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2007-01-26 15:56:18
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Welcome Fellow Warriors

Welcome, one and all, to the Anti-Retro Zombie Headquarters. It is I, your great and glorious leader [~username~], that has called you forth to....... Okay, lets cut the crap. Here's the bare bones of what this place is. This place is a place for anyone who is a fan of my sister [*Rachael-ish*]. It's called the Anti-Retro Zombie Brigade, because that is what my sister would have liked for it to be called (She doesn't get on here very often, her school blocked the site). Before you decide on whether you will join this wiki, I have some rules that must be obeyed.

1. This is not, I repeat, not a place to talk about how much you hate so-and-so. I don't really care whether you hate them, love them, or are about to bear their brother's fifteenth child, this page isn't for them, and if you don't like it, then go make one of your own.

2. This is a place for people who like [*Rachael-ish*], who will be referred to here on out as Rachael. If you don't like her, then get off this page. If you don't even know who she is, but you like her cartoons, you can still join.Don't even know who the hell she is, or what her cartoons look like, but still want to join? Then pretend you know her, after all, its not like she can tell anyone.

3. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE must leave at least one comment somewhere in this wiki.

4. Don't misspell Rachael's name. She hates it when someone does that, and when she gets displeased, I get headaches from her whining.

5. Don't correct my spelling. I mean for certain things to be spelled a certain way, and I don't appriciate it when someone goes and undo's everything I've already done.

Okay, now that thats over with, if anyone has a picture of Rachael, feel free to post it in damzel's photos

What's a Retro-Zombie? *under construction*
Retro-Zombie Pictures
Damzel ~n~ Distress's Art
Other Rachael stuff *not completed yet, but you can still take a gander*
Rachael's homies, fans, stalkers, ect. *here's where you join*

Okay, I don't have anything else to say (for now), so bye!!!!

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2007-01-25 [Faery Rule]: hi!!

2007-01-26 [~username~]: Hola! Did you join yet?!?!?

2007-01-31 [Mattheyu]: Bleh!

2007-01-31 [~username~]: *Mreow?*

2007-02-02 [~TeRrI~]: hi sexy (username) lol

2007-02-03 [~username~]: TERRI!!!!!!! I HEART EWE!!!!!

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