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The Complete Guide to Character Creation

By [Jeed]


A Description of What to Expect

Character creation is more difficult than most people think. Its' requirments are sometimes demanding, but nessisary to create a good character. There's alot of work that goes into it, more preparation than any, but it's more than just writing a name and adding to it as you go; in a story, these are living, breathing people, and they have to seem as such. With this class, I hope to enstow in my students a passion for perfection, and a talent for realism. With that, take your seats, no talking, and be respectful. Thank you and good luck.


My Syllabus

My Syllabus is a easy one, each lesson will be written on a wiki page(or two). Please referre to the links below to access them.

An Introduction- A Prelude

Lesson One- You Must Prepare and Learn First!

Lesson Two- Details, Details, Details...

Lesson Three- You Must Study

Lesson Four- Give it a Try!


My Students

If you are, or would like to be a student of mine, please add your name to this list below so I know you there and can keep in contact with you to check on your progress. Also, if you have any questions or comments, just include which lesson you are referring to, and feel free to PM me, i'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

1. [Your Favorite Stranger]

2. [Kitara Softpaw]

3. [Elthia]

4. [River Fox]

5. [IonicRose]

6. [d4rk 4ng3l]

7. [wicked fae mage]


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