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The Background Story!


"Uh...hi..." Nagi said nervously as Nami stepped into his room with Anka and Lulu following.

"We're invading, you have no choice," Nami informed him as she sat on his bed. She crossed her arms and tried to mask her embarrassment.

"Uh, can't I get dressed first?" he pleaded. His hair was still dripping wet from showering.

"That's what bathrooms are for," Lulu said with a nod. Lulu smirked and looked Nagi up and down. "Mmmm," she grinned sheepishly.

"It's my house," he said flatly. He tucked the corners of his towel in, and continued to hold it up with one hand.

"And we invaded so you technically don't own it," Anka returned thoughtfully. She tapped her finger on her bottom lip and shrugged.

"Go son!" Rick said enthusiastically as he poked his head into the room.

"For the millionth time, it's not what it looks like!" Nagi shouted as his cheeks flushed red.

"Sure it is," Lulu grinned, "We just love our little Nagi," she said as she threw her arms around him.

Nagi pushed her affectionate hold aside with one hand, holding up his towel with his other, "I'll be in the bathroom...." he remarked as he grabbed random articles of clothing from the clean basket beside his dresser. He then hurried off to the bathroom.

"Think he's embarrassed?" Anka asked, amused.

"Of course, he's a virgin." Lulu said, flopping down onto Nagi's bed and dragging Anka down with her.

"Hey now, that's not fair!" Anka said, "Embarrassment has nothing to do with being a virgin..."

"Lose your virginity and get back to me on that one." Lulu quipped.

"Lulu... you and your big mouth..." Nami threw herself backwards on the bed beside them as she waited for Nagi to reenter the room. She grabbed a pillow and snuggled it.

"Hey, tomorrow we will have all have officially known each other for five years." Anka realized.

"Ten years for us," Nami said to Anka.

"And six since you and I met Nagi." Anka replied.

"Good times." Nami sighed thoughtfully.

"And bad, but we don't let bitches bring us down," Lulu chirped.

"How did we all end up meeting on the same day X amount of years apart?" Nami scratched her cheek.

"You know, that is weird..." Anka commented.

Nagi reentered, "My dad is threatening to call my mom at work to tell her my first time was a foursome."

Nami blushed, "Wha-"

"Well, it's just like every other time they walked in and it looked awkwardly sexual," he sighed.

"Oh, God," Anka chuckled, "How many of those are there?"

"Probably hundreds with each of us alone...let alone in group," Lulu stroked her chin.

"Well, there's the time my hair was caught on Nagi's coat..." Nami blushed.

"And the time that Lulu was teaching me to walk in heels and I fell onto you," Anka said next.

"And the time we were racing down the stairs and wound up in an awkward pile," Lulu added.

Nagi shook his head, "Or the time you had a wasp in your shirt and you took your shirt off to get it out..." he said to Lulu.

"If you've ever been stung by a wasp, you'd know it hurts..." Lulu grumbled.

"That one I can't hold against you," Nagi said with a laugh.

"Haha, can't forget the countless times that Lulu's stripped just for the sake of stripping." Anka pointed out.

"Fuck off." Lulu grumbled.

"There's room on the bed, Nagi, may as well make yourself comfortable, it's not going to change the views of your parents on our relationships." Anka commented.

"True." Nagi wiggled between Nami and Anka and sighed as they stared up at the blank ceiling.

"You really ought to think of putting some posters up." Lulu said thoughtfully.

"It would make it a little less dull..." Nagi conceded.

"Great! I've got some wonderful pictures from-" Lulu started.

"Not happening." Anka and Nami chimed.

"I am not going to put pictures of naked men on my ceiling." Nagi growled, "It's bad enough my parents think I'm sleeping with three girls, what'll they think of my sexuality if I have something like that on my ceiling?"

"What sexuality?" Lulu replied, "You're a virgin, Nagi. You can't say anything about sexuality."

"Can we get back to daydreaming about the past years we've had together?" Nami chimed in.

"Do you still keep that photo album?" Lulu wondered.

"Yes, and it's fairly up-to-date," Nami replied.

"That might allow some direction with reminiscing," Anka whispered.

Nagi blinked, "I didn't know you kept a photo album, Nami..."

"It's nothing major," Nami blushed.

"I can't believe that you didn't know about it with as much as you're in it..." Anka said dryly.

"Hey, hey, this isn't daydreaming!" Nami hissed.

"So what all do you have in that album?" Lulu asked, ignoring Nami's remark.

"Obviously pictures," Nami replied.

"Stuff from Nagi's last fencing tournament is in there..." Anka said quickly.

Nagi glanced over at Nami, "I didn't know you went to it."

"I did," Nami said as she sat up to hide the blush on her cheeks.

"She's gone to like every one," Lulu chimed in.

"Yeah, we almost got robbed at the one that we all secretly went to in Ohio," Anka sighed.

"Those fuckers learned that not even I carry cash," Lulu said smugly.

"And that we pack pepper spray," Nami laughed.

"You never told me about that..." Nagi said with concern.

"We didn't tell our parents either," Anka said with a smile. "Nami was only sixteen and Lulu and I were fifteen, after all."

"But you do have awesome footwork," Lulu conceded.

"Thanks," Nagi sat up as well. "What else haven't you three told me about?"

"A lot of things," Nami said as she stood and stretched. "Like girl talk."

"Don't worry, once you see the photo album, you'll see everything we never told you," Lulu assured him.

"What about the time that we snuck away to the beach when we were supposed to be in the rooms at night during the Biology trip?" Anka laughed.

Nami turned to face the others, "Did anybody ever know when we snuck away besides us?"

"I don't think they're cool enough to catch us," Anka said coolly, "Remember the day we met, Nami?"

"Yeah..." Nami said.

"Worst and best day of my life." Anka sighed.

"You guys've never told this one before." Lulu perked up.

"Yaryck, where are you?" The young, seven-year-old Anka called, she'd been wandering the park for hours and the sun was already setting on the horizon.

"Hi, did you lose something?" The eight-year-old Nami came up beside her, her expression friendly.

"Yaryck, my friend." Anka sniffled, wiping at her eyes.

"What's he look like, I'll help you find him." Nami smiled.

"He's a.... ferret. He's white with black and brown and has a black star on his ear..." Anka murmured, hiccuping.

"That sounds... So cute!" Nami exclaimed, "Come on, let's find him." She held out her hand.


After wandering around for several hours Anka's eyes trailed down to a bush. "Who...who's there?" she whispered. The affectionate ferret poked his head out of the bush and darted toward Anka, brushing against her leg like a kitten. "Yaryck!" she shouted happily.

"He is cute!" Nami cooed as she tickled his neck with her fingers. "'s dark..." Nami whimpered when she looked up at the sky.

"But...we gotta go home..." Anka cried as she picked Yaryck up, squeezing him affectionately.

"But...which way is home?" Nami asked as she looked around at all of the identical looking trees, bushes, grasses and dirt paths.

They wandered for another couple of hours, Anka clutching Yaryck to her and Nami taking the lead, "This is scary..." Anka murmured.

"W-we'll find our way..." Nami said.

"Nami?" a loud voice echoed.

"Daddy?" Nami asked as she tried not to cry.

"Nami?" the voice called again.

"DADDY!" Nami shouted back.

A tall brunette man appeared with a flashlight, "Oh, sweetheart..." he sighed in relief as Nami ran toward him. "We were so worried..."

"I was just helping Anka find her pet. He's really cute," Nami said happily as she embraced her father.

The man shined his flashlight and found another girl who was the same age as his daughter holding a ferret. "Come on, Anka. We'll get you home too..." he said soothingly.

"We were out until two that night," Nami informed them. "My parents started looking for me at around nine when the sun started setting."

"Wow, interesting manner of meeting a best friend." Nagi commented.

"Yeah... too bad my homecoming wasn't as nice as Nami's." Anka said dryly, "However... It was nice always having a friend to go to." She smiled.

"You know... on top of mysteriously meeting on the same day in different years, we seem to also meet in troubling situations." Nagi said thoughtfully, "Like when I met you guys..."

"Trapped on the roller coaster for 6 hours? Yeah..." Anka shuddered.

"I haven't ever cuddled a stranger until that moment..." Nami blushed.

Nami's grip tightened on the boy beside her's hand, as well as Anka's. "Acrophobic?" he guessed.

"What's that?" Nami asked nervously.

"Afraid of heights," he replied.

"Deathly..." Nami squeaked.

"Then why are you on a roller coaster?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Anka apologized a million times.

"Impulse..." Nami whimpered.

"If I'd known we'd get stuck I wouldn't have remarked wanting to be on this coaster..." Anka said quickly.

"I'm not blaming you," Nami assured her. "I'm blaming gravity for not working right!" she squeaked.

"You'll be fine..." he assured her.

He has a really good voice... Nami thought as she slowly glanced toward him. Her cheeks reddened and she glanced immediately back down at the bottom of the cart.

"Why are you so red?" Anka whispered into Nami's ear.

Nami hissed back, "I've been holding his hand and...WOW..." she said dreamily.

Anka stole a glance at him, "Not bad at all. I'd say to cling tightly to him," she teased.

"It could be worse," he assured her.

"How is that...umm..." Nami blinked.

"I'm Nagi," he whispered, "And we could be in a roller coaster without a floor and upside down."

"I'm Nami..." she said quietly, "And you're right...we could be..."

"If you don't mind me are you so calm?" Anka asked as she stared at him.

"My parents taught me how to meditate from a young age, so things like this barely scratch the surface," he explained.

"Meditate?" Nami asked in disbelief.

"Yes, it's weird, but it's a good way to practice focus and remaining calm in bad situations," Nagi blushed a little.

Anka looked down the side of the car and paled, "W-we're so high up..."

"Don't look!" Nami exclaimed, grabbing her arm tighter.

Anka made a small noise as the wind picked up and clung to Nami and Nagi, squishing them towards Nagi's side of the car. "Hey, we can't be up here forever." Nagi said.

~Five hours later~

"What was that about not being up here forever?" Anka and Nami growled.

"Well..." Nagi blushed. "Uh, how did I end up between the two of you again?"

"Beats me..." Anka shrugged as she squeezed more tightly on Nagi's arm.

Nami blushed as Nagi pulled them both closer to him, "You're okay with comforting us?"

"It's better than making you want to throw me out of the car," Nagi said sheepishly.

"Uh, who first?" the man in the cherry picker asked.

"One of them..." Nagi insisted.

Anka dove at her rescuer clinging tightly around his waist. "Thank you!"

"You're letting me go next?" Nami assumed.

"I'm still calm and you've been clinging to me and you don't even know my last name, I think you
should go next," Nagi blushed.

"Thank you..." she whispered.

"You were stuck clinging to him because you both braved up enough to go on a roller coaster at the ages of eleven and twelve?" Lulu asked.

"Yup, and I'm even more acrophobic than I was before that..." Anka admitted.

"I don't blame you..." Nagi sighed.

"Don't forget about how you met me!" Lulu cheered.

"You were kicked out of a private school," Nami shrugged, "And that meeting could never be forgotten...."

"Late again?" Nagi asked, almost in a chiding manner.

"Don't chide me, morning person..." Nami hissed.

"You missed your first period notes," he said as he handed each of them a photocopy of the teacher's lesson plans.

"How did you get hold of this?" Anka asked.

"Asking," Nagi shrugged.

"And how the hell are you a morning person?" Nami added as an afterthought.

"Endorphins," Nagi replied. He received two blank stares, "That's what's released when you exercise, the chemical's name is endorphins."

"It's too hard to exercise. Caffeine for the win," Nami clanked her Styrofoam cup with Anka's. "And thanks."

"No problem, Nami, Anka," he muddled each of their hair before continuing on his way.

"" a girl who seemed overdressed approached Nami and Anka, "Who was that hottie?"

"He's Nagi, he's not hot," Anka said flatly, "That'd be weird."

Nami blushed, "Right..."

"Uh, who are you?" Anka asked.

"My name is Lulu and I just moved here," she said proudly. "I got kicked out of a stupid private school because French kissing isn't allowed during Romeo and Juliette even though you just
know they were sexing it up if you've ever read the book."

"You were kicked out for that?" Nami asked slowly.

"I know, right?" Lulu asked. "And who might you be?"

"I'm Nami and this is Anka."

"Well, you don't hate me do you?" Lulu asked.

"We don't even know you..." Anka muttered.

"Good, friends? Friends..." she said quickly.

"Uhhhh...." Nami scratched her cheek nervously.

"I've already gotten two strikes about cursing and sexual harassment, by the way," Lulu added.

"Uhhh.... that's okay, friends." Anka smiled weakly.

"Alright, so, is the hottie Nagi available?" Lulu asked.

"He doesn't have a girlfriend." Nami blushed again.

"Good, see you guys later." Lulu gave an evil laugh and dashed off ahead of the pair, she grabbed Nagi's arm and dragged him into the janitor's closet.

"Um... We should-" Anka started.

"Save Nagi." Nami said emphatically.

They made it to the closet in record time and jerked the door open in time to see Lulu pulling Nagi's clothes off, "It'll be fun!" She exclaimed.

"Um... Lulu, this is kinda..." Nami started, her scarlet face brightening.

"Illegal." Anka grabbed the other girl and pulled her off of Nagi.

"I know, just wanted to see if he'd consent." Lulu winked at Nagi who was quickly pulling his shirt back on.

"Um... Tell me that that door didn't just close all the way..." He muttered as the bell rang.

They all turned in time to hear the audible click. Lulu was the first to reach the door and twisted the knob with no reaction, "No, no, no, no!" She exclaimed, pounding on it with both fists, "Help, somebody, help!" She screamed.

"Claustrophobic?" Nagi guessed.

"Extremely." Lulu replied briefly before returning to her ministrations.

Eventually they gave up trying to escape and Anka produced a deck of cards, "Egyptian Massacre?" She suggested.

"I'm game." Nami said.

"Me too." Nagi replied quickly.

"That depends... is stripping involved?" Lulu said hopefully.

"No!" Nami said as she stepped protectively in front of Nagi.

"Well, I'll be over here..." she sat down on a step ladder and produced a nail file, with which she began cleaning and shaping her nails.


Several hours later, Nagi's uncle Charlie opened the door, "Nagi?" the man asked.

"Uncle Charlie?" Nagi smiled, "About time...."

"Oh, my favorite nephew already had his first foursome at school nonetheless at the age of thirteen!" the man took off his hat and held it respectfully against his chest.

"W-where did yo get that idea?" Nagi stammered as he glanced over at Nami before meeting his uncle's prided gaze again.

"You and three pretty girls in a closet, come on, now..." Charlie said with a wink. "Strip poker, too..." the man shook his head.

"No, actually we were playing 2500," Nami corrected him as her cheeks reddened.

"What time is it?" Anka asked nervously.

"Six o'clock," Charlie replied. "You had better get home and brag to your parents before I do all of your bragging for you."

"What bragging?" Nagi scratched his head in confusion.

"A foursome is something to be proud of," Lulu grinned.

"I am still a virgin, in case you needed to be informed...." Nagi glared at Lulu.

"Me too..." Anka and Nami chorused.

"Well, scurry along," Charlie said as he shooed them from the closet.

"Nagi, why are all of your family members weird?" Anka asked bluntly.

"You know, I haven't the faintest clue..." Nagi replied with a shrug.

"Did your uncle end up bragging for you that night?" Lulu wondered.

"Yes, and every single time he sees us in the halls together," Nagi sighed.

"It's a good thing my parents don't talk to yours that often," Nami blushed, "Or they'd kill me and you for sleeping together without sleeping together..."

"Tell me about it..." Nagi sighed again.

"That makes no sense..." Lulu whispered.

"I don't have to have sex with a man just because we've slept in close quarters," Nami blushed.

"How do you not?" Lulu said dreamily.

"Like...this..." Nami tackled Nagi onto the bed and curled up against him.

"He is super-cuddly..." Anka agreed as she rolled onto her side, facing the defenseless Nagi and his blanket, Nami.

"Cuddly?" Lulu blinked.

"Nagi, are your girlfriends staying for dinner, your mother wants to know-" Rick peered in and then swiftly apologized, "Wow, son, these girls just can't get enough of you, can they?" He grinned, flashing him the thumbs up.

"Yes, they're staying for dinner, and no, obviously they can't get enough of me." Nagi growled sarcastically.

"Oh, just wait until I tell Tina!" His father cheered, racing back down the hallway.

"Why'd you say that?" Nami asked curiously.

"Well, you usually stay for dinner when you guys pop in unannounced." Nagi blushed.

"She means about us not getting enough of you." Anka pointed out.

"Well, they never get the point that I'm a virgin and most definitely not sleeping with any of you." Nagi shrugged.

"That must be an open invitation!" Lulu chirped, tripping over Anka as she tried to get to Nagi, they wound up in an awkward pile on the floor as the bed tipped.

"What would you kids like to drink-" Rick peered back in the room.

"Uhh..." Nagi blushed.

"Well, how about that, they're fighting over you now!" Rick crowed.

"Tea. Tea will be fine." Anka muttered, shoving Lulu off of her and attempting to sit up.

"Right." Rick left the room again.

"How about we hang out at a normal house Nami's?" Nagi suggested.

"Fine with me," Nami said happily.

Lulu sat up, "So it wasn't an open invitation?"

"NO!" Nagi growled.

"B-but..." Lulu pouted.

"I am not attracted to you, you're my friend... for some reason.... but that's it..." Nagi glanced away from Lulu.

Nami sat up, still straddling Nagi, "Why are you still friends?"

Lulu shrugged, "You know...there are many mysteries to this world."

"That has to be an impossible one to solve, too," Anka muttered.

Nagi blushed as he stared up at Nami, "At least they think you're my main girlfriend."

"At least?" Nami asked.

"They could think it was Lulu," he shrugged.

"What's so bad about me?" she asked, almost offended.

"Everything," the other three chorused.

Lulu started to say something, then fell silent and shrugged. "You're right."

"But why do they think I'm your main girlfriend?" Nami wondered.

"Uh..." Nagi stammered, "Dinner's ready!" He took off out of the room.

"Hey, get back here and answer my question!" Nami followed him out.

"Think they'll ever admit how much they like each other?" Anka asked of Lulu blandly as they headed out of the room as well.

"He's too much of a pansy and she... well, Nami's just Nami, so I highly doubt it." Lulu shrugged.

"Bet you $50 that they'll admit it this year." Anka stated, holding out her hand.

"Make it $500 and an opportunity to molest Nagi unperturbed and you're on." Lulu shook.

“Now, now,” Tina started, “You should definitely experiment more with your sexual energies. I mean, you practically have a girlfriend and it’s very crucial for you to be able to please her.”

Nagi froze, save slowly glaring up at his mother, “Uh, I don’t have a girlfriend and I’ve told you that I don’t need to or want to experiment with sexual energies.”

“Listen to your mother,” Rick said nonchalantly.

Nagi glared over at his father, “Not you, too…”

“You might be eighteen, but you’re still our son,” Rick chided.

Nagi slouched in his chair, “I’m not disrespecting you. I’m just not comfortable talking about sex with either of you.”

“So go talk to Nami,” his mother suggested.

Nagi blushed, “I’m pretty sure Nami doesn’t want to hear about sexual energies either.”

“Well, yeah,” Tina rolled her eyes. “She wants to feel them, like any woman.”

Nagi stood, “Bye,” he said before he walked out the door.

Like any other day, he wound up at somebody else’s house, today it was Nami’s. “She’s in the shower, but go ahead up to her room anyhow,” Nami’s mother, Kelly said as she closed the door behind Nagi.

“Thanks,” his cheeks were still reddened from the conversation he had unwillingly had with his parents.

“Is something the matter?” Kelly asked.

Nagi shook his head, “Weird parent talk.”

Kelly laughed, “What is it this time?”

“You don’t want to know,” he assured her as he ascended the stairs. Nagi kicked his shoes off as he entered Nami’s room and settled on the bed Indian style. He closed his eyes and began his usual meditation in peace. His cheeks flushed red as they usually did when his parents’ talks brought up sexual thoughts—but luckily he taught himself how to meditate on them. His cheeks continued to darken as his thoughts became more intricate on the subject. Manipulating what most would call fantasies was embarrassing, even in Nagi’s own mind.

Anka entered Nami’s room and stopped when she saw Nagi. “You don’t usually beat me here,” she mused.

Nagi jumped, startled, “Huh?” his cheeks grew even more red.

“Oh, it’s one of those meditation sessions,” Anka teased.

Nagi glared at her, “Unfortunately me being an eighteen-year-old virgin doesn’t sit well with my parents.”

“Hey, don’t glare at me. You’re the one with the giant crush,” Anka retorted as she settled onto a chair.

“I don’t have a crush…” Nagi grumbled.

“Yeah, and I’m a preppy bitch,” Anka returned. “Don’t make me start the sitting in a tree song,” she threatened.

Nami broke their conversation as she entered the room, “Uh… hi…” she said slowly.

“We let ourselves in,” Anka said cheerfully.

“You’re not usually here first thing in the morning,” Nami said to Nagi.

“Parents are being really weird again,” Nagi commented.

Nami chuckled and mussed his hair as she settled on the bed beside him, “My poor little eighteen-year-old virgin.”

“Don’t remind me,” he sighed as he fell backward. “I’m sure I’ll get asked yet again if I’ve gotten lucky yet when I go home.”

“At least your parents are just weird,” Anka said happily. “You could have mine…”

“You practically live here, so that no longer matters,” Nami said thoughtfully. “So, now that you’re both here, what mishaps are we going to be getting into today?”

“As long as you don’t want to explore chakras and energies, I’ll do anything to keep busy,” Nagi murmured.

“I know, let’s practice aligning our sexual chakras!” Anka teased.

Nagi glared at her, “You know, sometimes I wonder if you’re really my friend or if you’re just an agent sent to torture me in parents’ absence.”

“On a not talking about Nagi’s sex life note,” Nami said as she stood, “I’ve decided to try redo the college in high school thing," she grabbed a sheet of paper and handed it to Anka. “What do you think of my schedule?”

“You're really taking some diverse courses,” Anka remarked.

“But if we don't go again you'll be leaving us...” Nagi muttered as Anka handed him the paper. “You’re leaving us...”

Nami slipped a pair of earrings in, “Not leaving you,” she said as she grabbed her long silver necklace. She knelt before Anka and let her fasten it around her neck, “I’ll still be taking a few required high school classes like we did last year, but I’m just getting a jumpstart on my college career.”

“I hadn't considered doing it again, actually,” Nagi asked as he handed her the sheet of paper.

Nami placed the sheet on her dresser again, “Why not? The credits are transferable to any accredited university.”

“Count me in again,” Nagi said immediately.

“Hell, me too,” Anka said quickly. "It was definitely a fun and interesting experience."

“I thought I'd change your minds…” Nami said sheepishly as she slipped her hands into her fishnets.

“Well…” Nagi blushed, “You’re not leaving me at the school alone when my parents spring really weird thoughts and conversations on me.”

“Not leaving you,” Nami reminded him as she tossed a silver heart locket at him.

Nagi caught it and glanced up at Nami, “What’s this?”

“A gift, telling you that I’m not leaving,” she said dryly.

“Don’t I get anything?” Anka pouted.

“Of course you do,” Nami said as she tossed a choker at Anka. “I’m not leaving you either. Now, to get to my form filled out…” she said as she searched for a pen.

“Yay, she’s not leaving us…” Nagi whimpered as he slipped his necklace on, fastening it blindly.

“You’re not too manly as a jock to wear a heart necklace?” Anka teased.

“Nope,” Nagi said proudly. “Where do we get those forms at again?” he asked as he twiddled his thumbs.

“Already ahead of my shadows,” Nami said, half-amused as she handed them both a sheet. “We just need to turn them in to the school. Mrs. Waters is there to collect them, so no worries there. And you two need to do your schedules.”

“You knew we’d want to go if you were going?” Anka asked dryly.

“What? You think I don’t know that you’d follow me no matter what?” Nami asked as she tossed each of them a pen.

“She loves us,” Anka grinned. Nagi blushed and glared at her, not saying anything as he started scribbling down the needed information.

Lulu entered Nami’s room, “Hello, my loves…” she said with a grin. “You’re leaving and I just got here?”

“We need to turn some forms in at the school,” Nami said with a smile.

“Good, I’ll come too, I’m bored…” Lulu said quickly.

“Here you go,” Nami handed her form to the secretary, followed by Nagi and Anka.

“Really? All three of you are going to college again?” Mrs. Waters asked.

“WHAT?” Lulu squeaked. “You bitches are thinking of leaving me?”

“What is it with you three and thinking that I'm leaving you?” Nami asked dryly.

“Where do I get one of them fucking forms?” Lulu demanded.

“Uh…” Mrs. Waters stared up at Lulu.

“I mean, please…” Lulu held out her hand and blinked impeccably.

“You don’t have the grades to go, I’m afraid,” the secretary informed Lulu. “You only have a 3.0 and you need a 3.5 and extra-curricular activities.”

“What?” Lulu glared at the secretary. “This dumb jock gets to go, but I don’t?”

“This dumb jock holds a 3.5 and has three physical extra-curriculars and one intellectual one,” Nagi returned.

“You…do?” she squeaked.

“Yes, I do,” Nagi said, half-offended by her accusations.

“What’s the intellectual activity?” Nami asked thoughtfully.

“I decided to use my snide remarks for debate team,” Nagi said with a grin.

Nami stared at him, “Really?”

“Yeah, is it that surprising?” Nagi asked nervously.

“Yeah, since we’ve never seen you dressed up once,” Anka said with a laugh.

“Dressed up?” Nagi asked.

“Yes, if you do go to debate, you are required to wear a suit,” the secretary informed him.

“Oh, well…I guess that means I have a few things to buy…and get used to…” Nagi sighed.

“Ha,” Lulu sneered, “Even I knew you’d have to dress up.”

Nagi dressed up… Nami blushed, That I have got to see...

“Snap out of it,” Anka whispered as she nudged Nami.

“Huh?” Nami asked as she stopped daydreaming.

“Oh, go back to having your personal crisis…” Nagi snipped.

“Right,” Lulu pounded her fist into her palm. “I’ll just call my daddy and tell him that the school is hindering my further education…” she said as she pulled out her cell phone.

“Wait…” Mrs. Waters said quickly. “If you get an excellent recommendation from one of your teachers, you can still qualify. Silly me for missing the fine print,” she laughed nervously.

“Oh, that’s what I thought you were saying,” Lulu said as she slipped her cell phone back into her pocket.

“Lulu, how are you going to get a good recommendation?” Nami asked thoughtfully.

“I’m going to get the gym teacher to give me one,” Lulu shrugged.

“Uh…how?” Anka asked.

“That fucker likes to slap my ass. I’m sure with a miniskirt, he’ll be cake,” Lulu said happily.

“Eww…” Nagi shuddered.

“I didn’t say I liked it, I just said he did it,” Lulu returned.

“I don’t want to picture you in a miniskirt…” Nagi said dryly.

“What about Nami?” Lulu teased.

“She’s more relentless than I am…” Anka whispered.

“That’s different,” Nagi declared.

“Oh, yeah?” Lulu demanded.

“Yes, Nami’s personality doesn’t disgust me,” Nagi countered.

“What does that have to do with her in a miniskirt?” Lulu asked.

“Nagi doesn’t judge on looks,” Nami said quietly.

“Pfft, that’s what you think!” Lulu growled. “But he’d bang you in a heartbeat because you’re pretty.”

“Why do you always talk about my nonexistent sex life?” Nagi asked.

“Because the look on your face is always priceless…” Lulu said with a smile.

“Great, she’s managed to talk her way into college to harass me, too,” Nagi said dully.

“See, he didn’t deny that he would bang you,” Lulu pointed out.

“Because I wasn’t going to dignify that with a response!” Nagi returned.

Nami turned around to walk backward in front of both of them, “Can you cut it out?”

“S-sorry…” Nagi stuttered.

“Thank you,” she said before she turned back around.

Nagi slipped the necklace to the outside of his shirt and sighed dreamily as he stared down at it. “What do you have there?” Lulu asked.

“I…it’s nothing,” Nagi said as he started after the other two.

Lulu shook her head, “You have got it bad.”

“You don’t help,” he assured her.

“Good, because I’ll only stop harassing you when there’s no secret,” Lulu grinned.

“What are they whispering about?” Nami wondered.

“Probably you,” Anka shrugged.

“Not this again…” Nami sighed.

“I’m not saying anything…” Anka assured her.

“Is this going to follow me everywhere?” Nami asked as she glanced over her shoulder.

“So long as Lulu is there, there will be teasing and sex talk,” Anka said triumphantly. “She’s like the goddess of that.”

“Talk sex with Sue and Lulu,” Nami made a hand motion as if she were revealing neon lights.

“Hey, suggest that to her later. She might have a future with that,” Anka snapped her fingers and laughed.

“Sadly, I think you’re right…” Nami laughed.

"Sooo..." Nami blushed.

"Hmm?" Nagi responded.

"Why me?" she asked quietly.

"I need a girl's opinion since I'm not good at this," Nagi said pointedly.

"I think I'm your worst possible lifeline," Nami admitted, motioning toward her own Goth clothing.

"Better than me," he insisted.

"Why? Black goes with everything, it's not hard to match," Nami said sheepishly.

"But you look good in black," he blushed. "And...well..."

Nami stared at him, "Well, what?"

"I reiterate that I'm not good at this."

"Why do I have a hard time saying no to you?" she asked herself.

"Because I'm charming and persuasive," Nagi offered.

"Or it's the looks," Lulu's voice called.

Nami turned around, "What are you doing here?"

"My mother is making me dress up for a banquet," Lulu sighed, "So I'm picking out a presentable suit skirt."

"And I'm here because I have nothing better to do and you weren't home," Anka said as she approached Nami and Nagi.

Nagi sighed, "Well, somehow we always seem to meet up."

"You must be here to purchase a suit or two," Lulu guessed. "You in a suit..." she looked Nagi up and down, "This I have got to see..."

"Me too," Nami said innocently.

Anka shrugged, "It'd be an interesting change."

"Come on..." Nami blushed as she took Nagi's hand and dragged him into a dressing room. "Strip to your boxers," she said quickly as she closed the door.

"Uh," Nagi blushed, "Nami...I'm not really comfortable doing that..."

"Why not?" Nami asked. "I've seen you in your underwear hundreds of times."

"S-so...?" Nagi stammered.

"Well, what can be so bad about me seeing you undressed again?" Nami placed a firm hand on her hip.

"First few choices, coming up!" Lulu shouted before tossing several suit jackets over the door.

"Mine too!" Anka added as she tossed a fedora over the door, it conveniently landing on the hook.

"Nice," Nami laughed as she watched the improbable task. She turned back to Nagi, "Well, what's so bad?"

"Y-you'd be watching me undress..." Nagi whispered.

"Well, if you had seen me in my bra and panties, I'd have no problem stripping in front of you," Nami said dryly.

Nagi blushed and stared down at the ground, "Uhhh..."

"Fine," Nami said quickly as she approached Nagi and unbuttoned his jeans before unzipping them with her gaze on his. "I'll undress you, then."

"OOOOOOOHHHHH!" Lulu slipped under the door, "I want to help!"

Anka yanked her back out, "No, you don't...."

Lulu stood and hissed in Anka's ear, "You're just stopping me so you'll get 500 dollars...."

Anka shrugged, "Nagi's my friend and I'm not gonna let him get raped," she said innocently.

Nagi drew in a breath, Great....the girl I've been pretty much in love with for six years now wants to undress me in a secluded area and I'm too shy to let her.... "Why me?" he asked.

"Because we love you," she said as she started pulling up on Nagi's shirt.

"Fine, I'll undress..." he said nervously.

"Wooo! A free show!" Lulu called as she crawled under the door again, only to be dragged away by Anka.

"Go find matching pants," Anka pointed away from the dressing rooms.

Nami hummed innocently as she watched Nagi remove his clothing, blushing when she saw the necklace she gave him. "So you do wear it," she remarked.

"Well, yeah," Nagi blushed as he folded his shirt and began kicking off his shoes.

"I want to see him naked..." Lulu pleaded.

"He isn't naked," Anka assured her.

"He might be," Lulu said with a grin.

"He's clothed, so go fetchy," Anka continued shooing Lulu.

"What's with the hat?" Nagi asked, bemused.

"Anka has a thing for guys in fedoras," Nami replied.

"Is it a shared interest?" he asked as he folded his jeans.

"It could be," Nami said shyly.

Lulu returned with several undershirts, ties, pants, pairs of shoes, packs of socks and money in hand, "Now you have no reason to shoo me!"

"You forgot belts," Anka said as she hung the selections over the door.

"Damn..." Lulu cursed. "I will molest the boy if it is the last thing I do!" she said as she dashed toward the belts.

"Wow..." Nami blushed as she watched Nagi adjust his tie.

"Uh," Nagi blushed, "Is it a yes then?"

Nami continued staring at him before nodding, "'s yes..."

"What was that?" Anka asked.

"Apparently, Nami approves," Nagi said nervously.

"Oh, let me see..." Anka pleaded.

Nagi opened the door, "Well?" he asked.

"Very nice," Anka nodded. I might consider taking back my comment about Nagi being hot would be weird.... she thought as she watched him close the door again.

"Here is every belt in the store!" Lulu huffed.

"You just missed him in a suit," Anka teased.

"Awe..." Lulu whimpered.

"And Nagi wears a ten," Anka added.

"Gah!" Lulu grabbed the box of shoes and rushed back toward the shoes.

"Has keeping her away actually been working?" Nami asked.

"Somehow, yes," Anka replied, amused.

"Good," Nagi sighed. "I couldn't deal with a third girl drooling."

"Third?" Anka demanded. "Who was the second? Remember that I can just let her crawl through...."

"Oh, I must have mistaken your reaction," he said sarcastically.

"You had better lose that tone!" Anka growled.

"Please don't let her in..." Nami pleaded.

"Alright, but I'm running out of ideas..." Anka whispered.

"More fedoras, and cologne and earrings..." Nami offered.

"I don't wear hats, cologne or earrings," Nagi said blankly.

"Lulu hasn't gotten close enough to you to know better," Nami replied as she stopped thinking.

"Alright, exchanged," Lulu nodded confidently.

"The best smelling cologne you can find," Anka said as Lulu handed her the box.

"Oh, that's easy," Lulu said before taking off again.

"Yes?" Nagi asked, trying not to blush.

"Yes..." Nami repeated in a higher tone.

"Alrighty, then," he said as he started to undress again. "That is all I need and thank you for standing guard."

"No problem," Anka said sincerely.

"He's getting ready to leave...." Lulu said with realization.

"N-no he's not..." Anka said nervously.

Nagi opened the door with Nami behind him as Lulu started crawling beneath it, all of them winding up in a pile with Lulu on the bottom. "Damn..." Nagi grumbled as he pushed himself off of Lulu.

"Oh, Nagi, even in public..." his Aunt Jenny shook her head. "I am so proud of you. You need to teach my sons!"

"Aunt Jenny..." he sighed as Anka helped Nami from his lap.

"Oh, I have got to call your mother!" she said happily.

"Is it both sides of the family?" Anka asked.

"Yes, yes it is..." he said as he got to his feet again. Lulu collected everything, returning them to their proper places before instantly deciding on a blue suit skirt with a matching coat and silver blouse.

"So, which one is your main girlfriend?" Jenny asked as she scanned some of the merchandise.

"I'll let you guess..." he said blandly.

"I'd bet the girl you initially walked in with," she replied.

Nami blushed profusely, "Why would you guess that?"

"You were the one being all naughty in the dressing room with him," Jenny shrugged.

"N-naughty..." Nami repeated.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to get either of you in trouble for being free sexual spirits," she said as she bagged the last of Nagi's purchase.

"Thanks..." Nagi whispered sarcastically.

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