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The Dark Lord looked down at the broken body of his young lover and hissed. The boy had dared to refuse him and in his anger he had destroyed him. That was the fourth one this year, he needed someone who would not disapoint him, someone he felt... something for.
"Take it away." He said in his serpent like way and his rat like servant scampered forward to drag the corpse away. Annoyed Voldermort stalked into the living room of the old house to meet with the new arrivals. They had been waiting over half and hour but he did not care, they could wait, he was their Lord and Master. There were four young boys and two girls sitting around with several of his followers. Seeing him approach they stopped talking and scramble to their feet. "They are all of age?" The Lord hissed eyes narrowing as he studied those who were to pledge their loyalty to him. One of them caught his eyes and as he paced back and forth in front of them he stopped, lifting the boy's face with a cold boney finger under his chin. "Your name." He hiss demanding a reply.

Tamed and only slightly defiant golden brown eyes hued with an almost yellow sheen stared up at the man with his finger under his chin. He stared into crimson eyes through a veil of long red white and gold streaked hair that halfway blocked his vision in one eye while trailing down his back. "My name is Larus." He whispered, his lightly pink lips upturning in a small smile. He felt such dominance and desire come off of the man before him. He enjoyed it. He had heard rumors about the man before him. That he was disgusting, vile and cruel, but what he saw was someone who could still be handsome in an odd way, he was simply a little snake like, someone who was beautiful in their own rights, besides who else had such red eyes? He felt himself blush and wondered just what he was there for. As far as he knew he was taking an secretary job.

"Larussss." Voldermort hissed softly as if he were caressing the boy with his voice. This one had potential but he remembered the bold defiance of his last lover when he had ordered the boy to kill his own brother. A flash of anger and disgust smouldered in his red eyes for a moment he snarled. "Do you have siblingsss Larusss?" Scanning the other young men and women the Dark Lord tried to figure out which assingments he would give each of them. They were all decendants of his followers and now that they had come of age in the wizarding world, they would pledge their loyalty to him. From this day on they would be his to command. There was information to be gathered, traitors to be dealt with and spies to be placed among his enemies and what better way to do that then with children?

Larus shook his head. "No, sir." He said, wondering what this strong man wanted from him. "I had a sister, but she died not three days after her birth." He said, tilting his head to the side. "Why do you ask, my lord?" He didn't know if he should ask why the other asked, but he was dreadfully curious.

That pleased Voldermort and he smiled a sickly smile as he leaned a little closer to this one called Larus.
"And what of your partnessss Larussss?" The Dark Lord decided that his next lover would be his and his alone, he was not one to share not even with his play thing's family. Anger flashed in his red eyes again as he remembered his last lover and cursed his sibling for being a traitor. The boy should have been delighted to kill his mongrel brother, instead he begged Voldermort to spare him and he was forced to kill them both. "Do you have any family?"

"I have no partners and haven't gone farther than a kiss and a few hasty touches. I am un-breached." He said, looking up at the other. "I do, just my father, mother was killed in your services. I have no other family outside of that." He said, wondering why all of the information was so needed.

Hearing the boy was un-breached clenched it for Voldermort, he would make this Larus his. Withdrawing his finger the Dark Lord went back to pacing and then stopped at several others asking them odd questions as well.
"You three will find out everything you can about who Harry Potter befriends and what his interests are." Voldermort practically spat Harry's name and his lips curled revealing fang like teeth. The three he had pointed to dropped to one knee.
"Yes My Lord." They said in unisen.
"You two will report back to me on everything my followerssss do at Hogwartsssss." He hissed at the two boys beside Larus and they also dropped to their knees. He then ignored the only child still standing and ordered the others to hold out their arms so he could burn his symbol into each of them. The entire time the Dark Lord did not even glance at Larus and one by one other five children cried out in pain and tried to hold back their sobs which seemed to annoy Voldermort. When he was done he hissed.
"Now leave me! All of you!" He glared at the adults in the room and pointed at the doorway. "Not you Larusssss!" He said narrowing his blood red eyes. "You will ssstay where you are."

Larus was a little nervous admittedly and he heard the other children scream as they were branded. He wondered if he would scream also. "Of course my lord." He said softly, watching his counter parts dissapear. He bit his lower lip out of confusion. "My lord, what do you request?" He asked, watching the other closely. Whatever his lord said, he would do. Whatever his lord needed, he could get. Whatever his lord said, he agreed with, he belonged to him..

When the last of his followers had left the room, Voldermort tilted his head to the side and approached Larus. For a moment his red eyes penetrated deep into those of the boy then he walked around behind Larus and leaned over to whisper in his ear.
"And you Larussss, what ssshhhould I command of you? What will you do for your Masssster?" He let his cold thin fingers rest on Larus' shoulders as he waited for an answer. The angled slits that formed his nose widened slightly as he inhaled the boy's scent.

"Anything, my lord. I belong to you." He said, leaning into the touch and leaning back against the other. "Your bidding is my own, and mine yours. What do you wish of me, my lord?"He asked, smiling softly. He meant his words, he just hopes the other knew he meant them.

Eyes half closed as he let the boys words wash over him, Voldermort smiled his snarl like smile.
"I need ssssomeone I can trusssst Larussss. Sssomeone who can ssstay by my ssside and watch my back. Sssomeone who can eassse my anguish and wrath. Could you be that sssomeone Larusss?" Each word seemed to slither from his lips to wrap itself around the boy like a spell.

"I will be more than that, my lord. I will do anything you tell me, I will watch over you and protect you with affection and love whilst stll being firm in method, I will never sway from you, you're my everything, my god, my life.. I hope you are anyways, if you'll have me my lord, the decision on what you'll do with me is completely up to you. My life is yours, I plege it to you." He looked up at the other, turning to face him to show respect but also that he wasn't like a frightened rodent.

A satisfied smile crossed those thin snakelike lips softening them a little.
"You speak devoted words but can you back them up with actionsss?" The exagerated hiss in his voice had almost vanished, it tended to get stronger when he was weaving his magic and Voldermort believed this boy spoke the truth. "You say you will do anything I command you?" Fire flickered in his red eyes as he suddenly pushed Larus up against the nearest wall and stood there leaning over the boy with his arms on either side of his head. Again he breathed in the young scent of his plaything and with another sudden movement he kissed Larus forcefully, his snake like tongue darting in and out of the boy's mouth.

Larus returned the kiss readily, a soft blush comming to his cheeks while his heartbeat sped up. He hadn't expected the other to kiss him, but he wasn't complaining either. He even gave his own force through the kiss. He pulled back for air for a second and took the chance to whisper. "You don't have to command me to do that though.. I'd just as soon do it on my own." He said softly, taking initiative on his own to kiss the other again.

Delighted by the boy's reaction, Voldermort decided not to waist any time and had tugged Larus' pants down. He was used to getting what he wanted when he wanted and now he wanted his new plaything to know his place. Ripping the boy's shirt off and throwing the disguarded material aside he spat on his fingers and pushed into Larus with one of them. He hissed at how tight the boy was and enjoyed the pain his sudden intrusion caused. Again he kissed the boy, swallowing the cries of pain with his own mouth. The Dark Lord fed on them, hissing with pleasure as he began to work his finger in and out of his new pet.

The pain was something that Larus found to be pleasureful very quickly. He felt his breathing increase as his excitement also grew. "Oh my lord, take me, please." He whispered desperately.

Passion over took Voldermort and he lifted the boy's lets so they wrapped around his waist. He spared no thought for his lover as he pushed in allowing the blood to mingle with his spit and lubricate him. He let out a pleasured hiss and regained enough piece of mind to wait a while for Larus to adjust to him. This in itself was unusal because the Dark Lord had never been a a conciderate lover, he took what he wanted when he wanted but his boy, he was different.

Larus gasped in pain and pleasure, clutching to the other. "My lord!! Please." He whispered as he wanted the other to move.He knew he was torn and such, but he loved it, cravd that this man, his owner and lover, be harsh with him.

The boy's pleas were too lovely to ignore and Voldermort pulled back only to thrust into Larus again and again with punishing thrusts. He could not remember the last time he had felt such a thrill, such; dare he say it? Joy. Yes joy is what the Dark Lord was feeling now, something he thought himself no longer capable of but there it was. He slammed into Larus as if here were trying to push the boy through the wall. The tight feeling wrapped round his length, the noises the boy made with each trust, the way his finges clutched Voldermort's robe, everything was enchanting.
"Cum for me Larusssss." He hissed, surprised at his own haste.

Larus refused to disobey his lord and he gave into his pelasureful cries and feelings. "My lord!" He shouted as he finished, seed coating the other's robe as well as his own. "Mnnn!" He was slightly embarrassed about as he tightened around the other, riding out the waves of his pleasure. e caught his breath slowly, waiting for the other to finish, resting his head on his chest.

Red eyes opening wide as he too released his seed deep within his new plaything, Voldermort suddenly felt a moment of weakness. He felt true affection for Larus and infurated with himself he pulled out and let the boy drop to the ground. Afraid of what he felt the Dark Lord lashed out at the boy grabbing a handful of his hair.
"You will not bare my mark like the others Larusss, your entire body isss my mark. You belong to me and no other" Producing his wand, Voldermort touched the boy with it's tip and made his entire body burn as if it were being branded.

Larus hissed in pain, unsure why the other intended to be so rough with him. He refused to let the tears show at how bad this hurt, how bad this being marked seared him, how bad the way his lord was treating him hurt him through mind, how bad he just wanted to be held. He had just had his virginity taken, and now he was being rough treated, it wasn't nice, but it was his lord's bidding so he stayed as silent as he could, only a small whimper escaping him at the pain.

Much to his distress seeing Larus in pain did not bring him the pleasure such a thing usual would and he pulled his wand away making the pain stop. When that did not help either, Voldermort crouched down in front of the boy. He reached out with his thing fingers and caressed Larus' cheek.
"You should go and get cleaned up Larusss." That was as close to affectionate as he had ever got and that too annoyed the Dark Lord. As an after thought he pressed his wand to the boy's chest and hissed something before turning to walk away and call for on of his followers. Voldermort had used a spell he had not used since his days at Hogwarts, he had healed Larus' torn insides.

Larus blushed that he'd been healed and ran to his lord. "Thank you, my lord." He kissed his lips before he darted off to get clean, stripping himself whil he entered a bathroom. He was looking forward to the bath, but he did certainly wish his lord would be able to join him. He was more than surprised to have been healed by the other also. He shivered and stepped into a tub of warm water, sighing sweetly. "So nice.."

The hug had taken him completely off guard and when his servant came in he vented his anger on him.
"Look at thisss mess!" He hissed and sent a chair splintering into a million pieces with a flick of his wand. "Clean it up and will sssomeone tell me why I have not heard back form the giantsss yet?" His red eyes flashed with a dangerous fire and he concidered torturing his terrorfied servant. He was furious that this boy, this Larus had effected him in such a way. He was the Dark Lord, he did not bend his knee to anyone, especially not an orphened child. "I have no need for love...hatred... hatred is what keepsss me sstrong." Voldermort hissed under his breath.
"What was that my Lord?" The servant asked fearing he had not heard an order. He earned a small shock of pain for his trouble.
"I wasss not sspeaking to you!" The Dark Lord spat.

Larus finished his bath quickly, spell-drying his hair while he dressed before he left the bathroom. He had heard a little bit of slamming about and wondered what had happened. When he saw his lord a bit angry he frowned. "My lord, is something wrong?" He asked, placing a hand on his arm. He didn't know what his boundaries were, how much he could touch the other and such. He looked up at him with a pleading look, the plea was that he wanted to know what was wrong and what he could do to help.

This display of affection confused and annoyed Voldermort. He was not used to it, he was a cold, dark person even with his previous lovers. Pulling back form Larus he glared at him, his eyes narrow slits of fire.
"I am sssurounded by incopentant idiotssss!" He hissed, then flinched at the hurt look in his lover's eyes. The fact that he actually flinched angered the Dark Lord even more and taking the boy by the wrist he hissed at the servant.
"I ssaid clean thiss mess up!" With that he dragged Larus down the hall and up the stairs to his private room. He felt vunerable around his lover and did not want anyone else to see him in his weakened state. He had gripped the boy so tight he would not have been surprised if his wrist was bruised. Releasing him he pushed Larus into a large padded chair and glared at him again.

Larus looked up at the other in confusion and sadness. "My lord, how did I offend you?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, he quickly looked downcast from the other. "I don't know my own boundaries,my lord." He hastened, hoping to not be punished for anything he did unknowingly.

Pacing back and forward Voldermort hissed before stopping in front of the boy .
"You!" He spat. "You... have done nothing wrong." He continued, his voice lowering to little more than a whisper. The Dark Lord concidered telling Larus what was really bothering him but he could not bring himself to say it out loud. The boy affected him, and as fare as Voldermort was concerned that was a weakness. He should be able to strike the boy down and not feel anything but frustration Larus had disobeyed him. How could he do something like that if causing the boy pain bothered him. It his followers found out about this, if they learned hurting Larus would hurt him...? Not to mention the possibilities it would grant his enemies. He just stood there glaring down at his new lover through narrowed red eyes.

"Then.. why do you seem so.. angry and hating towards me?" Larus asked, even more confused as he looked up at the other. "I say I haven't done anything wrong, but even now you are looking at me as though.. well I don't know, as though I have commited some horrible sin."

Voldermort raised his hand to strike the boy but found he could not even to that. Realizing denying his feelings was not going to work the Dark Lard decided to tell Larus the truth.
"I like you." He said as if that explained everything.

Larus blinked several times before taking the other's raised hand and pressing a kiss to it. "And why does this anger you? Are you not supposed to like me? I am your lover after all. I understand it's something you're not used to. You think it will.. disarm you. No one would dare stand against you, and the ones that do you easily dispose of...besides, I like you too." Larus said, hoping he wasn't being too annoying.

The boy's touch sent a shiver down his spine and Voldermort felt his heart race. This also annoyed him, Larus' confession pleased him more than he liked to admit. The boy liked him too and they had only just met. Suddenly the Dark Lord was afraid that his lover would change his mind about that after he got to know him a little better. Power was the only Voldermort desired, he had no place for love. His lovers were mearly pretty boys he could use to satisfy his urges, or at least they had been. Finding he had closed his eyes to better enjoy the kiss Larus placed on his hand, the Dark Lord hissed loudly as he pulled his hand away.
"You will never touch me like that in public." He snarled. "What we do behind closed doorss iss no onesss bissnesss." Voldermort wanted so badly to touch the boy, to caress his face and run his fingers through his hair but such an action was unnatural to him.

Larus gave a small pout and nodded. "But why do you care what they see?" He asked, rising, kissing the other. "Are you ashamed of me, my lord? Am I disgusting to you? Do you honestly think they'd go against you? I see no reason to hide." He kissed him again, firmly, as if to give him strength. "You're a powerful, strong man, and while you lack this ability to let yourself go, your enemy grows stronger, the power he has and you don't is just within your reach...admit to me, my lord, I will never hurt you, never betray you, I am yours and my life is yours out of love, or anything you want to call it." He said, kissing him yet again.

Liking the attention way too much Voldermort suddenly grabbed Larus and sitting himself down in the vacated chair, he pulled the boy down across his lap. Pulling down his lover's pants he pushed the boy's head down and slapped Larus' bare bottom with his thin boney hand.
"You will learn your place Laruss." He hisses rather gently. "It is not for you to question my motivesss." He slapped the boy again delighting in the red mark his hand left. "I do not care what anyone thinksss." He lied and spanked his lover a little harder this time. "Never question me again Larusss or you will be punished again." The Dark Lord loved saying the boy's name and he spanked him again finding the whole ordeal very arousing.

Larus on the other hand found the spanking to be humiliating in a small way. He blushed. "Of course, my lord. I didn't mean to question." He said, shuddering and burrying his face in the other's robs. "It was not intentional." He said, kissing a smal spot on his neck.

Giving in to the urge to have the boy again, Voldermort stuck two if his fingers in his mouth and after making sure they were slick with spit he slid them in between Larus's red ass cheeks and gently circled his enterence before gently pressing in with one of them. The way his lover's body embraced the intruding finger made the Dark Lord hiss softly in pleasure.

Larus arched up against the other, crying out in pleasure. "My lord!" He craved tobe taken again. "Please, take me." He begged, whimpering in pleasure. "I need you... let me please you with my body.." He offered, meaning for the other to take what was his. He didn't mind, preparation wasn't a must since they had coupled earlier.

Standing up, Voldermort lifted Larus as if he were weightless and threw him down on the bed. Climbing on top of him he tugged the boy's pants down the rest of the way and threw them across the room. As eager as he was to be inside his lover, the Dark Lord decided to take his time this time round. Bowing down he kissed Larus demandingly, pushing his tongue inside as he spread his lover's legs. Reaching down, Voldermort freed himself form his robes and pressed in slowly, inch by inch.

Larus returned the other's kiss in a loving fashion. Each inch that slid into him was almost agonizing as he wanted the other inside him fully. He wasn't going to complain about the treatment though, the other might be rough with him if he did.

This was all very new for Voldermort, he was not used to caring about his lover's pleasure and once he was deep within Larus he began to thrust faster and faster. He kissed his way to the boy's neck and giving it a small bite he suckled at it. It would leave a mark but that was the point, everyone had to know Larus was his. Giving in to his lust he thrust harder and harder.

Larus hissed in pained pleasure, but ajusted even quicker than his first time with this man whom held his heart. He tightened about him as the other brushed against his prostate, making him call out and cling to him in their love making. "My love!" when the other marked him he swooned, enjoying it all so much. "My lord!"

Hearing these admissions of love, spurred Voldermort on. Everything about his boy confused and delighted him, he had never fallen so far so fast. It was all together possible that he did actually love Larus and not just the thrill of dominating and taking him but the boy himself. How he loved the way his young lover whimpered, adored the way he said 'My Lord', yes for the first time in his life Voldermort was in love.
"Cum for me Larusss" He hissed as he reached his own end.

Larus was thankful for the command for he was all ready so very close, he finally let himself go, shivering and cling to the other. "My lord!" He called in a last strained effort as he felt waves of pleasure sooth his fast beating heart, he lay his head back, peering up at the other with a gentle smile. "You're wonderful my love."

Before he realized it, Voldermort actually smiled.
"Ass are you my little one." There was no denying it now, the Dark Lord was totally captivated by the boy." In an even rearer display of affection, the snake like man pulled out and lay down beside Larus. He wrapped his lover in his arms and kissed his forehead. "You can not tell anyone of thisss, nor will you touch me in public. When otherss are around you will sssit at my feet or kneel besside me. You are mine to command and you will show your Masster the resspect I disserve." Although his voice was a little harsh, the Dark Lord nuzzled Larus, inhaling his scent.

"I thought you didn't mind...what others thought and saw?" Larus asked, pouting slightly as he snuggled agains tthe other. "I am not questioning you by the way. Just curious." He said, kissing the other.

Anger surged through Voldermort again. He was the Dark Lord, he was a powerful wizard and all should kneel before him. Had it been anyone else who spoke such things he would have smiled as they screamed under the cruciatus curse but Larus, he did not want to hurt the boy so badly. Instead he grabbed a handful of the boy's hair and yanked his head back.
"You are mine!" He hissed. "To ssit at my feet iss a great honor. Your pretty face may lessson my anger but nothing will ssave you if you crosss me. I made my lasst lover sssit behind my chair, he wasss not to enter my sssight when I received people. Would you prefer to ssit in the corner of thisss room when I am not having you?" Voldermort was seething, the fact Larus had a point only made it worse. He did not like having his faults pointed out to him and just now he wanted to kill his little lover.
"Leave me! Get out!" Afraid he might lose control, Voldermort dragged Larus off the bed by his hear and stalked to the door. Flinging it open he litterally threw the boy out, naked as he was. Slamming the door, the Dark Lord let out an anguished cry. Could his lover not see the effect he was having on him? He had to protect Larus from his rage, to save the boy from his cruel, twisted urges. Hissing, voldermort blamed it all on that cursed Harry Potter. No doubt his lover would be hurt but better that then dead.

Larus sighed and felt as though his world was crumbling before him. He sauntered off to a corner in the dark, deciding he was unwanted. He didn't mind taking orders, but a little bit of consideration on the other's half as well as acceptance of what they really were would be appreciated. He was angry at his lord also for being so harsh with him when all he'd done was express his desire. Was he not allowed to have an opinion? Was he not allowed to make comments here and there? He couldn't take it anymore, he felt a few tears slip down his cheeks while he stared at the marble floor.

Voldermort paced back and forward. He was angry with himself and found he was actually worried about the boy. Unternating between wanting to hurt Larus for being so bold and wanting to hold him in his arms again, the Dark Lord tried to calm himself down. He expected his followers to be good soldiers and follow his orders without question or hesatation. Picking up a crystal goblet he threw it at the wall, smashing it to a million little pieces.

One of the servants saw He ho must not be Named throw the boy out the door but those that served in the household or close to The Dark Lord knew better than to get involved. They did not have the luxery of being favored so there was nothing to soften his wrath on them.

Deciding Larus could comfort him, Voldermort threw the door open and stalked out of his bedroom. Spotting the boy he approached him and offered him a hand up.

This startled the few servants who had gathered to peer at the Master's new play thing. Voldermort was natorious for being cold hearted and unkind, even to those he cared for and this display of affection was unpresedented.

Larus wiped his tears away and took the other's hand, clinging to his chest. "My lord.. what did I do?" He asked, pitiful as his tears continued to fall as he looked up at the other for confirmation and guaidance. "I didn't mean to offend."

Standing there for a moment not knowing what to do, Voldermort finally wrapped his arms around Larus and pulled him closer.
"I am your Masster, you do not quesstion me." It surprised the Dark Lord that his words did not hold their usual arragance and coldness. If anyone could question him it was certinly this boy. Noticing his audience he hissed at the servants at the end of the hall and sent them scampering off in all directions. "I am tired." He suddenly announced and without removing his arms form around Larus he returned to his bed, pulling the boy onto it with him. After covering them both with the blanket Voldermort held Larus close and even kissed his forehead.

Larus snuggled happily against his lover, sighing peacefully. "Of course, my lord." He said, kissing his lips. He clung to him, enjoying how comfortable the other was. "What do you want to do when you wake up?" He asked, nuzzling him.

"I don't know." Voldermort said softly, already half asleep. He was not sure what he was going to do with his new lover, Larus had a way of confusing him but for now at least he thought that was a good thing.

Larus smiled and closed his eyes, falling easily into sleep, safe as can be with his lord. He enjoyed the other, was entirely happy with him and couldn't imagine being with anyone else. Even if his lord was bi-olar with mood swings.


Voldermort woke to the house elf shivering in fear and he gently shook him.
"Master.... My Dark Lord... Lusious Malfoy it here." The leathery, grey creature said as politly as he could. Hissing, Voldermort reached out and slapped the elf sending him toppling off the bed and across the floor. His bad mood was soothed however when he saw Larus sleeping peacefully beside him. With an uncharacteristc smile, the Dark Lord got up and made sure his robes were just right before he headed for the door.

Lrus woke to the sound of the poor elf being slapped. He looked around and frowned as he saw the poor thing. He just saw the door shut and stepped carefully to the elf. "Poor thing.. He can be harsh, I know.." He said, giving him a piece of candy he had in his discarded pants pocket. "Worry not, I will try to talk to him about that... probably recieve the same..." He frowned, wondering if he should go out and greet his lover, but then he realized he could hear voices from the vents and decided to listen in.

"That isss not good enough!" Voldermort hissed as he circled the man kneeling before him. "Every day my enemiesss grow in ssstrength and number and you conssstantly disssappoint me. You are worthlesss to me." Waving his wand the Dark Lord used a spell to seal off Lusious' windpipe making the man choke as he struggled to breathe. In the next second he released Lusious. "You are supposed to be one of my most loyal followers but you have not found it yet. I must have it! Do you hear me!?" Infuriated Voldermort changed his mind. "No more excuses! I will deal with it myself, you be sure to gather the others... and as for that boy of yours... Perhaps you should bring him before me."

Larus frowned, wondering what other boy he could be talking about. He felt a surge of jealousy bt hid it quickly, sitting on the bed, deep in thought. He sighed and laid there, staring up at the ceiling. He wondered when his lover and lord would be back to him. He huffed, wanting to throw a fit because his lord was not here to cuddle with him. He'd go find him, but he didn't think the other would appreciate that.

Inpatient to be rid of Malfoy, Voldermort suddenly got a rather wicked thought. Lusious was far too proud and he had always been very protective of his son so he decided to have a little fun.
"Larusss!" He hissed, calling to the boy.

Larus frowned and knew his being called wasn't going to be for pleasant reasons. He huffed and came to his lord's side after taking a moment to do so. He yawned. "Yes, my lord?" He asked, resisting the urge to kiss his beloved.

Placing his hands gently on the boy's shoulders, Voldermort gave Lusious an evil smirk.
"Thisss isss my new lover Larusss." He hissed in a rich velvet voice.
"New lover My Lord?" The silvery haired man asked, a hint of fear in his voice.
"Yess, my lasst one refussed to kill hisss traitoruss brother and I had to kill them both." Voldermort's smile widened at the flash of panic in his follower's eyes. "I am thinking of giving my new lover a sservant Lussiouss and thought perhapss your sson...?"
"But My Lord, Draco is at Hogwarts keeping an eye on Harry Potter, surly that is more important then..." Voldermort cut his off.
"Do you dare quesstion me!?" Realizing he had gone too far, Lusious began to back pedal.
"No My Lord! No! I would never..." Again the Dark Lord cut him off but this time it was with a slap to the face.
"If you fail me again Lussiouss I will appoint you sson ass my lover'ss sslave. Do you undersstand?" Malfoy bowed lower so his forehead almost touch the floor.
"Yes My Lord. I will not fail you again My Lord." Pleased with the sight of the mighty Lusious Malfoy groveling before him, voldermort gently ushered Larus back to their room leaving his follower sheaking in fear and anger.

Larus blinked several times, sitting back on the bed. "How weird was that?" He shrugged and lay back, feeling bad slightly for the blonde haired man, but what could he do about it? He just shrugged and played with the bedsheets after making the bed and tidying his lord's room. He yawned and wished his beloved would hurry and join him for a morning cuddle session.

Voldermort found himself in the odd position of looking foward to returning to his room. He wanted to see Larus and to eat something with the boy not just exersize his lust. His previous lovers had been little more than something pretty to look at and fuck, but Larus was different. Ordering his house elf to bring a plate of food he dismissed the others who had come to report to him and headed back to his room.

Larus gave a squeal of delight as his lover returned. He jumped on him, his arms about his neck and his lips peppering the other's face with many kissed. "Mn I missed you." He said sweetly. "SO much!" He smiled at the other, wondering how he'd react to his missing.

Not being used to such shows of emotion Voldermort hissed and pulled the boy off him setting him on the ground. It took all his strength of will not to strike his lover but the Dark Lord managed to stay his hand and just grunted.
"Put the food on that table there then get out!" He ordered the elf and sat himself down on the bed. Everything was so confusing and frustrating for Voldermort and he feared if his followers found out about his feeling they would not respect and fear him. Wondering what do to the Dark Lord studied Larus.

Larus frowned and sat behind his lord on the bed, slipping his hands along his shoulders, massaging them firmly. "Have I done something wrong, my love?" He asked, pressing a kiss to the other's head while he massaged him. "I didn't mean to if I did." He reached lower to unbutton the other's collar a little and slid his hands along flat planes of chest, just enough to get a better grip where his shoulders dipped down and then reached up to meet his neck.

Deciding the truth was the best approach Voldermort sighed.
"I am not ussed to having ssomeone care ssso much for me. Nor am I ussed to caring for ssssomeone in return and I find mysself caring for you greatly, Laruss." He could not even bring himself to turn and look at the boy as he sopke. "If othersss were to find out... they could hurt you to get at me." The Dark Lord hissed annoyed. He would definatly use loved ones to get at his enemies, he had done it before and would again but the thought of someone using that tactic against him was infuriating.

Larus began pressing kisses to his lord's neck. "I know.." He spoke against his skin. "Mn, I mean, I know now why you.. got so angry.. and still get so angry." He whispered, nibbling the skin. "I don't know how I can assure you or make you or make you more comfortable." He said, biting gently."But I hope that one day you and I can have an even better relationship.

Giving in to his urge to be closer to Larus, Voldermort turned and pushed the boy back onto the bed. He tore his clothes off in his haste and kissed his lover, first on the lips then he made his way down his neck to his chest where he nipped at the pink nipples. His snake like tongue darted in and out of his mouth in between gentle bites. The Dark Lord had never done this before but he had liked it so he hoped Larus would.

Larus felt his breath catch in his throat. He moaned in pleasure, the other's tongue felt just right against his skin .He called out hotly, his hands trailing wherever they could grab; the bed sheet, his lord's robes, his torn garments, anywhere. "My lord!" He carressed the other's name with a soft moan.

Voldermort had never been the cause of such moans, he had never put another's pleasure above his own and he found he liked it. The power he wielded was nothing compared to how Larus made him feel as he called out in pleasure. Continuing down the boy's body he took, Larus' hard member in his mouth and suckled gently. His tongue darted round the tip, in the hope of coaxing more cries from his young lover.
"Larussss." He hissed softly as he took a breath then engulfed the boy again.

Larus felt his eyes widen slightly before clamping shut in pleasure. "My lord!" He moaned, his breathing increasing quickly at the feelings he experienced. "Ohhh my lord!" He let himself go in the pleasure, his moaning soft but delicious, almost at a crescendo. He clutched tighter at his surroundings.

The thrill of knowing he was the one responcible for those wonderful noises urged Voldermort on and he began to suck harder as he moved his lips up and down the shaft. The entire time he continued to swirl his tongue around the tip as he pulled back and pressed the flat of it against the shaft on the way down. The more Larus cried out the faster the Dark Lord went. Finally he reached a point where he muttered.
"Cum my love...." Not only was this the first time he had sucked another off, it was the first time he called someone love.

Hearing the other call him 'love' and his lord's delightful ministrations is what finished Larus. He gasped and tensed, his seed shooting wherever it would go, he cried out and clutched to the other, gripping his shoulders and letting out a breathy sigh of relief and peace. "My lord!" He shouted, laying back as the pleasure had made him sit up just a little. "Mn, may I. return the favor?" He asked, catching his breath slowly.

Licking his lips Voldermort swallowed. He found the taste satisfactory and with a smile he stretched out beside his young lover. He wanted to revel in the aftermath of his actions, to enjoy how content and happy Larus looked. Wrapping the boy in his arms he kissed his hair.
"Maybe later my love." He hissed in a soft velvety voice and began to stroke the boy's hair.

Larus nodded and clung to the other in a cuddling fashion. "I love you so much." He whispered, clutchin to him. "I could stay like this, beside you, forever." He kissed the other's lips and traced circles along his chest. "What about you?" He asked, wondering what the other was feeling.

Still having trouble coming to terms with the fact he had fallen in love, Voldermort battled the urge to up and leave the boy. On some level he thought this was a weakness and hated himself and Larus because of that but instead he made himself stay.
"You talk to much Larussss." He hissed gently. There was something so very wonderful about the way the boy's name sounded and the feelings it prevoked in him. "But yesss thisss isss nice." Pulling his young lover a little closer the Dark Lord smiled, he was actually happy, another disturbing and unfamilure emotion.

"You're in denial." Larus said cutely. He nuzzled him, completely content. "What should we do today? Do you have any chores for me? Should we torture ranom people? Make love again? Let me return earlier favor? I am .. kind of hyper." He said, smiling.

Thinking for a moment Voldermort smiled.
"It sseemsss I can not be without you sso I guesss I sshould take over your education. I need to ssee what you already know my love, my Larusss." The thought of sending the boy to school upset him greatly but he needed an educated and powerful wizard by his side. If he were to teach Larus, he and other members of his followers then his little love would learn everything he needed to know without leaving the house. Stroking the boy's hair again the Dark Lord smiled, this would give him a legitemate reason to spend all his free time with his lover.

Larus blushed at being called the other's love. He kissed him gently. "Mn, yes, shall we then? Teach me! I am willing to leeearn!" He said, eager to recieve instruction from his darling lord. He wanted to please him and he knew he would, for he knew many things, mainly dark things, but many.

Kissing Larus on the forehead, Voldermort rose and dressed, motioning for his lover to do the same.
"I have many roomss beneath this housse that are perfect for practicing the dark artssss." He said. "Be ssore to bring you wand Larusss." Every time he spoke the boy's name he felt a warmth spread through him. It was a pleasant feeling and his thin lips curled in a smile.

Larus smiled happily before dressing and he followed close, grabbing his wand. "Are we runing across your followers? I want to hold your hand.." He said, not in the least bit embarrassed by the fact. He presed a kiss to his lord's lips and shoulder.

Just as Larus spoke tow Death Eaters dropped to their knees as Voldermort stalked past them. He frowned at the fact they had witnessed the show of affection but did not push his young lover aside. Although he did not return the affection that was more than the Dark Lord allowed anyone else and there were flickers of jealousy in the men's eyes as they dared a glance up at Voldermort. Deciding to ignore the situation, the Dark Lord continued on his way without accknoledging his Death Eaters.

Larus smiled, unaware of the sitautions taking place. He proceeded to jump on his lord's back, hugging onto him tightly, closing his eyes. "I don't wanna walk anymore." He said, snickering. He knew the other was going to be mad, but he wanted to bother him.

Voldermort's first impulse was to throw Larus against the wall or something. If it had been anyone else they would be contortorued in pain by now but instead he just stopped walking and narrowed his eyes before he waved his wand and lifted the boy off him with a spell. As gently as he could the Dark Lord set his young lover on his feet beside him, and continued on his way. Once they were out of earshot he glared at Larus.
"Don't ever do that in public again." He hissed." It struck Voldermort as strange that he had added the in public part, and as the realization that he liked feeling the boy pressed up against him like that hit him, the Dark Lord leaned down to kiss Larus's forehead. The boy affected him in such a profound way but he decided he liked it.

Larus gave a small giggle and kissed his lover. "I'm sorry." He said quietly. "I just felt like being close to you is all and momentarily decided to annoy you." He said, poking him in the side. "But I guess I can be obedient." He said, kissing him again to see just how much he could get away with.

Frowning the Dark Lord looked down at his young lover.
"Annoying me iss not wisse little one. I may love you Larusss but I have a temper..." Voldermort was actually worried he would last out and do some serious damage to the boy. He was already at his limits and stopping himself form treating Larus harshly was not easy. Reaching out the Dark Lord caressed the boy's cheek. Even now he had the urge to tangle his hand in his lover's hair and reef his head back. "If you defy me you will be punisshed Laruss and if you defy my in public you will be punisshed in pulbic... Do you undersstand?" He hissed in a low voice.

Laru nodded, knowing he'd found the other's spot to push to say no. "All right my love. I am sorry." He said, just glad to hear the other say he loved him. "I love you too." He whispered as quiet as he could in the othe'rs ear before going on 'good behavior' mode. He walked straight and tall, and kept to the side of his lord.

Arriving at the room he wanted Voldermort opened it and with a wave of his hand he lit the torches hanging on the walls. It looked more like a dungeon than a class room but there were books, a fire and a few desks.
"Ssso Larusss what sshould we sstart with?"

Larus smiled. "I don't mind, my lord. Whatever you would have me start with." He said, pulling out his wand and standing in front of his darling. "Mn, It's exciting."

Thinking for a moment Voldermort smiled.
"Poissonsss." Waving his wand he pulled a book form the shelf and placed it on the desk. He tilted his head then waved his wand again opening the book to the page on dangerous plants. "I want you to learn each of thesse, what they are ussed for and how you can sslip them to your victem undetected." His red eyes sparkled at he looked down on his lover.

Larus inspected the plants and grinned. "I would, my lord, but I all ready know all of these plants and how to slip them." He said, shrugging."Sorry." His knowledge was extensive, but he knew he wasn't the absolute master at such things as poisons.

Impressed the Dark Lord smiled.
"You will find everything you need in the sstore room behind that door. I want you to prepare a potion that causess parallisssiss sso I can use it on one of the household sservantsss. Remember if you make it too sstrong it could be perminant." Voldermort's red eyes filled with delight as he spoke.

Larus nodded, humming and setting to work. He found all of the leaves he needed and roots and even pieces of creatures. He set to work, measuring with an absurdly careful hand while he even added a few of his own touches to the ingredient. He suddenly became stuck. "What should i do if it accidentally kills them? You wont be angry, right?" He asked, unsure to add three fourths root in a slice or dice.

"The sservant iss expendable. I do not wissh him dead but thiss sspell iss difficult." Leaning close to lover Voldermort frowned. "I have faith in your abilitiess, you won't fail me Larusss." He sniffed at the boy, enjoying his scent and swaying his head a little in a snakelike manner.

Larus smiled and nodded, deciding to slice the root instead of dicing it. The whole process of preparing took a good fifteen minutes, and after that it was a manner of mixing at the right time and stiring. He huffed and put the ingredients in, one by one and stirred in the apropriate way and manners. He smiled, "Just have to let it simmer." He said, pulling out a pocketwatch. "For roughly ten minutes."

The Dark Lord had enjoyed watching his lover work and while he feared the potion might be a little strong he remained silent. Larus had surprised him in so many ways and there were a few little things about the potion the boy had changed so he was eager to see the result. As he waited he concidered what to teach next. Influencing others through their dreams came to mind, or perhaps the best way to torture someone for information.
"Iss it time yet my love?" Voldermort asked resisting the urge to molest the boy again.

Larus nodded. "Yes, love." He said, pouring it into a little bottle. "All for you!" He almost kissed him befroe he remembered the rules and stepped back with a pout.

Letting out sensuious laugh, Voldermort pulled the boy closer and kissed him possessivly.
"There iss no one elsse here with uss." Giving in to his desire the Dark Lord waved his wand and muttered an incantation that bound the boy over the desk so he could molest him. Placing the potion aside he pulled Larus' pants down and spat on his fingers before letting them slide between his lover's ass cheeks.

Larus moaned and gave into the kiss readily. He groaned and kissed him sweetly. Larus felt so lusted, anyone at anytime could walk in on them and it turned him on to no end. He groaned and writhed beneath his lover.

Such a reaction spurred Voldermort on and although he had intended to prepare his lover a little more he ended up pulling two fingers out to replace them with his length. Being a sadistic creature he enjoyed causing his lover a little pain so he thrust in deep waiting only a short time for Larus to adjust. Before he could get into a good rhythm there was a knock at the door. With an annoyed hiss he ordered the intruder to enter but remained inside his lover.

Lucius Malfoy pushed the door open intending to drop to his knees before his Master but the sight that greeted him shocked him so much he just stood there open mouthed.

"What iss it!?" Voldermort asked annoyed.
"I... I..." Narrowing his red eyes the Dark Lord grabbed his wand and with a wave of it he forced Lucius to his knees.
"You can wait there on your kneesss until I am finissshed. I have no patience for idiotsss." With that, Voldermort turned back to Larus and resumed thrusting into him.

Larus gasped in slight pain as the other wasn't so gentle. He whimpered but the pain was soon forgotten, the thrusting was pleasureful. "Oh my lord!" Upon Lucius Malfoy's entrance into the room he blushed darkly and clung to his lord, gasping as the other decided to resume his thrusts. He bit his lower lip to keep from screaming out in pleasure.

Deciding to use this as an oppertunety to punish Malfoy, Voldermort released Larus form his invisible bonds and pulled him up into a sitting position. He wrapped the boy in his arms and began to suck on his neck, hissing contently as he constinued to thrust. He knew Lucius was annoyed at having to wait and he was furious that he could not stand. He was locked in place.
"Come for me my love." The Dark Lord whispered in a thick velvety voice, wanting the boy's clenching to trigger his own release.

Seething Lucius could not believe he was stuck there kneeling while his Lord had his way with his latest pretty boy. He believed he was owed more for his obedience and everything he had done in Voldermort's absence yet here he was forced to wait like a common servant. When the Dark Lord gathered the boy in his arms the blonde almost swore, he had never see his Lord lavish such affection on anyone and he felt this was a personal slight against him. Was Voldermort implying he was lower that a fuck toy?

Larus forced himself to finish, tightening hardly around his lover as he did. "My lord!" He shouted, clutching to the other tightly. He gave soft cries of pleasure, his eyes shutting tight while his pretty red-gold and white hair slipped about him, undone from it's tie. He breathed in heavily, trying his best to calm himself. He could feel Lucius' anger and it unnerved him gretly.

Voldermort let out a pleasured hiss and came as well, filling his young lover with his seed. He remained there holding Larus for a moment, lamenting the fact he had to let the boy go. With a sigh he finally pulled out and kissed Larus on the lips. He sensed the other's anger as well and his eyes narrowed to tiny red slits that seemed to burn with all the fires of hell. Taking his wand he pointed it at Lucius and then flung him across the room, slamming him hard against the wall then let him drop to the floor.

Again the display of affection infuriated Malfoy, he had lone had a crush on Voldermort, even back in his Hogwart days and he despised seeing him lavishing an orphened boy with what he believed should have been his. Suddenly he was flying through the air and as his body hit the opposite wall he heard himself grunt as the wind was knocked form him. The cold stone floor rushed up to meet him and for a moment the room spun. Shocked and in pain, Lucius scrambled to his feet and fought back tears of shame and anger.
"My Lord?" There was far more emotion in his voice then he wanted and this only fueled his self hatred at that moment. "I came to report that Dumbledore has also sent an envoy to the giants. You had asked for an update the moment I heard anything."

Cutting the other off with a loud hiss Voldermort upended on of the small desks in the room.
"You interupt me for thiss newss and then dare to be angry at having to wait? You forget yoursself Luciuss I sshould demote you to the fool who sscrubss my toilet! Now get out!"

Straightening himself and flicking his long silvery blonde hair back over his shoulder, Lucius stuch his nose in the air and stormed out.

Larus watched the exchange with a grimace. He felt bad for the older man. He didn't know what to do, obviously he should stay silent, but what could he do? He looked to his lover in question. "Mn, my lord, may I go to the baths? I am much a mess.." He said, referring to their two or three love making sessions. "I wouldn't think you'd have me about being filthy and smelling up the place." He said, smiling a little. He wished he had more authority and equality with his angry beloved, but he knew better than to even think such a thought.

Tilting his head to the side Voldermort studied his young lover.
"You disssaprove my love?" He asked trying to keep his tone level. He as not used to being judged and if it had been anyone else he would have punished them but Larus, he did not want the boy thinking badly of him. This in itself was a puzzle to the Dark Lord, he was a powerful wizard, he killed his enemies without mercy. Men, women, children, even babies, he punished disobedience but the thought of his young lover looking at him with that disapproving look was more than he could bare. "How do you ssuggesst I sshould have dealt with him?" He asked, barely able to control his temper.

Larus smiled a little and placed his hands on either side of his lover's face, pulling him momentarily for a kiss. "I wouldn't have.. held him there to make him watch us... It's just.. I am rather certain he had no clue what we were doing and.. while I believe in punishment, I simply don't feel..that making him hold place like that until we finished.. even though it excited me...was the best course of action." He bit his lower lip here, wondering what sort of punishment he himself would recieve for saying this. "He was only following your orders and reporting to you."

The Dark Lord decided he did not like hearing other peoples opinions but seeing as this was Larus he restrained his anger.
"Luciuss iss an arragant man who would kill you without a ssecond thought if he thought it would increasse his familiess sstanding in the wizarding community. He pridess himsself on being a pure blood although he hass failed me many timess. Hiss greatesst pride iss hisss unworthy sson who can not ever befriend my emeny and turn him into an assset." The fact he was trying to explain himself to his young lover annoyed Voldermort, he wanted to yell and hurt the boy for making him feel guilty. Knowing he would only regret it later, he clenched his fists so hard his claw like nails bit into his palms drawing blood. "You do not understand little one now go and get cleaned up, you stink." Of course as soon as he spoke Voldermort wanted to take back what he had said but he was so afraid he would only make things worse he remained silent and stepped back from his lover.

Larus was hurt, but it wasn't at his lord's explanatin of Lucius, but at his last sentence. He felt tears well up in his eyes and he too clenched his fists before he turned on his heel and left. He was feeling a number of things, sadness, hate, anger, love and confusion. He stripped angrily after he found the tub he'd bathed in the last time and made the water magically rise and warm, setting himself in it. He didn't smll that bad at all. He smelled like arousal a little, but he had to blame his lover for that, and if he smelled, then his lover smelled a thousand times worse for doing the intial taking. He huffed as he scrubbed himself, conjuring a sponge and some blue-berry scented soap.

After watching his lover leave Voldermort paced around the room muttering and hissing in his rage. He was tempted to smash the potion bottle by flinging it against the wall but Larus had worked so hard on it he could not bring himself to do it. Of course that annoyed him even more. The Dark Lord could not help being evil, it was his nature and he had suffered so much in his life he felt the world owed him. It was his right to treat his followers as he wanted and Lucius had always annoyed him. It was very hard to love someone who loves you when you hate yourself and the blonde reminded him of his youth and of Tom Riddle who he had wanted dead and forever burined in the past. It confused Voldermort how Larus manage to love him so much and yet, at the same time he seemed to greatly disapprove of him. He knew he had hurt the boy but better a few harsh words then some broken bones or worse. Why couldn't his lover see how hard he was trying not to hurt him?

Larus sghed after he was clean and after soaking a few more moments he stepped out of the tub spell drying although still wrapping a towel about himself before going to their room. He dressed in a simple pair of loose lounge pants and an elegant green and white shirt the tugged on his form.

It took Voldermort ages to calm down. He was so used to people being afraid of him and having to watch his back els one of his ambisious followers stick a knife in it, he was not used to dealing with love. Larus bought out such rage in him, he insisted on asking things and doing things that would get anyone else killed or tortured. If he lashed out and hurt the boy he only felt worse. Deciding he needed a bath of his own, the Dark Lord took the bottle of potion and stormed off up the stairs to the bathroom. He rounded a corner and ran into Lucius dropping the bottle. Luckily he was quick enough to make it stop in mid air just before it hit the ground and broke. The blonde man turned pale, his eyes filling with fear.

Standing there in shock, Lucius waited for the punishment and pain that would no doubt follow. It was a great surprise to him when Voldermort narrowed his fiery red eye but instead of the torture he was met with a restrained hiss.
"Luciuss... about before... you are not usselesss." Waving his wand so the bottle floated back up into his hand the Dark Lord continued past him, leaving the blonde blinking in confusion. Malfoy's mind battled with the possibility he had just received an apology of sorts.

Larus sighed and decided to go and find his lord. Upon watching the exchange in the hall he frowned. "Are you all right?" He asked, pressing a kiss to the other's lips. "I am sorry.. I shouldn't have questioned you earlier my lord, my love." He whispered, wrapping his arms about the other's neck. "I apologize for that. It's not my place to question you."

Frowning at his lover the Dark Lord snarled slightly.
"You are the only one who can." He admitted begrudgingly. "Know that I often ssay thingss to hurt you but I... I love you." There he had said it, he had admitted to the weakness and while it was like a weight lifting from his shoulders, the Dark Lord hated the vunerablility he felt.

Larus blushed and kissed him. "I loveyou too." He whispered, stroking the other's cheek. "I do, so much." He smiled and kissed him again. "I know that I can question you, for you have said so, but I will do well not to."

Feeling the need to be close to Larus, Voldermort hugged him for a moment before he stepped back and prepared a bath for himself with a wave of his wand. Without another word he stripped off and sunk down in to the warm water.
"If you like you can wassh my back for me?" It was difficult not to order his young lover to attend to him but he wanted Larus's true affection. Voldermort wanted the boy to be with him because he wanted to be not because he was made to. It was the first time in his life the distinction between those two things was important.

Larus smiled and nodded, conjuring a sponge like the one he'd used eariler, knowing the other might enjoy the massaging after-feel it gave. He used the same type of soap also, begining to gently run the soaped sponge along his lover's shoulders and back, taking care to move it in slow circles.

It felt wonderful to have his back rubbed and Voldermort found himself leaning forward in the tub to give Larus more room. He hissed softly as all the stress and tightness vanished. It was not just the circular motion it was Larus himself. The Dark Lord's love was amazing, he was such a delightful mix of boldness and beauty, Voldermort found him intoxicating.
"Larusss..." He hissed softly. "Thank you..." It was the first time he had genuinly said those words and it surprised him a little how good it felt to say them.

Larus smiled "You're more than welcome." He kissed the other's cheek before he began to clean the rest of his back, pressing kisses here and there where the areas were clean and stress-free. "You should let me massage you after your bath." He said, knoing a quick slave he could make that smelled great and destressed muscles.

Wanting to sleep Voldermort agreed to let Larus massage his and climbed out of the tub. He used a spell to get rid of the waste water and dressed himself only in a loose robe for they journey back to their room. Ordering they they were not to be distrubed unless it was an emergecny, the Dark Lord stripped off and lay face down on the bed.

Larus smiled as he sat on the back of the other, gently splaying his legs on either side of the narrow of his lord's back. He then remembered he needed a salve. "Be right back!" He said cheerily, going to the store rooms to get the needed ingredients. He ground rosemary, mint and aloe into one bowl and mixed it with faery wings to help give stress relief and sleep aid. He grinned as it formed a mushy mess and went to his lover, re-taking his place. "Here we are." He dipped his fingers in the ingredients and began to massgae them in firmly.

Impressed with the feel and scent of the cream the Dark Lord hissed gently. He was enjoying himself, something he usually only felt when killing or torturing his enemies. This was much easier to achieve and not as messy to clean up, he thought to himself. Before he could voice his delight, Voldermort sighed and actually drifted off to sleep. He dreamed of being alone with Laurs were they could not be interupted and surprisingly he was not dreaming of taking the boy, just being with him.

Larus smiled as his love fell asleep and he decided to lay beside him a moment. He wondered if he'd like anything to eat or anything of the sort and tilted his head. "Mn, I wonder.." He decided a little plate of cheese and crackers would delight his loved one when he woke. He went out and upon seeing Lucius Malfoy he smiled. "Mister Malfoy, could you tell me where the kitchens are?"

Snearing at the boy Lucius looked down at Larus with a disapproving look but he knew the boy seemed to have a hold over their Dark Lord so he forced himself to be civil.
"If you go down the hall, turn left and then down the stairs you will find it but all you need do is summon the house elfs if you are hungry." He stood with his back very straight and casually leaned on his cane though he clearly did not need to to walk. With the best smile he could muster for the child he believed was his rival in love, Larus banged the floor twice with his cane and an elf wearing a tattered and filthy cloth appeared and bowed low.
"Yes Master Malfoy?" He asked rubbing it's hands together as if it were afraid of being struck at any moment.
"The boy here... Larus I believe his name is. He desires food." Inclining his head ever so slightly Malfoy added.
"If you will excuse me." Though it was not a question and proceeded on his way.

Larus smiled. "Thank you!" He said happily after the elder. He patted the houself on the head. "What's some of our lord's favourite treats?" He asked, humming as he thought. "I just wanthim to wake up to a special plate of food." He said, smiling. "He's just sleeping so peacefully or I would ask him."

Looking up at the boy with his big eyes the elf shook his head.
"Wake the Master? Oh No! You must never wake the Master.... he hurts if you wake him... hurts you bad." The Poor creature looked about nervesly as if Voldermort would suddenly appear. "Had to wake him once I did and broke my arm he did." Shifting his weight from one foot to another he pulled at the threads of his garment. "Food... food... he likes smelly cheese... and little pickled onions on the square ones."

Larus smiled. "Don't worry, one day he wont hurt you." He said, confident. "Ew o his food choices but okay. Let's make him a plate of that and then bake some brownies and then it should be time for him to be hungry.." He smiled and couldn't wait to get back to his lover. "Can I help you cook?"

"Help me cook?" The elf was truly shocked, offers to help and kindness were not an everyday occurance in the Dark Lord's household.
"Well if that is what you want young Master." Scampering ahead down the hall the elf kept glancing back to see if Larus was really coming.

Larus smiled and followed after the elf, happy to be able to help him. Upon coming in the kitchens he blinked. "Nice kitchens.." He said, smling. "Just give me diretions." He said, humming and standing near a bar.

There were several other house elfs running around busily and all of them seemed very curious about the new young Master. They would give him a sideways glance when they thought Larus was not looking but none of the others approached him.

Larus smiled and began to help mix brownies and such as well as make the chesy delight his lord so loved. He hummed while he did it, conjuring up a pink apron to do so. After the brownies baked he smiled. "Thank you!" He said to all of the house-elves, the one that had brought him to the kitchens in particular, before he headed back to his beloved with the food. "Mnnn I'll just cover it and leave it there for him." He conjured a cover for the food and then climbed back into bed with the other.

Voldermort slept soundly for a very long time. It was the best sleep he had got in years and waking to find his young lover snuggled in beside him bought a smile to his thin lips. He could not help stroking Larus's cheek and running his boney fingers through the boy's red streaked hair.
"Larusss..." He hissed ever so softly and just because he liked to hear the young one's name. "My beloved Larusss." It was then his stomach grumbled and the Dark Lord noticed the plate of food. He had not ordered it and he doubted the house elfs would bring him... brownies? Again he smiled at his lover, and carefully so he did not wake the boy he reached over and took the plate. Placing it beside himself, Voldermort went to eat his smelly cheese and small pickled onions on the square crackers but he hesitated. Instead he reached for a brownie and after sniffing it and letting his tongue dart out to taste it, he took a mouthful. As he chewed the Dark Lord smiled.
"Sweet, just like you my love..." He moaned.

Larus woke at the sound of his beloved's voice. "Do you like them then? I made them for you." He said, yawning. "I asked a house-elf what you liked to eat. And that's what they came up with." He said, yawning and stealing a piece of his lord's cheese. "I hope it pleases you."

Reaching out to lift Larus' face with a finger under his chin Voldermort leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. It was the most tender and gentle thing he had ever done.
"You pleasse me my love, you pleasse me greatly.... but yess they are to my liking." The Dark Lord regarded his young lover with fiery eyes but it was not anger that fanned the flames, it was love.

Larus smiled and kissed him gently. "You look positively on fire." He said, feeling the other's forehead. "But you don't have a fever.."He smiled. "Well. Perhaps your treats made you happy." He kissed him again.

Caught between being happy and being afraid of these new feelings Voldermort just smiled and ate the rest of the brownie. All those foolish things he had heard people say about the strength of love and how it could conquer everything were beginning to make sense. Scoffing at that thought the Dark Lord tried to reconcile the burning hatred that consumed him with the kindness and compassion Larus bought out in him. He was after all the greatest wizard in the world and his followers expected certin things form him. Finally he turned back to his lover.
"Well I think it isss about time to try out your potion. Dinner will be sserved sssoon."

Larus smiled and nodded. "Yes, I think so too. I hope I did it right, I do believe I did, but I think I may have sliced a bit too much." He said, smiling and kissing him. "What's for supper?" He asked, deciding that he would like some form of meat, he was getting rather hungry, and some nice buttery rolls would be good. "Oh.. I am hungry too.." His stomach gave a small growl at the mention.

Tilting his head to the side for a moment, the Dark Lord smiled.
"I believe it is a vegetable ssoup and bread rollss for sstarterss then ssteak, char grilled with ssteamed assparaguss and sswisss cheesse melted over it. For desssert, date pudding with a warmed ssauce." Voldermort regarded his lover. "If that isss not to your liking we can eassily change the menue."

Larus was practically salivating. "Ohhh noooo that sounds absolutely delicious." He groaned "How much longer did you say it was going to be?" He pouted, snuggling against the other. "I'm about to die of meat and bread cravings." He nuzzld the chest of his lover.

Hesitating a moment because he was unused to displays of affection, the Dark Lord wrapped his arms around Larus.
"I ssupose if you are that hungry you can sshare my ssnakss or we could get an elf to bring you ssomething to tied you over." He kissed the boy's forehead and ran his fingers through his red streaked hair.

Larus smiled. "No, thank you, I will be fine." He said, yawning. "I promise, I just can't wait to taste those roles and delicious meat." He said, kissing him. "How do you want to put that potion in that guy's drink?" He asked, trying to think of sneaky ways to do so.

Calling for a house elf the Dark Lord took the bottle and handed it to the elf.
"I want you to put thiss in William'ss goblet and if he sseess you I will usse it on you." He hissed, red eyes narrowing. Trembling the elf took the bottle and when Voldermort yelled at him to get out he scurried out of the room.

Larus smiled. "Ohhh they would be able to, wouldn't they?" He asked, grinning. "You should be a little more polite to them, they think you hate them." He said, remembering back to his visit to the kitchens. "Well, you do't have to, of course, I am just stating an observation."

Before he could stop himself, Voldermort hissed angrily. He hated being told how to treat his servants and his fiery red eyes flashed with anger.
"They are elfsss they exisste to sserve me!" As he looked down at Larus his anger faded. With a loud sigh he forced himself to calm down. "For you my love I will try to be more civil." Each word sounded as if it were acid on his tongue, spoken begrudgingly but there was something about the boy that made him want to please him.

Larus tilted his head and he frowned. Then he smiled softly. "Thank you love..." He said, kissing him sweetly even though his lord was oh so angry. "I love you, you know, and I am very repscting that you keep your patience with me. " Larus straddled the other, kissing his neck. "I know it takes so much out of you..." His words were soft spoken and whispery against his love's neck.

Closing his eyes Voldermort let out a soft hiss. Larus' words made his shiver in delight and the boy's war breath against his neck was almost too much for him. As angry as he was, it seemed to vanish into mist when his young lover straddled him.
"Mmm Larusss." Wrapping his arms around the boy, the Dark Lord opened his eyes and smiled. "You are the only one Larusss who can ssay ssuch thingss to me.." He sighed feeling as if he was losing his authority because he could not bare to hurt his young lover. Even so Voldermort was willing to lose it all for Larus.

"I will treasure that ability." Larus said, kissing the other on the lips. He alipped his hands on his lord's face and pressed their foreheads together, peering up into the other's eyes. "I'm in love with you my lord. So very deeply in love." He closed his eyes and savoured simply being close to the other.

Feeling his heart quicken, the Dark Lord closed is eyes as well.
"What have you done to me Larusss?" He whispered softly, refering to the fact he loved the boy back. This affection, this closeness it was all so different and confusing but Voldermort liked it.

"I have shown you love and what it's like to love another." Larus answered softly. He smiled and scooted down to lay his head on the others chest. "At least I hope that is what all this sweetness from your side of things is from." He smiled and kissed his lips.

"Love...." Voldermort hissed wondering if it was really that simple. Sighing he pulled Larus closer and just enjoyed holding him until it was time for dinner. "It iss true I love you Larusss." Kissing the boy's hair he smiled to himself, how things had changed and so very quickly.

"ohhh the dinner bell!" He squealed excitedly, practically starved. "Ohh fooood it awaits!!!!!" He said, sighing in finality. He took his lover's hand and drug him out of the room, his nose leading the way to the dining room.

Just before they entered the dinning room Voldermort pulled his hand away and straightened himself up. With a smile for Larus he cleared is throat then put on a serious face before entering and facing his followers that were seated around the table. With a flick of his hand he moved one of his followers to the other end of the table and motioned for Larus to sit on his left side while Lucius sat on his right at the end of the table. The man who had to move glared at the boy, annoyed that his place at his Master's side had been taken by the someone he concidered to be little more than a fuck toy.

Larus smiled and waited eagerly for everyone to sit and be situated, he could smell the food that was to be eaten and he groaned in hunger from it. It wasn't an audible noise, just a small one. He looked up at his lord adoringly and then pouted as he saw Lucius glare at him.

With a quick glance around the table to see who was present, the Dark Lord sat down followed by everyone else. Without a word he began to eat but quickly gave Larus a little smile as he reached for his bread roll to dip in the soup.

This little display of affection, no matter how small upset Malfoy and he continued to glare across the table at Larus. He knew the man who had been moved would not forget the insult and Lucius himself had reason enough to hate the boy.
"Master if I may? This new lover of yours..."

Narrowing his red eyes Voldermort leveled Malfoy with a glare.
"What about Larusss?" There was a warning in his voice.

Swallowing hard Lucius pushed on despite the fact he would more than likely be punished for speaking up.
"Don't you think you are giving him too much attention when there are more important matters to be dealt with?" Just as he had expected, the silvery haired man received a back hand across his face.
"No I do not!" The dark Lord hissed.

Larus shot a hurt look to Lucius. "Forgive me, Mister Lucius, I know you're jealous or whatever the case may be, but please, don't be so rude as to insult me at a table where everyone is present... you shouldn't question our lord. I don't entirely know what is the matter with you, and I know you don't like me, but please at least resort to civility when around me. I didn't come here to trample on your territory." He sighed and rested his head on his lover's shoulder, but he wasn't swayed away from his apetite. He didn't bother telling his lover that he should be sweeter to his followers because he felt Lucius deserved the slap.

Hissing Voldermort was tempted to lash out again but tried to reel his anger in. He was actually furious at Larus for speaking to Malfoy, it was not the boy's place to chastise his followers and the fact Larus was resting his head of the Dark Lord did not help matters. He had told the boy not to do such things in public and now he was at a loss for what to do. There was of course the matter of his lover saying it was not Lucius's place to question him when in fact, Larus did exactly that all the time. Usually he would torture the offending person or at least throw them across the room but he honestly did not want to hurt or humiliate his lover. Anger, pride and compassion battled with in him as Voldermort glared at the boy.
"I will have no more of thiss at my table!" He hissed loudly, giving them both warning glares. This made the others around the dinner table look at each other or mutter whispers about the change in the Dark Lord's behaviour.

Larus huffed and pouted, looking up at his lord with large eyes. "He started it.." He mumbled quietly just so Voldemort could hear. Then he went back to nibbling on his savory carrots. He didn't like that he wasn't supposed to touch his lover, he wanted to cuddle with him while they ate, was that so bad?

As the dinner continued the others would whisper to each other every now and then until Voldermort finally lost his temper and slammed his fists down on the table making all the plates jump.
"That isss enough! If you have ssomething to ssay you will ssay it out loud for uss all to hear!" He glared at two men down the other end of the table and his red eyes looked as if sparks were about to fly out of them. He had heard some of what was being said about him and it was all about him going soft or being somehow enchanted by Larus. His followers were afraid of the boy's influence and fear and anger surged through the Dark Lord as he thought his you lover may be in real danger form his followers.

Larus jumped at his lord's outburst. He too glared at the men. He was really upset. His lord deserved better followers than ones who doubted their lord just because he had found someone to love.If anything they should be praising him and their lord would probably be getting even stronger. Larus sighed, unable to enjoy his food. He looked to his lord. "My lo-lord." He had to stop himself from saying love so as to not anger him further. "I am sorry, I have lost my apetite with the weakness of your followers and their disloyalty to you." He said, placing his hand on the other's leg so as to touch him but not be seen. "May I be excused?" He asked, wishing he knew how to sooth him.

Sighing Voldermort nodded at Larus but he could not leave as well. He had to stay and regain control of his followers, to remind them why they fear him and why he is Lord not them.
"I will have the housse elfss take your food to our room." He whispered quietly then glared at all those seated around the table.
"Asss you sseem to be quesstioning me of late, I assk any of you who have issue with me to sspeak up now." The Dark Lord sat there seething as he waited for someone to say something.

Larus gave his lord a simple kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear before he left. "Let me sooth you soon.. however in any way I can.." He had disguised the kiss so none of the other's would see it, they simply saw him leaning to tell something quietly to their lord. He then left slowly, wishing his love would join him.

None of those seated at the table dared to speak, they knew better than to test the Dark Lord's temper. This however did not improve Voldermort's mood.
"Well?" He hissed again. Lucius cleared his throat and very carefully addressed his master.
"My Lord, perhaps if the others knew where your new lover stood. In the past they have been nothing more than a vessel for you to take out your lust on but this one... this Larus..." Narrowing his eyes, Voldermort hissed.
"What of my Larussss?" Giving his Master a small smile Lucius continued.
"Well it is just, this one appears to be a rather talented wizard. The others are no doubt wondering if these gifts put him above your loyal followers."
"And what if it doesss?" The Dark Lord hissed and glared at the others as if daring them to say something against him.

Larus paused in his retreat to listen very closely to what was being said. He would be damned if they were to curse his reputation. Or dare they suggest he was pulling a game over on their lord he would show them just how talented he was. He waited , listening intently, his whole stance tense and viscious.

Keeping his voice level and respectful, Lucius continued.
"Nothing My Lord, it would just be good to know where he stands that is all. We would not want to unintentionally insult him... or you for that matter, My Lord." Malfoy finished.
"Conssider him my perssonal advisser." Veldermort hissed and then began to eat again considering that the final word on the subject.

Larus huffed and continued his walk out, not liking just being an advisor. He wished one thing from his lord and that was to be considered as his mated equal. He couldn't get everything he wanted though and he knew that so he decided to just go sit in their room, waiting for his lord.

Finishing his main course Voldermort stood up.
"I grow weary of your company, I will retire to my room now. You can finissh your mealss if you wissh." With that he ordered one of the house elfs to deliver the rest of his meal to his room along with Larus' food. As he stalked out of the room he heard the mutters of his followers but he did not care. All the Dark Lord wanted to do was return to his lover's company and embrace him lovingly.

Larus waited for his lover patiently, wondering when he would arrive. He could hear his footsteps on the way though and as he had finished his food that an elf had brought to him he dismissed the food and ran out of the room, making sure no one was around before jumping on his lord, kissing him all over. "All done?"

At first Voldermort was a little annoyed at Larus for behaving in such a manner but he just could not bring himself to be angry with the boy. Warping his arms around Larus, he kissed his lover back and carried him into their room.
"What am I going to do with you my love?" He hissed in a velvety voice and lay the boy down on the bed.

"Love me?" Larus offered, smiling. "Don't worry, I made sure no one saw." He said, his voice only dropping a bit when reminding himself he had to hide their affections. He reached up and kissed his love, trying to ignore the feeling in his heart.

Suddenly Voldermort stopped and frowned down at his lover.
"You will have to be careful my love, there are thosse among our rannk that would harm you given the chance." For the first time in his life he had something he wanted to protect and that scared the Dark Lord senseless. He had never been afraid to sacrafice his followers but Voldermort was not willing to sacrafice his lover.

Larus pouted. "Why? I only want to love you." He said, frowning. "Why do they think that I would be something worth harming?" He felt a bit hurt that these people who knew nothing about him would try and harm him for loving their lord. "I am not a burden, nor a weakness, I mind when you tell me too.. I do what you wish and I don't get it.."

Sighing Voldermort sat on the bed.
"I rule with fear Laruss and when they ssee me with you they see a weakness. Kindnesss iss not our alligh." He hoped that his lover would understand why they could not be open about their affection.

"I know, my love, but it's just hard to not kiss you or want to touch you in public. Anytime for that matter.. I just.. we're a good match you know. I think we're perfect for one another and I love you.. it's something I am sure I will get used to.. I just..." He smiled softly. "I just want to show the world that you're mine and that I belong to only you. I want to show them what we have." He kissed him. "But for you I will behave."

Part of the Dark Lord wanted to say that it was not really for him but for Larus' own safety but instead he leaned down and kissed the boy. It turned into a possessive, hungry kiss and Voldermort found himself sliding his hands up under the boy's shirt to caress his chest.
"Mmmmm how very ssexy you are..." He hissed before he kissed Larus hard again and let his hands slide down over the boy's crotch.

Larus blushed and kissed the other back, quick to lose himself in the other. He loved it, the feeling of the other wanting him and needing him. "Oh my lord..." He whispered hotly, his voice hardly above a whisper, swooning at the feeling of the other's cool and long fingers.

Gripping the boy's pants, Voldermort pulled them down in one swift motion and pulled them off tossing them aside onto the floor. He bowed down and buried his face between Larus' thighs. He kissed and bit the boy, then suckled at his lover's groin leaving a deep red mark on the inside of his leg. The Dark Lord enjoyed marking his lover in such a way, it gave him great pride to know that he had been the one to have his lips there.

Larus squirmed under his lord's attentions, shivering as the other was so close to pleasuring him in that odd way of mouth. He huffed and clutched to the other's shoulders, and when the other marked down in that area he gasped, his lust spiking highly. "Ohhh... my lord..."

Deciding he loved the way Larus squirmed beneath him, Voldermort let his tongue dart out and tickle the very tip of the boy's manhood. He delighted in the noises his lover made and once again marveled at how much he enjoyed pleasuring the other. Suddenly he engulfed the boy's length and hummed as he let his lips slide up and down Larus.

Larus writhed and moaned as the other took him in his mouth. It was an immensely incredible feeling that he enjoyed with utmost of a flutter in his eyes. "My lord..." He gasped out, his grip on voldemort's shoulders tightening just a bit.

This gave Voldermort the most wonderful sensation of power and control, so he suckled gently as he moved up and down Larus' length. The entire time he let his tongue swirl and press against his young lover. He even made a kind of humming, hissing sound as he worked.
"Larussss." The Dark Lord hummed happily.

Larus called out almost loudly at the way the other said his name in such a silky manner. He gasped and felt his hips move slightly on their own accord, making a vain attempt at holding still. "Oh my lord... pelase.... please make me yours.."

Such a wanton invertation was too good to pass up and Voldermort pulled off his robe and spitting on his fingers he pressed them into his lover. The Dark Lord smiled but continued to lick and suck Larus' length as he streatched him. Lust building Voldermort hurried soon was positioned at the boy's enterence and pushing in slowly then pulling out again before pushing in a little more. Moaning he hissed in pleasure as he worked his way deeper into Larus.

Larus was lost as the other both pleasured him orally and stretched him,and then he gasped as the other pushed into him, this was what he needed, to feel the other's thick length stretching him even more, tp feel him ushing into his body. "My lord!" He called out, helpless with pleasure and need and want, he instinctively clutched around him, wrapping his legs up high on the other's waist to help him better.

For the Dark Lord, Larus was the sweetest weakness. He lost himself in the warmth and tightness of the other, hissing his pleasure as he began to thrust in earnest. This feeling was Vlodermort's addiction and he said his lover's name over and over.
"Larusss, My Larusss."

"My lord!" Larus shouted, wanting to call out the other's name, but he wasn't sure he was allowed. "Uhn!" He called out several times, the other sliding in and out of him was the most intoxicatingly good thing he'd ever felt. He gasped and met his thrusts, his moans growing louder and louder.

Hissing and growling, Voldermort thrust harder and faster, deeper and moved slightly so he hit Larus' sweet spot every time. Working towards his own climax the Dark Lord looked down through half closed eyes and held the boy's gaze.
"I love you Larussss." He said meaning every word.

Larus blushed and placed his hands on either side of the other's face. "I love you too." He said between pants while he was taken "Gods, my love.." He all but shouted, meeting his thrusts a little harder. "Love.. I'm..." He gave a last shout of a cry of pleasure and came, the seed spilling over his lover's hand and shooting a little on his chest. He hoped he wouldn't be in trouble for that too, he wasn't able to hold it.

The Dark Lord had never seen anything so beautiful and perfect as his lover reaching climax. Larus' moans and the way he tightened around him in pulses tipped Voldermort over the edge as well. With a few more violent thrusts he came and shivered for a moment before he flopped down on the boy. The Dark Lord did not pull out, not did he chastise his lover for making a mess which he was now laying in. Kissing his lover and nibbling on his neck he hissed softly.
"I love you my Larussss."

Larus nuzzled him and kissed him. "I love you too my lord." He said, smiling. "You know, you do have a name, and I was wondering if I was allowed to call you by it." He said, running his fingers along his lover's chest.

Smiling at his young lover Voldermort kissed him again.
"I guesss it could be permitted in ssuch private momentsss asss thisss." Very gently the Dark Lord pulled out and rolling to the side he gathered Larus in his arms. It was a little dissapoinging that he could not allow his lover to call him by his name in public but it was the boy's safety he had in mind not just his own reputation.

Larus smiled. "Mn, it's just I found myself wanting to scream it to you... of course, I enjoy calling you 'my lord' also, but to call you by your name would have been so much more intimate to me.. but I also didn't want to anger you in the middle of it." He said, normally a few days ago he would have, just because he was bold and didn't know the other so well, and didn't know what to expect.

When put like that how could Voldermort refuse?
"My darling Laruss I know at timess I may sseem cruel but pleasse undersstand you are the mosst pressiouss thing to me. If you wissh to call my name ass we make love then you may, ass many timesss ass you like." He stroked as strand of the boy's hair away then lifting Larus' chin a little he kissed him, demandingly and pashonatley. "My beautiful Larusss."

Larus moaned and kissed him back "Thank you my lord." He said, returning the kiss again after he'd said those words. He loved his lord's kisses, loved everything about him. He hugged him tighter andn almost began to want him inside him again.

There was something so very addictive about his young lover and Voldermort found himself wanting to devour the boy. He kissed him hard and let his hand slide up the boy's thigh again.
"Larusss." He hissed hotly. "My Larusss."

Larus felt his eyes slide shut with desire. "My lord, my Voldemort, please love, take me again?" He begged in a rather wanton fasion, shivering and calling out. "I want to feel close to you again."

Already hardening again Voldermort kissed his lover, letting his tongue dart into his mouth and caress Larus' warn moist muscle. He could tast the boy's tongue, the sweetness of his slaiva and he suckled gently on it's tip. While he did this he once again pushed into his young lover, slamming into him hard. Of course Larus did not need preparing so Voldermort arched his back like a cat as he continued to thrust into and kiss his darling. The Dark Lord was like an animal, he growled and hissed thrusting and kissing his lover as he got as close to the other as he possibly could. Finally he came up for air and moved his tongue and kisses to the boy's neck.
"Larussss" He hissed heatedly.

Larus writhes and practically screamed for the other, the deepness and passion his lord held for him had him panting and as wanton as he knew to be. "My lord!" He shouted in a shaky pleasure driven voice, his moans turned to small but loud grunts that shook while the other thrust into him as he did. He loved it, needed it, enjoyed every tiny second of it and he was happy to be able to please the other as well.The kiss the other had given him had stirred his heartbeat, and he breathed quickly to keep up with it, never before feeling so many intense things at once.

Larus's breathing spurred Voldermort on, he was in an empassioned fever, thrusting madly. No matter how deeply he thrust he could not get close enought to his lover. The Dark Lord wanted to be one with the boy, to share his heartbeat and breath. If he could he would declare Larus his Dark Prince and have his rule at his side but he doubted his followers would accept such a thing, not yet anyway.
"Larusss....My Larussss..." He continued to mutter against the boy's neck. He gripped his lover's shoulders, almost lifting him off the bed. That feeling deep within was beginning to uncurle, he would not last much longer and that thought almost made him weep in dispare. It was never enough for him.

The intensity is what ended him. Larus couldn't hold onto it anymore, his lord was so close to him, so sweet and caring, so very inside him mentally and physically that he was filled and then overfilled, and he spilled out his seed, clutching tight around the other while he called out loudly. "Uhn! My lord!" He shouted, his face flushed dark as he came, unable to hold it any longer.

With one last thrust Voldermort came loudly. He leaned over Larus with his hand either side of the boy trying to catch his breath.
"Larusss..." He huffed and his tears of extacy dripped down onto his lover's cheeks. Blinking it took the Dark Lord a moment to realize the tears were his. He never cried and it was a bit of a shock to him. Very gently, Voldermort pull out and let himself sink down onto his side beside Larus. Words failed him so he just wiped his tears off the boy's cheeks and smoothes out Larus' mattered hair.
"I love you..." He managed and hissed happily.

Larus stared at the other, smiling gently. "Oh my lord. I love you too, with everything." He leant up and wiped his lord's tears away, kissing the paths of the wetness. "You're so beautiful, my lord. My love." He meant what he said, he was attracted as well as in love with the man that held him and in which he held onto.

In yet another rare moment, the Dark Lord laughed.
"Now I know you are lieing." Despite his harsh words Voldermort's voice was soft and gentle. "I am not beautiful Larusss." He was teasing his lover because he could not see how the boy could be attracted to his deformed features, though he was very thankful for it.

"Yes you are." Larus argued back. "Haven't you ever looked at your eyes? Sure, your nose is a little silly, but it's.. cute in a sense. Your lips may be thin, but they're definitely kissable. And so what, you don't have hair, you look more like a dark lord without it." He said, smiling. "I thinkm you're damn sexy."

It seemed this boy was more dangerous that Voldermort had ever though, Larus actually managed to make him blush. Laughing again and enjoying it emencely, the Dark Lord pulled his lover a little closer and kissed him demandingly. When he finally came up for air he caressed the boy's cheek.
"You know according to the dictionary, cute meanss ugly but interessting?"

Larus snorted. "The dictionary is a liar." He said, kissing him back and cuddling him. "Annd you blushed." He said, grinning widely. "SOOOO CUTE." He said loudly suddenly, kissing his lord's blushing cheeks.

For the second time the Dark Lord laguhed whole heartedly.
"You are a breath of fressh air Larusss... you are everything I never knew I needed." He hissed, his voice like rich velvet as he leaned close and let his breath tickle the shell his lover's ear.

"And your'e the love I never thought I would have." Larus countered, kissing his lord. " Mn I love you so much. Your voice darling.. makes me shiver." He whispered, clutching to him."Mn, in the best way possible of course."

"Dosse it my beautiful Larusss." He hissed again in his vevelty voice. "I sshal have to remember that." Nibbling on the boy's earlobe, Voldermort closed his eyes, enjoying the way the other smelt. "I love you sso very much, my wonderful Larusss."

"And that's all I could ever ask for my beautiful lord. What do you want to do for our small remainder of evening?" He asked, snuggling against him. He enjoyed their snuggle time as much if not ocassionally more than their love making, it showed just how tender the dark lord could be.

"Well I thought we could sstay like thisss until we are interupted." Voldermort hissed softly as he nuzled his lover. "That potion of yourss sshould be taking effect any minuet now." For modesty's sake the Dark Lord pulled his robe around them and an evil smile curled his lips.

Larus smiled. "Oh! Yes, I cmpletely forgot about the potion." He said, hugging the other. "I hope it isn't too potent you know... wouldn't want to kill someone we didn't need to kill.." He smiled and kissed the other.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
"My Lord?" It was Malfoy's voice and Voldermort told him to enter. Opening the door the Lucius came in and knelt beside the bed. "My Lord, we have a problem... one of hte death eathers... we believe he was poisoned My Lord, he is alive but unconsious, we believe it was a powerful sleeping draf and it could have been menat for you." Lucius was genuinly worried. Waving his hand in a dismissive manner the Dark Lord nodded.
"It iss alright Luciuss it wass not meant for me. The one poissoned wass the intended target." With a proud glacne at Larus, Voldermort dismissed Malfoy with another wave of his hand.

"Larus smiled. "Yayyy I didn't make it too strong then!!!" He said, kissing his lord. He sat up on his lord's stomach and peered down at him. "Soooo why did we do that again? And what should we do for celebration?" He asked, poking the other happily in the forehead.

Shrugging Voldermort took hold of his lover's finger and held it so the boy could not poke him again.
"No reasson, he sssaid ssomething I did not like the other day and you needed sssomeone to try your potion on." As much as he loved Lars, the boy was sometimes a little too excitable for his liking. "What do you ssugesst we do?" The Dark Lord asked and forced a smile.

Larus sat back a little and thought. "Welllll we should go on an outing. To a pub somewhere and grab a desert like an ice cream. It coul be a date." He said, kissing the other.

"A date?" Voldermort had never taken any of his lover's on a date. In fact his previous lover's never left the house unless he was traveling and wished them to entertain him on his journey. The Dark Lord was not known for his love and kindness and other than something to fuck he did not even care for his lovers. Larus however was different and after thinking things through he decided there would be no harm if he kept his hood up and no one knew who he was. "Alright my love... where do you wisssh to go?"

Larus smiled and shrugged. "I don't know. Somewhere different than yourlovely house. Surely that Hogsmeade village would be worth going to?" He asked, leaning to kiss his love. "Unless you think someone would recognize you. You could always use a polyjuice potion and disguise yourself.."

Voldermort laughed at that, the boy had a good point. The Dark Lord was far to full of himself to think of something so simple.
"And who would you have me be my love?" He hissed, interested to see what kind of man his young lover would like to be seen with.

Larus smiled and kissed the other. "It doesn't matter, someone at least mildly attractive. You could torment Lucius.. and use his body but.. I don't think I would ever kiss him in public." He coughed. "Why don't you just go as you?"

Thinking Voldermort tilted his head to the side.
"Go as myself?" This confused the Dark Lord, he was not sure how he could do that. He would be recoginzed if he went as he was and as for how he used to look, well he would have to use some kind of illusion spell but others would be able to detect that. He was not sure he could get an old hair or something that he could use for a polyjuice potion, or even if he had some polyjuice potion that was ready. That particular potion took a long time to brew.

"Don't you have anyone that deals with potions and stuff? I am sorry love, I simply don't want to go out in public kissing on you if you look like mister Lucius. It would be awkward, and besdies wouldn't want to ruin his stupid reputation. And all of your other followers aren't my type." He said, smiling and kissing his lord.

Tapping his long skiny fingers on Larus' chest, Voldermort thought for a moment.
"I know the perfect persson to help uss out whith a potion." Bowing down to kiss his lover one more time. Climbing out of bed and dressing himself Voldermort encouraged Laurs to do the same then summoned one of his followers, he summoned said follower right ther to his private chambers.

Severus Snape was more than glad that he wasn't in the middle of teaching class when he fet the pain on his arm initiating a summons from his lord. He sighed and decided to see what he wanted,leaving the grounds and apparating to his master's rooms. "Yes my lord?" He asked, voice drawling as his eyes romaned over the fact that there was a rather unharmed boy on his lord's bed.

Larus smiled up and waved tentatively. "We need a potion.. so we can errr go on.. an outing." He didn't know if his lord would be angry with him if he said 'date'.

The Dark Lord nodded then studied Severus for his reaction to Larus. Although Snape was not a full blood he had proven himself very loyal and reliable, Voldermort trusted him.
"I wissh to have a drink with my lover in a public place Ssseverusss and I do not want to be recognized."

Larus blushed as he thought of what they could do on their date.

Severus was surprised. "Oh? Well, of course, now I have to ask, what would you like to look like? The only thing I can't change is your eye color.. for some reason eyes are not changeable. " He said, his lips curving into a smile as he thought of all the things he could do to his lord to make him as he wished.

Shrugging the Dark Lord looked at Larus. He was amused at Snape's reaction and decided to let the others decide.
"Laruss my love, why don't you and Sseverousss come up with ssomething? I am interessted to ssee what you find attractive." Voldermort saw this as an oppertunity to lean about Larus. He knew that people often look for the traits they would like to have in others and he wanted to know as much about his young lover as possible. Maybe that way he could figure out what is was about the boy that enchanted him so?

Larus blushed. "But love... I like you how you are. I don't want to change you." He said, huffing. "I love you as you are."

Severus raised an eyebrow. "We can give you subtle changes.. give you hair, a more.. defined nose, a less pale color to your skin. Manicured nails.. whatever is wished. That way we don't change you too much, but you are still changed enough to be in public."

Larus pouted., "I guess that'd be okay..."

Realizing he was smiling at Larus' confessions of liking him just as he was, Voldermort smoothed his features.
"That ssettless it then, Ssape, do ass my love asks." Feeling his heart flutter a little the Dark Lord pulled the hood up on his cape to hide the looks he gave his lover. As giddy as he felt, Voldermort was also angry that he, the Dark Lord, the wizard who could torture and kill his emenies and enjoy it could actually be in love. He was not ready to share the depth of that love with anyone else just yet.

Larus smiled and kissed his lord as Snape bowed and left to make said potion. "Awe, why did you stop smiling?" He asked, kissing him, crawling onto his lap. "I love you." He said, resting his head on the other's chest.

Severus was mor than surprised at the way his lord had been with Larus. Obviously his lord liked the boy a little mor than a fuck-toy. That boy was lved by his lord and that astounded the stoic dark haired man. Severus sighed, sitting at a table, cutitng up ingredients, humming as he worked away, finally mixing contents together. Not much longer, just simmer and let it brew so his lord would be pleased.

Sighing Voldermort took the boy's face in his.
"Laruss my love... pleasse undersstand that I have done more for you than I have done for all my passt loversss... but.... you can not expect me to change overnight nor sshould you ignore the effect my love for you hasss on my followerssss." He looked into the boy's eyes hoping to make Larus understand how much he had already given him. "You are my heart Larusss and asss ssuch you can be broken.... you are my weaknessss..."

Larus nodded. "I know, love." He whispered gently. "I know. You suffer much between myself and your duty to your followers. I don't want to come inbetween that, I just want to be able to kiss you and see you smile.To love you. To be loved by you. Just that." He said, kissing his lips. "I want you to be happy. I want the world for you." He blushed at his words.

Severus decided the potion was ready and in it being so he put it in a bottle and started to head his way back, his thoughts over-run. He'd never seen his lord so... smitten. In fact his lord had never been smitten. He certainly was now. He thought the change was a good thing, but he worried now about everyone else. They may turn against their lord. And that was something that just couldn't happen. He sighed. He decided that he'd just have to protect the two as much as he could.

Sighing the Dark Lord kissed Larus softly and tried to think of a way he could make his lover's dreams come true without putting them both in danger. He had chosen many of his death eaters for their cunning and ambition as well as their cruelty, all things that would work against him now. Showing weakness to such people was usually the first step to defeat. Lost in thought he he peppered kisses all over Larus.

Larus smiled and kissed the other back in earnest.

Severus knocked gently on his lord's door, listening for a sign to come in."My lord, I have it ready for you." He said loud enough to be heard.

Larus grinned and rushed to the door opening it and ushering the other in. "Is it going to hurt him?" He asked, sniffing at it wih a crinkled nose.

Severus shook his head. "It will just feel uncomfortable."

Without saying anything Voldermort took the potion and drank it all. He smiled at Larus then frowned as he felt his body changing. It was not painful but as Severus said it was uncomfortable and walking to the mirror he watched as his features changed a little.

Larus pouted that his lord looked different and sat on the bed. "At least it's you and not one of your followers appearacnes.." He said, hugging his lord. He kissed him soft. "You look so weird with hair.."

Severus tilted his head. Larus was the strangest boy he had ever met! He enjoyed the snake-like features of their lord? He snorted. They must have trul been made for eachother in that case. "The potion is good for six hours. After that you'll need more."

Suddenly Voldermort burst out laughing. He was not given to such outbursts and it startled him as much as the others.
"I feel a little like Cinderella...." He explained to the others. As far as the Dark Lord was concerned he had definatly found his Prince Charming and his life had indeed changed completely and suddenly.

Severus smiled. "Glad to see you in good spirits, my lord." And with that he awaited more orders.

Larus smiled and kissd his lover. "Cinderella? Awe love, but I don't think I qualify as a prince." He said, hugging Voldemort tight. "Mn, but of course if you say I am, I am." He said, grinning. "Ohhh what should I wear!?"

Noting the fact that Svereus was once again someone he could rely upon, the Dark Lord smiled at his lover.
"Sssomething that isss tight fitting my darling, ssomething that sshows off that georgeous ass of yoursss." He was being crude, especially concidering the fact he had an audience. "Ah yesss... that will be all Ssnape. Pleasse return to your dutiesss at Hogwartssss." He managed to give his deatheater a slight smile before he returned his attention to Larus.

Severus nodded and retreated, finding that his lord actually smiling was almost too odd to believe. "Wow, things certainly have changed a lot." He mumbled, returning to the school. "Let's hope that boy finds a way to stop a war from coming."

Larus blushed and rummaged through his clothing that an house elf had brought to him. He grinned and put on a pair of white practically see-through pants that hugged his rear and for his shirt he wore one that was almost girlish for how tight it clung to him, it was dark green and spun with silver. "What should I do with my hair, my lord?"

Voldermort just stood there looking at his lover, he wanted so very badly to get into Larus' pants and make heated almost violent love to the boy. Wondering how anyone could be so beautiful and why his heart ached at the mere sight of his lover the Dark Lord grunted.
"Hugh? Did you sssay ssomething my darling?" Sifting to try and relieve some of the tightness of his own britches, Voldermort waited for Larus to repeat himself.

Larus blushed as he recognized the arousal on his lord's face."I said, what should I do with my hair?" He asked, playing with it with his fingers. "Should I put it up so you can see my neck or should I just let it hang loose?" He asked, walking up close to the other. "Or would you rather tangle it in the throes of lovemaking?" He asked in a heated whisper, a small smile on his lips while boldly placing his hands on his lord's hips.

That was too much for the Dark Lord. He reached down to pull Larus closer and grabbed a handful of his hair, locking him into a passionate and demanding kiss.
"Let'ss tangle it." Voldermort hissed as he began to undo and pull down his lover's skin tight pants. If Larus did not look so good in them he would have torn them off but the Dark Lord wanted the boy to wear them when they went out after making love. Voldermort had the urge to show the world just how sexy Larus was.

Larus blushed and kissed him hard. "Uhn!" He moaned while the other kissed him, shuddering and his breath coming out in shaky gasps. He couldn't wait to yet again be posessed by the other. "Oh my lord. I love this. I love you." He said, pushing his pants off his hips.

The instant Larus was undressed the Dark Lord pounced on him pushing down onto the bed and biting his way down the boy's neck.
"Larusss... my Laruss..." He hissed inbetween kisses. Tucking his arms under the boy's knees he pulled them up so he could spit on his lover's enterence then positioned himself to push in. Voldermort could not hold himself back this time, he was far too empassioned.

Larus craved the feeling of the other entering him, and when he'd recieved it he could only give into a nice groan. "OH!" He shouted, adjusting slowly as the other was inside. "Oh gods.." He muttered, clutching to the other. "My lord!" He did his best to hold his weight by wrapping his legs around the other's weight, finding that it was slightly aiding the other in sliding in deeper which threw him even more into pleasure.

It was strange that Larus had made such a big deal about wanting to use Voldermort's name and he had not used it yet. As much as the Dark Lord loved hearing his lover call him 'My Lord' he wanted more. Begining to move inside Larus he groaned at how tight and wonderful the boy felt.
"Laruss... call me Voldermort my love... call me by my name my Larusss." The Dark Lord hissed in a comanding voice.

"Voldemort!" Larus shouted, his voice shaking with lust. "Oh Voldemort, harder please! Faster!" He moaned out, tightening around the other as he was being thrusted in. "Oh! Love!"

Becoming lost in the moment the Dark Lord repeatedly slammed onto Larus over and over again with animalistic lush and need.
"Larusss..." He hissed picking up the pace. It sounded so wonderful to hear his name on the boy's lips especially when his lover's voice was so heavy with passion and desire. As much as Voldermort did not want to admit it, he was Larus' body and soul. At that moment giving his lover what he needed was the Dark Lord's only thought.

Larus was becomming dizzy with pleasure. He called out loudly, screaming the other's name. "Voldemort!" He shouted breathlessly, th feelings inside him building and building untl he could no longer build and they toppled over, sending him into a writhing, screaming mess as he came."Voldemort!" He shouted again as his body tensed for the final time in orgasm, shivering as he rode it.

Never had the Dark Lord seen anything so beautiful. The way his lover cried out, the arch of his back, the shape of his lips as they parted in pleasure. It was all so very wonderful and the tight clenching around his manhood sent him over the edge as well. Voldermort battled to keep his eyes open so he could see his beautiful Larus, he even found his eyes moist as he felt himself explode inside the boy beneath him. It was perfect bliss and Voldermort would have given anything to remain in that moment forever but slowly it faded, returning him to his sensors.
"Larusssss..." He bent down to whisper in his lover's ear.

Larus turned into his lover's touch to hear his whisper better. "Mn yes, love?" He asked his breath slow but heavy as he relaxed from his pleasureful high.

"My Larusss..." He hissed softly and gently pulled out. Pressing a few kisses to the boy's neck he lay down beside him for a while and wrapped his lover protectivly in his arms. "Mmm that wasss very nice."

Larus smiled at the other."Yes, and so will our date be." He said, hoping the other wasn't too tired or had forgotten about their scheduled outing. "I can't wait." He said, kissing him. "My lovely Voldemort. Come on you, no lazing about!" He gave the other a playful slap on the behind."As much as I would like to sit here and reminesce, I want to go on that date."

Startled by the slap and not exactly sure he liked being bossed around in such a way, Voldermort frowned. He had wanted to just lay there with Larus a moment or two, to enjoy the closeness he felt, which was in fact spmething he had never wanted to do before. Usually when he was finished taking his lover's he did not want anything to do with them, they had served their pourpose and so he was done with them but Larus was different. The fact the boy seemed oblivious to that fact and how rear it was for him to actually want to cuddle upset him a little. If he did not love the boy so much he would most certenly have hurt him back or beaten him for daring to slap him. playfully or not. Taking in a deep breath and forcing himself to smooth out his brow, the Dark Lord stood up.
"I had full intentionsss of proceeding with out date." It came out a little harsher then he would have liked, even so his control over his temper surprised him.

Larus could tell right away he'd upset the other. "Love.. what did I do?" He asked, not meaning to have done anything to anger the other. "I didn't mean to do anything wrong." He said, looking positively devestated. He hated it when he upseted his lover. He even felt his eyes begin to water because of the other's anger towards him. "I didn't mean to offend you in whatever I did wrong."

Seeing Larus' sad eyes, Voldermort groaned, he hated hurting his lover and that was another thing that was completely new.
"I am not very good at thisss Larusss... real love and kindnessss iss sstrange to me and I... " Giving in he admitted how he felt to the boy and cringed as he heard himself say it. "I jusst wanted to cuddle with you for a momnet..." He decided to leave out the part that if anyone else has slapped him, playfully or not they would most likely be sprawled out on the floor with a red hand mark covering half their face.

Larus smiled. "Awe, all you had to do was say so." He said, kissing him. "I just... was all excited. I didn't think you wanted to cuddle at all." He said, smiling and pulling the other back into a laying position. "But now that you mention it, cddling does sound nice." He said, grinning and snuggling the other.

The Dark Lord actually found himself pouting as his lover spoke and as he lay back down to cuddle Larus it startled him how comforting it was. The boy's smell, his warmth and just having him there in his arms soothed his soul. Joy crept back into his heart with a simple touch form his lover and Voldermort closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief, he was back where he truly belonged, holding his precious Larus. For the moment the world melted away, Dumbledore did not bother him and even his hated Harry Potter was nothing but a distant memory.

Larus smiled as his lover held him, he enjoyed this as well. Being so close to the other, even more after an exceptionally powerfull session of love making. He let his hands trail over the other's skin, enjoying the feeling of it. "I love you." He whispered, yawning. Now he was becomming tired and that just wouldn't do! He fought to keep his eyes open. "Mn, my lord.. sleep is taking me."

Sighing, Voldermort sat up and dragged himself out of bed bringing Larus with him.
"Well I am taking you back my love." He hissed happily and handed the boy his pants. As he did so the Dark Lord licked his lips. "Thosse pantss are what got you into trouble in the firsst place." There was a genuin smile on his thin lips as he paused to watch Larus. "I can wait if you need the bathroom." He offered realizing he had just filled his lover's with his seed. Voldermort was in a exceptionally good mood, a rare thing indeed.

Larus blushed and nodded. "You like it." He said, accusing the other of liking to be tormented by his sexy pants. He smiled and went to the bathroom, cleansing himself before rejoining the other. "Welllll I am back." He said, pants on and all."I missed you." He said, grinning. He really had in the short while he'd been cleaning himself.

Smiling at how seductive and sexy his Larus looked Voldermort offered his lover his hand.
"Come my love... I wissh to sshow off how beauriful you are." There was a strange surge of pride in the Dark Lord, and for once it was for someone other than himself. "I love you ssso very much my Larussss."

Larus smiled. "I am sooo excited!! And I love you too." He said, kissing his lord. "So, where are we going?" He asked, taking the other's hand. He about lead the way out of the house before he realized they may pass some of his followers. "I have to stop holding your hand if we got out there, don't I?" He asked with a small pout.

Nodding the Dark Lord frowned slightly, he did not want to let go of the boy's hand either.
"For now... we will give the death eaterssss time to get usssed to you." It surprised Voldermort how much he wanted to be openly affectionate with his lover in front of his followers. Becoming annoyed at all his new and wonderful feelings the Dark Lord stalked out of the room and through the house as quickly as he could. The instant they were outside he wanted to wrap Larus in his arms and kiss him before deciding which tavern to visit. He thought perhaps the one at Hogsmead, he might even learn some usiful information about his enemies form the other patrons.

Larus loved that he was walking hand in hand with the other, once out of the house he reached up and kissed him. "I can't wait to be all romantic with you somewhere." He said with glee, grinning brightly. "Ohhh it's been so long!"

Suddenly a stab of jealousy made the Dark Lord frown.
"Ssso long? You have had a lover before Larusss?" It was a silly thing really , especially concidering the fact that he himself had been through many lovers, or perhaps a better world would be sex partners for he never really loved any of them. This also surprised Voldermort, he had not expected jealosy to hurt so much.

Larus looked up at the other incredulously. "My love, I told you I was unbreached, I didn't lie to you. And no, I have never had another lover, I meant it has been so long since I have been on an outing, my last was with my parents." He said, eyes wide. "Were you just jealous?"

Realizing he had overreacted, Voldermort went to brush the boy's comments off but then decided to be honest. The Dark Lord even managed to blush.
"Asss a mater of fact, yesss. For a moment I was jealousss. I did not think you lied to me ssso much asss... asss..." Sighing he decided on revealing the entire truth. "I felt a little threatened and wasss worried I might lossse you." Voldermort could not even look at his lover, he was so ashamed and a little angry with himself. "And I am sssorry about your parentss." He added surprising himself because he meant it.

Larus smileat the other and kissed him. "It's all right. It's sweet how you just got.. but I promise you, my love, I am yours. No other has touched me. Only my parents have ever kissed my lips and that was in a goodnight's greeting when I was young. I am yours completely. Don't you ever think otherwise." He said, kissing him sweetly.

Feeling comforted by Larus's words, the Dark Lord actually smiled and slipped his arms around the boy's waist.
"Let'sss have that drink sshall we?" He flicked his hair out of his eyes and noted that it was indeed strange to have hair but slightly annoying.

Larus smiled and nodded, following alongside the other, enjoying how close they were. "Mn, I want a butterbeer." He said, just drooling at hte thought. "It sounds tastey.What will you drink love?"

Stopping to think for a moment, Voldermort concidered his usual wines and magic, bubbling cocktails.
"I think perhapsss today I sshould like to try a butterbeer asss well." He was feeling light and playful, a strange and unsusal feeling for him but still it was quite pleasant.

Larus smiled as they came to an villiage like place. "Ohh which one should we go to?" He asked, linking his arm with his lover's, knowing they weren't around their deatheaters so he didn't have to worry about being caught in public. "Mn, we should order something small to eat also."

Being very new at the whole date thing, Voldermort shrugged and pointed to the one to their right.
"How about that one? It looks.... nice." He led the way to the tavern and catching a glimpse of his reflecftion in the glass of the window he frowned. The Dark Lord did not recognize himself but then that was the idea. Pushing the door open he stood ther looking around for a place to sit.

Larus smiled and kissed his lover, leading him back to a table which was slightly concealed to add better comfort for his lover. "I know, I don't much recognize you either..." He said with a pouty sigh.

Surprisingly as they were settled Severus Snape came up to them and resisted the urge to bow. "I'd be a little careful if I were you. We have Gryffindors about. Particular ones." He said qietly.

Larus huffed. "Stupid Gryffindors....." He muttered, laying his head on his love's shoulder. "Well, love, what should we order?" He asked, not getting the meaning of Gryffindor.

Raising an eyebrow Voldermort looked around.
"In here or the village?" He was excited and annoyed all at once. the Dark Lord had been looking forward to his date but this oppertunity to learn more about his enemies or even get rid of them was too good to pass up. He absent mindedly stroked Larus' hair as he spoke.

Severus stepped a little away to show him ."There." They keep looking your way sir.. please be careful." He said, frowning as he was worried about his lord. "It's good to see you in good spirits by the way."

Larus leaned into his lord's touch, kissing his lips. "Mn, what's the deal with them love? Are they obviously enemies?" he asked, kissing the other's cheek and neck, not giving an ounce that they were in public.

"Husssh my love..." The Dark Lord pressed his finger against Larus' lips. "They are more dangerousss than you think." He eyed the group across the room, they were so close and yet he could not just reach out and crush them, not here in public, not yet.

Severus looked to his lord. "I am going to go get a drink, my lord." And then he dismissed himself. He didn't want to seem suspicious.

Larus pouted and cutely kissed his lord's finger. "They annoy you, don't they my love?" He asked in a whisper agains the other's ear. "I can tell they do.. you're so tense suddenly.." He said with a pout, his hands running on the other's chest.

Nodding the Dark Lord returned his attention to Larus.
"The only perssson I have ever failed to kill ssitss in this very room, of coursse it annoysss me. And I do not even know why he ssurvived..." Hatred crept into his voice but forcing a smile, Voldermort tried to forget about Harry and his friends. "Let'ssss jusst ignore them and enjoy our drinksss my love." He bowed down to kiss his lover, allowing the boy's soft lips to take his mind from his enemies. "You are ssso very beautiful my love." He whispered.

Larus blushed as the other paid him his compliments. And then suddenly their waitor came about. "I would like a butterbeer and a bit of snack food." He said, smiling."What about you love?" He asked his lover.

"I will have the ssame." his words came out a little harsh and in an attempt to soften his authoritive tome he gave the waitor a smile. The waiter however did not pay him any mind and just nodded before he returned to the bar. They were many wizards who believed themselves to be above the waiting staff so it was not a rear thing to be spoken to aburptly. Voldermort reminded himself he was trying to fit in and not draw any unwanted attention, they he concidered the way Larus was dressed and how good he looked. It was likely that his enemies had been looking in his lover's direction or they recognized Professor Snape. With a smile he kissed Larus, forcing himself to break it off after a little peck instead of making a sceen and kissing him forcefully.

Larus smiled and began to sup his drink which was brought to him first. "Mn, it's delicious!" He said, sipping in earnest. "I love it..." He looked slyly to his lover. "Not as much as I love you of course." He caught the other's tension. "Are you afraid to kiss me as you want to darling?" He asked, restng his head on the other's shoulder and looking upward at him.

Sipping his own butterbeer Voldermort frowned slightly.
"It isss jusst I do not want to draw unwanted attention my love... thiss iss a rather dangerousss ssituation for me at the moment." He was thinking of adding the fact he would love to kill the Griffindor students and spare himself having to deal with them when they were older and more dangerous but as much as he wanted to do that his return must stay secret for now.

Larus nodded and kissed his lord. "All right. don't like the thought of you in danger though... if I can help let me know dear." He said, nibbling on his food that he'd ordered. "Mn, this is all really good, isn't it?"He asked, taking sips of his drink while he ate.

"Asss long asss I am not recognized everything will be fine." Voldermort gave in to the urge to smell his lover's hair, he shook his head form side to side a little, breathing deeply. This led to another urge, the Dark Lord nibbled on Larus' earlobe and whispered sweet nothings to him. He let his arm slip round the boy's waist and hissed softly with joy. He liked being able to touch the other like that and not have to hide it behind closed doors.

Larus smiled and snuggled into the other. "Awe, you're feeling cuddley." He said, kissing his cheek. "Look at you you're positively beaming with the need to cuddle. Awe, you're so cute!" He said, squealing with delight and clinging tightly to the other. Yes, it would be safe to say that Larus was the clingy type.

Not sure if he liked being called cute the Dark Lord sighed. It was a sigh of defeat as he gave in to the wonderful new feelings that Larus bought out in him.
"Yess my love, I am feeling cuddly but you are the only one who can ssay ssuch thingss and live." Giving a small chuckle Voldermort smiled brightly, his red eyes seeming to glow with a warm fire rather then an all consuming flame.

Larus smiled at how bright his lover's eyes were. He leaned up and kissed him. "Oh my love, what should we have for desert?" He asked, wishing desperately to have some icecream or perhaps a piece of pie. He wanted to feed his lover, to see what that kind of coupley-thing was like.

Becoming more and more comfortable with Larus' affection, Voldermort smiled again. The more he smiled the less strange it felt, the Dark Lord was beginning to really enjoy it.
"My treat my love, you can order what you like."

Larus nodded and ordered an chocolate icecream sundae. "You should order one as well love. And ice cream might be good for you." He said, having the distinct feeling that his lover didn't eat the said treat often.

Voldermort's first reaction was to frown, he was not really one for desserts but seeing as he had enjoyed everything else Larus had bought into his life he decided to be adventurous.
"Very well my love, make it two chocolate ssundaess." Glancing over that the others the Dark Lord was pleased to see them leaving, he felt a lot more comfortable now and was not so worried about being recognized so he began to relax more.

Larus nibbled his ice cream as soon as he got it and groaned in delight "Ohhh it's delightful!!!" He said, quickly eating more."Mnnnnn go on love, eat it!" He said, grabbing the other's spoon and holding it to his mouth to feed him.

Eying the spoon as if it were a vicious dog Voldermort screwed up his nose and opened his mouth. As his lips slid along the spoon and the ice-cream touched his tongue he tilted his head to the side. Rolling it around on his tongue Voldermort suddenly smiled, pleased with the taste.
"It is delightful!" He exclaimed and nodded his head indicating he would like more.

Larus continued to feed his lover, very happy that he enjoyed it. "I'm glad you enjoy it! Oh this is so swet, my getting to feed you on a date.." He said, not believeing he was actually on a date with his beloved lord.

Voldermort found himself giggling like a school girl, for the first time in as long as he could remember he was truly happy. Brushing his hair out of his eyes he continued to let Larus feed him. There was a little bit of chocolate in the corner of the boy's mouth and Voldemort reached out to wipe it. He found touching Larus' lips very enjoyable and softly traced them after letting his lover suck the chocolate off his finger.

Larus enjoyed the taste of the chocolate, even more so when it was atop his lover's finger. He wondered what they were to do after their meal and desert, but then he remembered that the potion they had used only lasted so long. "Love, when do you think it will wear off?" He asked curiously.

The Dark Lord thought for a moment.
"I believe Sseveruss ssaid it would lasst about ssix hoursss. He iss ussually very accurate when it comes to thesse thingss but we sshould return to the manssion well before time to be ssure." Voldemort was truly shocked to realize he did not want the date to end.

Larus smiled. "Perhaps we should go on a moonlit stroll through the woods around your manor before we do?" He asked, thinking it would be incredibly romantic to do so with the other.

Liking that idea Voldermort bent down to kiss Larus. He let his lips linger on the boy's lips for a moment after the kiss, savouring the intimacy and closeness it afforded him.
"That would be wonderful..." He whispered keeping his eyes closed and breathing in that now familure scent that was his lover.

Larus looked into his lover's eyes and then at his lips, back to his eyes and then his lips again before catching him in an obnoxiously passionate kiss. He couldn't help himself, he just really really wanted to kiss the other.

His first reaction was to pull away, the Dark Lord was not used to another being so bold as to kiss him so forcefully but something inside him stayed his anger. This was Larus kissing him, the boy who made him smile and touched his heart in ways he thought would always be denied him. Voldermort stiffened slightly before he took his lover's head in his hands and kissed him back with such fierceness he felt he would consume Larus' very soul.

Larus smiled ito the kiss, truly pleased with the other kissing him back in such a way. "Mnnn," He said, pulling away after a moment, feeling as though he was floating away on the clouds. "You make me feel so..... out of this conscious realm.." He said, pressing another kiss to the other's lips, only this time more gentle. He sighed content against the other's lips.

Thinking about his lover's words Voldermort sat there, his lips hovering only millimeters form Larus' lips. He also felt as if he were living a dream instead of reality. Everything had changed so quickly because of the boy but for once the Dark Lord did not mind giving up complete control over every aspect of his life. He was happy, madly in love and beginning to care less and less about the threat Harry Potter and his friends were becoming, there were more important things in his life now. With a smile the Dark Lord moved so he was whispering in his lover's ear.
"Asss do you my love... asss do you.."

Larus smiled. "Let's go for that walk." He said, kissing him sweetly. "we should enjoy the night as well as the ability to be completely to ourseleves. No followers to interrupt us, no one to look awkwardly at us. We can just be ourselves in one-another's embrace."

Nodding Voldermort settled the bill and slid his arm around his young lover's waist. Larus was right, it was wonderful to be able to show his affection for the other without fear it would endanger the boy. The Dark Lord now understood that if anything happened to the boy his heart would break. Larus had replaced everything important in his life and that scared him more than anything ever could. Life without his lover would be worse then spending his existance in Azkaban.

It was a tight hug that Larus gave the other when they were outside. He waited for the other to apparate them back to the house so that they could walk in the woods around it. He was ecstatic and happy. He leaned up and kissed the other again, it was simply an action he couldn't seem to quit doing. He stroked his cheek and kissed his lips."I love you." He whispered.

It was wonderful to be able to walk under the moonlight with Larus, he made small talk and kissed the boy every now and then. There was a slight chill in the air but with his lover at his side Voldermort was more than warm enough. He had been impressed with Larus's studies, the boy had talent and the makings of a great wizard. The Dark Lord was sure Larus would become a strong and skilled deatheater and perhaps even a great general, ruling at his side. Images of the world on it's knees before him with the boy at his side made Voldermort smile proudly.
"I have great planss for you my love, planss worthy of you sskill and place at my sside."

Larus blushed. "I will not fail your plans my love." He said, kissing him. "So long as I am srving you and loving you I am happiest. All I ask is that you are kind and love me in turn. You're my life, darling." He took the other's hand and inhaled deeply the fresh night air. "I've never been so happy."

"Nor have I my love..." Voldermort bent to kiss the boy again, his hands wandering to the small of Larus' back. He wondered if his young lover had cast some kind of infatuation spell on him... the boy had the talent to do such a thing and it was not like the Dark Lord to actually love another. It was an amusing idea and for all his wondering Voldermort knew it was not ture. He and Larus were simply made for each other.

Larus smiled. "Love, let us go in and rest with one another. I can't wait to be beside you, and without your lovely disguise." He said, thouroughly wishing his lover was himself again. "I miss you. I mean, it's you, but not. I miss your face." He said simply, noting the body was the same.

Tilting his head to the side Voldermort looked down at his young lover.
"It isss sstrange that you find me attractive... not that I am complaining you sssee it isss jusst... I have never been called handssome before." His red eyes sparkled as he studied Larus, the boy really was attracted to him and he wondered why. He had been handsome enough in his youth, better looking than most and at times he lemented the way his dark magic had changed his features. Of course he had never been as pretty as Larus, the boy was stunning by anyone's standards and that gave Voldemort's ego a great boost. He turned and guided his lover back towards the mansion as he spoke.

Larus took the other's hand in his lovingly. "I think you're very handsome my love. If that makes me strange than I am the strangest person ever. But I can't help it, I love the way you are." He shrugged and rested his head on the other's shoulder as they walked. He couldn't wait to get back into their room to lay with one another.

Something powerful stirred deep inside Voldemort, Larus loved him just the way he was and that fed his confidence. At that moment the Dark Lord believed he could do anything, he was loved just the way he was and that was something he had never experienced.
"You are the mosst preciousss thing in the world, perfect in every Larussss." He pulled the boy a little closer and smiled.

Larus blushed and smiled, clinging to him. "Good." He said, nuzzling his cheek as they walked through the door, wondering if the other would want him to stop being so close as he noticed his beloved's followers were all sending them the evil eye.He wondered if perhaps it was because his lover's appearance was changed he felt a fight comming on which was stopped by Severus.

"My lord, do you request your counter-potion now?" He asked, knowing the followers were outraged even more that they had seen Larus with what appeared to be someone other than their master.

One quick scan of the room bought Voldemort to the same conclusion and he nodded at Snape.
"Yess Sseveruss... bring it to my room and be quick about it." The Dark Lord hissed, his red eyes narrowing dangerously as he took note of the expressions on his follower's faces. It was probably a good thing that they were so concerned about Larus' actions but he did not like the way a few of them looked at his young lover. Their expressions went way beyond annoyance that the boy seemed to be with another and once he had revealed himself their looks only deepened. True hatred for Larus burned within the hearts of a few of them and that was a dangerous thing. Wrapping a protective arm around the boy he stalked past Snape. "I expect the resst of you to have your reportss ready for my insspection within the hour." Making a mental note to thank Severus for his quick thinking Voldemort went to his room to wait for the effects of the potion to wear off.

Larus gave an equally hating glare to the others. "What in the hell is their problem!?" He asked in an angry scream before storming off, still shouting. "I LOVE YOU FOR YOU MY LORD! Why can't see that? Why can't they see I only mean for your pleasure and your happiness? Your love? Why can't they see that I would never do anything to bring your downfall? That I only want to be there for you and help you in any way possible, that you're the number one priority in my life!? That you saved me and showed me love. That I love everything about you? Why do they hate me so much!? " He was so angry he was beginning to cry.He knew he was out of line but he stalked back out but he couldn't take it anymore. "YOU, ALL OF YOU RE WORTHLESS. Your master only wants his bidding done. And now that he finally can be happy about something, which is truly a benefit to you as well, you curse at me, you spit at me, and you glare at me as though I am the worst thing to grace this planet. Your lord loves me as I love him. I am his and his alone. I will never do anything to bring his downfall, I know what it is though. You're all jealous! Fucking jealous that I only had to be seen by him and show him what caring is for him to love me in turn, and yet you all. You all try everyday and he gives you nothing because no matter what you prove your incompetence! I am his LOVER. I am his BELOVED YOU ARE NOT! GET OVER IT AND GROW UP!" He was shaking with fury, unknown sparks of magic seemed to radiate off of him. "He's right to be as harsh with you as he is. None of you are even worthy to kiss his very feet. Not even worthy to call him 'master'. The only one worth a shit is Severus. He at least shows understanding and compassion. You all sicken me." With that he slammed his fist to the ground for that is where he'd sunk in his misery, leaving a long crack of angry magic along the tiles. He began to cry hardly into his knees.

Severus gasped as he watched the boy. "My lord, what should I do?" He asked. He was surprised that the boy had sowrn out. "Be easy on him.." He whispered, wondering if it was safe to go up to the child.

For a moment Voldemort was just as shocked as the others and anger flashed in his red eyes. It was anger at his followers but also anger at his young lover. It was wrong, the Dark Lord knew that but the boy's outburst bought truths to life he would have prefered stayed buried. It also put him in a difficult position as far as his followers were concered, if he did not chastize Larus he would appear weak in front of them. Hissing loudly he lashed out sending chairs backwards and his followers crashing to the floor before he pulled his lover to his feet.
"Wait for me in my room!" There was such anger and annoyance he was afraid he would regret his actions if his lover stayed near by. Voldemort practally threw Larus at the door. "Go with him Ssseverusss!" Turning back to his followers he flicked his wand and made the closest deatheater convulse in pain. "You have all disssapointed me... how dare you make me look bad in front of my lover!?" He turned his wand on the next death eater, torturing him as well. The Dark Lord was determined to take out all his frustration on his groveling followers, he was too afraid to be near Larus lest he unintentionally lash out at the boy.

Larus clung to Severus as the older man picked the boy up and set him in the room. "Sev.. why is he so afraid of them knowing what we have? And why can't they see that I mean him no harm and mean to not hurt him or them?" He asked, crying into the man's chest.

Severus was never god at this comforting sort of thing. "He's never showed any emotion other than anger, hate, vengeance and anything happy. Us followers see him as happy and we feel it's a thing that could weaken him rather than make him stronger. Yes, they are all rather jealous, but they would learn with time."

Larus sniffled. "He's going to be really angry.... he is really angry.. and now it's my fault. We were having such a wonderful evening, too." He sighed and pulled away from Severus, hands nervously kneading the bedding.

After torturing a few more of his followers Voldemort began to calm down. He hissed at the lot of them, showing just how angry he was then, when he could not stand to look at them any more he apparated himself to his room. Appearing suddenly beside Snape the Dark Lord sat on the bed and pulled Larus into his arms and sobbed into his soft hair. He did not say anything, he just held his lover tight and let the other's heartbeat comfort him.

Larus clung to his lover, crying a little more as he was held, glad the other had him. "I'm sorry.. I was out of line." He whispered, looking up at his lover's face. He saw the other had sobbed as well and this made him wonder. "Love.. why do you sob as I do?" He asked, trying to wipe both of their tears away.

Severus knew better than to leave them but knew better than to interrupt as well. He waited patiently for his command.

"You are ssso pressiousss to me... I am ssso afraid of losssing you... thesse deatheatersss can be viciouss and petty..." Voldemort could not continue, he squeezed his eyes shut and tried to block out the looks he had seen in his follower's eyes as Larus yelled at them. Aware that Severus was still there, he looked at the potions Master, his red eyes begging him to watch over his Larus and inform him if the deatheaters planned anything.

Larus smiled and held tight to the other, "It's all right my love. I wont let them harm me, nor you." He said, kissing him over and over. "I promise. He sighed and looked to Severus as well, smiling a little. "Thank you." He said simply, referring to the other being so comforting.

Severus nodded and looked to his lord. "I will inform you immediately should something happen or be talked of. They are unpredicatable still, and should something happen without my knowing I apologize afore hand. I will protect him to my best powers, my lord."

Snape's words were of great comfort to Voldemort and he was finally able to gain control of his fears.
"You may go if you wisssh..." He even managed to offer Severus a smile. Kissing and stroking Larus' hair the Dark Lord slowly calmed down.
"You are my life Larusss... if anything were to happen to you...." Sighing Voldemort hugged his lover again.

Severus bowed deeply and left, joining the others in cleaning. "Great job everyone, he's completely livid." He said to the mass of them, sighing and righting hte fallen chairs and such.

Larus kissed him. "i feel the same when thinking of you. I'd be broken if you were to be hurt on my account. Would they do that though? Be so bold as to try and harm you?" He asked, kissing him.

Thinking for a long time Voldemort sighed.
"Yesss my love I think perhapsss ssome of the would. You ssseee many of them are loyal to me thought fear of my anger ssshould they fail. Take that away and you have nothing but caniving, oppertunisstss who are only out to advance themsselvesss at any cosst. Pleasse be careful my love..." As he spoke the Dark Lord held the boy, refusing to break physical contact because he needed the comfort of the other as much as he wanted to protect him.

Larus nodded, sighing as he was held by the other. "I wont let them take you, love. I'd die before I let that happen." He said, his voice darkened and serious for a moment before he looked up and the moment passed. "You're my world, love." He said, kissing his lover's lips.

Lucius snarled at the potions Master, he hated the fact that the half blood was so close to the Dark Lord.
"And you think this was our fault do you?" He asked as he looked down his nose at Snape. "Changing his appearence, going out on dates.... every since he took that boy as his lover the Dark Lord has been distracted. Dumbledore is running Hogwarts into the ground, pandering to these half bloods and mud bloods and that Potter filth grows stronger everyday. What does our dear Lord do about it? Nothing! That is what he does... he repremands us for not acting on the issues then ignores them compleatly." The white haired full blood was glaring at Severus as he thumped his cane on the floor to excuentuate his point. "You should be helping us get the boy out of the way Snape... at least until Dumbledore and Harry Potter are dead then he can coddle his toy as much as he likes."

Severus growled. "You idiot, he needs the information you dolts have before he can act! Even though he is rather involved with the boy, he knows what he is doing, not one of you have faith in him anymore it seems! Don't you realize that the boy is making him think straightly if anything?"

Raising an eyebrow Lucius regarded the other.
"I thought you of all people would have hated his young love, it is no secret you adore the Dark Lord." The white haired deatheater spat the words, he wanted to hurt Severus. He had long ago believed he had won the battle for Voldemort's favor with the half blood but now he was not so sure. "Besides you are not the only one who is watching out for our Lord's best interestes."

"I do adore him, but I would rather see him happy then see him waste away. And don't dare say he wasn't, because he was. You are just as n love with him as I am, you fool. If you were watching for his best interests, you wouldn't be such an idiot about his feelings." Severus replied acidicly.

The Potion Master's words stung Malfoy and he concidered doing some kind of nasty spell on Severus. Lucius could say what he wanted about his dark haired companion, but Snape was a skilled wizard and most likely a match for him so he decided against it.
"And what happens when the boy loses interest in our Lord or gets himself killed? What then Severus? How do we comfort him then?" Even though it was obvious that Larus possessed great power, Malfoy doubted the boy had the skill to wield it with any great success. This thought of course was Lucius' way of convincing himself the Dark Lord did not really love the boy and he still had a chance with him.

"I plan to train the boy, so no worries about his power. And if he does die, then good riddance to the bastard that does it. If that were to happen we'd have to let him simmer down and do our best, for that is all we can give him. And sure, perhaps he'd turn to us for his carnal pleasure, but his heart would not be into it. That's why we should protect the boy,don't you think? Or would you rather reduce yourself to the status of one the dark lord simply uses for pleasure?" Snape countered, not at all bothered by the other.

Aragance and vanity being two of Malfoy's strongest traits, Severus once again managed to wound him greatly. Furious, he turned to bark orders and the deatheaters who shadowed him like adoring puppies. Finally thinking of a come back the white haired wizard retorted.
"Very well, I shall take on some of the responcibility of teaching the brat as well." Sticking his nose in the air as if he had just issued a royal decree or something Malfoy stalked out of the room ignoring the mess and those the Dark Lord had vented his anger on.

Severus rolled his eyes. "I don't think you have the patience...." He said, scoffing at the other, watching the others carefully. "Let me remind you all that one hand should touch the boy you'll be dead by our lord's hand."

There were a few among the gathered deatheaters that did not seem to appreciate Snape's warning, they were concidering more than just laying a hand on Laurs, one or two may have even concidered direct action against Voldermort.

Reaching out for the brush the Dark Lord decided to brush Laru's hair. He had never wanted to lather such affection on someone before but as he had already admitted, Larus was different.
"I am led to believe it is very enjoyable to have someone comb your hair.... do you mind?" That was something else very new to Voldemort, asking before he did something. The joy his lover bought him was more than worth the discomfort such things bought up in him.

Severus snorted and stalked off, going to his rooms, hoping nothing bad would happen any time soon.

Larus smiled and kissed his lover. "Certainly if you would like to. I wouldn't mind at all, it needs a good brushing. It gets tossed about by you all the time." He said, smiling softly. "I love it of course." He added, conjuring a brush and handing it to the other. "I'd offer to brush yours... but you don't have hair.." He giggled.

Usually such a remark would anger the Dark Lord but he knew Larus loved the way he looked and when the boy giggled he could not help laughing as well. In all the chaos and bitterness, the darkness and hatred that made up Voldemort's life, he had finally found a ray of light. He began to gently brush the boy's hair, allowing the silky strands to slip through his fingers every now and then. It was surprizingly relaxing and he enjoyed much more than he expected.
"It is ssso very beautiful, jussst like the resst of you my beloved Larusss."

"Mnn it feels so good to have your fingers run through my hair." Larus said, practically purring with delight. "Ohhhh soooo gooood." He felt his eyes close and decided he must feel what a cat felt when being stroked. "May we do something fun after this? Like backe a pie together?"

"Bake?" Voldemort burst out laughing. His young lover had some strange idea's of fun, he was thinking more along the lines of torturing an enemy, skinning a stray cat with magic or summoning a monster to terrorize a near buy village. All the other things Larus had suggested had been surprisingly pleasant so with a smile he nodded.

Larus smiled at his lover and hopped off of the bed. "There, my hair is silky smooth, now come!" He said, grabbing hte other's hand, leaning to kiss the said hand before leading him off down the hallway, trying to remember where the kitchens were. "Which way was it again?"

"The kitchenss are thiss way if that isss what you are looking for, though I musst admit it hass been quite ssome time ssince I have been there." The house elfs seemed horrorfied to see their Master in the servants halls and they quickly leaped out of his way. It was obvious they were all scared stiff of the Dark Lord and equally obvious that Voldemort did not notice their fear or care about it.

Larus conjured two aprons, his was plain white while he made his lover's dark green. "There you go." He said, handing it to him. He conjured a mixing bowl and grabbed from the ice-box neded eggs and the from the cupboards the needed extra ingredients for the pie crust itself and then fruit for the filling. "Cheery? Blueberry? Apple? Which sounds best?"

Although he was not exactly sure what he was supposed to do Voldemort watched his lover.
"If have once had an apple/ cherry pie and found it quite to my liking." It astounded the Dark Lord how the boy knew his way around the kitchen and even more astounding was the fact he found Larus in an apron very attractive indeed.

Larus smiled and made a chery/aple filling, hoping it was made well he dipped his finger in it and held it to his lover's lips. "Taste." He said in a soft demand to see what the other thought of it while his free hand mixed the part for the crust dough.

Voldermort could not help moaning in pleasure as he tasted the offered filling but it was not just the sweet treat that pleased him, he suckled at Larus' finger, brushing it with the tip of his tongue.
"It issss very good my love.... almossst ass sssweet ass you Laruss." Shaking his head the Dark Lord tried to think of something other than how he would love to suck on others parts of his lover.

A light blush spread on Larus' cheeks at the sound of the other's voice. "Do you know your voice practically carresses me?" He informed in a question while pouring the mixed crust into the pan. He then mixed together what he needed for the filling and pre-heated the oven. "And believe it or not, you're just as sweet as I am."

Severus had walked by and when seeing the other decided to give him an update. "My lord, I don't mean to ruin such an intimate moment, but I will warn you to watch your back. I want to begin to train Larus, he's got a great deal of power but with no mind to use it he'll be useless to protect himself. Lucius said he would train him as well, but watch him, he's got his own interests at heart. And the others... they're furious.. they pose threat."

The news did seem to curdle the sweetness on his tongue but Veldemort had expected as much. Remembering what Larus had mentioned about being nicer to his followers the Dark Lord cleared his throat.
"Thank you Severus, as always your loyalty is appreciated." Voldemort looked to his lover to see if he had done it right, another thing that was new, seeking another's aproval. He was also still a little shocked at being called sweet.

Larus nodded and smiled, popping the now prepared pie into the oven. "Severus, you're more than welcome to try the pie after it's done." He said, inviting the other to a piece.

Severus nodded. "Thank you, Larus, I would appreciate such a delicacy. What flavor is it?"

"Apple and cherry." Larus replied, resting his head on the dark lord's chest, pressing a kiss to him while doing so. He wrapped his arms about his lord's waist, enjoying the feeling of the other's strength.

Suddenly Voldemort felt like he wanted to cry, a rush of emotion threatened to overcome him. He felt so happy standing there with Larus in his arms and the one deatheater he could trust. It was a kind of family moment he had dreamed off as a child, the sense of satisfaction and comfort in each others presence he had never experienced.
"I chossse the flavor..." He muttered before pressing his lips together and frowning in concentration so he did not break down weeping.

Larus smiled and looked up at his lover, pressing a kiss to his lips. "What's the matter love?" He asked, peering at the other, knowing his emotions were off immediately.

Severus smiled. "I am sure it will be delicious, my lord. It is good you have one that can cook, reminds me of a wife of sorts." He said with a small smile. He had never been so friendly and informal around his lord, but it seemed the other was rapidly changing. He had to be changing after-all to allow him such things as eating a piece of pie that was of his design, talk to him in such a way not to mention speak to his lover. It was a nice change. When Larus mentioned something was wrong with their lord he looked at the other and nodded, something was wrong. "He's right my lord.. something troubles you?" He asked, incredulous for the other looked as though he was going to break into tears.

Taking in a deep breath the Dark Lord calmed himself.
"I have never had a loving family." He stated as if that should explain everything. Emotions were a weakness, they were something he did not want to explore but he did not want to break the friendly, loving atmosphere they had going. Changing the subject Voldemort added. "What a beautiful wife you would make my darling Larussss." He leaned forward to kiss the boy passionatly.

Larus practically melted into the other as he was kissed, wrapping his arms arounf his necks. "And you'd make the best husband known to the world." He said in turn, kissing him again.

Severus watched fascinated at their affection. Here was the proclaimed evilest man in the world passionately... no lovingly making out with a boy who he claimed as his lover, wife even. It was a nice sight indeed.

"How long doess it take for the pie to bake?" Voldemort hissed happily. "Do I have enough time to take you here on the bench?" With a preditoral growl the Dark Lord lifted Larus onto the bench devouring him with another forceful kiss.

Larus blushed and nodded. "We still have fifteen minutes... oh but dear, should Severus witness our love-making?" he asked, pointing out the fact that the loyal deatheater was still there, now watching them with an raised eyebrow.

Severus cleared his throat. "Yes, I should um... get back to my work.." He said, waiting to see if he was dismissed.

"Ah yesss Sseverusss, you may go for now but if you wissh you can join uss in fifteen minuetsss for ssome pie." The Dark Lord actually smiled and then returned his attention to Larus and playfuly nipped at the boy's neck. He was aroused again, the idea of his lover as a wife had excited him and he pulled the boy's almost see through pants down.

Larus kissed his lover's shoulder, his hands sliding along his beloved's strong chest while he helped the other undress him by simply moving his hips to better aid the falling-off of clothing. "Mn, my love..."

Severus nodded. "Fifteen minutes it is then." He said with a grin, happy for his lord as he left, setting his wand as a sort of timer.

In a kind of passionate fever, Voldemort grabbed hold of some cream that was on the nearby bench and used it to lubricate his lover as he pushed his finger inside him. He continued to bite and suckle Larus, paying particular attention to the firm, pink nipples.
"Mmmm my Larussss."

Larus blushed at what his lover used to lubriacte him. He shuddered and arched into his lover's lips and hands. "Take me, please my love, my voldemort." He begged practically wanton with desire for his lover. " I love you, I want you, I need you."

There was no way the Dark Lord could ignore such a plea and he removed his fingers and placed himself at his lover's enterence. Hissing softly he pushed in slowly then waited for Larus to adjust before he pushed in fully. Being inside his lover was such an amazing feeling he closed his eye.
"My Larusss..."

Larus gasped and molded to his lover at the delightful feeling. "Oh! Love! please..." He plead with him, his voice husky with lust while his pleasure became apparent. He enjoyed every bit of his lover inside him, enjoyed that he was feling so good by the other's ministrations. He loved to know he was pleasing hte other and he could tell by the other's voice, his words and expression that he pleased him very much.

Enjoying the boy emencly Voldemort began to thrust into him wildly, over and over. He slipped his arms under Larus's knees and pulled him closer, penetrating deeper and deeper, caressing his lover's prostate.
"Larusss..... Larussss!" It was not close enough, not deep enough. The Dark Lord wanted to melt into the other until their souls fused together.

Larus gave forth to shuddering cries of pleasure, trying to open furhter to let his lover inside him deeper and harder as he sensed he needed it, willing him as far as he could go. "Love! Please!" He shouted, finding he wouldn't last so very much longer, and a look to the timer on the pie that baked told him they were about out of time as it was, time flies when one is having fun.

Voldemort's rhythm faltered slightly as he neared his end, his body tingling all over, awash with pleasure. He hissed and growled, pulled Larus to him and arched his own back thrusting his pelvis harder. The spell was fading, his true features returning as if he needed to be completely himself before he climaxed.
"Larussss!!!" The Dark Lord groaned. "Cum for me Larusss!" He wanted to feel his lover tighten around him, wanted to hear those sweet cries of pleasure from those full, soft lips.

Larus froze as the other demanded his climax, only able to give into him and cling to his lord tightly. "My love!" He called out, whimpering pleasurefully as he finished , his eyes shut to the image of his lover being changed was back to normal as he opened his eyes again after the initial heaven-sending feeling. He sighed contently and held tight to him still. "Oh love.."

Severus walked in at that precise moment and saw the two entwined. They were clearly finished, but rather stuck together. He smiled and noticed the pie, he simply stepped in and removed it from the oven to cool so it did not burn and stepped back out so the other two could dress, waiting to be called back in.

For the longest time Voldemort just clung to Larus, he remained within the boy until he had caught his breath. Gently pulling out he smiled and sniffed at the pie as he handed Larus his clothes.
"It sssmellssss wonderful my love."

Larus smiled. "Yes it does! Oh I am soo hungry for it too." He said, kissing his lord as he dressed. After he finished dressing he blushed that Severus had been there. "Sorry, we finished a bit late."

Severus simply nodded and reguarded his lord and Larus with a keen interest. What drew them togehter? Opposite attraction? They were quite different from one another.

Realizing Snape was studying him, Voldemort looked at the potions Master. There was no hint of malice in his eyes or anything that would suggest that he or Larus had anything to fear from the deatheater. The Dark Lord might have smiled had he been more used to doing so, he felt an odd kind of comfort knowing that Severus would watch over his young lover.
"After we have eaten I have mattersss to attend too... Ssseverusss do you have the time to teach Larusss for an hour or ssso?" It was not until he had said it that Voldemort realized he had not ordered Snape to tack the boy but asked.

Severus blinked several times that his master had requested rather than demanded. He nodded slowly. "Yes..... my time is yours, master." He said, his lips quirking into a smile. "What should I teach him? Defense?"

Larus smiled brightly, cutting the pie into eight pieces, and then he conjured plates. "That would be fun." He said, handing on to severus and then on to his lover before taking one for his own, givin them forks. He took a bite of the pie and giggled. "Oh it's good!"

"Yesss defensse." The Dark Lord said sharply regaining some of his usual commanding air. He took the fork and sectioning off a small piece he blew on it to cool it then tentitively tasted it. "Mmmmmmm thisss isss good." He closed his eyes as he rolled the pie around on his tongue so he could savor its flavor.

Larus was more than pleased with his lover's approval of his baking. "I'm glad you like it my love." He said, kissing his cheek.

Severus tasted his own piece and closed his eyes in savoring. "Oh, it is quite nice. I am glad you're a good cook. Although there are houseelfs, I am sure our lord likes to be spoilt here and there."

Again Voldemort found himself smiling as he ate the rest of his pie, he could not stop thinking of Larus in the apron and what the boy might taste like covered in the apple/cherry filling. Never before had one of his lovers aroused him so much or so often. The Dark Lord had many things he had to do but had been putting them off to spend time with Larus, now he dreaded the thought of being without his love for even a few hours. Sighing, Voldemort told himself he needed to focus and stop behaving like a lovesick schoolgirl.

Larus smiled and kissed his lover. "Go get your things done, mylove, and then come back and ravish me, Severus will take care of me while you're gone." He said, kissing him again.

Severus nodded. "I wont let any harm fall to him while he's in my care." He said to reassure the other.

Kissing his lover goodbye, the Dark Lord nodded at Severus then left. He chuckled softly to himself.
"Return and ravage me hugh? I am not asss young asss I usssed to be but perhapssss... if I am not too tired I will do jussst that." It was not until one of his followers stared at him that Voldemort realized he was talking out loud. Annoyed that the deatheater had not bowed as was customary, he hissed.

Larus and Severus finished their pie and, placing the items in a sink in which case they washed themselves.

Severus cleared way for a large area, deciding that since no meals were being cooked that the kitchens would be a well place to start training. "All right, Larus, I just want to test your reflexes. I am going to fire off simple spells of light and I want you to block them and dodge them when necessary, do you understand?"

Larus nodded and pulled out his wand, standing loose, but on guard.

Remembering himself the deatheater bowed and scurried after Voldemort as he stormed down the hall.
"We have managed to get a spy within the minestry of magic and he is keeping us informed of the counter measures being taken regarding the security of the err... item. Some of the giants have joined us and Bellatrix is here asking for an audience My Lord." Raising an eyebrow the Dark Lord hissed.
"What doesss she want?"
"I am not sure My Lord, she refused to tell anyone but you." Hissing again in annoyance Voldemort frowned.
"Very well I will meet her in the sssitting room."

Severus trained the boy fast, shooting all sorts of lighted spells his way, more than pleased as the boy seemed to dodge them easily, he blocked them well enough as well. "Now, throw them back at me as I do to you, I want to see how you are in an defensive-offense." He instructed, beginning witout a second's notice.

Larus tried as he might, ut he found it was much more difficult to guard himself while he was casting them back. He did manage, but only after three or so tries before hegot a perfect way of moving down to be able to do so efficiently.

"And you had better cook it properly this time or I will turn you into a book end!" Lucius walked into the kitchen tapping the elf in front of him with his cane. He stopped when he saw Severus and Larus and snarled slightly as he witnessed the boy deliver a perfect defensive attack. The fact his Lord's lover was obviously talented annoyed him.

Larus smiled at Lucius. "Hello mister Malfoy." He said, managing to pin Severus with an attack.

Severus halted the training. "Do you need something, Lucius, dear? We're in the middle of something." He said, his voice annoyed as he eyed the other. "You know, Larus is quite the cook, perhaps he could cook for you?" The only reason he offered was that the boy liked to cook.

Larus grinned. "Oh, I would love to, what did you want to make, mister Malfoy?" He asked, going up to the blond aristocrat and removing his outer robes from his tense form and ushering him to his seat. He didn't touch the other's cane for fear of him growing angry for he knew it probably held something dear to him.

Looking very annoyed the blonde man looked down his nose at the potions Master.
"I have always thought that cooking was a menial task, beneath a great, fullblood wizard but I guess there are those who find it enjoyable." His tone was pure insult and it was aimed at both Severus and Larus. Clearly he was in a foul mood.

Severus shot a glare at the stuck-up blonde. "Watch your tone, Lucius." Severus insisted, hoping he didn't need to remind the blonde of what could happen should he upset Larus and their lord find out about it.

Larus rolled his eyes. "Fine, don't let me cook for you. Would you like a piece of pie at least? It wasn't done but a little while ago, Severus and our lord both loved it."

The fact that the Dark Lord had shared a pie with Severus cut deeply and for a moment Lucius looked like he had just bitten into something very sour.
"Well I suppose if our Lord approved of it I can try a piece?" Feeling as if the love of his life was slipping further and further away the blonde forced himself to smile and be polite.

Severus gave Lucius only the faintest smile. He knew the other was jealous and he rolled his eyes at the fact. It was a waste of time to be jealous when their lord only had eyes for the young beauty that was Larus.

Larus smiled and happily brought him a piece, and even a fork. "Here you go." He said, taking a seat beside Lucius, even though he knew it might irritate the man, and smiled as Severus took a seat on the side of the table to face Lucius.

"Lucius," Severus began, pausing. "What subjects would you like to teach Larus?"

Taking a bite of the pie the blonde thought for a moment but before he could answer his eyes went wide and he froze. It took him a moment before he swallowed the mouthful and a begrudging smile curled the corners of his lips.
"This is actually very good." Lucius almost choked on the complement, as if it was difficult for him. "I thought perhaps I chould teach him some of the more useful spells like mist traveling."

Severus nodded. "Yes, that would be highly beneficial to him, apparaition is always helpful." He said, finding it a miracle that the blonde was so enjoying his food and starting to be a little more civil to Larus.

Larus smiled. "That would be sooo fun." He said, conjuring a brush to get out a small tangle in Lucius' otherwise lawless hair. He smiled and smoothed it back down. "Sorry, I couldn't help it... it was there..."

Lucius's brows furrowed as he regarded the boy. He had actually liked being touched in such a way but he did not like being touched without permission. There was also the fact that Larus really was an attractive boy and the smile was contagious. In the blonde's mind Larus was much more dangerous then he had first thought, if he found himself liking him then it was harder to hold onto hope Voldemort would one day see him as his soulmate. Battling against the urge to smile back, Malfoy cleared his throat.
"We will begin your training tomorrow if Our Lord agrees. Oh, and never touch me again unless I have given you express permission too." Despite the harshness of his words, Lucius' heart was just not in the repremand.

Larus was happy at first but then gave to a sad pout. "Sorry." He spelled the brush away and sighed, wondering where his lord was. "Sev, do you think it's been an hour yet? I miss him?" He said, his pout becomming even deeper.

Severus frowned at the suddenly saddened young boy and shot a glare to Lucius for bringing it about. "It has, but it is best to wait until he calls for you." He said, standing and walking to the counter where he leaned against it, yeing the two. Would they never get along? It was Lucius' fault, why was he being so stubborn?

Seeing the boy pout did not help, if he was not careful he would end up liking him. With a sigh Lucius scraped the last smudge of pie from his plate and did something that was very forin to him, he thanked Larus.
"The pie was delightful, thank you." The snarl on his lips betrayed how bitter those words tasted on his tongue, the fact he meant them making them more so. "It seems you are full of unexpected gifts." He added and quickly looked away from the others.

Rubbing his temples Voldemort sighed and dismissed Bellatrix. Usually her presence was a pleasant distraction, she was quite possibly completely insane and almost as evil as him but today he just wanted to return to his lover. Standing up he hurried down the halls towards the kitchen, he had a feeling that was where Severus and Larus were and if he were not mistaken Lucius was with them.

Larus smiled. "You're welcome.' At the sound of heavy footfalls on the stones in the hallway Larus grew excited and peaked out. "LOVE!" He shouted, giggling as he saw his lover, forgetting all protocol as he an to his lord, kissing him eagerly. "I missed you." He hugged him tightly.

Severus blinked several times at Lucius. "Oh my, was that an sincere apology?" he asked, stepping behind Lucius and reaching for his empty plate.
As he heard Larus' exclamation he smiled. "You can't help but know they're right for one another."

A slight snarl curled the blonde's lip. He might have agreed with the halfblood but he did not have to say it out loud.

At first the Dark Lord frowned at Larus but then he just sighed. He loved the boy, there was no denying that and he loved the affection Larus lavished on him as well. Bending to kiss the boy, Voldemort even gave his ass a little grope.
"Are Ssseverussss and Luciussss playing nice my love? They are not exactly fasst friendsss.

Larus grinned at his love. "Severus is super nice, Lucius is kinda mean, but that's cause he's just a stuck up aristocat, he didn't hurt my feelings or anything though, just bing a bit stuffy. Severus and I dueld. Lucius is going to teach me apparition." He said, kissing his lover's neck and nuzzling the newly kissed skin. "I love you." He whispered.

Severus frowned at Lucius. "Keep that lip curled and you'll look like a frenchmen who twirled the ends of his mustache too tightly." He said, taking his seat across from the other. "Of course, you are a mean thing, aren't you Luc?"

"I love you too my darling Larussss." Throwing caution to the wind the Dark Lord lifted his lover up into his arms bridal style and carried him back into the kitchen.

"Luc?" His ego bruised, Lucius lifted his chin a little and glared down his nose at Severus. He was about to give the potions Master an earful for not addressing him properly when his eyes went wide and his jaw dropped as he saw Voldemort carry Larus over the kitchen threshold. Shocked did not even begin to describe the blonde's state.

Larus giggled and kissed his lord. "Did you want me to make you another treat my lord?" He asked, surprised that he had been taken back into the kitchen, but then it occured to him his love might wish to talk to Lucius or Severus.

Severus smirked at Lucius and tried to force the blonde's mouth shut with his hands. "It's rude to keep your mouth open in such a way." He hissed into his ear. "They're in love, you dolt."

Voldemort smiled at Larus as he put him down.
"No my love, I wissh to disscusss your training sshedual with Sseveruss and Luciusss." The Dark Lord sat himself down and studied his followers for a moment before he told them times and places they were required and what subjects he wanted his lover competent in.

Had he not been in total shock Lucius might have attacked Severus for touching him without permission. What further served to bewilder the blonde was how his chin tingled where the potions Master had touched him. Finally recovering, Lucius nodded and smiled at the Dark Lord.
"Of course My Lord, I would be honored to teach young Larus. I will not fail you."

Larus kissed his lord after he'd told them what he wanted. Larus just wanted the other to himself suddenly, wanted to go back to their room and cuddle or anything their lord wanted to do.

Severus nodded to his lord. "I will be more than happy to do this, my lord." He stated, placing his hand on Lucius' shoulder while he stood, using the blond as a place to rest on. "With the two of us teaching him, the boy will rise to his full potential in no time. We will not fail you." He said,honest with his lord. He noticed that on a different note that Lucius' shoulder felt very strong under his hand, even through Lucius' robes he could tell the man was powerful in magic as well as build and for a moment Severus felt.. flustered...

Voldemort nodded then wrapping an arm around Larus he turned and left. There was something odd about his two most devoted followers, a change in the usual tension and hatred between them.
"Come my love, I need to relax a little..." The Dark Lord hissed softly.

Once again Severus was being for too familure with him, the man was leaning on him! Some how he did not chastise the potions Master but remained silent. Watching Voldemort and Larus leave the blonde had to admit that they made a nice couple and his Lord seemed... happy... happier than Malfoy had ever seen him.

Larus smiled and kissed his lover as they walked out. "Do you want another massage?" He asked, ready to please his lover in any way possible. He wanted to cuddle him, pamper him, spoil him, anything he could to make him happy.

It was a surprise that Lucius hadn't ordered Severus to leave him alone. Severus remained leaning on Lucius for a moment longer beofre he moved away. "You can't dare tell me that they aren't for one another. Do you not enjoy seeing him so happy?" And by him, Severus of course meant their lord.

"Mmmm that would be lovely Larusss." The Dark Lord smiled and suddenly lifted his young lover into his arms again. "I do not know what hasss come over me.... you have completely bewitched me..." Kicking the door to his bedroom open he entered and kissed the boy passionatly before he layed him gently on the bed.

Feeling as if a dagger had been driven into his heart Lucius snarled and tapped Severus' hand with his cane signaling the potions Master to unhand him.
"I just hope he stays that way." Of course Malfoy secretly hoped Voldemort would fall madly in love with him but he could not say that out loud and especially not to Severus.

"You just fell in love, my love." Larus said, excusing himself from the playful accusation of bewitchment. Larus returned his lover's passionate kiss with one filled with his own sense of passion. He shivered and smield,looking happily up at him. "I think you should be the one laying down, my lord."

Severus frowned and removed his hand. "You're so touchy, it makes me wonder that we haven't worked toether since we were teenagers. But I wont touch you as it is what you desire, mister Malfoy." He said lowly, his voice a bit irritated but also sensual in its growl. He turned to leave, looking over his shoulder once andm pausing in his steps. He was going to ask the blond to his rooms for a drink, but decided against it. Let the blond wallow away in his self pitty.

Smiling Voldemort nodded and stripped off then stretched out on the bed. He could not believe how much his life had changed in such a short time. The Dark Lord was completely smitten but was beginning to worry about his lover. If anything were to happen to the boy he would be devistated. Years ago he had told himself if he never loved anything then he would never have to bare the pain of losing it and now he had fallen deeply in love.

The instant Severus left, Lucius covered his face with his hands. Tears threatened to roll down his cheeks as he came to the terms with the fact his Lord would never love him as he desired. Refusing to be reduced to a blubbering mess, the blonde took in a deep breath and stood up righting his clothing. Not wanting to be alone he decided to go to Snape's room and discuss training the boy who broke his heart.

Larus grinned and straddled his lover's backside, conjuring his messy but relaxing ointment he'd used on his lord the first time. He spelled away the other's robesand gathered a great bit of the mushy mixture in his hands before setting to work, enjoying the way the squishy mess felt under his fingertips while he massaged it into his skin.

Upon entering his rooms Severus had felt Lucius would not follow him. He removed his clothing all except his undergarments and wrapped himself in a house-robe, also wearing slippers while he sat in a chair, making himself a glass of firewhiskey. "The man is only going to torment himself if he keeps thinking on our lord." He said aloud to himself.

Moaning in pleasure and closing his eyes the Dark Lord relaxed. He loved the feel of Larus' hands on him even if it was not during sex. His other lovers had only managed to annoy him if they touched him any other time but not Larus. There was very little the boy did that annoyed him, and the things that did were mainly because he would concerned how others would interperate them. Voldemort hissed in such a way he reminded himself of a cat purring, the bought a smile to his lips, something else he had done a lot of receintly.

As he approached the door Lucius almost lost his nerve but the thought of returning to his room with nothing to distract him from the fact he would never be the Dark Lord's lover urged him on. Knocking he cleared his voice and called out.
"Severus... open up..." He went to give a reason but words failed him so he just knocked again with his cane.

Larus smiled and continued his massage, tracing patterns in the goo that was upon his lord's back, soaking lowly into the skin to help rid of stressed muscles and fatigue in the said area while also calming and making the other peaceful. "You're like a large cat ya know."

Seerus rolled his eyes. "The door is open, Lucius, just come in." He said, heaving a sigh and continuing to to drink from his glass of firewhiskey, he didn't bother to dress in a more decent fashion, the other would just have to deal with it.

"A cat?" Voldermort said lazily. "I thought I wasss more ssnake like?" He smiled feeling very relaxed.

Snearing at the way Severus was dressed, the blonde walked past him and helped himself to a glass and poored himself a drink of the firewhiskey before he began to pace back and forward.
"He really does love him dosn't he?" Lucius was not sure if he was talking aobut Voldemort loving Larus or Larus loving Voldemort.

Larus grinned. "Yeah, but right now you're very very cat like my sweet love!" He said, pressing his fingers in harder to get the deepest of the stress out of his lover's back. "Mn, I admire your body love. You're strong."

Severus nodded. "That's what I have been trying to tell you. They love one another obnoxiously, and no one id going to change that. You're going to have to accept it and move on. I doubt anything will separate them anytime soon or at all."

Finding himself smiling brightly Voldemort thought for a moment. No one had ever loved his looks the way Larus had and he had definatly not been told his body was admired and strong.
"You sssay the ssweetesst thingss my love." He hissed softly and moaned again at how wonderful his back was beginning to feel. "You are truely the mossst adorable persson I have ever met my Larussss."

Glaring at Severus, Malfoy muttered.
"Move on? I don't... how did you know? I have not told anyone..." The fact the half blood knew his true feelings for his Lord both annoyed and pleased the blonde. He felt as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders because Severus knew his secret and he had been dying to tell someone how he really felt. He also felt a litte foolish and of all people he cursed the fact it had to be the Potions Master who knew the turth.

Larus smiled. "I mean every word of them, my voldemort." He said, kissing the other sweetly. "I have never been so happy with my life and where I was headng, my love, but ever since you decided I would be yours everything's been positively delightful. I have a handsome man who loves me as i love him, a home, I love it."

Severus smirked. "You honestly think you hid your feelings? Lucius, you wore all of your emotions out on your sleeve. I love our lord just as much, only I am more capable of letting him be happy and live his own life. We're both in the same hurt right now, we love the same person as much as that person loves his own lover. I don't think anyone understands more than myself right now, and it's rather plainly stamped on your face with how angry you get at the boy even when he's trying to merely help."

The Dark Lord was speachless for a moment, it was beginning to sink in that this beautiful, talented boy really did love him. He was used to people pretending or being scared of him but not Larus, he stood up to him, told him how he really felt and held him captivated and breathless.
"Yess my love, thisss isss you home in every ssensse of the word. I think it might be about time we formally let my followersss that asss well." Voldemort was going to clarify Larus' position and rank, many of the deatheaters would not be happy about that but that was their problems.

Opening his mouth to snap back at Snape, Lucius frowned then shut it again. There was no defense for the turth, the half blood had thrown his deepest, darkest desires in his face and instead of being furious he was relieved.
"You say you love him as I do?" The blonde studied Severus trying to work out if he was being honest.

Larus beamed with excitement "Oh really? That would be nice, then they wont be so mean to me all the time. It's good that they are protective, but some of them are jst downright rude." He leaned down to kiss his lover's thin lips. "My love, my lord."

Severus stared at Lucius irritably. "No, I just said that to get a rise out of you." He said sarcastically. "Yes, I do love him. Why do you think I joined him? I knew that if I became loyal to him I could at least be close to him. It's why I rarely ever get crucio-d. " He said, sighing.

"They have been mean to you? Who hasss my love?" Voldemort was suddenly furious, he had known his followers were not exactly nice to his lover but something deep down inside him wanted to kill anyone who had ever harmed the boy. He wanted to kill them slowly and as painfully as possible, it was an over reaction but he did not care.

For the first time in his life, Lucius actually felt genuinly sorry for someone other than himself. This man with his dark hair and tainted blood had been one of their Lord's most trusted followers, all because he loved him, just as he did. Reaching out he gently touched Severus' arm.
"There are times... when our Lord our frowns at me... I can hardly breathe it hurts so much. Then this boy came along and..." Lucius sighed "You hide it well Severus." That was meant as a complement, most likely the first one he had ever given the halfblood.

Larus blushed at his lover's protectiveness. "Just the ones I yelled at earlier. They're alwaus saying things that neither you or I can hear, but I know they're about me, about us. Many of them give me looks that could kill something, and some simply ignore me." He said, sighing. "It's all f them really. Severus and Lucius are the only two that show me any respect and kindness."

Severus knew a compliment from the blonde when he heard one and he nodded. "Yes, it is necessary to hide it. If our lord wanted me, or you ofr that matter, in the same way he wants Larus, he would come to us. We can only sit back and watch and admire, never to touch or recieve such affections as the boy recieves. It's hard and it hurts, but it's probably for the best, we must be made for another."

For a moment Voldemort concidered torturing all of his followers and as appealing as that idea was he could not really afford the time it would take. Instead he decided he would make an example of a few when he informed him they would all answer too and protect Larus as if the boy was him. The Dark Lord also made a mental note to let Lucius and Severus know he was pleased with them. It was amusing that those particular two would be the ones to be the exception, usually they could not stand one another.

Sighing Malfoy flopped down in a chair beside Snape and raised his glass.
"Here's to broken hearts and secret loves." With a sad resigned look, the blonde skulled the rest of his firewiskey then pulled a funny face as he tried to catch his breath. "Anohter my friend?" He asked as he reached for the bottle and filled his glass again before offering it to Severus.

Larus wondered what his beloved was thinking. He could tell the other was thinking either pleasing or unpleasing thoughts, for his love found torture to be pleasing, but he felt the reasons at this time were not pleasing to his lover. "Darling, what are you thinking? Your face changes to match emotion, yet I can not tell if you are pleaed or angry."

Severus took the offered bottle and took a long swig, grimacing as it burned on the way down. It was called firewhiskey for a reason after all. He sighed, feeling himself begin to grow tipsy with his drunken ways. He laughed a little. "You know, Lucius, we may be alone, but we still have one another to complain to." He said, eyeing hte blonde who suddenly looked more attractive than normal, which was saying something for the blonde was incredibly handsome.

"Hugh?" Coming back to reality Voldemort sighed. "I am sssorry my love, I wasss thinking about Sseverusss and Luciusss. They usually hate each other and avoid the othersss company... I am jusst curiouss asss to why they have both volenteered to teach you." The Dark Lord tired to smile and assure Larus he had done nothing wrong.

Letting out a dry chuckle Lucius nodded.
"You know Severus... I never thought I would agree with you on anything and now I find...." He left off so he could poor himself more firewiskey, the blonde was far too civilized to scull it from the bottle. "I find I understand youuu only too weeellll." Swaying slightly, he downed the last mouthful of his drink and pointed to Severus as he spoke. Malfoy was getting rather drunk and did not intend on stopping just yet.

Larus thought on it a moment, wonderng why the change. "Maybe they know they wont get anywhere by fighting? Maybe they like eachother? Maybe they just want to please you?" He asked, trying to offer different reasons. "We should spy on them and see one day."

Severus snorted and reached to take the bottle from Lucius. "You've had one too many my friend, I don't think your senses can take anymore. You're all ready slurring a bit, and if you drink the rest of that you will buy me a new one." He reached out his other hand to remove Lucius' glass from his hand.

Liking that idea, Voldemort smiled.
"Why not tonight my love? I am feeling ... playful. We can try Sseverusss firssst, hiss chamberss are closser." Sitting up he pulled the boy close and hugged him. "We can practice becoming sshadowsss." The Dark Lord was totally excited about spying with his young lover, it was a zest for life he had thought lost until now.

"Then I'lll buy you ano..anof.. another." Frowning Lucius battled for the glass before he huffed at his in ability to speak clearly and with a sigh he let go. Burying his face in his hands he sobbed once before he caught himself. "I just love him sssoooo much..." Suddenly he flicked his hair back and tried to pull himself together. "You don't need to hear this." Malfoy stood up and tripped on his first step ending up face down on the floor.

Larus squealed excitedly. "Yes! Come! Let us dress in shadowy colors!" He rose from the bed, spelling on clothing that his all of his skin from the neck down, the black cloak he wore hooded over his face and when in the shaddows it would conceal him completely. "This is going to be soo fun!"

Severus snorted as the other fell and walked to him, his head feeling light. "Mn, Lucius, my friend, you've had far too much as I stated. You can't even walk. Look at that, the lord of Malfoy Manor laying on the ground and babling like an idiot." Severus laughed at his words and found himself leaning to pick Lucius up. "Why, Lord Malfoy, you're rather muscular, it makes you too heavy to lift." He said, laughing."I suppose I will just join you on the floor." And so Severus took a seat right aside Lucius, tempted to stradle the other, but thought better of it, Lord malfoy may have been drunk, but he was probably still as pompous as always.

There was something so delightful about watching Larus when he was happy. Voldemort had never cared about anyone else before and prefered those around him to bow and scrape and scuttle off in fear of him. As he had done so often since taking the beautiful boy as he lover the Dark Lord smiled.
"Oh yesss my Larussss thiss will be lotss of fun." Kissing the other passionatly and giving him a good grope on the rear through his clothes Voldemort spelled his clothings on as well.

Narrowing his eyes and growling Lucius looked up at Severus. He decided he did not like seeing the other above him even if he was face down on the floor so he sat up and tried to right his clothing.
"I tripped on your mat you moron." He said slowly so as not to slur. Just because the halfblood knew the truth did not mean he had to admit it out loud.

Larus grinned. "Lead the way mylove, I haven't a clue where to go." He leaned up and kissed him, wondering with an excited sense what they would find when they spied on Severus.

"I am sure, and normally you wouldn't have tripped on it, and honestly, Lucy, resorting to Name calling, isn't that a bit rude?" He asked, helping Lucius right his clothing and he began to fix several strands of his hair that had fallen out of place as the other had fallen.

With a smile upon his thin lips the Dark Lord held Larus as he kissed him hard. He felt his heart hammering away in his chest as he breathed in the scent of his young lover. Everything about the boy pleased him and he gave a little sigh when he finally pulled away and stood up straight. He missed Larus' taste already.
"Come my Larusssss, let uss sssee what my mosst loyal ssbject iss up to... assside form you that isss my love." Pulling his hood up over his head he walked to the door and lead the way through the labyrinth of halls.

Annoyed that his rudness had been pointed out to him, Lucius snapped back.
"Well if you insist on calling me Lucy and touching me without permission I would say it is more than fair." Even as he retorted, the blonde found himself leaning into that slight touch as a strand of his white hair was brushed behind his ear. Perhaps it was the firewiskey or the fact he knew his Lord would never touch him in such a way but Lucius wanted to feel it again. His heart was breaking as reality set in and on top of all that the man he despised most out of all the deatheaters had seen him make a fool of himself and knew his deepest darkest secret. Feeling very vunerable, Malfoy closed his eyes for a moment and immagined it was Voldemort's fingers smoothing his long hair.

Larus blushed at the kiss his lover gave him. "Yes!" He said, following after his lord, listening in as they neared the said door, trying to gues who the potion's master was talking to.

Severus was a skilled legilimens and as Lucius leaned into his touch he caught the thoughts of their lord. He hissed in irritation. "Lucius, try to refrain from thinking about him! I will not be some instrument for you to take out your passion on while you daydream sexually about our lord in the process!" He said, withdrawing his hand and glaring at the other just a little.

At first Voldemort was tempted to go barging in and demand to know what was happening but he searched Lucius and Severus' minds. What he found left him shocked and confused. It seemed strange that he had never realized that both Snape and Malfoy were in his serves because they loved him. He was careful not to let the others know he had been pocking around inside their heads and given the fact they were both tipsy it was not so hard to remain unsensed.

Morterfied Lucius stumbled to his feet and wobbled dangerously.
"How dare you! How dare you invade my thoughts and ridicule me for wishing your touch was that of our Lord! What would you give to have him caress you? You say you understand my feelings and then you go and... and... how dare you?" The blonde was almost in tears again and he clung to the chair so he did not fall. He felt betrayed and dirty.

Larus frowned. He heard the shouting and didn't think sudden;y it was the best idea to spy on them at the moment. He pressed against the wall, continuing to listen, he s almost addicted, as though he wanted to hear an all right end to whatever agrument was taking place.

Severus hadn't meant to hurt Lucius really. He stood and placed his hands on his shoulders. "Oh Lucius, I understand far too well. I do, I promise, I just.... if we're both going to forget about him in that sense we can't use one another to 'make him real'. You'll only hurt yourself when you realize one day that my touch will never be his." He insisted, trying to get his blonde companion to see reason. "You and I don't see eye to eye hardly ever, but let this be the one thing we agree on, to never use one another for him in that sense. If we turn to one another, let it be because we want one another. But what am I saying? You're Lucius Malfoy. No one gets emotionally close nor physically close to you. Hell the only time you were intimate with your wife was to bring Draco into the world." Severus wasn't sure what he was saying, was he unknowingly confessing feelings for Lucius?

Being the wicked and evil thing he was, voldemort found the situation very amusing. It was a boost to his ego that both men loved and desired him but what really fasinated him was the dynamics between his two most faithful followers. The ever cool and in control Lucius was falling apart and the gifted halfblood was talking as if he had thought about getting close to Malfoy. If he had thought about it then perhaps he had feelings for his arragant tormentor. For that is what Lucius had been in the past, he did not even bother to hide his distaste for those of mixed blood. I was all so sumptious, so very delectable and he wanted to hear more.

Obviously confused the blonde stared at Severus, he did not know if he was being insulted or complemented. The Potions Master was not usually kind so he tended to think it was an insult and going with that line of reasoning he retalliated.
"I only married Sissy to continue the Malfoy name, to produce an heir of pure blood. I was thinking of our Lord while I was with her." He could not believe he was trying to prove his loyalty and love for the Dark Lord to a half blood, to an mere Potions Master at Hogworts who was not of noble blood. A man who should be so far beneath him he should just squash him underfoot and continue on his way. So why did he care what Severus thought?

Larus blushed. "Hey, is it okay for me to be grumpy with them for liking you too?" He asked quietly, knowing to not speak loud enough to be heard by the room's occupants.

Severus sighed. "Which is exactly my point, Lucius. But nevermind that. If I ever see you cry again I may think the world is going to end, you shouldn't frighten people so." He said, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbing at the blond's eyes. "Mn, Lucius, when you cry.... your eyes are most beautiful... more so than normal." He said, peering appreciateively at the blonde's eyes, enjoying their stormy-grey color.

Larus' voice bought Voldermort back to reality and he smiled at his young lover. He had not considered the boy's feelings and thought he was just adorable the way he was a little grumpy.
"Yesss my darling boy, you can be asss grumpy ass you like but know that I love only you in return." He hissed softly and kissed Larus' forehead.

Again the blonde looked down at Severus completely confused. The Potions Master was being kind again, perhaps even sweet. He studied the other, thinking on what Snape had said about his crying being the end of the world. Very gently he took Severus' hand in his. Malfoy could not believe this man, this person he had always looked down on could effect him in such a way but he did not want Severus to worry. Overcome by a strong compultion to kiss the Potions Master, Lucius pulled him close and kissed him hard. He nipped at Snape's bottom lip and turned his head to the side as he let his tongue press against the other's teeth, demanding entrence into the warm, moist mouth he knew lay behind them.

Larus blushd as he heard the sound of lips upon lips. "Eeep... I think they're kissing." He said, listening closer. He tried to surpress a giggle while he looked up at his lord, inspecting his reaction.

Severus was surprised that Lucius took such an initiative. He was so relieved by the kiss at the same time as surprised and he kissed the other back readily, enjoying very much that lucius tasted like.. Lucius. He tasted of firewhiskey and all things that are fine and rich, things that are luxurious and dangerous. And at that moment their lord didn't come in his thoughts until he thought of Lucius... no, his Lucius, thinking of the dark lord while kissing him. It made him pull away abruptly. "Lucius.. who do you think of right now?" He asked in a soft whisper, his lips barely an inch from the other's as he wanted to be able to continue kissing him.

Far too caught up in how much he loved Larus and the way he giggled, Voldemort stopped paying attention to the thought of the other two men.
"Yess my love, yess they are..." Leaning down he kissed Larus, pulling him closer. "And sso are we my love." He muttered and started to kiss him again lifting the boy off the floor.

Lucius had been lost in that kiss, surprised by how wonderful it was, how soft the halfblood's lips were and how right it felt. He lamented the loss of contact with Severus and frowned at the dark haired man.
"What? Who am I thinking of right now? Well I was thinking of you. Look if you don't want to kiss me that's fine. I am not even sure why I did it anyway..." Thinking he had once again made a fool of himself, Larus glared down at Snape, his grey eyes full of hurt and wounded pride.

Larus blushed and kissed his lord in turn, wrapping his legs about his waist as he was lifted from the floor. "I love you." He whispered before returning to his kiss. He enjoyed his lord's kisses more than anything in the world.

"Lucius, it's not that I don't want to kiss you, I wouldn't have returned your kiss if I didn't. I just want you to kiss me only when you are thinking about me. I don't want to be a substitute for our lord." He said, wondering if he spoke so freely on his emotions because he was rather drunk. I think maybe you're the one who doesn't want to kiss me?" He frowned and pulled back from the blonde, hurt a little. "Lucius... perhaps it's the alcohol, perhaps not, but I like you Lucius. A lot. I don't want you to use me in our lord's place. I don't want you to think of him while you kiss me." He said, blushing a little suddenly. "Well, if you continue to kiss me, I dont know what to say or do here, Lucius. We've always been so cold to eachother, and now this. I want to keep kissing you."

Deciding it was time to leave his followers to their amusing evening, Voldemort kissed Larus and began to walk back to their room.
"I am going to have my wicked way with you my dariling Larussss." He hissed into the boy's ear and nibbled on the soft lobe. The Dark Lord was already hard and realized that he could not wait that long to ravage his young lover. As soon as they were far enough away from Severus' room he pushed Larus against the wall and began to tare at his pants. "I need you now my love..." He hissed practically shredding the material with his claw like nails.

The entire time Snape was talking Lucius just frowned at him. When the dark haired man finally stopped, Malfoy repeated himself.
"I was thinking of you and you alone you fool." He pulled Severus closer and once more kissed him but this time it was more forceful, more demanding.

Larus gasped at how needing of him his lover was. "Oh darling. Yes, you may have me." He whispered, kissing his lover hard and practically aching to feel the other's hardened length being pushed into him prepared or not. He couldn't wait to feel it. He craved to feel it. "Love! Please!" He begged wantonly, hoping that none of his love's followers were watching.

Severus returned Lucius's kiss, happy to agan be into that taste of the other. "Mn, you taste so good Lucius. I wonder if you'll be all right with this when you're sober and hungover in the morning?" He asked while kissing the other again.

There was no way Voldemort could refuse his young lover, the entire world could have been watching and it would not have stopped him. Tugging his own pants down the Dark Lord licked and sucked at Larus' neck as he positioned himself to enter the others. He wanted to plunge deep into the boy but did not want to hurt him. He had often liked hearing his lover's cry out in pain and several times he had been rough enough to tare them but that was something he would never do with Larus. He wanted to hear only cries of pleasure form those kissable lips so he slowly applied pressure until his lover relaxed enough for him to push the tip in. He froze, waiting for Larus to adjust as he gently pinched, firm, pink nipples and grazed the boy's neck with his teeth.
"Oh Larussss... my love...."

Something inside the blonde clicked and suddenly kissing Severus was not enough. The Potions Master may have been shorter than him but he was toned and much stronger than he looked. Sliding his hands inside the robe he caressed Snape's bare chest and back. For the first time ever, Lucius was not thinking of his Dark Lord as he groped another. He felt like an octopus, his hands wandered everywhere, wanting to map out each angle and muscle of the dark haired man's body.
"Severus..." He whispered breathlessly before kissing him again and moving towards the bed.

Larus arched against the wall as his lover began to enter him. He adjusted carefully and nodded, wanting to feel his lover pounding into him while he was pressed into the hard stone wall. "Voldemort, my love!" He shouted, trying to impale himself further on his lover's length.

"Yes, Lucius?" Severus asked, very aware of where the other was moving him towards. He felt his thighs hit the edge of the mattress and he had no choice but to fall back, surprised he clutched tight to the blonde, ending up pulling him atop of himself. "Lucius, I daresay you better not regret this in the morning." He said as he leaned up to kiss the blond's neck.

Hissing and moaning in pleasure as he felt Lucius tighten around him the Dark Lord began to move, slowly at first then faster and faster. The boy was like a drug, he craved him, needed him and it was never enough.
"Larusss.... my Larussss..." He took his lover's hands and raised them above his head, pinning them to the wall with one hand and using his other to lift the boy a little higher by slipping it under Larus' thigh. He kissed every inch of skin on his young lover's nick and face, softly hissing words of love and desire.

Pushing one knee in between Snape's thighs, the blonde smiled and returned to kissing him as he let his hands explore the halfblood's body. It was all knew, the way Severus felt, his taste, his scent. It was intoxicating, making him drunker than an entire bottle of firewhiskey could have.
"Oh Severus...." He reached down to caress the Potion Master's length through his undergarments.

Larus was so engrossed in his lover's touches and thrusts into him, he let all concious thoughts leave him and he moaned, loudly so. There couldn't have been anyone who didn't hear him. He tried his best to keep qiet but all he could do was call out his pleasure and his delight. "Voldemort!" He shouted loudly after a particularly well angeled thrust.

Severus moaned lowly into the other's kiss, empassioned by the feeling of his hand on his length. Just thinking about it made him dizzy; this was Lucius Maloy who molested him in such a manner, the strong, silent, dangerous, beautiful Lucius. Lucius who was so well respected, here showing him affection. How very wanted Severus felt suddenly.

Noticing how much Larus liked his last thrust, Voldemort repeated it. His awarness of what the boy liked was pelased him, he wanted to please his young lover completely, wanted every thrust to drive Larus wild with lust and love.

Lucius continued to stroke Snape, he closed his eyes imagining he was a sculpter who needed to feel each muscle in order to reproduce it in marble. His desire was mounting and he would have to give in to it soon but he wanted his lover to enjoy it. This smell that drove him wild was not the Dark Lord's smell, it belonged to Severus. It was Severus he wanted to bury himself deep within.
"Give yourself to me..." He said as he looked down at the man beneath him with stormy grey eyes. It was meant to sound like an order but his reluctance to act against Snape's wishes had softened his words to a question.

Larus couldn't get enough. He writhed wildly to meet his lover's thrusts. "Oh!" He called , wrapping his arms about his lover's neck. "Oh Voldemort, I am so very close, please love!" He said, wishing the other would thrust harder and harder into him, hoping he was pleasing the other just as much.

Severus was always one to obey rather than say no. "Lucius, I'm writhing beneath you, I believe you have me all ready." He said,his voice growing softer and his breathing picking up at Lucius' touch. He rested his hands on Lucius' hips, massaging the skin as his hands drew up under his lover's vest and dress shirt.

In his own need, Voldemort thrust harder, his rhythm faltering as he too neared his end. Such wonder, such bliss enveloped him as he hissed in a breathless command.
"Oh yesss! Cum for me my Larussss.... cum..." That was all the Dark Lord needed to climax, that tightening and spasming of his lover as the boy reached his end.

Quickly, Lucius undid his pants and sent his disgaarded clothing through the air to land on the chair he had just vacated. He studied Severus as he finally stood naked before the other with a gentle caress, he stroked the dark haired man's cheek.
"You know you are quite beautiful in your own way Severus." The softness of his words and how deeply he meant then surprised the blonde and he once again devoured Snape with a demanding kiss. Breaking it off to breath Malfoy forced two of his finger s into the Potion Master's mouth. "Suck on them for me Severus, make them slick so I can please you with them." He could not help being dominant, it was his nature and as he knelt there, Lucius rapped his fingers around Snape's manhood and forced his lover's legs apart again with his knee.

Larus couldn't hold any longer. For a quickie, it was delightful and most pleasing. He came hard, coating the front of his lord's shirt with his seed, no longer clenched about him as he began to relax, comming down from the high of orgasm.

Severus blushed readily. "Thank you Lucius." He whispered in gratitude at the compliment. He took Lucius' fingers into his mouth as instructed. He looked up at the blonde while he sucked his fingers well, rather wanting to feel them inside him. He wanted the aristocratic blonde to defile him completely, to own him.

As soon as his lover came Voldemort did as well, he was addicted to the sensation of Larus squeezing him. Everything about the boy satisfied him especially the noises and faces his lover made as he reached his release. Puffing and panting the Dark Lord gently pulled out but held Larus tight as he leaned against the wall. He enjoyed the closeness of having his lvoer's legs around his waist as he leaned on the boy, kissing his lips and jaw.
"Oh how I love you... my little Larusss" He breathed as he gently ran his fingers through his lover's silky hair.

Eyes half closed and lips parted, Lucius moaned.
"You are quite good at that." He began to slide his fingers in and out of Severus' mouth, letting his mind wander to what it would be like to have his manhood between those soft lips. Now he was so hard he was leaking and with a  sad groan he withdrew his fingers and placed them at the Potion Master's puckered enterence. What Lucius really wanted now was to be inside his lover and Lucius Malfoy almost always got what he wanted.

Larus sighed content and rested his head on his lover's chest. "Mnnn I love you Voldemort." He whispered, wondering when they would go back to their room to cuddle. It's not that he minded, but the cold stone of the wall was starting to hurt his back.

Severus was no virgin, he was eager for those fingers to penetrate him. "Don't you dare be gentle with me Lucius. Not too gentle." He insisted, wanting to feel the blonde deep within him.

Finally catching his breath the Dark Lord let his lover down so he could gather his clothings then lifted the boy again bridal style and headed back to their rooms. He used his cloak to cover Larus seeing as how he had torn the his lover's pants right off him.

A predetorial grin curled the corners of Lucius' lips as he pressed into Severus then added a second finger, stretching him with a scissor like motion. If his lovely prey wanted it a little rough then he was more than happy to oblige. A moment later the blonde was pressing into Snape with a fevered moan.
"Oh so tight..." Grabbing Severus by the hips Lucius waited for him to adjust.

Larus drifted to sleep in his lover's arms. He was so very safe and at peace, it was a nice feeling he'd grown accustomed to. He knew that while he was with his lord nothing bad could ever happen to him. H snuggled closer to the warmth of the other's chest, enjoying him.

Severus adjusted quickly so as to feel more of the sizable blonde within him. He wanted him to move, to feel the overly composed aristocrat lose control within him. He wanted to make Lucius Malfoy moand and cry out. "Lucius.... move..please..." He begged, a completely unlike him thing to do.

Laying Larus down in their bed Voldemort curled up beside his lover and propped himself up on his elbow so he could watch the boy sleep. Larus was beautiful, he was so sweet and angelic looking, especially when he slpet and the Dark Lord found himself smiling as he watched the gentle rise and fall of his young lover's chest. He had pulled the blankets up over Larus but could still see the lines of the boy's body beneath the material, everything about his lover pleased him. With one hand he began to gently storke the other's hair back form his brow.
"I love you my darling Larusss." He hissed softly and smiled.

Of course hearing Severus beg excited Lucius and he smiled as he first pushed in deeper and then pulled back only to thrust in again.
"I love it when you beg..." The blonde was almost violent with his thrusts and he calwed at Severus' hips and sides as he pounded into him again and again. He had never seen anything so beautiful or arousing as the sight of the half blood writhing and begging beneath him.

Larus smiled and snuggled under the blankets and closer to his lover as he slept. He enjoyed being so very close to him. EVen in sleep his subconscious mind dared him to not be close. There would be a fit thrown were that the case.

Severus was lost in the pleasure of it all and did his best to not pass out like some silly school girl getting it on with her all time crush. In a way that is what Severus was acting like. "Mn, Lucius, harder.." He pleaded with the other, completely undone. Who'd ever heard of composure? Certain;y not Severus at the moment.

As he watched his sleeping lover, Voldemort let his mind wander to what he had heard and glimpsed form Lucius and Severus. The more he thought about it the more he thought they would be good for each other. Malfoy could stand to loosen up a little, voldemort knew from experience how exhausting being propper all the time could be and Severus... well he trusted Severus more than any other and he found himself delighted by the thought the Potions Master might actually be happy. Yes he came to the conclusion that now he was happy and madly in love with Larus it would be good to have antoher couple they could spend time with and not have to worry about jealousy.

Moving faster within the halfblood Lucius found it harder and harder to keep control of his feelings and pleasure. He had never truely let go before, never surcome to the carnal desires and sensations but Severus was just so very pleasing to him. His rhythm became erratic and he could not longer quiet the crys that escpaed his throat. The entire ordeal was very undignified but with each thrust he cared less and less about his composure.
"Yess... oh yes" The blonde suddenly cried out as his speed quickened.

Severus groaned and tried to force the other in deeper, unable to get enough of him. "Lucius! Oh gods Lucius!" He found his body beginning to spasm, found he was more than ready to spill over. It wasn't going to last so very much longer, but he would hold until his lovly blonde was finished.

Cleanching his teeth Lucius gave in to his need and thrust harder, deeper and with force. He felt as if he were going to shatter Severus with the strength of his desire. Shifting slightly he changed his angle and merceslessly pounded the Potion Master's prostate. His hair was a mess, flying in all directions and he moved and sweat slicked his skin, he was so close to his end and for the first time it was with the one he was thinking about. Just the fact he was inside Severus was enough to make everything begin to unravel.

Severus began to see stars. He gave out one last loud moan as he tightened around the other and came, not even needing to be touched as the other had brought him to completion. "Lucius!" He voiced, hoping the other would come soon, he didn't want to be embarrassed by finishing too soon and not seeming adequate.

Hearing his name called out in such a way was very flattering to the blonde's ego. He had done this, he, Lucius Malfoy had made Severus cum. He was not overly experienced with men, or women for that matter, not that he had not had offers, but he had not wanted anyone other than his Lord until now. That rush coupled with the way Severus tightened around him sent him over the edge. Arching his back and groaning, the blonde trhust as deep as he could. His nails bit into the Potion Master's skin as he tried to pull him closer, and finally, with a noise like a wild animal, he came.

Severus was a complete mess of jello it seemed. He lay there, eyes closed as he enjoyed the dyin waves of pleasure. "Mn, Lucius.." He muttered, his way of thanking the blonde for granting him such good pleasure. He sighed contently, then he began to wonder if the blonde would stay with him this night or if things would go right back to how they were.

Gently pulling out of Snape, Lucius set about righting his clothing and hair. He took a few deep breaths after using a spell to clean himself up and regained his usual icy composure. He found himself wanting to be close with Severus but that desire scared him. For Lucius Malfoy, not being completely in control was terrorfying and he resisted the urge to cuddle with the Potions Master but remained seated on the bed beside him. With a content smile on his lips he looked down at his lover... for that is what he considered Severus, the dark haired man was his.

Severus reached up to trace the outline of Lucius' jaw. "Lucius... stay with me tonight." He quested, letting the hand on Lucius' jaw go to his hair where he lightly ran his fingers through the silky blonde strands which were only a little tangled from their interaction.

Allowing the other to touch him, Lucius smiled. He did not want to admit how much he enjoyed the contact and he did not want to admit how badly he wanted to hold Severus.
"Well I am far to drunk to return home so I was going to stay anyway." He was pleased that his voice held it's usual commanding tone despite the fact he was as far form calm and controlled as he had ever been.

Severus smiled and then frowned. "I hope this isn't going to ruin your standing with Narcissa..." He was sad suddenly. He didn't want Lucius to ignore him. He wanted to start something with him, something romantic.

The blonde could not have cared less about his wife, he had allowed her to take a lover years ago on the condition that she kept it secret. Both her and the man they had decided would share her bed took the unbreakable oath. Narcissa had after all given him a son and heir so he felt he owned her a little happiness.
"I am sure my wife will be fine." Lucius' tone however made it sound more like 'She had better be fine with it." Giving in to his need to be close to Severus he took the Potions Master's hand and began to kiss it, ever so softly.

Severus smiled a little and sat up, kissing Lucius on the lips and pulled him down as he lay back. "Let us sleep with one another in this way as well." He was very pleased to have the other curled with him, he didn't think it was possible to feel so loved. Or was it love? Whatever it was he hoped it didn't end.

Because he wanted it so badly, the blonde let Severus snuggle in to him. After a while Lucius sighed happily and wrapped began to stroke his lover's hair.
"Just so you understand Severus, you belong to me now and I do not share." Feeling very possessive the blonde looked deep into Snape's eyes. "Is that understood?" Is his oh so cool and controlled manner, that was Lucius' way of saying we are a couple, we are exclusive and I love you. He just hoped his lover knew that.

Severus nodded. "And let's hope you know, Lucius dear, that you belong to me now as well. Let us hope your posessive and strangely loving ways will prevail even through public. I may become very upset if you don't grant me enough affection in said area of social meeting." He smirked, wondering what the blonde's reaction would be.

For someone who thought appearances were everything the idea of being affectionate in public was paramount to a nightmare and Lucius was definatly one of those people. His stormy grey eyes went wide as he pressed his lips together so he did not abuse Severus. After sucking in a deep breath through his nose the blonde felt calm enough to open his mouth without ruining the relationship before it even began.
"I do hope you are joking Severus dear." The words still came out much harsher then he intended but at least Malfoy managed to keep his voice at a reasonable volume.

Severus sighed angrily. "No, Lucius I am not! What, are you ashamed of me? You know full well homosexuality is accepted in our world. Do you think I would honestly hurt your reputation that badly? Sure, I may not have riches and such, I may not be pure blood, but that doesn't mean I am not skilled in many areas. I'm a potion's master. I have mastered the art, I could make you anything and everything, I am highly skilled in the defense and dark arts, would you not be affectionate with your silly wife? What makes me different, Lucius?"

Hurting Severus was not his intention and the blonde felt bad that he had. Sighing Malfoy shook his head.
"I am not ashamed of you and no, I am not affectionate with my wife in public... public shows of affection are unseemly...." He did not understand why everyone insisted on carrying on like fools and use being in love as an excuse. "In fact the last time I touched her was when we were trying for Darco."

Severus sighed. "I'm not talking about making out with me, Lucius. But would we not ocassionally hold hands and maybe give a peck on the lips or cheek?" He asked, reaching up to stroke the other's cheek.We don't even have to hold hands, you could put your arm about my waist. Either that or let others try to approach me, it's your call."

The thought of someone else trying to lay claim to what was his did the trick and Lucius pulled Snape closer.
"Fine, I will place my hand on the small of your back and a peck on the lips every now and then." Needing to be sure his lover understood how serious he was, Malfoy kissed him passionatly. He tangled his hand in the Potions Master's hair forcing Snape to kiss him in return.
"Severus..." He moaned into the other's mouth.

Severus gave him a sweet smile. "Lucius... we're a couple now. How strange these events are, but I like them. Tell me you'll remember this whole thing in the morning, that it was not just the alcohol..." He said, desperate to wake up next to a rather loving blonde in the morning.

Voldemort had been watching his young lover sleep and pondering the strange turn of events that bought Lucius and Snape together. The more he thought about it the more he thought they were a good match. Finally, yawning he snuggled into Larus and whispering sweet nothings in the boy's ear he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"Of corse I will not forget we are a couple, and you had better not either." Lucius snapped. The truth was the blonde had feared the exact same thing and hearing Snape voice the same concern made him feel all warm and fuzzy. Not being used to such emotions, Lucius reacted in his usual cold and distant fashion. He really wanted to let Severus know how he really felt but just did not know how. Sighing, the blonde kissed the dairk haired man and yawned.
"Let's sleep."

Severus nodded, unable to stop thinking about their night. He wanted to kiss and cuddle on Lucius, he was just oh so very pleased, and that was a strange feeling for the potions master. He wasn't used to love or kindness on either side.

It felt good to hold someone in his arms, especially someone Malfoy cared for. Although he would not admit it out loud, he already knew he had falled madly in love with the half blood. At first the fact Severus was not a pure blood worried him but then the blonde told himself that if he could lover look the muggle blood in his Lord then he could do the same Snape. Very happy with himself, Lucius kissed Severus' hair.
"I think I may just love you..." He muttered sleepily.

Severus blushed. "I think I may feel the same.." He said, closing his eyes, surprised that the Malfoy lord had confessed such a thing. He didn't know if the blonde even knew he said what he had. He smiled and snuggled against him, wondering what it would be like tomorrow when they went out to the world.

Stretching, Voldemort became aware if the warm lump beside him and lovingly nuzled into his lover. He loved waking up beside the boy and breathed deeply, enjoying Larus' scent.
"Mmmm good morning my love." He hissed softly and began to nibble on the boy's ear.

At first the blonde was confused, he did not know where he was and was even more surprised to find someone beside him. When his head began to pound like stampeeding elefants were loose in it, Lucius remebered the fire wiskey. Slowly the events of the previous evening began to reveal themselves and he cringed, not at what he had done but at the pain. Groaning he shifted a little closer to Severus and wrapped his arm around him. It felt good to have the other man in his arms.
"Well this is nice..." He muttered and kissed the Potions Master's hair.

Larus smiled and very casually woke up, looking up at his loved lord as he did so. He grinned and kissed him. "Morning!" He said, stretching with cheer. "Did you sleep good?" He asked, humming to himself while he sat up and went to go brush his teeth.

Severus nodded in agreement. "How bad does your head hurt? I don't think I drank as much as you, but I can give you a potion to get rid of the after-effects." He said, kissing the other.

In a very good mood the Dark Lord followed Larus into the bathoroom.
"I did indeed but reality is much better than my wonderful dreams." Kissing his lover, Voldemort went to the toilet, humming as he did.

"Like it is trying to split in half..." Lucius kissed Severus back. "Having the best potions maker in the world as a lover could come in handy. If you manage to stop my head from pounding I might just give you another good pounding like las night." With a positivly evil smirk, Lucius groped Snape.

Larus giggled and leaned against the wall after his teeth were brushed. "I'm glad you think so. Ohhh what's for breakfast? My stomach's all ready saying hello to me today." He smiled and looked to his lover, ignoring that he was on the toilet.

Severus felt his eyes widen, "Lucius, I don't know whether to be turned on or shocked that you would speak to me so... provocatively." He said, kissing the other, but yes, I have some made up all ready in my cupboard, I will be right back." And with that he rose from the bed and grabbed a blue vial from a cabinet and brought it back. "Drink."

Voldemort was a little surprised that his lover wanted to be near him even on the loo.
"I am not sssure... we could sssummon a housse elf and assk?" It had not escaped the Dark Lord's notice that Larus disliked the way he treated the creatures and while he firmly believed they existed to do the bidding of wizards he found himself wanting to change the way he dealt with them to please his lover. Weather the boy knew it or not he was having a profound effect on him.

It had been such a long time since Larus was affectionate with anyone and he found himself wanting to do more of it. Trusting Severus completley he up ended the vile sculling the lot.
"Do you dislike me speaking to you in such a way?" As always it came out sounding more like a challange than a question and the blonde cringed slightly. Not being harsh with the halfblood was going to take a little getting used too.

Larus grinned. "Yes! I'm so hungry!" He said, his inafmous apetite making his mouth water. He kissed his lover's cheek. "I'm going to get dressed love." He said, leaving the restroom to grab clothing. "And I'm going to get a bath before breakfast."

Severus shook his head. "No, it's just strange to hear you talk in such a way. You don't normally... show any affection. Of course I expected you'd be different in person."

"I think I will join you my love." As soon as he was finished, Voldemort washed his hand and gathered his clothing as well. "I want to wassh that beautiful hair of yourss again." The Dark Lord could not help smiling, he could not remember, ever being in such a good mood.

Frowning Lucius tried to figure out his new lover.
"First you demand that I show you affection in public then you seem shocked when I am honest about watning you when we are alone? I... I am not very good at this sort of thing Severus." The blonde stared deep into his new lover's eyes, as if they held the secrets of the universe. "You will just have to be patient with me... my Love" Those two words seemed so difficult but nice at the same time.

Larus couldn't wait to feel the other's fingers through his hair. "Ohh that would be delightful, and then I can bath you and stuff and feel all happy. Then we should bother Lucius and Severus."

Severus frowned. "I didn't say I had a problem with your affections, Lucius, I am just saying that it is strange is all. You've never been loving,I am not complaining." He said, kissing the blonde. The other calling him his love made him blush.

It made Voldemort's heart leap to see his young lover so happy. It was all so strange that the happiness of another could make him feel so good. He gathered Larus in his arms for a passionate kiss then carried the boy to the bath.
"You are posssitively evil wanting to harasss Sseverusss and Luciuss... I love it." The Dark Lord hissed softly.

The kiss made him forget about being confused and Lucius found himself grinding his crotch against Snape's crotch.
"It has been so long... I can not remember the last time I wanted someone the way I want you Severus...." The blonde practically snarled as he pushed his lover down onto the bed.

Larus smiled. "I know! I am hoping they wont mind us spying on them, but I can't help it. They so want eachother but they aren't doing anything. It makes me wonder when they'll give in."

Severus actually blushed. "Oh dear...Lucius, if I didn't know any better I'd say you're trying to bed me again all ready this morning."

Thinking for a moment Voldemort smiled a wicked smile.
"Well they were both pretty drunk lasst night sso I would not be ssurprissed if they have given in already.... I wonder if our darling Mr Malfoy iss going to have the ssame problemss ass I do. Being anything other than cold and cruel iss not eassy for either of usss?" The Dark Lord found that fact very amusing, Lucius was known for his fridgeid nature.

Laughing the blonde decided to silence his new lover with a kiss then he moved along Severus' jaw and neck kissing and biting until he began to suckle on the Potions Master's neck. He sucked long and hard, marking Snape's pale skin.
"There, now everyone will know you are mine." There was a possessive and almost evil glint in his storm grey eyes as he looked down and his handy world and nodded. "Perhaps I should mark you all over in case someone fails to see that one?" The truth was Lucius loved the way Severus tasted, he loved his scent, his warmth, his hardness.... he loved everything about the other and it scared him a little.

Larus thought a moment before he nodded. "Yeah, but I bet Severus brightens him up like I do to you." He said, stripping and warming their bath water. "I think deep down Lucius is a softy like you." He said, winking at his loover as he stepped into the bath.

Severus bit his lower lip as the blonde marked him. It was a nice sensation, being owned in such a way, he didn't mind the posessiveness of the blonde one bit. He enjoyed it immensely. "Mn, mark me wherever you'd like."

Frowning Voldemort's eyes narrowed a little as he stepped into the bath as well.
"You are the only one I am a ssofty with my love.... my adoration doess not extend to othersss." He felt a little like a declawed cat, while he was happy to show his young lover his gentle side, the Dark Lord refused to let others see it. He would not be called weak.

With a satisfied smirk the blonde pulled all the blankets and clothing away from Snape's crotch and began to suckle on the inside of his thigh.
"You are mine and mine alone Severus..." Lucius was not sure if his lover was as submissive and he would like but he intended to find out. The only person Malfoy would ever submit to was his Dark Lord but seeing as that no longer seemed possible he was dertermined to emsure Severus knew his place... in the most enjoyable way of course.

Larus pouted. "I know you're not a softy with them, you're only one with me, which I appreciate." He said, giving the other an apologetic smile. He leaned to kiss him. "You're viscious, my love."

Severus shivered as the blonde descended upon him, suckling his skin."Oh Lucius, you know how silly it is to mark me there, you and I are the only ones that will ever see in that area." He said, blushing oh so lightly. "Not that I mind the attention."

Realizing how silly he was being Voldemort burst out laughing.
"Yesss my love I am vissciouss and you are adorable and irrississtable my Larusss. Now turn around sso I can wassh your hair and sscrub your back." No matter how offended or upset he seemed to get, the Dark Lord could not stay that way for long with the boy.

Raising an eyebrow the blonde glared at Snape.
"And what if some other tries to get you drunk and bed you? This will make them wonder who has been there before them, or remind them that you do infact belong to another." He was deathly serious, for Lucius giving his heart to another was a big deal and he wanted to be sure it was not broken.

Larus happily complied and lay back to wet his hair, the different colored strands clinging to his body as he rose back up to sit. "Mn, it's wet." He said, waiting for the delightful feeling of the other washing his hair.

Severus hadn't thought of that. "Well, in that case, Lucius, mark away." He said, shivering and biting back a moan. "I think if you keep it up though you should be prepared for the consequences of arousing one such as myself."

Pooring some shampoo into his hand Voldemort rubbed his hands together then began to rub them into Larus' scalp. He massarged the boy with his fingertips, being sure to get right to the roots of his hair. He lathered the wet strands and added more shampoo so he could wash right to the tips of his lover's beautiful mane.
"I guesss one of the advantagesss of having no hair isss not having to wassh it and keep it tangle free. Though I musst admit I would love to feel your caresss on my sscalp if I did have hair to wassh." It amazed the Dark Lord how happy such meanial tings as washing his lover's hair made him feel.

Smiling brightly Lucius could not help provoking the Potions Master.
"Oh! And what consequences would they be?" He practiaclly dared his lover to try dominating him.

Larus smiled. "Well, the next time you have to use that silly potion I will wash your hair for you, it's a completely nice feeling that you should experience.' He said, closing his eyes as the other's fingers felt so terribly good on him.

Severus smiled. "Well, just to have me pouting, Lucius. Surely you don't want me to be so eager to submit to you? You don't want a fight? If you keep it up I'll just be there for you to mold, no challange at all."

"It'ss a date." Voldemort hissed happily. As much as he lothed being in that other form he did like being able to go out in public with Larus, and being affectionate with him. He took a mug he used to rinse himself off and tipped it over the boy's hair, careful not to get any soap in his eyes. He could have used a spell for that but Voldermort had always enjoyed the feel of the water running over him.

Another evil smirk on his lips the blonde decided to mark Seveus on his opposite hip. He sucked a little harder this time and let his long hair brush against Snape's length. Having his lover beneath him in such a way was too enticing and he fully intended to enter him again very soon.

Larus smiled and relaxed against his lover while he was pampered by the older man. "It's your turn my love." Larus said when his hair was all rinsed out.

Severus couldn't take it too much longer. He was writhing beneath the blond. "Lucius! Please!" He began to beg, wanting to feel his lover inside him again. He wanted to fully feel it and not through a drunken frenzy. "Lucius!"

Still marveling at how much he was enjoying even the simple things in life, Voldemort kissed Larus' forehead and smiled.
"Alright my love."

Wicked laughter rang out as the blonde watched his lover. He loved the desperation in Snape's voice, the need in his eyes, it felt good to be wanted in such a way. Not to mention the fact it fed his aragance and ego. Lucius stroked his lover's length, ever so slowly.
"Why Severus, you are almost as hard as a rock. Anyone would think you were aroused by my lips on your skin." Ever so gently the blonde traced circles around the Potions Master's enterence, teasing him.

Larus scooted forward and rose, switching places with his lord and then beginning to soap the other's back, massaging the liquid into his skin. He then rinsed it off, being sure his lover's back was immaculate.

Severus moaned softly. "You know damn well im aroused." He said, arching and writhing beneath the blonde. "Stop teasing me, Lucius, please." He begged, trying to get closer to the other's touch. "Please Lucius I need you."

"Mmmmm your touch iss magic." Voldemort hissed softly as he opened his eyes again. The Dark Lord had closed them, focusing on his lover's touch. Never had anyone touched him in such a way, with so much love and kindness.

Spitting on the dark haired man's puckered anus, Lucius slowly worked the moisture over it making the surface slick.
"Beg some more Severus.... beg your Master to end your torment and grant you bliss." His grey eyes shimmered as he pressed his finger against Snape but refused to push in until his lover did as he was told. "Call me your Master..." He purred.

Larus smiled. "I am glad you think so my love." He said, kissing his cheek and then humming. "Mn, all clean!" He said, resting his head on his lover's back. "Anything else you wish for my love?"

Severus figured the only way to get the blond inside him was definitely to grant him his request. "M-master..." He whispered, his voice nervous with the request, he looked heatedly at him.

Thinking for a moment the Dark Lord sighed.
"There are many thingsss I wissh but for now they will have to wait." He wished his enemys vanquished, his place as ruler of the world secure, Larus at his side and the time to sit in the bath together for a while longer but he knew that was not what the boy was asking. "Letsss get dresssed and go sspy Ssseveruss and Luciusss, I am egar to find out what they are up to."

Eyes half closed, the blonde let that word wash over him. It delighted him, sending a shiver down Lucius' spine.
"Ah yess that's it Severus, beg for your Mastger...." Opening his eyes he decended upon his lover, kissing him forcfully as he gently pressed his finger inside. Another evil smile grew upon his lips as he gripped Snape's length with his free hand and kissed his way down to the dark haired man's chest.

Larus nodded eagerly and hopped out of the tub, spell drying himself and dressing as quickly as he could. "There! Okay... where do you think they are?" He asked, now wearing a red flared-sleeve shirt and tan pants that clung to his form.

Severs wasn't used to saying the word 'master' to Lucius, but he found it somehow suited the blonde. "Lucius! I've been begging!" He pleaded with the other to just hurry and take him, he was desperate with want and need.

Spell drying himself as well, Voldemort dressed in his usual black. He did however opt for his tighter pants and a loose black silk shirt that laced up at the front. As he reached for his black hooded cloak he smiled at his young lover and nodded his approval.
"Well my love, now my pantsss are too tight.... you look completely molesstible asss alwaysss." Folding his cloak over one arm he gathered Larus in the other and pulled him close for a passionate and dominating kiss.

"Master Lucius remeber my darling." The blonde purred as he used the very tip of his tongue to torment Snape smore more. He let it dart back and forward over one errect nipple before he decended on it and gently grazed it with his teeth. At the same time he pushed in another finger, widening the dark haired man with a scissor motion. He was enjoying the power rush he got from teasing his lover, adored the need and despiration in Severus' voice and body language. As soon as his new lover was prepared he intended to plunge into him, all this teasing was making him painfully hard as well.

Larus smiled and kissed his lover, quite happy to be the other's problem of tight pants. "Awe, I am sorry love." He said, although really he was not sorry at all, he enjoyed turning his lover on.

"Well, Master Lucius, I am quite ready! If you would please love!" He begged, growing slightly irritated with all of hte teasing,it was maddening, even more so that the blond was so damned good at it, how was he to cope? He writhed and writhed, but nothing seemed to help.

Voldemort laughed.
"That iss alright my love, jusst think how jealouss otherss will be that you belong to me and not them." His red eyes sparkled ad he spoke and the Dark Lord let his hand wander down to squeeze Larus' but cheek as they walked. When they got close to Severus' door he tilted his head to the side and smiled a wicked smile. "Well what do you know Laruss my love, they ssound very bussy?"

Loving every movement and whimper his new lover made, Lucius used his precum to further lubricate Snape's enterence as he slowly pushed in. Arching his back and moaning with pleasure the blonde shivered as he waited for the other to adjust.
"Ah, Severus... your so tight and warm."

Larus blushed. "Oh my! How are they supposed to teach anything to me if they're all the time at it?" He asked, trying to not laugh and keep his voice to not embarrass them. He knew whatit was like to not be able to keep ones hand of the one they love.

Severus groaned and called out. "Yes, well, it's fitting Lucius, you're not exactly small." He shivered and began to move on the other's length. "Ah! Lucius please, move..."

Highly amused Voldemort gathered Larus in his arms bridal style, as he liked to do and smiled in between kisses.
"That is alright my love.... it givess me time to molesst you..." Turning on his heels he licked his thin lips at the thought of getting into those tight tan pants his lover wore.

Enjoying the sensation for too much Lucius began to move even though he would have loved to torment Snape a little longer. He moved slowly at first but that was too difficult, his self control was fading fast and he gave in
to his passion, pounding into the Potions Master with all his might.

Larus tried to not blush at the words of his lover but found that was just something he wasn't able to hold back. "Molest away." He said, hanging limply in his lover's arms.

Severus was more than happy that Lucius was beginning to lose control. He simply moved with his every thrust at an even harder and slightly faster pace, more than happy to grant his lover equal pleasure, shivering and calling out to him.

"Mmm you are ssso very delectable my Larusss." The Dark Lord held his lover to him as he opened the door to their room then gently layed him out on the bed. With more love and tenderness than he had ever possessed, Voldemort lay beside the boy and ran his fingers through his multi coloured hair. "The world and all itsss richesss fade into nothing compared to you my love..." Leaning forward he kissed Larus as his left hand fumbled to undo the boy's pants. Giving up he broke off the kiss long enough to take up his wand and magic his lover's pants off. Returning to his kissing, Voldemort stroked Larus with slow, firm movements. "I love you my darling Larusss." He hissed into the other's mouth.

In a very undignified manner the blonde groaned and grunted as he thrust hard and fast. His hair was a mess and he could not articulate the words he wanted to cry out. This dizzy, out of control feeling was both liberating and frightening all at once and Malfoy shivered from head to toe. Severus felt so good and it really had been so long since he had been passionate with anyone. Feeling like a schoolboy, on his first time, Lucius quickly approached his end. It was down right embarassing that the halfblood could reduct him to a lusting animal so eaisly.

Larus felt his eyes slide shut in pleasure as his lover stroked him. "I love you too, Voldemort." He whispered quiet, hard as can be in his lover's grasp. He enjoyed such attentions from his love. He kissed him passionately, letting his desire and lust fill him to a writhin mess.

Severus was closer perhaps than Lucius, for his embarrassment was that he was all ready finishing at the blond's actions upon him. He growled and called out loudly, coating them both with his seed. "Master Lucius.." He said softly, knowing the blond would delight in such.

As aroused as he was, Voldemort wanted to watch his lover climax. He found that pleasing the other warmed his soul so he spat on his fingers and continued to stroke Larus as he pushed his fingers inside him. The Dark Lord was determined to bring his young lover to completion with his hands, so he could see every expression, every shiver the other made.

Hearing Severus call him Master at the moment of release, the blonde thrust once more than froze. He remained deep inside Snape and rode his own climax hardly believing that he was actually coupling with someone he genuinly loved.

Larus shivered, biting at his fist as the other moved it tightly along him. He groaned and called out to him, gasping and writhing. "Oh, my lord..." He whispered in pleasure, thrusting into his hand.

Severus closed his eyes and made an attempt at catching his own breath.He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, shivering and trying to recollect their pleasure.

Doing his best to caress Larus' prostate with every thrust of his fingers Voldemort watched the faces his lover made. When the boy's lips parted slightly and a moan escaped them he almost stopped thrusting and pumping at the boy's length. Larus was just so very intoxicating.

Holding himself up on quivering arms, Lucius breathed heavily as he looked d
own at Snape. Slowly and gently he pulled out of the other.
"You are so very beautiful when you are all flushed with lust and the sweat sparkles in the light like diamonds upon your skin..." Before his arms gave out the blonde lay down beside Severus and snuggled into him. It was not
like Lucius to be so poetic and romantic.

Larus bit his bottom lip as an delightful wave of pleasure siezed him. "Oh!" He mouthed, his voice a small squeak as he moved against the other's hand. It was becomming too much, he wanted the other inside him. "Love.... please.."

"I didn't know you to be a poet, Lucius." Severus replied, "But your words are beautiful, and you look much like I do I think." He said, catching his breath. "Ugh, I am not looking forward to dealing with the others today." He said, referring to the other death eaters.

"Oh but my love, I wanted to watch you..." He hissed softly, Voldemort had not intended on impaling the boy one his length but now that Larus had begged he was caught between wanting to be detacthed enought to watch Larus cum and being deep inside his lover, lost in his own pleasure.

Sighing Lucius nodded.
"I know, of late they have been increasingly dispondant." The blonde had been annoyed by the constant questioning of every order he gave them and the dwon right disobedience at times. "I feel our Lord needs to remind them why he is our leader."

Larus smiled. "You can watch me writhe beneath you?" He offered, completely lost within his lord. "Please love! End this suffering! I need you." He begged, moaning softly.

Severus frowned. "Yes he does. It's because they think Larus has made him soft. I think perahps the boy needs to show them what he's made of as well. They know that he's not the usual little concubine."

There was no way the Dark Lord could refuse such a plea and he quickly undid his pants so he could grant Laurs what he needed. As he pushed in, Voldemort hissed with pleasure.
"Ah, my
Larusss.." He only waited a moment for the other to adjust before he began to move.

Nodding Lucius agreed.
"I think they would be surprised to find out how powerful the boy is. I sensed it straight away...." There was a little bit of envy in the blonde's voice, he was still a little hurt about the fact the Dark Lord would never love him as he wanted. "We will have to make sure he learns to defend himself."

Larus breathed in steadily as he accepted his lover inside him. "Oh love... I'm ready.." He said in a soft plea, he needed and wished his lover would begin inside him, he was so ready for the joining pleasure.

Severus thought a moment. "We can do so easily, he learns quickly. But, the others need to be kept away from them, they would harm him I think. But then, tht would send our lord over the edge.. it might be what we need to have him re-establish himself."

Voldemort's eyelids fluttered as he began to thrust but he forced them open again as he looked down at Larus. He wanted to see his lover, he wanted the sight of the boy crying out in extacy etched into his mind forever.
"Larusss... my beautiful Larusss..." The Dark Lord pumped his hand up and down his lover's length in time with his thrusts.

The blonde agreed with Snape but he now understood what real love was like.
"That would do the trick my love but that must never happen..." Lucius thought of how he would feel if Severus were harmed or murdered, he might have found a companion but he still cared for Voldemort too much to see him hurt like that.

Larus clung to his lover as he met his thrusts. He was almost confused as he tried to find the perfect rythm for meeting his lord's thrusts and still thrusting into his hands. "My love!" He shouted, finding it after all, enjoying the claiming he felt in every thrust.

Severus nodded. "I agree with you Lucius, I don't want the boy or our lord hurt. Hmn, we should get to training with him in a few minutes. That way our lord has time to deal with the rest of our inner and the outter circle."

Thrusting harder and faster Voldemort could not take his eyes off his over. Every moan, each little movement delighted him.
"Sssso beautiful.... My Larussss...mine..." He hissed in between thrusts.

Letting out a heavy sigh Lucius kissed Severus gently on the lips.
"Yes my love, we should get ready... I guess I will have to let Our Lord know that I have claimed you. It is only right he is the first to know." The blonde did not want to get up. He was enjoying having his lover close but duty called and Malfoy was always one to do his duty.

Larus was under a spell, and it was the best spell ever invented. He groaned wantonly and met his lover's thrusts. "Yes, yours my lord!!!" He shouted as he neared the climax that waited him.

Severus nodded in agreement. "Yes, he would be happy for us I think." He said, rising reluctantly as well and trying to find something to wear and decided on his usual dress shirt, black pants and his black robe.

Feeling very possessive Voldemort thrust harder, losing his rhythm and abandoning his attempts to stroke the boy. Gripping hold of Larus' hips he set a wild, desperate pace as he mercilessly pounded his lover's prostate.
"Mine...!" He hissed again completely lost in the warm, tightness of his lover. "Cum for me Larussss!" He yelled loud enough for anyone nearby to hear.

Dressing himself also Lucius frowned at the wrinkles in his clothes then waved his wand to make them vanish.
"That's better." He nodded then turned to face the Potions Master. "Severus... you do remember that you belong to me now don't you?" Jealously was an ugly emotion but the blonde could not bare the thought of Snape calling another Master.

Larus gave in immediately. "Yours, my love!" He shouted, shooting his seed all over the both of them. He groaned and clung to his love, moving slowly still as he still felt waves of pleasure. "Oh love!" He whispered, surprised by the feeling he had felt.

Severus smirked. "As long as you know it as well that you belong to me." He said, lenaing up just a little as he kissed the blond. "But of course, our lord is going to find it odd if I stop calling him Master."

The Dark Lord held out as long as he could, he watched as his young lover came and marveled at how beautiful that sight was before he gave in to his own end. Voldemort was not sure how long he remained inside the other, clinging to his as if his very life depended on them not seperating. Wave after wave of pleasure caused though him until finally his vision returned and he slowly pulled out and flopped down on the bed beside the boy. With a satisfied smile he kissed Larus' cheek.
"You made quite a messss my love..." He hissed softly and used his own shirt to wipe his lover clean.

Raising an eyebrow at Snape's statement that he also belonged to the other Lucius was about to say something but chose to hold his tongue. The halfblood was right, he did belong to him weather he wanted to admit that or not.
"Of course you will still call our Lord, Master... I was referring to others and you know that." Lucius kissed Severus on the lip and gave the bottom one a slight nip. "You are a cheeky man my love, you know that don't you?"

Larus blushed. "I couldn't help it." He blushed more when his love wiped him clean with his own shirt. "It's your fault, you made me feel so good." He said, clinging to his lover.

Severus nodded. "Oh yes, I do know it, I know also that you enjoy it immensely." He added, kissing Lucius in turn. "Mn, come love, let us greet out lord and Larus."

Laughing Voldemort planted kisses all over his lover's face.
"Well I sssay it isss your fault for being sooo very molesstable." He could have stayed in bed beside Larus all day but there was business to attend too. "I fear I will have to leave you in a few minuetsss my love... no resst for the wicked asss they ssay." The Dark Lord laughed at his bad joke so the boy could not see how pained he was at having to go. "No doubt when Luciusss isss finisshed with Sseveruss they will sseek you out for your lessonsss."

Sticking his nose in the air the blonde headed towards the door, opened it then turned back to his new lover.
"Well? Are you coming or not Severus?" The tone of his voice implied that the Potions Master did not have a choice in the matter and he had better hurry. Even though he could be very affectionate with Snape, Lucius was still his cold, propper self.

Larus smiled and nodded. "Yes, I look forward to my lessons." He said, thinking of different ways to tease the two of their relationship without etting them know he knew.

Severus rolled his eyes in a teasing manner at Lucius and followed after him, making sure no one was looking as he grabbed the blond's behind on the way out."Oh, I'm comming, Lucius, fear not." He whispered, a smirk set firmly in his eyes rather than on his lips.

Dressing himself in fresh shirt Voldemort sighed and kissed Larus once more before he headed towards the door.
"I will return to you asss quickly asss I can.... and try to be nice to Luciuss and Sseveruss." He added with an evil sparkle in his eyes. As the Dark Lord stepped outside into the hall he spotted his two most loyal deatheaters.
"Ah, ssspeak of the devil..." He hissed and smiled at them, something he did not usually do.

The blonde turned to glare at Snape but the slight twitch at the corners of his mouth betrayed his amusement.
"Ah My Lord..." He said spotting the Dark Lord and bowing. "There is a matter of some importance I... er... we wish to discuss with you." As he straightened up, Malfoy pulled Severus close and wrapped his arm possessivly around his lover.

Larus heard them and ran out to greet them. "Awe, sweety, the lovebirds are here to teach me!" He grinned and hugged them both appreciatively and then leaned against the wall.

Severus blinked after turning red. "Umn, how do you.. you know this all ready hmn?" He asked, leaning against Lucius, looking at their lord, srprised that theirlord actually smiled at them, he wondered why and how the said dark one was so cheery and then of course the obvious answer was right there, it was the boy.

Being in a rare cheeky mood of his own, Voldemort nodded.
"Oh yesss we know already.... I am ssurprissed the entire housse hold doess not know. You were not exactly quiet lassst night... or thisss morning for that matter.?" His red eyes sparkled and he shot a quick glance at Larus, admiring the boy's beauty before returning to his followers and his teasing of them.

Lucius looked like he was choking on a lemon as he tried to keep his composure. It was not often his feathers were ruffled but just then they were everywhere. He was mortified at the thought of people overhearing them and he was not sure what to do with a happy, cheeky Dark Lord.
"Yes... well... I was not aware we were that loud My Lord." The blonde straightened his back trying to regain some of his usal snobby airs.

Larus surpressed a giggle. "It's okay though, you two make the cutest couple... well not as cute as Voldemort and I." He blushed, not sure if his lover would mind him saying his name so freely, but what should it matter? If it were anyone outside of Severs and Lucius he would have held his tongue.

Severus actually began to blush. "Yes well, you two are quite the couple also." He said, not sure if he was in another world or he'd died and left his previous world, perhaps he was dreaming? Their lord was so.. bright and happy it was a rare sight.

Hearing his name used in front of the other annoyed Voldemort but when he looke at his young lover his anger just vanished. This was Lucius and Severus they were talking too, he trusted the Potions Master with his most important and viatl mission so why should he be angry if his lover refered to him by name in front of the others?
"I am happy for you both..." He said contemplating what a strange match they all were.

"Thank you My Lord, Larus." Lucius inclined his head to both before he straightened as if their words had somehow made him taller. The blonde could not believe how very different Voldemort seemed, the Dark Lord was practically glowing. "I... we." He corrected. "Are ready to begin teaching Larus if that is what you desire My Lord."

Larus smiled. "Yay! Lesson time." He kissed his lord sweetly. "Mn, I love you sweety, go command your troops." He winked at his lover, unable to keep from kissing him again and again.

Severus stared. Surely Voldemort wouldn't allow the boy to do such things? How much were they in love? Obvously more than anyone gave them credit for. He knew they loved one another, but this was like a school-time relation!

Aware that the others were watching them Voldemort leaned forward and whispered in the boy's ear.
"That isss enough my love... you can ssmother me with kisssesss when I return." Usually he would have repremanded the boy in front of the others but he knew Larus was only expressing his feelings and decided not to make his words public knoledge. This went against every fiber in his being but for his lover he was willing to try and be more understanding. Turning back to the others he sighed.
"Teach him well, this mission is of great importance to me. Do not fail me." As he said the last his red eyes burned with a determined fire. He was leaving his most cherished possession in their care and wanted them to understand just how much he was relying on them.

The blonde was shocked speachless by the Dark Lord's actions and could not believe he allowed the boy to be so informal with him. That paing of gealousy returned for the briefest of moments but Lucius pulled himself together and bowed once more.
"Of course My Lord, he will be more than a match for any of us once we are done."

Larus smiled and couldn't resist giving his lord one more peck on the lips before he walked over to Lucius and Severus. "Sooo what do you guys have for me today?" He asked, beaming with delight. He didn't like being away frm his lord, but he knew he could trust Severus and Lucius.

Severus smiled. "We will not fail you my lord. And for you, we have well, not really a plan, we're going to see how you duel with more than one oppponent at once, if you do well then we're going to keep upping the number until you can't duel anymore." He said, smiling.

As Voldemort walked away he could not help feeling like he had lost something very important. He had noticed that a lot lately, it was as if he were leaving part of himself not just his beautiful lover. It was both annoying and confusing and as much as he hated being so reliant on another he would not change it if he could. Larus was his life, his very oxygen and reason for being.

In an attempt at being supportive, something he was never good at not even with his own son Draco, Lucius looked down his nose at the boy.
"I am sure you will do very well." The strength of his hate and jealousy shocked the blonde but under all that was true admiration. Larus had managed to do something he never could, he made their Lord happy. Going a step further he reached out and placed his hand on the boy's shoulder, in what he hoped was a comforting gesture.

Larus smiled up at Lucius and decided he wanted a hug from the tall stoic blond. He pouted and looked wantingly up at him. "Can I have a hug?" He asked quitly, he desperately needed one, to be sure the blonde didn't hate him.

Severus snorted and wondered if Lucius would give into the insanely cute visage of the boy pouting. How sweet of the boy to ask where he could have demanded. Sverus wondered if the boy was going to ask for a hug from himself as well.

The skin around the blonde's eyes and lips tightened slightly. As far as he was concerned Larus may as well of asked him to slit his own throat. He did not do hugs, in fact he had never even embraced his own son and heir in such a way. His conflicting emotions regarding the boy were bad enough but now he had a choice, he could do as the boy had bid or risk insulting his Lord. Lucius' entire body stiffened as he stepped forward and in a robotic fashion he reached round and placed both his hands on Larus' back. Looking down his nose at the boy, he raised an eyebrow, wondering if they had embraced long enough.

By the time the Dark Lord got to the sitting room he was missing Larus badly and his mood had turned foul. His followers had been squabeling about something but fell silent when he entered. With an annoyed hissed he sat down and called for the first reports on recruiting.

Larus smiled brightly and huged the blond tightly. "Thank you Lucius!" He said, squeezing him again before he let him go. "Okay! Severus can I have a hug from you too?"

It was just as Severus expected and he hugged the boy back, while stiffly not as stiff as Lucius had. He offered a bitter smile and then lead them to their training room. "Well, now that everyone has been hugged, let us get on with the lesson for today."

The boy's sudden show of affection confused Lucius and he began to wonder if Draco would enjoy such an embrace. It was not as enjoyable as having Severus under him but it was still a nice feeling. He pondered this oddness as he accompanied the other to the practice room. Once they were there the blonde returned his thoughts to the task at hand.
"What attack and defensive spells do you know and how many can you best at once?" Although he doubted the boy had much training in that sort of thing it was best to find out what he did know, save wasting time repeating things.

Listening to the reports and requests of his followers, Voldemort's mind constantly wandered to his young lover and how the boy was doing. He missed Larus, a fact that served to deepen his dark mood.

Larus shrugged. "I dunno.. I jst knwo things," He said as he casually deflected a hex that was sent at him by Severus. He smiled. "I think the best way to find out what I know is to start fighting me and then we;ll see."

Severus smiled and began a string of harmless hexes and curses at which the boy seemed rather adept in blocking and deflecting. "Lucius, join in on this, he's rather nicely matched."

The boy seemed to have a lot of natural ability, he reacted on instinct and Lucius had to admit he was impressed. Nodding at Severus he took out his wand and began to attack also. His spells were fast and sharp but none hit their mark. Of course the blonde was not going full force against Larus, fare from it but still, the boy knew spells that should have been beyond his talent at such a young age.

Larus bit his lower lip as things began to get a little more difficult, he continued to dodge and deflect but he was a bit preoccupied to shout back anything until he finally found a good rythm and began firing all sorts of random things, harmless but lighted. He was having fun now, actually began to giggle as the two attacked him.

Severus was surprised. "Perhaps our job teaching him wont be so horrible, Lucius." He said, continuing to fire hexes at the blonde, but finding it difficult to actually hit him.

When Laurs started to giggle Lucius frowned.
"It seems we are not even a challange." He stated and sent out a stun spell without any warning what so ever.

The deatheaters watched their Dark Lord closely, one who was hiding under his hood glared at Voldemrot.
"He is losing his edge, now is the time." The man beside him, also shrouded in the shadow of his hood nodded. They were plotting against their Lord, intent on becoming ruler in his place, of course the one who got the title would be the one who killed his partner first after Voldemort was out of the way.

Larus frowned and almost got hit by it, the only reason he'd stopped is because he felt danger. He felt his eyes tear up. "Lucius.. Severus.. they're going to hurt him.." He said, darting out of the room and running as fast as he could to his lord's throne room, hoping he'd get there in time, shouting. "MY LORD, THEY MEAN TO KILL YOU!" He shouted as tears slipped down his face while he burst into the room.

Severus frowned and ran after him, wondering what the commotion was about. "Lucius.. what do you think he means?" He asked, when he heard the boy call out he could only fit the pieces together that someone was trying to kill off their lord. He ran faster, trying to stop any danger.

His long loping stride meant Lucius could keep up with Severus eaisly and his black cape billowed out behind him as he speed down the halls.
"Something is very wrong..." He muttered breathlessly as they rounded a corner and headed off down another corridoor. Waving his wand the blonde made the door to the throne room fly open before them just as Larus approached it.

Something was bugging Voldemort, something felt very off but then he had been so turned around by his new emotions lately that everything felt wrong. The report Crab was giving bored him, the man's voice droned on and he let his eyes close as he sighed. Suddenly th heard yelling and before he could figure out what was happening the door flung open and he could see Larus running towards him bellowing somthing in a frantic voice.

One of the hooded men stood up and muttered the words of the killing spell, his companion and two others also added their strength to it and a great crackling ball of green lightening grew at the end of his wand before he sent it hurteling towards the Dark Lord. His next move would be to turn on the others and his mind was already reading another spell as the pulse of magic whistles over the heads of several deatheaters. It would hit Voldemort square in his chest on it's current tredgectory.

Larus pushed his lord out of the way of the angry green mass of energy, taking the blow full on in the chest. It wrapped about him and suffocated him, the strings of electricly pure energy tearing his soul to shreds. He didn't scream out, for he had no voice as he fell to the ground, unable to comprehend, move, see, or hear. Was this death for him? No.. he was still able to think.

Severus reached in time to have seen the caster and muttered a quick stunning spell and then began to attack the attackers. He nodded to Lucius to get the one on the right and he took one on the left, stunning them only because he knew their lord would like to torture them, for no doubt Larus was the one who took that spell head on, who knew what would happen to the boy, he was more or less dead.

Voldemort was spralled on the floor where he had landed after Larus pushed him out of his chair. It took a moment for him to realize what was happening and when he looked up he saw the spell that was meant fo him, wrap around his lover and vanish as the boy fell to the floor. Scrambling to Larus' side he crouched over his lover and horror slowly crept up his spine as he realized the boy was far from alright. The cry of a wounded beast began deep in his stomach, building until his body could no longer contian it, then he errupted from his throat. The noise was one of pure heart ache and anger, it filled the room and seemed to bounce off the walls, floor and ceiling, growing stronger as it did. The Dark Lord Screamed until there was no more breath in him, they he screamed again. His hands shook as he clutched at Larus's body and he looked up at the heavens cursing whatever God resided there.

Lucius made quick work of his prey, a burst of energy sending the other's wand across the room and his body up against the wall. Holding him there the blonde tilted his head to the side and eyes the man as a bird of prey might eye are hare. Hearing his Lord's cry his stormy grey eyes narrowed as he turned his attention to the remaining, would be assassin. Ice would have seemed hot compared to the chill those eyes emparted in those he gazed upon. The blonde could not bare to see his beloved Lord in such pain and his looke promised the worst kind of suffering to those who had caused it.

After putting up a feeble resistance the attackers fell victem to Lucius and Severus's spells. The one pinned to the wall acutally soiled himself and whished he could put his hands over his ear as Voldemort cried out. Every deatheater huddled against the sound, shocked by the sudden erruption of violence.

Severus ran to the fallen boy after they had everyone detained. "Oh gods.." He breathed, looking at the fallen form. He frowned, fearing the worse. He knelt aside him. "My lord.. I.. I do not think him gone from the world.." He whispered, hesitant to touch the boy in case their lord strike out at him in his anger and worry. He reached out to check and surely the pulse beat, strong but the boy couldn't seem to wake. "My lord...he's alive..." He said, his heart speeding up at the thought. He was rather shocked. Such a spell should have destroyed the poor thing. He frowned, lifting an eyelid to peer into the boy's eyes. They were glossed over, pupils small from the light of the curse. He must have been frozen that way. "My lord.. I do not know how to heal this... but I will learn.." He said, checking the boy over for any other substantial damage. "He's alive though.... we have the attackers contained.."

Somehow the news that his beloved was not dead filtered through the despaire that engulfed the Dark Lord. He let his cry trail off and he blinked away the tears that filled his red eyes.
" love..." He hissed and suddenly gathered the boy in his arms and held him to his chest. He held him tight as if his arms were the only thing keeping the boy's spirit from leaving him. "Come back to me my love..." Moving the boy was probably the wrong thing to do but Voldemort's sanity was hanging by a thread and he needed to hold his lover as close as possible.

Fixing all the attackers with magic rope, Lucius walked over to his now lover and rested a hand on Severus' shoulder. He needed that tiny pit of physical contact as much as the Dark Lord heeded the boy. Seeing his Lord so distraught was painful enough but he could not help thinking how he would feel if it were Snape who lay there motionless and seemingly lost to them.

Severus frowned deeply. "My lord, allow me to check him again, I need to see what's keeping him from waking up." He whispered, wondering how to sooth his lord. "Please my lord, deal with those who did this." He said, frantic that someone else would try to attack their lord while he was at pain. He didn't want that, no one did. He looked up as he felt Lucius' hand on his shoulder and he sighed sadly, pressing a kiss to the blond's hand. "The boy wont waken, but he's not dead. I don't know how he's alive, but he is.." He whispered, summoning books about exceptionally powerful spells.

At first Voldemort just shook his head, not wanting to let go of Larus but he let Larus pry the boy out of his hands. Wiping his eyes and face on his sleeve the Dark Lord slowly stood up and turned to face his deatheaters. The firery rage in his red eyes made the others cringe away from him as he glared at them, silently demanding to know if there was anyone else who wanted to kill him. Once he was satisfied no one else was going to attack he turned his attentions to the assassins. Stepping close to the one he knew was the weakest he took out his wand and with a vicious hiss he performed the crutiartis curse. The man's crys of agony rang out around the throne room and just before the man passed out, Voldemort stopped long enough for him to catch his breath before he started again. This was pure vengence, he had no intention of asking his attacker any questions, for now he just wanted to hurt him as he himself was hurting. Drenched in snot, tears and a little blood that began to trickle down his face from his nose the would be assassin begged for mercy.

When it became clear his Lord would not let go by himself, the blonde gently pulled his hands away and layed Larus back on the ground so Severus could attend him. Standing back up, Lucius held his wand at the ready in case someone else decided to try their luck and attack Voldemort. He even smiled slightly at the Dark Lord took his frustration and anguish out on one of the traitors.

Severus scanned the pages quickly until one such passage seemed to describe the killing curse and all possible ways of casting it. He read on and on about how to reverse its affects, mostly the book held a rather sarcastic tone saying 'there is no reverse, the person hit is dead...', however, when this oh so powerful version of the spell's passage came up the boke read out very interesting 'when powered by more than one wizard the spell becomes confused, the three different powers force it to put the witch or wizard into a sleep until that of true love's power awakens him or her. Not just anything will suffice, alongside a sweet kiss, one has to not only mean the kiss, they have to be 'wedded' to them in a sense, they must never have awkward thoughts about another and must never even think of touching another, for the lasting effects of the spell are permanent,if the true love of the victim thinks of another in a more than apraising way then the victim shall fall asleep until their love stops the thought.All instances as such shall put the victim in sleep.. unless their true love sleeps with another, then the victim dies..'.... with that Severus blinked several times, filled with mirth as a rather amused smile fell on his face. "My lord, I believe I have found a solution.."

Voldemort froze mid curse and looked down at Severus with hope filled eyes.
"You have?" He asked abandoning his relentless torture of the barly consious man to crouch beside his lover. "What isss it Sseverusss!" His voice came out a little harsher then he intended but he could not bare the brief moments before the Potions Master spoke.

A proud smile caused the blonde's lips to curl as his lover spoke. The fact Snape had found a solution so quickly pleased him greatly and it stoked his ego to know that he was the one who bedded such a brilliant mind, not to mention a hansome, strong physic.

What remained of the assassin the Dark Lord had been torturing slumped in a weeping, shaking mess. Blood ran form his nose, mouth and ears and his eyes betrayed how fractured his mind had become. Even if his body did recover the assassin would never again be albe to lift a wand let alone mutter an incantation. All that remained of him was a simpering husk that would drench himself in his own drool.

Severus snorted and handed him the book. "Read the last passes on the right, I wonder where the hell you find these books, but anyhow, it describes everything you need to know, I wont read it allowed." He said, smiling. He looked down to the boy that was so very not there with them and yet there at the same time, he looked troubled in his sleep, not peaceful, but the boy was still beautiful. It was going to be amusing to see just how one person their lord was to be. He had strange images of the boy randomly falling asleep here and there as though he had narcilepsy. He looked up at Lucius and beamed as he saw the proud grin on his face. He winked at him and watched their lord, carefully studying his expression to see what became of the situation. His eyes darted here and there to the fallen traitor. The man wasn't even a man anymore and Sape sneered with hatred at the being.

As he read, Voldemort went through a mirriad of emotions. He had to read the passages twice to fully comprehend what they were saying and while he was delighted he would have his beloved Larus back he was angry and a little scared that he would kill his beloved if he ever slept with another. As well as his usual boy toys, the Dark Lord would partake in anyone he pleased. At times he had even had two of more lovers, some of them female. The thought that he and Larus might not be albe to enjoy sharing their bed with another bothered him a little. It was not that he tired of the boy, he just disliked not having the ability to act on such urges should he have them.
"You are sssure thisss will work Sseveruss?" He demanded, afraid to get his hopes up if there was a chance it would fail.

Looking down his nose at the book, Lucius read it as well and his eyebrow looked as if it were trying to crawl up into his hairline. The slight smirk on his lips was the only sign that he found the cure highly amusing.

The other deatheaters looked on in silence as they tried to come to terms what the events that had transpired. They could not believe that those among them had plotted against the Dark Lord and many were worried that their actions would cast suspission on all of them. Voldemort was violent and unpredictable at the best of time and many feared a wrong step could be their last. Others feared the same fate as the assassin who lay broken and dribbling on the floor. The other attackers sobbed in fear, knowing they would be lucky if the Dark Lord's anger with them was apeased as quickly when their time came.

Severus nodded. "Oh yes, it should anyhow. If it doesn't then we're completey doomed until something else comes along. Well, I suggest you finish torturing them so that there is no more danger when the boy awakes and then kiss him alive again." He said, smirking at his lord's dilema. He looked to the group they'd rounded up and glared at them. "And you lot... don't you realize what you have done? How dare you go against our lord! What is the matter with you? You just bought your own deaths..."

Voldemort was desperate to have Larus back but at the same time Snape had a point. If he did not deal with the traitors first there was a chance his lover would still be in danger and that was a risk he was not willing to take.
"Take him back to our room... watch over him, both of you..." His red eyes pleaded with Severus, he knew they would be worried about him but just then Larus' safety was his first priority. He left no room for argument and when Lucius gently picked the boy up he turned to the traitors and snarled.

The blonde was going to suggest that one of them should stay with their Lord but on look at Voldemort told him to hold his tongue. Nodding he bend down and carefully gathered Larus in his arms. He held the boy as if he were the most precious thing in the world, which as far as the Dark Lord was concerned was true.
"Yes my Lord." He said standing straight and glaring down his nose at the attackers.

Severus nodded and bowed to their lord, smirking at the captives while he followed his lover down the corridor to their lord's rooms. "Well, this was upsetting. How funny at the magic placed on him." He said, pressing a kiss to Lucius' cheek when they entered their lord's rooms and the boy was safely on the bed. "Sad that they would betray him, we've known they've been growing restless, but to actually make an attack on him, they'll surely pay." He said, sighing and taking a seat next to the sleeping Larus who was seemingly lost to their world.

Now that he had killed one of his attackers, Voldemort was feeling a little better and was now concerned with finding out how many co-conspiriters there were and what else they might have planned. Now he was tortoring for information not satifaction and he was an expert on making it last for days and even weeks if he wanted.

"Oh, I am sure they will my love." Lucius found himself shutting down emotionally. He was being very cold and distant because he was too afraid his emotions would overwhelm him. For the first time in his life he really had something to lose and he could not stop thinking of how he would feel if it were Severus instead of Larus laying on the bed comatosed.

Severus frowned at his lover, automatically feeling his cold tone. He stepped in front of him. "Lucius, what is the matter?" He asked, placing his hands on either side of the blonde's face. Being the skilled legilimens he was he noticed quickly what botherd him and truly he felt touched by the worries of the other. "Oh Lucius, this wont happen to us." He whispered, somehow certain of the fact.

As it turned out the first traitor the Dark Lord quetioned was very forthcoming. He told Voldemort that there were seven of them all up, that they believed he was weakening. He gave orders for the other members of the group to be bought to him alive for questioning and locked the captured members in his dungeon for later. Now he was eager to return his lover.

Again the blond raised his eyebrow. He was a little angry at Severus for invading his thoughts but at the same time he was glad he did not have to explain how he was feeling. This sharing with a lover was going to take some getting used to.
"How can you be sure...?"

Severus frowned. "I can not, but I know I wont let it happen." He said, pressing a kiss to Lucius' lips. "I will do everything in my power to never let that happen to either of us." He said, stroking Lucius' hair. "Worry not, love."

Leaning into his lover's touch the blonde smiled and sighed happily. He coudl not believe how good it was to hear Snape refer to him as 'love'. Lost in the joy of being with his lover, Lucius did not hear the Dark Lord's approach until he was almost at the door.

Flinging the door open so it hit the wall with a loud crack, Voldemort went straight to Larus' side and leant over him.
"My love... my darling Larussss..." He hissed softly as he gently brushed a few wayward strands of multi coloured hair off the boy's cheek.
"Sso I just have to kissss him?" He asked Severus. "I found out everything I needed to know... I want to torture the resst with my lover at my sside." The Dark Lord said as if he were explaining why he was back so soon.

Sevrus nodded. "Yes, my lord, but the kiss has to mean love only, basically true love's kiss. You can think of no other, or desire any other when you kiss him. It has to be for him and him alone."He said, smirking a little because he knew his lord loved the boy in such a way.

The Dark Lord frowned slightly, a little worried he would do it wrong but then he really thought about his feelings.
"I gave up torturing asssasssinss to be with him.... what greater ssign of love iss there?" He spoke mainly to himself and Bowing down, Voldemort kissed his beloved. He kissed those soft sweet lips that made him think of the apple/cherry pie Larus has baked for him. He felt his length harden at the thought of being deep inside the other. The Dark Lord saw Larus's face during release in his mind. Such strong emotions were invoked as he kissed the boy, all the love he had ever possessed was because of Larus... it was all for him.

As he watched the blonde could not help feeling a little jealous. It was not just because it was his Lord kissing the boy but because of the love that radiated from them. Lucius wondered if the Potions Master would ever kiss him with such passion and need, or if he felt the same way about Severus as Voldemort felt about Larus.

Very very sowly Larus bgan to stir. He opened his eyes slowly, blinked and then closed them again as he swooned into his love's kiss. He wrapped his arm about his lover's neck and wondered how long he'd been out.

Severus sighed as he saw the flitting look of jealousy across his lover's face. He'd have to talk to him about that later, ask him why and whatnot. He wanted his lover to be happy, wanted to make him happy. Wished he could make him happy, but it seemed Lucius only kept doubting him.

When the boy began to kiss him back Voldemort could have cried out with elation had he not been caught in Larus' kiss. Tears pooled in his red eyes and he gathered his lover to him, hugging him tight afraid he might still lose him.
"Oh my darling, my Larusss." He hissed. "I wasss sso worried..."

Needing to reassure himself that he was no longer alone, Lucius reached down and slid his hand into Snape's hand, gripping it tight.
"Well I am pleased that worked." He said trying to swallow the lump that had appeared in his throat. It was touching to see his Lord reunighted with his lover. Of couse Lucius hated showing any emotion, even joy.

Larus smiled. "I missed you.. I thought they were going to kill you so I ran to warn you. What happened?" He asked, kissing his love again, confused at everything, his lord looked so worried and happy he didn't know how to react.

Severus nodded solemnly. "My lord, may we return to our rooms?" He asked, knowing Lucius was in desperate need of his comfort and affection.

"Hugh? Oh yesss, yesss, yesss, you may leave." Voldemort waved the other off, he was far too caught up in having his lover back to pay Severus and Larus any heed. Reaching out he slid his long skinny fingers though Laru's hair. "Oh my love... I thought I had lossst you for good." The Dark Lord had to pause to regain control of his voice and emotions. "They casst the killing cursse at me but they combined their powerss to casst it and it went wrong... you pussshed me out of the way but were hit yoursself." Gently taking the boy's face in both hands he leaned forward to kiss him again. "I love you my beautiful Larusss..."

Mixed emotions surged through Lucius. He was happy and afraid now that he had something to lose. He wanted to reclaim Severus but at the same time he felt like cutting his losses now so he never had to worry the way the Dark Lord had. The blonde had no idea what to do or what he really wanted, he was way out of his comfort zone.

Larus smiled. "Wow...really?" He smiled more "I am glad to think we are together at last and that i have not died my love." He kissed his lover again and hugged him tightly. "I love you so much."

Severus frowned. "Lucius, I know you're worried, but don't leave me because of that." He said, fearing the blonde might do just that. He grabbed Lucius' hand and sat him down in his room on the bed. "Please Lucius, it'd be as though you died if you left me and I can not bear that."

Hearing the boy say that actually made Voldemort cry. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he held Larus too him.
"I did not think it wasss posssible to love ssomeone ass much ass I love you.... you are my life my darling Larusss... the world isss not worth having unlesss your are besside me." Glad his followers could not see him the Dark Lord sobbed into his lover's multi coloured hair.

Seeing such pain in Severus' eyes almost broke the blonde's heart. It had only been one night and already his world had turned upside down because of the Potions Master.
"But wouldn't it hurt less to lose me now then later when we are more deeply intwined?" The truth was, Lord Malfoy was afraid of love. He was afraid of being percieved as weak as the other deatheaters had done with their Dark Lord. He was afraid of losing Snape and as much as he wanted to deny the fact he could not.

Larus couldn't help but break down in tears. He frowned and clung tightly to his lover. "Oh my love!" He said desperately, clutching to him, wishing he could make someone feel better.

Severus sighed. "We're not out leader, Lucius. We're allowed to be weak. But then, not loving is perhaps weaker than loving. If you don't want to be with me anymore, I understand."

It was a bit of a rude shock for the Dark Lord to realize just how much he needed his young lover. He had never needed anything before and how he was a weeping mess just because he thought the boy might have been dead. He had killed all of his past lovers and was more annoyed that he was forced to do such a thing then actually missing them. He could slit their throats with little more than a disgusted look but he found he could not even raise his voice to Larus without regretting it. No matter how he looked at it, they boy was now as dear to him as his own life and that was not likely to change.
"My Larussss..." He hissed again reassuring himself that was in fact true.

Narrowing his stormy grey eyes, Malfoy shook his head.
"No Severus, the problem is I want to be with you." He was not angry at the Potions Master, he was angry at himself. It was already too late, Snape had worked his way into the blonde's heart and if he left he would take a huge chunk of the hart Lucius had often been accused of not having with him. Suddenly the blonde was determined to let his lover know just how much he wanted him. He practicaly attacked the Potions Master as he pushed him back down onto the bed and kissed him passionatly. He violated the other with his tongue, forceful and dominant as he had ever been.

Larus smiled, wiping away both of their tears. "My Voldemort." He whispered, leaning just a little to kiss his lover. "I love you with all of me." He said, glad to be a part of him, glad that his love lovd him truly. "You know what would be nice? Is to one day be sort of... officially bound in a marriage like ceremony and then to acquire a child." He said, snuggling against the other, "Perhaps one day there will be no more war, we can settle with one another and live a comfortable and peaceful life. " He said, imagining a failry odd scene where he played the 'housewife' role for his lover.

Severus returned the other's kiss with just as much force before he placed both of his hands on either side of the blond's face, pulling away a moment, tears developing. "Don't you ever think on leaving me or leave me for any reason, Lucius. I belong to you now, don't you get that? Nothing bad will happen, please, try to find comfort." He pleaded with him.

That was not exactly the life style Voldemort had in mind. Quiet and peaceful was not really in his nature. The Dark Lord imagined a world where everyone knelt before him, where his bidding was done without question and he was never without a victim to torture and take out his anger on. He imagined the famous Harry Potter groveling before him in chains, begging for his life and Larus dressed in the most seductive clothes possible at his side. Even the Minister for Magic would be nothing more than an obedient servant. AS far as having a child went... well that was another thing that had never crossed his mind. The Dark Lord as a daddy, it was perposterious but his lover had seemed so happy as he spoke of such things he held his tongue. Yes, for his beloved Larus he might even try to do the happy household thing but not just yet.

Far too emotional to answer without breaking down Lucius just nodded, he wanted to lose himself inside his lover. He wished there was some way he could become more comfortable with expressing himself and loving Snape. Years of burying his true feelings for his Lord had left him cold and distant, that was something that did not disappear in an instant. Once again the blonde kissed the Potions Master, he intended to show Snape just how much he meant to him.
"Yes Severus, you are mine..."

Larus smiled. "It's not what you want yet, is it?" He asked, kissing his lover. "Well, maybe we could have world domination, but we should stil have a child one day. Not any time soon, I want to enjoy you undividedly first, but soon after?" He asked, pouting. "I'm sorry, it's my random vision of love."

everus melted under Lucius' kiss and groaned at the contact of the other. He kissed him and held tight to him while his passion was alighted. "Lucius... show me that I belong to you." He said, groaning, "Confirm I belong to you. Prove we will never part." He begged of the other, lost in the screen of desire they'd built for one another.

"There isss no need to be ssorry my love, if that isss what your heart dessiress then I will make it happen ssomehow. Jusst.... you will have to help me my darling Laruss..." He looked deep into the boy's eyes. Voldemort meant what he said, for his lover he would try to change, for his lover he would do anything. "Who knowsss... I might like a quite life with you." His took a handful of Larus' multi coloured hair and let it slip through his long thin fingers. "I have found I enjoy many thingsss with you my beautiful Larusss."

With a animalistic growl, Lucius began to free the Potions Master from his clothing. He needed Snape and he needed him right then. The blonde was fuled by the hottest flames of passion and he kissed and nibbled at his lover's bare skin.
"Severus!" He groaned, his hot breath caressing the other. "Spread you legs for me..." He ordered fully expecting his orders to be followed. As he pulled his own clothing off he kissed every part of his lover he could reach. Malfoy practically devoured the other, needing to lose himself in Snape's loveing embrace.

Larus smiled. "I know my lord, I wont make you adjust too quickly, so worry not about that." He said, kissing his lover. "You're so sweet to me, I appreciate that entirely." He said, kissing him again. "I just hope I am doing everything right to please you and to make you happy."

Severus did as his lover demanded, gladly giving into him. "Take me, Lucius." Snape said in a pleading rather than demanding tone. He shivered and groaned while he arched into the other's touch.

Wrapping the boy in his arms Voldemort peppered him with kisses.
"You are the firssst persson in the world to make me truly happy Larusss." He hoped that was comforting for his lover, he was not good at saying sweet things but the boy made him want to try.

The blonde was not exactly gentle in his haste but Snape turned him on so much he could not hold back.
"Severus!" He growled as he pushed into the Potions Master and waited for him to adjust. It took all his self control to wait that short time before he began to thrust desperatly. Every time he was with his lover the blonde's cool calm nature melted into a heated frezzy of lust.

Larus nodded. "As you are to me. My love, what happened to those who conspired against us?" He asked, kissing his lover. "Did you torment them hopefully?" He asked, pouting as he thought he missed out on the punishing of the horrible group that dared to cause harm to his lover.

Severus winced a moment as the blone thrust so unwarningly into him, but he did ask for it and he did suddenly feel the delightful pleasure of having the filling blonde inside him. "Lucius!" He called out, lost in the waves of pain and pleasure.

"I killed one of them to prove I wasss sseriouss and to vent a little anger on but the otherss I had ssent to the dungeon. I thought perhapss we could torture and kill them together?" He was not sure if his lover would be happy at that or not. He knew the boy to have a good heart and as much as that disgusted him in others, in Larus it was perfect.

Somewhere in the back of his mind the blonde made a note give his lover a little more warning next time. Causing pain and harm was not his intenetion.
"Severus..." He whispered breathlessly as he changed his angle so he hit the other's prostate with each punishing thrust.

Although it was expected for Larus to not want to harm others reguardless, even Larus himself did not expect to grin so vilely. "Oh love, how sweet of you." He whispered, his eyes cold for a moment merely because of the thought of someone hurting his lover. Apparently when it came to those he loved being harmed, Larus was more than willing to slip out of his peaceful visage and re-deliver pain."No one hurts one I love.. my lord, I would be more than happy to join you." He whispered, determination afire in his eyes.

Severus grasped tight to Lucius, his nails making red scratches that shone out almost angrily against the blonde's skin. He groaned and met his thrusts with abandon, gasping and eyes shut tight as he recieved such blinding pleasure.

The fire in his lover's eyes excited the Dark Lord. This was something they could share. He had changed so much for the boy without even realizing it but this time he could be himself.
"And if anyone sso much asss lookss at you wrong my love I will gut them." There was pirde in his voice as he softly hissed his promise, and kissed Larus.

Being clawed at ony urged Lucius on and he growled and cried out as he began to unwravel.
"Ngh... Severus... oh yes..." How the dark haired man managed to reduct him to a lust driven animal he did not know and just then the blonde did not care. "Oh my Severus!"

Larus smiled. "Might we take care of them now? I am finding that the longer I know they're breathing the angrier I become." He whispered in quiet question. He wanted them harmed to the fullest extent.

Severus was finished. He couldn't handle the sweet delights bestowed upon him by his lover. "Lucius!" He called out, growling a little as he came, unable to hold it off any longer. He succumbed fully and willingly to the other.

"Of coursse my love." Voldmort hissed his lips curling in an evil grin. Rising he put his hand out for Larus. "Sssall we my love?" He asked motioning to the door. Oh the things he wanted to do to those rotten traitors, he practically quivered with anticipation.

It was so wonderful to cum with his lover and after gently pulling out the blonde lay down beside Snape.
"Severus my love.... thank you." It was not just the sex Lucius was talking about, he was thanking the Potions Master for everything. Pulling him close Lord Malfoy nuzzled into the dark haired man's neck.

Larus followed after his lover. He was normally not a violent person, but Larus wanted pain and damage to be granted to those who harmed his lover. He wouldn't stop until he held their lives.

Severus felt he knew what his lover meant. "You're welcome my love." He said, kissing him sweetly in their afterglow."I love you."

Entering the dungeon Voldemort used a spell to light the torches that hung on the wall. The sudden light hurt the eyes of his prisoners who hung from shackles around the room. With an evil smile the Dark Lord raised his wand and lit the fire in the center of the room used to heat the branding irons. As much as he love to use magic to inflict pain on his enemies he did so love the smell of burning flesh and the satisfaction he got from watching the fear in their eyes as the coals heated the metal until it glowed white hot. There was smothing to be said for the old ways at times and the use of devices for torture.
"You will all sssooon learn that I have not ssoftened nor losst my edge. You will alssso learn jusst what my lover iss capable of." He hissed as he walked around the room fixing each pathetic, sobbing creature with his fiery red eyes.

"I love you too Severus..." Malfoy whispered as he pulled the other even closer. This was all new to him and he was enjoying it emencly. "We have some time I believe..." He whispered in explination for his actions.

Larus' eyes were darkened. His emotions were hate and anger thrilled with love. He looked at the hanging people and decided they were nothing but scum. "How can you sob and cry out when you yourself meant to cause so much pain to one? How can you whimper like little children when you were about to grant such a pain? You are all worthless. You complained because your lord was happy. You complained because he had found, and dare I say it, love. Sure, lost upon me he is and was, but I will not keep him from 'losing his edge'. In fact, I will help it grow sharper..." He trailed off as he stepped around them, wondering which one to harm first. "You are all the weakest link. Who does not obey their master's reguardless? I suppose I am staring at the answer here. " He finally stepped in front of the oe he felt it would be fine to start with and conjured an poisoned knife. "You see this blade? It's dull. Just lke you." He trailed it down the victim's chest. "Do you know what else? There's a rather slow acting poison in it... if I press hard enough, it wil tear, not cut, your skin. The poison will seep through and eventually you'll die.And when the blade grows hot it will burn your wounds. And when you're close enough to death it will resurrect you by turning to salt just to give you another jolt of pain before you do finally die." He whispered, pressing down harder and harder with each word, seeing the skin tear in neat lines and listening to the screams of the man he tortured. To him it wasn't wrong. Not after what they did. They meant to cause death and he would give it to them.

"Time for what Lucius?" Severus quested a little confused. He practically snuggled against the blond, inhaling the rich arostocratic scent that was Lucius. His mind began to wonder also what Draco would think of their pairing, what Narcissa would do. He thought it might turn out well actually.

Looking on like a proud parent Voldemort smiled a vicious smile. He loved that he could share such a thing with his lover and hissed happily as he let the anger and vengance Larus radiated was over him. Such a fitting punishment for traitors he though happily, trust the beautiful, powerful creature that had captivated him so, to come up with it.

"Time to lay here with each other for a while." The blonde answered with a satisfied sigh. He did not want to let go of Severus yet and his duties were not urgent enough to make his rise from the bed.

Larus tortured several of them in this manner, smiling as he looked at the ones he'd taken care of fall dead. "Okay love, the rest are yours." He said cheerfully, taking a seat on a stone step.

Severus smiled. "I see, umn, I have a question, Lucius my love, what is draco going to think of our coupling, and Narcissa?" He asked, looking worriedly into the blonde's grey eyes.

Still a little drunk on the joy of sharing such an intermite thing with his lover Voldemort walked up to one of the remaining men. He leaned in close and snarled at him, his red eyes burning brightly.
"You will wisssh for death before I am finisshed." He hissed and caressed the man's cheek with the back of his long thing fingers. Pulling back suddenly the Dark Lord took a pair of needle nose pliers from a table fill with an assortment of torture implaments. He strarted by pulling out each of his victem's nails then broke every finger one after the other. Working his way through the things on the table he systematically cut and burned every inch of skin making sure his play things did not bleed out. Their cries of pain and anguish were music to his ears, the all had to pay for what they had tried to do to him and what they had done to Larus.

Sighing Lucius thought for a moment.
"Well Narcissa has her lover so she should not be a problem but Draco... I am not sure what he will think of this. It does not matter anyway."

Larus hummed as he watched his lover in his torturing of the others. He enjoyed that they were at his mercy and that everyone of them were getting what they deserved.

Severus nodded. "I just don't want Draco to become a problem to you love." He whispered, content to be lying next to the other. "I mean, he could become rebelious if he doesn't like it."

With a satisfied sigh the Dark Lord watched the lite of life fade from the eyes of his last victem.
"They will never hurt you again my love." He hissed softly as he embraced Larus.

Stromy grey eyes narrowing for a moment the blonde nodded. He could see how such a thing could be a problem and as cold as he seemed, he loved his son.
"Perhaps I should talk with him. Best he hear it from me and not one of the other gossiping deatheaters. Did you want to come with me Severus?" As far as Lucius could tell, Draco got on well with his Potions teacher.

Larus hugged his lover tight. "Nor will they try to harm you. Should we see the rest of your followers to be sure they get the idea?" He asked, pressing a kiss to his love's lips. "I just don't want something like that to happen again."

Severus nodded. "I would like such. I want to judge his reactions on my own also. And having us both there would be better for him to gauge the situation. He may take it more sincerely if we are both there."

Nodding Voldemort wiped blood off his hands onto his clothing. He as covered in blood but he would not change before addressing his deatheaters, it would remind them of the concequences for treason.
"After I addresss them we sshould have a nice long bath my love." He kissed Larus but was a little heasitent to hug him incase the boy did not want more blood on him.

"Good." The blonde said. "After our Lord is finished playing with the traitors we should go and tell him if we are not needed here." Lucius had no intention of getting up just yet, he was enjoying holding Severus in his arms way too much.

Larus hugged his lover tight, not caring about the blood. "I agree completely. I would love to just sit and relax in a nice hot bath with you." He said, kissing his beloved. "But yes, let us go show them their place and then we can bathe and be together.

Severus nodded. "I wonder when that will be. He hasn't tortured anyone for a while, but I know he likes to take his time."

With a nod Voldemort headed for his throne room.
"Gather everyone in my throne room." He barked at one of the portraits on the wall, knowing it would quickly spred his order. The Dark Lord would let everyone know for once and for all that Larus was his right hand, his lover and his second, above all the others. This was not going to be recieved well but then he did not really care what his followers thought as long as they did as they were told. Holding Larus' hand he flung the door open before him and took his usual seat as he waited for the deatheaters. "Here my love." He hissed happily patting his lap.

A little upset that his time with Severus would be sepnt thinking of others the blonde sighed.
"I wonder how the boy is doing... he really does love him dosn't he?" Lucius meant both Voldemort and Larus, they loved each other dearly just as he love the Potions Master. "Stone the crows now I am worried that Draco will not approve!" Sitting up Malfoy scowled but before he could voice his concerns properly the portrait on the wall informed them that the Dark Lord wished everyone to gather in the throne room.

Larus smiled and sat in his lover's lap, his back to his beloved's chest. He placed a kiss to his beloved's cheek before watching the others, all of them staring or given them other odd forms of looks.

Severus nodded and upon the mention of Draco he nodded yet again. "After this meeting we will ask our lord to excuse us to talk to him." He said, rising reluctantly and dressing. "But for now, let us go and see what we are needed."

Remaining silent until everyone was present Voldemort waved Lucius and Severus up onto the small dias. He wanted them to stand flanking him and Larus in a place of honour, something he was sure would not be lost on the other deatheaters.
"I have gathered you all here to inssure you are all aware on the new possitionss I am creating asss a ressult of the asssasssination attempt. From thisss day forth Laruss is my right hand, he isss to be obeyed asss you would obey me. He isss mine in every way and anyone who harmsss him or touchess him without my expressss permission will be dealt with asss a traitor.... " He paused to make sure his world sunk in and the death eaters understood the gravity of the situation. "Further more.... Luciusss Malfoy and Ssseveruss Ssnape are promoted to the possition of High Deatheatersss you will ansswer to them and follow thier orderss iss that clear?" His hissing voice seemed to fill the room, to grow more impressive until it slowly faded out leaving behind a shocked slilence which his subjects were too afraid to break.

Lucius did as he was instructed and stood beside and slightly back from the throne. He could not believe his Lord has bestowed such an honour on him and his new lover. He glared down his nose at the others before him daring them to say something against the boy that sat on their Lord's lap.

Larus snuggled against his lord momentarily before he realized he was snuggling into a bloody shirt. "Ewwwwwwwwwwww love, can we pleeeaaase go get that bath now? I've got those idiot's blood all over my face. Well.. it's everywhere really. I only just remembered we're both covered in it." He said, trying to wipe off the blood.

Severus stood stoicly, not meeting any other gaze other than his lover's, when he heard the boy's words he raised an eyebrow. The boy seemed to be a killer when hurt. That was a trait their lord would much desire.

Satisfied that his followers were sufficently warned Voldemort smiled and kissed Larus' forehead blood and all. He enjoyed being covered in blood but even he knew that was not something most people cherished.
"Yesss my love, letsss go." After gently lifting the boy off his lap he stood and then right there in front of everyone he scooped Larus up into his arms bridal style. One more warning look at the Deatheaters gathered before him dared them to say something but of course none did. With that the Dark Lord nodded at Severus and Lucius and left.

The boy had surprised Malfoy, he believed him to be far too meek and soft but this proved Larus could be merciless when needed. As much as it disgusted the blonde the better he got to know Larus the more he liked him. Scowling at his fellow Deatheaters again Lucius' lip curled upwards slightly in one corner as he thought about his changing feelings. Some of the others miss interpertated it as a snarl of disgust at them and looked away ashamed.

Larus smild happily. "YAY." He squealed with delight kissing his lover as they left the room. "Well, let's get that nice hot bath and cuddle!" He loved that no one else stood against them.

Severus waived the deatheaters away. "Carry on you lot, we have things to do." He said, grabbing Lucius' hands and leading him away. "I don't think our lord minds if we go summon up your son for a talk, what do you say?"

Part of the Dark Lord was disappointed he did not get a chance to torture some more men but most if him was relieved there had been no challenges to his decrees. If anything happened to Larus... deciding not to think about such things he kissed the boy all over his bloodied face.
"Yesss my love.... though you do look beautiful in red." Of course he was reffering to the stains on Larus' face. Voldemort could not help being proud of his young lover as he let his mind return to how well he inflicted pain on their enemies.

Thinking how angry he would be if someone disturbed him and Severus in such a mood the blonde shook his head.
"No I think he would prefer if we did not bother him with such a thing at this time." Being his usual cold and ridged self the blonde stalked out of the room. "Come Severus lets return to your room." A slight smirk curled his lips as he remembered the last time he had used those world even if the meaning of the world come was different.

Larus blushed. "But I thought red was for Gryffindors?" He asked, holding back a small giggle. He dropped from his lover as they reached their room and immediately began stripping, upset with his bloody clothing. "Ew."

Severus sighed. "Lucius, I want to talk to the boy now!" He insisted, stopping in their retreat. "We can do all of our normal romancey stuff later, but this is important to me, and it should be important to you too. Otherwise it will sit and weigh upon our minds."

Frowning slightly at the mention of Gryffindor, Voldemrot sighed.
"Theirsss issss more of a burgendy or maroon colour.... blood red ssuitss you very well my love and isss one of my favourite coloursss" Suddenly the Dark Lord realized he was staring, he had become entranced by the sight of his beloved undressing and gave a little chuckle at how very smitten he was. Removiong his own clothing Voldemort begban to humm to himself, somthing he could not remember doing or even wanting to do before.

Rolling his eyes the blonde grabed Snape's hand, determined to drag him towards the bedroom if necessary.
"Honestly Severus, do you want to tell Draco about us here in the hall where anyone can see or overhear? I want to summon him to your room so we have some privecy, not to mention a stiff drink if needed. Just because I have agreed to be affectionate to you in public does not mean I want the rest of my personal life on display."

Larus smiled. "Awe, I didn't mean to hit a nerve my love." He said, smiling. "You're wearing too many clothes." He said, moving to his lover to help him out of his clothing. He kissed him while he removed his outter robe and his underclothing, shirt, pants, all of it pooled on the floor around them.

Severus glared slightly but allowed himself to be lead along. "So what if they know? I may belong to you Lucius, but in belonging you will act as though I do! But do not expect me to hide us. You are mine as much as I am yours. I understand the need for privacy, but don't you dare suggest I am some private thing to be swept under the carpet to protect your poor little pure-blooded name!" He hissed, voice rising with every word. He was truly becomming angry with his lover's uptight ways.

Hissing softly Voldemort closed his eyes and breathes in the scent of his lover and drying blood. The mix was very erotic as far as he was concerned and he allowed his mide to drift to images of hims and Larus making love right there as they were, all covered in the blood of their enemies.
"We sshould go to the bath my darling..." He whispered, more as a comand to himself than anything else.

Letting go of the Potions Master's hand Lucius turned to face him, his grey eyes cold as steel.
"So you would have our meeting with my son where the others can see? What if Draco objects? What if he makes a big fuss? You would have me shamed in front of our fellow Deatheaters? You would like that wouldn't you? It would please you to see me fall from grace, publically humiliated would it?" He was furious and could not understand why Severus was making such a big deal about this. "Well if that is the case we can end this right now? I am not ashamed of you Severus and as for you being a halfblood... well so is our Lord!" Far too angry and hurt to continue Lucius turned and stormed off down the hall.

Larus nodded, kissing his love once more before he ran the bath water. He couldn't wait to get ito the warm comforting mass of liquid. It called to him, made him yearn for the silky carress that was water.

Severus ran after him, grabbing his arm and turning the blond to face him. "That isn't what I meant, Lucius!" He all but shouted. "I don't want Draco's conversation with us to be public, I want US to be public. I would never want you to fall from grace, but dammit! I just want you to act like I am yours even in public, not as something to hide!" He didn't let go of the other, he kept his arm in a tightened grip, wondering what his next reply to him would be.

Stepping into the warm water the Dark Lord let it close in around him as he sat down and sighed. It felt so good and now that he was relaxed he became aware of how sore his back was and how many aches and pains hours of troturing traitors could create.
"Would you like a masssage my love?" He hissed softly motioning for Larus to sit in front of him.

"Don't you think I could let my family know before it becomes common knoledge?" Lucius demanded as he tried to brush Snape's hand away and straiten out his wrinkled sleeve. He was far too confused to deal with his feelins so the blonde reverted to his uaual cold, detached manner.

Larus wasn't as sore as his lover and he could feel it in a sense. "How about I massage you instead?" He offered, facing his lover, reaching his hands about to rub at his chest and slip his hands up to grasp his shoulders.

Severus sighed sadly. "Lucius, yes! You may, I .. you made it sound as though you were ashamed to be with me so I over-reacted." He said, releasing him. "Look, I'll be in my rooms okay?" He felt horrible for acting as he did, but damn if he wasn't entirely confused. He sighed and pressed a kiss to Lucius' cheek before leaving him be, walking to his room.

Enjoying Larus' touch far to much to object Voldemort kissed the boy and then turned around so he could get his back rubbed.
"I love you Larussss" He whispered, feeling the need to say it aloud.

After letting out a big sigh the blonde followed Snape down the hall.
"Severus... please wait." He tried to keep his tone as gentle as possible for fear he would unintensionaly hurt his lover again. "I still want to summon Draco and then Narcissa. I want to be able to hold your hand in front of the others the next time we see them." Lucius was a little worried that the Potions Master had changed his mind about being with him when he told his son and wife.

Larus smiled and summoned his usual back-pain relieving ointment, spreading it generously over the other's back, massaging it in-depth. "Does this feel better?" He asked, enjoying the feeling of his lord's skin beneath his fingers.

Severus sighed and turned to Lucius. "Alright, let's summon them." He said, resting his head on the blonde's chest. "I'm sorry Lucius, for earlier, You're just hard to understand sometimes, you know?" He reached up and kissed his love, not wanting to fight, it was a sign of surrender.

"Oh yessss my love, that feelsss wonderful." Voldemort had forgotten how wonderful the boy's concoction felt, not to mention those soft and skilled hands. "You ssspoil me Larusss." Reachding over his shoulder the Dark Lord rested his hand on his lover's hand for a momnet. He could barely believe how much love he could feel flowing from him in that gentle touch.

Embracing the Potions Master Lucius frowned.
"So I have been told. Narcissa insists I have no compassion and assures me my face won't crack if I let it show and expression other than contempt." He sighed because even Draco had said he was heartless. "I guess I am just so used to hideing my true feelins. Forgive me my love."Lucius found himself taking in a deep breath and injoying Severus' scent.

Larus smiled. "Of course I do. Oh, I was curious, I know you're not entirely in the mood to settle down and whatnot.. but I was thinking also that what if you needed an heir.. you know? We should soo have a kid. I could make a potion or two that I have read about that would allow me to concieve, and then I could give birth. WHat do you say?" Larus asked, having fun massaging the other.

Severus smiled a little. "It's all right, Lucius. Come, let us go to your room and summon them." He said, kissing the blond happily. It was strange that Lucius could make him go from angry to sad in less than a mere moment.

Unable to help himself the Dark Lord started to choke. The thought of having a child so soon did not impress him but by the time he had caught his breath he realized Larus had a point. Lucius was always so proud and protective of his heir and part of him wanted to feel that way, of course a child that was his and Larus' biologically had a certin charm to it.
"How sssoon were you thinking of making thisss potion?" He asked trying to keep his voice calm.

Lucius went to his room and after unlocking it with a spell he motioned for Snape to enter first. His room was emaculate, richly furnished with velvets and silks. Dark wood frunature with turned legs and a grand four poster bed that looked like it weighted a ton. There were carvings in the wood of the bed and dresser that depicted great wizards from the Malfoy line as well as gold leaf and jewels.
"Have a seat Severus... drink?" He asked lifting a bottle of very expensive whisky and pouring one fro himself into a crystal glass.

Larus knew he was going to irritate his lord with his answer, but it was better to get it out now. "Well, I was thinking something along the lines of having one all ready made by the time we next make love?" He asked, pouting because he knew the other wouldn't exactly be pleased.

With a nod Severus confirmed his wish for a glass of the whiskey, snorting as he remembered what happened the last time he and Lucius shared a drink together, and of course in his mind, alcohol wasn't so bad. in fact it was probably one of the best things known to man kind.

Voldemort would have been angry with anyone else for being so pushy but as he looked at Larus and his cute little pout he felt his annoyance melt away.
"You really want a family don't you Larusss? Thisss isss improtant to you?" Even thought he had no idea how he was going to cope with a child or a pregnant lover for that matter the Dark Lord sighed. "I guesss there is no point putting off till tomorrow what we can do today.... you may make your potion Larusss my love."

Once he gave Snape the other glass Lucius tidied himself, checking his reflection in the mirror.
"Ready?" He asked as he summoned his son.

Larus squealed with delight "Thank you!" He shouted. "I'll make it as soon as we get out of the bath." He said, kissing his lord. "Awe I get to be a mommy!" He was overly happy at the prospect and then realized his lover probably didn't want to hear about it so he tried to hush.

Draco came as soon as he was summoned. He looked to his father and to Severus and raised a questioning eyebrow. "You called me father? If this is about the detention I got in potions, that was all Potter's fault and Snape knows it." He said, pointing to said professor.

Severus rolled his eyes. "It's much more important than that you spoilt brat." He said, sighing. "Lucius, he's your child, you tell him."

The more he thought about it the more the Dark Lord has second thoughts about this whole child thing. When he turned to look at Larus however, he realized he was just going to have to deal with it. His love was practically glowing with happiness.

Casting a sidways glare at his lover Lucius was about to ask what all this detention stuff was about but then remembered the reason he had summoned his son.
"I have some wonderful news Draco." He sounded more like he was stateing a fact then announcing a love affair. "I have made Severus my lover." The blonde stood there looking down his nose at his son waiting for some kind of reply. He risked a satisfied look in Snape's direction then raised an eyebrow at Draco.

Larus smiled and hopped out of the bath, all clean and knowing his lrd was relaxed. "Welll I am going to get to work making it." He said, kissing Voldemort before he trotted off to the laboratory, stealing on of Snape's books for the proper form of ingredients. He gathered what he needed and set to work, a bright grin on his kissable lips.

Draco snorted. "You're both playing a really bad joke right now." He said, not believing the two had anything. "Besides, father, you're married. I don't think Snape would make a great mother.."

Snape snorted. "I do not plan to be your mother, Draco, you have a mother for that, but this is no joke. Your father and I are lovers."

Drying himself off Voldemort dressed and wandered off int he direction of Snape's room hoping the Potions Master and Malfoy were there. When he realized they were not he instead went to Lucius' room, he was wanting to speak with Severus about this whole baby thing. Snape was the only other person he felt he could confide in besides his young lover. As he approached he over heard Draco's voice and stopped to listen in.

"Your mother and I have an arrangment, she has a lover and now I have mine." Lucius said in a serious tone. "I felt it right to inform you in person instead of you hearing it from others first. Your opinion is of no concern to me and will not sway my decision." His words came out harsher than he intended but he meant then. "You will treat Severus with the approperate respect at all times." The blonde realized that he would most likely be accused of being heartless again but he really did not know how he was supposed to act in such a situation.

Draco sighed. "Yes father, of course father, why would you ever need my opinion on anything, father?" Draco sid mono-toned, irritated with his father. "Thanks for the know-let, can I go back to my boring school life now?" He said with as much cheek as he dared. His father wasn't one to be crossed, but he was also angry about his father not caring about his opinion.

Severus frowned at the exchange between father and son. "I am sure you father means to hear your opinion, he'd just difficult at voicing such thoughts. He doesn't want to hear dissaproval."

Voldemort found the exchange very interesting and continued to listen in on his followers.

The blonde glared at Severus for a moment but then sighed and remembered how happy Laurs had been when he hugged him. In an uncharacteristic guesture he stepped forward and gathered Draco in a stiff hug and patted the boy's back a few times.
"It would be more accurate to say that Severus is my lover, that fact is not up for discussion. However if you have strong feelings about that hten I guess I can hear them out." Lucius even attempted a smile but it came out more like a snarl.

Draco rolled his eyes, knowing his father was reluctant to even think on granting him affection. The thought hurt. He pushed his father away. "You know father, that's great. I'm glad you have found someone to have sex with when you can't even hug your own son and mean it. Snape, you must be the worst masochist I have ever known. You don't even give me a genuine smile, father. Or should I even call you father anymore, Lucius. Or am I not even allowed to call you that, perhaps it's lord malfoy. Have fun with your toy father, but don't pretend like I matter! You've never once hugged me! not since I was a small boy, and now you come to me only to tell me that you're sleeping with my school teacher and that I have to treat him with respect just because you're sleeping with him and as though to make it all better you hug me. After all of these years, pretending you actually care. You make me sick." Draco was furious. He glared at Severus as well, but swiftly went right back to the floo and decided to ignore his father, studies were more important than family drama after-all, right?

Severus stared sadly after the retreating boy before he stood and wrapped his arms about Lucius, sighing. "He certainly didn't take well to that. Give him time." He said, hoping that the younger Malfoy needed a chance to adjust to the information.

Frowning, the Dark Lord wondered if he should speak with Lucius' boy. Draco would listen to him and what the young Malfoy did not realize was his father was infuriatingly proud of him. Shaking his head Voldemort stalked off towards his own room, he could hardly believe he was wanting to help one of his followers in their personal life. The Dark Lord was actually wondering if his child would hate him the way Draco hated Lucius.

The blonde was not just angry, he was actually hurt. He loved his son, and was proud of him but it was obvious Draco was not aware of that fact. His first real attempt at showing his affection failed. The other thing that surprised him was how much he enjoyed Severus's embrace.
"Do you really think so?" Swallowing hard Lucius faught the urge to sob.

A sudden squeal of delight swept across the castle. Larus grabbed the potion he'd been working on. "Loooove?" He called out, looking everywhere, when he spotted him he grinned and ran up, kissing him soundlly. "It's made. Are you sure you want this?" He asked, resting his head on his lord's chest.

Hugging the blonde tighter to him, Severus gave a small nod. "Yes, he's a boy and he's highly confused. He's probably just a little.. miffed that this is the one time you've tried to embrace him since he was little. He'll come around, he's probably hurting that he pushed you away in such a manner. You did seem stiff about it though." He stroked Lucius' hair and kissed him. "Things will work out in the end. I just hope he doesn't give me trouble in class."

There was no way Voldemort could possibly say he did not want a child, not when his lover was glowing and yelling with joy at the mere thought of one.
"You know I would do anything to make you happy my love." He hissed softly as he stroked the boy's multi coloured hair and kissed him. Wondering when he had become such a slave to Larus, the Dark Lord sighed.

The blonde frowned as he tried to keep his composure.
"I was stiff because I am not used to behaving in such a way..." He said in his own defence. This trouble with his son really bothered him. "Do you have any suggestions for mending my realtionship with Draco?" Severus might not have realized it but asking for advice was one of the highest honours he could bestow on his lover.

Larus smiled. "It's the dark blue one on our bedside table." He said, kissing his lover in earnest. "We should.. get started on it../' He added, kissing his lover passionately.

Severus thought for a long moment before shaking his head. "My advice to you would be to give him time. He needs to come to terms with everything that's transpired. He'll come around my love, I promise, he's probably beating himself up over it as we speak. He was just surprised is all."

Voldemort could not help feeling a little confused, he wanted so badly to make Larus happy but he was beginning to have second thoughts about this whole father thing. Shaking his head he told himself to calm down. The best thing for the Dark Lord to do now was to just get this over and done with, if he gave himself too long to think about it he might change his minde. Besides he was beginning to wonder what it would be like to feel his child kick and move about within his lover, to know that they created life together. Voldemort had kill many people but he had never before created life, now he would have an heir, someone to carry on the Slitherin bloodline and his name.
"Alright my love, letsss do thisss..." He hissed softly as he returned Larus' kiss.

Nodding the blonde tried not to get too emotional.
"I hope you are right... I am not used to being able to share my feelings.... I had no idea Draco felt like that..." Sighing Lucius decided to get on with the business at hand and he summoned Narcissa.

Rolling her eyes Narcissa Malfoy excused herself from her guests and hurried to obey her husband's summons. Lucius was always angry if he was made to wait and living with the stoic blonde was bad enough when he was in a good mood. For years she had tired to gain her husband's affection but had failed so now she took comfort in her secret lover and did her best to keep from angering Lucius. Appearing at the Dark Lord's manor she noticed Severus standing beside her husband and raised an eyebrow.
"You summoned my husband?" She asked in a cold tone with her chin up.

"Yes I called you here to inform you that I have taken Severus as my lover." Lucius said in a firm and matter of fact manner.

"Oh." Narcissa felt her heart breaking. She had always hoped one day he would decide she was good enough for him, that was obviously not going to happen now. "Will this be public knoledge?" She resisted the urge to scream or cry.

Lord Malfoy just nodded and continued to glare at his wife as if daring her to challange that fact.

"And what of my affair? Will that become common knoledge now too?"

Larus could feel his lover was not all for the coupling to produce a child. He smiled apologeticly, but he steeled himself. This is what he wanted, a child made from them both. He kissed his darling love and brought him to the room, eyeing the litle blue bottle that would hold his life, he grabbed a light blue bottle and drank the contents, feeling it was the potion he'd made. "Here my love, drink this calming draught, it may make you feel better about it. I can tell your mind fights." He said, holding out a dark blue bottle.

A sot sigh escaped Severus. He glanced to Narcissa and frowned slightly in wondering. "I suppose if you make it common knowledge, neither myself nor Lucius would be cruel enough to exploit you. We've all ready told Draco of this also, he didn't take so well to it, but he accepted it, I daresay I hope you will as well."

The Dark Lord sighed, he had no meant to be so transparent.
"I jussst worry that I will not make a good father... Draco was furioussss with Luciusss..." Taking in a deep breath Voldemort downed every last drop of the potion in the dark blue bottle then kissed his lover forcefully. "I love you... Larussss ..." He moaned in between kisses and trying to undress himself and his lover.

The skin around Lucius' eyes tightened slightly, he had wanted to tell his wife to keep her lover secret but Severus was right. It would not have been fair to make his love for the Potions Master public and denied her the same. He was just so worried about appearances and a possible scandal. With a resigned sigh he nodded at her.
"Yes, if you feel you must." He said in a strained voice.

Fearing she could not hold her composure together much longer Narcissa turned her head to face Severus.
"Congratulations Professor Snape, I hope you are both very happy." With that she disappeared, reappearing back in her private room at the Malfoy Manor where she threw herself face down on her bed and sobbed. Lucius was truly lost to her now.

Larus was empassioned by his lover's lust and love. He helped him remove their clothing, more excited than he had ever been. He was going to be a mother... well a fatherly mother, but a 'mother' none the less. He was going to give birth. To their child. He couldn't have been happier. He fll backwards onto the bed and pulled his lover atop of him. "Draco will come round love." He said, smiling. "Children throw tantrums, we'll have to teach ours to be calm is all." He was so very ready to have his lover, everything was delightfully warm and intoxicating.

Severus sighed and kissed his lover. "I am sorry. I think she may have taken to it better than Draco at least." He said, kissing him again. "Why don't we take Draco out somewhere, for an outing and maybe he will get used to us a little more."

Deciding that this should be a memorable coupling if it was to produce ofspring Voldemort decided he would please his lover oraly first. He intended to make the boy cum at least twice this night. Reaching for his wand he muttered a qick spell to bind Larus's hands above his head.
"I wisssh to pleassse you firssst my love. Tonight you will learn what true pleassure isss over and over again." He hissed then began to lick form the base of Larus' length to the very tip, teasing him. Voldemort wanted to hear the boy beg to be licked and sucked. He wanted to send him mad with pleasure and need.

Confused Lucius turned to his lover.
"I think she was actually upset." He did not understand why she would be hurt, they had never had an intermate relationship so he just did not know why his wife would fell that way. He saw to it that Narcissa never wanted for anything, she had money power and anything she asked for as well as he lover. What else could she possibly want he wondered completely missing the fact that she wanted his love and always had.

Larus' eyes glazed over and he turned to mud under his lord's touches. He shivered and clung to him, gasping at the feeling of his lord's tounge on his length. "Oh my love.." His lover's words made him shiver, made him give in completely. He couldn't help but smile, thinking their children would be the most passionate people in the world. He could have cried for how much love he felt with this man. His lord, his master, his everything. He let out a shuddering moan. "My love!"

"Perhaps she loved you more than you let on." Severus replied, worrying suddenly that it would ruin he and Lucius. "But if she does love you, will you end up leaving me for her in the end?" He asked, carressing the blonde's face, letting his fingers slide up into his hair.

It delighted the Dark Lord how he could make his lover moan and shudder, he adored the way Larus looked and sounded when aroused. Using all his skill he let his tongue twirl around the tip while he still held it in his mouth. Then he pressed the flat of his tongue against his lover's length and slowly decended right to the very base. Voldemort payed close attention to his lover's reactions, he had never be so conciderate of another but he loved doing such things for Larus.

Taking hold of Severus' hand and pulling it out of his hair the blonde sighed.
"I have never loved her, not in that way and while I wish her no harm I can not give her what she desires. It is you I love Severus." With that he held Snape's hand to his lips and began kissing each of his fingers. He felt bad for his wife but no matter how much he tried he could not be the adoring husband. "It is you I love..." He repeated, his warm breath caressing the Potions Master's skin.

Larus wasn't going to last long with the mouth of his lover so hotly encased around him. He shivered and writhed under his lover's touches and carresses with his tounge. "Oh darling..." His voice was a breathy whisper. A seductive groan. "I wont last."

Severus offered a kind smiled and layed his head on the other's chest. "Lucius... you're very sweet when you want to be." He kissed his lover's lips and decided they had enough drama. "Why don't we lay down for now?"

Stopping long enough to smile at his lover, Voldemort began to suckle a little harder and move up and down Larus' length faster. He wanted to bring the boy to his climax, he wanted to pleasure Larus as only he could. This was the Dark Lord's way of expressing the depth of his love. He was putting Larus and his needs above his own, the first truly unselfish thing he had ever done.

Nodding the blonde dragged Severus with him to the bed. It had been quite an emotional day and Malfoy found he was exhausted.
"Yes my love, I need to hold you a while." He folded the Potions Master in his arms and peppere his face and hair with kisses. "Thank you for standing by me Severus." He whispered.

Larus was undone. The pleasured knot in his stomache untied itself with a snap in the middle, breaking the strong hold he usually had on his time during pleasure. He groaned and came hard, shooting into the other's mouth, blushing as he did so. 'Oh! My lord I didn't mean..." He felt worried that he had done such a thing.

Severus nodded. "Absolutely, today has been.. hectic. But yes, let us sleep and then tomorrow we can confront your lovely son again." He said, kissing Lucius gently. "Try to ease your thoughts dear."

Voldemort did not mind at all and he gently sucked every last drop of seed form the boy.
"Mmmm that issss alright my love, you tassste good." He hissed softly licking his lips and enjoying how flushed and beautiful Larus looked to him just then. There was a certin amount of pride in knowing he was the one to grant his love so much pleasure. Now the Dark Lord intended to take his time and caress and kiss every inch of Larus until he was once again aroused and then he would take him. If this was how their child was to be concieved then he would insure it was absolutly amazing.

Sighing the blonde clung to Snape and tried to think only pleasant thoughts of being with his lover as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.
"I love you Severus..." He whispered softly.

Larus was all ready getting hard again. The feeling of his lover's hands alone were enough to drive him insane, and then his thoughts of course drifted to their child. He couldn't wait to see the little one born.

Severus smiled and kissed Lucius before following suit, whispereing the words in turn as he fell asleep as well. "I love you too, Lucius." He said, cuddling up to the blonde.

Smiling at how quickly his young lover was becoming excited Voldemort fumbled around for the jar of lubrication on the bedside table.
"Oh my larusss..." He hissed softly kissing the boy. His own passion was mounting and he took a deep breath to force himself to slow down. "You will make a wonderful mother..." With one hand the Dark Lord prepared Larus and rand his free hand trhoguh the boy's multi coloured hair.

"And you will make a great father, my love." He said huskily, arching into the other's touch. "Oh my lord, please.. take me. Let us be one,let us create another." He pleaded, eyes hazed with lusted love. He groaned and moved a little on his lord's fingers. He began to wonder also why his body didn't have any changed made to it. Basically he should have felt the implanting of the magic made womb. It would feel like a small ball in his stomach, but perhaps his body accepted it better and he felt nothing? He was certain that he took the right one. He was overly calm about it. Almost as though he had taken the calming draught and not his lover, but then.. the womb did make one feel calm for stress purposes to keep it from damaging the fetus. He shrugged it off and became again lost in his lover's touches, wanting him, needing him desperately.

Pushing in Voldemort moaned at how tight and warm Larus felt. Already he could feel his end winding tight inside him. Everything felt so different but wonderful and the Dark Lord wondered if this new perspective was because he would soon be a parent. Moaning and hissing he began to move within his lover, to thrust deep inside him brushing that sweet spot that made the boy buck and arch.
"My love...." He hissed breathlessly. "My Larusssss...." Faster and faster he moved, his entire body tingling as if it were suddenly more alive than ever before. His love for the other was overwhelming and tears of joy sprang to his eyes. "Oh Larusss....."

He was lost. Larus was utterly lost with the other moving so loingly inside him. He himself teared up as his lover did. He felt so sweet and accomplished. "Oh! My lord.." He whispered, pleased that his lover was so ready for this to happen as he was. He no longer felt guilty that he practically pushed his lover into creating a family, but now he could tell he wanted it too and he kissed him passionately, trying to keep his moans under control as he was lost.

As he moved the Dark Lord could hardly believe how wonderful being with his lover felt. He flet a heat rising deep within him and the ball in his stomach seemed tingle.
"I am ssso closse Larusss." He moaned as everything began to blur as his climax neared. Everything was so much more intense, their emotional connection seemed stronger and finally he stroked Larus faster and faster as he called for his lover to finish with him.

Hearing his lover exclaim how close he was, Larus couldn't help but come undone. How sweet for his lover to make such a declaration. "Oh love!" He shouted as he came, hoping it as at the right time, he was so blissfully in love, and he knew that as soon as his lover's seed was in him he'd be pregnant.

With a loud hissed Voldemort came filling his lover with his essence.
"Larussss!" He felt sure they had created life, he could feel it in his very core. His lover would have what he desired most, he would have an heir and they would be a real family. Bowing down he kissed Larus passionatly then gasped for air as he tried to catch his breath. "Your going to be a mummy my love." He hissed softly and smiled.

Larus squealed with delight. "I know! I'm so happy my love!" He said, holding the other tight as he returned his kiss. "I can't wait! I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl? Should we start preparing and everything? Who should we tell?" He was alive with questions after their coupling, so much excitement he hadn't felt since he'd coupled the first time with his lord.

Overwhelmed a little by his lover's enthusiasm, the Dark Lord.
"Perhapssss we sshould wait until we know that it definatly worked before we go telling othersss." He said gently kissing Larus on the forhead and lips. Voldemort wondered how much his life would change now, already the boy hand him turned about and upside down. He found himself doing things he would never have done by his own accord. Taking his lover's face gently in his hands he kissed Larus deeply. "Iss it alright that you are getting that excited? It will not harm our child will it?"

Larus smiled. "Not yet it wont, we're not far enough along for it to have developed enough to be affected." He said. "But yes, I suppose we should wait until it has worked before we say anything, but my lord, what am I to do about training and stuff if I have to worry about the little one?"

Knowing absolutly nothing about pregnancy or childbirth the Dark Lord frowned.
"I am not ssure my love.... I will employ the sservicesss of a midwife and read up on the ssubject. We will learn all we can to protect out child." Voldemort had not realized how much there was to understand about having a family and he felt very under prepared. "Perhapsss Luciusss and Sseverusss can teach you sssuch thingsss in your lessons."

"Yes, Lucius should know more than Severus, he does have a child after all." He said, smiling. "I know we didn't research it, but it can't be that hard, right?" He asked, "I mean, my parents only ever fed me and stuff and loved on me, so.. we just have to monitor a healthy diet and all that right?"

It became very obvious to Voldemort that he knew less than nothing about raising a child, he has spent most of his time in an orphenage and Hogwarts. He never had a happy family life so he was not sure what one was supposed to be like.
"Love..." The Dark Lord whispered. "Yes we will love them." He wanted to give his child everything he never had.

Larus grinned. "Let's take a nap and then when we wake up we'll bother Severus and Lucius about it, they'll keep it safe and quiet about it all."He said, kissing him.

Nodding the Dark Lord snuggled into Larus, he felt as if he were glowing and full of love for the boy. All this really confused him because Voldemort had not expected to become so emotional or excited about having a child. He wondered if Larus felt the same way and if this was how mothers and fathers usually felt when then knew they were bring life into the world.
"I will have ssomeone guard you at all timesss my love... sso harm sshall come to you or our child... I will not rissk it." The Dark Lord hissed softly as he stroked the boy's multi coloured hair.

Larus smiled at his protective lover. "I know you wont, and I feel completely safe with you." He said, kissing him softly. "I love you. Let us sleep for now my love, and that way tomorrow we can plan everything and set up our future even further together." He said, eyes drooping.

It amazed Voldemort how very calm he was, and even excied. He really felt a connection to the child that would soon be growing inside his lover. Putting his storng feelings and complete acceptance and calmness about being a father down to the potion Larus had given him the Dark Lord wrapped himself around the boy who had stolen his heart and protectivly embraced him.
"What ever the future holdsss we will face it together my love..." He hissed softly and closed his eyes as well.


Severus woke cuddled to Lucius' chest. He kissed the said area and let his fingers run idly over the blonde's skin, smiling at the smoothness of it. "Time to wake up, my love."

Awake with pure excitement, Larus yawned and snapped awake, lookin happily upon his lover who slept next to him. "Good morning my love!!!" He said, pouncing on his beloved.

Groaning slightly Lucius opened his eyes and frowned at Severus for a moment. He was disorentated for a moment and it took a little while for his to remember why there was another sharing his bed. A second later he smiled brightly.
"Mmm Severus, it feels good to have you in my arms." Now he was sure he was not dreaming the blonde kissed his lover on the forehead. My Severus..." He said possessivly, reassuring himself it was all real.

As he woke the Dark Lord frowned, he felt really tired, really, really tired. It also seemed that the potion Larus had given him to calm him down had warn off, Voldemort was feeling a little off.
"Isss it morning already my Larusss?" He hissed and almost pouted.

"Yes Lucius, I am yours." Severus confirmed, pressing a kiss to his lips. "What should we teach Larus today? I think he did excellent enough with dueling." He wondered aloud, naturally ready to starting his day early.

Larus gave his lover a small nod. "Yup! It is it is! I'm soo energetic too. But you don't look too good love. Are you feeling alright?" He asked, kissing his lover's cheeks over and over.

With a satisfied nod Lord Malfoy stretched and yawned then kissed Severus.
"Well it seems you are a morning person my love." He grumbled and nuzled into the Potions Master. When he did not need to be up early the blonde liked to sleep in and as he did not have to teach Larus his lessons for another two hours he had wanted to stay in bed. "Well I am awake now Severus, did you want do enjoy each other before breakfast?" He let his hands wander over Snap's chest and down towards his crotch. Lucius was not sure if his lover was in the mood for sex and although he was, the blonde did not want to push Severus.

Frowning the Dark Lord tired to wake himself up a little more.
"I feel a little ill but perhapss it iss jusst hunger." He was also very tired and while that was unusual Voldemort put it down his sexual exploits the evening before.

Severus thought a moment at the blonde's morning person comment. "Not when I am at that blasted school I am not." He said, feeling the blonde's hand slide down his body he shivered a little. "I'm not entirely in the mood as of now, but perhaps I can take care of you?"

Larus pouted at his lord."Do you want me to go make you a special treat?" He asked, feeling hyper and energetic. He didn't like that his lover was feelin bad. "Maybe Severus has a potion that could make you feel better?"

Lucius was just so happy to wake up with someone he loved he had become aroused but he flet a little strange about having Severus tend to him if he himself was not in a sexual mood. Running his fingers through the other's black hair and kissing his cheek the blonde smiled.
"You do not have to do that my love, not if you don't want too. I am just so happy to have you here in my arms." He kissed Snape again and again.

"That would be nice my love, I do ssso enjoy your cooking." Now that he had been awake for a little longer Voldemort did not feel as ill but he still felt tired. Not wanting to worry his young lover he smiled at him and caressed his cheek before kissing him again. "Mmmm you tassste ssso nice."

Severus smiled into the blonde's kisses and returned each of them sweetly. "Yes, well, I find that you are the one needing to be pleasured here, not I. I get enough pleasre in your own." He insisted, sitting up and leaning over the blonde, pushing up Lucius' robes and nibbling the inside of his thighs.

It was a happy smile that Larus gave his lord before bounding off to the kitchen." I will be sure to make you something delicious!" He said juts before leaving, kissing his lover sweetly. He decided to make his lover a sweet tiny chocolate cake and he would put a strawberry atop of it. "Mnnnnn he will love it!"

Giving in to Snape's attentions the blonde spread his legs a little wider and moaned. His eyes half closed Lucius shivered, his lover's breath gently tickling the fine hairs on his legs.
"Oh Severus... I could get used to this..." He was already firm and twitched excitedly as the Potions Master worked his way up his thigh. Such intimacy was better than he had ever dreamed, to love another body and soul was something he feared would be denied him.

Voldemort watched his young lover go then dragged himself out of bed and went to his private bathroom to pee and wash his face. Again the Dark Lord yawned and wondered why he felt so very tired this morning. Looking at this reflection in the mirror he studied it, wondering just what it was that Larus found pleasing about him. Just thinking of the boy made him smile and he found himself daydreaming of snuggling with Larus and holding him in his arms while the boy nursed their child.

Severus found himself smirking as he heard his lover's enjoyment. "Yes, and I am used to it, I enjoy hearing you and loving you, Lucius." He said,moving his kisses up further and further and then finaly kissing the head of the other's length and taking the blonde inside his mouth.

Larus also poured his lover a glass of milk and realized as he set his lord's tray that the house elves were all staring at him with almost scared expressions. "What? I can cook too you know." He said, huffing and then grabbing cutlery before making his way back to his lover's room. "Here you go!!!! I made you a tiny cake!" He said, setting the food items on their bedside table.

Once again Severus had managed to shatter the blonde's cool, composure. Lucius shivered and moaned loudly as the moist warmth of his lover's mouth engulfed him.
"S...Severus..." He groaned gripping the bedding with white knucled fists. Lord Malfoy was completely at the Potions Masters mercy.

Seeing his lover's happy face Voldemort smiled brightly.
"Mmmm that looksss deliciousss my love." Kissing Larus the Dark Lord began took the spoon and began to eat. "Mmmm Larussss thisss isss..." There were no words to describe how wonderful it was and before he knew it the Dark Lord had eaten it all save one mouthful. "Forgive me my darling, did you want the last bit?" He also wanted to feed the boy the strawberry but before the other could answer Voldemort jumped up and ran to the bathroom where he vomited. He seemed to throw up everything he had heaten in the bas week and as he wiped his mouth he suddenly had a frightening thought.
"Morning sssicknesss?" He hissed.

Severus enjoyed the feeling of empowerment he had forced out of the blonde. He shivered and revelled in it, working his lover to the best of his experience, sucking hard and efficiently, wanting to hear him cry and bring the other to his release.

Larus frowned as his lover threw up his food. At his lord's comment about morning sickness he frowned and looked at the bottles on the table. "Did you drink the light blue or the dark blue?" He asked, wondering even if the other had taken his own potion why it would affect him.

Moaning and tensing then arching his back Lucius tried to maintain some sembelacne of control but as Snape worked his mouth up and down him he felt himself losing. Now he was whimpering and his hips were thrusting in time with the bobbing of the Potions Master's head.
"Severus.... ugh.. yes!" The dignafied blonde shuddered, he was beginning to sweat and control was fast becoming a memory. Suddenly Malfoy froze and cried out as everything unwravled and he felt his seed spill forth into Severus' mouth.

Becoming more and more sure he had been impregnated instead of the boy Voldemort frowned.
"I do not know... I can not remember..." He was genuinly paniced. "How could I be... it doesss not make ssenssse...." Suddenly he remembered swallowing Larus' seed before he mad love to him. Although he was not sure how the potion was supposed to work if it could transfer sperm from the bowel to a magicly created womb then perhaps it could do the same with sperm form the stomach. Fear and rage warred withing the Dark Lord as he ran to the bedside table to inspect the bottles. "Which one did you give me!?" He hissed then plonked himself down in the end of the bed and buried his face in his hands. "I am pregnant..." He sobed unsure if he was happy or furious.

Severus raised an eyebrow after licking the blonde clean. "Love, that was rather quick..." He grinned. "I must be getting better." He said as an after thought, kissing Lucius. "Mn, of course maybe you were just that close to the edge all ready?"

"I didn't give you any, you took your own. And I took the light.. one.. oh yeah you did take the other one. We should label them next time." Larus countered, a little afraid. He moved over and hugged the other. "So, if you are what difference should it make? It just changes the carrier. I'm still the techincal mother figure, so our lives wont change that much, right? Let's call Severus and Lucius, myabe they can confirm things and stuff." He said, trying to comfort his lover. "Whatever happens, don't you dare get rid of it." He said, looking his lover seriously in the eyes.

Voldemort was about to lash out at his young lover, he was going to scream at him and infrom Larus that he had been the one to hand him the potion to calm him. The rage within him was about to sipll over when he looked into the boy's eyes and all his anger just vanished. He loved Larus, the other was his soul mate even though he did not believe in such things and the thought of destroying something they had created together repulsed him. Letting out a huge sigh the Dark Lord took Larus' face in his hands.
"Oh my Larusss I could no ssooner kill you then get rid of it." All his fears and worries seemed so insignificant and he found himself wondering how he was going to explain a growing belly to his deatheaters.

Larus kissed his lover with all the love and apology he could fit into the kiss. "I will go get Severus, I will be right back." He whispered, kissing him again and running off down the hall and merely waltzing into Severus and Lucius' room ."Hey guys I kinda need you both, well our lord needs you both, we need you both is what I mean. There's been an... accident with some certain potions, and.. well hell let me tell you in our room because if anyone else hears there might be issues." He said, ignoring that Severus was still sitting near Lucius' spread legs and ignoring that Lucius was wearing no underwear at all. He trotted back down the hall and sat next to his lord.

Severus blinked several times. "I wonder what happened...." He said aloud. "Well, my love, let us go be of service." He said, sighing and dressing quickly , handing his lover his own clothing.

The Dark Lord sat there trying to come to terms with the fact a child would be growing inside him for the next nine to ten months. Having Larus beside him helped but that did not change the fact he did not think he was cut out to be a mother.

Dressing quickly as well Lucius hurried off after Snape and Larus.
"I am a little worried." He said to his lover. The boy had said there had been an accident but the blonde was sure Larus would be upset if Voldemort were in serious danger.

When entering the room and seeing Larus sitting aside their lord, hand on their lord's stomach he confusedly raised an eyebrow. "What has happened?" He asked, walking to their lord and placing a hand about his forehead. "You have a slight fever, but it doesn't seem to be from sickness..." He trailed off and caught sight of the empty potion bottles, sniffing them both. "You're trying to have a child?"He asked, confused.

Larus bit his lower lips nervously. "Well, yes we were trying to have a baby. Buuut, we accidentally switched potions and we think that our lord is pregnant because well... he's throwing up and he's still hungry.. he hasn't had mood swings yet, but he's a tiny bit grumpy. I wasn't inside him all he did was swallow my..sperm stuff." He said, pouting.

Severus stared incredulously. "With this particular potion all you have to do is even look at the womb with intention to impregnate and it practically does everything for you. It would have quickly impregnated itself from swallowing, for the liquid still passes through the same areas as it would should one expell from entrance." He moved to their lord waved his wand over him, after a soft purple glow lighted the tip of his wand he was stunned. "Oh yes, he's definitely pregnant..."

It was obvious that Voldemort did not find the situation amusing in the least but he could not deny the fact he was a little pleased that he and Larus would be parents.
"How am I sssuppossssed to be imposssing and comanding when I will look like a woman?" His tone was harsh and his red eyes narrowed at he spoke. When he looked over at Lucius the Dark Lord raised an eyebrow. "You look asss if you have jusst been struck Malfoy." He hissed at the blonde.

Shock did not even begin to cover how Lucius felt and when Severus stated the their Lord was indeed with child his grey eyes went wide and he looked down his nose at the couple sitting on the bed. He could not believe that Voldemort would want a child let alone be willing to carry it to term himself. When the Dark Lord sopke to him, the blonde tried to regain his composure.
"I am a little shocked is all my Lord." He answered truthfully.

Larus pouted. "Be nice, love. And you don't look anything like a woman, you don't have breasts. Your area certainly hasn't changed at all, and the only thing that will show is your belly, if you wear robes big enough it should cover it." He said, feeling bad for destressing his lover even as it was not his fault.

Severus nodded in turn at Larus' statement. "He's right my lord. There are also spells, rather effective ones, that mothers place on themselves so that their child grows unhindered and without problem, meaning a protective shell around it so even if you had to fight the worst battle, your child at least would still survive." He frowned. "For now I can give you a potion to take away your morning sickness and calm your mood swings but that's abot it."

Sighing the Dark Lord appologized.
"I am sssorry." Larus was definatly having an affect on him and his manners. "It isss jusst ... thisss isss not what we had planned and it iss happening ssso fasst." Voldemort was beginning to calm down a little. "Sseveruss let me know when you have completed thosss potionss and Luciuss.... I am going to need advice on birthing and parenting." He was still grumpy about being pregnant but Larus' excitment made him fell better about it. Rynning his hand trhough the boy's hair the Dark Lord smiled. "It isss not asss we planned but we are becoming a family my love."

Although his confidence in his parenting ability was a little low the blonde nodded.
"Of course my Lord." He tried to remember the manes of the books he and Narcissa had read when She was expecting Draco and began to think of how best to baby proof the mansion or at least Voldemrot's private chambers.

Severus nodded and went to his rooms to retrieve the said potions, knowing he had many for when those of their inner circle did have children, he supplied them. He was glad he still had plenty left. He brought them back swiftly. "I have labeled them clearly, and they are here at your table."

Larus smiled. "Yeah, I was supposd to be the one carrying the baby." He explained, pouting. "It can't be that hard right? and and and i wanna name Lucius and Severus our baby's gofathers." He said, looking hopefully at his lover.

Voldemort looked form his lover to Severus and Lucius and back again before he sighed.
"If it isss alright with them then it isss alright with me." It annoyed him a little that he could not deny the boy anything. The Dark Lord had gone form being lonley, curel and distant to being a lover, a friend and now family man/ pregnant all because of a pretty face he could not say no to.

Trying to hide his amusment at his Lord's frustration, Lucius bowed.
"It would be an honour my Lord and Larus." The blonde had to admit the boy had grown on him and he thought Voldemort made a good, even if it was somewhat relactant parent.

Severus nodded. "I would be honored as well." He said,trying to not grin. He wanted to grin because it seemed to be fate's way of tormenting their lord. Who'd of ever thought the Dark Lord would ever become pregnant? He certainly hadn't. He hadn't even known that their lord's lover was even considering a family. He knew though that the next nine months would be horrible for their lord and he would try to help in any way possible.

Larus smiled brightly and then clung to Voldemort. "I love you." He whispered to the older man, kissing him all over his face. He wondered what it would be like, he was also a little tiny bit jealous that he wasn't able to carry the child, oh well there was always another time.

For a moment Voldermort glared at everyone then suddenly he burst out laughing. If it were someone else in his position he would have laughed so why not now? He felt the Fates were playing games with him but they had also bought him Larus so he was thankful for that.
"Thisss world can be a cruel place at timesssss." He said and took in a deep breath to calm himslef. "Not a word of thisss to anyone." He warned as he double checked the label on the potions Severus had given him. Downing the one that would ward off the morning sickness he scowled at the taste but it was better then vomiting.

The Dark Lord's laughter had taken Malfoy by surprise. The Voldemort he knew would have violently lashed out at those around him and terminated the life within him imedeatly. This new, happier more even tempered wizard was someone he liked being around very much.
"Well then I guess congratulations are in order and I give you my word none shall hear about this form me." The blonde bowed slightly in his usual ridged manner.

Severus just stared at their lord as though he'd grown another head, but he quickly regained himself. "It's good to see you so happy my lord." He said sincerely, bowing to him and standing then. "Is there anything else you require my lord?" He asked, also nodding that he would never tell another about their lord's predicament.

Larus snuggled Voldemort's chest, enjoying th sound of his heart and placing a hand on his stomach, wishing there was some law that said the child would grow quickly. He knew much was to play. There was the upcomming war to fight and the always present danger to watch out for.

Waving his two followers off Voldemort informed them that that was all for now. He needed to spend a little time with Laurs, to sort everything out in his mind and prepare himself for what was to come. Just being with his lover and talking of their child would remind him why he was going through with this. Larus' touch on his stomach where he knew the fetus was just cells dividing and dividing again made him catch his breath and smile that part of the boy was literally growing inside him, no it was part of both of them.
"My Larussss, imagine how wonderful it will be when you can feel him kick." It might have been the suttle change in his hormone balance but Voldemort got a little teary at that thought.

As they left the Dark Lord's chambers Lucius smiled at his lvoer.
"Of all the things I thought I might live to see, our Lord with child was not one of them. I am surprised he has agreed to this though it is obvious he could not destroy any part of Larus. The boy has him completely bewitched.... of course I mean that in a good way." The blonde said looking down his nose at Snape with those icy grey eyes. Even when he was not meaning to be harsh and dissapproving Lord Malfoy looked it.

"Awe, are you about to cry?" He asked incredulously, placing his hands on his lord's face, seeing there was in fact, tears in them. He kissed him. "Awee you're so sweet!" He held him tight and sat in his lap. "I know, I can't wait for our baby to grow! I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl?"

Severus nodded. "Yes, he does have our lord on a certain... holding. It is nice to see our lord happy though, but I agree with you. I never thought he'd ever be with... child. I mean... no one else would believe such a thing. It was an accident, but even still, for him to want a child."

That was another shock for the Dark Lord, all the time he had been thinking of a child he had been thinking of a male. The possibility of a daughter had never even entered his mind.
"It might be a girl?" This was all a little too much for Voldemort, everything was changing too quickly and now he might have a daughter instead of a son. There were so many mixed emotions running through his the Dark Lord did not know if he was alright with this or not. Pulling Larus closer he held the boy tight, clinging to the only certenty he had, Voldermort loved the boy with all his heart and that would have to be enough to get him through this.

Feeling a little defensive the blonde stuck his nose in the air.
"Well it is only natural for a man to want an heir." Many he knew had said the same about him wanting Draco. Although he knew his lover was not talking about him and he agreed completely with Severus regarding the Dark Lord not being the happy family type he still got a little snippy.

Larus shrugged. "I don't think so this way, it will probably be a boy." He said, trying to assure his lover. He kissed him sweetly. "Is there anything I can help you with my dear?" He asked, wanting his beloved lord to be happy.

Severus frowned. "I offended you some way, I didn't mean to." He said, not at all certain how he could have done so to his lover, he didn't mean it whatever he said to upset him. He leaned and kissed him. "What ails you?"

Looking deep into the boy's eyes the Dark Lord sighed.
"You would ssstill love a girl wouldn't you my darling Laruss?" Should the child be female, she would still be a part of both of them and there were many female deatheaters. The most powerful witches were a match for their male counterparts and women did have a certin cruelty all of their own. Voldemort told himself all he needed was time to get used to the idea of a daughter and he would come to accept it just as he would eventually come to except everything else that was happening. "Hold me..." He hissed softly in reply to Larus' question.

The blonde continued to look down his nose at Severus for a moment then frowned.
"You have done nothing wrong my love... I am simply a little sensitive about the issue...." It was hard for Lucius to admit he was at fault but if he intended to make things work with the Potions Master then he had to be honest, with Snape and himself. "Many were surprised when I was trying for Draco... they thought that I was to cold and distant to love a child..." Frowning and biting back the bitter sting of his receint dispute with Draco he added. "Perhaps they were right?" The whole situation was bothering the blonde far more than he let on.

"Of course I would my love." Larus replied surely, kissing his lord and holding him as asked. "I am sorry that this all got mixed up, obviously fate has other plans you know? Maybe it is because you are stronger than I am."

Severus frowned at his lover. "Darling, you're a great father. You maynot be so intimate with your child, but he loves you and you love him, he's just throwing a fit because... well I don't know why, but he will come around.

Voldemort squeezed Larus a little tighter.
"Yesss my love, it ssseemsss fate hasss ideassss off her own...." Gently nibbling on the boy's ear the Dark Lord added. "And you are far sstronger than you might think my love." While it would take some getting used too, Voldemort knew as long as he had his young lover at his side he could do anything.

Severus seemed to know exactly what to say to make the blonde feel better and Laucius smiled at him.
"Thank you Severus. I hope you know that I love you as well.... regardless of how it might seem." No doubt there would be those who wondered what the Potions Master could possibly see in such a strict, rigid man who seemed incapable of emotion or affection.

Larus clung to his lover, hoping to give him the strength the lord spoke of. "You may havemy strength love, for you are the essence of it." He said, sighing happily and kissing him. He gripped tightly to the other, pressing kisses to his face. "What should we do now my love?"

Severus shook his head and gave a small roll of his eyes. He smiled and kissed the other. "You worry far too much." He said, kissing his lips and giving another sigh. "Let me relax you? Perhaps a nice warm bath? "

Sighing the Dark Lord looked at the time.
"I have dutiesss to attend to.... why don't you come with me my Larusss? The deatheatersss will have to get usssed to you being at my sside ssooner or later." Voldemort did not want to be sepperated form his lover just yet, he was feeling clingy and needs for perhaps the first time in his life.

"A bath sounds wonderful." The blonde said in his usual icy tone. Change would come slowly to Lucius if at all but he was trying to be more approachable for Severus and for Draco's sake.

Larus smiled. "Okay!" He was excited about being there at his lover's side. "You should get an extra chair up there or something, or at least let me sit in your lap." He said, kissing him and tidying his lord up to make him presentable.

Severus was glad to be able to make a bath for Lucius. He ran the water warm, but more on the hot side and climbed in, wondering if the other would like such things as bubbles."Would you like bubbles or bath salts of any kind?"

Clapping his hands and summoning a house elf Voldemort ordered a second chair to be placed nest to his in his audience room. The Dark Lord was not ready to have his lover sitting on his lap as he attended to business, having Larus beside him was quite a leap as it was.
"Now isss asss good a time asss any for the deatheatersss to know where you sstand my love." He hissed proudly and lavished gentle kisses on the boy's face and neck. I felt good to know that Larus would be beside him through everything as he faced what was definatly the most challanging time of his life.

At first Lucius scowled then he stopped and thought about the fact that Severus was very skilled with potions and no doubt his bubble baths and salts would be exceptional in some way.
"What do you suggest my love?" He tried to make his voice sound less harsh then usual but was not sure he succeeded.

Larus nodded, admittedly a little nervous about what the others would do now that he was recognized in such a formal manner. He sighed and blushed, waiting for whatever to happen to happen, he was reluctantly on guard, but he would protect himself, his lover and their child.

Severus rolled his eyes. "Try to calm down would you?" He said, filling the tub up with bubbles and salts as well. "These should help you relax, Lucius. Stop being so stubborn." He said, grabbing towels for the other.

As he entered the large room Voldemort glared at each and every Deatheater as if daring them to say something about the boy having his own seat. Of course no one dared speak out, regardless of what they might have thought. A few seemed a little reluctant as they knelt.
"My Lord." They muttered in reverence as Voldemort walked past. One of them even addressed the boy.
"My Lord." He said kneeling and bowing his head. "Larus." He added only glancing up as the young man. This made the Dark Lord very happy and he actually smiled at the Deatheater.

Lucius thought of telling Severus that he was trying to relax but thought better of it. He really did come of as cold, disapproving and uncaring it seemed. The smell of the salts and bubbles were actually pleasant and did in fact have a calming effect on the blonde. When the water was ready he stepped into the bath and a small satisfied moan escaped him as he sunk down into the soothing hot water.
"That feels so good." He muttered closing his eyes and leaning back against the edge.

Larus smiled. "Awe... that's sweet." He whispered, wondering who could all hear him. He beamed happily and wanted to pat this deatheater on the head, but didn't know how the rest of the room would take it so he huffed and watched the others. He was more than happy to rule by his lord's side. "Ew. I still have blood under my fingernails from those traitors.." He said absentmindedly, picking at his nails.

Severus allowed a smirk to cross his features as his loving blonde layed back in the tub. "You certainly seem to enjoy this." He said softly, kissing the other's neck and running his hands on the blonde's shoulders to massage out stress that would probably be in them.

The boy's comment about the blood seemed to unsettle a few of the Deatheaters, a fact which delighted Voldemrot. He loved the idea that his followers were a little scared of Larus now, it meant they would think twice before trying to harm the boy. Recahing out to pat his lover's let the Dark Lord hissed.
"Who hasss the report on the Minisster for Magicsss latessst sssecret meeting?"

His lover's hands felt so good on him and Lucius actually found himself moaning softly.
"You are very skilled at this Severus, I could grow acustom to such pampering." I was not just the Potion Masters skilled hands that calmed the hoyety blond it was Snape himself, Lucius found he was a calming influence.

A figured from the crowd removed his hood and bowed to the Dark Lord before presenting report. "He was meeting with the Headmaster. Apparently The Order has discovered a way to keep Potter protected even when away from his home, which will mean he will be harder to capture." He said, keeping his eyes downcast.

Larus pouted, not liking that someone would prove to be troublesome for his lover. "Did you not listen further to see what they would do for that protection?" He asked, irritated.

The hooded man pursed his lips and nodded. "Just protection wards. It was odd that they didn't mention doing anything further for protection. I am not sure they realize you can touch Potter without consequence, my lord." He said to Voldemort rather than Larus.

Larus narrowed his eyes, keeping his mouth shut in a tight line at the death eater's blatant ignoring of him.

"I am glad to relax you." Severus replied to Lucius, massaging the blnde's hands, knowing how to best relieve stress with his hands. He massaged up his arms and let his hands trail the blonde's chest, enjoying Lucius' strong form under his fingertips.

Voldemort was not impressed with his follower's treatment of Larus either and his red eye seemed to flair with a warning fire.
"That doesss ssseem sstrange, dossn't it my love?" By bring his lvoer back into the conversation the Dark Lord hoped to force the Deatheater to accknoledge him.

All this physical contact and pampering was making the blonde horny and he smiled at Severus. It was a preditorial smile and he suddenly pulled the Potions Master closer to kiss him forcefully.
"I know how you can relax me even more Severus." He growled.

Larus snorted. "Or maybe he just wasn't careful enough and they knew he was one of ours." He said, glaring at the hooded man. "Tell me, what are they giving you for creating such a story?"

The man looked up with a worried glance at Larus, acknowledging him at last. "I would never go against our lord. They did not and do not know I am under our lord."

Larus tilted his head. "Really? Because what you just told me is that they have the boy protected further. If that was the case we'd have something difficult to deal with, not simple little wards. Even I can take care of something as simple as those." He said, glaring a little and turning to Voldemort. "Love, something's up with this one." He whispered.

The man looked fearfully from one to the other. "I assure you I am not a spy. I am simply telling you what they told the order!"

Severus returned the blonde's kiss. "I hope later you plan to dry my robes.." He said, referring to his sleeve that was now soaked in the water. "But yes, tell me how to soothe you, Lucius."

The boy had been right before about the Deatheather's betrail so Voldemort was inclined to believe Larus over his follower. Deciding the only way to figure out what was realy going on was to invade the man's mind. The Dark Lord was not exactly gentle and the man cried out in pain as the information Voldemort wanted was ripped fom his memory.

"I am sure you know exactly what I am speaking of my love." Lucius purred as he reached out to brush his hand against Snape's crotch. He wanted his lover right then and the blonde was not known for his patience. "I want to be buried deep within you, to feel you tighten around me." 

Larus tilted his head, wondering what his lovely lord was up to. "What is the going ons, darling?" He asked, wanting to know what had been found out about the deatheater that kneeled in front of them.

Severus groaned wantingly. "Should I not remove my clothing first?" He asked, noticing now that he had a rather interesting wettened spot where his lover's hand groped him.

Snarling Voldemort mentally released the deatheater and the man slumped forward completely exhausted. The hodded man's head supn and he felt like he was going to vomit, having the Dark Lord trowl through his thoughts and memories was a very unpleasant experience.

Giving a small laugh Lucius nodded.
"Remove them quickly then." He so very aroused and was hungry for the sight of his lover naked.

Larus frowned. "Love?" He asked again, wanting to know what the other found.

The man groaned and felt sicker than he had a moment before. "My lord.. I swear.." He whispered out, trying to save himself.

Severus stripped rather eagerly, deciding not to torment his lover so he could pleasure him properly. He slipped into the bath, setting himself on Lucius' lap, kissing the other hungrily.

Narrowing his red eyes the Dark Lord hissed in annoyance and whipping out his wand he muttered the words of the cruciatius curse. He was furious and disgusted with the traitorous bastard before him. He tortured the man, venting all his anger and frustration on him.
"Lier! Traitorousss sssscum!"

The Deatheater cried out, his body convulsing and contoughting on the floor. When the pain finally stopped it was only long enough for him to catch his breath and sob before it started all over again.

the blonde was like an octopus, his hands caressed every inch of Snape as he passionatly returned his lover's kisses. Waves of pleasure and sheer joy washed over Lucius, just having someone he could hold in such a manner was a dream come true.
"Severus..." He groaned, hard and aching with need. Reaching down he grabed the Potion master's but cheeks and squeezed them as he let his tongue ravage his lover's mouth.

Larus giggled a moment. "Wait love, try to extract what really was said at that meeting before you overdue it." He was mainly just trying to get his lover to calm down so there was not stress on their child.

Severus moaned and let his tongue slide out to meet the other's. He moaned and arched into him, shivering, groping, seething with lust. "Oh Lucius.." He moaned while he wanted himself impaled on his lover's length impatiently.

While Voldemort had done just that he caught his young lover's meaning and once more invaded the man's mind to make sure there was nothing he missed. This entire pregnancy thing could become a gret nuscinnce but the mere thought of hurting Larus' child made him calm himself. This was something the boy really wanted and he was determined to give Larus everything he wanted. This time he was a little more skillful, not so blunt and violent in his rapeing of the other's memory.

Fumbling with the cream he used as a lubricant Lucius quickly began to prepare his lover. The entire time he did not stop his assult on Severus' mouth and his free hand gripped the Potion Master's length. His need was raw and almost animalistic in its intensity.
"Severus...." He growled again as he broke off his kiss to gasp for air.

Larus leaned back, watching over everyone else. He found that they all seemed to be true to their lord. He smiled about that. He couldn't get into their minds, but he was able to read moods quite well. They seemed legitament.

It wasn't taking long for Severus to reclaim the other's mouth. He kissed him hard and deeply, seeming learning to survive without air, the other's hand on him felt lovely and he couldn't help but remove the blonde's hand that prepared him to impatiently seat himself on the blonde's aching length.

"Crab! Goil! Take him down to the dungeon." Voldemrot barked then turned to his lover.
"Wass there anyone elsse?" He asked softly trusting in Larus' ability to sense such things. He was trying to remain calm but the fact that yet another deatheater had betrayed him was infuriating. Feeling overwhelmed by everything the Dark Lord felt as if his enemies were closing in and he was more vundrable than ever. Reaching out he took Larus' hand, it was an open and public display of affection and that fact was not lost on his followers as they looked at the boy with newfound respect.

Lucius cired out with pleasure as Severus lowered himself ont him. He was loving how needed and desired the Potions Master made him feel.
"Yes Severus..." He growled in between kisses and worked his hand over his lover's erection in time with his thrusts.

"No, everyone else seems rather loyal,and strongly so." Larus said, pressing a kiss to his lover's hand. "I think they've settled into things." He said, referring to his own position and whatnot. "Ah, well. Let us get the next report, shall we?" He asked, smiling serenely.

The stretching of his lover was agonizingly pleasureful. To feel that hard length sliding slowly inside him, it made him groan aloud. "Lucius!" He hissed, wincing as though he was in pain but he was truly in blissful pleasure. He began to move in a slow pace on his lover, Lucius' hands on him were driving him insane.

Giving Larus a satisfied nod, the Dark Lord motioned for the next man to give his report. He was more than impressed with his lover's skill in ratting out traitors and dbouted anyone within the death eater ranks would make a move against him for quite some time. It might have been the pregnancy messing with his hormones but Voldemort smiled when Larus kissed his hand. He actually and truely smiled in public.

With an evil smile the blonde began to thrust harder and faster, punnishing Severus' prostate in the most delightful way. This was heaven for Lucius, and the cries of his lover sped him towards his own climax.
"Come with me Severus!" He ordered when he could no longer hold back.

Larus yawned after a while, and looked about at everyone and then finally to his lover. " May I take a nap love?" He asked, wanting the other to rest really as well. He also wanted to do research about male pregnancies. Were they as long as female pregnancies? Did they have the same kind of labor?

Severus was never one to deny those he was under in power, and at that time, Lucius had absolute power over anything that even slightly resembled him. He came, shooting onto the blonde's chest, face tightened with pleasure. "Lucius!" He called out to the other, desperate to say his name and relieve some of the built up pressure.

As soon as his lover mentioned a nap Voldemort found himself yawning, nodding he dismissed the deatheaters.
"That will be all for now. If there are any problemssss inform the houssse levessss." Standing up the Dark Lord offered Larus his hand.

The tightening around his length milked every last drop of seed from Lucius. He through his head back and groaned loudly as he came and was splashed with Severus's seed. It felt so good to reach their climax together, sharing even that white flush of pleasure.
"Nnnaahhh Severus!" He called in answer to his name. As the wave of pleasure ebbed the blonde pulled his lover close not caring about the sticky mess between them. "Why is it I never what to let you go?" He asked in a velvet whisper.

Larus rose and snuggled into his lover's side, watching the other inhabitants of the room as they all nodded and went about their busines, careful to not anger their lord nor say or do anything to upset him or Larus. Larus was happy that they were going to go to sleep soon, he was completely exhausted as it was.

Severus grinned a little. "Could it possibly be love?" He asked sarcastically although there was a notion of truth to his words. He smiled and kissed Lucius on the lips. "For the same reason I never want to let you go either. "

The Dark Lord had not taken any notice of how tired he was before but then the little he knew about pregnancy did tell him that being exhausted all the time was all part and parcel with having a life force feeding off you. A rapidly growing, energy guzzling one at that. Hissing slightly in annoyance, Voldemort looked down at his lover.
"It ssseemsss that I will have to be a bit more careful and ensure I get enough ressst from now on my love." He was not angry at Larus just a little frustrated in his slightly weakiened state. "Our child needsss me to be in top ssshape." If he was going to do this then the Dark Lord was going to do it properly.

At first Lucius scowled at his lover but then slowly his brows relaxed. Severus was right, no matter how he looked at it the blonde was utterly in love.
"It seems you are correct my love." Throwing his composure to the wind Lord Malfoy kissed Severus softly, cuddling and enjoying the other's closeness. This was real fluffy affection, not just passion. "This is love."

Larus smiled. "Don't worry I will be sure you go to bed early. You'll have to take naps and maybe Severus could give you some kind of enegery replenisher." He said, then smiled. "I could make you one I think. It will help give the baby nutrients also."

A soft mile was on Severus' lips. "Yes it is." He said quietly. Things seemed to be just right. There couldn't be any way that they would fail this war, there couldn't be any way that anything bad was going to happen. He felt more than secure.

Voldemort could not help feeling proud of his young lover, Larus would ensure that their child recieved everythging it needed. It was strange to have someone watching out for him in such a way and the Dark Lord had to admit he liked being looked after.... at least by Larus anyway.
"Thank you my dalring, that isss a good idea." Taking the boy's face in both hands Voldemort pulled Larus close for a kiss.

Relaxing even more Lucius sighed happily.
"Love is in the air it seems, first our Lord and now us..." Suddenly he had a frightening thought. "You are not going to accidently get me pregnant too are you?" As soon as he had spoken Lucius realized how stupid his question was and began to laugh.

Larus smiled and hugged his lord. "You're welcome." He returned his lover's kiss and held to him. "I can't wait until the baby is born! I am so happy thinking about it... We should start buying clothing and stuff and we should plan for a child's play room, they have to have toys and play..."

A sly smirk settled onto Severus' lips. "i don't know, I might just slip something into your drink. Do you think Draco would like a baby brother or sister?" He asked, knowing he was pushing it with his lover, but he felt the blonde needed to be teased after making him so happy... especially with that infectious laughter, he loved hearing his lover laugh for the man didn't laugh often but when he did it was deep and seductive.

Everything Larus was saying was ture but Voldemort had never thought about any of it si he flet a little overwhelmed again. There was so much to raising children he did not know and was worried he would fail badly at being a father.
"How long do we have before the child issss born my love?" The Dark Lord asked trying to keep his voice calm even though he was beginning to panic.

At first Lucius scowled and was about to growl something about Severus's health and how slipping him a potion would not benifit it, then he realized his lover was teasing. Feeling a little foolish the blonde laughed at himself.
"For a minuet Severus I thought you were serious."

"Well, females have nine months. I don't know about males." Larus replied, tilting his head in wonder. "I'll have to research to see if it is any different." He said, kissing his lover on the mouth. "It might be...."

Severus shrugged. "Well if I was serious then you'll know soon enough." He said, furhter teasing his lover. "Now, I am starting to get pruney. How about we get out of this water?"

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2009-07-07 [kiradraco]: That is a better idea :)

2009-07-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -smiles- Good. Will you change it perhaps to have him summon severus?

2009-07-20 [The Vampire Armand]: Should I bring Harry Potter and the others into this? They are in the place after all, but then the dark lord and Larus are rather enjoying their date.

2009-07-20 [kiradraco]: Well that is up to you. I am not sure how many liberties you want to make with the characters form the books. Do you want to stick strictly to the timeline of the books or just make our own like a parallelle universe where we can do what we want?

2009-07-20 [The Vampire Armand]: Let us do what we want, it will be more creative that way. I don't think I will bring them into it I suppose. We'll just stick with Voldemort and his lovely followers.

2009-07-29 [kiradraco]: I am not sure what that spell is really called. Sorry.

2009-07-29 [The Vampire Armand]: That is fine, we'll just improvise.

2009-08-04 [The Vampire Armand]: You keep saying Larus instead of Lucius by the way

2009-08-04 [kiradraco]: Sorry I was a little stressed yesterday >.<
It is so hard to keep all three RP straight in my head at times. Especially when two of them have a Larus in them and one had Alluvial while [nathie]'s has Eluviel LOL

2009-08-04 [The Vampire Armand]: -narrows my eyes- Eluviel? He didn't by chance just take it from my character's name and switch it up a bit I hope? I wont like that.

2009-08-04 [kiradraco]: -ruffles your hair- Calm down Armand. We have been using the name Eluviel for about two years now, way before you and I even started this RP. You are so very funny when you get all angry and possessive like that. -hugs you-

2009-08-27 [The Vampire Armand]: Before I reply to this, should I take Draco, or should you? And who should play Narcissa?

2009-08-27 [kiradraco]: Well I was thinking you could play Draco and I could play Narcissa seeing as I am female but if you would like to try and play her I have no objections.

2009-08-28 [The Vampire Armand]: I like the idea of you as Narcissa. -smiles-

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At least it seems to be working for me now.

2009-09-28 [kiradraco]: Do vampires get prueny if they stay in water too long?

2009-09-28 [The Vampire Armand]: No.

2009-09-28 [The Vampire Armand]: Your post didn't go all the way through

2009-09-28 [kiradraco]: Diddn't think so. :)
If you go to the edit page the rest of it is there but we may need to start a new page. What do you think?

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