful intrusion with eager need. "Yes, Lucius.." He mumbled, shivering and clinging to the other, fevered by their love making.

Marvolo looked down as Abraxas' lips moved and at seeing hte blood mingled spit at his lips he did a very 'dark-lord-like' thing to do and licked it away, savouring the taste for his own strange minded needs. He didn't understand his own motive that time around and sighed. "You protected me, Abraxas, I am here."

The blonde started to move, he pulled back until just the tip remained inside his lover then he thrust deep within Snape again. He made sure he brushed against the dark haired man's prostate, gripping the others hips tightly as he thrust into Snape over and over again.
"S..severus...." He groaned in pleasure. Leaning forward he nuzled and bit the Potions Master's neck. "My... Severus..."

The kiss seemed to rouse the sleeping boy a little.
"Protect.. Mar..volo..." Abraxas repeated and smiled slightly in his sleep.

"My Lucius." Severus mimicked the other's words, shivering and groaning as the other thrust harder into him. He bared his neck to him. "I lve you..." He said, his voice heavy and strained.

Cuddling next to the other boy, Marvolo fell to sleep.

This just encouraged the blonde to thrust harder and faster.
"I love you too.." He groaned breathlessly clinging to Severus. Lucius was quickly becoming lost in Snape and his pleasure, the rest of the world melted away leaving only the two of them. "Nah... mmmm... Sev... so close..." Feeling his climax begin to build inside him the blonde threw his head back and mercilessly pounded the Potions Master's sweet spot as he thrust harder and deeper within him.

Severus was only able to meet the other’s thrusts. He was so very very close to his orgasm that brinked on the edge. “Oh! Lucius!” He said hotly, the pounding on his prostate becoming his undoing. “I am about to …oh..!” His growl of pleasure turned into a loud groan as he spilled his seed.

As his lover's muscles clenched around him, Lucius also reached his end. One last deep thrust and he spilled his seed within Snape. He threw his head back as he came, looking up sightlessly as pleasure washed over him sending his sensors into a swirl. Feeling so completely connected with his lover Malfoy rode the waves of release then collapsed forward onto the Potions Master.
"Oh Severus...." He muttered in a breathy whisper. "I love you..."

About eight years passed since the fall of the light. It left the two families happy in their lord’s mansion. Larus went about his home, wondering what their children were up to. He found Gweneth eating breakfast at the table and Marvolo was tormenting the poor Abraxas. It seemed everything was normal.

“So, Abraxas, think you’re up for a duel today? I want to see how much weaker you became over night because my theory is that you simply aren’t up to stuff. You were stronger when we were young than you are now.” Marvolo said, taunting his friend. He did it out of the inability of how to express his deeper more lingering feelings of love to his friend. For he had definitely begun to fall in love with him. “I will not have some weakling protecting me when I am in charge.” He brushed his long black hair before putting it up with a hair-clip, his red eyes burning through Abraxas, wanting to see his friend’s face color red and his eyes brighten with anger.

Severus watched the bickering of the two with interest, wondering when they were just going to give into one another.

Pressing his lips together Abraxas tried to ignore Marvolo's comment but found he was incapable of doing so.
"For your information I am much stronger than I used to be... magic wise any way." He lent forward so his black and white streaked hair fell in front of his burning cheeks. Physically he was weak and that bothered him greatly. The injuries he had sustained protecting Marvolo form the spells that killed the Potter boy, meant he tired eaisly and if he exerted himself too much he would have a coughing fit. Every time he saw the fine red spray of blood on his hands, Abraxas got so very angry with himself. "I can and will protect you Lord Marvolo." Still unable to look the other boy in his red eyes he pretended to inspect the dirt under his nails.

Watching his son, Voldemort smiled an almost lipless smile. Every day he watched his heir battle his feelings and urges, and wondered if this would be the day Marvolo finally acted on them.
"Come now ssson, you know Abraxasss there hasss already ssaved your life, you ssshould not be ssso hard on him." Even as he spoke the Dark Lord began to laugh. It was a strange bubbling, hissins noise but it was a laugh.

Entering the kitchen Lucius frowned when he saw his rather angry younger son.
"What is it this time Abraxas? Are you still pouting about your illness?" The blonde looked down his nose at the boy then stalked over to Severus and kissed the Potions Master demandingly.

Larus greeted his lover with a kiss. “Your father’s right, Marvolo, Abrxas hasn’t done anything wrong and you’re there being terribly rude. We’ve raised you better than that. He’s your equal, not your servant.”

Marvolo shot his mother a very Voldemort-like stare of loathing at the comprehension that he was indeed raised better. “I am sorry, I can’t help it.” He said through a slightly clenched expression. “It’s not like he ever fights back, I think he enjoys my taunts.” He said, leering suggestively at his companion.

Gweneth looked up from her cereal and pouted. “No fighting big brother. Abrxas only wants to be your friend. You’re so mean.” She said with a small pout.

Severus returned his lover’s kiss and nodded. “Mn, our lord’s child was picking on him again.” He said, rolling his eyes at their antics. He wished the two would simply give in, they’d fought in that manner since they were toddlers. 

Hearing everyone speak about him is such a way Abraxas stood up making the chair scrape loudly as he did.
"Fine then! I will fight back if that is what you want Lord Marvolo. We can go outside right now and duel, I'll prove I can protect you and anyone else I have to." Startled by his own outburst Abraxas blushed bright red but refused to lower his eyes as he alwyas did. He would prove himself to the other boy, prove himself worthy of being by his side. Such thoughts made Abraxas blush even redder now and he was suddenly very, very hot.

Raising one blonde eyebrow, Lucius eyed his son.
"Well this is a first." He commented to Severus and smiled proudly. "I think our little boy is finally turning into a man." The blonde found the situation very interesting.

Sliding his arm around Larus' waist, Voldemort waited for his son's reply to the other's boy challange. More than anyone he understood how hard it could be to say what you really meant and follow your heart. It was Larus' careful nurturing and love that allowed him to enjoy his life.

Larus frowned, wondering if the other’s outburst was a good thing. “I hope they don’t end up harming one another..” He said, frowning. “Our son takes after you .. a lot.”

Marvolo shrugged. “Well then, let’s have at it, shall we?” He asked, drawing his wand from his pocket. He circled the other boy, looking him up and down. “You should be careful though, wouldn’t want to get sick again, now would you?” He asked, being intentionally curel. He loved it though, loved the red on the other’s cheeks, loved the bright anger in his eyes. “Prove to me then that you’re not as weak as a muggle.” He hissed ina goading manner. He shot a simple spell to disarm the other, wondering if it would hit or be dodged.

Severus watched curiously as Marvolo circled their son. “Oh he knows how to be rude, doesn’t he?” He asked his lover, trying to not become angry with the young lord at his comment.

Setting his jaw in a degermined snarl Abraxas easily dodged the spell. Marvolo's words about him getting sick again hurt deeply and he was more determined than ever to prove his young Lord Wrong. Without any warning he threw a disarm spell back at Marvolo.
"Who is as weak as a muggle?" He snapped, never taking his eyes off the other's red ones.

That famous Malfoy pride of Lucius' was making it very difficult for him not to intervein. He dispised his son being spoken to so harshly. Abraxas was nothing like Draco, he was shy and quiet and just like Severus he seemed to under value himself and his abilities. But the boy also had his dark haired father's quiet strength. There were many who would dismiss the boy as being harmless to their great detrement.
"I know you will do us proud son." The blonde yelled unable to hold his tongue.
"Should we have out wands at the ready just in case Severus?" Lucius asked a little worried Abraxas could get hurt.

Even this little bit of friendly competition between the boys heated Voldemort's blood and he watched with rapped excitment.
"I know he takessss after me a lot my love, issssn't it wonderful?" The Dark Lord's red eyes sparkled as he watched.

Larus snorted. “Yes it is darling, he just better be careful before he makes his future lover detest his temper. I am not so sure Abrxas likes it as much as I do about you.” He said, kissing him.

Marvolo felt his eyes widen as he had to practically leap to dodge the spell shot at him. He growled and made sure his next disarming spell hit his companion, hard enough to knock him back a little “Why, you are, of course.” He said, ready to engage without wands if need be.

Severus placed a calming hand on his lover’s shoulder. “No, let them fight it out. They need to.”

"Am not!" Abraxas yelled a little breathlessly, the last attack had winded him slightly but he threw two more in quick succession at Marvolo then tried to catch his breath. That familure dizzy feeling angered the boy, he hated his physical weekness. He put everything he had into those two spells, which was far from his full strength.

Tensing Lucius watched his son, Severus' hand on his shoulder the only thing holding him back and stopping him from disarming the young Lord. The over protective streak in him threatening to overwhelm his common sense.
"I guess you are right my love..." He muttered begrudgingly.

As the fight intensified the Dark Lord rubbed his hands together.
"They are really going at it Larussss." Voldemort could feel his bloodlust rising like flood waters threatening to burst the levy bank.

Larus smiled at his lover. “Darling, this eight years of peace is kind of getting to you isn’t it? Not able to kill and all..” He shook his head in amusement. “You’re so cute.”

One of the spells actually hit Marvolo but he was able to throw it off, angered that it had actually hit him. He threw down his wand and pounced on the other, knocking him to the ground and pinning the other’s hands over his head. “It’s not just with spells, Abraxas..” He said, staring into the other’s eyes that seemed to captivate him. “You’re just weak all over.”

Severus nodded and raised an eyebrow at the scene before them. “I almost think we should leave the room…”

Cute was not a word Voldemort was used to hearing especially when it refered to his nasty side, which just happened to be his biggest side.
"It hasss been a little.... difficult." He hissed softly but then he smiled at his lover. "I would not have ssservived it without you my love." Squeezing Larus' hand the Dark Lord licked his lips as he watched the boys.

Hitting the ground hard with Marvolo's weight on top of him, Abraxas groaned then started to cough. Because his hands were pinned above his head the boy turned his head to the side and tried to stifle what he concidered to be a sigh of weakness. It did not work of course and he coughed up blood as he struggled to breath. Tears of shame began to form in his dark grey eyes Marvolo seemed to stare right into his very soul. Afraid the other would discover that he had been having rather errotic thoughs about him, Abraxas glared up at him.
"I will become stronger..." He wheezed, his lips bloodied from his coughing fit.

As if they were trying to climp up into his hairline Lucius' eyebrows arched.
"It is rather intense isn't it?" He replied to Severus and shifted slightly wondering if they should infact give the boy's some privacy.

Larus snorted at his lover and drug him away from the room. “I know you and I like normally to spy but they’re a little young to be spied on, come on you, let’s go find some random member of the non-existing light for you to torment. Surely someone’s out there?”

Marvolo looked at the blood on the other’s lips with a hunger. He’d only once tasted of his friend when they were younger. It’d been the only time he’d let himself show his emotions for him, but the lovely Abraxas had been asleep. “Yes, you will..I will help you” He said softly, having no recollection of anyone else being in the room. He leant down and licked the blood from his companion’s lips.

As Marvolo leant down Severus had wondered what the boy was doing, when he saw him lick the blood from his son’s lips he found himself touched by the act. He smiled and drug his relictant and protective lover out of the room. “They will make a cute couple.”

Wishing the fight had lasted a little longer Voldemrot sniffed.
"Fine." He hissed and let Larus lead him away. "I hope thisss meansss they are officially together now. All thisss dancing around the truth issss infuriating." Dispite his wrods there was a smile on the Dark Lord's thin lips.

Dark grey eyes going wide Abraxas suddenly felt as if he was on fire. Without his say so his lips parted slightly and he moaned softly at the feel of Marvolo's tongue. His pants were way too tight as well and all he could think of was how very much he wanted to taste his young Lord's tongue again.

Nodding Lucius reached down to squeeze Severus' ass cheek.
"Yes they will, and it is about bloody time." Now that the blonde was out of the room his attention became fully focused on his lover.

“I think it does, yes.” Larus said, kissing his lover on the lips. “They remind me of you and me.” He said, grinning. “Well Abraxas is more like Severus, but you get my meaning. They’ll be good together.”

Marvolo granted the other his wish, noticing his parents and Abraxas’ parents had left for their privacy. He kissed him then, not sure how a kiss worked but knowing he’d seen both sets of parents kissing all the time he got the idea. He did it as well as he thought it to be done, even if it was done wrong it felt exquisite. He pulled away after a second and looked down into his lover’s eyes. “I have to tell you something. I am mean to you. Always. I like the way you blush when I am and the way your eyes get bright. I like you. I like everything about you. I think I am actually maybe in love with you, and I have known it since we were little.” He whispered, blushing for the first time. He was telling this other this and hoped he was not going to be betrayed because of it.

Severus laughed at the feeling of Lucius groping him. “It is about time yes, and you’re insatiable.” He said, kissing the other on the lips and returning the grope to the behind.

Voldemort laughed out loud as he noticed Gwen tagging along behind them.
"I know what you mean my love. If they are half assss happy asss we are then everything will have been worth it." This was another thing Larus had taught him, how to be happy for another, the Dark Lord was slowly changing, he hoped for the better.

At first the boy just stred blankly not really believing he had heard what he heard. It was as if all his dreams had come true and once the shock passed, Abraxas suddenly became very worried that Marvolo would announce that he was joking and break his heart.
"Please... please don't say such things unless you really mean them..." He whispered, his voice full of fear and hope. "I have always wanted to serve you, to be at your side.... to be with you." The metalic taste of is own blood reminded Abraxas that he was weak and imperfect. "To protect you..." He added and it was clear that he was really saying he loved Marvolo. Blinking away tears he blushed even redder as blood rushed to his crotch. His length to harden and he knew his young Lord must have been able to feel it. "All I have ever wanted was to be worthy of you..." Every fiber in his being was screaming out for Marvolo, he wanted to be kissed again. Swallowing his fear Abraxas looked back up at those red eyes he loved. "Kiss me..." He begged hoping the other would not tare his heart out and stop on it.

Stopping to face Snape the blonde smiled.
"I am only insatiable because you arouse me so my love." He said in a matter of fact tone. "So it is really your own fault." Lucius explained.

Larus smiled up at his lover and ushered their child to follow closer with them. "Come along Gwen, let's have a picnic." He said, bringing his lover and their daughter to a clearing in the woods surrounding their home. He brought out a blanket and summoned a basket of food he'd made earlier. It was filled with small snack like things.

"I never say anything like that unless I mean it. Have you ever heard me say them to another?" When the other asked him to kiss him he granted the other yet another kiss, not minding the hardness that pressed against him as he sat atop of him. He gave him a kiss that was much more passionate than their first and shivered at the feeling.

Severus grinned. "I am glad to be so insatiable." He said, looking up at the other. "Now, how about you and I find a nice quiet place to sit. We should go and bother Draco later at that school and see how he is enjoying being a teacher." He sat comfortably on a log and waited for his lover to join him.

Over the years Voldemort had developed quite a taste for his lover's sweets and he bit into a dense chocolate slice with a small moan.
"Mmmm my love thisss is pure evil." He muttered around a mouthful. Swallowing the slice the Dark Lord leaned over to kiss Larus' cheek. "Ssso my darling Larusss do you think out sson will bed hissss companion?" If Marvolo was anything like him he would, sexual gratification was one of his favorite pastimes.

"No..." Abraxas' answer was muffled by the other boy's lips and this time the head from his cheeks spread through his entire body. Telling himself he must be dreaming, he relaxed into the kiss and found he was lifting his head in an attempt to get closer to the boy he had loved for as long as he could remember. Marvolo was far too strong for him to free his arms and embrace as he wanted too but he tried anyway. "Marvolo..." He muttered with such desire and need as he tried to catch his breath.

At the mention of his other son, Lucius smile proudly.
"I must confess I did not think he would choose such a life but then most of us never thought about what we wanted to do once the war was over." Deciding he wanted to have tea in one of the sitting rooms the blonde summoned a house elf. "How does tea in the sitting room sound Severus? Or would you like something stronger to drink?"

"Probably.. thy're both innocent it makes me wonder who'd be on top."Larus said in reply, tilting his head and eating more chocolate and playing withtheir daughter's hair.

"Daddy, what does 'bed' mean?" Gweneth asked the dark loord, staring up into her father's eyes curiously.

Marvolo broke their kiss after a second and looked down. "Yes dear?" He asked, blushing a little as he realized they'd been kissing. His own pulse was beating quite fast. He couldn't stop the words form spilling out of his lips. "I love you. Abraxas... you've always been there to save're beautiful. You're not weak, don't let my words hurt you." He whispered, feeling bad for al the times he'd hurt his lover out of his desire to see him flustered.

"Perhaps when the children move from said room." Severus said, smiling at the one he loved.

Smirking at how curious his daughter was the Dark Lord leaned close to her and very softly answered her.
"It meansss when two people who love each other expressss that love physssically like Larusss and I do and Sseverus and Luciusss do. It involvessss a lot of touching and kisssssing and feelssss very good." Voldemort saw no point in keeping things from his children. "One day when you are older Gwen darling you will bed sssomeone too." He touched the tip of her nose with a boney finger and smiled. "But that isss when you are older." He repeated then kissed Larus on the cheek.

All of a sudden Abraxas lost control of his emotions and blinked away tears of joy at the other boy's words.
"I love you too..." He managed before he had to swallow the lump in his throat. As he looked up at Marvolo his heart raced and he could not seem to catch his breath no matter how hard he tried. Abraxas wanted something to happen he was just not sure what.

"Our room then?" Lucius asked with a sparkle in his grey eyes. The blonde was remembering how he and Severus had made Abraxas and was in the mood to let the Potions Master dominate him, something that did not happen very often.

Gwen crinkled her nose and then shrugged. "I don't get it, but okay." She rested her head on her mother's lap and ate grapes. "I love you mommy and daddy."

Marvolo smiled a little and picked his companion up and carried him to his room. "I don't know how to make you moan and things like they always do, but I want to try." He said, referring to both sets of parents.

Severus smiled. "Yes, our room." He said, noticing the look of lust in his love's eyes.

No matter how many times he heard those three little words the Dark Lord amways felt better.
"I love you too my darling Gweneth." He hissed in reply and reached out to stroke the girl's hair.

Clinging to the other boy with trembling arms Abraxas nodded.
"I do too..." He whispered softly. The fact Marvolo was strong enough to carry him was a real turn on for him and he had really enjoyed the way the other hand pinned him before. "Make me yours..." Abraxas whispered then buried his face in the young Lord's chest embarassed he has actually said such a thing.

Delighted Snape caught his meaning the blonde smirked.
"Are you up to being top this time?"

Gwen grinned at her father and hugged his hand "I wanna go play with Marvolo and Abraxas. Is that okay?"

Larus frowned and then smiled. "No. Not at the moment sweety, wait until they come to find you, they're busy."

Marvolo raised an eyebrow at the way the words flowers over him 'make me yours..'.... how did he do that exactly? He knew something with his length was to be done, he knew that for certain, his own touches had been pleasureful enough. Maybe he'd start with that." He kicked the door closed behind them as he entered the room and plopped Abraxas on his bed, climbing over him and engulfing him in a deep kiss, resting between the other boy's legs.

Severus felt his eyes widen a little. "Certainly, Lucius love. You're int he mood for such?"

The Dark Lord found the entire thing very amusing.
"They could be quite a while darling, perhapssss you ssshould play with ssomeone elsse." He was wondering if he and Larus should have explained the way two men coupled to their son.

Fear and excitment battled within Abraxas, he had walked in on his parents once and seen how Lucius was thrusting into Severus. His mother seemed to enjoy it but he was scared and one of the boys at school where is brother taught had said the first time hurt. Even if that was true, Abraxas wanted to see Marvolo face above him, he wanted to hear the other boy 's crys of pleaure.

Smiling the blonde nodded.
"Call it nostelgure. Thinking of our son becoming a man has reminded me of how he was concieved." Taking Severus' hand he lead him to their bedroom and opened the door. "Once we step over that threshold you are in charge." Lucius smiled brightly.

Larus wondered the same thing. "I wonder if the poor things even know what they're oing." He said, feeling he'd messed up in not teaching his little one the mechanics. "They'll figure it out.."

Gweneth pouted. "But there's no one else to play with."

Marvolo slid a hand between them and began to strok the other through his robes. He didn't dare to admit that he was completely inexperienced in all of it but he had to. "I haven't a clue what I am doing." He said, grinning sheepishly as he kissed the other boy again, undoing his pants. "I do know that we have ot be naked..."

Severus was strangely excited at the fact that he would be able to take his lover. It happened so very rarely. "Yes love, I know what you mean." He walked backwards into their room and spun them so Lucius was backwards instead and pushed his lover onto the bed.

Sighing Voldemort pretended to be annoyed.
"Oh well I guesss I will have to play with you then." Launching himself across the blanket the Dark Lord tackled his daughter and began to tickle her. This kind of behavior was still a little strange to him but Gwen seemed to really enjoy these moments together.

Blushing redder than ever before Abraxas mustered the courage to speak up.
"I... I saw my parents once...Father Lucius he... was inside Father Severus..." Hoping the other boy understood what he was talking about he pulled his robe up over his head.

Although he was feeling a little unsettled at not being in control, Lucius loved how happy the situation had made Severus. Each passing year made him love Snape more and more and this was his way of showing that.
"Take me Severus..." He asked but failed to keep from smiling as he did so.

Gweneth errupted into a fit of giggles and tried to get away from her father's merciles hands. "Papa! Stooooooop." She begged, looking to her mother for help.

Larus' response was to pounce his lover and try to find his own spots he knew on the other to be ticklish, running his fingers along his lover's ribs, pressing to torment him as he tormented their daughter.

Marvolo hummed to himself in acknowledgement. "I think i know what you're talking about. This.." He gripped his length to get his point across"Was in your mother's.. behind.. I saw my parents doing it once too.." He said, wondering how such a thing was even accomplished."I wonder how they fit it.."

Severus began to ravish Lucius' mouth with kisses, biting his lips gently here and there, trying to remove both sets of clothing in the process. He was so hungry for his lover, he could hardly contain himself.

Rolling around on a blanket laughing and tickling his daughter the Dark Lord begged Larus to stop. He would not have imagined he would be doing such a thing during the war but family life actually suited him, for a short time anyway. Every now and then he needed to kill or torture someone.
"Help me Gwen, protect me form Larusss." He hissed still trying to tickle the girl.

That was the part that scared Abraxas slightly.
"I... I'm not sure..." He was blushing constantly and shivering slightly. The sight of Marvolo naked did not help his nerves either, the boy was lean but toned and Abraxas found his gaze drifting to the other's crotch. Marvolo was bigger than he was and suddenly he felt weak and unworthy of his young Lord again. Covering his crotch with his hands, Abraxas looked away ashamed.

Being desired in such a way aroused Lucius and he tried not to take over and pull Severus down on top of him.
"Mmm Severus..." He moaned and arched his back slightly trying to press himself against his lover, enjoying the fell of skin upon skin.

Larus laughed and kissed his lover, not stopping his attack of tickling. "Dno't listen to him Gwen! He's still trying to tickle you!" He said in attempts to get away from his lover's fingers.

Gweneth laughed at her father. "No! You'll only tickle me!" She said , pouncing on her father to help her mother.

"Why do you cover yourself?" Marvolo asked, easing himself down onto the bed, pulling his beloved's hands away. "You have no need. You're beautiful and I would gaze upon you." He frowned and bent down, kissing the other's length. "You're perfect."

"Sweet Lucius." Severus said, biting his neck while he ground their bodies together. "You're so delectable."

Curling up in a ball to protect his sides the Dark Lord ctied out, pretending he was beat.
"I yeald Gwen... you have besssted me..." His protests vanished in another round of laughter and Voldemort winked a red eye at his lover.

Hearing such things Abraxas blushed and trembled as the other kissed his length. Being told he was beautiful and perfect was more than he had ever hoped for.
"You're the one who is perfect..." He replied shyly and moaned softly. The feel of Marvolo's lips upon him made his manhood twitch and he reached out to caress the young Lord's cheeks with shaking hands.

"Such sweet things you say Severus." Lucius smiled and tried to restrain his urge to take hold of Snape and roll onto him. "And you are so very sexy when you are all dominant like this."

Gweneth grinned and her chest puffed out proudly. "I WIN!"She aid, giggling with happiness.

Larus shook his head at his lover's wink. He wanted to warn his little one of the pending attack but knew his lover would have his fun spoiled. "Yay, you won!"

"We're both so very nervous." Marvolo stated, leaning into the feel of the other's carress. He gave Abraxas' length another lick to gauge his reaction, he'd pretty much missed it the first time around, he wanted to see it again.

"I mean those things." Severus rplies to his lover. "And I can tell you wish to take control, you may if you want.." He said, nibbling the blonde's thighs.

As soon as Gweneth dropped her guard Voldemort pounced and tickled her ribs while he pressed his thin lips to her neck and blew rasberrys in it.

The second time thought even better than the first and Abraxas moaned again and arched his back slightly. Balling his fingers into fists the boy shivered and sighed.
"That... feels so good My Lord... Marvolo..." Abraxas' voice was breathy and broke a little as he spoke.

Shaking his head the blonde smiled.
"No my love, you so enjoy bossing me around on these occasions." There was a cheeky smirk on Lucius' lips as if he was trying to invoke the Potion's Master's wrath a little. "Put me in my place if you dare." He added.

Gweneth squealed and tried to squirm away unsuccessfully. "TAHTS NOT FAIR!" She shouted between giggles and looked at her mother with a pout. "MOM you tricked me!"

Larus laughed and wished he'd brought a camera with them to take a picture of such a sweet moemnt and decided to conjure one up and snapped the photo. "And here no one would ever believe that the dark lord was capable of playing with an innocent child that he himself had created, adorable."

"Then I shall continue to please you in this way." Marvolo insisted, pressing his tongue to the other's length over and over again, wanting to hear him, the taste on his tongue thrilled him and excited him.

Severus nipped the blonde's thigh. "As you wish." He stated while moving back up the other's body he didn't want to waste anymore time and pushed two fingers into his lover, trying to be gentle with him still.

With a devilish grin the Dark Lord stopped tickling his daughter and whispered to her.
"What do you sssay we both attack your mother for that?" Crawling across the blanket with an preditory look in his red eyes, Voldemort stalked Larus.

Marvolo's actions turned the black and white haired boy into a quivering, moaning mess. He could not even think straight as wave aftger wave of pleasure washed over him. Shifting and whimpering he gripped handfulls of the bedding and curled his toes.
"Ah... yes...My Lord...!" A thousand things buzzed around inside Abraxas' head, he felt as if all his dreams had come ture. "Marvolo...!" Something deep within his began to build, something he had never felt before.

Gasping in pleasure and pushing back against his lover's fingers Lucius shivered. He had forgotten how good it could feel to have Severus inside him.
"Mmm that feels so good..." The blonde opened his legs a little wider.

Gweneth nodded. "Sounds good to me!" She said, grinning innocently at Larus while jumping on him, tickling him all over, leaving much room for her father as well.

Larus had tried to get away before the attack started but was unsuccessful and fell back, laughing hard as his daughter began her attack upon him.,"OH how foul the both of you!"

Marvolo blushed that he was able to do such things to the one he'd craved for so long. He became more bold, fitting his mouth around him to lick more of him, sucking and licking everywhere he could along his lover's length.,He enjoyed hearing his name and title slip from his lips and moane dat the sound.

Adding a third finger in his lover, Severus became slightly cheeky. "Then it is a wonder that you do not beg me to take you more often." He said, sucking his lover while he fingered him a little more thouroughly.

Laughing the Dark Lord stopped tickling his lover and kissed Larus passionatly.
"You are sssuch a beautiful creatrue, even if you are wicked and take photosss of me when I am being very un Lordly." Voldemort could not believe how much he still loved his sweet darling Larus.

Whimpering and Begging, Abraxas shifted and squirmed. The knot in his stomach was begining to unwravel and his eyes opened wide.
"Marvolo!" He cried in surprise as he came in a shuddering orgasm. "I'm so sorry My Lord..." He muttered embarrassed.

If he had not been enjoying himself so much the blonde would have flipped Snape on his back but instead he made a mental note to deal with his lover next time. Gripping a handfull of black hair Lucius groaned.
"Then don't keep me waiting this time Severus... I need you now."

Gweneth smiled and began to finish the rest of the strawberries as her parents were.. involved.

Larus smiled and returned his lover's kiss. "I couldn't resist. Besides, I am the only one who will see the photos." He kissed hid darling again, enjoying that his life had turned out so well."I love you."

Marvolo blinked several times and coughed, some of the liquid had shot down his throat and he pulled back, wiping his mouth and spitting the rest onto a small waste basket. "Well.. that was unexpected." He said, smiling. "Don't apologize, it wasn't that bad." He said, kissing the other. "I didn't think about that hapening." He grinned. "Soooo shall we continue?"

Severus removed his fingers and thrust himself into his lover, it was a gentle thrust but it was forceful. "Like this, darling? " He asked, knowing full well it was exactly what his lover needed.

"I love you too my darling Larusss and I wasss only joking about the photosss" Voldermort whispered then caught his lover in a passionate embrace. "You are my reasson for being Laruss, my life.." Rolling so he was on top of the other the Dark Lord frowned because their daughter was right there beside them. "We will pick up here thisss evening my love." With that he rolled onto his back and lay there beside Larus looking up at the sky. "It isss a beautiful day." He stated.

Blushing again Abraxas looked up at the boy he had loved for as long as he could remember. They shared a birthday and as Lucius and Severus were Voldemort's most loyal followers, they were raised together at the Mansion. Marvolo had been such a large part of his life and Abraxas could hardly believe they were together in such a way. Nodding he kissed the other back.
"Did you want me to do the same to you?" The black and white haired boy asked shyly.

As Severus pushed into him the blonde cried out in pleasure.
"Ah... yes my love, exactly like that..." He groaned and shifted so he could ajust. Lucius wanted Snape to move, he wanted the other deep inside him but he pressed his lips together so he did not order his lover to move. Severus rearly got the opertunity to dominate him and he wanted to make the most of this.

Larus smiled and kissed the ohter. "Yes, we will have to pick up later." He said, kissing him again. He was just about ready to be ravished as well. "The day is quite lovely."

Gweneth felt her nose crinkle slightly as she witnessed her parents about molest each other on the blanket. She didn't know exactly what was going on but it looked private whatever it was. She wished she had someone her age to play with and normally it wasn't a problem but with everyone 'playing' together all ready she was out of luck.

"Only if it truly feels as exquisite as you say it does." Marvolo whispered. "Unless you want me to... put it inside you." He said, pouting slightly in his curiosity of what to do.

Severus saw the impatience in his lover's eyes and began to move hard but slow inside him, smiling at his own teasing ways, his smile was gone for a groan of pleasure. "Oh Lucius you feel so good around me."

Smiling the Dark Lord thought about how good a father he was. He had put his daughter's needs above his own, something that would have been unimaginable years ago. Waving the girl over towards him he pointed up at the sky.
"Do you sssee that cloud there ssssweethear? Don't you think it lookssss like a dragon?" If he could not ravage his beloved then he would have to do something to take him mind off how much he wanted Larus, cloud watching was as good an option as any.

Again Abraxas turned bright red, he was still so very shy about the subject of intercourse and his more submissive nature meant such decisions were difficult for him.
"Well... it does feel very good My parents always end up coupling with Lucius inside Severus though so I guess that that feels good too." His breathing became fast and shallow as he gained the courage to expose himself a little more. Abraxas liked the thought of Marvolo looking at him naked but at the same time he was so very worried he was not what the other boy wanted. It was a foolish fear but all the years of being teased by the other had taken it's toll, even though he knew now Marvolo did not really think him weak.

Shivering and groaning the blonde reached out to pull Snape towards him, he was doing his best to let the other lead but he was enjoying himself too much  to think clearly.
"Ah... Severus... thrust into me... hard..." He demanded then managed to add a please in an attempt to soften his dominance. "I am so glad you like that feeling my love.."

Gweneth squealed happily at the sight of the dragon in the sky. "Oh wow.. and that one looks like a butterfly.." She said, wondering why clouds made shapes. "Why do clouds make shapes that we recognize? Are they like alive?"

Marvolo smiled. "you decide what you would have me do.. no you know what.. I want to show you. I want you to know that I am in love with you." With that he kissed the other again, hardly so before he began to press himself against him. "If this starts to hurt or anything let me know."

Severus obeyed Lucius happily, enjoying the feeling of his lover clenched about him. "How could I not enjoy it?" He quested with a moan, thrusting as his lover requested of him, shivering in pleasure and delight.

Wondering how best to explain the workings of water vaper and the minds need to rationalize and make sense of everything the Dark Lord frowned.
"Well yessss they are alive in a ssenssse but not asss we are alive Gwenneth. They are conssstiantly moving and sshifting because they are tiny ssspecks of water floating about high in the air. They gather together and when there are enough of them they get too heavy and fall assss rain. They only look like thingsss becaussss we can ussse our imagination and ssearch for the familure amongssst them." Voldemort hoped that answer would satisfy his daughter's curiosity.

Swallowing hard Abraxas fought back the urge to weep when Marvolo said he was in love with him. He nodded that he would let the other know if he was hurt but speech was beyond him as his heart pounded so loud he was sure the young Lord could hear it too. Closing his dark grey eyes the boy whimpered softly at the kiss and savored the taste of Marvolo's lips as he spread his legs wider and tightened his grip on the bedding.

It was such a different sensation that Lucius was feeling as they made love, he delighted in the fact that Snape was enjoying it too but he was quickly becoming lost in the sensation. His nails dug into his dark haired lover as again and again that spot deep within him sent jolts of pleasure through his entire body.
"Severus!" The blonde growled gripping the other harder.

"Oh... " Gweneth said, trying to understand as well as she could. "Basically they're their own type of thingy!"

Larus smiled and kissed his daughter on the cheek. "That's one way to look at it."

Marvolo placed himself at his lover's behind, knowing that was the only place where his length could go and he began to push in a little, knowing nothing about preparation or anything of the sort,but he likef the way it started to feel as he tried to inch forward, looking carefully at his lover for any signs that he need stop.

Severus kissed Lucius hard, moaning loudly into the kiss as he delightedly felt his lover's fingers on his back, grabbing to him. He shivered and clung to him, groaning and holding tight while his thrusts became faster still.

Given her young age Gwen was very bright and a wave of pride washed over the Dark Lord
"Sssee that my love? Our darling girl takessss after you, ssshe isss clever and beautiful." Smirking Voldemort could not help thinking of just how beautiful Larus was naked.

Abraxas tried to hide the pain of the other entereing him, he remembered Lucius telling Severus to relax so he forced himself to do the same. Marvolo's girth was still too much for him and he whimpered a little.
"Ah... just... just wait a moment..." He whispered trying to endure, afraid his love would abandon their coupling.

Growling and shivering, the blonde clutched Snape tighter.
"Yes... ah... yes... Severus...!" He howled, lost in the sensation of his lover within him. Lucius was so very close to release and he lifted his back, arching it so his lover could thrust deeper.

Gweneth grinned at her father's compliment, feeling much accomplished.

Larus smiled,"She gets it from you too my love." He said, carressing his lover's cheek. "I love you."

Marvolo held still, fearing he'd hurt his lover. "Is it all right?" He asked, careful to stroke his lover's cheek. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" He frowned, kissing the other all over his face.

Severus understood his lover's need and so thrust deeper inside him, letting himself be buried to the hilt as he lost himself in his and his lover's passion.

Laughing off the complement Voldemort tried to think of anything other than holding Larus in his arms and taking him right there and then, Gweneth or no Gweneth watching. He was not used to having to restrain his passion.
"And I love you my darlingsss... what about that one? It looksss like an owl and that one over there looksss like a tree." The Dark Lord pointed up to the clouds again.

Taking in a few deep breaths and forcing himself to relax further Abraxas shook his head.
"No... it is alright if you go slow..." His voice was shaking for despite the pain he liked having Marvolo so close.

Giving in to abandon the blonde cried out, there was only him and Severus in the world, them and the pleasure causing through him. Bucking and shivering, Lucius came hard, his inner muscles clenching tight around Snape's length. Still he wanted more as he pulled his lover down closer.
"Severus..." He breathed heavily.

Gweneth decided she was getting tired and needing of a nap “You’re right papa, I wish I could go play with the clouds, maybe I will see some when I sleep. I wanna take a nap. Is that okay?”

Larus nodded. “Yes sweety, let me tuck you in for your nap and if you need me I will be out here with your daddy.” He said as he lead his daughter to her bed and tucked her in, kissing her forehead. Then Larus returned to his lover after their child closed her eyes for sleep. “Well, that was an adorable family moment.” He said with a wide grin, kissing his lover.

Marvolo began to move as the other said he could, pushing in slowly and waiting for any other signs of stopping. “You promise that I am not causing you pain?”

“Lucius!” Severus called out as he came with his lover. “Oh Lucius, you need more of me?” He asked, sure he coul start up, but he was surprised the blonde wanted him in this way again.

Not wasting any time the Dark Lord returned Larus' kiss then rolled his lover onto his back. Looking down into those beautiful eyes that enchanted him, Voldemort hurridly began to undress the other.
"I can not hold back any longer my love, I need you now." He hissed passionatly, peppering Larus' face and nick with kisses.

Blushing yet again Abraxas bit his bottom lip then decided he could not lie to the other.
"It hurts a little... but I was told it always hurts the first time..." His dark grey eyes pleaded with Marvolo not to abandon him. He would endure any pain as long as he could be with his young Lord.

Clenching around Severus one last time Lucius fell back against the bedding and tried to catch his breath. He liked the feel of having Snape within him still and he wanted to lay together in such a way for a while.
"Don't pull out just yet my love, I like this closeness..." Tiny shivers continued race through him, his body alive with sensation even thought his climax had passed. "I just want to hold you a little longer..." The blonde whispered as he stroked Snape's long black hair.

"I know you do." Larus said, wrapping his legs around his lover's waist. "Take me." He said, biting his lover's lip sensually as he became even more aroused.

Marvolo took this to mean the other didn't want him to stop and that he should in fact keep going, so he did so, deciding to kiss him senseless while he began to move in him. "If it does hurt too bad to bare, let me know." He said, moaning with a dazed pleasure. "You feel so damned good!"

"I love you, lucius." Severus said as he obliged and held his lover tightly. "I love you so much." He loved sitting there inside the other, he felt he'd much like to fall asleep there.

Not needing to be told twice the Dark Lord began to prepare his lover, kissing and biting at every inch of flesh he could reach. Larus smelt so good, he felt so soft, yet strong beneath him. Even after all these years Larus had a power over him, Voldemort felt his heart leap and his head spin as blood rushed to his crotch. There was nothing else in the world, just Larus and his love which eclipsed all else.
"I love you..." He whispered, tasting the younger man's lips again. "I love you with everything I am...."

The pain remained but hearing Marvolo's voice so thick with lust made him shiver. Slowly the pleasure began to build and he whimpered and moaned at the feeling of his lover within him. 'Yes, lover..' Abraxas told himself, his Lord, his Master was now also his lover, something he had always desired.
"Marvolo..." He whispered out loud, his own voice heavy with lust and need. "My Lord..." Every inch of his quivered and shook as he held tight to the other.

"And I you..." Not wanting to let go of the Potions Master, Lucius continued to hold him close. Slowly the blonde caught his breath, slowly the rush of pleasure left him with a sated feeling. Closing his eyes Lucius felt sleep creep up on him and wondered if his lover minded the fact they were still intwined. "Severus... my Severus..." He muttered sleepily, staking his claim clearly.

"And I feel the same to you." Larus said hetedl, kissing him hard. "My love." He said, over and over, wrapping his legs about his lover's waist. "I need you."

"This feels btter now?" Marvolo asked, eyes closed a moment before he looked down at his darling, shivering with pleasure. "This is exquisite...I shall have to let you do to the same to me!"

Severus was all ready sleeping after he acknowledged his lover's claim on him. "Yours, Lucius, always. Never will I belong to anyone else."

As soon as he could Voldemort pressed into his lover, hissing in pleasure as he closed his eyes.
"Larusssss..." There was nothing quite like the feel of his darling encasing him. Savoring the sensation the Dark Lord waited a moment before he began to move. Grinding into Larus he reached down and stroked the other's length in time with his slow, deep thrusts. "My love.... my darling Larusss..." He muttered in between groans and soft kisses that he lavished on Larus.

Nodding Abraxas did indeed feel much better now, he could not even begin to imagine doing such a think to Marvolo but he did not dare voice that. Each movement sent new waves of pleasure through him until the pain was nothing more than a memory. Never having felt such sensations Abraxas cried out over and over as he squirmed and shook beneath his lover.
"Oh my Lord Marvolo!" He moaned as the other's length brushed his prostate. Lips parting slightly the black and white haired boy tired to catch his breath.

Sleep quickly took the blonde as well. He dozed off with Severus wrapped tight in his arms and still inside him.

"Oh gods my love!" Larus said in desperate desire, his lover always made him feel absolutely undone no matter what he did. He kissed him hard, attempting to keep his voice quiet in their love making, even though they were technically alone anyone could possibly be outside.

Marvolo was driven by the sounds of his love's moans and he picked up the speed of his thrusts so the other could experiencesuch delightful pleasure. This was definitely the best thing that had ever happened to him, the feeling of his lover around him he wondered what the other was feling exactly and was determined to feel it as well.

Hissing loudly and groaning at the tight warmth of his lover, Voldemort did not care who was around to hear them. He thrust wildly, Larus' scent strong in his slit like nostrils as he breathed deep.
"Larusss... My love...." Bowing down he kissed and gently bit at his lover's neck. He was Lord of this manor, Lord of everything and everyone and to hell with anyone who was offended by their love making or came across them.

As the other moved faster poor Abraxas did not know what to do. He felt like he was going to explode but was afraid to do so quickly when his Lord seemed to be having such a wonderful time. Biting his bottom lip he tried to stop his climax, wanting to cum again so quickly embarrassed him.
"Mmmm.... Ah...." Clinging to his lover and opening his mouth again as a loud cry escaped him the smaller boy arched his back and clenched tight as he teetered on the brink of completion. His entire body shook with the effort to delay his end and Abraxas whimpered the other's name.
"Marvolo... oh Marvolo... I can't... I can't hold back...."

Larus could feel his lover's raw posession of him and it excited him greatly. He loved the way his lover owned him and craved him and made him feel so good as though he was the only person in the world. He loved every attention, kiss, nip and carress from his lover and he showed it through wanton moans and long scratches along his lover’s back where he’d gripped in lust.

Marvolo wasn’t so far from the end himself. He ushered his lover to finish, knowing he would finish not long afterwards. “Then do it, I will follow you into this oblivion.” He said hotly, thrusting harder and faster to help speed his own release.

Each moan, each quiver from his beloved urged Voldemort on and he picked up his pace. He was so very close to climax and he grabbed hold of Larus' thighs and pulled him closer so he could plunge deeper into the other.
"Larussss.... My Larusss.....!" It was a gutteral growl like that of a wild animal and as he looked into the younger man's eyes he felt as if he were melting into Larus' soul. "Cum with me!" He ordered.

No sooner had Marvolo spoken than Abraxas spilled his seed, his inner muscles clenching tightly. He was covered in beads of sweat and the noise that escaped his lips upon his release sounded foreign to him. This was the single most amazing moment he had ever experienced and no matter how deeply he breathed, he could not get enough air into his lungs.
"M...A...R...V...O...L...O...!" The name seemed to linger in the air and rattle around inside Abraxas' head until it, the other's feel, touch and taste were all that existed.

Larus never dared to disobey his lover when given such an order, he came as his love’rs words left his mouth, shivering in utter delight. “Voldemort!” He shouted, clutching him tightly “Oh my love!”

Marvolo was more than sent over the edge as his lover called out his name in such a manner. It was more than a turn-on it was breathtaking and stole Marvolo’s hold on his own orgasm, making him quiver as he released hardly into the other’s body, filling him with his seed.

With a final thrust the Dark Lord froze, clinging to Larus and letting the clenching of his lvoer's muscles milk him of every last drop. It was a wonderful sensation the he delighted in each and every time. When the clenching finally subsided Voldemort relaxes and slowly pulled out so he could lie down beside Larus and gather the young men in his arms.
"You are the mossst amazing thing that hassss ever happened to me Larusss. You have taught me true happinessss and love and I would be nothing without you. I love you ssso much my darling." He whispered softly in his lover's ear.

For what seemed like the longest time Abraxas was lost in his climax. He felt as if he were tearing in half and being put back together. The pleasure was so intense it was almost painful and every nerve in his body seemed to burn with sensation. Abraxas never immagined that a person could feel this good and still be alive, he had heard tales of heaven and at first he was sure he had died and gone there.
"Oh My Lord..." He muttered breathlessly. "Marvolo... that was... that was...." There were just no words to describe how he felt or what he had just experienced. It was then he realized his heart was racing and pounding so hared he feared it would break out of his rib cage. If he got to do that even once more Abraxas would die happy and forfilled.

And I would merely be a silly student if it had not been for my meeting of you.” Larus said, shivering as he re-caught hold of himself. “I love you so much.” He said, snuggling against the other. “Your’e everything to me.” He said, stroking his hair “My life, my love, my happiness.”

Marvolo was a little shocked as well. He pulled out gently and lay beside Abraxas. “That was amazing..” He said, kissing the other over and over. “You’re brilliant my love.” He said, a passionate awakening was aside him now that he was able to express his feelings of love and desire.

Wishing he could lay there holding Larus forever the Dark Lord sighed.
"We ssshould take a vacation my love. Jussst you and I for a week or ssso, we can go to the cottage where Gweneth wassss born. I would make love to you day and night and not let go of you the entire holiday." Even though he knew he would miss his children Voldemort really wanted Larus to himself for a while, he had never been very good at sharing.

Exhausted and still spinning from the overload of pleasure Abraxas nodded.
"Amazing..." Rolling towards the other boy he snuggled into him hoping Marvolo did not mind. "Hold me..." He pleaded softly not wanting to be parted for him lover just yet. There was also the sudden wave of sleepiness that washed over him.

Larus grinned. “Lucius and Severus could watch the children. We could return the favor for them after we returned.” He said, kissing him on the lips. “But yes it would be a lovely vacationing idea love, I am sure they will be fine without us for a week or however long.”

Marvolo stroked through Abraxas’ hair, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he held him tight. “I love you.” He whispered, glad he was able to say it. He’d heard stories about his mother and father before they had coupled and while he was much like his father he was a little more open like his mother which pleased him to finally be able to express himself.

Getting a little excited Voldemort kissed Larus again.
"Itssss sssettled then, we will ssspeak to Luciusss and Sseverusss later." The Dark Lord was enjoying having his lover in his arms and he squeezed Larus a little tighter.

"I love you too..." Abraxas whispered. Marvolo felt so warm and he smelt wonderful, he had long associated the other's boys scent with happiness and now that he was wrapped in his other's strong arms and hearing words of love tumbling form his young Lord's lips he could not have been happier.

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