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~Welcome to The Battle of Goldenfalls and Ebonclouds Role Play~

Story: In the distant land of Enedkelume there were two vast kingdoms. In the west there was the kingdom of Etardollen ruled by a fair elven king Daermaethor Caundaugion Daugon son of Caundaugion Daugon, who had two sons Crowned Prince Suiauthon Bregolien Daugon, and Prince Megildur Calamaethor Daugon. In the east there was the kingdom of Garylith ruled by a fair elven king Alverdus Oberon Parvati son of Oberon Parvati who had a son and daughter Crowned Prince Bryceson Elijah Parvati, and Princess Aurora Dawn Parvati. To the south of Etardollen was Goldenfalls whose beautiful lush land and waterfalls, with its vast resources of gold and food were renowned throughout Enedkelume. To the north of Kingdom of Garylith was Ebonclouds whose beautiful mountains and forests were renowned for its lush bold jewels, wood throughout Enedkelume. In the middle of these two vast kingdoms were the border lands of Londcalen and Ankard.


If you would like to join this Role Play please contact either [JINKS MAN] or [dimond_babe].

Goldenfalls and Ebonclouds Pg. 1
Goldenfalls and Ebonclouds Pg. 2
Goldenfalls and Ebonclouds Pg. 3
Goldenfalls and Ebonclouds Pg. 4
Goldenfalls and Ebonclouds Pg. 5
Goldenfalls and Ebonclouds Pg. 6
Goldenfalls and Ebonclouds Character page

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2014-03-08 [dimond_babe]: This looks good

2014-03-08 [JINKS MAN]: Thank you still working on it though.

2014-03-13 [JINKS MAN]: Map is done! ^_^

2014-03-16 [dimond_babe]: Yay?!!!!

2014-03-16 [JINKS MAN]: Not the greatest map I've done worked with a hexagon map maker software.

2014-03-22 [dimond_babe]: Sorry it been while working a lot of ot it will
Calm down after this week and I'll be all the role plays

2014-03-23 [JINKS MAN]: it's okay everyone gets busy,I've sorta been busy myself with a few things. 

2014-03-28 [dimond_babe]: Work has been so busy and a lot on people on vacation

2014-03-29 [JINKS MAN]: It's okay I understand, when you get some free time we'll get started, okay?

2014-04-12 [dimond_babe]: Ready when you are

2014-04-12 [JINKS MAN]: I'm ready.

2014-04-12 [dimond_babe]: So want to start

2014-04-12 [JINKS MAN]: yup just created the first page.

2016-12-11 [Mortified Penguin]: *comes bursting in*

2017-03-06 [JINKS MAN]: OH NO its Mortififed Penguin!!!! Hide all the ice cream!

2017-03-06 [Mortified Penguin]: HAND IT OVER.

2017-05-20 [JINKS MAN]: NEVER!!!! I NEVER HAND IT OVER!!!! *jumps behind cover where the ice cream is hidden, takes out a machine gun and start firing* COME AND GET IT!!!!!

2017-05-20 [Mortified Penguin]: HMM?! *looks up from a bowl of ramen*

2017-05-20 [Mortified Penguin]: *shrugs and returns fire*


2017-05-20 [JINKS MAN]: NEVER!! *throws smoke grenade and nabs the ice cream and runs*

2017-05-21 [Mortified Penguin]: *goes back to eating his ramen, occasionally picking out a shell casing and tossing it aside*

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