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Eldrottir (The Black Rangers)
Race: Human
Weapon(s): Oak Bow, bottle of fast-acting sleeping poison, a pair of daggers (pre-poisoned), quiver of 40 arrows (pre-poisoned) and a short sword.
Armor: Hard leather archers armor
Magic: Dispel, Invisibility, minor healing magic
Strengths: The black rangers can move quickly and completely silently, and easily mask their presence in the wilderness, They are more athletic than the average human, and always move in groups of about five, though sometimes the individual bands of five will team up with other bands for missions. They are experts in assassination and capturing enemies.
Weaknesses: They are normal humans, so they have normal human weaknesses.
Appearance: The typical Black Ranger keeps their face completely hidden beneath a long traveling cloak and face mask. On their left arm is a silver badge indicating that they are a member of the order. If the badge is gold, it means that the ranger is a captain.
History: The Order of the Black Rangers was founded by Evankhell Dreamseeker, Alastor and Anthony’s great-grandfather, about 130 years ago. Evankhell with the help of these expertly trained assassins and archers, went on to conquer all of the continent of Kaidor. For 20 years, his rule was uninterrupted, but then a great plague hit the land and decimated the population of the continent. Even the great Evankhell succumbed to the disease and died at the age of 60. After his death, the rule of the Dreamseeker family was overthrown in the next few years, and they were reduced to ruling a single country called Farador 100 miles to the west of the Raine Empire. The Order of the black Rangers has continued from their founding to the present day. They are under the direct control of the head of the Dreamseeker family. Within the past twenty years, while under the leadership of Doric Dreamseeker, Alastor and Anthony’s father, there have been many covert missions to retrieve special weapons called the twelve month series weapons. Currently 10 have been recovered by the black rangers and 1 has been recovered by Anthony Dreamseeker. The location of the last one, the Blue February, is currently unknown. There are currently Black Rangers in every country around the world searching for Alastor Dreamseeker.

note that this is not a character. It is a general synopsis of several characters that may appear.

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